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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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ll, it's like you said, i... i was getting cut out. and then i figured, with him out of the way, i could take over the business for myself. what? would you be so kind as to remove your gloves? i'd like to see your hands. palms down. single true thing to us. that includes your confession. you didn't kill bennett. you just want us to think that you did. i don't understand. holmes: it's a simple enough question. do you pluck between your eyebrows? yeah. i have since junior high. mmm. you have synophrys. joined eyebrows. in addition, you lack hair on the middle segments
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all three of those conditions are recessive hereditary traits. sharing one in common does not prove a genetic relation, but sharing all three strongly suggests kinship. what does this have to do with my husband's death? it has to do with the confession of one gordie kasdan. pilot. he said he sabotaged your husband's chute. but we think he was covering for someone. holmes: he, like you, has a unibrow, he lacks hair on the middle segments of his fingers and on the backs of his hands. he's your father. watson: we think he confessed to sabotaging bennett's chute to protect you. are we right? the other day, when you said bennett had been shot, part of me was relieved. i hadn't killed him. someone else had.
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lack of sleep, nausea, the hormones... that's not an excuse for trying to murder your husband. a couple weeks ago, i heard him talking on the phone with some woman, late at night. he thought i was asleep. i couldn't find any record of the call on his cell, so i did a little poking around. found one of those disposable phones hidden in his car. there were all these texts between him and someone named jaan. two a's. he promised her he would leave me. so you decided to kill him. i was angry. i called my dad, told him everything. said i could solve the whole thing with a pair of scissors and a trip to bennett's storage shed. i'm guessing that's why he tried to take the blame. he realized i'd really done it. the night of the jump,
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dn't want bennett to die. i tried to get him to call off the jump. but he wouldn't listen. (crying) he never did. well, that explains the sabotaged chute. but we're no closer to the sniper. i think we are. i think the sniper and mrs. nealy were both motivated by bennett's affair. and if i'm right about the sniper's identity, we need to catch him soon. 'cause i'm certain he's gonna strike again. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass.
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i-i don't understand. why are you showing us these? we found them on the ground where bennett nealy fell. in afghanistan, young lovers give each other tasbihs as a sign of affection, yes? (speaks pashto) (speaking pashto)
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i'm assuming by "hers," you meant your daughter, zohala. you speak pashto? not fluently. are these your daughter's prayer beads? bennett nealy had a lover. he called her jaan. holmes: "jaan," as you're well aware, is the pashto for "beloved." bennett nealy was having an affair with your daughter. you didn't know? we think the sniper knew. that's why he killed bennett. which brings us back to a question that you refused to answer earlier. where are your children? zohala ran away shortly after marjan and i arrived in new york. she left a letter saying that she wanted to... live her own life, as a modern woman. we thought that she was just being rebellious. so we sent marjan to find her. can we assume your son has military training?
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he learned to shoot, to hide, to stalk his target. and they poured their poison into his ears. what do you think your son would do if he knew that your daughter was sleeping with an american? the taliban preaches the old ways. in traditional culture, when a woman sleeps with a man outside of wedlock, she dishonors her entire family. the only way to restore that honor is through blood. if marjan thought that zohala and bennett were dishonoring our family... he would kill them both. holmes: so, if there's a way you could help us find marjan, his cell phone number, perhaps, be a good time to share it.
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bell: police! don't move! lower the gun, marjan. man: target in sight. three o'clock. we have visual. bell: your parents sent us. they want you to live. they want you both to live. (sirens wailing) (wailing stops) man 2: inside! quick! this way, please. move! move! nobody here wants to hurt you. (indistinct police transmission) (handcuffs clacking) (elevator dings)
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zohala. ? mmm... ? ? ? ? mmm... ? (phone chimes) ? a sigh went across my bones ? (knocking) ? didn't i tell you, shut the door? ? come in. been a while. it has. i heard you had a conversation with an old friend of mine. i did. he said that you reached out to him. is that true? say it was. okay, well, do you know what would happen to you if a parole officer knew that you were hanging out with tall boy? tall boy
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pamela gardner is here with our first peek at the forecast. >> and more snow on the horizon for overnight tonight and the early part of tomorrow as you head out the door, be aware of slick spots, especially outside of 128 where we've seen waves of waves of spotty snow showers. it's the season here, and the
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the mass pike where visibility could be reduced. plymouth holding with 34 degrees right now. temperatures right around freezing, and to the north of west tons of lake effect snow moving through, and the heavy jackpot zones are in the berkshires and the green mountains. scattered coating outside 128 tomorrow. don't expect accumat southeast mass. winter storm warnings are posted, but once we get the snow out tomorrow afternoon we have the wind to deal with. all those details are coming up. thank you pamela. let's turn now to breaking news from lowell. right now investigators are calling the death of a woman there an apparent homicide. >> police say the woman was asked to leave a party, and then a fight broke out. but the victim's family says otherwise. wbz's jim smith has the latest from lowell. >> reporter: some people say it was a fight, but others say the
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people. tonight she's being remembered. they gather in the frigid night air and say a prayer in the honor of an apparent murder victim in lowell. a woman beaten and possibly stabbed in a parking lot. the victim was identified as this man's mother, who was also a grandmother of three children. >> oh, they say she got into a and then a found out it was some neighbors saying it was like eight girls jumping a lady and stomping her, so i was like yeah that was my mother that got killed. >> reporter: he said his mother was with her other son that has down syndrome when the attack happened. >> for them to take her life away for something stupid, everyone knows these girls, and
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altercation after being asked to leave a party. one witness who didn't want to be identified said it was a vicious attack. >> everything was going, and then i just seen a woman loop around and hit the ground, and another voice was calling her name and saying he loved her. >> reporter: the victim was a mother of four, and the state police and district attorney's office are investigating. jim sm w cozy tonight hours after being rescued from a sinking boat off the coast of new bedford. their foot began taking on water five miles out at sea. here's the latest details from new bedford. >> reporter: when you listen to the distress call and see the footage of the actual rescue, it's very clear the coast guard didn't have much time to pull the rescue off. five miles off the coast of new
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sunday. winds gusting at 36 knots. waves crashing four to six feet high when the coast guard received a call for help. >> taking on water real bad. >> reporter: the video taken by the coast guard captured this 72-foot boat named captain jeff taking on water with six people on board. >> we hit rocks, and it's coming in quick. we need help, need help now. >> everything below the main ck machines, those areas were flooding or completed flooded. >> reporter: as water rushed in, a rescue swimmer entered a race against the clock aboard the sinking ship. >> give me five more minutes, i'll get one more guy off and i'll check the water. >> reporter: realizing the dewatering equipment wasn't working the six people on board were evacuated off the boat and onto a task force boat. >> it's gratified we were able to -- gratifying we were able
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to try and dewater the vessel, and then have enough time to realize it wasn't going to work and get them to safety. >> reporter: all six people were transported to new bedford, evaluated by ems and found to have no injuries. in new bedford, wbz news. let's talk about today's big game. the patriots were missing key players in san francisco, but in the end that didn't happen. >> they found a way to beat the 49ers in rather convinci highlights [ laughter ] >> yes, they did. homecoming for tom brady, but he was missing two key targets, but he still got it done, and it was good to see lewis back in action today. 3,000 miles from his home in new england, plenty of fans cheering on the hometown hero. we took the field for the first time ever in san francisco as a
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also making a hometown debut is julian edelman. began to 4th quarter taking a big time -- making a big time play. avoids the rush, and check this out. amendola in the end zone. the patriots win it 30-17 in tom brady's return home. >> it was very cool, get better than that, so to have the first chance to do that was very special, so i felt it in pre-game warm up and carried it to the last play of the game, so it was pretty great, and then i have a great organization, always have. >> and coming up dan is out in san francisco with a full recap of the game, and we have blount going one on one with him.
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st. louis where a police officer has been shot. at the time chief is calling it an ambush. officials say the 46-year-old officer were sitting in traffic when he was shot twice in the face by someone in another car that pulled alongside that cruiser. the cop, a married father of three is in critical condition, but is expected to survive. and more breaking news from san antonio tonight. there's a man hunt for the a shooter that killed an officer sitting in his cruiser there. it happened right in front police headquarters. the officer was killed by a driver that pulled up from behind. police don't believe there was any relationship between the driver who was pulled over and the suspect. the 20-year veteran of the force was pronounced dead at the hospital. an investigation is underway in new york city after two police officers shot and killed a man they say came out them with a baton. the officers were responding to a 911 call at a brooklyn housing project when they say a 21-year-old man approached them
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the man's family said he was treated for depression in the half. two boston police officers are recovering after being assaulted on the boston commons. two officers were trying to arrest a man wanted on a warrant out of connecticut when he turned violent. they eventually subdued the man, but only after the officers suffered head and leg injuries. they'll both be okay. the man will be in court tomorrow charged with assault and battery on police officers. the plymouth county worker killed in a freak accident at a job site in yesterday. he's 28-year-old jason sanderson of carver. he was in a trench cutting a water pipe when it kicked back on him and sliced his neck. tonight a local family has been forced out of their home, and here's why. a car chase ended with a
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right next to their front door. as paul burton reports the family must now find a new place to celebrate thanksgiving. >> we heard a massive bank and the whole house shook. >> very scary. >> reporter: the family is thankerful everyone is all right, after the stolen car crashed into the duplex they live in. inside their kids and parents. >> our first concern elderly in laws next door. >> reporter: police were chasing after this black acura, the pursuit ended when the two suspects got off the highway, and moments later police found the car smashed into the front steps of this home on hudson street. >> i thank god they hit the platform, if they didn't they would have went through the house. >> we can't live there until it's repaired because it's not structurally sound. >> reporter: after the two
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backyard and into the wooded area. police gave chase, with canines, but the suspects got away. >> i said hey what are you doing stop, and one guy said he didn't want to keep on going. >> reporter: meanwhile the cone family is assessing the damage and counting their blessings even though thanksgiving plans have to change. >> thanksgiving is coming up, what's going to happen, do we have to li though. >> reporter: anyone with information is asked to call the police. paul burton. a horrific train crash in india. still to come the frantic search to find survivors in the wreckage. >> and why the future first lady and the president's son won't be moving into the white house in january. and why the plan for first
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the death toll is expected to rise in northern india where at least 115 people are dead after train derailment. another 150 people were injured. crews had to cut some of the cars open to remove the victims, and workers are still trying to reach people trapped inside. india's railway system is the fourth largest in the world,
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occur quite frequently. >. the latest new on the trump transition. the president-elect invited more candidates to his golf course in new jersey today for possible roles with the trump administration. chris christie was among those visiting with both trump and vice president elect mike pence. christie was initially set to head up the transition team but was bumped from the post because of the bridge-ga and guiliani also met with trump, among those under consideration for secretary of state. another top contender is former massachusetts governor mitt romney who met with trump and pence yesterday. trump says only that the meetings are going well. >> really fantastic day. tremendous balance, tremendous people, and i think we have some really incredible people going to be working for the trump administration to make america great again.
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melania trump and son baron won't be moving into the white house in january. his wife and 10-year-old son will move in right after he finishes school. baron attends a private school in new york city, and melania will travel to the white house as needed, but her first priority will be their son. >. first night's fireworks over the boston harbor may be fizzling out. these were the fireworks welcoming the new year last year. funding is falling short for the display. there's also a display on the boston commons. boston's mayor says they're committed to working with organizers. >> there seems to be issues getting the fireworks over the harbor, so they're looking to move it to the square. your weather forecast is about to get better, the goes-r satellite launched from florida last night. the blast off was delayed for a
12:02 am
without any problems. the goes-r satellite is the first of three built to replace the aging united states weather satellite system. well tonight parts of new england have seen their first snow fall of the season. here's what things looked like on the top of mount washington, bit frigid on the tallest peak in the northeast, but the truth is it can snow any time up there, even in the summer. meteorologist pamela gardner is here now with the latest forecast for this big thanksgiving travel week. >> i know, you're trying can snow any time. >> i'm softening the blow. >> few flurries falling outside the wbz studios earlier today, and some flurries will continue to fall overnight with scattered pockets of coatings, mainly to west of the boston as we dive into the current radar view. we have one pocket of steady
12:03 am
and it's pushing south and east, but diving into the more blue area, framingham, moving south and east. so quick coatings expected, and maybe slick spots on the roads, untreated surfaces, grassy areas too, and southeast massachusetts could see light accumulation, and cars too covered in a thin coating of snow as you head out the door tomorrow morning. in plymouth temperature around 33 degrees right now, so it's a very wet snow fall. makes contact with the warmer ground, but in the berkshires and highest elevations, latest reports from the national weather service anywhere from a foot of snow to 16 inches of snow in some locations here. that's why there's a winter storm warning in effect in the areas of pink, but a winter weather advisory for the areas in purple, so tough travel there. hour by hour overnight tonight
12:04 am
30s. right around freezing. monday morning waking up to a fresh coating of snow for some in the worcester hills. elevation playing a key role in how much snow you'll see. and monday afternoon a few flurries, but no additional accumulation, just a very cold and windy afternoon. temperatures falling to freezing for manchester and lawrence, 33 in boston, 29 in keen, and windigos between 20 and 35 -- and 35, the wind chill is much worse. feels like 22 in boston, 14 in worcester, 25 in manchester. bullet wounding uptight -- bundle up tight in the morning, and the wind making it feel like the low 20s, upper teens for some, and tomorrow afternoon not warming up too much. high of 39 with again a wind advisory in place, and flurries here and there, but most of the day dry and partly sunny.
12:05 am
p.m. tomorrow night with gusts up to 50 miles per hour with outages and some damage in a few spots. thanksgiving forecast looking ahead, travel's going to be okay prior to thanksgiving day, but on thanksgiving, 45 degrees, morning snow and sleet mix changing to rain as temperatures go up throughout the afternoon and evening, and then here's that seven-day. we're good with travel. on tuesday and wednesday with sunshine, dry, breezy on tuesday, we're okay wednesday. thursday morning mix, friday 46, saturday and sunday teer the day with temperatures above freezing overnight too. maybe a mix friday night into saturday night, but we'll keep you up to date through the thanksgiving holiday forecast. back to you. >> all right, thank you pamela. and a lot of football games on thanksgiving. the wellesly 5th grade football team won the state championship today. the junior raiders were undefeated, and not one point was scored against the team the


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