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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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president-elect. a fire leaves five families homeless in lawrence. the investigation this morning and how the community is promising to help. >>live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz. good morning to you. i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. it is wednesday, november 30th, the middle of the week, and danielle, after a very wet night we have a little brick. >>this is which news for the cout that, temperatures depending on where you are, 30s to the north, manchester at 38, boston is at 42 degrees and then we're in the 50s down to chatham and taunton. there is dense follow so right now quarter-mile visibility, half a mile in lawrence. you can barely see in
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now. skies partially cleared out, a few showers come and then steady rain through west virginia and pennsylvania as we head into late afternoon and evening. isolated shower through early afternoon then steadier rain arrives with downpours and maybe a rumble of thunder, but the rain leaves by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. mid 40s with fog this morning, and then areas of rain and downpours, upper 40s for the ride home. danielle, a live look at the southbound lanes of route 1, low visibility this morning, make sure if you have them turn on your fog lights. north of boston we're dealing with more fog. crews are still working at the turnpike in burlington to the ramp from 128 to 3 north is closed for construction.
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passengers stranded at logan airport after their flight was diverted. >>let's get over to anna meiler with reaction from the passengers. >> reporter: and, chris, there were 167 southwest passengers waiting for four to four and a half hours trying to get back on their plane that was diverted here to logan. there are just a few people left in the line because they're finally getting new tickets issued for the passengers. 167 people were on board the flight to albany. the plane was unable to land in albany because of fog. the plane was diverted here to boston. passengers tell us plane landed around 12:30 this morning and they have been stranded. passengers say there was only one person here working the ticket counter and no one seemed to know what to do. some people tell me they called southwest and were told they just had to wait here in line. many passengers are frustrated.
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2016 like this -- there doesn't seem to be a plan in place for a situation like this. >>we were neglected. i've never seen this b i was an air traffic controller and i'm a pilot also. i spent my whole career at airports and i have never seen something like this. i'd like to see a refund of our tickets and a voucher and an apology. >> reporter: southwest passengers for a hotel here in boston, but passengers tell us that will do them will good at this point. they're trying to get back on their plane that is scheduled to take off at 810 this morning. anna meiler, wbz this morning. breaking news right now from alabama. three people killed, more injured as storms swept through the northern part of the state overnight. the victims were inside a mobile home. more than a dozen structures have
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unconfirmed reports of tornadoes in the area. donald trump making good on a campaign promise. the president-elect and the carrier air conditioning company saying they've reached a deal to keep 1,000 jobs in indiana instead of moving to mexico. details of the deal are expected to be announced tomorrow when trump and mike pence travel to indianapolis. trump is expected to announce more cabinet positions. latest. >> reporter: mitt romney emerged from a second meeting with mitt romney singing his former rival's praises. >>he won the general election and he continues with a message of bringing people together. >> reporter: the former governor who had dinner with mr. trump and his chief of staff tuesday night is said to be on the short
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is bob corker and rudy giuliani. >>i think what you're witnessing here is a leader in president-elect donald trump who wants to take in all the options. >> reporter: cbs news has learned the president-elect is said to officially nominate steve mine chin as treasury -- mnuchen as mike pence says the new administration's top priority is repealing and replacing obamacare. >>it's time for us to allow americans to purchase health insurance across state lines, more consumer choices. >> reporter: mr. trump kicks off his victory tour people in ohio and indiana. crabs news. controversial -- cbs news.
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harvard, but students had planned to protest his attendance. he has been under fire for supporting a up in which some label as racist. house leader will vote on their leader. seth moulton says he's going to back tim ryan for the moment of moulton says the status o moulton says the status quo is not working. after a fire destroys a multi-family home five families are left homeless. nicole jacobs joins with us more. >> reporter: you can get a very good look at the damage from this fire. you can see the left side completely charred out. we know that all the families were at work at the time the fire broke out except one woman was
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fire sweeps through this home in lawrence tuesday afternoon. cell phone video shows the intensity. those who lived here watched in horror. >>all i saw was a huge pile of smoke and the fire. it was just great, the flames. i saw when the roof came down. >> reporter: firefighters respond to the scene making a discovery where time was of the essence. >>there was a woman on the 3rd floor of the building. our building. >> reporter: approximately 20 people live here, many children, although this mother and her three children are safe, she lost everything. >>i feel sad for them. i will try to help them especially, like -- i live around here. >> reporter: one woman had a caesar outside of the building. she was taken to the hospital along with a prior to. the exact cause of the blaze is under investigation. and you're
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the mayor says this is a building that was just renovated over the last couple of years. he says it was beautiful, but as you can see, unfortunately, in this case, there wasn't much to be salvaged. that's the latest from lawrence, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. downed wires in medway closed roads for hours. here's what the scene looked like. live wires came down on summer street last night. the road was closed as crews carefully restore power. the road was reopened and power restored around midnight. in ipswich a utility worker was hit by a car on the job on high street last night. the crew had just finished restoring power to the area. the man's injuries are serious. the accident led to some road closures but everything is back to normal this morning. a robbery aspect shot and
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41-year-old michael mcagain i say of mould en had a lengthy criminal record. police say you can see him in this video strongarming and robbing a clerk in mould en. police shot mcagain i say yesterday morning after they say he robbed a gas station in lynn getting away with $150. >>the individual had his hands in his pockets. the officers ordered him to show his hands. he refused to do so. he continued to come at eventually one of the officers fired his weapon hitting the individual. >>investigators say mcagain i say threatened to -- mcginis threatened to shoot clerk. a curfew in effect right now in tennessee where three people have died in a wildfire. this video shows the scene as families drove away from the flames. hundreds of homes and buildings have been destroyed
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spread quickly due to hurricane-force winds. fire crews are working to put out the flames. the black boxes have been recovered from the plane that crashed in columbia. 6 people survived thug three -- including three athletes. fans around the world are mourning the deaths of the players. -- they were hoping to see a championship win. they have huge crowds at a memorial from fidel castro yesterday. castro died last week at the age of 90. 5:10 right now. charlie baker is in d.c. today talking transportation and the military. this morning the governor will meet with u.s. army chief of staff at the pentagon to discuss massachusetts' military task force and the state of our military installations, then he's meeting with amtrak's
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railroad's relationship with the state and tonight he will accept an award for public official of the year. recreational marijuana is set to become legal in two weeks, but the start date could be delayed. a ballot initiative passed by voters does not officially become law until it's certified by the governor's council. they meet every wednesday. secretary of state william galvin tells the globe the be presented december 14th. they have to wait for military ballots. shoppers would be paying for bags at the grocery store. under a proposed ordinance customers would pay 5 cents per bag. the goal is to encourage customers to use less plastic. the issue will be discussed at
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coming up, a license to complain. >>the government asking people to complain about their cars. why they say it will improve safety on the roads. and a warning about your holiday decorations. the fire risk they pose and what you can do to prevent an accident. danielle, good morning. good morning, indicate. we're tracking another -- good morning, kate, we're tracking rain that doesn't arrive until this evening. it's the fog we're contending with this morning. upper 40s by recess an of rain moving in late in the day. we'll time it out hour-by-hour and i'll let you know how warm it's going to be for the first day of december tomorrow when we come back.
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. 5:15 right now. a prank caught on camera. >>police isn't cameras at a park after reports of po mountain lions in the area. instead they got this. prank sters dressed up as an -- pranksters dressed up as animals. the cameras took pictures over three nights. the officers got a good laugh calling the costumes creative. they did not get any pictures of any mountain lions. because mountain lions were, like, these people are crazy, i'm not going over there.
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it's a good wig, though. >>exactly. you never know what you're going to find when you put cameras up. danielle, wet night last night. >>it was a bad evening yesterday. and this morning it's a dry commute but tonight will be impacted for your ride home from work. another day you want to pack the wet-weather gear. it is good news for our drought situation. 42 in boston right now, 53 in it's chilly the farthest north and west you go. 38 in manchester, and 40 in lawrence right now. the fog is widespread and dense. changing visibility as you head out the door this morning. half a mile visibility currently in bedford, a quarter of a mile in marsh field, half a mile in nantucket and chatham. the skies have partially cleared out, but the clouds will move back in. look
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unconfirmed reports of tornadoes from louisiana through tennessee last night. the line will continue to march east. the red boxes are tornado watches that are up mid to late morning for areas of the southeast. for us the leading edge of the rain is filling through western pennsylvania and will be advancing into parts of connecticut as we head into late morning and midday. for us, we get showers through early afternoon and then some downpours for your even commute and it is going to pour overnight. this is half midnight. i wouldn't be surprised -- this is after midnight. i wouldn't be surprised if they have thunder overnight. early tomorrow morning it will be wet in spots, but by 8:00 a.m. the sun's breaking out. and overall tomorrow turns into a pretty nice day especially by the beginning of december standards as we flip the calendar.
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inch and a half for many of us, maybe a little bit less that have north and west of boston. the low departs tomorrow and the sun breaks out. it will be breezy, about 10, 15 degrees above average for this time of year. we will have some rain and snowshoers in the mountains tomorrow. high temperatures today upper 40s and low to mid 50s for most areas of rain tonight, downpours, a rumble of thunder and then 50s tomorrow as the sun breaks out. a little less wind, pleasant on friday, back to normal saturday in the mid 40s. low 40s sunday, no weather-related issues for the 1:00 p.m. kick-off. live look at the mass. pike in brighton and it looks blurry this morning because of the fog
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you might experience some low visibility this morning, but it's not creating issues on the pike right now. 30 minutes from 495 to logan. south of boston we have more dense fog, just a quarter mile visibility. expressway ride is easy, 10 minutes from braintree to the pike. safer cars come from complaints, that is the idea behind a push proposing a rule that auto makers put labels on the advisors of new cars safety complaints. the complaints could lead to an investigation or even a recall. the agency received more than 75,000 complaints last year. chris. thank you very much. have you put your holiday decorations up? this morning we have a warning about how quickly they can go up in flames. engineers at wpi set up a mock living room. they lit it on fire. within 25 seconds the tree was engulfed in fire.
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smoke. experts say it's important to keep trees watered and inspect your lights to make sure there are no frayed wires. with more people doing shopping online, package thieves will have plenty of targets for you. we have these tips. have the package delivered to someone you know hello be home, ask the delivery company -- to someone you know who will be home. make sure you follow online tracking so you know exac expect it. up next, tom brady took his job, now drew bledsoe is getting a laugh. >>hear what he has to say about brady's blocking against the jets. steve burton has highlights from a thrilling shoot-out next
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. shoring up a key member of the offense i have line. >>steve burton has more in your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning the bruins lost 3-2 last night. they had five chances to win it, but they came up short. bruins trailed 2-0 after 2 before evening things up in then the lead cut to 2-1. then just a minute later, the one-timer is blocked in front, but the rebound is swept home. and then 39 seconds late, a penalty shot and he makes the save and we are tied at 2. onto
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david backs keeps the shoot-out alive. mason 45 saves, another 8 in the shoot-out. fliers win 3-2. go to football, patriots get back to work gearing up for sunday's game in foxboro. the rams were destroyed 49-12. and the pats made a move yesterday. is signed to a five-year contract extension. he is having his best season as a patriot. cannon had a bird's eye view of tom brady's attempted blocking during sunday's game against the jet. last night i was at the garden for the 15th annual tradition, and drew bledsoe was an honoree, and i made sure to get his
5:26 am
can you see brady try to make the block. >>hey, tommy, when you're watching this, come on, man, the block was awful. come on, dude. dive early and get off the film. that's what you have to do. >> reporter: that's funny. drew bledsoe is a class act. guys, over to you. >>i loved him so much back in the day, blue bledsoe. >>brady throwing the ball, handing it off. don't get hurt. >> arrested after sitting on a cambridge street. >>a local lawmaker among them and the economic message they hope to spread. >> reporter: this is john keller. the president-elect's threat to criminalize flag burning is the latest installment in a long tradition of political manipulation. why we shouldn't swallow it when
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passengers stranded at logan airport. what they say happened when their flight was deferred. new details this morning about the attack at ohio state university and why investigators think the suspect was inspired by isis. and donald trump calling out protesters at a local college. the tweet about flag burning and why john keller is calling it a strategic move. >>live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this this morning. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. appreciate you being here this wednesday, november 30th. >>can you believe it? where did the month go? december 1st is right around the corner tomorrow, but we'll be mild as we kick off the first day of meteorological winter. 42 in boston right now. 38 in manchester, 34 in concord, but 50s when you get south of town. the fog is thick.
5:31 am
right now. quarter mile visibility in plymouth, half a mile in bedford, lawrence, nashua, 8th of a mile visibility in portsmouth right now. clouds will be advancing back in ahead of our next round of rain that arrives for most of us during the afternoon and evening. the morning is dry, just fog, a few showers arrive midday and then the rain becomes steadier. and it will continue overnight tonight. there may be a or two of sun this morning, owner the morning commute -- overall the morning commute we don't want have too many issues. temperatures in the upper 40s with gusty wind at the coast. let's get you on the roads. a couple of them busy spots, bumper to bumper traffic by the gas tank from an accident
5:32 am
columbia road. you can expect delays early on here. south of boston dense fog on route 3. a quarter of a mile visibility in plymouth, and there is now an accident there. this is on route 3 north. the accident is at exit 4 for plymouth plantation highway. make sure to give yourself some extra room between you and the other cars out there. >>already a tough ride. checking our top stories. frustrated passengers stranded at logan after their flight was deferred. 167 people were baltimore to albany when it was diverted to boston because of fog. they landed just before 1:00 a.m. and southwest says only two people were working the ticket counter forcing passengers to wait for hours to be helped. southwest says they are working to get hotel vouchers for all of the passengers. they will be rebooked on an 8:00 a.m. flight this morning. five families are without a home in lawrence this morning
5:33 am
a mother was rescued by firefighters. everyone got out safely but the building has been deemed a total loss. one prior to was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. to the latest on donald trump's transition. he spoke for a second time with mitt romney who is in the running to be secretary of state. romney had dinner with the president-elect last night and his chief of staff in new york. and earlier in the day p sparked a debate over flag burning using twitter to go after flag burners at hampshire college. >> reporter: good morning. one thing you learn early on in this business, old controversies rarely, if ever, die. case in point, the president-elect's resurrection of one of the most time-tested hot-bent issues there is, flag burning.
5:34 am
burning -- hot-button issues there is. perhaps loss of citizenship according to trump. that won't be happening. the supreme court has twice ruled that flag burning is protected by the first amendment like other offensive speech. and you can take it to the bank that trump isn't serious about challenging that law. he wants to shift focus away from stories about his business conflicts an way hillary clinton did when she was in the senate and 'sponsored a bill to out-- and cosponsored a bill to outlaw flag burning. in many countries burning the flag is a serious crime including in some places with freedom of speech roughly
5:35 am
and juvenile form of expression. we who deplor it are free -- deplore it are free to say so. we shouldn't be baited by politicians who want to use our disgust for it to manipulate us. we are learning more about a potential motive behind the attack at ohio police say there is growing evidence that it was isis inspired. the islamic state called the suspect a solely ger. police say he drove his car into a crowd monday and started slashing people with a knife before he was killed by a campus police officer. 34 people facing charges including a senator after sitting down on a cambridge
5:36 am
wages. the group gathered in central square yesterday. jamie eldridge was arrested. the group goal raising the minimum wage nationwide. other protests were held across the country. police getting in on the mannequin challenge along with some special guests. >>they posted this video with members of the community. police say they created the video during one police academy classes and say all who participated were great sports about t while they were excited to get in on the viral trend, police say most of those featured in the video had never heard of the mannequin challenge. not surprisingly when you're doing it with a group of seniors. >>they should tie this into some sort of fundraiser to make some money on this. >>you're right, something like that. >>it's becoming like the ice bucket challenge.
5:37 am
something. >>i loo i can that idea. we're going to think more about this and get back to you. still ahead, a closer look at the record-breaking sales cyber monday. plus donald trump's win hurting tiffany's bottom line, why they're seeing a drop in sales. >> reporter: one prior to injured and 20 people displaced as a result of a fire. coming up we'll have some video for you showing the fast-moving flames. weather watchers chec 40s and even 50s when you get south of town right now. we're tracking round two of rain coming in today. temperature-wise south of the city of boston, clouds and patchy fog. we'll time out when the next round of rain moves in
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cyber monday is one for the
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and donald trump making his picks for important cabinet positions. jill wagner schiff at the new york exchange with today's money watch -- is live at the new york stock exchange with today's money watch. >> reporter: steve mnuchin has financed some of hollywood big if i ams and he has been confirmed as the nomination by donald trump. the nomination by donald trump. tiffany's sales are down. of course, they're located next to trump tour, home to the president-elect. there have been protests outside the building and a lot of extra security, and that's made it difficult for shoppers. cyber monday broad in a record $3.45 billion in online sales, 12% more than last year. there was a huge jump in the
5:42 am
kate. >>jill, thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow morning. i was on my phone a lot for black friday. >>i know. there were such good deals. coming up, staying under budget this holiday season. >>we've got tips to help you celebrate and shop without going broke. >> reporter: frustrated southwest passengers are stranded at logan airport for several hours overnight after their flight from baltimore to albany is diverted to on
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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a rare sighting in new hampshire this weekend. take a look at this little guy. a fish and game officer came across this albino porcupine. biologists estimate that one never 10,000 porcupines albino. the albino porcupines aren't as dangerous as normal ones because they can't throw their kills. -- quills. >>it looks a lot less threatening than a regular porcupine. >>it looks soft and fuzzy. >>i'd go right up and i'd probably get stabbed. >>we want one as a pet. >>and across between a cat and a
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>>like a bunny. >>it is cute. such a rare sight. a lot of people already asking about the weekend. it's wednesday. we're halfway there. saturday and sunday it does look bright and turning cooler. outdoor plans will be good to go this weekend. a lot of holiday events kicking off this weekend. 45 on saturday, a little bit cooler with sun and clouds sunday. 42 degrees in boston right now. 53 in taunton, 30s north colder depending on where you are north of boston for the most part. fog, current visibility, zero in marsh field. the fog is thick and widespread. other than that, we may get a break or two of sunshine in a few spots. and then the clouds win out and that's ahead of the next round of rain extending all the way back down to thunderstorms, scattered thunderstorms right now through louisiana stretching up through alabama and
5:47 am
with this disturbance coming in. the leading edge is coming back through pennsylvania, west virginia, through d.c. and advancing to the north and east. for us the rain arrives by early afternoon. the morning is dry, shower or two by midday, isolated, but once again late day between 2:00 and 4:00 steady rain moves in and it willpower for your evening commute. i wouldn't be surprised to see or see some lightning in isolated spots. between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow the rain wraps up, 8:00 a.m. we have some sun. how much rain today? half an inch to an inch and a half for most of us. that's on top of the welcome rain we had yesterday, so putting a little bit of a dent in the stream drought conditions. -- the
5:48 am
most of us in the upper 40s to the low 50s here. we're already in the 50s south of town. we'll stay steady in the 50s today. tomorrow definitely a brisk feel. temperatures will be in the 50s for highs for the first day of december. that would be kind of a normal december day. temperatures will be running in the mid 40s as we head into the coming weekend and about as we head into saturday and sunday. accident on route 3 in plymouth has cleared, but we have a new crash on 495 north in middlesboro. two cars have gone into the woods after exit 4 and route 105. there is fog in this area. make sure you use extra caution this morning. expressway already jammed up past the gas tank thanks to an earlier accident at columbia
5:49 am
right now, a water main break in the theater district is causing street closures. 9 break is in the area of 655 washington street, detowers and closures are set up around neland and washington street. thank you very much for that update. a fast-moving fire destroys a multi-family home in lawrence. and passengers stranded at logan airport. passengers here at logan airport tell me they waited in line for several hours overnight with no answers from southwest airlines. 167 people were on board the flight from baltimore to albany. southwest tells us the plane was unable to land because of heavy fog, so the plane was diverted to boston. passengers say when they got here around 12:30 this morning there was just one person working at the ticket counter and no one seemed to know what to do. some people who called southwest tell me
5:50 am
to just wait in line. many people got new tickets not long ago and they still have more than 2 hours before their plane is scheduled to take off again. now the -- how the passengers say the situation should have been handled coming up. live in from logan anna meiler, wbz this morning. >> reporter: i'm live in lawrence where a fire destroyed this home. you can see how fierce the flames were in this video. i can tell approximately 20 people are displaced as a result of the fire ripping through the home tuesday afternoon. many of the residents were not at home when the fire broke out, but the firefighters did find one woman on the 3rd floor who had he helped evacuate. she was trying to gather belongings before she left. she was not injured. one prior to suffered minor injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we're live in lawrence, nicole
5:51 am
searching for this vehicle. they say the driver is wanted for questioning in a recent theft. if you recognize the vehicle, call police. aaron hernandez is filing a lawsuit claiming his jail house phone calls were hacked. the database was hacked in 2014 just before he went on trail for the murder of he's serving life for first degree murder. hillary clinton made a surprise appearance in support of katy perry. perry was being honored in new york city last night. mrs. clinton introduced perry and the two shared a hug. herry was a support of corporate representative's campaign. the senate will be honoring -- was a supporter of
5:52 am
leaders. chris coons first suggested honoring biden has he hold the seat of vice president. it's easy to get carried away during the holiday season until the bills come n financial experts say you should make a budget -- come in. financial experts say you should make a budget and stick to it. pay cash because the act of handing over actual money overspending. and rethink your gift list so you're only buying for the people you really want to buy for. i'm still on the list, kate? >>yes. patagonia's black friday hit a record-breaking $10 million and the company is donating all of t patagonia is keeping its promise to donate 100% of its black friday sales to more than 800 environmental groups around the world. the annual toys for tots
5:53 am
they will collect new, unwrapped toys at state police barracks. you can also donate at most fire stations, walgreens stores. the state is paying special tribute to gold star families around the holidays. charlie baker was among those on hand as a tree was dedicated to massachusetts residents killed in military service. the governmental says transcends politics even in a divisive time for the country. still to come this morning, proof that dreams really do come true. >>just not your dreams and my dreams. a group of co-workers picking up their power ball winnings. could any of them
5:54 am
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5:56 am
for anyone who's ever played in proof dreams can come true. >>just not yet for us. a group of 20 co-workers in tennessee cashed in a power ball ticket yesterday worth more than $420 million. each will get nearly $13 million before taxes. no word yet if they'll retire from their jobs at a manufacturing plant. how many did we have in our pool? >>a lot. well, i don't know,
5:57 am
didn't join the pool, how does bud say i'm not going to -- >>you didn't give us your five dollars. >>exactly. your top stories are straight ahead for your wednesday this morning on wbz. we'll be right back energy costs go up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you is changing. but we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve.
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ams in the nation, we're committed to helping you manage the energy you use.
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this says wbz this morning. good morning i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. it's wednesday november 30th. nearly 200 passengers stranded at logan airport overnight. and breaking news three people killed as storms slam the south. president-elect donald trump announcing his first big deal. plus what mitt romney is saying a water main break in boston's theater district. let's get a check of the wednesday forecast after a rough tuesday, danielle, a bit of a break before more wet weather. >>round two moves in later today. temperatures right now, depending on where you are, 30s north of down, 44 in boston, but 50s when you get from taught en down to the cape. wide range in temperatures. a lot of fog that's wide


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