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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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with breaking news. a body found in lawrence near the river off of water street. they are reporting that that body was decapitated. state and local detectives are still there on the scene. we have a crew on the way gathering information for you and we'll bring any new details as soon as we get them. also breaking news, rob gronkowski has a herniated disc and will go under the knife tomorrow. he might miss the this injury is just the latest in a series of issues for him. >> how the team fared without him, steve burton is live at the cbs scene. wow steve. >> reporter: that is the question. how will this team fair without gronk. they played their fair share of games without him. there is no question about that. his absence has been felt. he is a dangerous weapon for tom brady and the offense so
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when he injured his back. we know he suffered a chest injury against the seahawks earlier this month. he may have hurt his back diving for along pass. earlier today, we spoke with the doctor and he talks about whether this could be career ending coming up at 6:00. thanks so facebook, can the patriots win without gronk? >> fans feel good about it. 3/4s still see the patriots going the distance. >> tied up in his own home. a 71-year-old man the victim of a robbery. police say three masked men jumped him and tased him. the robbers were looking for gold. >> neighbors say the 71-year-
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is nice and watches over his neighborhood, but someone has apparently been watching mike and brutallized him wednesday evening. >> he is a really nice guy. he would do anything for you. he is a great guy. >> reporter: police say three men broke into mike's home, tied him up and then repeatedly tased him demanding he turn over the gold but there was no gold. >> it is sad, because things happen when we don't we didn't watch him. he spent a lot of time at this coffee shop where friends say he was a collector of stuff and maybe some old coins but not enough to make anybody try to rob him. >> i'm scared because if something happened to him and he doesn't do anything. >> he was tied up for four hours before finally getting free and calling police. he is now hospitalized and the
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still out there. i'm bill shields, wbz news. a police chase end the witness a cruiser crashing into a car that was being chased. they responded to a call about shots fired when they turned onto the street, a car sped away and then stopped. two people ran out, but police didn't see that in time and crashed right into the parked car. the owner of the car was still inside. police say they caught him with a stun gun and the other two people are still missing. the officers were not seriously hurt. the new look at the scene where four boston police officers were hit by a driver. surveillance video shows police arriving on the scene last week and off screen the suspect's car hits the four officers. moments later the car comes tearing down the street as other officers jump out of the way before joining the chase. the suspect is being held on $75,000 bail.
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about a woman charged with convincing her teenage boyfriend to take his own life. the girl's defense attorney will be able to use the victim's facebook page in her defense. >> reporter: michelle carter appeared with her attorney thursday as both sides gear up for trial. carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter accused of encouraging her boyfriend to with his suicide attempt. he was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. facebook recently turned over 20,000 pages of his activity on the site. >> we know he was communicating with other people, too, so through the discovery, i want to see who he was communicating with and what he was saying about his mindset. >> the judge approved it and
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she convinced her boyfriend to kill herself. >> you understand the impulse controls and las cruces of control they have over some of the things they do and say. >> a large issue is they both took it. >> in a cause of his death, could have been the medication that he was taking that increases the sault side dal ideation, not th michelle carter. >> but the judge te need that request. >> what she did to mr. . >> he plans to appeal that decision. prosecutors plan to pursue an expert of their own. the judge says it will get under way in february. we have breaking news just into the wbz newsroom from washington. the white house and the
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sport military draft. i will have more information about this on the "cbs evening news." well, a controversial gas pipeline running through some boston neighborhoods is open here. lisa has a closer look. >> they said the line will be used to send natural gas to homes, schools and others for heat. neighbors have been protesting this pipeline for nearly two years. it runs next to a quarry where woer the city has tried to work with the gas company to relocate this line, but so far no luck. >> it is really frustrating especially when we can get the gas in in other ways. >> it is never too late. the city has filed briefs appealing the pipe lane's location but a decision is not expected until nextier. fans cheered one last time
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soccer team killed in a plane crash in colombia. [crowd noise] >> brazil's football team was scheduled to play in its biggest match ever last night. instead thousands of the fans gathered to mourn the players, coaches and staff who were killed in that plane crash. some surviving teammates were there, as well to watch as those doves were released at the stadium. 11 people held hostage in a credit union are at one point the robber put a gun to the back of the head of one of those hostages. the s.w.a.t. team moved into rescue the group when two people hiding in that bank made a run for it distract the gunman. that suspect is now in custody. >> >> more severe weather for the south overnight. this time it was the carolinas that took the brunt of it. over the past two days, there have been more than a dozen
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at least five people were killed, dozens of others hurt. firefighters in tennessee are making slow progress getting the flames that tore through gatlinburg under control. that town is the home of country music legend dolly parton. we want to give a hand up to all those families that lost everything in the fires and to recover, we want to make sure the dolly wood foundation provides $1,000 a month to all their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. >> she grew up not far away. the fires killed ten people and damaged or destroyed 700 buildings. more than 14,000 people have been forced to evacuate. still ahead, we have a sour note on something sweet. >> the new push for a soda caps in massachusetts. >> seconds from disaster. how police officers saved a
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car. he starts looking for christmas decorations. no. seriously. >> i can't wait to hear that one. >> we're tracking mild temperatures across the area. some of our weather watchers checking in saying temperatures are rather mild for this time of the year. meteorological winter is upon us. happy first day of the season. partly cloudy skies. beautiful temperatures start for december. soon we'll see highs 30s. when that will happen coming up
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llywood. on the money watch. massachusetts could be the next state to slap attacks on soda. kay khan plans to file a proposal in the new year. her plan wouldn't really create a new tax. it would apply the regular state sales tax to soda which is currently exempt from that.
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hacked. a cyber security firm said that more than 1.3 million phones may have been hit by malware. once on your phone, it can access your data. it cam from ill legitimate apps. the patriots and all the nfl games you see here on wbz are coming to cbs all access. a deal just announced will allow all ss watch livestreams of cbs nfl games on their commuter, tablet and smart tvs. >> it has found a way to cut the amount of sugar in its change has by 40% without impacting the taste. researchers found a way to structure sugar molecules differently so it tastes sweet ter in smaller amounts. nestle will start using that
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2018. 40% less but people are going to eat double the amount. give me another one. >> cookie orders coming in by the hundreds. >> one restaurant is stepping up to make sure this special business owner has a bigger place. another great story at 6:00. breaking the cycle of poverty one family at a time. the local program helping single moms in our area earn a
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this is a fiery res crew caught on camera. police officers in connecticut rushed to save a driver trapped into a burning car.
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the range rover crashed into some trees pinning the driver in the front seat. then the suv caught fire. policeman anded to open the tailgate and grab the driver's arm and shoulder to pull him to safety. >> they stole weapons and am blood pressure this. it shows when a truck drove through the front of the store. you can see that mob wearing masks and hoods taking off with dozens of weapons. where those weapons went. no arrests yet. video of the day. a beaver just doing some christmas shopping. workers at a dollar store snapped these pictures of the little guy going through the lights and animal control had to take the beaver back into the wild. >> look how cute. >> he is walking around going where is all the wood? where are the logs? we're looking for the wood section. >> he is just like us.
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done. >> yes. >> such a pain. >> despite all the rain we had which felt great, it wasn't enough still. >> really? >> it was downpouring last night. >> interesting thing here, the drought monitor was updated as it is every thursday morning and it is basically unchanged but it didn't take into the account the rain we had in the last couple of days. here in boston precipitation for the month of november shows ultimately we were 1.29 back months and months ago. we did pick up beneficial rain, almost an inch at boston airport there at least yesterday. drought monitor. still extreme across much of new england. now boston had a ten inch deficit. yesterday we were above 11 inches of rain below where we should be so slowly improving
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current conditions in boston, all dry. temperature 50 degrees. we'll stay quite gusty from time to time between 25 and 30 miles an hour making it feel brisk especially going into friday and the first part of the weekend. the winds will stay strong at least through saturday. temperatures, manchester 49. same for lawrence. 50 there. what a fantastic afternoon with a high of 47 degrees. average highs should beep in the low normal. just a few minutes away, the international space station will through by and look to the southwest, and it will go. partly cloudy skies out there now, but you may get a glimpse of it. it is a cool site. staying in the 40s for the rest of the evening. 9:00, dropping to 46 degrees. 37degrees for that low temperature here in boston and
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fantastic and above normal day for those temperatures. hour-by-hour forecast, a couple areas of low pressure we're tracking here. one to the north will hang around creating a little snowfall for the mountains. that will be nice for the ski resorts there if you plan to go skiing or heading to the north this weekend. be aware there could be tricky travel. breezy and partly cloudy for the end of the weekend, as well. saturday 35. sunday high 32 degrees. a few flurries or snow showers, light, fresh powder to the north. last season it was rough. this season already starting to look a little better. >> here is your seven-day forecast. notice the gradual cooling trend. into tuesday, highs in the 30s for next week. feeling much like winter especially by thursday. model is in disagreement on
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say for now. >> [applause] >> and we have many school talks we go to. this one kennedy school in franklin, great visit by danielle niles. stay tuned. >> maybe a snow day. >> maybe a snow day in the future. who knows? we won't say yet. exploding support for a local business owner who is a young woman with down syndrome. since we first told you about collett last received orders for 25,000 cookies. her first client, the golden goose market in the north end is now lending its kitchen and employees to help her keep up with demands. >> i am really amazed. >> it is all about her at this point. all about the golden goose and helping collette and growing her business and her dreams. >> well, collette and her
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and she is asking for patience from customers as she starts to ship across the country and overseas. >> 25,000 cookies. that is awesome. well the oldest known survivor is returning to life thanks to his community. how they made this dream trip happen. tonight at 6:00, two breaking stories we're working on. first reports that rob gronkowski is having back surgery tomorrow and will be out for at least two months. we have live team that. breaking news where a body was found decapitated. those stories and a lot more
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next week marks 75 years since the attack op pearl harbor. thanks to a fund raising effort, the oldest n to hawaii to commemorate the date. at 104 years old, this might be his final trip back. >> as the first bombs fell on the uss arizona in pearl harbor, then seaman first class chavez finished and rushed over to help. >> the harbor was on fire and all ships were smoking, black smoke, because japanese
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died that day. at 104 years old, chavez is known as the oldest living survivor. it took 50 years before the veteran was ready to talk about what he witnessed. >> because i saw all the men who were lost and all the ships that were sunk. >> he has not lost his fighting spirit. three years ago, at age 101, he decided to start going to the gym. >> very good, right? >> reporter: he weighed just 93 with his trainer, he gained 20 pounds of muscle. >> he pushes me and pulls me and turns me around. it is great. >> reporter: his determination inspired the gym to raise $13,000 to send him, his daughter and his trainer to hawaii to attend a pearl harbor 75th anniversary ceremonies on wednesday. >> i am very proud to serve and
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have told me that i inspired them. >> reporter: he knows this might be his last trip back and he has only one request, to go to alou wow. >> we hope he does. >> i think they can a dom date that. >> he looks great too. he is cycling well. >> fantastic. >> we have much more still ahead. >> the news at 6:00 starts now. breaking news. gronk is out. the patriots' star tight end hurt worse than we tht will undergo surgery. a teenager charged with murdering his mother. what we now know about their troubled relationship. >> held at gunpoint, a liquor store clerk, the victim of violent robbers and tonight what they were wearing as a disguise. breaking the cycle of poverty one family at a time. a great local program helping single moms succeed. the news at 6:00 starts now. live from the channel 4
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news. lawrence police are investigating the discovery of a body, the victim decapitated found by the river. this is still a very active crime scene right now. >> we have a crew on the way, but let's get to you. >> reporter: just before 3:00, discovery was made. what you're looking at is the area near water street and the river in lawrence. the eagl they found was decapitated. police are not confirming that to us yet, but they said this was an isolated incident and there is no danger they know of to the public. we have a crew on the way to the scene right now. we'll bring updates as soon as we get them. >> also breaking tonight, looks like patriots star rob gronkowski is out for at least eight weeks. multiple reports say he will have back surgery tomorrow.
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sterling career. >> this one serious enough that's it may keep him off the field for the rest of the season. we have a team of reporters beginning with steve burton who joins us live. >> reporter: that is a scary thought. yeah, the news hit this team hard. rob gronkowski has been diagnosed with a herniated disc. he will have surgery tomorrow and scheduled to be out at least eight weeks. maybe longer. it is still uncareer when he suffer it could have been when he was crushed against seattle or last week diving to make a catch. this is his third since 2009. just a short time ago, we spoke with the doctor and he said the more times you have back surgery, the less chance you have to come back and play let alone return to the season. >> yes, not good.


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