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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. right now at 4:30 nearly 200 passengers stranded at logan airport overnight with their flight diverted. why passengers were especially frustrated. donald trump announcing a big deal. heads to washington. plus, the award he'll pick up tonight. >>live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz sports. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. it's wednesday, november 30th. danielle niles is in with a check of our forecast. another round of rain will be moving in this afternoon. it's 34 degrees in boston right
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west of town, 38 in manchester, 39 in keene, but 50s along the south coast. there's fog out there this morning and the fix is locally fixed. this is the current visibility. the fog will be with us at times through the course of mid to late morning. skies have partially cleared out other than the fog. we're waiting on the next batch of rain advancing across western pennsylvania, and the rain will ri the the afternoon. hour-by-hour we're dry for the morning communicate, just the fog to contend with. 1:00, a few showers, they become more widespread late in the day. another evening commute featuring heavy downpours and this will continue overnight. the rain will ship under the tomorrow by 7:00 a.m. patchy fog this morning, an isolated shower through lunchtime.
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construction crews working inside the o'neal tunnel right now, northbound left lanes are closed also closed. we have some construction in wellesley this morning, a closure on route 9 heading westbound at route 128. thank you. new overnight frustrated passengers stranded at logan after their flight was diverted. 167 people were onboard the southwest flight from baltimore to southwest says because of the time of night, 1:00 a.m., only two people were working the ticket counter forcing passengers to wait for hours to be helped. >>we've been standing in line for about 2 1/2 hours. i've asked for a cot for my child to sleep on three times, and no one's brought anything, and no food, no water. the line hasn't moved. nothing's happened. >>southwest says they are
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to all of the passengers. they will be rebooked on an 8:00 a.m. flight this morning. in alabama three people killed, more injured as severe storms swept through the state overnight. the victims were inside a mobile home. more than a dozen structures have been destroyed there. there were unconfirmed reports of tornadoes in the area. donald trump making good on a campaign promise. the president-elect and the carrier air conditioning company say they've reached a deal moving them to mexico. details are expected to be announced tomorrow when he travels to indianapolis. mr. trump expected to announce more cabinet positions. >> reporter: mitt romney emerged from his second meeting with president-elect donald trump seeing his form -- singing his formal rival's praises.
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and he continues with a message of bringing people together. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor who had dinner with mr. trump and the chief of staff tuesday night is said to be on the short list for secretary of state. as is, retired tennessee lawmaker bob corker and rude gee giuliani. >>i think what you're witnessing here is a leader in presidenec who wants to take in all the options. >> reporter: cbs news has learned the president-elect is head to have officially nominated the treasury secretary and wilbur ross as secretary of commence. mike pence says the new administration's top priority is repealing and replacing obamacare. >>it's time for us to law americans to purchase health
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off his victory tour tomorrow in ohio and indiana. roxanne a sebery, cbs news. >>steve bannon will not attend an event today at harvard. it's unclear why he pulled out his appearance, but students had planned to protest his attendance. he has been under fire for many he supports as antewomen. the live wires here on summer street came down and the road was closed as crews worked to clean up the wires and restore power. it was done around midnight. in ipswich a utility worker directing hitting
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accident led to some road closure, but everything is back to normal this morning. five families are without a home in lawrence after a fire. a mother tracked was rescued by firefighters. everyone got out safely, but their belongings are all gone. the building has been deemed a total loss is neighbors say they are ready to help. >>all i saw was a huge pile of smoke and the fire. i saw when the roof came for them. i will try to help them. i live around here. i said i would donate clothes. they need help right now. >>one prior to was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a robbery suspect shot and killed by police in lynn was no stranger to the law. 41 michael mcagain i say of moleton had a
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police say you can see him strongarming a woman in this video. an elderly woman tried to stop him before he escaped. police shot him yesterday morning after they say he robbed a gas station in lynn getting warp about $150. >>the officers ordered him to show his hands. he refused to do so. he continued to come at the officers. they moved back, eventually one of the officers fired his weapon hitting the individual. >>investigators say he threatened to shoot the gas at there's no word if he actually had a gun on him. the d.a.'s office is investigating the shooting. a curfew in effect right now in parts of tennessee because of a wildfire. this video shows the frightening scene as families drove away from the flames. hundreds of homes and buildings have been destroyed or damaged by the fire which spread quickly due to hurricane-force winds. the black boxes have been recovered from the charter
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ba zimmerrian soccer team on b 71 people were killed. this is their worst crash in two decades. families are mourning the death of the players. the team was hoping to win a championship. the soccer federation has cancelled all matches. huge crowds in havana last night at this memorial for fidel castro who died last week. in d.c. today talking transportation and the military. this morning he will meet with the u.s. army chief of staff at the pentagon to discuss a massachusetts military task force and the state of our military installations. then he's meeting with amtrak's president to discuss rail relations with the state and tonight he will accept an award for public official of the year. 4:39 on your wednesday this morning.
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massachusetts' new legal marijuana law. shopping in boston could cost you. the push to charge customers for paper and plastic bags. a fire chief under fire for charges he he spent -- charges he used town funds to purchase
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. welcome back. a boston company is looking to manufacture a supersonic jet. spike aerospace says the plane could eventually make it from new york angeles in just over three hours. they are looking to revive supersonic technology. >>brace yourself when it comes down. in today's money watch, black friday sales benefiting the environment. and the move today that could impact gas prices. jill wagner is live at the new york chock exchange with today's money watch. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kate.
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the question, will they reach a deal to cut oil production by a million barrels a day. an oversupply has sent gas prices way down. opec is made up of 14 oil-producing countries. the u.s. economy grew at a faster paperwork than initially thought in the last could you hear -- a faster pace thought the last quarter. the fed meets in a couple of weeks. it's likely the fed will think the economy is strong enough with another interest rate hike. u.s. home prices are higher back in july 2006. environmental non-profits will benefit from a $10 million
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-- padagonia. the company has pledged to donate all the money it made on black friday. >>i like that, jill. thank you. that's nice. that makes you feel better about your purchases. for anyone who's ever played in an office lottery poll, we've got proof that dreams do come true. >>20 co-workers in tennessee cashed in a power ball ticket that we should have won here at wbz. $420 million yesterday. they each will get nearly $13 million after taxes. no word if they'll retire from their jobs at an auto parts manufacturing plant. >>they look so happy. >>they look happy, but we look happy still. >>we are happy for them. >>do i still owe you that five bucks, kate? >>actually, you do.
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so weather-wise, 43 degrees in boston right now. 53 when you come back down to taunton. it is a mild start, colder the farther north you go. concord, 35, but we're in the 50s along the south coast. there's widespread fog and dense. we have quarter-mile visibility from marsh field to plymouth, same in lawrence, half mile in bedford and a mile in boston may want to leave an extra space between you and the car in front of you. other than that we have partially cleared the skies out, but zoom out and there's a next round of wet weather coming in. the red boxes you see are tornado watches ongoing for parts of northern georgia stretching back down through alabama, mississippi, and louisiana for this nasty line of thunderstorms pushing through.
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energy is with the system pushing through west virginia now, and about to approach d.a. your morning commute is going to be dry, just fog to contend with. skies clouding up with a few isolated showers through midday, but late in the day we get scattered showers, downpours for your evening commute, so another wet ride home from work today and overnight tonight. the rain wraps up and the sun will break up with temperatures quite mild for december 1st. a lot of us had half an inch to an inch and a half even 2 inches of rain yesterday and we'll add another inch and a half on top of that today. for most of us we'll add another inch on top of the
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-- the welcome rain from yesterday. upper left low to our north friday. all it means are some building clouds. overall it looks like a nice end to the week before cooler air arrives this weekend. highs today, 50 in boston, above average. we should be in the mid 40s this time of year. 40s north and west of town, 50s the farther south you go. temperatures will ay wind out of the south strong overnight tonight. 55 to near 60 degrees for the first day of meteorological winter. 50s on friday, saturday cooler but seasonal in the mid 40s, sunday it turns a little bit chilly with sunshine. the next chance for showers comes monday. your drive times 10 minutes from the split up to the mass. pike. we are dealing with dense
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boston you'll notice it along route 3, along the south shore, on route 24 and 95 up to 128. it's not causing slow-downs yet. we'll keep our eye on this. safer cars come from complaints. that is the idea behind the new push by the ntsb. they propose a rule that auto makers put warnings on the complaints. the agency received more than 75,000 complaints last year. chris. >>thanks, brianna. the fire chief accused of using public funds to buy clothing for himself. he was released on personal recognizance after a court appearance yesterday. each prior to gets about $1,000 a year for clothing.
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other fighter's clothing allowances for himself. a recent private audit raised some red flags and the fire department -- raised some red flags in the fire department's spending. this driver is wanted for a theft. if you recognize the vehicle you should call police. according to the boston globe a ballot initiative paed become law until it's certified by the governor council who meets every wednesday. the earliest the voting tallies will be presented is at the meeting december 14th. the election fell later than usual this year and they have to wait for overseas and military ballots. people in boston could have to pay for bags at the grocery store. under a proposed ordinance customers would pay 5 cents for all bags.
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re-useable bags. the issue will be discussed at today's city council meeting. ahead on your wednesday morning, the surprise appearance from hillary clinton last night. and donald trump's latest controversial tweet to punish people who burn the u.s. flag. and the warning about
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. hillary clinton made a surprise appearance in support of singer katy perry who was being honored in new york city last night. mrs. clinton introduced her and the two shared a hug. perry was an outspoken supporter of clinton's campaign and appeared at rallies for her around the country. democrats will vote for their leader today and another congressman is supporting nancy police you don't's challenger. seth moulton is back message during the election that the status quo is not working. president-elect donald trump is calling for consequences for anyone who burns the american flag. yesterday morning he tweeted, "nobody should be allowed to burnt american flag. if they do, there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail ." the comment comes avid
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burned a flag in protest to his election. the supreme court has ruled twice that flag burning is protected under the first amendment. >>president-elect donald trump would be hard pressed to find someone who is capable of being on the supreme court who wouldn't necessarily follow the president. >>the president of hampshire college is set it speak with the mayor this week on a solution to get flag flying again on campus. >>o are promising to protect undocumented immigrants on campus. harvard's president september out a letter to students and staff promising campus police will continue to not ask anyone's immigration status and the university says it will continue not to volunteer information on immigration status. this college president released a similar statement. 34 people facing charges all from a wage protest in cambridge.
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jamie eldridge of acton was one arrested. other rallies were held at logan airport and across the country in what's been called a national day of disruption. 4:55 right now. the state is paying special tribute to gold star families around the holidays. a tree at the state house was dedicated to massachusetts residents ed photos of the men and women decorate the tree. the governor says the sacrifice transcends politics. a reminder of how quickly a holiday fire can destroy a home. they set a mock living room up with a tree, within 25 seconds the entire room was engulfed.
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your tree watered and inspect your lights to make sure there are no frayed wires. the toys for tots campaign kicks off today. they are collecting new, unwrapped toys at all state police barracks. you can donate at most fire stations, most walgreens stores. the none believable destination that's more than just a food market. we'll take
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mario vitale has opened a theme park. eataly is not just a restaurant. it's three floors of deliciousness. vitale has now opened 30 atelies around the globe. new york. delicious. >>i wonder if they deliver at 4:59 a.m. to hungry newsroom. >>that would be nice. >>on location, i love it. top stories, weather, and traffic are all straight ahead here on wbz. >>the news at 5:00 starts right now. nearly 500 passengers stranded at logan airport. donald trump gearing up for a major announcement.
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president-elect. a fire leaves five families homeless in lawrence. the investigation this morning and how the community is promising to help. >>live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz. good morning to you. i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. it is wednesday, november 30th, the middle of the week, and danielle, after a very wet night we have a little brick. >>this is which news for the cout that, temperatures depending on where you are, 30s to the north, manchester at 38, boston is at 42 degrees and then we're in the 50s down to chatham and taunton. there is dense follow so right now quarter-mile visibility, half a mile in lawrence. you can barely see in


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