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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at noon. now at noon, an infant death under investigation, the adults at that home with the baby found unresponsive, all of this unfolding in the middle of the day. >> thanks for joining us, the middlesex district attorney's office and state poli investigating the circumstances surrounding this baby's death. wbz's nicole jacobs is live in marlboro with the latest this noon. >> kate, chris, still a lot of questions surrounding exactly what happened here, but whatever did it has neighbors in this quiet street heartsick over the death of a baby. >> neighbors along this quiet street are known for saying hi and bye to each other but not much more we're told.
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mom at 43 harrison place from sharing her excitement. >> basically the whole neighborhood was invited to the baby shower. >> here we are some weeks after the baby's birth and now the tragic news of a death. >> it's pretty sad. again, we know they were happy about this baby. it's pretty sad that a little baby died. >> authorities were called to the home thursday morning, reports of a man, woman and infant unresponsive. >> a hysterical, female, i can't make anything out. involving a child i believe. woman and a 23-year-old man. neighbors told wbz, the woman is a 2015 marlboro high school graduate who had just recently given birth. >> she was really quiet. she really didn't talk. >> her boyfriend lives here as well they say, a few neighborhood parking issues is all most know about him, but it's the scene of investigators searching for clues at the home that gives them pause. >> we just kind of wanted to
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told nothing ever happens. >> so to hear that, it's kind of shocking. >> now rocked by so many questions. >> reporter: the woman and man were taken to the hospital where we're told they are still being treated. in the meantime, the d. a.'s office as well as state police are investigating. we're live in marlboro, nicole jacobs wbz news. we have breaking news, sky eye live over cross street in lowell where firefighters have been working on a house fire. the first report said this started a surrounding the house. you can see from the video here, from sky eye that the fire appears to be out for the most part. fire crews are still on scene. no reports of any injuries. we'll keep you updated on this one. protestors upset over the election once again took to the streets. this time it turned violent in portland oregon. protestors damaged storefronts and even set fires in the city. police in riot gear were called in, faced off with a crowd of thousands. some threw items at officers and police responded with
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in all 26 people were arrested. last night president-elect donald trump denounced the protests tweeting, just had a very open and successful presidential election, now professional protestors incited by the media are protesting, very unfair. he followed that up with another tweet this morning sounding very different saying this, love the fact that the small groups of protestors last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and trump is back in new york following his trip to washington. trump tweeted he'll be busy today making decisions about who will run the country, but he has no public events scheduled today. he does have a meeting with a world leader on the books for next week. president-elect trump will meet with japan's prime minister next thursday, and trump will give his first extensive post- elect interview this sunday: lesley stahl will also speak with the trump family. watch it sunday night at 7:00
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out on the trails post- election. a woman hiking with her dog and baby daughter ran into hillary and bill clinton in new york yesterday. the woman who says she voted for clinton hugged the former candidate and told her one of her proudest moments as a mother was taking her daughter to vote for clinton. the two hugged and took a picture together, which was snapped by former president bill clinton. and we've learned former president clinton has called president-elect donald trump to congratulate him. a clinton aide said the call happened right now president obama is in d. c. paying tribute to the nation's veterans. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns bowing his head in a silent tribute. he later spoke to the crowd where he once again called for the country to come together following the election. some local veterans are getting a helping hand thanks to a new development. >> it's housing for the veterans. this building will provide them with much more than just a roof over their heads.
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>> reporter: this building is actually an old police station here in south boston that sat vacant for years and became an eyesore in this community. today it opened as new affordable housing for veterans. there are nearly 40,000 home let vets in the u.s. and a place like this can help them turn their lives around. >> gerald maker was 20 years old when he was drafted into the u.s. army and deployed to vietnam. when he came back, he was a different >> i started with the nightmares and the night sweats and the night terrors. >> he went to the v. a. to seek help, but there was little awareness of ptsd at that time. he says he was turned away. feeling lost he turned to drugs and alcohol. he couldn't find a job. >> you spend all this time bouncing around and feeling like you're less than and a lot of that has to do with a place to live. >> nine years ago, carriages communities opened a housing community for veterans in
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and providing services to help with his ptsd. today a ceremony marked the opening of new homes in south boston to help more veterans like maker. >> i don't think there's a better way of celebrating veterans day by opening this new home here for veterans and their families. >> the building is an old police station that sat vacant for years. the inside is remodeled and an addition was built next door. there will also be on site staff providing critical services. maker is thrilled to know more veterans will be getting the services that helped him get his life back. >> a stable place to live with a lock on the door. it's so hard for me to put a value on that. >> reporter: there were 900 applicants for those 24 units, so the occupants will be chosen using a lottery system. that number really shows the need for this kind of housing in the city.
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boston, ana miler wbz news. well, a beautiful fall day out there right now, but the winds of change are upon us. get ready for a temperature drop coming in time for your friday night plans. >> let's check in with meteorologist danielle. >> it is shaking out there, the wind advisory has been expanded to include all of southern new england with the exception of the berkshires. this is up until 1 a.m. tonight for the rt that will gust at times to 50 miles per hour. i think those gusts will be isolated, but we will see some 40-plus miles per hour wind busts that may bring down a few isolated branches or cause a few isolated pockets of outages. the winds gusting 44 miles per hour right now in fitchburg. it's the arctic front that has pushed in, and we have reached our high temperatures now, 59
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you already see cooling temperatures north and west of boston as that northwest wind drags in the cooler air here. we've had sunshine mixed with clouds. that wind is going to remain active for the duration of the day. between now and 2, 3:00, we're going to drop by about 5, 10 degrees in spots. as we take it out through your evening commute and any friday evening plans, we're going to fall pretty quickly through the 40s into the upper 30s, and then you factor in the wind on top of that, and it's going to feel colder. you definitely want to be plans. clear and chilly overnight, suburbs 25 to 30, 34 downtown with that gusty breeze, and the weekend is looking good overall by november standards, although tomorrow will be a little bit on the chilly side. the wind will still be active, not as strong as today. sunday is my pick, a nice fall day, seasonal with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50s. we'll talk about the pats forecast in just a few. can't wait. new at noon, orlando police have released chilling new video from inside the pulse nightclub. it's from the body cameras that
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building for the first time just hours after the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> i'm right on your back, all right? >> you can see the light still going inside the club as police enter the scene. officerrings pulled out their guns to make sure the area was clear. you can also hear the ringing of phones in the background as people try to reach the victims. 49 people were killed at the club. the gunman also died. foreign police have released the description of a man wanted for attacking a the girl was walking towards her bus stop just before 7 yesterday morning when a man knocks her to the ground and tries to strangle her. a witness intervenes scaring the man off. the student is okay, but police are now searching for a white man with gray stubble on his face, possibly in his late 20s or early 30s. he fled in a light blue or gray older model sedan. police say they are following up on several leads but they are asking anyone with any information to come forward. a new hampshire man is being held without bail facing
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agent. police say 23-year-old gannon leblanc knocked on the home of an arlington woman who he worked with at lincoln labs. she did not know him. when she answered he identified himself as an fbi agent and asked to use the bathroom. >> he knocked on their door, and they didn't know who he was, and he said well, i'm an fbi officer, and he said can i use your bathroom. and they thought that was kind of suspicious. >> they did not allow hi a short time later. police say at the time leblanc was carrying a loaded gun, knife, stun gun, rope, duct tape, and zip ties. prosecutors sayleblanc also works for the federal credit union at m. i. t. and had the names of four clients along with personal information. an mbta bus driver is under investigation after he clipped a parked car with his bus in melrose and just kept on driving. passengers called 9-1-1. the
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stoneham. officials want to know if the driver was under the influence of prescription drugs. no one was hurt. the driver will be summoned to court accused of leaving the scene of an accident. the driver has worked for the mbta for 12 years. officials say he will not operate a vehicle until the investigation is complete. >> coming up on the wbz news at noon, going where no american official has gone before. the incredible visit to the ends of the earth for the secretary of state. >> and parents protected, why it will be harder for accidentally rack up huge bills on those in-game apps. >> and later what a day on the water. the incredible and unexpected find for those searching for
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? hallelujah, hallelujah
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paying tribute to leonard cohen, the canadian singer song writer died yesterday at the age of 82. he's best known for writing the song hallelujah. his label says a memorial service in l. a. is in the works. mayor of warren won't seek reelection. warren an iraq veteran who grew up in newton is wrapping up his second term as leader of the city. he didn't say what was next but said, quote, i will to our community. secretary of state john kerry has become the highest ranking u.s. official to visit antarctica. he's speaking to scientists about the impact of climate change. next week kerry will give a major speech at a global climate conference in morocco. time to get a check of our forecast. it's going to be cold down in
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>> it gets you a little dizzy. a couple clouds out there, too. arctic front came in, look at that, city of boston gusting right now over 30 miles per hour, so here we go. temperature we've reached our high. it's 59 degrees, not too bad for this time of the year. the dew point has dropped. drier air working in. the wind is sustained right now at 20 -- 21 miles per hour in the city of boston. so where you're going to notice the rest of the day today is the temperatures are going to fall. it's going to stay windy. noticeth that colder air is being dragged in with that northwest wind. we are in the 60s from taunton back to the cape. wow is it windy out there. we're gusting to 44 miles per hour in fitchburg. notice it doesn't matter where you go either. all the way from portland maine back down to the cape. we're gusting 20 to 40 and there will likely be some higher gusts that may top out around 50 miles per hour between now and let's say midnight, 1 a.m. this is when the strongest wind comes through, and a few
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result from that. hour-by-hour dropping over the next couple of hours we go from 59 to boston to 50 between now and 3 p.m. and then fall through the 40s this evening. so if you have a friday evening plan, definitely a change in the air, is the wind is going to make it feel colder than that. had a couple of sprinkles with the front passing by and now you notice there are some snow showers, mountains, loving this back across northern new england with upslope flow creating snow in the white mountains. that wil it's going to be clear. saturday we're starting with sunshine tomorrow morning, mostly sunny day, just a little on the cool side with highs only topping out in the 40s. about 10 degrees cooler than today on average. the wind will still be active. it won't be as strong as today. for that reason personal preference here, but sunday is my pick. high pressure, sunshine and not as windy and a little milder. looks like a beautiful fall day with highs topping out probably about 55 to 60 degrees for most of us on sunday afternoon.
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32 in boston, mid to upper 30s on the cape. the wind stays strong. after midnight it's going to slowly subside, but nonetheless you can knock about 5 to 10 degrees off that temperature. 47 for a high in boston, tomorrow the wind about 10 to 20 miles per hour. so not quite as gusty as today. it will make it feel a little bit blustery or brisk i should say for our saturday. 55 to 60 on sunday. looking good with bright sunshine and by the time the seahawks come, pats foxboro, 8:30 kickoff with gillette, looks good, clear and chilly, 44 degrees. the wind will be about 5 to 10 miles per hour. so no weather-related issues down in foxboro. accuweather seven-day forecast, the full super moon by the way, sunday evening or early monday morning, that's when you want to catch it. it's going to look beautiful. clear skies for viewing, 60 on monday, and then our next chance of rain comes in on tuesday. we may see some of that rain
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the week. a lout means it will be harder for your kids to buy things on your phone without your permission. amazon has to reimburse customers whose kids made in- app purchases. they won't be able to pay it back in gift cards. amazon will have to notify affected customers. amazon, apple and google require a password for in-app purchases. >> the count down is on. we are over a week away from nathaniel hall holiday spectacular, sky eye over the spruce. in the next week that tree and and thaniel hall will be transformed thanks to more than 350 ,000 lights as it becomes a holiday destination. blue man group, the boston ballet, boston mayor marty walsh and many more special guests will join us when we flip the switch on this incredible christmas tree. we invite you to join us for the holiday spectacular. it's live right here on wbz at
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christmas carol. >> sounds good. >> coming up next. >> new sneakers developed by the patriots owner and how these will benefit one local charity. >> here's what's hot on our website, right
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today there's a new patriot sneaker on the market. >> teem owner robert craft and nike have teamed up to release the new air force one ultra force rkk patriots you got that. the sneakers are black with a silver nike logo along with a throwback logo on the speakers tongue. the info reads we are all patriots. the sneakers will benefit charity. >> happened to be speaking at boston business people, and i told them how i love those air force 1s and how uncomfortable they were. let's make up a shoe that can be a patriot shoe, an rkk shoe, and we'll only do that if we can benefit a charity. >> the sneakers cost $150, and the proceeds benefit the boys & girls club in boston. >> all right, this sunday the patriots take on the seahawks
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preview the showdown tonight organ patriots all access. be sure to start your sunday off with patriots game day on wbz. right after the game on sunday night. you can tune in to wbz for the 5th quarter postgame show. >> i'm going to get you a pair of those kicks of the new air force 1rkk patriots. >> coming up on the wbz news at noon, they went looking for whales. >> they found something else. >> see the video and their incredible chance encounter. that's coming up next. watchers doing. >> it's gusty. the wind gusting over 40 miles per hour at times, making it feel colder out there. temperatures running in the 50s to low 60s which is not too bad this time of the year. arnold checking in in handover with sunshine and 62 degrees. we're going to be cooling off the rest of the afternoon. the weekend looks bright. we'll have a look at the seven-
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coming up, all new today at 5:00. terrifying defails in a violent carjacking and chase that ended in worcester tonight. the woman who had her car stolen tells her story and how
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that is all new today at 5:00. finally this noon quite the sight caught on this camera. >> the crew of a california whale, a pod of more than 500 dolphins, swimming right next to them. these are long babyinged coma dolphins which can swim up to 25 miles per hour. >> one time i saw two dolphins and i got really excited. i feel like that would be an amazing experience. >> one time at band camp [ laughter ] exactly what i was thinking. >> you >> okay. >> anyways, moving on, all right, so strong wind today, 47 tomorrow. there's going to be a chilly breeze. upper 50s on sunday. that's the pick of the weekend, quiet start to next week, then we'll have a chance of rain by tuesday and wednesday we obviously need it, so that will be a change. >> we love you d. >> happy friday. >> happy veterans day to everyone as we take a live look out right now at our windy veterans day out there.
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>> jack: come in. >> phyllis: hello. i have some talking points on the jabotgo app, features of the app, how easy it is to use, how ashley saw the potential right away, and scooped it up. now, what's exciting is that people can try out all the cosmetics on a selfie, no more ordering a color that isn't yours, see what works and doesn't work from home, office, or anywhere. >> jack: thanks. it's, uh, that's a good start. i got some ideas of my own. >> phyllis: yeah.


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