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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> it is thursday, september 1st. right now it's 6:00, a young boy is in the hospital after being shot in the face. the help offered for other students and police in the area. >> a warning for joggers this morning after a woman says she was approached by a man in a van. the incident just a few away from where another jogger was murdered. >> if you're driving around boston, get ready. college students are moving in. how will it impact the rest of your week and weekend? >> plus all eyes are on hermine. >> it could become a hurricane later today. it's already causing problems in florida. heavy rain, powerful waves and flooding. a state of emergency now in effect for parts of the gulf coast and this storm could impact our holiday weekend. so let's get right over to barry
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>> it is. it's showing signs of really getting organized now, kate. it is a tropical storm, 60s miles per hour winds. looks like it's going to be the first hurricane to make landfall in the state of florida in 11 years. almost 11 years. you can believe that? there it is right now. it's moving off in the north-northeast 250 miles southwest of apalachicola. it's going to be become a minimal hurricane sometime late tonight. then it moves right up along the coast. it gets out monday, tuesday and just whirls around. it's got nowhere to go. it's in a traffic congestion. so for us, what does that mean for us, really? >> well, we don't know the precise impact at this point. but for the most part it's leaning toward spiral bans. late sunday night and certainly little through monday, high seas and rough surf, gusty wind will be on the cape cod and islands and some beneficial rain coming out of that. we're not getting mump rain today if you're north of the
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happening in southeastern massachusetts. it's going to start to clear up to the north and west or at least become partly sunny. so this morning, some rain but mostly way down south, just an isolated shower elsewhere. around 73. it's very muggy. at midday we're looking at scatters showers southeastern massachusetts. but then becomes partly sunny off to the northwest this afternoon when this goes up around 82 degrees. more on the weather in a few minutes. here is brianna. >> well you have lots of company on the expressway right now. this is the northbound lanes at but it actually starts way before at the split on 128 and route three where they combine and it continues all the way to the south bay mall exit. your drive time is skyrocketing already at 40 minutes from braintree to boston. there's also an accident on 24 north in taunton. this is near exit 12 and route 140. it's not causing any major traffic just yet. but we will keep an eye on it. >> thank you very much. this morning, counselors will be at all abingdon schools according to the globe after a student was shot in the face.
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trying to figure out how two young boys got ahold of the gun. wbz's nicole jacobs is live with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: kate, the circumstances surrounding this shooting are still under investigation. a lot of questions regarding that, either way, it's sergely a tragedy and according to authorities, it's an accident. >> it's certainly whether i a tragic issue. >> reporter: one that unfolded in abingdon at thi everything. >> reporter: the investigation began just before 3:30 wednesday afternoon. >> i hear so often that kids get ahold of a gun. >> reporter: and that's what happened here, according to authorities. the result an 11-year-old boy shot in the face. >> it's a fair thing to say that we believe it was not intentionally -- somebody did not try to intentionally hurt somebody. >> reporter: the handgun was legally owned but it remains unclear if an adult was home at the time. >> they were playing together.
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they got the gun. >> reporter:ries dents in this neighborhood are simply -- residents are simple shot. >> i saw the kid in the ambulance. he was just covered with blood on the face. >> reporter: emergency crews rushed the boy to southshore hospital then airlifted him to boston. now said to be in stable condition while investigators try to piece together how it happened. >> we have to teal with the aftermath of that and see what direction we have to go. >> reporter: again, that 11 year old is in stable condition at he and the other child both students here at a local school reports of counselors being on hand at all schools today. so is the same for emergency crews who responded to the scene. we're live in abingdon, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. right now police are stepping up patrols and issuing a warning for joggers after a woman says she was approached by a man in a van. >> this happened in shirley. it's just a few towns over from princeton where another woman was murdered while she was out on a jog.
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with the latest. anna. >> reporter: and chris, that jogger sent a message to her friends describing a scary encounter with a suspicious man. that warning is now being shared all over facebook and police are asking the public to be on alert. >> a cargo passenger van was headed directly toward me as i was running so much i had to jump in the ditch. >> reporter: this message is circulating in surly written by a rattled woman who says she had a terrifying encounter while out running alone. th be on the lookout. >> she was very nervous and she said he didn't seem safe. >> reporter: the woman says she was running on hazen road around 10:00 tuesday morning when a suspicious van drove toward her, forcing her off the road. what happened next raised even more red flags. >> he said would you like some waters. she's like that's weird. and he was -- and she was like backing up to get away from him. then she saw someone in the back. she's like that's even strain. >> reporter: the recent murder
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police have still not found the person who killed vanessa marcotte. >> totally freaked out because i -- because i walk. i don't even run. we walk here all the time. everyone walks in this neighborhood. >> reporter: this jogger was able to provide police with a description, a large green van and partial massachusetts registration, 930. a jogger says the man appeared to be in his 50s or 60s. she says he was wearing large glasses and a black baseball cap. call police. reporting live in shirley, anna meiler wbz this morning. new this morning, a woman running a watertown tells police a strange man was following her. the news said it happened last thursday night around 6:30. a woman claims she spotted a man behind her on common street and then approached her twice near summer and mount auburn and then near the hosmer school. when he got too close, she told him she was going to call 911. he walked away. but police want to know if if you have -- if you have any
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in hawaii with a message on climate change: president says even a powerful nation like the u.s. isn't immune and all countries need to work together. hawaii is hosting the world's largest conservation event, an environment al conference which starts today. now to campaign 2016, this morning donald trump heads to since gnat it i to address the american legion national convention just a day after rival hillary clinton did the same. yesterday, the republican nominee outlined his contrors immigration reform. cbs's hannah daniels has more. >> reporter: a defiant donald trump is sticking to the centerpiece of his immigration plan. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. >> reporter: while stressing no amnesty for people living in the country illegally. >> you can't just smuggle in, hunker down, and wait to be legalized. >>reporter: and calling for
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>> i am going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in america who have evaded justice just like hillary clinton has evaded justice, okay 92. >> reporter: trump unveiled his ten-point plan hours of flying to mexico to meet with the country's president. >> we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment of the republican nominee insisted plans for the wall were discussed, mexico's leader later tweeted he made it clear from the start his nation would not fund the wall. speaking in cincinnati hillary clinton panned the visit all together. >> dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again, that is not how it works. >> reporter: a fox news poll out wednesday shows the race has
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hannah daniels, cbs news. a local family was front and center at donald trump's speech on immigration last night. >> my name is moron roan and our son matthew denise was 23 years old when he was dragged to his deng by an illegal alien while witnesses were banging on the truck trying to stop him. >> she was just one of the parents trump brought on stage last night to say a few words about loft loved ones. immigrants. the in case of matthew who died in 2011, native i have ecuador is serving prison time for motor vehicle om side, drunk driving and manslaughter. the police body camera program set to start today in boston is now on hold. the police union filed a lawsuit claiming the city violated their agreement. the two sides reached a deal in july for 100 officers to volunteer for the six-month pilot program. but when no officers volunteered, they were assigned to the program.
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program until at least september 12th. a hearing will be held next week. state police investigating whether criminal charges should be filed in that deadly crash in east boston yesterday morning. a car rear-ended an air port shuttle bus on route one a near logan. a man and woman from texas were killed after being thrown from that shuttle. it was heading to a hotel in revere at the time. the car's driver a 27-year-old man is still in joseph rodriguez was killed. his wife is being treated. a go fund me page has been set up. the family says the couple had just arrived in boston for a vacation. they say any donations will be used for medical expenses and to bring rodriguez's body back home to el paso. this morning inspectional services will meet with the owner of an illegal apartment in alston after a fire burned through that home early yesterday morning. the apartment on myrick street had inadequate or no smoke
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home, they likely would not have made it out alive. get ready, today college students return. it's annual move-in day here in boston. while it's an exciting time for students and their parents it can mean headaches for drivers. brianna pitts is here with the details. >> reporter: unless you're a college student, some say this say good weekend to get out of boston. thousands of students will be moving in to dorms and off-campus apartments. that means road closures, roads turning into one-ways and no right or left turns from certain roadways. not to mention all those surveillance cameras full of furniture and the inevitable moving trucks that just get stuck. nouft number of changes are just too many to list on air but we have posted them on our website. >> all right. awesome chris ton going on too. good news for local commute zmrerz is the longfellow bridge project ahead of schedule? we have an update on the construction. >> and tracking tropical storm hermine this morning. residents in florida preparing
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storm's track with barry burbank. >> good morning. for today, for us we get nothing but practically nothing. near the mass pike and points north, just a slight chance of a shower. and most of the rain south of the pike. when will those temperatures do and what will the sun come out?
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. hold him tight. hold him tight. >> i am. >> i am. >> hold him tight. >> i am. i'm. >> got him. >> i am. >> that's okay. all right. >> oh boy. that is our sports director steve burton clearing no match for an alligator. >> he is. he brought the animal for sports don't worry, no one was hurt during the taping of that segment. and he held it together. >> he did. >> look at him. he's like get that thing out of my -- >> he's got the look in his eye, like are you serious? >> he's not really an animal lover anyway. if you know anything about steve. so the fact that they were going to make him hold that thing is hilarious. >> stick to throwing footballs steve. >> steve will never do that again. >> i heard he's on a leave of absence right now. >> he's a little bit traumatized.
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>> most people would, don't you think? >> right. this is why we don't bring alligators on to the set in the morning. >> nope. not allowed. >> you don't want any snakes either. >> no snakes. >> okay. school time. >> yea. >> kate keeps going like that. i'm sorry, teachers, you guys are amazing. but it's time you deal with my kids. it's time. >> anyway, it's getting out to the bus stop this morning, let's check out some of the schools in the weather on this first day of september, salem 72. hanson middle school also 72. down in the south coast, ford middle school 72 degrees. so it's a very warm start on this first at a of september. and it's still muggy out there as well. but we have cooler air off to the north and west as you can see 50s across southern canada. this is what it's going to be like tomorrow morning at this time. we'll have 50s around here, too. as the air dries out. the durhams have dropped a little bit in boston so the
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right now and slowly heading into southeastern massachusetts arrests the morning progresses. but look at the dew points off to the north and west. some of the drier air will be taking over. now most of the rainfall today is going to be happying across connecticut. road island and southeastern massachusetts. and most of is happening this morning. some local downpours moving into southern rhode island. just a slight chance of a shower elsewhere near and just north of the mass pike. north of that there's very little chance of any rain. most of it goes out we have temperatures going by midday, going up in the middle 70s or so. so it's not going to be too much of a temperature rise until we get some sun coming out this afternoon. when that sun starts coming out farther north and west of boston, temperatures will be going up to 80, to 83 trees. but the air till turn less humid. a few showers may exist on the southeastern part of massachusetts and southern parts of rhode island. then it becomes partly cloudy to
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morning north and west to low to middle 60s. tomorrow a changeable sky of clouds and sunshine. and just an isolated shower possible as it goes up tomorrow into the mid and upper 70s. so a nice day coming up tomorrow. here's the front coming right through the boston area right now. but of course all eyes on hermine and what that means for florida. it looks like a minimum hurricane coming along there and making landfall here in and near or just south that's going to be happening tonight. watch the projected track from the hurricane center. it's a cat 1 storm around mid into it to 2:00 a.m. it moves along the carolina coast, weakens to a tropical storm. it will mill around there and maybe intensify a bit. it's kind of sits there. so what that does that mean for us? it looks like we'll in for some
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monday would be the wettest day. certainly high seas and rough surf. northeast gaze possible especially along the southeast coast. so we can stand that rain for sure. right now just looks like gales of 20 to 40 maybe a few higher gusts. most of that happening monday when it's the rainy evident. still leftover showers offshore lingering around. traffic and weather together. >> traffic is really picking unon 93 south. you can see it's still moving along the zakim bridge. on leverett connector it's super, is super bogged down. you'll hit traffic on 93 south in andover. route through through lowell and chelmsford is backed up. we're still watching an extend on 23 north. it's not causing any delays right now. but we will keep our eye on it.
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the longfellow bridge project. construction could end earlier than expected and open by june of 2018. the globe reports that three months earlier than crews planned. construction began back in 2013 and then it hit a two-year delay. no word on how much the project will ultimately cost but contractors don't think they'll exceed the $303 million budget. >> thank you very much. students starting to today. you'll pay half price on the mbta if you have a student card. there's changes to the program this year you should know about. middle and highoo their schools don't purchase the passes for them. and those discounts will now be available year round. so there's two ways to take advantage of this. get a student card and pay half price per trip or you can get the monthly bus and subway pass for just $30. the month loly pass is normally $84.50. you can get them any vending machine or retail sales terminals. properly installing your child's car seat is about to get easier in new cars. carmakers are required bylaw to
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latch system which tethers in your car and holds the seat in place. the institute of highway safety says more than a half of this year's new cars scored good or acceptable for ease of use. straight ahead, a new push to go green in one community. >> the local city rolling out a ban on plastic bags today. what you need to know. >> plus, what is hidden in those old electronics. we'll have a closer look at who
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. welcome back. attorney general will submit her recommendations today on the state's new transgender rights law. it allows people to use bathrooms or locker rooms that
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however, anyone who uses an improper claim of gender identity to gain access to a bathroom could be arrest vr arrested. now she wants to educate businesses about what qualifies an improper claim. the law fully takes effect on october 1st. starting today a plastic bag ban begins in somerville. right now super markets and other large retailers have to stop providing the bags for customers. smaller businesses have until december 1st to make this change. brookline and cham bridge already have restrictions in place. if you need once, this may be for you. the website is offering install plans to cover the cost of airfare. there is a catch. you will still need to pass a credit check and interest rates are not cheap. anywhere from 10% to 30%. >> wow. >> yikes. with if you're thinking about trashing that old phone, think again. >> there could be some gold inside of it. and now scientists are coming up with an easier way of getting
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metal parts and a mix is added to extract the gold. the discovery would reduce waste and help salvage about 300 tons of gold, about 7% of the world's gold is used in the manufacturing of electronics. acid and an oily mixture. >> it's like a lot of effort. >> for a little bit of gold. still to dom in our next half hour -- still to come in our next half hour, donald trump. >> and shift of opinion whether this comes to m drug. >> you might want to think twice before getting inkedth the new health risks that are associated
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. right now it's 6:30 a young boy in the hospital after being shot in the face. priss trying to figure out -- police trying to figure out how two kids got ahold of a gun. >> police stepping up alert when a jogger says she was approached by a strange man. >> all eyes on hermine. the tropical storm causing problems in florida and the impact it could have on our
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good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> it is thursday, september 1st. school's in session. the holiday weekend is upon us almost labor day weekend. things were looking good, bare are you, but hermine is sort of getting in our path of the holiday. >> going to spoil our fun this weekend. no question about that. good morning to you. here's what's going on right now. hermine is about ready to become a hurricane as it starts moving the florida coast here south of southeast of apalachicola. as a cat one storm. first landfalling hurricane in almost 11 years in the state of florida. it will weaken to a tropical storm, move up along the carolina coastline and moves offshore. it may strength a little bit and become more of a tropical system. the net result is bottom line is we get some wind and rain out of it. precise impact is yet to be totally determined but i think
6:31 am
seas and rough surf and rip currents. northeast gales windy evident on the cape. spier bans roll on here. but today we have no problem. most areas won't get much rain. it doesn't seem like september this morning as we start out with this very muggy weather. the rain moving across mainly southern new england here. connecticut, rhode island and southeastern massachusetts, just a chance of a coupled showers. it's actually going to clear up from northwest to southeast as we go through the day. at least become partly sunny. so your mostly cloudy this morning. 73, 77 at midday. still humid a few breaks, a little brightening. sunniest area later this afternoon northwest of boston. near 82 degrees. traffic and weather together. good morning, brianna. >> good morning. we are checking drive ton the -- drive times on the express way. we do have a couple new accidents to tell you about as well. that earlier accident on 24 north in taunton has cleared.
6:32 am
north. this time it's an avon. it's at exit 19. there is some back up there getting to 128. if we go over to route three north there's an accident in hanover at sex it 13. we will keep watching both of these. >> okay. thank you very much. this morning, the superintendent for abingdon schools tells us counselor will be at all schools after a student was shot in the face. >> right now investigators are trying to figure out how two young wbz's nicole jacobs is live with the very latest evident. >> reporter: authorities here at police department as well as the district attorney's office are investigating this situation. it appears to just be a horrible tragedy. i want to get you right to some video of the scene yesterday afternoon. this is when police were called to this lynnwood street home. they say two young boys somehow got ahold of a gun and one of them was shot, rushed to a
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boston hospital. the circumstances surrounding the shooting are still under investigation. >> it's early at this point but i would say it's a fair thing to say we believe there was nothing intentionally -- somebody did not try to intentionally hurt somebody. but notwithstanding that, it's still happened and we have to deal with the aftermath of that and see what direction we have to go. >> reporter: that boy is said to be in stable condition this morning. in addition to grief counselors being at all of the sch, we're told grief counselors will also be accessible to emergency crews who responded to that scene. we're live in abingdon, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning inch right now police stepping up patrols and issuing a warning for joggers after a woman says she was approached biff a man in a van. >> this happened in shirley just a few towns away from princeton which is where another woman was murdered while out for a jog. anna meiler is live in shirley for us with reaction this morning. anna. >> reporter: and chris, police
6:34 am
killer so people are understandably still on edge. about 20 miles away here in shirley, a woman says she had a scary encounter with a suspicious man this week. she sent a message to her friends describing what happened and that warning is now being shared all over facebook and police are asking the public to be on alert. the woman says she was running on hazen road around 10:00 tuesday morning when a van drove toward her forcing her off the road. her frend says what happened >> he said would you like some water she's like that's water and she was backing up to get away from him and then she saw someone in the back and she's like that's even stranger. so she high tailed it to get away from him and she called the authorities. >> reporter: and that jogger was able to provide police with a description of a green van and a partial massachusetts registration 930. she also says the man appeared to be in his 50s or 60s.
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large glasses and a black baseball cap. if you have any information, call police. reporting live in shirley, anna meiler wbz this morning. donald trump says a key piece of his immigration plan isn't changing. he's going to build a wall along the border with mexico. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. >> in that speech lastig submit crimes to be deported. he said his administration would block funding for sanctuary cities and suspended the issuance ever visas where adequate screening can't happen. hillary clinton criticized trump's plan and his short visit to mexico. a new fox news poll just released shows clinton leading trump by two points. other national polls released this week show clinton with a bigger lead. and vice president candidate tim kaine and his wife will be
6:36 am
they will visit dover, and nashua today and other areas today. they'll be talking about the economy and how to give every student a fair shot. well all eyes are on hermine. the tropical storm already causing problems in parts of florida, bringing heavy rain, powerful waves and flooding. florida residents are bracing for the worst. the storm could become a hurricane later today. a state of emergency is now in effect for parts of the gulf coast. a salem mother is free after admitting she was withhold son. she pleaded guilty to attempted murder. she was sentenced to time served yesterday. la brie sent five years in prison before the state's highest court granted her a new trial. she denied chemotherapy to her nine-year-old son saying the medication would only make him sicker. the boy died in 2009. la brie was also sentenced to five years probation. sharon police make an arrest in a jewelry heist. michael mead of eaton is now being held on $25,000 bail.
6:37 am
police say he broke into a jewelry store sunday stealing thousands of dollars worth of goods. officers say tips from people sharing the story on social media helped them make that arrest. a shift in opinion when this comes to marijuana. new research shows more adults are using pots more often and fewer think it's risky. experts say it makes sense now that dozens of states allow medical marijuana. only a third of adults now say they think weekly u dangerous. that's down from half of adults in 2002. 72 degrees on your thursday. the family of a former nfl player taking the fight of concussions to the supreme court. the family of late buffalo bills fullback carlton gilchrist filed an appeal with the supreme court to review a $1 billion settlement between the league and players diagnosed with cte. that's a degenerative brain disease linked to concussions. the appeal will delay payouts for months. the family says the settlement
6:38 am
if new research on cte comes to light. on the health watch this morning. tattoos are so common they're practically mainstream but some doctors worry the ange may be making you sick. right now the researchers are studying the long-term effects of ink. some colors like yellow tend to break down. it's not clear whether that can be dangerous. since 2004 the number reporting itching or scoring from tattoo has gone up deadly. a health warning about the charles river. don't h bloom in the water. it's happening right near the mass bridge now. it can trigger rashz or other reactions in both people and pets. the algae usually grows in calm warm shallow water and give the water a green appearance inch a shark sighting closes two beaches.
6:39 am
they say a spotter pilot saw not one, but four sharks about 300 yards off the shore at the beach. two sharks were also spotted on monday. north atlantic white whales are already endangered now, experts wore they may never recover. more whales are becoming entangled in fishing gear which is causing lower birth rates. researchers are now trying to develop fishing lines that break easier so the whales will not become trapped. >> a concord for an american war hero. >> a group of naval officers from the u.s.s. constitutional saluted a money on his special day. >> happy birthday to you happy birthday. >> 92-year-oldy old is a med -- jesse brown the navy's first black carrier pilot was shot down. he intentionally then crashed his own plane to try to save his friend.
6:40 am
african-american for another sailor just in general. it's amazing. i'm honored to have met him. extremely honored. >> a huge honor for him and huge honor for me. and all of our family. >> he stood tall and strong as each of the officers selectees shook his hand yesterday. and presented him with a piece of the u.s.s. constitution. >> that is an amazing story. >> talk about a hero. >> seriously. >> what a >> and a piece of the u.s.s. constitution, that is history right there. very good. still to come. tom brady trying out a new career. >> his new gig. >> plus get another twist in the case of a snake spotted in maine. why one expert says things may
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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. a new twist to the search for a missing snake in maine. a reptile expert is now questioning if wessie is, in fact, real. >> as we told you, a ten-foot long snake skin was found in the woods. then someone snapped a picture of something slithering across the man. one man says he's 100% convinced
6:44 am
they're going to go under a tree, in a rock, in a crevice. i mean some of it will will be out in the open but not all of it laid out like that. and anacondas love to shed in the water. >> so mike from rain forest reptile says there are several anacondas in new england in captive at this. he thinks someone got the skin and laid it out on the river bank. but i don't know if we should be making wessie mad and saying she's not real because she night not like that. >> but hey, if wessie she fine to stay up in maib & -- maine and stay away from us. >> under some rock. away from tourists. barry, far, far away from any person, pet. >> sounds good. i think it's kind of a hoax too. it's interesting. very interesting. >> he is a scientist. >> so they know. we're just -- you know. >> anyway. >> i was wondering --. >> i didn't say that.
6:45 am
september 1st. we had a good september song here for you, it's going to be cooling off this month. that's what we can look forward to this month. it's certainly not going to be like last month was, we finished august off yed. august was the warmest august ever on record in the summer. meteorological summer was the driest ever. we know that by now. cooling off this month, the average high temperature beginning of the month 77, 67 by the end of the month. sunset, ooh, that's tough to take. gets earlier. 7:17 now. 6:27 by the fall foliage extravaganza begins. they've had quite a of rain. so hopefully we get some good color up there. low to even a few middle 70s thanks to wbz weather watchers. thanks for all your reports as usual. dew points are in the mid to upper 60s, almost 70 here. but in the upper 50s in northern
6:46 am
dew points will strug tol drop slightly as the day goes along but the drier air will come in layer tonight. most of the rain is going to be falling across connecticut, rhode island and massachusetts. some showers over southeastern mass. there could be an isolated shower, sprinkle elsewhere near the mass pike this morning. but for the most part the action will be way down here. so we missed out on rain and will turn partly sunny where it could go to 81 to 83 for highs this afternoon in the much of extreme southern new england. watch the rain as it goes along and out to sea. the partial clearing comes down from the northwest this afternoon. so it looks like still a few showers into the evening hours on the new england south coast and the cape. there won't be much wind at all as this front comes on and slowly moves along. all eyes focused on hermine and it means business for the florida area as it becomes a minimal hurricane upon landfall.
6:47 am
last one was wilma which hit florida in 2005. you can believe that? this is going to move along as a cat 1, weaken over land. then off to shore and gets stuck there and just whirls around just meanders and wobble fobser awhile. what does that mean for us? for us it means likely we'll get some rain. plenty of rain in parts of florida and all along the coastline and that rain will be pointed up to new england. the question is how much of that is going to spiral into new england right now ise monday. that will be the wettest day on labor day with some locally heavy rain at that time as this thing comes on up. along with that, a tightening pressure gradient, not hurricane force winds but gale-force winds. especially southeastern and cape. rough surf out that. it looks like as this front moves away, the storm is going to come up. tomorrow and saturday, great days, we'll see some high clouds
6:48 am
to us. and then just whirls around to the south of us for quite a few days. the nice couple of days coming up. tomorrow and saturday. monday will be the wet and windy day and a few showers after that. traffic and weather together. >> we have some back-up on the expressway. it's from an accident that's just a couple exits up. it's blocking the left lane to the expressway is going to be extra slow in this area. slower than it already usually is. we have an accident that you should knowut it is in hanover on route three north right after exit 13. it is blocking the right shoulder. it doesn't appear to be causing any problems. just yet but keeping in mind we know how busy it can get in the mornings. checking our top stories. counselors will be at at all abingdon schools today as a young boy recovers. >> officials say the 11-year-old is at a boston hospital in stable condition. the shooting happened at a home
6:49 am
somehow they got ahold of a gun. the can a says the -- the d.a. says the kwun was legally -- the gun was legally registered. police in shirley and stepping up awe parole after a woman jogging was approached by a man pfrp the woman saysed man pulled up next to her and offered her water on tuesday morning. officers say she described the vehicle as a large green van with a massachusetts license plate that had the numbers 930 ont. become a hurricane later today. the storm already bringing heavy rain, powerful waves and flooding to parts of florida. a state of emergency is now in effect for parts of the gulf coast. still ahead, the red sox finishing off their series with the rays. >> who came on top and how the sox are getting some much needed help from the minors. >> plus the pats getting ready for the preseason finale.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
. help is on the way for the red sox s of the sox announced that they will add a player to the active major league roster tomorrow. the 21-year-old is coming up from double a in portland. of the sox taking on the rays at fenway yesterday.
6:53 am
ramirez hits this grand slam home run. they go on to win 8-6. they start a road trip tomorrow night in oakland inch the patriots play their final preseason game tonight against the giants. and tom brady did make the trip. the big question will all three quarterbacks play tonight. well wbz is your home for the game tonight's preseason finale starts at 7:00 followed by the fifth quarter post game show right after. tom brady taking on a new type of adventure and it's all inspired py the fact he l according to the hollywood reporter, brady is teaming up with former new york giant michael strahan to create a series called religious of sports. brady hasn't said whether he will have an on-air role. i just would like to see how they make their food every day in the kitchen at their house. i would watch that. >> i would too. all right. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7:00 on cbs this
6:54 am
morning. donald trump reaffirmed his hard line immigration stance after a quick trip to mexico. john dickerson joins us with what last night's speech means. we'll also talk with tim kaine. the news is back in the morning, see you right at 7:00. >> thank you very much. up next an annual tradition just ahead of fall. the man hoping for a world record on the water. why his boat is anything but
6:55 am
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ask your doctor about it by name. . a local team is going for a world record in a unique category. >> this saturday, the south shore great pumpkin challenge team will try to finish the longest journey paddling in a pumpkin boat. they'll row to 1200-pound pumpkin. last year they successfully pedalled three and a half miles in an 800-pound pumpkin. i wonder if it's slimy and sticky in which just like whether you're carving a pumpkin. >> stringy, yeah. >> your foot gets caught in all the string. think about all the pumpkinseed. >> what a carving. >> must smell, though. >> yes, not. >>. is how about the weather?
6:58 am
of mass pike. it may turn partly sunny this afternoon. low 80s. saturday and sunday some high clouds late in the day. some rain on the cape late saturday. monday is going to be the wet and windy day from hermine as it swirls around south of us. >> pumpkin seeds for like two months. >> they would. >> all right. >> cbs this morning is next. >> we're back in 25 minutes with an update have a great day.
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, september 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump and the president of mexico contradict each other on who will pay for border wall. the republican nominee later doubled down on his hardline stance on deportation. florida will likely be struck by its first hurricane today in 11 years. hermine could impact millions along the east coast. >> 1980s nostalgia. the twin brothers behind "stranger things" what is making it a hit after being rejected by hollywood. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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