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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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too. >> totally. top stories and weather and traffic straight ahead on wbz. >> the news at 5 starts right now. breaking right now at 5, suspicious devices found near a new jersey train nation. this as the fbi questions several people in connection to an explosion in new york. plus how officers here in massachusetts are stepping up security. >> and developing this morning, a man shot several times outside boston nightclub. the search to find the suspect. >> and good news bad news. patriots win the home but lose jimmy garoppolo. the latest on his injury. >> this is wbz this morning. >> thanks for waking up with us i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kate merrill. it's september 19th but daniel it's warm and muggy out there like a nice summer day. >> it's sticky when with you
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into the central part of the state the deep reds tropical heavy rain coming down at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour. when you traveling from springfield up 91 back edge of the rain crossing the here connecticut river valley right now. but it's from ware through bury localized flooding the low lying areas here with the blinding downpours that extend into jaffrey and milford and the motion of these is to they are through southern new hampshire and near manchester. where do we go from here? a lot of it will weaken as it comes into eastern massachusetts over the next couple hours but there's more moisture down to the south and west. additional showers during the day today. 72 in boston. upper 60s to low 70s for many of us. through mid-morning a few showers and through the midday and early afternoon pockets of rain have the wet -- have the wet weather gear with you.
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unsettled weather through the afternoon. temperatures in the mid-70s. we will take you through the rest of the week. fall begins on thursday. >> reporter: let's look live eastbound lanes of the pike in brighton and it's smooth sailing into the city on the pike but like danielle mentioned, further back way out and in western and central mass there's a lot of rain not so much in brighton. driving in from the south shore, you will notice a little bit of fog. but that's it. we have normal drive times. just 10 minutes from the split to the south station running on time. we begin with breaking news from new jersey this morning. several suspicious devices found near a train station. one of them exploded as a bomb squad robot was trying to disarm it. >> this comes as the fbi is questioning several people pulled over during a traffic stop in connection with saturday's explosion in new york city. wbz nicole jacobs is following the latest developments from our satellite center this morning.
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>> reporter: chris it's a short turn around for the-- >> reporter: new a suspicious package in elizabeth found in a trash can by two men not believed to be suspects. >> we saw there were wires attached to pipes dropped it and they walked over to police headquarters and reported what they found. >> reporter: the men dumped the package under the railroad which shut down the transit while authorities investigated. it is unclear if that investigation is connected to this one in than an hour earlier fbi officers pulled over the vehicle questions thoag in side in connection to the new york city explosion. the moments the blast went off sent many running to safety. >> was it a political personal motivation? what was it we don't know yet. >> reporter: a second device a pressure cooker bomb found just four blocks away. detonated authorities. >> it's scary it was an explosion and we felt it from
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bomb planted at charity race in seaside new jersey were made with cell phone triggers. no connection or motive determined. >> at this time there's no evidence of an international terrorism connection with this incident. >> reporter: no terrorist groupclaimed spoonlt for any of the events as d. responsibility for any of the event as-- claimed responsibility for any of the events. >> 29 the chelsea new york blast. all of them have been released from the hospital again no arrests have been made but five people overnight were questioned. now there's no specific threat in massachusetts but state intelligence officials are communicating with each other and state leaders are increasing security and taking extra precautions. >> we are monitoring the situation in new york city and we are taking some safety precautions here in boston ourselves to make sure everything is okay before this
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bike road. >> see something say something may sound corny but the simple truth is that's a ton of eyes and ears paying attention to this stuff and can make a difference. >> that second bomb that did not go off in manhattan was similar to the ones used during the boston marathon bombings in 2013. wbz security analyst ed davis says there's a concerning difference though. >> the things were detonated with cell phone detonators. that's a step up in sophistication from what in boston and that gives them the ability to detonate from anywhere and it's troubling. >> massachusetts state place say the commonwealth fusion center is monitoring information and will determine if there's any connection to massachusetts. the motive is unclear for the explosion in new york, the fbi is investigating an attack in minnesota as a possible act of terrorism. the 22-year-old somali man dressed a as private security guard stabbed 9 people.
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witnesses say he made references to allah and asked one person if they were muslim. an isis linked news agency says he was identified a soldier of the islamic state. an off-duty police officer killed the attacker. 6 of the the victims have been -- of the 9 victims have been released from the hospital. now to a developing is fore in allston. police searching for a suspect after a shooting outside a nightclub. this happened just after 10 last night outside the club known multiple times and oneel of the bullets grazed his head. investigators -- one of the bullets grazed his head and investigators think it started with a fight. >> it started with an allercation ercation that started inside the club and spilled in the parking lot on the street when the gunshots rang out. >> the club is on linden street. officers say the victim got around the corner onto prat street where he collapsed. he was taken to the hospital and police now say that victim is expected to survive. a newton man accused
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restaurant and killing two people are expected in court today. bradford casler crashed into sweet mow tow mateos in march. two victims were killed. 7 others were injured. casler will be arraigned this morning at middlesex superior court. campaign 2016 this morning hillary clinton will head to philadelphia before heading to new york to meet with leaders at the u.n. general assembly. she will appear on she would jimmy fallon and tonight former massachusetts governor patrick will hold a fund-raiser for cline on in newton. senator warren was back out campaigning for clinton this weekend. the massachusetts senator was stomping for votes in thebattleground state of ohio. she criticized trumpp for lead -- trump for leaking the charge on the birther movement. and donald trump scheduled to be in florida. he has a campaign stop in fort
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raiser in orlando tonight. and we are just a week away from the first of three presidential debates. we will bring it to you live next monday september 26th on wbz. well the pats get the win but lose jimmy garoppolo. he was forced to heave woo shoulder injury after -- leave the game with a shoulder injury. >> anna meiler is live with a closer look at what's next for the team. anna. >> reporter: chris it's a short turn around for the rt patriots. they will be back here thursday night to take on the texans without jimmy garoppolo. >> these scary stuff. >> reporter: the patriots held on for a win in the home opener against the dolphins but the final moments were nerve- racking for fans. >> when he he missed a field goal we said uh-oh. >> another nail biter. >> reporter: they started off strong throwing 3 early touchdowns but game took a turn
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>> my heart went down to my knees and we felt bad but brissett did a good job and i am glad i didn't see edelman play quarterback. >> reporter: gentleman soby was thrown -- jacoby was thrown into the mix this is what he said after helping the team beat the dolphins 31-24. >> the guys did great job of staying calm and welcoming me in and financeished on a good -- finished on a good note. >> reporter: he earned praise from t 1/2 quarters and did a good job for us. >> reporter: now the question is will he start game 3. garoppolo didn't suffer broken bones but the injury could take up to 6 weeks to heal. the pats can keep winning as they wait for the return of tom brady. >> 2-0 right? >> exactly. go patriots. >> reporter: it's wait and see for what belichick's next move will be but this is a short- termdilemma with tom brady back
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stadium anna meiler. >> and it's a short turn around for the patriots they are back at it thursday night against the houston texans. catch the game here on wbz. kick off is at 8:25. and the 5th quarter is on my tv38 after the game. >> that play with jimmy g everybody at my parents' house was like hold your breath. >> pooh guy -- poor guy. fighting the opioid ic. >> how the president plans to hon outers the victim of theo coasts. >> how residents are uninsured and why it is making history. danielle good morning you are busy in the weather senter. >> there's areas of rain that we are tracking across the central part of the state through southern new hampshire and you want the wet weather gear there's pockets of rain and downpours and a thunderstorm with temperatures in the mid-70s. fall starts this week and it's going to be feeling like summer and we will look at the 7-day when we come back.
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welcome back. thanks to bleacher report the man behind the tom brady mask revealed himself. >> this look-alike weird mask went viral after being seen during patriots season opener in arizona. who is wearing it? that's right take a look of the it's wes welker. he surprised some unsuspecting fans at a tailgate before the
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baby. >> back it up. >> and i say, ask him to play quarterback. >> there you go. >> can he throw the ball long enough on thursday to help us out. >> we need to get through the next two games. >> he can wear the mask and make everybody feel comfortable. >> i don't know it was super creepy. >> i know. >> i think it's cute. the whole team supporting each other for that. rain today. >> yeah. >> rain this morning. not going to be raining the entire day but i had to drive in pouring rain and it's so long you want to take eat easy when you get under the bands of heavy rain you can barely see. current conditions are 72 in boston right now. the dew point is 70. the air is humid and sticky and the wind is out of the south at 7 miles per hour. here are the areas of rain. central part of the state in through southern new hampshire boston we are dry right now but it's absolutely pouring along and east of 91. a couple embaded collapse of
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fitchburg in the next 20 minutes or so lighter rain right now. pouring gardner and stretching into new it was witch and a couple co-- it was switch -- ipswich dropping rain at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour. there will be localized areas of flooding urban and low lying areas so be findful of hydroplaning. you notice the motion of it all off to the north and east here. so i do think as the band comes into eastern massachusetts, it will generally impact us north and west of boston through mid to late morning. there are additional areas of rain. notice back down to the south, we have a ways to go today with the pockets of rain and downpours that should weaken as they come into eastern massachusetts. but watch what happens through midday and early afternoon. additional downpours fire up
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evening commute but should be laettner spots. so iewn -- lighter in spots. humidity in place and temperatures don't rebound that much either. 75 for most of us in terms of a high today. patchy fog humid and a few showers overnight tonight. low sprurs -- low temperatures about 68 for overnight -- 67 for overnight and tomorrow warmer than today. we should come into the 80s. 82 in boston. 84 in bedford and norwood. middle 80s for us and a couple showers along and south of the notice north and west of town partial clearing that comes in. and then as the cold front sweeps through tuesday night, not a lot of moisture with that but it brings in drier air wednesday high pressure builds in and it looks like a beautiful middle part of the week. but warm our average high this time of the year should be in the lower 70s. we are talking 80s most of this week including for the first day of fall on thursday bright sunshine and could be a late day thunderstorm on friday.
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for the upcoming weekend. >> reporter: this is a live look at the northbound lanes of the expressway by the gas tank. if you are driving along route 3 or right here at the expressway, you will notice it's little foggy out there. but that's it. now to the north some leftover rain on the roads from earlier showers. it's not causing problems and we are accident free and hope it stays that way for the commute. kate. >> all right thank you. this week president obama wants the nation to remember the victims of prescription opioid and heroin ep dem, awareness week. he says the goal is to hold events that discuss the dangers of the drugs. the white house says the number of deadly overdoses has almost quadrupled in just the past 17 years. more people in massachusetts are covered by health insurance than ever before. globe is reporting that less than 3% of the state's residents are not covered. that's the lowest rate ever. massachusetts universal health
5:18 am
president obama's federal overhaul health care system. census bureau reports nationally 9.4% are without health insurance and that's down more than 6% since 2010. a meeting tonight about the proposed restoration of passenger rail service between the south coast and boston. it is one of several being held by massdot and mbta. they are considering a new consideration by using stoughton commuter rail. the meeting is tonight at 6:30 at the high school in canton. little opposition stands in the way of animal rights activists hoping to get a november ballot question he passed. state campaign finance deadline passed without an opposition group filing for a ballot question that would ban the sale of food products from farms where animals are confined to overly restrictive cages. supporters of the question reported raising 1.6 million dollars. it may have been a little gray but that didn't stop thousands of bikeers from taking it to the streets. >> -- bikers from taking it to
5:19 am
wheels city wide bike ride allowing bikers to ride along historic sites and it raises money for pediatric cancer research and care at children's hospital. coming up next this monday morning, more on the patriots big win. >> a special celebration before the game for big papi and the latest on jymy -- jimmy g's injury. >> and the sox look to sweep the yankees.
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wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw center. or visit us at bmw >> welcome back. 5:22 a comeback for the d >> patriots lose another quarterback and steve burton has more. >> good morning. multiple reports say that jimmy garoppolo has a sprained ac joint in the throwing shoulder. the ac joint is at top the shoulder and sounds like he won't do any throwing for a while but without him the pats pulled out a win begins dolphins going 2-0 and there was a number 12 on the field yesterday in foxboro but it was
5:23 am
a big hug from mr. robert kraft. jimmy g put on quite a show. opening drive 5 for 5. 13 yard touchdown. and next drive, a 20 yard touchdown pass to bennett who had 5 catches for 123 yards. drive number 3 touchdown number 3 amendola from 10 yards. 18 for 27, 234 yards and 3t ds in less than two quarters less than five minutes left in pays dearly and is flat nd by alonzo and lands hard on that right shoulder. belichick looks on as he is examined and you can see how much pain he is in. doubtful we will see him on thursday. 23-it be-- 24-3 and brissett hit bennett for 37 here and bennett caught another for 15
5:24 am
and then, orland blount runs it in puts the pats up 31-3 but thee miami touchdowns and pats missed field goal took it down to the wire. and here's the dolphins looking to tie throwing it up on 4th down and comes down with it ball game over 31-24 the final. pats survive with a lot of players stepping up. >> you don't want to see injuries but we have a lot of guys that are chomping at they can play so it's always next man up mentality and guys showed that today. >> in the nd we were able to -- in the end we were making enough plays to win so good to get this one and we will move on. >> the pats are back at it thursday night against the houston texans and kick off at 8:25 and the 5th quarter is on my tv38. how about the sox and yankees last night.
5:25 am
the light tower. that's a 3-run homer. and the lead is one run. 27 on the year. jackie bradley junior with a third straight single to start it off bringing shaw in from third tying it at 4 all. check out the diving catch by betts hays about -- he has been doing it all year. watch again. he just dives for it. he is a ma save with the defense. that's incredible of the bottom 7hanley up again. why pitch to him? the pitchout of here. over everything. sox up 5-4. 12 homers and 29rbis in the last 21 games and he says he is not hot yet. sox beat yankees 5-4. red sox are back on the road playing the first of four against the orioles tonight in baltimore. that's sports for this morning. i am steve burton.
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>> all right big series in baltimore coming up. still ahead, the latest on breaking news we are following out of new jersey. >> the fbi investigating sighel several suspicious devices found near a train station. new details coming in overnight. >> another way to avoid traffic in the area. we will look at the new way the commute into boston is letting people ditch the cars. danielle good morning. >> good morning. so the kids are going to want the umbrella or raincoat as you step out the door. temperatures in the 70s but i am tracking areas of rain and a few thunderstorms th start to the day out there. taking a live look out over boston. low clouds hanging tough. this shot out over the city of boston. stay with us. you are watching wbz this
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breaking news at 5:30. suspicious devices found in new jersey as the fbi questions several people in connection top an explosion. the latest on the investigation. >> a local high school student killed by a train. the help for classmates struggling to cope with the
5:30 am
what will it take for it to be a permanent option for commuters. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning thanks for joining us everybody. i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon. monday september 19th and we are dealing with a little wet weather. >> but it's pretty steamy danielle. >> it's so humid and it's a tropical iewpy -- soupy air mass hope awed eastern massachusetts is dry for now there's bands of heavy rain and it's pouring in spots. depends where you are. but the band of rain has had some embaded claps of thunder along and east of route 91 through the central part of the state from ware to barre into fitchburg in the deeper oranges and yellows. the visibility is reduced to near zero at times. so watch out for hydroplaning. it's been a while since we have driven in rain falling this
5:31 am
gardner and ashburn and townsend into the heaviest rain and it extends into southern new hampshire. we have light to moderate rain over us in this leading edge that's from to near tingsboro. so most of eastern massachusetts inside of 495 not going to get into it. it's not until later this afternoon we get showers and downpours for us. 72 notice what happens through late morning. a lot of the rain tapers but here we go. lunchtime onward scattered showers and downpours and even a rumble of thunder possible. temperatures in the mid-70s with scattered lighter showers around for your evening commute. it's going to be soggy this morning in spots brianna. >> reporter: there is a -- breana. >> reporter: a multicar crash in the southbound lanes before exit 35 and route 3 at the lowell connector. this came in moments ago and
5:32 am
this. there's a disabled struck in tops field and it's not causing issues but something to be aware of this morning. kate. >> thank you. we begin with breaking news from new jersey. the fbi investigating several suspicious devices found inside a trash can near a train station. one exploded as a bomb squad robot tried to disarm it. >> and this comes as the fbi questions several people pulled over during a traffic stop in connection to a new york city explosion. let's get to lives in the -- jacobs shieive will the -- live in the is theel-- in the satellite center. >> reporter: they are trying to determine if there's a connection and who is responsible. the latest incident around 9:30 in elizabeth new jersey. authorities say two men who are not believed to be suspects found a package in a trash can and they walked under the railroad before they realized that potential danger. >> saw wires attached to pipes
5:33 am
over to police headquarters and reported what they found and police came out and looked at it and called the union county bomb squad and the union county bomb squad sent a drone into the location. they verified it is suspicious at this time. >> reporter: that investigation comes less than an hour after fbi officials in brooklyn pulled over a vehicle where five people were questioned in wes connection to the explosion investigation and -- question in connection with surveillance video shows the moment the pressure cooker bomb went off sending many running to safety. 29 people were injured. all have been released from the hospital. a few blocks away, another pressure cooker found before it went off. beth new york incidents happened after an explosion along the course of a charity run in seaside new jersey. no one was injured there. although there are similarities in the design of the bombs, authorities are still trying to
5:34 am
connection. all of this happening as hundreds of international dignitaries arrive in the city for the u.n. general assembly. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much for the update. today counselors will be on hand at three local schools after a teen was hit and killed by a train. 14-year-old eli pilat was 9th grader hit while walking along the commuter rail tracks in newton on friday night. his death is investigation. pilat and his siblings used to go to school in newton counselors will be on hand at newton north and newton south high school today. a investigation is underway after a man died in a scuba diving accident. investigators say he was killed when he ran out of oxygen and was thrown against the rocks by the heavy current. the 38-year-old was pulled out of the water on saturday. a second diver rescued ailing was -- and was treated for exhaustion but will be okay.
5:35 am
marina bay ferry when it launched on august 1. >> depending on how successful it is permanent ferry service could be a reality. breana pitts has a update on how the trial run is going. >> reporter: quincy residents have not had ferry service to downtown boston since 2013. the program is about halfway through and it's looking more and more like commuters can say sea you -- see you to the expressway. >> awesome. >> reporter: tell me why? >> because i get to use it. >> like kevin brennen are happy to have a fery in the backyard. >> -- ferry in the backyard. >> very convenient and i think business people should use it in the morning because it's a 25 minute ride versus getting in the car which is longer. >> reporter: winthrop started the new nighsably run ferry --municipally run ferry service as partnership between win throm quincy and commonwealth
5:36 am
today provide service to. >> we felt it was great opportunity to test it. what is the real public interest and those people that want to use it and we have had overwhelming response positive. >> reporter: during the first five weeks of service, almost half of all of the fares were from passengers to or from quincy during the same time period 8 17 cars paid to park at the parking lot. >> the beauty is no one is against us. he think over the next ye more permanent in place. >> reporter: and most people will use the ferry to get to work, others are just enjoying the ride. >> it's really great. >> 6.50 i am taking a cruise. you can't beat the price. and i waited for a beautiful day and i am not getting off the boat. >> reporter: that man will have to get off the boat in october. it's fiber glass and can't stay
5:37 am
to check out the september ferry schedule go to chris and kate. >> anything to get off the expressway. >> reporter: i love it. >> my grandfather took the boat for decades and they are so lucky when they can do that. >> very neat. a leak in a gas pipeline causing problems for drivers up and down the east coast. >> and new complaints from iphone 7 users. the strange noise they say that's coming from the phone. >> plus patriots pull off a win against the dolphins jimmy garoppolo to a shoulder injury. reaction from coal belichick
5:38 am
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? ? is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ? ? you're ready. ? ?
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welcome back. trouble for iphone 7 users days after the phone was released and a gas pipeline leak causing problems for drivers in several states. >> ants feds meeting to discuss interest rates jill wagner joins us live with today's money watch good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning. investors are waiting for the pedestrian policy meeting that starts tomorrow. on wednesday fed chair will holdre will learn if they the fed thinks the economy is strong enough tore a interest rate hike. most economists thinks they will wait until after the november election. gas prices are surging in the southeast because of a pipeline burst in alabama leaking hundreds of thousands of gallons of gas. the leak could affect supplies in at least five states. alabama georgia tennessee and carolinas colonial pipelines says they are starting construction many a -- of a temporary pipeline to by-pass
5:41 am
nearly sold out but early users are getting a ear full some are complaining they are creating a hissing sound especially when they are subjected to a heavy processor workload. iphone 6 had bend gate and now we have hissgate on our hands. >> you know i have a year left on my contract so i won't get it until i get the update thanks very much. >> no hissing sounds. and will get the kinks out jill thanks. an nfl game turns dangerous. >> what made more than 150 fans at the l.a. rams game sick. >> to follow breaking news, a suspicious package found in new jersey has forced the suspension of the transit service. is this connected to the explosion and bombs planted in new york? what officials are saying about
5:42 am
hey, ready for the big meeting? yeah. >>uh, hello!? a meeting?
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a close encounter in cape cod bay. atlantic white shark conservancy shared this video taken by thomas. the great white spotted off sandy neck beach on saturday. they are hanging around. >> i don't hike that. that's my beach that's not good. and honoring big papi atlantic white shark
5:45 am
male shark spotted off our coast after the slugger. this is a photo of the big papi the shark not to be concerned with big pape the red sox player. >> you can tell the difference is the shark doesn't have enough bling. >> right we need more bling for the shark if we are going to be calling it big papi honestly. >> we have to see how his swing is. >> yeah. >> that's true. >> areas of rain chris and kate out there this morning depend on where you r these are the totals since -- you night. check out orange. inch and a half of rain since midnight a inch in pits fold and the band of heavy rain has been lifting to the north and east. the eastern part of the state back down to the south coast not dealing with any of it but it is absolute pouring in some of the deeper reds and yellows. all the way from the west side of brinfield and brookfield and entering into paxton and back
5:46 am
stretching east through fitchburg. take it slow out there if you have to travel along route 2, 2a because this rain is coming down at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour. it's been so long since we have had to drive in a pouring rain like this. so, there are areas of poor drainage flooding and big puddles standing water. granton -- back in through southern new hampshire an east from salem new hampshire to places like concord and hooksett dealing with the pockets of heavy torrential down pours. all lifting northeast so eastern massachusetts doesn't get into it yet. there are additional showers and downpouring to the south a slow moving front pushing across the region today. between now and mid to late morning it's north and west of 495 that will be in the action. and then late morning to midday, look what happens a few
5:47 am
here. so it's a day i would have the umbrella or raincoat. it will not rant entire day. south -- it will not be raining the entire day. for the evening commute this is a map at 6 p.m., scattered showers maybe an isolated downpour north of boston but a lot of the action is much lighter at that point. so high temperatures today, 75 we are in the low 70s right now. we don't gain all that much. it's going to be soupy you feel it when you step outside the humidity is going to us. during the day today and stale little humid tomorrow. not quite as bad but warmer 84 for a high and could see lingering showers early tomorrow morning along and south of the mass pike with the front stalled over us. just along the south coast. so i can't rule out a shower or two but a drier day overall. high pressure building in behind it will mean the sun will be shining through the middle part of the week of the fall begins on thursday. can you believe it's going to feel like summer. 80s for most of the week.
5:48 am
a cold front that means business and we are actually only going to be in the 60s both on saturday and sunday. brianna -- breana. >> reporter: we have new information on the multicar crash in lowell only the right lane is getting by on 495 south at the lowell connector and we are starting to see red on the maps which means the backup is beginning. we will let you know when we get a clearing time on this accident. also watch out for a disabled truck on route 1. it's southbound lanes in topsfield at ipswich road. the patriots down another starting qb. >> and the suspicious devices found near a new jersey train station. our top stories begin with that breaking news. >> reporter: nicole jacobs live in the saddle leant sit --saddle lie center following the -- satellite center following the breaking news that led to the suspension of the transit service while
5:49 am
than an hour earlier five people were questioned by the fbi when the vehicle was pulled over in brooklyn. this was in connection to the chelsea new york pressure cooker explosion that injured 29 people. four blocks away from that bomb, another one was found before it went off. no arrests have been made. officials have not said if there is a connection coming up at 6, the similarities between those two bombs and one planted new jersey. in the satellite center, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. the u.s. air force is grounding 10 of the f-35 fighter jets one month after they were declared combat ready. official discovered bad installation in the cooling lines of the cooling tanks -- lines of the tanks. those planes will be fixed and the others will be fixed on the production line before delivery. f-35 is the most expensive
5:50 am
costing 400 billion dollars. a federal judge in san diego has denied donald trump's request for a five week delay in the trump university trial. trial is set to begin november28th but trump asked the trial to be moved to january because he must be in los angeles for different trial on november 15th. the judge scheduled a hearing to establish jury instruction for november 10th. governor baker is years away from a reelection bid but the republican's most recent repoil campaign and political finance reform has nearly 400 million dollars in his campaign account. he's benefit frag 2014 change in the state's campaign finance laws which doubled the maximum annual allowable donation from 500 to 1,000dollars. >> reporter: participates rots come out ahead -- patriots come out ahead in nail biting finish against the dolphins they started strong with jimmy garoppolo throwing three touchdowns but the game took a
5:51 am
garoppolo left with a shoulder injury. he didn't break any bones but his injury could reportedly take up to 6 weeks to heal. now the patriots have a lot tofigure out in a short amount of time. they are back at gillette on thursday to take on the texans. reaction from the coach and fans coming up of the anna meiler, wbz this morning. more than 150 fans at l.a. rams game had to be treated for heat related illness at the team's home opener. 91,000 people attended the game at the l.a. coliseum as the city baked in 90 plus degree weather for most of the day a red flag warning was in place for southern california for part of the day for extreme fire danger. on "healthwatch" a new connection to diabetes government researchers are linking depression and gestational die beetity. women who feel depressed during the first two trimeters almost double the chance of developing gestational diabetes and risk
5:52 am
a stronger warning about codeine for kids a report out today is urging doctors to stop prescribing codeine for kids. american acad miff pediatrics found evidence linking the drug to deadly breathing reacts. doctors say children metabolize the drug faster than adults and may experience dangerous reactions. a humpback whale rescued off the coast of chat mam. marine animal entanglement response team was called in after boaters reported it in stress oid with the line to the mouth and anchoreded to the sea floor -- anchored to the sea floor they used a poll to -- pole to cut the line and free the whale which swam away. tom hanks is king at the movies. the latestful sul -- latest film sully dominates at the box office taking in 22 million to grab the top spot for the second week. blair witch opened in second place with just under 10 million and bridget jones' baby
5:53 am
8 million in ticket sales. does that mean i am old because the blair witch i would never go see it because it was too scary. >> it was so scary. >> did you see it? >> the original came out a long time ago. too real. still to come, tv's biggest night. >> a closer look at the winners and surprises people are
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back. the king dolph emmys belongs -- kingdom of emmys bow longs to the king of thrones. >> i should actually watch it several big winners taking home awards last night. popular fx series the people versus o.j. simpson took home 9 game of thorns won best drama and veep won best comedy. and jimmy kimmel hitch a ride to the awards. [ music ] >> that's right ? jitterbug ? >> come on you have to sing in the car jimmy this is how it goes ? put the boom boom into my heart. >> thank you. you are lifesaver thank you. hey. you're driving. >> i am in between jobs right now you can make $12 an hour
5:57 am
>> all right so that's of course late, late show host james corden and former florida governor jeb bush. offering a ride to jimmy. >> 12 dollars an hour for iewb are i may have to consider my side drive. >> was he driving a presidential limo. >> for uber you get limo pull up. keep it here on wbz. your top stories are straight
5:58 am
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. i am kate merrill. >> i am chris mckinnon it's monday september 19th. >> right now at 6, more suspicious devices found in the new york area as the fbi stops the car and questions several people inside. we will have the la investigation and the response here in massachusetts. >> also developing news in allston a man shot several times during a fight outside a nightclubch the search to find a suspect. >> a huge come back for the red sox. where they stand after sweeping the yankees. >> plus we will have the latest on jimmy g's yry. >> and -- injury. >> and how it might impact game thursday against the texans but first danielle niles has a check of the forecast. pretty wet for some people. >> it is. depends on where you are. but it's a mess.


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