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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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former prosecutor turned defense attorney gary zerola was back in a courtroom, not because of his profession but the charges he is now facing. the one-time assistant district attorney was arraigned on sexual assault charges for the 4th time. once named one of people magazine's most eligible bachelors, he was arraigned on two counts of rape, eight years after he faced multiple assault charges but was acquitted. bail was set at $10,000 by the judge who ordered zerola to wear a gps monitoring bracelet until the next hearing scheduled for january 4. nick giovanni, wbz news. more breaking news. this time, out of saugus. fire crews on the scene of a large house fire.
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skyeye. we don't know about any possible injuries yet. we are working to get more information. as soon as we do, we'll pass it along. no question that the holiday rush is on, and thousands are on the road heading to their destinations and not getting there nearly as quickly as they like. and we could see a few from yourys tomorrow. >> eric, it's looking okay. a chilly gray day, a few snowflakes bad forecast and not a bad travel day with many towns back in the 30s, high pressure in control and a few high clouds ahead of the approaching storm system. it's not very strong and actually weakens as it moves towards new england. tomorrow morning, a chance for a few flurries and spotty drizzle. we'll have to keep a close eye to see if anything develops.
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day. as you head home, the rain showers will be more widespread and snowflakes across new hampshire and vermont in the higher elevations. the idea is most of us stay in the 30s, overcast skies and not much chance of wind and minimal accumulation, coatings, north and west of boston and an inch heading into the higher terrain and in vermont. tomorrow night in -- are traveling, we could see an icy glaze. everywhere else, above the freezing mark. we'll take a look at the shopping outlook for friday and the weekend lady in a few minutes. david and lisa? >> eric, thank you. a look at the roads. this is the south expressway, looking good, better than last night but you will want a full tank of gas and patience on most roads if you are driving to your destination tonight.
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time saver traffic map ands that pretty much red everywhere. but just because it's in the red, it doesn't mean you are actually stopped. at mass dot, crews are ready to go anywhere fast if there is a problem. ken mcleod is live along the pike in framingham with the latest on the commute. ken? >> reporter: david, we drove out of at 2:30 this afternoon in the pre-thanksgiving rush hour that was already well underway. as you can see behind me, it's touch and go in framingham and it was up and down for most of the afternoon. as you mentioned earlier, david, plenty of folks are gassing up for what they expect to be a long, long haul.
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a sluggish snake of thanksgiving travelers. >> i thought i would just make it through. food is the only thing keeping me going. >> reporter: at logan airport, state troopers are trying to head off terminal gridlock. >> i'm trying to get out. >> it's crazy. it's out of control. >> reporter: inside, the holiday crowd ebbed and flowed after getting off to a rough start. the security lines this morning backed up past the ticket counter. >> i am here two hour flight departs. i'm feeling okay. we'll see when i get close are to the front. >> reporter: others say it's just part of the deal. >> no anxiety. we are like three hours early so no drama here. >> reporter: back out on the pike, folks heading to grandma's were not letting it affect their blood pressure. >> if we had a transportive twice, we would use it but at
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we've got. >> reporter: so pack patience and look forward to sunday when we get to do it all over again in reverse. ken mcleod, wbz news. >> ken, thank you, and you can get the latest on flights, trains, travel tips for the entire holiday weekend all on our website right now, lisa? david, four boston police officers are recovering, two hit and officers approached a car asking the driver to get out. instead, he hit the gas, they said, and christina hager, the most important thing is the officers should be okay. >> reporter: lisa, after they were rushed to the hospital from this spot on stoughton
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thanksgiving, they will be okay. it came in as a call with a man spotted with a gun and they found a man matching the description outside a pub, vincent weaks. they ordered him out and he hit the gas pedal. >> we have a car that hit a police officer and two other vehicles on columbia road. >> reporter: police say he dragged two officers about 20 feet before they were thrown from the car on to the street. he allegedly hit two other officers with his car as at tried to help. >> i have to commend the officers. they used tremendous restraint. a lot of places, officers would have fired when their lives are in danger like that. i give them a lot of credit. >> reporter: court papers show that wax has a long history with police, drug charges in 2005 and more in 2014 and most recently in october of 2014 he
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woman leaving her face bruised and swollen. he did not have a license to carry. now this. >> we've had a rough year. we had three officers shot and i'm thankful that we haven't lost anyone. >> reporter: vincent weaks is 34 years old and set to be arraigned on monday. he is facing four counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon which was his car. police found the vehicle and are holding christina hager, wbz news. boston's murder rate is on the rise. so far this year, 44 people have been killed in the city compared to 31 at this time last year. violence has increased in the past few weeks. the mayor blames the up stick on gang violence and domestic issues but said that boston still compares favorably to other big cities. >> we are still pretty low compared to other cities. if you look at the trend, there
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cities of a similar size. but whether 40 homicides or 1, it's too much. >> but the shootings and violent crimes are both down this year. crews have found an elderly man inside this home on berry corner road. we don't know how that started. and a cigarette sparked an early on morning blaze that destroyed a home in jamaica fire charred the back porch and spread. no one was hurt but three adults have to find a place to stay. president-elect donald trump announced the first two women he will name to his cabinet. nicki hailey is the first choice for ambassador to the united nations. governor haley was highly critical of trump but he has cited her proven track record
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champion of school choice reform. and trump's gop rival is choice for secretary of urban and housing development. an announcement on that is forthcoming. this was a nice sight for patriots fans, tight end rob gronkowski back on the field. it seems that he recovered from the chest injury that forced him to sit out francisco. levan reid has the latest. >> reporter: guys, many of us didn't expect to sea rob gronkowski out there, but he was. and tom brady, he wasn't present for the media portion of the practice. the pats are getting ready for the first meeting with the new york jets in week 12. despite the past record, these games have always been close. >> they play really hard.
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well coached. we play each recollect twice a year. they'll be ready to play and i'm sure they'll be excited. we have a match. >> it's a rivalry that goes back a long time and both teams are very hungry to go out thereof and play a physical, tough game. >> reporter: assuming tom brady gets the start against the jets and the pats get the victory it will be victory number 200 and he wi peyton manning as the winningest quarterback in history. no doubt he'll own the record at season's end. levan reid, wbz sports. thank you, levan. on sunday, join us for patriots's game day at 11:30. pats' game at met life stadium with a 4:25 kickoff.
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the 5th qort my tv -- qort my tv 38. rick granburg won a charity auction grand prize, lunch with tom brady, matt damon and ben affleck. he brought his sister, lori, a die-hard pats fan and he said that they could all not be nicer and were down to earth. >> i would be eating so slowly. >> a long lunch. a w decorate for the holidays badly shocked. >> what made part of his tradition so dangerous. and banning politics at the thanksgiving dinner table? and android or iphone? what does your smart phone say about your personality. and a local girl paralyzed
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child, joel. he would love to be a marine when he grows up. if you would like more information on how to adopt joel or any other child looking for a forever family, just go
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the laws no texting and driving and soon, your phone could stop you from using most apps while driving. new voluntary guidelines have been announced fo makers. drivers could use navigation and make calls but wouldn't be allowed to browse or text. massachusetts drivers are getting safer. data shows the top 25% of users cut their phone distractions almost in half and speeding by a third. the good habits make drivers eligible for better rates.
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habits on the roads right now? >> maybe not better language but better habits. get the kids loaded up and everything ready. >> and at least it's moving. one less thing to be stressed out. cool and dry and quiet in boston, and most towns already in the 30s. i want to share a beautiful picture from new hampshire. what a ng of the spots that picked up snow earlier this week and a chill in the air. flor worcester, and in the berkshires, down to 29, and we are watching the high clouds from the west, the harbinger of the next weather system and that will bring us a little bit of wintery weather for thanksgiving and we'll take a look at that in a moment. for tonight, becoming cloudy, temperatures in the 20s. boston hits the freezing mark
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clouds increase. thanksgiving day is expected to be overcast with cloudy skies. we have a chance of light snow and spotty, freezing drizzle tomorrow morning. i don't think it will be widespread or a major issue. but if you are traveling tomorrow morning, check in with and see what the radar is doing and we have icy areas and take it easy on the roads with the light precip. tomorrow night, a chance of rain showers increasing and temperatures will warm, and friday, the of drizzle and showers and temperatures will continue the slow climb. when it comes to snow tomorrow, coating. a little bit of snowfall and an inch possible in the northern berkshires and higher elevations heading into new hampshire. want to play football in the backyard? no problem. icing, new hampshire and
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hovering to near freezing to tomorrow morning. as for tomorrow morning's football action, the big matchups, near the freezing mark and a few flurries and overcast skies. not much wind. a big difference maker for us. so high temps on thanksgiving, 42 in boston and notice the colder air locked in across the interior and milder massachusetts in the mid-40s, and then on friday, we'll be out moving around and doing shopping, temperatures climbing through the 40s and staying chillier inland. as we look toward the weekend, plans there, and saturday, a chance for a few showers and this storm system develops to the east. a little bit of wet weather, maybe a few wet snowflakes saturday afternoon and then
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definitely not a wash-out day and drieser, breezy and cooler on sunday. and it's a bit of an active forecast but nothing major. here is the accu-weather 7 day, monday, 40s, bright skies to start the week and clouds picking up on tuesday. the final day of the month, near 60 on wednesday of next week. david and lisa, over to you. with his nephews by side, president obama pardoned his final thanksgiving turkeys, tater and tot. and those turkeys may be a perfectly safe topic tonight but a lot of families are enforcing a new politics rule. >> david robichaud says that even politicians are saying it's off limits. >> reporter: thanksgiving eve
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some top politicians may be forced to talk turkey and the election at their own dinner table. >> this year in particular considering with the presidential election, i'm going to respectfully request all members of my family talk about whatever they want to talk about but not politics. rapid rapid according to a recent poll, 45% of foresee a political discussions and 48% say it will be stressful. >> i'm sure there will be interesting conversations across massachusetts. >> reporter: it could end up with people leaving before dessert? >> i think it will be more lively than the football games. >> my family is pretty much on the same page. pretty much a uniform agreement. >> reporter: that hasn't been the case at the table of the
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>> i grew up with a mom who was a democrat and dad a republican and they canceled each other's votes out and i managed to survive 60 years of thanksgiving dinners with them. >> reporter: a clinical psychologist said don't worry about changing the subject or walking out of the room. if you can get through the dinner without gravy. >> i just think it will happen at a lot of homes. >> not at mine. not at mine. and coming up at 5:30, artificial sweeteners making weight loss harder?
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>> i could not stop. >> sex trafficking, who is buying sex and the efforts to
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on the bz need, the patriots are helping to feed kid this is holiday. >> the players traced their hands so fans can download them and color them in making hand print turkeys. but look closer at julian edelman's hand. the pinky? oh, we got a closer look at the finger in the locker room. yep. he messed it up football. oh. >> it has like a little tail. [laughter] >> i don't believe this but what is your smart phone say about you? >> iphone owners are lickly to be female, younger, and concerned about the smart phone being a status object, and android users are older, more
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the truth. >> the study by google? >> and you use -- >> iphone. i'm honest. >> and the simplest things in life are the nicest. >> a baby of a newborn daughter getting her hair washed. look at the expression on her face, pure bliss as she feels the suds in the water, and others agree, this 2 and a half minute relaxing clip has been viewed more than 24 million relax like that makes me relax. >> puts your heart rate down. >> i may use that to fall asleep tonight. lisa and i will be look at 6:00. here's paula. what's old wheab new again. reviving the flip phone? and holiday decorating that goes shockingly wrong.
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national turkeys of the year. now, the top local news makers
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. a worker struck in the parking lot of a waltham supermarket. emergency crews rushed into the hannaford parking lot.
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was hit by the car but was not badly hurt. the worker was taken to the hospital to be checked out. we have a crew on scene gathering information. we will bring you new info as we get it. a new hampshire man shocked putting up his holiday display. nearly 20,000 volts surged through his body as he was using a metal pole to hang up good evening. i'm paula ebben. >> and i'm liam martin. beth germano spoke with his wife. >> an explosion and a cloud of smoke and you could smell you know, that wiry burning smell. >> reporter: and that sent karen mcclair running outside to find her husband, bill, semi- conscious on the ground. >> laying flat and his eyes started rolling back in his


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