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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00 p.m., breaking news, a horfitchic school bus crash, several children killed. >> some placing getting more than a foot of snow. >> all about the wintery cold and there is a charge for more snow before thanksgiving. >> six-year-old boy accused of molesting students on the school bus. why boston police can't in >> kanye west wild rant targeting beyonce and jay-z and now canceling concerts. >> and a shockingly close call. children on the sidewalk when they are narrowly taken out by a police car. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. breaking news. >> a hort wrenching scene.
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tree. six children killed in chattanooga. >> 23 children rushed to the hospital. right now investigators say the driver who survived may have been speeding. wbz's liam martin is live in the studio with the very latest. >> reporter: police plan to examine recordings and the black box and now the ntsb will also investigate. the site of th is enough to send chills through any parents. a school bus carrying elementary school students was mangled around a tree after it crashed monday afternoon. >> we know that multiple children lost their lives today. >> the bus was the only vehicle involved. 35 students from kindergarteners from fifth graders were on board. the police chief says 33 were rushed to the hospital. this woman lived around the
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>> reporter: the bus driver survived and is cooperating with the investigation. while speed is thought thought to have played a role in the accident the cause is not yet known. weathers conditions were clear and dry at the time. >> everyone in our community, this has been one of the worse days we ever had. >> reporter: we don't know the writes of the children -- identities of the children who were killed. schools with grief counselors on site. >> thank you. massachusetts does not require seatbelts on school buses. there are only six states that do, california, florida, new jersey, new york, louisiana and texas. those states require students to wear seatbelts on school buses. gusty winds are making a cold night feel even colder. as the snow winds down, eric fisher is tracking the wintery blast and we have more on the
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now it is pure winter after nice weather last week. low 30s. many towns below freezing and the winds blowing from gusting 30 miles per hour. especially sords cape cod and the island. feels like 15 in worcester. 22 boston and lawrence. cold morning tomorrow. the wind will be gusty. sun and clouds and another chilly day. low 40s for our tuesday. good news same story for wednesday. thanksgiving thursday we are watching the next approaching system. could bring snow and ice. we will look at that coming up. >> thank you. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. a charter schools is launching an investigation into accusations against a young child. parents were furious learning a student is accused of molesting other kids on the bus. wbz's ken macleod is live in boston tonight. police are saying they cannot
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they are saying that because the boy accused is six-years- old and many of his victims are as well. thing , s even though -- thing is, even though it happened weeks ago the charter school only alerted parents this morning after many seen a rant on facebook. >> darkened school dealing with dark allegations. regarding a six-year-old boy molesting other boys school bus in congratulation fashion. if the kids refuse he beats on them and threatens them saying he will bring a gun to school and shoot them and their parents. the writer expresses concern the charter school is sweeping this under the rug but they deny that. we have taken the matter seriously and took measures to ensure student safety. indeed police acknowledge they were notified about it on
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of the parties involved there could be no criminal investigation. instead detectives referred it to a social service agency that provides counseling. as frustration over the secrecy bubbles the charter school defends its approach, saying this is a sensitive matter. we ask the school community it respect the privacy of the students and families and allow the school to handle this appropriately. trouble is, no on exactly what that means. has the six-year-old been suspected or -- suspended or still riding the bus. the buses are provided by the boston public schools where officials are also looking into this. ken macleod, wbz news. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. a driver involved in a crash has now died. police say two car crashed at route one and north street after 6:00 p.m.
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year-old's name. the cause is under investigation. the man arrested in this hit and run never saw the victim and had no idea he hit her. he is facing charges for leaving the scene of the crash. he hit the 72-year-old woman in a crosswalk. tonight she is out of the hospital. flit the patriots, a player suspended for four games games game. steve burton for the latest on much. espn is reporting alan branch is facing a four game suspension after testing positive for marijuana. he also said he will appeal. so he could play until it is resolved. that could make him available sunday for the jets. he started 9-10 games and a big part of the defense. losing him could hurt a lot.
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tonight. police have now arrested a man who is accused of murdering a police officer in san antonio. detective benjamin marconi was salt in the back of the head while writing a ticket in his car outside police headquarters. it was one of four attacks on police across the country yesterday. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. donald trump spelling out an agenda. he released a video outlining what he hopes to achieve in his first 100 days >> whether it is producing steel, building cars or curing disease, i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland. america. creating wealth and jobs for american workers. >> this morning scott brown met with donald trump in new york. he is on a list for veterans affairs secretary. he said the meeting went well.
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and his passion, which are veterans and veterans issues. you know, i think it is the toughest job, lead the va. it has so many problems. >> brown says he is not the only one under consideration but he expects to know by thanksgiving. former house speaker will be freed from federal prison in north carolina granted compassionate release. the secretary officer injured in a shooting in east boston is home from the hospital tonight. he was shot in the leg responding to a call last month. his partner was also injured and he was released a week after the shooting. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. a burglar caught on camera trying to break into a store. he throws a rock at the door but doesn't break it.
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the owner posted the video on facebook saying this was the second time in two months he has been targeted by thieves. tonight new hampshire police are trying to find this puppy stolen from a pet store. the dog was taken from the little housef pets this morning. the puppy is -- house of pets this morning. the puppy is microchipped. shelf driving cars -- self- driving cars, the marine park in the sea port. the test on public records won't start till state approval. this was a close call. next at 11:00 p.m. kids nearly hit during a police chase and what caused the officer to spin out of control. and kanye west hospitalized hours after he canceled his concert in boston. >> and microchipschips for your body. >> and the cold weather is locked in here for thanksgiving
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forecast and snow and ice in the forecast for thanksgiving merchandise coming up. ? ?
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kanye west is in the hospital tonight. earlier today he canceled the rest of his tour including a stop next month in boston. sources say kanye west is getting a evaluation. pliskieser spinning out of control, he was not hurt and neither were any of the children on the sidewalk. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows a drunk driver in florida falling out of his truck which then runs over him. orlando police the man was leaving a strip club at the time. it crashed into a house. i thought it was a mistake
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snow in massachusetts. which makes our dusting a little nothing. >> a remarkable event here. a snow event that really impacted the berkshires. that is something you see more in vermont. bigger mountains. 4,000 feet potentially. connecticut, a foot of snow there. burke sheers 20 inches of snow -- berkshires 20 inches of snow . western new york 40 inches snow. a big snow event. not too far away. now, it is interesting, look around here, worcester, airport, a trace of snow fall. if we don't get an inch by this weekend it is later than average. this is the time we see our first flakes. and we did last night. tonight the story is about the cold. low 30s. mountain washington there. cold air is in control across the northeast. one of the chilliest we have
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new york state. you can see the lake effect dams. flurries down to colorado. and this system, this could have an impact on our thanksgiving. the short term, about the wind and the cold. blustery winds tonight and tomorrow morning. out the door, feels like teens and low 20s. it will be a mid-winter morning for us. and then into the afternoon, the winds still blowing. wind chills close to freezing. x chilly day. winds won't be as strong. peak gusts tomorrow 35 miles per hour out of the northwest. today they were topping 50. also milder. milder. temperatures make it into the low 40s tomorrow afternoon and then clearing out into tomorrow night. high temperatures, low 40s in eastern massachusetts. locked in the 30s across much
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eastern seaboard no travel issues. tomorrow dry. wednesday the same. wednesday is the pick of the week. sunshine, less wind. manageable day. and then thanksgiving and the next storm system is a weak one but it will bring light wintery mix and just takes a little bit to make for slick conditions. gray thanksgiving. temperatures in the 30s for most of us and light snow showers and freezing drizzle. slick spots especial and watching the weekend. looks like more rain and snow showers on friday. and then a storm tries to develop into saturday. still a fine line between whether or not it will be all rain or mix in wintery weather to go with this. but saturday looks like the day for more stormy weather to move through the area. your seven-day forecast, coldest one in a long time. flipped the pattern. it will stay this way. the weekend, we will keep stabs
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that might bring snow. back to you. >> so much for the shorts i wore on christmas last year. appreciate it. for many it was a dusting, others a blanket and some parts of massachusetts got buried by snow. some towns got more than 20 inches of snow. >> reporter: and so it begins. that is for sure. i can tell you, some towns that were smacked with 20- inchess over 48 hours -- inches -- 20 inches over 48 hours, pittsfield saw 30 inches all of last winter. >> reporter: the job of snow maker just got easier in the berkshires. 2 feet. >> day before it was still
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snow makers who have been putting in over time working to the opening of the ski season this thanksgiving weekend. this weekend they sat back and watched as the berkshires were blanketed in snow. >> sprinkle and flurrying and before you know it you have six inches of snow and then 11 inches. >> reporter: in just 24 hours the 18 up, matched last winter's total. >> we get a little snow but not like this. >> reporter: cash on the slopes, he is welcoming winter but some people trekking across snowy sidewalks didn't share the same enthusiasm. >> reporter: what went through your head when it comes around? [ laughter ] [ talking at the same time ] >> i don't like the cold. i like the summer.
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not a big deal. >> reporter: like it or not it is clearly here. as far as the sky resorts are concerned, 20 inches doesn't finish the job for them but it provides a solid base for this opening weekend. live in pittsfield, wbz news. >> thank you. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. microchipping your body. it is called bio hacking and more people are implants. wbz's kate merrill shows us the power and problems that come with the tiny little chip. >> reporter: a simple procedure. a tattoo artist does it in second. this is not your regular piercing. they are getting implanted with a small chip. >> if is coming. >> reporter: this is the same size as a grain of rice and the
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skin are endless. with just a wipe of his hand he is now unlocking doors around the office. it is transmitting data like that old key card. >> i swipe my hand. >> reporter: it works. is that really a lot easier than pulling out a card? >> it is more convenient. >> reporter: it is opening the do to all kinds of >> everything you relied on to use a swipe card, the chip replaced it. they will become more powerful. they will be capable of storing more data. to treat it as a usb. >> reporter: he is the first lab employee in the u.s. to get the chip implanted for work. it is password protected but hacking is a big concern. >> when they store credit card
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logical criminals will start to target it. >> reporter: that is where cyber security firm comes in. >> we need to think about this now before they become more popular. >> reporter: a new mobile wireless hands free world always pushing ahead. >> i believe 10 years from now it will be so normal we will look back on this conversation and say can you imagine. >> reporter: hopefully down for safety. kate merrill, wbz news. >> interesting. >> it is. >> i got queasy looking at that thing under the skin. >> i am okay. scorpion is so hot right now cbs ordered an extra episode. it was only supposed to be 24 episodes and now a 25th is in the works.
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10:00 p.m. on wbz. -- scorpion airs monday nights
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nice to have a healthy team again. >> right? celtics look different tonight. especially in the 4th quarter. they take the win. >> yeah. >> what they do. >> thank goodness. >> which is why that you are smiling. they beat the t wolves in minnesota. down 13 into the 4th 4th quarter but racked up 19 points in a row. caught fire in the 4th. . after he tied it with a three. the steal. and the huge jam. celtics 83-81. thomas, jumper. game high 29 points. celtics up by six.
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>> as we told you earlier in the show, espn is reporting that patriots defensive lineman alan branch is facing a four game suspension after testing positive for marijuana but he will appeal the ruling. the patriots held their thanksgiving in a basket event tonight. players handed out 200 baskets filled with turkeys and all the fixings for families in need. i talked to about giving back. >> you have a lot of great players here today handing out baskets. how special is it? >> the baskets get heavier. so many nice people helping support us for this event and the families appreciate it so much. so it is just a moment where we step back and realize we are living in the greatest country in the world. we have a lot to be thankful
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it is organized democracy where everyone can protest, do what they want but we are free to do that and not second guess. i feel very fortunate to be in this country and i am thinking also this is our 23 year that we are doing this event and some of our players weren't born when we started doing it. these families, the kids are so appreciative and love it so much special evening for us. >> talk about the win yesterday. came up big in san francisco. >> it was exciting to be there and nice to be 8-2. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> it was -- three, four times the whole stadium -- especially in the 4th quarter, going brady. could you hear it on tv? >> reporter: we could. >> it happened in cleveland
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the atmosphere was great. catching that first touchdown -- [ talking at the same time ] >> really excited. >> reporter: thank you very much. >> great to be here. happy thanksgiving everyone. >> special night at the goodwill headquarter. taking time to give back. over to you. >> great team and great owner and thank you very much, steve. tough time to be a turkey. >> so true, a group seeking
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turkeys are looking for clemency. police tweeted this photo. a group of turkeys outside the police department building. police say it was the first time they congregated but they eventually went on their way. but yeah thinking anything you could do? >> and it is cold. warm in there. up nexting one more look at the for-- next, one more look at the forecast.
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7 day, 46 is the high for the whole week? >> yep. [ laughter ] >> wow! >> maybe areas on saturday towards the cape and south eastern massachusetts 50 years. within the 7 days -- yes, it is a cool stretch of weather. >> also saw the turkeys
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trying to start a turkey dance. [ talking at the same time ] >> see you tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs >> on friday night, vice president elect mike pence went to see the musical "hamilton." the next day he saw "the lion king." ( applause ) >> stephen: we had a guest in the audience this evening. vice prent sir,, i have a message for you. we welcome you at the lion king. as scar, i want to say you being booed add "hamilton" does not represent all of broadway. you will always be welcomed here at the lion king because i believe, together, we can kill simba! hear me out! you will now have access to an army and nuclear weapons and we can kill the son of my brother


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