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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i said it, i was wrong and i apologize. >> breaking overnight, donald trump speaks out about the crude things he said about women that were captureed on video. good morning, everybody. thanks soap for joining us. we'll have a lot more on that in just update on hurricane matthew. >> oh, my gosh! guys, we should back away. >> i know. >> so this is what a dangerous storm surge looks like. people who didn't evacuate are seeing fast-moving water rushing [ inaudible ] more than 1 million people are without water. there are thousands of national
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ready to help out. and florida didn't even take a direct hit. now, as hurricane matthew gradually weakens, the danger, though, is far from over. barry burbank is watching this storm for us. good morning, barry. >> good morning, carrie, good morning, everybody. look like the storm will make an official landfall shortly. it's about 20 miles to the southeast of hilton head in south carolina as a cat 2 storm, sos tea goes to make landfall here. so they're getting some strong winds. just had a wind gust at 83 miles per and tybee island in georgia had a wind gust of over 95 miles per hour down there. so it's moving onshore. it's got a band of heavy rain, as you can see, right in here over much of south carolina and exiting much of georgia right now. it's heading for north carolina as well as that storm moves in that direction. so you can see the eyewall moving right onto the coastline now. that red area right there, that's the eyewall where the strongest wind, heaviest rain is occurring right now. so it's pushing onshore into
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near hilton head and the heavy rain extends all off to the northeast of that. here's the projection. they're still expecting a pretty good storm surge here from four to as much as nine feet. and the winds will be strong along the coast. it looks like with time this thing is going to bend around and move off like this. so rainfall in the next 24 or 48 hours looks like it could be prolific in some spots, six to eight inches down in here, causing fresh water flooding and a lolt of coastal flooding as well. our weather here indeed. we'll have sunshine, one more warm day after the fog burns off this morning. we'll have afternoon temperatures around 70 degrees. more weather in a few minutes. >> barry, thank you. while florida miss add direct hit, haiti did get the full force of matthew. right now hundreds of people are already confirmed dead and this will be devastating because haiti had only just begun rebuilding from the deadly earthquake six years ago. food, water, medical supplies and communications are in
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archdiocese will have special collections at its masses to benefit the people of haiti. we will track hurricane matthew all throughout weekend, of course. you can watch us on air and online for the very latest on the storm's path. and now back to our other big breaking story this morning, a rare apology from republican presidential candidate donald trump. it is in response to a video from 10 years ago that records him making crude comments about women during a shoot for an entertainment show. ov apology on his twitter page. this is an excerpt of it. >> i have gotten to know the great people of our country and i've been humbled by the faith they've placed in me. i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down. let's be honest, we're living in the real world. this is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we're facing today. >> but that statement isn't
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trump's fellow republicans. shortly after trump's response utah senator mike lee posted a video on facebook urging the republican party to expect more from its candidate and asking trump to drop out of the race. he says in part with all diseu respect, sir, you, sir, are the distraction. your conduct, sir, is the distraction, the distraction from the very principles that will help us win in november. and with the next presidential debate tomorrow and the election just 30 days away, this won't be the last julie longcheck has more on exactly what was said. >> i moved on her and i failed. i admit it. i did try and [ bleep ] her. she was married. >>reporter: donald trump's comments on a hot microphone in 2005 have come back to haunt the republican nominee at the most critical of times in 2016. >> you know, i'm automatically attracted to beautiful [ inaudible ] with a magnet. and when you're a star, they let you do it.
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>>reporter: trump was speaking with event host of "access hollywood" billy bush on the set of "days our lives" for a cameo appearance. his response 11 years later swift. this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course, not even close. i apologize if anyone was offended. hillary clinton pounced. this is horrific. we cann become president. at a rally friday trump's running mate dodged reporters. [ crowd noise ] >>reporter: but there was this from the rink chair. no woman -- from the rnc chair. no woman should be talkd about in this manner ever. wbz political analyst jon keller >> this is bad. this is your voice on tape saying things that are not suitable for a family,
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>> that was julie long check reporting. billy bush, the other voice on that tape is now an anchor on "the today show." he has also apol scwrielzed saying he was, quote, emboorsed and ashamed. we're following a developing story out of new hampshire where a man is under arrest connected to death of his 19-month-old step child. charges against 30-year-old leo withham of hampton include child endangerment. he'll be in court on tuesday. police haven't said how the toddler died an apartment on ashforth avenue. right now there's a manhunt for a murderer in orange. police are searching for the person driving a car kind of like this who may be linked to a deadly home invasion. the victim a 95-year-old man murdered in his own home. his wife badly injured. as lisa muller reports, the community is now searching for meaning in this tragedy. >>reporter: larry fisher brought flowers from a friend
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say his mother, 77-year-old joanna fisher was brutally attacked and his stepfather, 95- year-old thomas hardy murdered in an apparent home invasion. >> they're obviously cowards and i can't wait to meet them. >>reporter: now police are on the hunt for the couple's stolen 2003 toyota corolla, a model similar to this with license plate number m9949. >> big shock what happened, but i know he's in that. he's been good to everybody. >>reporter: john hardy, thomas' brother says his brother was outgoing and kind, an avid hiker who led climbing trips, a tool salesman into his mid-90s and a man of faith who often stopped by to pray at the well-known religious shrine that john built at his home in barry. >> i got a cross out in the field with the 10 commandments on it. he come down almost every
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prayer, be close to god, yeah. >>reporter: his family's faith being tested as investigators go through the bags of evidence collected from the couple's home while neighbors remain on guard. >> i will make sure the doors are locked and check the windows. >>reporter: the chief medical examiner will determine hardy's cause of death. anyone with information is asked to call the orange police department. in orange, wbz this morning. meanwhile this morning the judge to dismiss a lawsuit by a man who spent more than two decades in prison for a murder he didn't commit. ankle ccavaria claims he was framed for the 1994 shooting death of daniel rodriguez. eccavaria filed a civil rights lawsuit after his conviction was overturned. but city attorneys say he was only granted a new trial because his defense team was inadequate, not because of police misconduct. no physical evidence ever connected eccavaia to the
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are going to need it. they're coming home to boston, one game away from being eliminated from the playoffs. clay buckholtz gets the ball tomorrow afternoon in what is now a must-win game. levin reed has more on how he got here. >> good morning, everybody. this is one of the items that everyone paid attention to. when the red sox signed darren price to that $217 million contract, the big question was could he perform in october. he was 0-7 all time as a starter in the playoffs and after last night he's estate now 0-8. sox taking on the indians. game two. this is all you really need to see. 2nd inning, he gives up a three- run shot to lonnie chisolmhall. that would put the game out of reach, the sox only managed three hits on the night. they lose 6-0 and go down 2-0 in the series. so it's come to this, less than a week after all the good-feel ceremonies for david ortiz, buck holtz will get the start
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going. dan roche was in cleveland and he has more on last night's game. >>reporter: all right, levin, thank you very much. when you look at what's happened over the last two games for this team, i guess stunning is maybe the proper word to use. also angry. and that's what we got out of the red sox after this one especially from one of their leaders, david ortiz. >> no choice. i gotta go home now and try to play better. >>reporter: david, you seem angry. are you angry with how it's gone the last couple days? >> should i be happ you seem like you're pretty upset. >> [ bleep ] nothing to celebrate. >>reporter: is it stunning to you what's happened the last two days, david? >> it's part of the game. just gotta come and play better. >>reporter: pretty simple, come tomorrow afternoon to fenway park, red sox win or they're done. with the red sox here in cleveland, i'm dan roche, wbz
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coming up -- >> big poppy and the sox will be done and that will be sad to see. that's sports this morning, i'm levin reed for wbz sports. >> all right, levin, thank you. meanwhile, early voting is under way in some states already. coming up the one vote we're prilt sure will go to democrats -- pretty sure will go to democrats up and down the ticket. and we continue to monitor hurricane matthew now over georgia and sblght. this video shows what powerful winds did to this church in ja barry has been saying, florida didn't even get the worst of the storm, so this is the real deal. barry has got an update on the track and your weekend forecast coming up in just a couple
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it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog.
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voting state and president obama took full advantage. he cast his ballot in chicago. he didn't say who he voted for, just smiling and staying silent while he was asked and questioned. some three dozen states allow early voting. in new england that includes vermont where it started last month. maine starts accepting ballots tomorrow and early voting in massachusetts begins on october 24th. and let's check in with barry burbank now and see what's going on with matthew
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barry. >> yeah, carrie, it looks like we are in for -- certainly are in for some rain actually coming in here. and it looks like that's going to be happening as we get into tomorrow, but certainly not much going on out there right now. we have just some dense fog in some locations. here's the latest on hurricane matthew, and it still has top winds of 105 miles an hour, so it's a cat 2 storm and it's moving off to the north/northeast about 12 miles an hour. so let's take a closer make landfall. it has not made official landfall yet. the center of the storm, of course, yesterday all day was out to the east of florida. now as it makes landfall, it's going to be moving in there with its strongest winds. had some winds of 85 to 95 miles per hour around hilton head and on down toward tybee island, you can see the heavy rain has moved onshore there. a closer inspection of the
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there's savannah right here. so the storm is moving in near hilton head. it's about 20 miles southeast of hilton head, and there's the eyewall there moving onshore with its strongest winds and very strong, very heavy rain. so that's going to be moving onshore, and then parallelling the coast right onshore there, and then it's going to be turning just offshore near or just south of wilmington, north carolina. so we're still going to have a surge here from charleston up to wilmington. so that's the deal on that. as far as rainfall, it's really coming down in torents down there, so as much as four to eight irchtion of rain will fall on parts of south carolina, parts of north carolina and southeastern virginia where norfolk may pick up more than seven inches. some of this rain is going to be pulled northward. we're not going to get the hurricane here at all, but some of it may be pulled northward. i'll show you that shortly. so what's going to happen with this thing? it's going to start turning and moving offshore near or just
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turn down like this, weakening over time to become a tropical storm. so we do have warnings up here and hurricane warnings up here from savannah all the way up through wilmington, up along the coastline here, tropical storm warnings are in the orange shading, as you can see there. so there goes the storm heading north/northeast. for us, we can see a little bit of rain coming up into new york and pennsylvania. some of that is going to be tapped. some of the moisture is kind of pulled up to the northeast, so we have here tomorrow morning, as you can see there, and into tomorrow afternoon over southeastern massachusetts not really getting the hurricane, but there is going to be some rain lingering down there. this morning we have areas of fog in some of the valley areas. look, it's 37, the usual cold spot in norwood, and it was 36 down in the vineyard. most places are in the 40s, for the most part, some of the urban centers around 50 to 54 currently. so here's what we're looking at in terms of a forecast. we're looking for clouds coming
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burns off. we're going to go up to around 70 degrees. and tomorrow it's going to be rather cloudy. now, there will be some showers around in the morning, even into central massachusetts, but it should end there by late in the morning and stay rather cloudy or perhaps a little bit of sunshine coming through the clouds west of wocester tomorrow afternoon, while the rain lingers over southeastern massachusetts an may get a little bit heavier down over the cape tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening before it ends. then we're back to sunshine on 70 we have cool days ahead. we've had some beautiful weather the last few days. clouds over southeastern massachusetts on monday and a few may linger down there on tuesday as well as the wind comes in from the ocean. and that wind will be rather strong on monday at 12 to 28 miles an hour and partly cloudy the rest of the week, carrie, as you can see, and we'll get a few showers here along about thursday. so the hurricane is not coming here, but a little swath of moisture coming through tomorrow to give us kind of a wet, unsettled day. >> fair enough, barry.
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newest sign the relationship between the u.s. and cuba is thawing. why the vice president's wife is marking time for sports on her visit to the island nation.
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soccer is one of the national pastmes in cuba and
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the wife of the vice president is visiting the island nation to learn more about the country's culture, educational practices and healthcare. from cuba she heads to the dominican republic tomorrow. we are getting our first look at the newest member of the franklin park zoo. this is amari, the giraffe calf. say that three times fast. she was born back in july but had medical issues, so she was rushed to tufts veterinary medical center. for the past few months had to be hand fed by zoo workers while she was reunited with her mom a month ago and they've been getting along quite well, lots of smooches there. love it. it is 5:22 right now. we are tracking the path of hurricane matthew currently over south carolina. barry is next. he's got his update at 5:30. but, first, the unique punishment for a food fraudster and why some say it fits the crime perfectly. today is saturday, october
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chefy chase. he's 73. singer robert bell of kool and the gang is 66. actor matt damon is 46, bruno mars. is it your birthday today? if so, happy birthday from those of us here at wbz.
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well, festival organizers are certainly hoping music lovers visiting austin, texas this weekend will take five minutes for a good cause. the austin city limits festival is encouraging fans to sign up to become bone marrow donors. you can be registry with a simple check swab. prosecutors want to serve up an appropriate punishment for cheese company executive who cheated customers in march. the president of castle cheese pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges and could wind up serving time in jail. you may remember this scandal. the fda says the company was putting small amounts of wood shave ntion products that were labeled as 100% parmesan cheese. but prosecutors are asking for
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much more ahead in our next half hour. a father's apologizing. at 5:30, the prank that went dangerously wrong and why he is now facing charges. also ahead, what logan airport is doing to make everything a little easier on your ears. and as we head to break, you never know, could be your lucky day. what do you say you break out those lottery tickets if you bought them because you gotta be in it to win it. here's a look at your winning numbers. good luck. in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education... created jobs.
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but you know you're gonna love it. i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? ore money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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right now at 5:30, a live look at hilton head, south carolina. hurricane matthew is weakening, but still and the coast could take a direct hit. good morning, everybody. i'm carrie konlly along with barry burbank. half a million people have already been ordered to evacuate, but this morning i-95 is shut down. so barry burbank is here now with what is going on and how we may be affected just a little bit i know. >> yeah. we are going to get some rain sort of indirectly related to the storm, but i think the moisture will be coming up at us, carrie. let's take a look at the plot on hurricane matthew right now.
5:31 am
maximum sustained winds of 105 miles per hour in the eyewall, and it looks like that is going to be moving off to the north/northeast at 12 miles an hour. it is going to be making landfall very, very soon. it has not made official landfall in the united states yet because the center was offshore yesterday, but it is near hilton head, and they've had winds of 85 to 95 miles per hour around the hilton head area and down to tybee island in georgia. they've had in savannah, georgia out of this, so it's really coming down in sheets here as it continues to pour. and you can see the rain bands continuing to pivot off like this. and there's the eyewall right there near -- getting closetory charleston, south carolina, near hilton head. there it is. it's moving onshore with the strongest winds right in there. so there's going to be that storm surge here of four, perhaps up to nine feet in spots. storm surge around six feet in
5:32 am
down there. but for us, we got another great day, although it's foggy in spots this morning. there will be some sunshine breaking through certainly and clouding over this afternoon. i'm not expecting any rain today, but this will be the last warm day. morning showers tomorrow north and west of boston, rain over southeastern massachusetts continuing tomorrow afternoon, so tomorrow is not a great day. but columbus day will be nice and crisp and cool and sunny except some clouds lingering on cape cod. the rest of the forecast and a detailed look at matthew coming up in a fe >> all right, barry, thank you. we look forward to that. meanwhile, hurricane matthew is headed towards the southern states this morning. georgia and south carolina are taking a direct hit as the storm continues up the coast. half a million people are under orders to evacuate, many are without power across several states, and we could see a storm surge anywhere from four to nine feet in some places. there are thousands of national guard members standing by, ready to help out. and a rare apology from
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it's in response to a video from 10 years ago that records him making crude comments about women during a shoot for an entertainment show. overnight trump released a minute and a half long video apology on his twitter page. he's since gotten criticism from several key political figures from across the country. a manhunt for a murderer in orange. police are searching for the person driving a car like this who may be linked to a deadly home invasion. the victim is a 95-year-old man murdered in his his wife badly injured. police are on the hunt now for the couple's stolen 2003 toyota corolla, a model similar to this with license plate number m99949. a local dad is apologizing for this scary stunt. police plan to charge him for wearing a clown mask that scared a bus full of kids. he says he never meant to do that. he was just playing a silly
5:34 am
scare the children. i completely apologize and i hope they take my apology with full hearts. i mean, i'm distraught. i would never want anybody to do that to my children. >> auburn police say at best this prank was an extreme case of bad judgment. that's because there have been reports of creepy clowns threatening people all over the country. it almost scared some local clowns away from their own event, but then they thought about the kids who would miss them. katie brace has more fr halloween haunted house that was almost without clowns. [ kids screaming ] >>reporter: owner and creator of barrett's haunted mansion, mary barrett costello had a scare herself this season. >> it was getting to be hysteria. >>reporter: with the craze of clown sightings across the country, mary thought the clowns were out. >> right away i said, oh, my gosh, we have to take the clowns out of our haunt. >>reporter: she and her clown
5:35 am
with 25 years in business, the haunts are integral to the haunted mansion. >> they're there just to scare you. the clowns that are on the outside that are just showing up in people's yards and all that, they are totally terrorizing people. there's a huge difference. >>reporter: rechels has haunted these halls for the past four years. >> it's putting a bad name on us and we're just kind of trying to come out here and have fun with the crowds. >>reporter: the entertainers do not clown around when it comes to their job. hours are spent in the trailer prepping. they stress they are professional, very different than those clowns throwing on a mask in public. here the clowns don't wear masks, carry weapons or grab people. >> we scare people because that's our job. >>reporter: a scare visitors expect. [ screaming ] >>reporter: barrett's does have security and it's a very tight area and this is a tight- knit group, so these guys will know if somebody else is trying to impersonate one of them. in abington, katie brace, wbz
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in bellingham. an elderly driver crashed into the town library. the 87-year-old woman was not hurt, neither was anyone in the building fortunately. there was no way to get this under control before this van crashed into a home in arlington. police say the driver of the chimney sweep van forgot to put it in park. he walked away and the van started rolling. the driver ran to stop it, but the van knocked him over. the passenger then tried to stop the van, but he failed and got hurt as well. the van then went through a busy intersection only stopping whit home. >> just surprised that the truck or the van had made it here, like to crash into these stairs. >> police cited the driver, a 45-year-old man from new york for not making sure the van was secure. he and his passenger were checked out at the hospital and should be okay. [ engine noise ] that sound is people living near the airport and they know it all too well.
5:37 am
complaints have gone up over the past few years, partly because of new navigation procedures. as paul burton shows us, the airport wants neighbors to know they hear their concerns. >>reporter: >> this is one of the 52,000 jets that fly over us. >>reporter: cindy christianson says the airplane noise that's constantly above her home in milton is unbearable. >> it goes over our homes, over our schools, over our parks. >>reporter: noisy planes are a constant probler flight path of logan airport. >> the situation where people literally can't sleep starts around 4:00 or fierveg in the morning, goes well past midnight. >>reporter: on friday, massport along with the faa signed an agreement to reduce the noise of planes impacting those cities and towns. congressman steven lynch says they better reduce the noise level or he'll file a lawsuit. >> our challenge is either they fix it or we'll fix it, and our ability to fix it will be
5:38 am
action lawsuit because there's definitely damage to people's health by the way they're running things. >>reporter: the faa released a statement saying massport has proposed several ideas for a test program with the faa to better understand the implications of the flight concentrations and to study possible strategies to address the neighborhood concerns. >> a couple of areas they want to explore is to have more planes fly over the water and flying in and out of logan at higher altitudes. >>reporter: cindy says any improvement would make a difference. >> to be honest, i don' whole lot of hope. i'll allow there to be a little bit of hope because this is a new action that they're willing to take, but we've been working hard for a long time. >>reporter: the study could take as long as 18 months before the faa and massport release their findings. in milton, i'm paul burton, wbz news. well, the patriots are getting ready for tom brady's big comeback, but boston college struggles in one of its biggest games. we've got sports coming up next. barry, you first.
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not far from making official landfall in the united states and it's going to continue moving off to the north/northeast 12 miles per hour and turning more northeasterly, so the heavy rains will be transitioning into north carolina as we go through time. right now it is a category 2 storm but will be weakening. so that leads us to the trivia for this hour. let's see. hurricanes are classified by what, by the dr. gray scale, the saffi r-simpon fujita scale or the bowfort scale? i'll have my forecast and a
5:40 am
i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money
5:41 am
rs, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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good morning, everybody. in this red sox trip to cleveland could not have gone any worse. rick purcello did not get out of the 5th inning. sox lost last night 6-0 and come home in a best-of-five series with no game two, lebron james in the house. maybe he brought the cleveland luck. 2nd inning and cleveland gets on the board. brendan geyer, carlos santana, comes around to throw from jackie burial, jr off line. 1-0. we have liftoff. lonnie chisolmhall, got a home run off a lefty all season. 3-run shot.
5:43 am
enough for cory cleufer. he pops up. boston only three hits in the game. 9th inning and mike kknapply seals the deal. sox down 2 games to none. for more on this game, let's go to dan roche in cleveland. >>reporter: nobody thought the red sox would come back to boston down 0-2 but that's exactly where they sit after getting outplayed in games one and two. the red sox, they're upset about it, but also their leaders saying that this series, hey, we're just yet. >> it's not over yet. i don't really have another response to that. i mean, you got to beat us three times, not two. >>reporter: david, with everything that went down today, how badly do you want to pitch again? >> it's coming. i know my number is going to get called again, to pitch again in 2016, and i'll be ready. i want it for sure, and i know these guys will get it to me. >>reporter: what are the keys
5:44 am
around? >> get better. not looking forward to going home. got no choice. gotta go home now and try to play better. >>reporter: david, you seem angry. are you angry with how it's gone the last couple of days? >> should i be happy? >>reporter: i'm asking you, you seem like you're pretty upset about it. >> [ bleep ] nothing to celebrate. >>reporter: is it stunning to you what's happened the last two days, david? >> it's part of the game, you know. i know we'r so we just gotta come and play better. >>reporter: game three sunday afternoon at fenway park, and, of course, now that you start to think about it, it could be the final game of david ortiz' career. think about that. with the red sox here in cleveland, i'm dan roche, wbz sports >> thank you, danny. college football b.c. hosting clemson. this thing got ugly quick. the third-ranked tigers upset because they took care of business from that point on
5:45 am
one other score, u-mass lost to old dominion 36-16. hey, that's sports this morning. i'm levin reed for wbz sports. >> all right, levin, thank you so much. and barry is here now, running around. so much going on. i'm feeling for those people down in south carolina, georgia area. it's really, really bad. >> tough times down there indeed tough times. in fact, it's going to make landfall, so the eyewall is going to be moving onshore into south carolina. they've had winds of 85 to 95 in some spots already from hilton head and coming onshore into charleston as well, carrie. so here's a look. it has max sustained winds of 105 right now, and some stronger gusts, but it's tight in close to the storm in that eyewall, so it's not affecting a huge wide area, but that eyewall is going to be moving onshore shortly and is so right near the coastline. so it is moving north/northeast at 12 miles an hour, and it has spiral bands of heavy rain
5:46 am
of this. so you can see the kind of rain that's moving up through south carolina and now starting to move into southern portions of north carolina. there's the eyewall right there. here's savannah, not too much rain there right now. there's the eyewall moving in near hilton head up toward charleston, moving in there. so it's the storm moving north/northeast, it certainly is going to be making landfall shortly, and we'll be seeing that heavy rain throughout the day down there. where's this storm going? as you can see, it moves to the northeast, and then it starts to take more of a east. here's the outer banks of north carolina. look at the very heavy rain that moves out over north carolina and the storm moves out this way and starts to turn. but some of the rain from that will be actually turning northeast. we'll get a piece of that coming in here, but not the wind to go along with it. we'll just get some rain being sort of pulled up or sucked up from the south from that particular system. so the hurricane warnings are up along the coast there with the tropical storm warnings up across portions of northern
5:47 am
these areas from charleston up to myrtle to almost to wilmington to four to as much as nine feet in spots. the track of the storm by the national hurricane center, look what it does. it does this crazy little loop here, not to say that this has never happened before, there have been cases where there's been looping storms out there. it's rather rare, but they do happen every now and then. it's going to continue to weaken to a cat 1 storm and then sort of become a tropical storm and come down here as a tropical depression. we'll be watching it over the next several days. and look at this little thing of rain being pulled to the north. there's a disturbance in the upper level that's coming southeastward which is starting to pull some of this rain northeastward and also kick off its own batches of showers there. so we are in for some rain, but we're not in for mi destructive wind or anything like that. the fog will burn off this morning, the sun will be out for a while, the clouds take over. so this afternoon generally cloudy. the band of showers into vermont here by late this afternoon, if you're going up to see any of the foliage which
5:48 am
is this year, it is just surprisingly beautiful. i was up there last weekend, it was getting close to peak at a brentwoods and now it's really expanded across the north. so tomorrow afternoon, as you can see -- tomorrow morning, rather, we get some showers in here, and then actually some of that rain from the southwest blossoms up over southeastern massachusetts. while there probably won't be too much rain well west and northwest of boston, maybe a sprinkle tomorrow afternoon, down here it's probably going to be pretty wet into tomorrow downpours as it clears out the rest of the region tomorrow night and columbus day will be nice and sunny. we got readings now in the 40s for the most part, but there are exceptions with the cold spots in the valleys where there is some fog. 37 at nord. we got 54 in boston right now. -- 57 in boston right now. as far as the high temperatures, this is the last warm day, after being in the 70s in many spots yesterday and the day before, it will be around 70 to 71 here, just a touch cooler in some spots. hardly any wind today. temperatures tonight will be
5:49 am
so a much milder night tonight in most locales. and high temperatures tomorrow, they're not going to go up, the temperature is really not going to go up much at all, upper 50s and lower 60s. so it's absolutely beautiful color up north. in the next half hour, i'll be showing you some foliage pictures. here's my seven-day accuweather forecast, calling for 70 or near 70 today. fog will burn off where it exists, light wind, clouding over. it looks like we will have some rain coming up for tomorrow. showers in the morning, but those will morning north and west of boston, but rain may linger through the afternoon into the evening southeastern mass and the cape. and then columbus day should be a lot sunnier, although lingering patchy clouds could still exist on the cape. there will be a gustier wind, maybe up to 15 to 30 miles an hour on monday and then cooler weather for the beginning or much of the upcoming week, carrie, and a few showers may be here on thursday. let's go to the trivia for this hour. note that hurricane matthew is a category 2 storm now, and
5:50 am
what, the dr. gray scale, the saffir simpson scale, the fujita scale or the beaufort scale? >> i want to say fujita but i'm not sure if it's just because i'm hungry. that was my other guess. i knew it was one of the two. i know you didn't believe it. >> the fujita scale is for tornadoes. >> i missed that. you know, you do this every year and i mess that up every year. you would think. i don't know. it's early, i haven't coffee. thanks, barry. well, looking to try out for "wheel of fortune" this weekend? that would be fun. we go straight to the source for tips. what vanna white says you
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back. "the wheel" is in boston today and tomorrow giving you the chance to audition for "the wheel of fortune." yesterday lisa hughes got a chance to speak with long-time host who offered would-be contestants some advice. >> just relax and have a good time. it's a game show. if you get on, great, if you don't get on, you're going to have a good time meeting other people who enjoy the show. some people get so tense about it and they get worried about it and all that. you're playing hangman. do your best, and as i say, have fun with it and hopefully it'll work out. >>reporter: is there any preparation? >> not really. it's a working knowledge of the alphabet, that's helpful. >> i would just say be
5:54 am
about, that's what our game is, right? and pretend like you're in your living room. >> "the wheel mobile" will be at na nathaniel hall from noon to 4:00 today and tomorrow. anyone who shows up can apply to be on the show. well, keeping one child happy in the car is hard enough, imagine three. coming up one dad's creative solution to end those highway battles. kelly ayotte: let's be honest - both donald trump and hillary clinton are far from perfect... and i'm not perfect either.
5:55 am
i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. i've been called a problem solver by independent groups, and ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. i'm kelly ayotte - and i approve this message, because whether i'm working with republicans, democrats, or independents,
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5:57 am
welcome back. it is 5:57. sometimes driving with kids is like playing referee, kids in the back seat fighting over every little thing. but one father of triplets says he has the solution. jake white used two pieces of foam as a barrier between his kids so they can't steal each other's other. oh, they're so little too. we've got your top stories and an update on your accuweather forecast coming up at the top of the hour. we're also continuing to watch hurricane matthew over south carolina right now. barry has got your update coming up at 6:00.
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. >> i said it. i was wrong. and i apologize. >> breaking overnight, donald trump speaks out about the things he said about women that were captured on video. good morning thanks for being with us. i am kerry connolly. we will have much more on that but fares update on hurricane matthew. this is a live look at hilton head south carolina right now. georgia and south carolina are


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