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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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hit but it turned out very well. >> we saw people rung outside and came outside and caw the car damaged. a woman in a back car backed into three of these cars. it was a hectic scene. people were shocked. they didn't realize what had happened. >> reporter: all this happened in the pre-thanksgiving rush. the parking lot is filled with cars as it is now. and again,s that the storage bin where the driver backed up. driver to accelerate. that driver was taken to the hospital as long as with the carriage attend apt. -- attendant. the injuries are not thought to be serious. beth germano, wbz news. and a former prosecutor is accused of rape.
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accused of sexual assault but never convicted. nick giovanni has the story. >> reporter: he was one of people magazine's most eligible bachelors. former prosecutor gary zerola obscured his face from the camera as he was arraigned on all-too-familiar charges of rape. the former district attorney turned criminal defense attorney faced assault charges. eight years ag arrested on multiple charges but was acquitted. today, he was charged with two counts of rape on november 10. the accuser was not identified but is said to be someone that zerola knows. the other big story, planes, trains, automobiles, no matter how you are traveling, things are packed.
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this is a nice view. expect the worst between 3:00 and 6:00. so hey, what you are looking at now may be as bad as it gets. >> at 6:02, perfect. [laughter] this is a look at the traffic maps. you can see a pretty amount of red out there, but for most of the traffic cameras, not as bad as yesterday. >> it was a very busy day at logan airport. mass dot estimates a million people traveling it's the season for traffic, lines, and delays. >> it's all for a great reason and we want to help make your trip easier with ken mcleod among the mass pick. ken, it seems pretty good right now. >> reporter: yeah, david, honestly, this is the best that framingham pike has been all afternoon and i agree with you that the mad scramble is on the wane. if you were driving or flying
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sledding. knowing that the westbound pike was off and on ugly to sturbridge, travelers gassed up and took a deep breath. >> good music, getting the tunes out early for christmas and good conversation, keeping our heads cool and stop when we feel like. >> reporter: state troopers were trying to struggle with the tsunami of traffic and the sense of humor is a good thing. enjoyed every moment of it. >> reporter: there were stretches of calm as things got off to a hectic start this morning with the security line at terminal abacking up past the ticket counter. >> we didn't know how long the lines for security would be, and it was difficult to figure out where it started. >> reporter: back on the pike, the rush hour was going strong by 2:00 p.m. >> we had some sort of, you
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but at the moment, four wheels is all we good. >> reporter: those who hoped that tollbooths would deliver them from evil, got a dose of reality. >> it looks worse. i didn't know they were going to do this during the holidays. >> reporter: if you are home eating dinner, no need to worry. the trip by grandma's will probably go smoother by road if you give of more. ken mcleod, wbz news. >> thank you, ken. we dream of a whist christmas and maybe a thanksgiving, too, but maybe just a dusty? yeah. a few snowflakes, something to keep in mind for out on the roads tomorrow. the setup, nice and dry, and as we take a look at what's going on for tomorrow, a storm system weakening towards new england
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region with a chance of snow arriving by daybreak tomorrow. this particular model is not picking up on it too much. i think there will be more light snow tomorrow morning than what is shown here. most of the day, overcast and chilly, and heading past sunset, a chance for rain showers and wet streaks to deal with at the tail end of thanksgiving. snow, a scattered coating here and vermont and the berkshires. 30s throughout the day and a chance of rain showers arriving late as we head toward the evening. all told no big issues. we could have a few more lingering icy spots tomorrow night. lisa? >> eric, thank you. see you then. a big patriots's move. the team had a star back on the practice field today and
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burton with the story. lisa, yes. it was a case of good news/bad news. brady had a knee injury but don't bet on him missing sunday's game. and the good news, rob gronkowski was back out there running around in full pads and looking pretty good. gronk may be against the jets sunday. guys? >> that would be helpful. steve, thank you. tonight, under arrest, police say this man was involved in the hit and run that sent four boston police officers to the hospital. they are all okay tonight. christina hager is live in dorchester. christina? >> reporter: the good new,
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they were hit, dragged, and thrown on to the road on stoughton street. four police officers hit and dragged the day before thanksgiving. >> we got a car that hit a police officer and two other vehicles on columbia road. >> reporter: they were responding to the call of a man spotted with a gun. policesay the description matched person sitting outside of a pub, vincent weaks. they ordered him out and he hit the gas pedal. they reached in, trying to stop him. >> i have to commend the officers. they used tremendous restraint. in a lot of places, officers would have fired when they were in danger. i give them a lot of credit. >> reporter: police say he dragged two officers about 20 feet before they were thrown from the car on to the street.
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officers with the car. court papers show weaks has a long history with police, drug charges in 2005 and more in 2014. and most runnel in october of 2014, he pleaded guilty to assault and battery after 50al whipping a woman leaving her face bruised and stolen. he did not have a license to carry and now this. >> we had a rough year, three officesh that we haven't lost anyone. >> reporter: the suspect, vincent weaks faces four counts of salt and battery with a dangerous weapon which is car he was in. police did find the vehicle and are holding it as evidence. christina hager,wbz news.
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abruptly resigned last night after an ongoing investigation within the department. members of the police department have been accused of doing illegal background checks on private civilians. the chief said he gathered the information but won't give it to them and removed his badge and hat and placed them on the table and left the room. an east boston girl hit with a paralyzing illness heads home for thanksgiving. and wondering about wine? you are it's the most googled term ahead of thanksgiving. and we want to introduce you to this week's wednesday's child, joel, 12, described as sweet and sensitive and helpful. if he had three wishes, he would be the richest person in the world, stop world hunger, and be a marine. he is looking for a family to help him reach his dreams. if you are interested in adopting joel, go to
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? dylan: i was un-athletic
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and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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now at 6:00, a giants step in the right direction from a 10-year-old from east boost 1 an extremely rare disease. this little girl has endured months of grueling physical therapy after a virus triggered the illness, paralyzing her legs. >> she still has a hard road ahead of her but the good news tonight, she gets to go home for thanksgiving. paulina lopez is one tough kid. >> she had suffered acute blastivmyolitis. >> reporter: her legs were paralyzed. >> she wasn't standing, walking. really, she wasn't even crawling when she came in. >> reporter: if you can only
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through a translator. >> it was unexpected. she had to be in a wheelchair. >> reporter: therapists began working with her for twice a day, 45 minutes at a time, getting her strong enough to stand and wheel herself around and ride a special bike. she has become pan and has grown to love her therapist and that feeling is mutual. >> laughs and smiles no matter where she goes. >> i feel very proud of her. she is very strong and able to overcome all the things that keep happening to her. >> good job. >> reporter: she will be home for thanksgiving and looking
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syndrome will continue to receive therapy and they don't know how much more progress, but for this moment, they are so happy with her progress. and they had a chorus, singing along. >> pile up the turkey for her and deliver the macarena. and eric pretty nice forecast. a couple of days ago, we had a white thanksgiving for all, and this year, just for a few. we'll be seeing a white thanksgiving from cape ann weather in new hampshire, quite the view. not too much snow but just enough to create a scene. all told, more wintery than
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we'll all drop back into the 20s tonight. we're watching the next approaching storm system, not a powerhouse system but it will be snow and rain on thanksgiving day with the leading edge of the thicker clouds moving in, and the flurriess in central pennsylvania. a cold start to the day tomorrow. a lot of football action, and just a chill, not too much and temperatures close to the freezing mark tomorrow morning. you might be up for the turkey trot and working off the calories. 30 and a chance for a few flurries in andover. otherwise, overcast. high temperatures tomorrow, mildest in the cape and the south coast and 40 in boston but the cold will stay locked in north and west of the city wherever we have the best chance of seeing snow and a
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not picking up the light chance of snow. there will be flakes and spotty, freezing drizzle. if you are leaving the house, check in with the weather. we'll be there. and you may have a few slick spots. mostly wet roads heading into tomorrow night and if you are heading into the higher elevations, new hampshire and vermont, you are likely to see snowfall before the warmth continues to move in on friday, and friday hitting the stores and doing shopping, overcast, dreary and damp but not pouring, drizzle and showers. as for the snow, not a huge thing, scatter coating and maybe an inch possible northward tomorrow and mostly just moon snow. when it comes to slick areas we'll focus in on northern worcester and towards the berkshires and southwestern new hampshire. a chance for a glaze that could
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morning. friday, chilliest north and west and milder south and east and hitting 50 towards cape cod on friday as we wrap up the week. this weekend, we have a storm system that gets going on saturday and brings with it rain showers. i think we will see sunshine. sunday, drier and chilly and the breeze kicks in as well. no major issues over the weekend but we'll keep the eye on the forecast. the accu-weather 7 day, upper sunday, and the next more significant storm is mild and wet on wednesday. david and lisa? >> thank you, eric. the patriots are preparing for the jets and will practice tomorrow on thanks giving. >> but they still have holiday spirit. absolutely, lisa. bill belichick isn't about to give his players a day off in the middle of an important week but it doesn't mean they won't celebrate with their families afterwards, and he has always
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>> a great holiday, family, friends, good food, and football. how confer it get any better than that? 1 of the all-time greats. hope everyone has a good holiday. see you friday. >> ah, the softer side of bill belichick. and gronkowski was back on the field but tom brady was not. he has a knee injury but you can bet he will be there on sunday and the pats him. the jets always seem to give the patriots a hard time. welcome to the season's first installment of the pats taking on the jets. the two teams always play each other tight. >> you know, going in there, both will be ready to play. >> reporter: as far as the pats, this game is all about the defense. this group hasn't been able to
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>> we had a few opportunities last week and the ball didn't bounce our way. so getting after the ball, and the ball hitting the ground, you'll have an opportunity. so as long as we have that mentality, it will eventually go our way. >> reporter: slowing down matt forte is job one. >> he is patient and hard to tackle. he will get an extra couple yards, and he wants to run downhill but can get the edge, too. >> reporter: you can throw records out the window when the two play each other. seven of the last eight games have been decided by seven points or less. levan reid, wbz sports. levan, thank you, and brady may not have been on the practice field but he is named the offensive player of the week. he threw for 280 yards and four touchdowns with an interception. of the second time he won the
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his career. you can check out the patriots's all access on wbz and on sunday, game day, starting off at 11:30. kickoff at 11:45 and followed by the post-game on my 38. looking to finish off a sweep of a road game for the celtics but perhaps not with jae crowder. he happy thanksgiving, everyone. guys, over to you. >> we need them healthy. the cbs evening news coming up at 6:30. >> elaine tejana has more. elaine? >> reporter: david and lisa, long lines greeted holiday travelers in the biggest rush in a decade. plus, stepping up security, how
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and why technology may be wing the supermarket war just ahead on the cbs evening news in about 10 minutes. from traffic to turkey, the day before thanksgiving, there is one eliminate that is topping turkey. we'll reveal it next. and coming up on the wbz news at 8:00 on my tv 38, moments ago, donald trump just releasing his thanksgiving message. what the president-elect is hoping we can all national holiday to help unify
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the turkey is usually the star on thanksgiving but most people in massachusetts are looking for something else. >> according to google trend, wine store is the most searched food and drink topic in massachusetts. to be fair, it's also the most centuried term in connecticut and rhode island. to the north in new hampshire,
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the store and you have so many in front of you start googling -- >> right. >> oh, they're all a mess. >> all so far good. and we are looking at the sweats of online shopping. >> the tricky way that stores are getting away charging different prices for the same items online and it all depends
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no storminess on thanksgiving is something to be thankful for. yeah. after sunset, a chance of rain showers, and if you are heading out, just keep an eye on changing conditions. friday, just wet and cloudy. thanksgiving has too much one outdoor element. footballor something. >> like 14 games, and you can't watch all of them.
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have a happy thanksgiving. the cbs evening news is next. >> and watch whatever game is on cbs. i should point that out. see you at 11:00. captioning ss >> quijano: america on t . >> this is crazy. i've never seen it like this. >> quijano: the busiest holiday rush in nearly a decade. millions jam highways, airports, and trains. plus a security lockdown for the thanksgiving parade. also tonight, two wom trump team, haley for u.n. ambassador, devoss for education secretary. buying groceries just got a whole lot easier. >> it's a great time to be a shopper. it's a tough time to be a supermarket. >> quijano: and. >> we're under the lincoln memorial. we're about 75 feet underground. >> quijano: a national treasure is being restored by the monuments man.


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