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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 5:30 starts now. >> a possible lead in investigation into a jogger's murder. detectives are looking for a dark colored suv seen in princeton, massachusetts, where police discovered the body of vanessa marcotte. she was visiting in princeton and went out for a jog and never returned. that night police found her partially burned body in the woods. witnesses saw a dark suv parked on the street around the time of the murder.
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the vehicle or the crime, call. we have the information on ash website, now at 5:30. an underage drinking party busted inside a million dollars new hampshire house that's up for sale. someone called complaining about the noise. >> when officers arrived, they discovered nine teenagers insi in rye. it's a woodsy neighborhood and perhaps the teens thought the party would go undetectedded behind the big metal gates but they were wrong. it's a $1.2 million home with a 5800 square foot interior. that's not why it was chosen. >> the house was for sale. >> it's been vacant for months.
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a neighbor spotted a bunch of cars parked on the street. >> the juveniles were snap chatting. >> nine teens were caught. they left all sorts of alcohol behind and are asking for some parental help here. >> talk to your kids and see if they were there. follow up so we don't have a repeat. >> the teens face charges of criminal trespassing, and police have a pretty good of how they got in. >> there are keys in devices used to gain entry to the house. and somebody gave permission to use that. and that's part of the ongoing investigation. >> the good news is there was no vandalism thanks to a quick call from neighbor that headed off drunken teens from getting in their cars.
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they prevented something big from happening. >> police are expecting to file charges of hosting an underage party under new hampshire law. lawrence police arrested a woman in connection with an august fire. 41-year-old grace -- set the fire on summer street and it damaged five buildings and displaced 52 people. three firefighters were also hurt. several homeless people were staying in on buildings. a woman hit today while crossing a street today is in critical condition. boston police say she was walking on malcolm x boulevard when a car hit her. the driver did stop. reconstruction crews came in to test the brakes. the crash is under investigation. ditching the press -- tweeting up a storm a week after the election. and it's clear the new
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jon keller is here to talk about the latest. and donald trump is certainly bucking certain types of protocol. >> donald trump, breaking the rules? it's breaking news. from the moment when he announced his candidacy by characterized some illegal immigrants as rapist, he's been breaking rules and proving they e elected. the white house correspondents -- trump ditched his press pool. calling it an unacceptable gather. a small group of reporters is always near the president so the public can be informed if something important happened. trump aides say that practice will be honored and that was a glitch last night.
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president-elect continues to point out his gripes with the media on twitter. and that's something that got him here. >> and this strikes me as more troubling than the business with the press pool. trump was clearly upset by a new york times story reporting that the transition process was in disarray and some foreign leaders have had trouble getting through to speak with >> very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet. he was at it again this morning tweeting the failing new york times story is so totally wrong on transition. it's going so smoothly. and i have spoken to many foreign leaders, which the times also reported. just that others were having
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>> trump voters like his combativeness and his willingness to challenge the media. is this really a problem but a media created problem. >> a president has many ways to communicate to the public through a process that's vetted and edited to avoid off the cuff statements that could crash the market or cr diplomatic problem. late night tweeting doesn't offer that protection. it's such an impulsive medium. and you got to wonder if there could be a problem. >> transitions are usually a blip in the long run but it feels like it's a long couple of weeks. boston's children hospital plans to close the proudy garden. there'll be two ceremonies to honor the garden and it will close after that.
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bitter battle over the hospital's expansion. a group wants to save the outdoor area saying it's a sanctuary for patients and their families. and the hospital says it needs to go to make room for a billion dollars addition. hundreds of animals are getting new homes. the aspca said it was one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they've ever seen. are you already making your black friday list? >> coming up the stores where you find the hottest deals of the year. and a cement truck overturning, trying to make a turn. it's a story we hear about every holiday season. jewelry dropped in salvation army buckets?
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office depot is investigating reports that some of its employees are falsely claiming that computers are infected with viruses. employees were pressured to sales goals. a seattle station took six new computers out of the box to pc health checks. four of the six stores told them there was malware on the machines. if you're planning black friday shopping, wallet hub looked at 8000 deals and
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the most discounts. jcpenney had the third largest discount and kohl's the 6th. the average black friday discount is 39% so if you weren't saving at least that it might not be the best buy. jetblue is holding a flash sale. some fares are $34 each way. you must fly monday through thursday or saturday between december 1st and the sale ends at midnight. future retirees from one of canada's most recognizable beer brands are in mourning today. they decided to cut a retiree perk -- free beer for life. the company has been cutting benefits and pay for years. and now those who used to have a fanatical devotion -- now it
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fast reflexes. >> the incredible catch that may have saved his brother's life. donald trump's win is
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check this out. a big mess on the tracks in florida. two trains collided causing about 15,000 gallons of fuel to leak. the two operators had minor injuries and no word on why the trains collided. a cement truck in phoenix overturned and gas station
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truck tipping over as the truck made a left turn. the load shifted. would you like to own a piece of the eiffel tower. part of the staircase will go up for auction this month. it's part of an original staircase cut into pieces in 1983 and replaced with an elevator. it's expected to sell for have enough space for the 8 1/2 foot staircase. >> i can't imagine they'll let that leave france. some parisian apartment owner will want that. [ overlapping speakers ] he could sit and smoke a cigarette. when is the sun coming back? >> tomorrow. a few towns got sunshine.
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expected. and we did get beneficial rain out of the gloomy stretch. boston, a little over an inch of rain. and still an inch below average. we're running a deficit and if your question is what does this do for the drought, the answer is not much. a 16-inch deficit in manchester, and really if you took the wettest december through march on record across the area, that's what it would take to ge take a look at the clouds slowly melting away. temperatures start to fall off. and still no low 50s. the middle of the country, tremendous warmth. 81degrees in wichita. they hit 80 in denver. and 90 across oklahoma and texas. and a lot of record highs set in that part of the country today. for us, mainly clear skies, 36 to 41 for most of the suburbs,
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tomorrow. mostly sunny skies and some cumulus clouds mixing in. and a pleasant day. we'll be in the 50s and a northwesterly breeze at five to 15 and the tides will be running high, just not as high as the last couple of days. only the most vulnerable areas will see a little bit of minor flooding. 52 in worcester and 57 in boston, 58 in new bedford and nantucket. up to 54 tomorrow afternoon. high pressure is in control for the one thing we'll watch friday and saturday is how close the ocean storm comes to us. the trend has been a nudge to the east. that would be important for far eastern mass and the cape. friday i would expect a gusty breeze out of the north. and if it trends farther east, we see warmer and warmer temperatures and less of an influence. and on saturday a chance for low clouds to move in towards
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be in the sunshine. a very hyper local day as we look to the start of the weekend. and temperatures in the 50s inland. and an increase in afternoon cloudiness. first happening at the coast and then filling in. sunday a chance for rain showers and then much colder air starts to funnel in. for the tree lighting, the clouds will be filling in. we'll be in the 40s which is cool and not cold and maybe a little bit of drizzle will come in off th blast of air that will start filtering in. the wind will be picking up. and we might see flurries and a couple of snow showers late sunday to monday. and over the next couple of days, winter is starting to show up. here's the act weather 7-day forecast and you can see the colder air for monday and tuesday with highs in the 40s. at this rate people might be looking forward to it.
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like october. >> it's been very mild. >> great for the tree lighting. >> perfect, it's going to cooperate. >> come on down, meet eric. >> one florida mom calls her 9- year-old son her hero. the boy saved his baby brother from a bad fall. the mom put the 11-month-old on the changing table and turned away from a second. and from the baby monitor video you can see the baby roll. and his older brother rushed in and made the save. >> the boston police department welcomed 40 potential members of the force. the cadet program trains people agings 18 to 24 thinking about careers in law enforcement. the last two years we've heard in place of money some people put jewelry in salvation army kettles. the jewelry is being auctioned
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causes. the salvation army has seen a large number of jewelry donations including engagement and wedding rings and a rolex watch. >> the competition has gone up. and the need has risen with the downturn in the economy. so it's been a struggle and gifts like this have helped us to get over the hurdle and close that gap so that we cannot turn anybody away. >> the auction attention two years ago. a widow donated her rings to the salvation army. they were sold for $21,000 with the promises the rings would be returned to the widow. two of the best college hockey teams in the country. >> will they face each other in the final four. new information in the
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princeton woman who went for a run and never came home. tonight, information about an suv that may be involved. and rob gronkowski not on the practice field today after that hard hit in sunday night's game.
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it's a field hockey feud. players getting ready for the final four playoffs. and teams from two local teams are in the running. the women head to upstate new york for the semifinals. >> they are not playing each other in the first round but they are hoping to do that in babson squad before their road trip after having the best season ever. 22-1 with 15 shutouts. >> their work ethic and focus has been excellent since day one. they compete at practice and our biggest focus is making sure that we're always
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babson has reached the final four. >> one thing we've tried to focus on is getting better every day. everybody has just worked so hard and as a team. everybody has come together to achieve something that we had not dreamed of doing. >> the tuft's women's team earned a they are up against salisbury in the matchup. >> we have been clicking and the girls are playing for each other and it's been fun. >> these are 22 of my best friends. >> if both teams win saturday they face each other for the ncaa championship sunday. >> we've had an incredible season. i'm ecstatic. this is a dream come true.
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on the babson team. trying to calm his nerves, and good luck to both teams. >> we have much more ahead. a terrifying robbery caught on camera. >> open the register -- now! come on! hurry up! >> donald trump creating a win fall for charity. some ups and downs in the forecast and the sunshine returning, a warmup and colder air moving in. >> i'm only 90. >> could it be all the coffee that keeps him going? >> we talk with the boss of a local coffee company who says he isn't slowing down. the news at 6:00 starts now. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston. wbz news at 6:00 starts now
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information in the murder of vanessa marcotte. they are looking for a dark colored suv seen near the crime scene at the time of the murder. people have called in more than a thousand tips but there have been no arrests. >> and police are releasing this new clue. ryan kath is here with the breaking details. >> reporter: the dark colored suv was spotted around the time of the murder and close to where vanessa marcotte's body was found this summer. th27 and never returned home. she'd been working for google and was living in new york city but was visiting family. police found her body partially burned in the woods and witnesses report seeing a dark colored suv parked in the area around the time of the area. the suspect is a man and he may have had injuries from the struggle. there's a dedicated hotline and police have received 1000 tips.
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the vehicle or the crime. call (508)453-7589. police are also asking law enforcement in that area to keep this investigation in mind when they interact with men who own dark colored suvs. armed and definitely dangerous. dramatic new surveillance video shows the terrifying moments. a robber stormed into a newton gas station. the suspect got away still on the run. >> tonight police hope that showing you the surveillance video will help track down the robber. bill shields is live with the story in newton. >> it's not unusual to have a convenience store or a gas station robbed. this gas station is right here in newton center. and it happened at 9:00 and that guy had a rifle. >> either a shotgun rifle, bee bee rifle, >> open the register now!


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