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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> and i am kate merrill. daniel, it is looking- -danielle, it is looking pretty good out there today. yes, temperatures are a little bit on the cool side this morning, just like yesterday, some 20s, 30s, and 40s on the map. 33 in norwood. 39 there lawrence back to up manchester. and 45 to 50 on the cape because we have had low level clouds. everyone else is clear, level clouds from plymouth county back down to the cape and islands. the clouds are with us for a lot of the morning hours and then will break apart a little bit in the afternoon. sunrise, 6:39 a.m. bright for everybody, the cape, clouds, upper 30s. 56 by lunch time. it is sunny and mild a beautiful november day. wind from the north about 5-15 miles per hour. clear and quiet on the cape, no
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ride home. sunset at 4:29:19 p.m. --at 4:19 p.m. and now let's get you on the roads are brianna. yes, still in really good shape. the rest of the south shore is looking good, too. route 3 along the south shore, it is still wide open of the and no issues getting up to 128 or the split. chris. thank you, brianna. breaking barricades himself inside and fires at police. >> and this morning he is facing charges. we are live with anna. >> reporter: well, they were able to get the man out of the house and into police custody. a woman called 911 around 9:30 p.m. last night to say that she was having an argument with the pan
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that man is 43-year-old heath mullet. and mullet bare kidded himself inside with a weapon after the woman and a child escaped. a swat team and other agencies rushed to the house. police at one point, he said he had more than 500 rounds of ammunition. he started to shoot at officers from inside of the home. no one was hurt, but a bullet did hit a police cruiser, police did not fire back and give up. he is facing a long list of charmings now, including assault with intent to murder for shooting at the officers. reporting live from norman, wbz this morning. a firefighter wbz hurt battling a house--a firefighter was hurt battling a house fire. the road there was shut shut down and the injured firefighter was treated and released. no--was shut down and the
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and released. the cause is still under investigation. a cape cod teenager accused of attacking a 14-year-old girl on her way to school is now heading to court. >> reporter: a walk to the bus stop last week turned dangerous for a 14-year-old girl when she was allegedly attacked. >> came up behind her, grabbed her by the neck, brought her down to the ground. >> reporter: and now the police have acharged john f allen, an 8-year-old high school student with strangulation made it sound like she was trying to be pulled from the scene. >> reporter: it was not until a witness yelled the victim's name that the man left. police are not saying much about a motive. >> i feel very bad because this neighborhood never had problems and, you know, today, it is sad. but you just never, never know.
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jobs reporting for us this morning. an argument inside of a home in dorchester escalated. one man was found dead and then another man was taken in for questioning. >> i don't know why people are like deciding to kill instead of talking and resolving it in another way. people are losing their family members an it is pointless. >> the boston police tell the globe that both the suspect an 20s or early 30s. the f.b.i. is searching for a serial bank robber, dubbed the spelling bee bandit. he has robbed four massachusetts banks in just weekings. each time he writes the word robbery on a note, but he only spells robbery with one b. investigators are offering a $1000 reward for information. a driver is going to could
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rail train and slit in half. many ran away. we first told you about this yesterday morning. and stunned witnesses called 911. >> a car was just hit by a train. >> a car was just hit by a train? >> yes, that is correct. >> the police they the car pulled and a downed railroad gate and was struck by a train going about 60 miles per hour. the driver and passenger got out and took of ended another car and were driving away from the scene. >> it was just shocking to me. i can not believe that, god was on their shoulder. >> i took the place several hours--the police several hours to catch up with the driver. so far, we don't know his name. deadly crash at a commuter rail station, a 59-year-old man was hit and killed by a train near wellesley square last night. police are trying to find out
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commuter rail line. three boston anallers charged with a hate crumb. police say that--crime. police say that 15-year-old girls ha haased a woman. the woman says that the girls made fun of her accent and then punched her. the teens are now with their parents and they have to stay away from one another and also the victim. and now donald trump is reportedly considering romney for secretary of state. they are going to meet tomorrow. romney was very critical of trump during the election and he has offered a new england native a topmost, he has asked michael flinn of rhode island to be his security advisor. hena daniels has more. >> reporter: and now general
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foreign policy decision that president election donald trump makes. the idea is already not sitting well with house intelligence committee members, a statemented last night, the democrat bashed flinn for his past remarks about islam, saying his remarks only feed problems by talking about a false narrative that the west is at war with all of islam. flinn spoke at the republican national convention this summer. >> coddling empathy towards terrorists is not a strategy. >> reporter: and this followed trump's first face to face leader with a foreign leader since the election. and more meetings with lawmakers favored for key administration posts, including south carolina governor nikki haley, she is reportedly in the running for secretary of state, despite criticizing trump during the primary.
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he brings out the worst in people. >> reporter: and the team is saying that mr. trump is open to selecting former rivals for top cabinet rolls. among them, senator ted cruz and mitt romney, who also had words for the president elect. mr. trump is going to meet with romney in new jersey tomorrow. hena daniels, cbs news. former now knows he is getting out of prison earlier. his wife broke the good news in an e-mail that took hours to clear security. he served five years of his eight year sentence. he has been battling cancer and is getting out early on compassionate release. and his wife said that her husband's health is fragile. >> he is on a liquid diet, so at least being at home and
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able to give him a diet that is more filled with, you know, protein and good things. >> he will be released on tuesday, confined to their apartment and will be allowed out only for medical apartments and to go to church. four cases of mumps have been confirmed at harvard, the trek to have of health--the director of health and human services visors says that they are working--health and human services vises say--health services says they are working to see if they a problem last year. plus, some relief for a family who lost their loved one in a crash. how two police officers got them back together with a priceless momento. >> and we made it to the end of the week. the sun is going to be shining, temperaturing up around 60. outdoor recess, good to go, the bus ride home is all set. just chilly this morning. and eric had a great visit at
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at the end, the students did the parker pledge. they are adorable. have a great end to the week, kids.
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the holiday season starts
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blue man group, the boston ballet, and others are going to elen us light that tree. if--help us light that tree. if you cannot be there in person, you can join us tomorrow night live on wbz, beginning at 8:00 p.m. >> tomorrow this is ? >> is--tomorrow this is. >> oh, woe--tomorrow? is. >> oh, yes--tomorrow? >> oh, yes. and the patriot's tight end sat down do a holiday psa for us, and this is what happened. >> i wbz tv, home of the patriots. i want to wish everyone a happy holidays and happy hanukkah, have a good time, feast, eat food, roast chestnuts on an open flame. let the sleigh bells ring. have joy, enjoy one another and put the phones down and actually talk to each other. and hug someone that you don't foe, or high five them if it
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don't know, or high five them if it gets a little strange. >> every time, hugs, high five. >> girl power. girl ourer. >> oh, it is-power. >> oh, it is great. >> oh, look at me. >> oh, it is just me in the corner. okay, we have a big event for everyone tomorrow night in boston. and the question is weather? so here is the thing, the chows are be here, but they are- -the clouds are going be to be here but- it could be a lot colder than this. but if you are heading out to the holiday spectacular, late afternoon, once the sunset is, the clouds start to increase. temperaturescool off from the low 50s into the upper 40s at 8:00 p.m., we are around 49- degrees and then staying overcast but slowly getting back into the low to mid-40s by the time we are at midnight. so we are doing okay tomorrow night 24 f you are heading out
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--of 30s on the map. a lot of clear skies and the only exception is back down to the cape. we have low level clouds but some of these are eroding during the day today and will give way to peaks sunshine. other wise, nothing going on in the west. but then there is snow in parts of northern nebraska, south dakota, minnesota, some blizzard warnings, this is really the first significant winter storm of the year. and it is a battle of much and that is what will bring the pattern shift for us here in southern new england. temperatures today, then, 55 to 60, does not sound too bad, right? 61 in bedfort and norwood. metro west, southern new hampshire, in the 60s. it is windy on the cape today, gusts at 20 to 30 miles per hour with the clouds. most i will clear tonight, maybe a passing cloud or two.
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now i--tomorrow is the pick of the week. and now hour by hour, plenty of sun. the only problem, yet again, the southeast participant of the state. and i think by the evening, look at that, coastal clouds fill if, it is overcast, and then the clouds increase for everybody, saturday evening and night. by sunday, we are talking about a band of rain that is going to lift north, so sunday morning, it will be damp, periods of rain, a couple of downpours but the rest of the mostly cloudy, but mostly dry. and notice what is on the map, back to western connecticut, enough cold air is coming in on the backside of this storm that we may end up with a couple of wet snow flakes that may accumulate sunday evening and night. highs tomorrow in the 50s. on sunday, only in the 40s. and that is just the start of the shift of cooler
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blustery feel and the next chance soft rain is actually- -chance of rain is coming coming in on thanksgiving. and noway is our winter like this is our weather team is going to--and how what is our winter going to be like? well, our weather team is going to break that down at 11:00 p.m. >> all right, danielle, we are not going to get off as easy as last year. a live look at 93 south in somerville, still an easy ride, still ou the tunnel. the construction has wrapped up here on route 3. and then route 128, all clear going to the city. well, more than # 100 people- -well, more than 1100 people who bought tickets to the canceled grand prix race has gotten their money back and more payments are coming. there is a hot line for customers who bought tickets
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kate. thank you, brianna. the police are trying to find out who vandalized a buddy bench. it was donated last week and then days later it was covered in offensive drawings. now it is meant to be place where students can zit out and other kids can come play with them. --can sit and other kids can come play with them. they have a problem is brewing in quincy over the naming of a new athletic field. tomorrow there is a ceremony after a family. but some people are upset about the decision because one family member was accused of molestation while he was the superintendent in the 70s and 80s. he has since passed away.
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i think some folks are always going to disagree. >> the naming of a field that is part and parcel of a high school, here in quincy, it is just not right. it is just not right. and that does not take away what other members of his family did for the city, it does not at all. >> the mayor is not backing down. he says one bad apple should not ruin a good family. the number of kids getting suspended bad as now down, 10,000 kids have been suspended from local schools in the--from schools is now down, 10,000 kids have been suspended from local sos in the past year--schools in the past year. aj robbins was killed over the summer in a crash in luneberg. a st. christophers medal that he was wearing at the time was
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officer and they found. >> reporter: did you think you were going to find it? >> no, it was kind of a last ditch chance to give it a shot. >> i was relieved to know there was nothing else tieing him to that spot. >> the officers returned it to a.j.'s mom and she gave tout his aunt. governor charlie baker has- -gave it to his aunt. governor charlie declaring today lobster day, because it is critical to the economy. and if the governor wants us to do that, i say it is few duty as a massachusetts--it is my duty as a massachusetts resident. boston firefighters turning up the heat. >> yes, they just released their 2017 calendar. plenty of fans turned out for the release party yesterday. the calendar features pictures
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the sales benefit the boston firefighter's burn foundation, which helps burn victims and their families. i think we need a couple more shots, i need to investigate this more. >> thank good buzz we do not do- -goodness we do not do a news one. and what bennett says will mean for his workload. >> and the bruins are taking on minnesota, the wild play at the end of the game. steve burton has
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a wild night for the bruins against minnesota. >> and the pats getting ready for the 49ers. steve burton has more. well, we know how anter rob- -know how important rob grko practice yesterday and he is not going to play against the 49ers. so does this mean for action for bennett on sunday? he has been a great edition to the pats offense,--addition to the pats offense. and yesterday he didn't seem too concerned about a heavier workload this weekend. >> nothing more than usual, i mean, good to go.
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have been doing. starting in a football game is just, it is just football. it does not matter how i play or when i play. it is just the same thing. bruins and minnesota closing up their trip. and now is jammed in from right in front of the net. 1-0 bruins. but hold everything. let's check the replay. the boards were called for offsides and the goal was goes off the bruins mcwade and into the threat with 45 seconds left--into the net with 45 seconds left. and now the golden state warriors are in town. i am steve burton v a great day. a--burton, have a great day. and a big ton more for a boston--big honor for a bc
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developed the viral ice bucket challenge which raised more than $220 million for that cause. the award goes to someone who overcame a life altering situation. >> still the greatest fundraiser ever. >> y it was one of the--yes, it was one of the first stories i did when i cam bake to boston- -when i came the meeting that donald trump has be mitt romney. >> and massey getting his bribery sentence reduced. but is there less support these days than there used to be? more when wbz this morning continues. >> happy friday, everyone. sunshine out of the gate this morning. temperatures climbing spot 50s to--climbing into the 50s and low 60s this afternoon.
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forecast, we will break down the weekend details straight ahead. ?
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breaking news at 5:30 a.m.
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how it came to a peaceful end. and a man is getting out of prison early, and the later on- -early: and the--early. and the latest from trump's cabinet selection. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. welcome back. i am kate merrill. >> and i am chris mckinnon. we made it. it is >> yes, and the weather is not bad. yes, we are up around 60 this afternoon. so a great way to end the week. 43 in boston right now. 31 in concord. and we have lower 30s for metro west as well. bedfort, norwood, both in the low 30s right now. and then you run into low level clouds, and keep our temperature up just a little bit. 45 to 50 for most of us out there. and you will see the clouds here, the kind of western area
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a little bit of eastward progress here, so the clouds will be stubborn for a time, it is clear skies for the rest of us. the clouds on the cape, will tend to break apart heading through the afternoon. so out of the 30s we climb, a bright start to the day, grab the shades heading out the door. mostly sunny, a little gusty on the cape, upper 50s by lunch time. the wind may gust 20 to 30 miles per hour on cape cod today. and then clear and quiet for your ride home, 4:19 p.m. i have got changes for the weekend. more about them coming up. traffic and weather together brianna. i know, not again, carvers deer accident, it is like the fourth one this week. and we are starting to see some slight traffic in the area, the yellow, orange piece right there. so keep this in mind. we are also checking 93 south again, still light traffic aroaching the tunnel.
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thanks, brianna. an armed man barricades himself inside of a norton home and fires at police. the good news, nobody was hurt. officers from several towns and the swat team surrounded the home on john scott boulevard last night. at one point, the man said he more than 500 rounds of ammo. after several tense hours, the man, 42-year-old surrendered. boston police say that an argument inside of a home led to a deadly shoo shooting in dorchester. the boston police tell the globe that the suspect and the victim are in their early 20s or late 30s. a college student is now pleading guilty, he feels drunk when he crashed into a pole, killing his friend.
5:33 am
teenagers think twice about drinking and driving. >> and i hope that, at our loss, that our loss, as painful as it is, can maybe prevent somebody else from having the same loss. >> the boy is going to serve three and a half years in jail and lose his license for 5 years. former massachusetts house speaker massey will be out of prison on tuesday. he served five years of his yesterday, a judge granted him compassionate release after battling cancer. he has to stay in his apartment and only allowed out for medical appointments and to go to church. and this is sure to be met with mixed reactions. >> good morning, the holiday season, the time of year when we emphasize good will to one
5:34 am
and it will marked next week to the long overdue reduce of house speaker, sal may say, who has served five years of his eight year sentence. a federal judge ruled that he has been punished enough for his crime. and the judge shortened his sentence, he said, going after the correctly compassionate administration of justice. well, macy's release is going to be met with mixed reactions. because the concepts of compassion and forgiveness seem to be ailup to us. if you have a strong stomach, check out the online stories of victims of a crimes. is there something about the internet and social media that
5:35 am
in the shadows, that does not ease the discuss that is there. and a self proclaimed bleeding heart could not bring himself to put in a good word for massey when the extent of his illness became known a few years ago. and it was said that we can hate the sin, but still love the sinner. sal's homecoming is a test of how thoughts on this are welcome via e-mail-d via e-mail- -via e-mail or twitter. donald trump continues his transition to president and this weekend he is reportedly going to meet with myth rock. his name is being thrown out as contender for secretary of state. romney was one of the president elect's biggest critics before
5:36 am
meanwhile, donald trump has offered retired lieutenant general michael flinn the job of national security visor. no--advisor. no word yet if he has accepted the job. but he has worked with trump during the transition. patriots day, the film about the boston marathon bombing starring mark wahlberg is gett at a film festival. after the movie, mark wahlberg was joined by wbzing is carety analyst, ed davis. also, right there, the man carjackerred by the bomber whose helped lead the police to the brothers. it opens in some theaters december 21st. still ahead this morning, men, why it could soon be okay to wear yarrow pa jamas to
5:37 am
>> and at fed chair opening up about the state of the economy. >> and 18-year-old is accused of trying to kidnap a 14-year- old. what the police are saying about the investigation coming up. >> weather watch is checking in on this friday morning and thank you for your reports, as always, temperatures are running in the 30s and 40s right now for a lot of us. and now south of town, larry says 40-degrees with clear skies and i love positivity. he said it is going to be a beautiful friday. let's get out and enjoy it yes, and i am track--enjoy it. yes, and ien tracking big--and i am tracking big changes in
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welcome back. the company that wants you to wear pajamas to work, plus, will the interest reiterate go up next month? >> yes, jill wagner is live with today's pun watch. good morning, jill-ey good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. volkswagen is cutting 200,000 workers--cutting 30,000 workers across the globe. they are still try--the globe. they are still trying to recover from the emissions neat cheating scandal. most economists think that the fed is going raise interest rates next month, after their december meeting. janet yellen testified
5:41 am
results of the presidential election have not changed anything. and trot of the loom has a collection--and fruit of the loom has a collection of sweat suits that are really pajamas. they cost about $50 each. and chris, kate, and i agree, you need to try one out. >> oh, yes. >> i am happy to try one out. >> i want to see him in the >> reporter: i want the pinstripe, when i will he is anchoring. >> all right, i need all of them. so get on this that. >> jill, thank you. we need to find all of them immediately and have you try them out. >> do you think the possesses will be okay with that--the bosses will be okay with that? coming up, a wrong number leads to a special thanksgiving
5:42 am
giving customers superpowers. how you can see more this holiday season. >> and tense moments in norton when a man barricades himself inside of a house and then shoots at police officers. more on the suspect and the charges he is now facing, coming up. zero really can be a hero. and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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welcome back. a phoenix teenager plans to spend thanksgiving with a stranger. >> all because of a wrong number. take a listen to this, 17-year- old jamaica pal dot a text- -jamal dot a text asking him to dinner. he didn't know the number and the sender replied your grandma. and they sent selfie the and the teen asked if he was still invited and she said of course, that is what grandmas do, they need that is amazing. >> that is great. >> usually when a get a wrong text, i get angry and mad. and i probably need to be nicer. >> hey, she can probably good well. >> yes, i mean, i think that is a great idea. >> she did the cake emoji. so she is baking up a storm or something. >> we need to get in on this dinner party from oh, that is great. --party. >> oh, that is awesome.
5:46 am
minutes from now. so if you are out early, look up, for six minutes it will be visible. look off to the west, northwest at first. 43 in boston currently. 50 in chatham. it is 39 in hanahan chester. and--in manchester. and look at the satellite, clear skies for almost everybody. you will notice the islands. low level clouds and it is stubborn for us today and we should see breaks of sunshine coming out as the clouds try to erode through the afternoon on cape cod. back to the west, knotting is going on right now, at least directly to our west, and then you run into snow from nebraska to south dakota, north dakota, minnesota, this is the first significant snow store of the season for them. the storm is spreading east and
5:47 am
shift heading into the second half of the weekend. 5 in boston today. am then mild temperatures while we got them, 60 from bedfort, 61 in fitchburg. today, just beautiful sunshine. near 60, a great day for a hike. lower 60s in norwood. again, maybe some clouds, but i think we will have par hall clearing on the--partial clearing on the cape. and now here are the tomorrow. they are stubborn again going to the cape. the rest of us tomorrow, enjoying sunshine and a really nice start to the weekend. and then by saturday night, tomorrow, the clouds fill in, coming in off of the ocean, and they fill in for everybody saturday night, for most of us, the wet weather is holding off until emily on sunday. and then shower--until early on sunday. and then showers an a downpour. the rest of the day is mainly dry in the east. but you notice, enough cold air
5:48 am
of the storm that we get the rain changing over to some wet snow flakes in places like the green mountains, down through the burke sheers and the hills of connecticut. maybe a couple of flakes in wooster county with an elevation as well, understood evening and night. so--sunday evening and night. so enjoy saturday, again,ment cloud will increase. temperatures in the mid-50s. again, a few showers mainly in the first half of sunday: and then we turn windy and colder highs and in the 0s quickly on sunday. and then heading into next week, below average temperatures will only be running in the 40s. definitely a nice feel, maybe a flurry or two on monday. and then the next chance of rain is on thanksgiving. here is brianna. well, danielle, now we have stop and go traffic at the split. the drive time went up lightly here. it is still just--slightly. it is still just a few minutes.
5:49 am
route 2 westbound by emerson hospital and there is some slight traffic here. all right, thank you very much. a teen accuse 9 of attacking- -accused of tacking a 14-year- old--of attacking a 14-year-old on her way to school. >> reporter: a swat team and multiple police agencies rushed to that a home on john scott boulevard around 9:30 p.m. last night. after a woman called 911 saying there was an argument man in the house, and that he had a gun. when the officers got there, the woman escape with a young child. and then the man barricaded himself i can side and shot at officers. no one was hurt and officials say that officers--inside and shot at the officers. no one was hurt and officials say that officers did not fire back. i have more on the charges coming up. wbz this morning. >> reporter: i am nicole
5:50 am
arrest in the alleged attack of a 14-year-old girl. they have arrested john allen, charging him with strangulation and attempted aggravated kidnapping. bourne police say he attacked that 14-year-old last thursday. it was not until a witness yelled the victim's name that the police say that allen ran away from the scene. he is expected to be arraigned here in court today. live jacobs. and according to the boston globe, talks univol executives at--involve ex-tives at each hospital but they are- -executives. --executives. and doctors on the west coast are seeing a condition similar to polio, it is called
5:51 am
and a children's hospital in los angeles has already treated ate cases this year. doctors don't though what causes the disease. a new inspection is showing the barrier at the since gnat tree zoo built to keep humans out of the gorilla enclosure was to the up to federal standards. in may a3-year-old slipped into the exhibit. and zoo keepers were forced to shoot and kill the gorilla. the zoo says they are working a turkey farm in lancaster is ready for the thanksgiving rush just months after a devastating fire nearly wiped out the business. the fire in june killed 67,000 cur cincinnatis--killed 7000 turkeys, most of them thanksgiving turkeys. the brother and sister say they didn't go under because people in the area did not let that happen. >> we had a lot of community help. a lot of people came and helped
5:52 am
to rebuild. >> and if the community didn't surround us and give us the support that they did give us, i am not sure what we would have done. >> richard and sue sold 6000 turkeys this career. they are hoping next year to get their average closer to the year's past, of 8000 to 9000, retailers around the state are expecting another solid they are predicting a 3.9% jump in sales over last year. they are saying it is the result of low unemployment, rising wages, and continued low gas prices. and also, seasonal hiring at stores will be on par with last year. am-on is giving you superrer powers for the holidays. the newest version of the app lets you see what is in a package before you open it. you use your phone to scan the
5:53 am
snooping, it only works for the person who placed the odderrer. >> because opening--the odderrer. >> because opening the--the order. >> because opening the package is too hard. >> yes, sometimes you are nervous. still to look, we are taking a look back. >> the week that was is straight ahead. stay with us, you are watching
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5:56 am
from donald trump's transition to president to a weather alert here at home. yes, now a look back at the week that was. >> it is tuesday, november 8th, election day. voters are going to head to the polls. >> both candidates have been fighting hard for new hampshire. >> go vote. >> donald trump is now president elect of the united state. >> we have live team coverage. >> he won with collar, rural counties somewhere and marijuana is getting the nod for massachusetts voters. >> i hope we see this nationwide. >> in the senate race, about 700 votes separated the winner, maggie from kelly. >> the patriots are getting political. >> friendship and loyalty to donald. >> election results crash the canadian immigration website.
5:57 am
>> you can hug it out while i am doing the weather. >> i just wanted her to know that we love her. >> well, that was last week, but it was so much news last week that we want today play it again. >> at 6:00 a.m., we will have this week's week that was for you. all right, we will be right back in to minutes with--in two minutes with your top weather, stories, and traffic ahead.
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live, from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning, thanks for joining us, i am kate kate. >> and i am chris. the patrioda about the boston marathon bombing is getting a big response at a film festival last night. and the search for a serial bank robber in massachusetts, why the f.b.i. is calling him the spelling bee bandit. plus, a sneak peak, the lobster challenge for everyone living in massachusetts today. but first, we get a check of the forecast with danielle niles. yes, we are up around 60 degrees this afternoon, chris


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