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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this says wbz this morning. good morning i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. it's wednesday november 30th. nearly 200 passengers stranded at logan airport overnight. and breaking news three people killed as storms slam the south. president-elect donald trump announcing his first big deal. plus what mitt romney is saying a water main break in boston's theater district. let's get a check of the wednesday forecast after a rough tuesday, danielle, a bit of a break before more wet weather. >>round two moves in later today. temperatures right now, depending on where you are, 30s north of down, 44 in boston, but 50s when you get from taught en down to the cape. wide range in temperatures. a lot of fog that's wide
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widespread. changing visibility. other than that, we may get a peek or two of sunshine coming up early this morning. that's ahead of rain filling back in for us particularly late in the day. our morning commute is dry, isolated showers through early afternoon. have the umbrella or rain coat with you. rain becomes steady between about 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. and ramps up from there. heavy downpours. here's the 3:06 for your evening commute. ent and continue continues autonyms tonight. patchy fog this morning -- and the rain continues tonight. we'll take you through the weekend coming up. let's get you on the roads. a couple of issues. two largest traffic problems right now south of boston on the expressway. a crash is taking up the left lane at columbia
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south of boston we have two cars in the woods after exit 4 and route 105. we have slow traffic there, nothing major. there is dense fog in this area. we also have breaking news in boston. a major water main break in the theater district. these are live images from the scene right now. this is causing some street closures. the break is in the street. detowers and closures are being set up around neland and washington streets. we will bring you more updates as we get them. new overnight frustrated passengers suddenly stranded at logan after their flight was diverted. >>let's get out to anna meiler live at logan airport this morning with reaction from some passengers. >> reporter: and, chris, there
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four to four and a half hours overnight trying to get back on their plane that was diverted here to logan airport. southwest tells us the flight from baltimore was unable to land in albany, new york, because of heavy fog, so the plane was diverted here. passengers tell us the plane landed around 12:30 this morning and they say they waited in line for hours with no answers. passengers say there was only one person boring the ticket counter and no on some people tell me they called southwest and were told they had to wait here in line. many passengers are frustrated. there doesn't seem to be a plan in place for a situation like this. >>nobody offered us water, a woman with her child a cot. we were neglected. >>i've never seen this before. i'm a pilot and i have spent my whole career at airports and i
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i'd like to see a refund of our tickets and a voucher and an apology. >> reporter: southwest tells us they offered complimentary vouchers to passengers for hotels here in boston, but passengers i talked to said that wouldn't do them any good because they needed to wait in line for new tickets and their plane is scheduled to take off this morning. reporting live from logan airport anna meiler, wbz this morning. and breaking news from alabama this morning, three people killed and as storms swept through the state. the victims were inside a mobile home. more a dozen structures have been destroyed. there were unconfirmed reports of tornadoes in the area. donald trump making good on a campaign promise. the president-elect and the carrier air conditioning company say they've reached a deal to keep about 1,000 jobs in indiana instead of moving them to mexico. details of the deal are expected to be announced tomorrow when trump and pence
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announce more cabinet positions as he continues to interview candidates for secretary of state. cbs's roxana saberi has the latest. >> reporter: mitt romney emerged from his second meeting with president-elect donald trump singing his former rival's praises. >>he did something i tried to do and was unsuccessful. he won the general election. and he continues with message of bringing people to together. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor who had dinner mr. trump and his chief of staff tuesday night is said to be on the short list for secretary of state as is bob corker, and the former cia director and rudy giuliani. >>i think what you're witnessing is a leader in president-elect donald trump who wants to take in all the options.
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learned the president-elect has said to officially nominate steve mnuchin as treasury secretary and wilbur ross as secretary of commerce. he kicks off his victory tour tomorrow. roxana saberi, cbs news. >>steve bannon will not attend an event today at harvard's institute of politics. it's unclear why he pulled out of the planned appearance, but students had planned to protest his attendance. fire for his ties to bright bart news. downed wires in med way closed roads -- in medway closed roads. you can see the scene. the road was closed between milford and adams as crews worked to clean up the wires and restore pour. the road was reopened around midnight. in ipswich a utility worker
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last night. the lands man directing the utility truck was hit by a camp we're told his injuries are serious -- by a car. we're told his injuries are serious. five families burned out of their homes by a fast-moving fire. nicole jacobs is live in lawrence with the details. nicole. >> reporter: kate, fortunately everyone was out of this building. many were at work when the fire broke out except for one woman, but you just how extensive the damage is. firefighters went inside and found the woman on the 3rd floor. fire sweeps through this home in lawrence tuesday afternoon. cell phone video shows the intensity. those who lived here watched in horror. >>all i saw was a huge pile of smoke and the fire. the flames were just great. >> reporter: firefighters respond to the scene making a
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essence. >>we found a woman on the right side 3rd floor of the building. our crews helped her evacuate. >> reporter: approximately 20 people live here, many of them children. although this mother and her three children are safe, she lost everything. >>i feel sad for them. i will try to help them. i live around here. >> reporter: one woman had a seizure outside of the building. she and a prior to who suffered minor injuries were taken to the hospital. the exact cause of the blaze is investigation. taking a live look here at the home, the fire chief says there were many challenges in fighting this fire. he says power lines was a challenge as well as the age and structure of the building. the mayor says it had been renovated over the last couple of years, and he described it as beautiful. unfortunately in this case, there isn't much to salvage for the residents. we're live in lawrence, nicole
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a robbery suspect shot and killed by police in lynn was no stranger to the law. 41 michael mcginnis of mauled en had a lengthy criminal record -- from malden had a lengthy criminal record. an elderly woman tried to stop them before he escaped. police shot mcginnis yesterday morning after they say he robbed a gas station in lynn getting away with about $150. >>the individual had his hands in his pockets. the officers ordered him to sho he refused to do so and continued to come at the officers. eventually one of the officers fired his weapon hitting the individual. >>investigators say mcginnis threatened to shoot the gas station clerk. there was no word if he actually had a gun on him. the d.a.'s office is investigating the shooting. the fire chief is under fire accused of using public funds to buy himself clothing. he was
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recognizance yesterday. we've learned each prior to gets about $1,000 a year for clothing. the town's board chair believes he was using his and other prior to's clothing allowance all for himself. the gazette reports he also reports he bought several items of women's clothing. police are searching for this vehicle saying the driver is wanted for questioning in a recent theft. if you recognize the vehicle in washington, d.c. today meeting with the u.s. army chief of staff at the pentagon to discuss the massachusetts military task force and the state of our military installations. he's also meeting with amtrak's president. and tonight he will accept an award for public official of the year. coming up on wbz this morning, the problem that might delay the start of massachusetts' new marijuana
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could soon cost you. the push to charge customers for ape and plastic bags. driver complaints wanted as part of a new push to make cars safer. we'll have the details. the boston company behind a new supersonic jet. and breaking news out of boston, new video of a major water main break right now in the theater district is causing street closures. brianna will update the impact on your traffic kate, good morning to you. we're tracking round two of rain coming in today. a dry start to the morning, temperatures gradually hitting the upper 40s with showers arriving midday. downpours for your evening commute. i'll take you through the hour-by-hour and let you know when the rain wraps up
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. mario vatale has opened a theme park of italian food. eataly is not just a restaurant but four under one roof, five bars, and a market. the three
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been opened around the world. >>i can't even tell you time you can spend in these places. >>and how much you can eat. >>exactly. field trip. >>are they open now? breakfast sounds good. >>what was not good was the evening commute yesterday. today it'll likely be similar with areas of rain and i couldn't hear pours as round two moves in. a couple of things to contend wi right now, 53 in taunton, upper 30s in lawrence. it could be a lot worse, a lot colder this time of the year. we're almost at december 1st. what we are contending with this morning is fog, and it's dense and widespread across new england. you can barely see in portsmouth right now. same in province town and marsh field. there will be some rapidly changing visibility conditions as you head out the door.
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morning, once the sun comes up, just over 40 minutes from now, will be replaced by clouds. moisture down to our south extends all the way back down to the gulf coast states where we have tornado watches up from louisiana stretching up into northwest georgia with a line of thunderstorms ahead with a history of producing tornadoes. just a sight of how much moisture and energy is with this thing. the leader band steady rain is advancing for us and will be continuing to lift to the northeast. for us a dry start this morning. by midday we get a couple of showers moving in, and the rain fills in between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. notice through your evening heavy downpours will continue right through the first part of the overnight. i wouldn't be surprised if a few communities wake up to rumbles of thunder.
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tomorrow 5:00 a.m. still heavy rain in eastern massachusetts. but ital wrap up by 8:00 a.m. the sun will break out and tomorrow turns into a nice day. how much rain today? half an inch to an inch and a half on top of what we got yesterday, perhaps less on cape cod. that's welcome news for the drought-stricken areas. a little bit of a relief in of the overall deficit. we stay dry, for the weekend and we turn cooler on saturday and sunday. highs around 50 in boston, already in the 50s south of town and we stay there. pretty steady tonight areas of rain. wind will get gusty and then highs tomorrow go into the mid to upper 50s, not feeling like
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weekend looking dry but cooler, 40s saturday and sunday. a car spun out on route 6 heading westbound onto the sagamore bridge. something to keep in mind if you're heading into the city from the cape. we have a multi car crash in middlesboro after exit 4. two cars went into the woods. are dealing with widespread fog this morning. checking back in on the expressway, the accident is still blocking the left lane by columbia road. traffic is backed up to the split this morning. we have breaking news out of boston, a major water main break in the theater district flooding streets and causing closure in the area of 655 washington street and detowers and closures are
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closures -- detowers are being set up -- detours are being set up. a rule has been proposed that auto makers put labels on the advisors of new cars with instructions on how to file safety complaints. the complaints could lead to an investigation or a recall. the agency received more than 75,000 complaints last year alone. a boston company looking to manufacture a stages of development right now, spike aerospace says the plane could make it from new york to los angeles in just over three hours. the startup is one of three u.s. companies looking to revive supersonic technology with a focus on high-end business travel. recreational marijuana is set to become legal in two weeks but the start could be delayed. a ballot initiative passed by
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by the governor's council. they meet every wednesday and secretary of state william galvin tells the globe the earliest the tallies will be presented is on the 14th. he added the election fell later than usual this year and they have to wait for overseas and military ballots. consumers could have to pay for bags at the grocery store, 5 cents for all paper and plastic customers to bring re-useable bags. the issue will be discussed at city's -- today's city council meeting. coming up this morning, more charter schools coming to massachusetts. >>the plans residents can weigh in on today. a dog escapes a flight to texas. now the airline's using social media to help track the pet down. and the warning from local
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. parents and taxpayers will have their first chance to hear about the final applications for four new charter schools. the applications were submitted over the summer for schools in bridge and westfield. -- sturbridge and westfield. lynn and westfield would open in 2018. 34 people facing charges including a state senator from a wage protest in cambridge who blocked a street yesterday morning. jamie eldridge was arrested. their goal was raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour throughout the country. other rallies were held at logan
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in what was called a national day of disruption. the state is paying special trip ute to gold star families around the holidays. charlie baker was on hand as a tree was dedicated to massachusetts residents killed in military service. photos of the men and women decorate the tree. the governor says the sacrifice transcends politics even in a divisive time in the country. a reminder how home, engineers set up a mock living room with a dry tree and lit it on fire. within 25 seconds the branches were engulfed and in just over a minute the entire room was filled with fire and smoke. experts say keep your tree watered and inspect your lights on the tree to make sure there are no frayed wires. the national board of review just named manchester buy the
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screenplay. the movie stars casey affleck as a janitor who returns them to take care of his nephew after his brother's death. it was filmed mainly on the north shore and was produced by matt damon. an airline that lost a dog is turning to social media to try to find it. the airline. nterjet has tweeted photos her return. the owner says they didn't tell her the dog was lost until they arrived in houston. >>yikes. i would lose my mind. ahead in our next half hour the surprise appearance from hillary clinton last night. and donald trump's latest controversial tweet to punish people who burn the u.s. flag. could it actually happen? we're watching a water main break flooding the streets of boston right now. the latest on
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. breaking news right now at 6:30 a big water main break sending water through the
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a big impact on traffic in the area. a long night for passengers stranded at logan airport, their flight diverted. they're sharing frustrations. a call for holiday donations. the annual toys for tots drive kicking off today. how you can help out. >>live from the channel studios in boston, this is wbz -- the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. it is wednesday, the fina the calendars tomorrow, danielle, and tomorrow's going to feel like the beginning of fall. >>it's not going to feel like december, that's for sure. we're going to be about 10 degrees above average. we have fog out there this morning up and down the connecticut river. a dense fog has been issued for visibility a quarter of a mile unless until 9:00 a.m. this morning. you'll see rapidly changing conditions this morning.
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marsh field. nonetheless fog is really the only thing holding you back this morning. 44 in boston, but 50ss taunton, 37 in manchester, 39 in keene. clouds will be filling back in and a limited sunshine once the sun comes up. notice showers extending into central portions of pennsylvania arriving midday and early afternoon. even though it's dry now you want have the umbrella or rain development another evening commute feet trying to think downpours -- umbrella or rain coat. a few showers midday and steady rain with heavy downpours slowing you down for your even rush. a dryer end to the week. we'll talk about that -- a drier end to the week. we have breaking news out of boston.
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china town flooding streets and causing closures. the break is in the area of 65 washington street. detours and closures are being set up around kneeland and washington. we have a live look at back-up on route 1 south right now. this is from a crash at lynn street. heavy delays at a complete standstill back to the lynnfeld parkway. we have heavy delays in the cape car spun out on the bridge. expect delays in that area. thank you very much. new overnight frustrated passengers stuck at logan airport after their flight was diverted. >>anna meiler is live at logan with the latest from there. >> reporter: kate, there were 167 southwest passengers waiting here for four to four and a half hours overnight trying to get back on their plane that was diverted here to logan airport. southwest tells us the flight from baltimore was unable to
6:33 am
heavy fog, so the plane was diverted here. passengers tell us the plane landed around 12:30 this morning and say they waited for hours with no answer from southwesterly passengers say there was only one person here working the -- with no answers from southwest. some people were told they just had to wait here in line. i talked to one mom who said there should have been a plan in place. >>i've asked child to sleep on three times, and no one's brought anything. no food, water. the line hasn't moved. >>i'd like to see a refund of our tickets and a voucher and an apology. >> reporter: southwest tells us they offered complimentary passengers to vouchers for hotels in boston. passengers told us it wouldn't have done them any good because they had to wait in line for new
6:34 am
to take off at 810 this morning. reporting live from logan anna meiler, wbz this morning. the estate of linda carmen, the woman who's presumed dead after a boating accident will be controlled -- linda and nathan carmen were fishing when their boat sank back in september. nathan was rescued 100 miles off martha's vineyard, but lind never found. hillary clinton making a surprise appearance in support of katy perry. perry was being honored in new york city last night. mrs. clinton introduced her and the two shared a hug. she was an outspoken supporter of clinton's campaign and appeared at rallies around the country. house democrats will vote for their leader today, and another massachusetts congressman is throwing his support behind nancy pelosi's challenger.
6:35 am
americans sent a clear message during the election that the status quo is not working. stephen lynch announced his support for ryan this week. donald trump is calling for consequences for anyone who burns the american flag. he tweeted, "nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do there should be consequences ." the comment comes college in amherst. the supreme court has twice ruled that flag burning is protected expression under the first amendment. >>president-elect donald trump would be hard pressed to find someone who is capable of being on the supreme court who wouldn't necessarily follow the president. >>the president of hampshire college is set to speak with
6:36 am
flag flying again on campus. a curfew is in effect in tennessee where three people have died in a wildfire. this video shows the scene as families drove away from the flames. hundreds of homes and buildings have been destroyed or damaged by the fire which fred quickly due to hurricane-force winds -- which spread quickly due to hurricane-force winds. five families burned out of their homes by a fire. nicole jacobs is live on the scene in lawrence with the details. >> reporter: chs, here behind me. the destruction, the magnitude of it all, completely charred there. approximately 20 people are now displaced. the fire ripped through the home tuesday afternoon. many residents were not at home when the fire broke out, but firefighters found one woman on the 3rd floor who they helped evacuate. they say she was trying to gather belongings up there. those who watched the
6:37 am
help. >>i feel sad for them. i will try to help them. i live around here. i will donate clothes. they need help right now. >> reporter: and you're thinking a live look at the home and wires that are attached to the home. this is one of the challenges the fire chief says they had when they arrived here at the building as well as the age of the structure. according to the mayor, this building was recently last couple of days, he called it beautiful when it was complete, but now just charred ruins and not much to be salvaged for residents. that's the latest from lawrence, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. ordinary people could be trained as friendships to be prepared for a terrorist -- as first responders to be prepared for a terrorist attack.
6:38 am
building for almost 90 minutes before police gave the all clear. the black boxes have been covered from the plane that crashed in columbia with a soccer team on board. 6 people survived the crash. 71 people were killed. this is columbia worst air crash in two decades. fans around the world are mourning the deaths of the players. the team was hoping to win a championship. south america's soccer federation has cancelled all matches. left havana on a caravan across cuba. the trip will trace his victorious march to the capital. huge crowds turned out last night for a memorial. presidents from 7 nations were on hand. he died last week. two massachusetts schools are promising to protect undocumented immigrants on their campus. harvard drew gillpin
6:39 am
campus police will continue to not ask anyone's immigration status and they say they will continue to not volunteer information on immigration status. the president also released a similar statement from smith college. a campus man accused of attacking another man was arrested yesterday for assault and battery on an elderly punch. police say he punched a 67-year-old man in the face after the man complained abt the victim suffered injuries to his lip and face. falmouth police are searching for a suspect accused of stealing a purse from an alleyed woman inside a store. police released this video of the woman they say stole several hundred dollars in cash and gift cards from a shopping cart in wal-mart. the incident happened around 5:00 monday night. anyone with information is asked to contact the police. the annual toys for tots campaign kicks off today. the
6:40 am
toys at state police barracks. you can also donate at most fire stations and walgreens stores. and another sign of the season, the boston symphony's holiday pops concert will begin tonight, a total of 41 holiday concerts will occur this season with santa clause at work flying around the world. >>doesn't leave themselves a lot of time. a big announcement from donald trump. and kales on his second meeting with mitt romney. deadly storms strike in alabama overnight. a life-changing win for a group of co-workers in tennessee who just claimed a huge power ball jackpot. >>that was supposed to be us,
6:41 am
in with temperatures in the 30s and 40s for most of us. let's check in north of boston. stephen says 37 degrees in methuen right now. more rain for later this morning. it will fill in. timing it out hobber
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. for anyone who's played in an office lottery pool, here's proof dreams do come >>-- here's proof dreams do come true. >>a group cashed in more than $420 million yesterday. each will get nearly $13 million after taxes. >>i hope they will retire. that company's got to have a hiring spree or something going on, because they're about to have a lot of job openings. >>got to have some people waiting in the wings for the jobs. >>i'm so happy for them,
6:45 am
anything. >>$13 million and taxes after that, who wants that. i'm blaming this on chris, by the way, because he got our hopes up saying he was feeling lucky. dense fobbing advisories up until 9:00 a.m. this morning -- fog advisories up until 9:00 a.m. this morning. the fog is widespread and thick out there. be aware of change visibility. current visibility has improved a little bit in lawrence. three-quarters of a vineyard and nantucket. wide range in temperatures from the 30s to the north, 44 in boston and low 50s in taught en and 54 in chatham. limited peaks of sunshine and we may get one or two now that the sun is coming up in about 7 minutes. the rain will move in back across pennsylvania and extends down to
6:46 am
that was -- this is the same line responsible for the tornadoes last night. parts of georgia, alabama, and parts of tennessee and louisiana too with lots of rain. for us just the fog, but then at midnight the showers will start to fill in between 1 and 3:00. heavy downpours mainly focused north and west of boston for your evening commute. to fall steadily and at times heavily overnight tonight and into the pre-dawn tomorrow. 5:00 a.m. still heavy downpours in eastern massachusetts. if you're an early commuter these will show off the coastline very quickly. we'll dry out by 6:00 or 6:30. thursday turns into a nice day. on top of the rainfall we had yesterday, another inch and a half.
6:47 am
overall deficit. highs today, 50 in boston, wind coming off the ocean, upper 40s to low 50s for many of us, above average this time of the year. keep in mind we're almost at december 1st. we should be in the mid 40s. 50s right now south of town. temperatures stay steady tonight. areas of rain, i can't rule out an isolated rumble of thunder although no severe weather tonight. and highs tomorrow come into the 50s, breezy and mild with a d clouds with wind gusts occasionally. and a dry and quiet end to the week with high pressure for the weekend but cooler with temperatures in the low to mid 40s. danielle, route 1 still at a standstill, no improvements here. there's an accident that's really back up traffic here to walnut street. other major certain is the northbound side of the expressway with an
6:48 am
traffic is backed up down the braintree split down to route 3. a water main break on the border of the theater district and china town flooding streets and causing closures. this break in the area of 655 washington street so detours and closures being isn't around kneeland and washington. we have a crew at the scene. we'll continue to bru you updates. thank you very much. 6:48 right now. checking top frustrated passengers stuck at logan passengers after their flight was diverted. >>167 people were on board a southwest flight when it was diverted to boston because of fog. they landed just before 1:00 a.m. southwest says only two people were working the ticket counter forcing passengers to wait for hours to be helped. southwest says all of the passengers are being rebooked on a flight this morning. three people have been killed as torn toes hit alabama
6:49 am
through the state. the three victims were inside a mobile home. there were more injuries and up to 20 other buildings were destroyed. donald trump making good on a campaign promise. the president-elect and the carrier air condition company say they've reached a deal to keep about 1,000 jobs in indiana instead of moving them to mexico. details of the deal are expected to be announced tomorrow when trump and mike pence travel to indianapolis. the president-elect met for the second time with mitt they had dinner alongside trump's chief of staff. romney is on the short list for secretary of state praised trump after the meeting saying he has hope that trump can lead the country to a better future. still to come this wednesday morning, a shoot-out between the bruins and the fliers. we'll see how it ended. and stock rivers losing his cool, why it took several
6:50 am
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the bruins getting a tough battle with the fliers last night. the game was tied at 2 at the end head to a shoot-out. the b's had five chances to twin. and despite the good shoot-out performance, the bruins lost on the road 3-2. they're back at home thursday to take on the hurricanes. >>they were desperate too. i think that's accurate. former sell tinges coach rivers getting furious and he
6:54 am
clippers players and coaches. the nets got several foul shots from the technical and won the game in double overtime. >>it looks like our producer when i missed. >>wouldn't that be funny if you got so mad over stuff during the newscast and somebody had to hold you back. tim tebow says he lost out on $1 million in endorsements because of bill -- bill belichick. >>the coach told him he didn't want tebow to do the endorsement because it would be a distraction for him and the team. he says turned it down to try to impress the coach but he was cut anyways. >>somebody needs to write a check to somebody here. 6:54 now. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7. >> reporter: ahead on cbs this morning we're in tennessee with the families who lost everything in the wildfire that is still burning.
6:55 am
morning inside guantanamo bay with a look at what is next for the controversial prison. the news is back in the morning.
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yesterday, hopefully you have some better news for us. >>rain moving back in. evening commute will feature rain. rain tonight, maybe an isolated thunderstorm and then 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. it's out of here. i have a mess to tell you guys about, a major water main break on the border of the theater district and china town. just avoid the area. >>grab your bathing suits on your way to work. we'll later on.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 30th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a possible tornado kills three people as powerful storms rock alabama and town, destroying homes and businesses near the great smoky mountains. >> president-elect trump hits the down with former rival mitt romney as speculation swirls about a secretary of state announcement. plus, we are in indianapolis where air-conditioning giant carrier says it's reached a deal with mr. trump to keep 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico. and we continue our "issues that matter" series.


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