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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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breaking news right now at noon hurricane matthew battering the bahamas, the devastating storm has restrengthened to a category iv hurricane barrelling towards florida. florida is already the impacts. >> thanks for joining us. millions of people are being order today evacuate as the storm sets its sights on the eastern seaboard. you're looking at live picture right now from palm beach. we are also getting a live look at jacksonville, florida where the ocean is even more active there,
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also bracing for the very worst. danielle niles joins us for the latest. it's pretty impressive to see the pictures coming out of eastern florida look like that. matthew 140-mile per hour winds, category iv hurricane, again gusts to 165, and has picked up a little bit of forward motion at 14 miles per hour. some of the outer bands already impacting parts of southeast florida right now. what will happen over the n matthew is likely to sustain that category iv status and may make landfall somewhere along the central coast of eastern florida early tomorrow morning and hug the coastline tomorrow afternoon. by the time we get to saturday morning east of charleston south carolina and curve out to sea. parts of north carolina will still feel the impacts in terms of heavy rain and take that curve off to
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the end of next week. bands of tropical downpours, isolated tornados possible flash flooding potential as the storm center hugs the coast and brings widespread 4 to 8 inches of rain from a lot of areas from florida stretching to parts of georgia, south carolina and even north carolina could see 8, 10, 12, inches of lane. we're talking with about devastating storm surge. our you through the holiday weekend. danielle just mentioned the high winds and surf kicking up as the governor pleads for people to get out of harm's way and evacuate. >> reporter: a sign on a boarded up building says closed for business as hurricane matthew approaches florida. forecasters say matthew has strengthened once again to a monster category iv storm. >> this is serious.
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powerful winds and storm surge. more than 1 and a half million people in the storm's path have been told to evacuate. >> there are no excuses you need to leave. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> reporter: storm preparations continued across florida, shelves are empty. officials issued warnings and watches from florida to south carolina. here in daytona beach streets are evacuated but across the state 1,500 national guard troops have been called up just in gates. matthew hit the bahamas this morning packing winds up to 125 miles per hour. roads are littered with debris. matthew devastated parts of haiti. poorly constructed homes are completely gone. people tried to reach higher ground. matthew is blamed for at least 25 deaths
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. >> well, the hurricane forced a massachusetts couple to reschedule their wedding. dan and beth were supposed to get married in florida this weekend but the island has been evacuated. the bride, groom and some guests got as far as jacksonville before they had to come back to logan. you can stay on top of storm's track by downloading the cbs boston weather app. you updates on our facebook page, twitter or checking our website workers arrested outside the money room. members of the union put in handcuffs and locked up. this happened during a protest this morning. >> employees are upset over a plan to private advertise the agency's money room after security lapses were exposed. we're following this breaking news from boston. >> reporter: those union members
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money loom then brought here to transit police headquarters where they were booked. this has been an ongoing battle between union members and nbta officials but this morning police say it went too far. the predawn hours outside of the money room began like this. union members plot testing. >> private takes thing, it's not good for the riders. >> reporter: transit police arrived with safety as their top priority. >> in this particular case we had employees that were located inside that revenue collection facility that if an emergency vehicle needed to get in it wouldn't be allowed. >> reporter: so they cut the chains and requested the protesters move that was followed by 7 arrests of union
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change in the money room for mat. >> change is never ease but the status quo is not working. >> reporter: where the newly form board is in charge of cut ago hundred billion dollar deficit. >> collection cash management is not a [audio difficulty]. >> reporter: general manager says that consists of transitioning former money room workers to other positions mainly key drivers. >> we believe that by getting out of the cash business we'll be able to better focus on our core delivery service and save a lot of money. >> reporter: but the back and for the doesn't end here as they fully expect continued opposition from the union. it is important to know according to key officials those money room workers former money room workers would be offered other
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well the state of massachusetts is keeping track of the ez pass customers, since 1998 the state has recorded the make and model of your car, your license plate number and your speed. until now there wasn't a policy on which records to keep and for how long. director of tolling wants to start a new policy when all electronic tolling begins on october 28th. if approved ez pass data would be retained for the length of the account plus one year speed data would be kept for 30 days. transportation officials say they have no plans to use the system to track down speeders. right now a clean up is underway at westford academy after several students were diagnosed with mrsa. >> westford academy is closed for the day because of previously scheduled parent teacher conferences. so while students are at home school officials are bringing in extra janitors from other schools and
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surface inside this building. >> infections are very dangerous. >> that's what the superintendent -- yes says he's taking aggressive steps to control an outbreak of mrsa. he says 4 students have been diagnosed in all, 3 on the football team. >> we're cleaning all the surfaces of the high school particularly in the gym locker room area, wrestling mats, equipment. >> parents and students particularly athletes are also taking precautions at home. >> my son told me this afternoon that he need today bring his football pads home to clean them. >> mrsa is a type of staph bacteria that can cause skin infections. recognizing the symptoms and seeking treatment early on can prevent the infection from becoming severe. >> the symptoms of mrsa include an area of skin that is red and hot and painful. patients can get sick with a fever and sometimes it can actually form an abscess or a boil that might
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concerned many are confident the school will stop the infection from spreading to any more students. >> they're doing a good job. i think it will be fine. >> the superintendent says the school will be thoroughly cleaned by the time students return to school tomorrow . over to campaign 2016 now in a last minute trip to new hampshire for donald trump he'll be there for a town hall event. the for mat is similar to sunday night's second debate w audience. it starts at 7:00 tonight but not open to the public. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail. top aides are joining her at her home. her husband former president bill clinton campaigned in ohio yesterday on her behalf. and clinton and trump face off sunday night at washington university in st. louis. you can watch that debate right here
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video shows the ending of a police chase in new hampshire. >> stop, get on the ground right now. . >> that driver crashed and flipped upside down. police say a 22-year old was speeding and swerving on route 38 when the officer tried to pull him over. he's due in court tomorrow to face multiple charges including drunk driving. tonight the red sox start their post season run with the first game. david ortiz and the rest of the time worked out on yesterday. tonight at 8 they'll take on former red sox manager francona and the indians. dan roach is in cleveland covering the game for us. you can look for his live reports right here on wbz. well the patriots back at work today with tom brady. yesterday we got to see brady since his first post suspension practice. and he was moving and throwing the ball looking good. of course he was. he was also having a good time. number 12 hasn't been officially activated
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pats have until saturday to do so. the only place to see brady's return is right here on wbz. we start things off with patriots game day at 11:30. the patriots and browns kick off at 1 and immediately after the game the 5th quarter post game show. coming up on the wbz news at noon, a rude awakening a car slammed into a bedroom trapping a little boy now, he's talking by the accident and rescue. ls long. researchers say they've discovered the expiration date are for the human body. >> plus a phone fire forces the evacuation of a plane, the new concerns over samsung. >> and we continue to follow breaking news, hurricane matthew now devastating palm beach florida, live images right now. you're looking at the storm heading for florida as we speak. those waves and winds are just catching onto shore. we'll have much more on this and its track
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today we're hearing from a little boy that was pinned from
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was up against the outside wall when the car crashed into the building. his father rushed in and pulled him to safety. >> it's the most i screamed in my life. he just took it as nothing was in his way and he was like get out, get out hold my hand, get out. >> in just the past week and a half residents say 3 cars have veered off into the parking lot or the building. police investig it will cost nearly $900,000 to fix a high school football field destroyed by a weekend festival. the mayor says the high school field is beyond repair the damage includes glass buried in the artificial turf. trash and alcohol bottles were left behind, lawyers will meet with the company that organized that event. okay. let get a look right now at some bahamas pictures if we have them from hurricane matthew hitting the island.
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this hit the bahamas, we know it's making its way to florida. what's the latest. it has restrengthen today a category iv storm. the picture right now is the bahamas. they're going to be getting better in terms of their conditions because matthew is going to be slowly moving away over the island. the worst is yet to come in florida. matthew category iv storm right now it is now sitting to the west northwest of bahamas, the outer parts of florida and the seas already building. hurricane warnings have been extended now to include extreme parts of southeastern south carolina. so all up and down the coastline from southern florida and even through the interior even parts of the west coast of florida are in tropical storm warnings because the winds extend 160 miles from the storm center whereas the hurricane force winds are concentrate closer to the storm center by about
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it is expected to stay a category iv hurricane as it approaches and may make landfall north of melbourne florida tomorrow morning and hug the coastline up to jacksonville and by the time we get to saturday morning at 8 a.m. will have weakened to a category ii storm at that point still pretty destructive as it weakens and curves through the start of next week. kind of doing a loop here as we head into monday and tuesday. so the wind the tropical storm force winds. closer you are to the storm center all along the coast of florida tonight through the day tomorrow going to see the damaging wind gusts in excess in terms of 80, 90 miles per hour. this is the wave forecast. see the pinks this is 25, 30-foot seas that are going to build. right now we're already seeing
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that's going to help push that surge inland and that's why we're talking about devastating damage all the way from southern florida back up to parts of southeast georgia and south carolina. our weather pretty quiet at home. 62 feels more like 70 in my opinion because there's no wind out there, the sun is shining, beautiful by october standards. bright sunshine just a gorgeous day overall with a big area of high pressure in control. and that high is going to stay with us over the next several can expect a repeat tomorrow. enjoy it, soak it up. mid-70s through the interior, bright sunshine from start to finish. saturday morning we start with sun and then the clouds ahead of a front. this front will likely bring showers but not until saturday evening and overnight. so most of the day saturday is okay. the front may try to slow down a little bit on sunday morning meaning lingering showers and clearing comes in after that for the remainder of
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fog we may dip into the 30s in the suburbs. it's another morning tomorrow where the kids will want the jacket or sweat shirt at the bus stop and they can get rid of it later on. 44 to 74 by the time we get to the bus ride home. outdoor recess good to go. sunshine fantastic 67 degrees and most of us top out in the low to mid-70s tomorrow. there will still an bit of a sea breeze at the coast. well above average for this time of year. we'll be islands tomorrow as well. rest of the holiday weekend looking great too. a couple evening showers on saturday, clearing on sunday seasonal mid-60s, cooler for columbus day upper to mid-50s. rebounding tuesday and wednesday. >> looks good. hey, the nation's biggest mall bucking a major retail trend. the mall of america will close for thanksgiving day and won't reopen until 5 a.m.
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stay open. . well no one can say how long we'll actually live for but researchers say humans have a limit. >> they say that humans can't live past 125 years old but that 115 will likely be the max for most of us. the oldest person on lord was a french woman who lived to 122. i was just shooting for 100, that's all i had. >> just 100. >> i'm going to go for 126. >> we'll find out who bins. coming up a mind boggling hospital bill. >> why one new father was charged to hold his brand new baby boy >> if you want to be on wheel of fortune here's your chance. they're looking for contestants. you can apply saturday and
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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an emergency onboard when a cell phone explodes. >> yeah, this happened on a southwest flight. passengers had just boarded when a man took
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turned it off. he put the phone in his pocket but something went wrong. >> i heard some popping, the sound of a bag popping open and looked around to see what it was and there was smoke coming out of my pocket. >> it started to fill the cabin and the flight was evacuated. the phone is not part of the large samsung galaxy note 7 recall. samsung is investigating. well, having a baby can go father took a closer look at his family's hospital bill he was shocked there was a charge to hold his baby. there was a $40 charge for skin to skin. a nurse says it requires an additional staff member to watch the baby which could result in the extra charge. 40 bucks isn't too bad. >> i don't think that is one thing to expect to pay for. still ahead some satisfaction for stones fans.
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once again, the big news a decade in the making. the weather watchers are saying perfection outside right now. hopefully you can get outside and enjoy a beautiful fall day feeling a little more like the end of summer in spots. cathy in worcester 65 degrees bright sunshine, really pleasant right now. cooling off for
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coming up the chance to own your own island right off the coast of new england are, a closer look at the space ahead today on the wbz news at 5. well the rolling stones ready to start up again. >> for the first time in 10 years the group is releasing a new album. it will drop on december 2nd. rolling stones reports got together. matthew going to fill the biggest impacts down there, our
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5:00. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education... created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. but kelly ayotte voted to protect tax breaks that's what the koch brothers and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us.
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>> ashley: you think i sent you flowers? >> travis: i know you had something to do with it. >> ashley: well, i didn't send you flowers. i didn't send you anything. why would you think it was from me? was there a card? >> travis: yeah. i figured you were trying to mess with me. >> ashley: not my style. who was the card from? >> travis: michelle. i was under the impression you two w' >> ashley: no, that's not true. i called her and i told her that i ran into you. >> travis: oh, just out of the blue, for no reason? >> ashley: why is that a big deal? michelle and i are friends. >> travis: right. >> ashley: i told her that you were living in genoa city and that you were working at newman, something that you didn't tell me when we were trapped in the elevator. >> travis: why would that matter, ashley? >> ashley: it matters because you're involved with my brother's ex and you're living with my niece and my nephew, and frankly, i don't think you've been completely honest with everybody. >> travis: i've been upfront about everything. >> ashley: really? >> travis: yeah. >> ashley: even the real reason


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