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tv   WBZ News  CBS  September 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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restaurant. two people were killed. 7 people were injured. >> witnesses inside the restaurant say they were pinned there at the cash register. since then columns have gone up in front of the restaurant. it has been a rough six months for the families of the victims. >> that is right. they have been waiting answers that is all time. >> we spoke with eleanor miele's mother this afternoon. she was the woman killed in the restaurant. her daughter was her namesake and she was quite emotional. >> [ indiscernible ] you know -- it's just heartbreaking.
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days, i have bad days but it is my faith that keeps me going. and my kids are all good to me. they call me all the time. my son joe takes good care of me. >> she went on to say she and her family have simply been confused about why it has taken so long to get answers about the accident. she just wants to know what led to her daughter's she also added a memorial is being planned. >> thank you so much. now we did -- we were able to establish condition back with christina who is live with more on this indictment that came down this afternoon. christina. >> this is news that people here in newton have been waiting a long time for and had a lot of questions about. the boards are still up in front of the restaurant and on the
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new ahead line, the driver bradford casler, indicted on two counts of motor vehicle homicide and one count of operating a motor vehicle to endanger. this comes more than six months after he allegedly crashed into the restaurant. he was in a vw suv traveling down the street. he was taking a left hand turn apparently when over washington street collided with several cars and ended up inside the restaurant. two people killed. gregory morin, a 32-year-old from newton, and eleanor miele, a 57-year-old. this news comes just as the owners of sweet tomatoes here
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soon. the city has put up barriers here. now there are more barriers here and they are made out of metal. i was just talking with some residents that say this gives them some piece of mind. as for that driver, no arraignment date has been set for him yet but he will be in court soon to face these new charges. back to you. >> thank you. stay with us. we will have continuing coverage of this breaking story. for update on this anytime you can go to our website also breaking, some new video shows a hit-and-run. a woman crossing the street right near the campus when a car hits her. the driver takes off from the scene. the victim is out of the hospital tonight but police are searching now for a gray or silver sedan. most likely with front end damage tonight transit police are
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university student found dead along the commuter rail was hit by a train. the investigation forced passengers to wait for hours on the train. >> it happened on tracks behind us before midnight last night. how the 17-year-old student from china was able to access those tracks is still unclear. are investigating the circumstances and some passengers. investigators examining the tracks after the tragic death of the boston university freshman whosed freshman -- fresh -- whose ed intoe ---ed intoe was found
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>> the explanation was a medical emergency then more time. >> the medical emergency a tragedy that has the school trying to notify family. in the meantime more than 30 passengers were detained on the train for three hours into the early morning with frustrated. >> after about an hour there is no reason to detain an entire train load of people. >> in this situation we are going to conduct a review and determine why -- the -- delay for the passengers was as extensive as it was. >> transit police say the first priority is the death of the freshman that has shaken students. >> we were excited about our
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>> now they say they have had trouble notifying the victim's family in china and have not yet released his name. they are also trying to review video to see if they can determine which train was involved in striking the student. back to you. on the south shore tonight three firefighters are hurt after they were battling this house f jim smith has the story. >> flames tearing through a historic building just outside of that area. first it was the smoke and then came the flames. three firefighters injured. a twisted ankle, a cut on the hand and heat exhaustion. >> i saw lots of smoke. i saw lots of firemen going in. he was -- exhausted or having trouble breathing. he is in the ambulance. >> the home was once a schoolhouse. years ago it was recently sold
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>> there was a moving group inside the building helping the person move. they get a report they smelled smoke. after that report about 20 minutes later they noticed smoke in the living room area. they evacuated. >> fire crews spent the late afternoon knocking down hot spots. neighbors still shaken but glad it wasn't worse. >> i heard the men screaming and i did think -- wow, that is pretty harsh the way you scream. at first i thought he might been mad at his workers. >> other news tonight the new bedford man charged with murdering his own daughter is being held without bail. they say he shot and killed his 19-year-old daughter outside her home in july. police have said he was angry that she was dating an older man. a decade ago he was convicted of trying to kill her mother and was deported to brazil.
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into the united states illegally. today marks one month since the young woman was brutally murdered jogging in princeton. still no arrests. the d.a. tells us they have received more than 1,000 tips about vanessa's killing. that was august 7th. they also say they are following up on every lead and urge anyone with information to call the tip line even if they do it anonymously. tonight we over the cameras will be decided in the next 24 hours. today the judge wrapped up a hearing. they have been fighting over whether they should be forced to participate in a pilot program. the judge said that decision will come by noon on friday. well this sunday will be the first time a patriots quarterback not named tom brady will start a game since 2008.
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the season opener since 2001. >> it is so strange. instead it is jimmy and he said he is ready for his first regular season start. steve joins us. we hope he is ready. >> he better be ready. we are ready, i tell you that. he is fired up and ready to go. he is not the only one. the patriots had perfect attendance today as they get ready for sunday night's opener. it is the match up of the afc and nfc runner up. both of these teams fel game short of the super bowl last season. got to keep him loose. jimmy and bars shared the reps. >> it wasn't anything crazy. it was just -- a goodbye and good luck really. he was just wishing me luck for the first four and -- i think he wished it for the whole team. he is -- he is very supportive of us. we appreciate that.
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two games in the university of phoenix stadium. both have been super bowls. they have yet to play the cardinals there so we shall see. >> i think his message was play well but not too well. [ laughter ] the patriots will be opening the season on sunday at arizona. we will kick things off with game day at 11:30. passing cardinals get under way at 8:30. prime time game fifth quarter right after this game. it is hard to belve has happened again. >> a truck that is too tall slams into a west wood overpass tonight. neighbors say enough is enough. the controversial mural that is constantly changing in maine. and it and both a happy ending and a wonderful new chapter for maverick. he has a new home.
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forecast coming up. do you know who this officer is? where the painting was found and the search to find the officers family is coming up all new at 6:00 tonight. and meet wednesday's child. pharaoh is 9 years old. she loves board games and amusement parks and listening to justin bieber and taylor swift. if you would like more information on how to adopt her or any go to our website
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controversy in maine. it depicts him dressed as a member of the kkk. >> someone painted the mural in portland on a wall that has been open to graffiti artist for 15 years. the painting included the words racist, moron and governor with a red line through it. last night someone altered it to remove all of the kkk symbols
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ears. portland's mayor pushed to removing the mural but others are in favor of keeping it. >> one of the founding states of the kkk and what they did to this country. it is some thing we have to always remind ourselves of and to make sure we never get back there. >> as long as this tries to get covered up there is people that will make a stand to >> of course the governor has been in the hot seats since last month. there have been several calls for him to step down but he said he is going nowhere. the power plant has shutdown unexpectedly for the second time in nearly three weeks. a mechanical issue forced workers to halt operations. the owners insist no one was ever in any danger.
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for the person who took the lobster sculpture. it vanished from nelson park on saturday morning. it is part of a public art display that was sponsored. today's day was clammy. not >> in fact i don't have any refreshing air in the forecast till monday. a very summer like forecast. >> not even friday? >> no. 91 on friday. we will get a little bit less humid. you know the satellite picture looks the same as the last couple of days. we have the remnants of hermine that are still spinning off to the south. very little movement over the past couple of days. now it is on the move a little bit more heading off to the north and east. we have seen some clouds through
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are still moving a way through. a couple of scattered rain drops. that is the story for tonight. a little bit of drizzle, some midst, the clouds will end to fill in a little bit. the seas continue to drop down a little bit. still rather rough. if you are going to be going in the ocean there is still that lingering rip current risk and then hermine will finally be moving out to sea. we are mainly in the 70s. we have seen touch 80 degrees. all the warm air is off to our west. 91 in cleveland right now. that warmer air is moving in our direction. it will be here tomorrow. tonight is another evening that stays up in the 60s. mostly cloudy. a little bit of fog. a chance of some drizzle. tomorrow it is another mainly draw start with a few showers. at this point the remnants are hermine are right over cape cod and the islands. they start to head farther out to sea as the day goes on.
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a rather steamy day tomorrow. highs getting into the 80s inland. with that humidity level high it won't feel terribly comfortable. going for a high of 86 in bedford. 87 in pittsburgh tomorrow. upper 70s to around 80. here you see a spin moving it's way north and east tomorrow and then scooting out to sea into the atlantic. i think we get some breaks of sunshine and that will allow us to warm. tomorrow night and very early on friday morning a few scattered showers and downpours are possible. that front will head offshore on friday. we will see increasing sunshine as we highway through -- head through the course of the day. dew point will still be in the low 60s.
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couple more changes. saturday a warm front will be moving through. biggest question mark own sat is how much cloud cover will come along with this front. right now i think we stay mainly dry but we could see an area of clouds move up across the region through the day. as we look towards saturday night and sunday another front approaches. this brings the chance for a couple of showers and storms. especially on the first half of the day on sunday. a look at the weekend, we have partly sunny on saturday. 70s at the coast. a chance for some of that scattered rain on sunday. we really need it here because the drought continues to get worse. there isn't any widespread rain events on our seven day. a chance for a couple of showers friday night, saturday morning and maybe wednesday evening. i say monday is about it on that seven day. well what is in the water?
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makes one small town in italy the fountain of youth. scientists say people living there are living longer and are living healthier than ever before. one in ten of the towns residents are older than 90 and doctors are fascinated. >> they have less alzheimer's. they have less cataracts. they have less bone fractures. they have high blood pressure but the heart seems good. there is something t. are in play here. a lot of the people there say they eat fresh right out of their garden everyday. maybe that is it. >> i would like visit and find out. [ laughter ] >> i hope it is the pasta because i could live with that. [ laughter ] curt getting ready to go back on the air.
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new chance to have his voice heard. and coming up at 5:30 important information for women expecting twins. -- [ indiscernible ] how one family's fight will
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is getting another chance. >> he was fired for espn. now he is getting a new radio show that debuts there weekend. he just signed a record. his show will air from 9:00 till noon streaming online. espn fired him back in may he posted that controversial meme. >> this might help with the platform. >> yeah. stay in the public eye. well tweet about the patriots. you might notice something new. >> yeah. you can see it on any sweet when you use the hash tag patriots. you can see the little flying elvis right there. the nfl just launched twitter emojis for the teams. some teams like the packers -- well you have to use a slogan
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emoji pop up. >> i'm glad ours is ail more simple. >> right. [ laughter ] for one photographer it was the case of right place right time. he took this incredible picture in the national park. you can see in the distance there is a couple there. they are on a cliff right there. he posted the picture on social media hoping somebody will be able to identify the a long way from his lens >> i would also say i am pretty sure the pictures they were having taken were coming out pretty well as well. >> right. they might not need that. [ laughter ] well students at ohio state have a class mate to thank for starting off the year with a perfect score. >> yeah. check this out. [ laughter ] what you saw there is -- well you saw him basically throw a
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chemistry teacher offers the challenge. if you make a trick shot everyone in the class earns a free 100 on the first quiz. >> wow. love that. well we will be back at 6:00. an unexpected link between c-sections and a child's weight. we will have more on that. blood suckers on the will mosquitos convince lawmakers to approve money to fight zika? and a new crash at a dangerous overpass. the news at 5:30 just minutes
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fist breaking news. an indictment in the deadly crash at a newton pizza restaurant. today a grand jury indicted the driver whose car crashed into the restaurant six months ago. >> this news has been a long time coming according to newton residents who have been waiting and wondering about the details around this. now this is the work of the middlesex county grand jury some six month after the restaurant was plowed into.
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this clearly affected a lot of people around here. flowers that were left in front of the restaurant now in a bucket. this comes -- as -- as we learn that casler allegedly crashed into the restaurant here around dinner time on march 1st. he was in a vw suv and was traveling down chestnut street. he crossed over to washington street -- according to the d.a. at the time he was taking a the busy washington street and ended up right inside the restaurant. two people killed. gregory morin a 32-year-old from newton and eleanor miele who was 57 years old from watertown. seven others were seriously injured. this news coming as the owners of the very popular restaurant prepared to reopen. there is a crew as we are speaking working on putting barriers up in front of


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