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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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now in stopping the messages of hate. local politicians and hundreds of others gather on the steps of the state house to speak out against the hateful messages. in the recent weeks there are more than 300 complaints. people have been reporting vandalism, harassment, bullying and even threats based on race, religion or sexual orientation. hundreds of groups are saying enough is enough. we
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league organized this rally today. you can see it is still going on right now. at least 100 people are so gathering here on the steps of the statehouse. right now there listening to a representative from the urban league. they say this is an opportunity to bring people together after a tumultuous election and after numerous reports of harassment throughout the state. it can also get you to some bit -- i can also needs to some video of the organizers toward -- holding signs and preaching a message. a host of dignitaries joined the league on the steps of the statehouse including the mayor, house speaker, attorney general and many others the slogan for today, no place for hate. governor baker could not attend today's rally because of a previous commitment that he did write a letter reading in part, the commonwealth is and always have them about the mainstay. after reading that letter others spoke as well. let's listen.>> today isn't just about -- it's about who we are. is about inclusion.
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it's about respect. is about recognizing diverse state, races, backgrounds our strengths. it's about honoring human dignity. we should and it need to be bipartisan. >> we need to find common ground. we should be tolerant of many different views. we should respect the democratic process but we will not remain neutral when hate rears its ugly head.>> taking a live look at the rally here at the statehouse. this was organized by the anti- defamation league. you can see right now many holding signs and there are cheers and chants of no place for hate. the mayor spoke earlier and went into a breakdown of the demographics here in the city
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21% african-american and more than 50% women. of course, all of those making up the crowd today and many others as they tried to unite the commonwealth instead of tear each other apart. that's the latest from the steakhouse -- statehouse. a first taste of winter today for many people a dusting of snow and now we are facing some cold temperatures and windy conditions.>> we all know that thanksgiving is right around the as far as today goes anymore snow?>> a little bit in terms of flurries winter is out there and we have snow that continues in the berkshires where some parts of the berkshires elevation picked up as much as a foot of snow. this is some lake effect bands they continue. you saw the live shot of boston and there have -- there have been some breaks of sunshine per it's really just a cold and wind.
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it has not gotten under the teams in webster 15 is what it feels like at the worcester airport. it is because of the wind, it's howling and has been all morning and afternoon. 2240 miles per hour across southern new england and that's why the national weather service has issued a wind advisory intel 10:00 p.m. tonight. it may popout and spots near 50 miles per hour strong enough to cause isolated pockets of damage. your planner goes this way, 34 for the ride home. it will be windy and cold sunset coming up just before 4:20 partial clearing tonight, 25 to 30 in the suburbs, 32 downtown and a brighter day tomorrow but still blustery. this wind will be as strong today but about 30 or 35 miles per hour.
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with the cbs boston weather app it's free in the google and apple app store's. developing right now eight noon a string of islands -- of violence across the country. the search is on on person who shot a police officer. he was dressed in all black wearing a black baseball cap. four hours later a 50-year-old police officer was writing a ticket when the suspect pu his patrol car.>> the fact that he did what he did to a police officer, the police officer sitting in his car, tells me he is an ultimate coward.>> police said officer was targeted because of his uniform but did not elaborate on anything more. in st. louis a police sergeant is hospitalized in click -- in critical condition but is expected to survive after being
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ambush and the suspect was later killed in a shootout with police.>> in missouri a police officer was shot as he struggled with the suspect. it started with a traffic stop and the passenger started running a pulled out a gun. the suspect was killed in the injured officer was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. lowell police are investigating the death of a mother. 44-year-old died saturday night following a fight in a parking lot outside an apartment complex. according to police been at a party when she and several others were asked to leave. witnesses say she was jumped by a group of girls, eaten impossibly stabbed.>> for them to sit there and take her life away over something because of an attitude, everybody knows these girls, they are a pack of wolves.>> she was the mother of four and she had a special needs son. no one has been arrested.
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slams into an elderly woman crossing the street in chelsea and keeps going. now that driver will face a judge. we very latest.>> prosecutors asked for the 25-year-old to be held on $10,000 bail for allegedly plowing down an elderly woman in the middle of the road and taking off. his defense attorney says this was an accident. police say hernandez is the driver in this video that shows a white minivan hating a 70 -- friday morning at the intersection of broadway and first street. witnesses ran to help the woman he called 911. the woman was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises on her face. police released this video to the public asking for help finding the driver and they got a tip leaving them to arnold hernandez at 25-year-old from lynn in court the defense attorney says he did not know he had hit her.
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rearview mirror and he had no idea that he had hit her. he didn't hear anything out of the ordinary and there was no bump. nothing to suggest that he had made contact with another object.>> hernandez pleaded not guilty to all charges here in court this morning. he is being held on $2000 cash bail. the coast guard called to trapped in a sinking boat off the coast of new bedford.>> we're taking on water. >> winds are gusting and waves were crashing when the 72 foot boat made its distress call. there were 5 miles off the coast when a coast guard rescued was deployed. >> it's gratifying for us that we were able to respond so quickly. we were able to get on scene to make an attempt to try to
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enough time to realize that that would not work and get everyone to safety. >> no one was hurt and all six crew members were taken to new bedford to be evaluated by ems crews. that trump tends session -- trump transition team is back to work. the smarter despite this morning scott brown was spotted going to trump tower. president-elect trump has relocated its meetings back in manhattan. kenneth credit reports now from new york.>> massachusetts senator scott brown was among the latest potential jobseekers to meet with president-elect donald trump in trump tower today. former texas governor and onetime gop rival rick perry is also expected to meet with mr. trump.
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republicans at his golf course in new jersey. among them new jersey governor chris christie and 2012 gop nominee mitt romney who was also being considered for secretary of state.>> there was a great deal to discuss, mutual respect and a productive conversation. >> among the top condensers for other cabinet post wilbur ross for secretary of congress and foam -- former goldman sachs steve mnuchin. >> the highly publicized meetings prove the president- elect is trying to be transparent in the -- during the process. >> some critics say transparency is not the problem, americans have concerns about this administration. looking at the current array of choices it is a very monochromatic group from -- >> kelly and conway says trump's administration will be filled with people of all backgrounds including women. kenneth craig cbs news new
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new place to celebrate thanksgiving after a car when crashing right through their front door. the two suspects were trying to avoid officers en route to 90 and they turned off the highway and went right into the home. the kind family was inside in say they are thankful the damage was not worse.>> i thank god that they hit the platform because if they didn't then they would have went through the house.>> we cannot live in there and tell it is repaired because it's not structurally sound. >> the two suspects got out of the car and ran they were not able to track them investigation continues. a homecoming of sorts for tom brady as he leaves the patriots to a big win. and early touchdown pass got brady and company rolling. the past qb threw for two touchdowns on 280 yards. went on to a 30-17 win against the 49ers>> it was very cool. it does not get any better than that.
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that was very special. i carried it to the last play of the game. >> another road game for the pats this sunday as they take on the jets at metlife stadium. after the game turned to my tv 38 for the fifth quarter and be sure to get patriots all access friday night at 7:00) wbz. coming up a hollywood star and boston native opens up about the new why mark wahlberg said it was the right time to release the movie. also a new hat -- a new way to ring in the new year. hitting the road a new driverless car is being put to the test right here in
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the first night fireworks, these were the fireworks that welcomed in new york -- new year's last year but this year's fundraising has fallen short. the city is also trying to work with first night to help them raise the money. one month
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about the boston marathon bombing stars mark wahlberg. it has received high praise calling a respectful. some questioned if the movie is coming out too soon. today mark wahlberg spoke to that on cbs this morning and explained why the film wait on him.>> we felt like because of everything that's happened all over the world that it's not soon enough because it's a message of love and people ng we felt like it was very important to do this but do it right. and me being from boston and knowing that i'm held accountable personally was a lot of pressure. >> patriots' day is a production of our sister company cbs films and it opens in boston, new york and la on december 21 and nationwide on january 30 time to talk about the weather. a lot of us woke up to a blanket of snow.>> we skipped
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moments where we make the shift and it still shocked even if you expect it. so the first inch of snow in boston typically on a typical year happens on december 11. it will not go out -- the earliest we had 1 inch of so was back on october the earliest we had 1 inch of so was back on october 29 in 2005. and last year it took all the way until january 17 to get 1 inch in boston. i love the enthusiasm there and i know a lot of folks had to get their brushes out this morning. southbridge picked up under 1 inch, a good little coating of snow on the ground grassy surface of an colder surfaces. it's still snowing out there in western new england in the
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a couple spots. meanwhile these lake effect snow bands have dumped one -- feats of snow two, 3 feet. lake effect snow event ongoing there. for us the big story is the cold temperatures struggling to get out of the 30s. 30 and west are right now, 38 boston we may gain an additional degree or two and that's it. 40 in chatham. then you factor in the wind on top of that and the real feel is running in the teens and 20s. this is like midwinter status. it feels like 28 in boston because of the wind. it's gusting 2240 miles per hour across new england that's the reason we've got the wind advisory in effect. it will stay strong right in the afternoon and through the evening commute. gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour may cause isolated pockets of damage. you can see the big counter
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echo the grasp on the northeast. behind it not a whole lot of whether going on. clearing tonight and tomorrow brighter day in less windy. it will still be blustery. wednesday, the big travel day weather looks good. this does not look like a significant storm but thursday morning on thanksgiving, notice a little bit of snow showing up on the map so there may be a brief light wintry wit to contend with on thursday morning, and maybe a sprinkle in afternoon. it's still going to be a little on the chilly side with temperatures only in the low 40s. tonight 20s and 30s the wind stays active and the clouds will decrease. a cold start tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow will top out in the low 40s but the wind is still going to be strong so the real feel tomorrow will be running in the 30s. a bit of improvement from today but
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may linger into friday and we stay in the 40s to the upcoming weekend. this week matt -- mass deity is urging people to use public transportation because parking lots will fill up quickly at logan their offering additional silver line service through wednesday and saturday until next monday. self driving cars could be on boston roads by the end of mayor marty walsh is announcing a new partnership with cambridge-based new economy to test self driving vehicles in seaports. utahn ami can begin testing the self driving cars on public roads. against that approval. apples dealing with battery issue. the company says it will replace battery in some of its iphone 6s models. the defect only affects a small number of phones rainy factor between september and october.
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season like no other>> the incredible local team going undefeated with no points ever
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a big congrats going out to the fifth grade football team and will -- in wellesley. they won the state championship yesterday. they were undefeated and no one scored a point against them the entire season they outscored their opponents 380-0. >> some of the biggest names in music were out for the american music awards.>> former snl it. it was a big night for drake who broke a record previously held by michael jackson. the artist of the year went to areata grandes who also performed one of her hit songs with mick -- nicki manoj >> coming up next the crushing blow of its tv -- >> it's been an exciting weather day.
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we want to check in southwest of boston, 35 degrees in fields like a winter day. peaked when did -- wind gust 35. wind and fire series are up
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you can call it a tackle that nobody saw coming.>> an engineer started running across the field at the vikings game. he slams right into the defensive tackles. who is okay but a little ra >> way the crossing at that moment. that was a terrible time to cross the tunnel.>> i heard he broke his nose but finished working the game.>> that is some major hazard pay. >> a couple flurries and tomorrow the wind will be a strong but still chilly.>> be sure to join us back here
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>> mariah: what was that? >> sharon: mariah, you don't understand. >> mariah: i'm pretty sure i do. you just unloaded on dylan for taking faith to nick's. and i'm trying to figure out when you decided that your husband, faith's stepfather, was the enemy. >> sharon: faith belongs here with me. it is not her decision where she gets to stay, nor is it dylan's. that's up to me, and it's up to nicholas. >> mariah: dylan was just trying to give faith what she asked for, which i feel the need to point out at this particular moment he was able to do because he was here -- with you. he hasn't run off and bailed like most people would after what you did. >> sharon: well, i'm sure he had the best of intentions, but he still had no right. >> mariah: he always has the best of intentions because he


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