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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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let's take a look at the moon tonight. if you get a chance, you really have to get outside because it is a super moon, extra bright, extra big. pamela is here with ta >> it's just gorgeous out there, and it's going to make for a very bright night for us here across new england. the moon is the closest in years, and because of that we have high tides that we're watching, the highest of the year occurring tuesday
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mild to moderate flooding. 54 degrees in boston, 49 manchester. after we had a high of 60 degrees in boston. the patriots, no problem there, gillette stadium clear, cool and bright. the kickoff time at 8:30. temperatures tomorrow low to mid 60s thanks to a southwest breeze. another mild afternoon, but then we have changes on the way for tuesday. again a flood threat and we're tracking rain. how much rain we could the hour by hour timing in just a bit. the patriots are about to get a rematch of super bowl xlix. >> they're playing the seahawks, and some people think both teams have realistic super bowl hopes this year. steve, what do you think? >>reporter: i'll tell you one thing. it could be a preview of things to come. no question about that right now. we just under two hours away from kickoff, patriots and
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they're good on both sides of the ball, and they have one of the most dangerous quarter backs in the world in russell wilson. tom brady, he's been playing lights out lately. part of the reason, with look what he has to work with. rob. tight ends on bte >> he always like to bring it up in the practice field and locker room, always cracking jokes. he helps out a lot. a lot of different experience in the league. the way he just shows off his presence of how physical he is, the pass game and running game is awesome to have him to work with.
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don't forget to watch us right after the game at the post game show. as soon as the game is over, patriots seahawks, we're the only place to see the coach and brady live. these two teams might meet up in houston. time will tell. it will be rocking tonight. i'll tell you that. it's nice out there. great football weather. it's supposed developing tonight, police in brockton looking for armed masked men who held up a store clerk who feared for her life. tonight she is speaking out. >> i was thinking, is he going to shoot me or stab me. that's when he told me to go on
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. >>reporter: they were dressed in all black. >> and they pointed the gun and the knife. >>reporter: she entered out the cash register and gave the thieves all the money she had, but apparently it wasn't enough. >> he this kept saying, where's the money. i wasn't saying anything. we don't have any more money. then they saw my pocketbook. >>reporter: she worked here three years and never encountered anything like this. >> they went over there and told me to go on the floor, so i went on the >>reporter: it's the second time this gas station has been robbed in the past week. the first time the robbers came they actually cut the wire to the security cameras, which is why the second robbery was not caught on tape. >> i was thinking i was going to end up in the hospital or dead. >>reporter: the two men quickly took off with about $300 in cash, and they are still on the loose. >> i don't know if they're going to decide to come back again. >>reporter: meanwhile, she's not taking any chances and
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gets dark. >> my boss said to close the door at 8 o'clock, and this is one of the precautions. >>reporter: police are still investigating. anyone with information is to contact brockton police. also developing, police working to develop a suspect in a deadly hit-and-run in taunton. a car hit a man who was riding his bike in the crosswalk at the intersection of broadway and washington on thursday. he friday of his injuries. a toyota venza is what they think hit him. tonight we're hearing from the father whose baby died during emergency in a marlboro home. the 23-year-old told the boston globe he remembers taking a substance with his girlfriend before blacking out. emergency crews were called to the home where they found both
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unresponsive and later died at the hospital. he says he made a mistake and doesn't want to be painted as a baby murderer. still to come, an appeal launched against the children's hospital expansion. what threatens the garden. plus a city still recovering from one. . great weather for the game. we had high temperatures for the game. right around 60 degrees. more heat in store for your monday forecast. your seven-day forecast coming
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. at least two people are dead after a powerful earthquake hit new zealand just after midnight local time. the 7.8 quake triggered a tsunami. officials are urging christ church is still rebuilding from an earthquake back in 2011 which killed 185 people. a group opposing the expansion of the children's hospital is appealing the state's decision to approve the project. opponents said the construction is unnecessary and will drive up the cost of health care. it calls for an 11 story build be to be built over the garden. the public health council
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if you're out tonight running errands, don't be surprised if you see a lot of people standing on the sidewalk looking up and looking around. it's not your imagination. the moon is 30% brighter than normal. >> and bigger and glorious out there. here's a live look at the moon right now. and it just makes everything so peaceful when it's that bright. it lights everything up even in the middle of the night and lighting things up for the patriots game coming up in a couple hours. we ve in from twitter and e-mail. a couple twitter followers sent this in from revere. short breach there and the moon reflecting off the water. beautiful picture there. we have this photo are the moon right over the water there. glorious. the weather couldn't have been better for tonight.
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overnight tonight. you still have time to check out the moon and send me a pick. we have a concern here. we have high tides. with the storm system on tuesday bringing us rain could also bring us a northeast wind with the increased wave height leaving to minor pockets moon. i'll get you more details in just a minute. temperatures right now in boston, 54 degrees. the wind coming from the southwest and we're staying
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we're dipping to low 40s with a couple upper 30s here and there as we get into the suburbs. tomorrow afternoon fantastic weather here again. 62 degrees, plenty of sunshine and still the southwest breeze. satellite and radar, it's all clear here. the nearest cloud cover, and down to the south in the car lianas is where the next system is heading in from. in your hour by hour, high pressure to the east allowing for the low to come up it's monday night increase in clouds and could start to see a few showers along the coast tuesday afternoon. that's also when the wind will come off the ocean helping to push up some of the wave heights. we're looking at the tides in boston. 12 by wednesday the storm system moves far enough offshore that we don't expect a
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around noon. the seven-day forecast, there it is. rainy at times tuesday afternoon for folks inland. wednesday 58, dry for the rest of the week, with temperatures hanging around the mid-50s thursday, friday, next saturday. another shot of rain to start next weekend. for tonight let the moon watching begin. the count down is on. we're a week a q&a the holiday spectacular at faneuil hall. the tree will be transformed with 350,000 lights. the there will be many guests joining the mayor to flip the switch on the incredible christmas tree. so we invite all of you to join us for the faneuil hall holiday spectacular next saturday
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tonight the patriots have a pretty good streak, but can they come away with a win against one of the toughest teams in the league?
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. >> it's becoming more and more tense by the moment. i'll say that right now. much has been talked about the rematch of super bowl xlix. that was the game. fans will never forget that day. here's the question is it a rematch or preview of things to come. >> things are said about a
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to me it's just a very difficult game. we've got two competitive teams that have won a lot and we've got to go into the game ready to win. if you like football, competitive nature, sunday night is here and the place to watch it. >> yes, and tom brady got here at 3:22. that's five hours before kickoff. do you think he's ready to play tonight or what? that's what being off for two weeks will do. brady is ready. we know 11 is ready. take it away, my friend. >> brady with the glasses on. he's just making sure everything is ready. tough assessment of the patriots. you can keep your eyes on offense focusing on the running game. the running game for the
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interesting to see how they get going. the defense, grant has been setting the pays for the seahawks offense. if he gets going, it could be a long day for new england. the good thing about stopping him, two quality tight ends that practice every day of the so that i think you have an idea how to stop him. >> there's two big defensive backs to cover him, too fast for line backers. here's what i think they'll do. a big tightened will match up
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good tackler. shawn is good at all those kind of things. on the offensive side of things, no need for tom brady to make big changes from what worked for him in super bowl xlix. quick short passes to offset and look for white or louis and edelman or whoever is healthy enough to go. i think you'll see all of them in the mix with tom brady. stay away from the pressure. the seahawks will rarel in fact, you have to go back five years the last time they lost by more than 10 points in a game. expect it to be close tonight. we'll have much more coming up in the patriots fifth quarter right here after the game. for now let's go back down to the field. steve burton, take it away. >> don't forget, kickoff at 8:30 here at gillette. when the game is done, come back for the fifth quarter post
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conference. patriots are looking to improve to 8-1. we'll see if they get it done tonight. >> the best seats in the house. >> you got it. >> while we're still talking about sports, a special shout out to the wellesley or they're headed to the champion ships. >> we'll have another look at your forecast when we come
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. all these super moon pictures. >> the super moon. keep them coming. beautiful night to moon gaze, stargaze. the moon so bright probably outshining the stars. temperatures are comfortable, 54 degrees here in boston. overnight dropping into the 40s. a couple areas upper 40s. king tide thursday afternoon. we could see 12.5 high tide in boston. coming up right after the newscast, theiisy minutes
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trump, his first since election
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> i've never done anything like this. >> stahl: this took your breath away? >> a little bit. a little bit. i think i realized that this is a whole different life for me now. >> stahl: in his first president-elect seemed more subdued than the candidate had been, and donald trump surprised us when fundamental positions of his seemed open to negotiation. are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> stahl: they're talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. >> stahl: five days after the election, demonstrators across the country are protesting his victory. >> not my president! >> stahl: we asked about that


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