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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking news right now at 4:30, boston police investigating several scenes. the possible connection between a campus cruiser crash and car windows that appear to be shot out. nched and three suspects on the run following a frightening home invasion. an elderly man tied up and tased. what plus grong sidelined for the season. we're hearing from the pats and tom brady as grong gets set for surgery today. good morning, everyone. thanks for waking up with us, i'm bree anna pitts. >> we're holding down the fort for kate and chris this morning. but danielle niles is here with the forecast. >> nick and breeanna, good morning to you. happy friday. we've made it to the end of the
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yesterday. we hit low 60s yesterday in a lot of spots. 40 in boston, not too bad. certainly could be a whole lot colder this time of the year. widespread 30s in the suburbs, 39 in lawrence, 35 in wocester right now. the wind is a little bit active out there, between about 5 and 15 miles per hour. a little bit stronger in providencetown, so that is adding a bit of a chill to the air. wind chill is 25 in wocester, low 30s here across eastern massachus. clear, though. a couple scattered clouds through the berkshires. we are in for a bright day overall. it will feel on the koarl side this morning, sunrise at 6:55. that wind may gust occasionally over 25 miles per hour today, a few clouds mix in as well. 47 through lunchtime, and we'll top out right around 50 degrees through mid afternoon. just a couple of clouds for the ride home. sunset at 4:12 and temperatures in the mid-40s. we do turn cooler this weekend. i'll have all the details
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traffic and weather together, breeanna. >> danielle, back to you. zakim bridge and 93 south. just some light traffic into the tunnel, but no major slowdowns to tell you about this morning. breaking news from overnight, a car slam noose a campus police cruiser in boston. and you can see the damage to the wentworth institute of technology vehicle. a source tells wbz this crash happened shortly after police were called to investigate a report of shots fired near the ruggles t station. a short time later grievey way. some had their windows shot out. police are now trying to find out if those scenes are connected. also breaking overnight, a shooting in doorchester, not too far from a playground and a middle school. this happened at devon and normandy streets. one person was take tone boston medical center. no word on their condition. patriot's ron gronkowski set to go to surgery. now the team says they expect him to miss the rest of the
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looking out for grong's best long-term interests. but what does this mean in the short term for the patriots? steve burton has the latest. >>reporter: the pat's offense is at its best when grong plays at full power. his career has been hampered by injuries. he's facing his third back surgery since 2009. tom brady talked about the loss of his top target. >> i see him -- i've seen him the last few days so i've spoken to him a everyone is thinking about him. it's such a a physical sport. it's hard to see those go through injuries, he's had his fair share. he'll be as determined as ever to get back and get better as soon as possible. >> dr. thomas gill, the former patriot's female doctor says that grong's injury is to a dirveg that was already repaired in the past it, would make recovery even more difficult >> what happens is every time
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the vertebrae gets closer and closer together. the closer the vertebrae gets together, two things happen, one, it lets the nerves get pinched more so you end up having leg pain, but also as the vertebrae get closer, they start rubbing and that causes a lot of back pain. >>reporter: meanwhile, pats know that losing grong won't make things easy, but it's next man up >> we have a lot of good players on our team that's going to have to fill a void, and a big void left by a police car player li patriots say they are not going to give up on what they are trying to accomplish, and that's bring home a fifth super bowl championship. steve burton, wbz sports. guys, back to you. >> thanks, steve. the patriots and gronkowski family release add statement. we expect he won't be able to play football for the remainder of the 2016 season. we are deeply sadened when a player a lost to injury.
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planning to assist rob throughout his recovery. fans know that grong's loss is a hit to the team. >> hopefully they can step up and take on some of that role. but anytime you lose a player like grong, best tight end in football, it's going to definitely have an peajt on the team. >> we've got plenty of weapons. brady throw-through, grong was a great player, a great receiver. we got enough weapons, i think we'll make it through. >> a quick in the games the team played without grong, the team 15-7. police are searching for three suspects in a a terrifying home invasion. three masked men tying up an elderly man in his brockton home and demanding gold. police say 71-year-old michael ocavati was tied up with his own suspenders and tased several times. those men then demanded he turn over the gold. friends say they do not believe he had gold, but describe him
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license, his army picture, you know, all that type of stuff, whatever he had in his wallet, his keys to his house. the guy is pettreyifyed to go home now. >> ocavati was eventually able to free himself and call police. he is in the hospital undergoing surgery on his hip. an autopsy could reveal more later today about a body found along the meramec river in lawrence. a woman walking her dog found the decapitated body off waters street near the boys and girls recovered the head nearby. foul play is certainly suspected, but the person has yet to be identified. friends and family of 16-year- old lee manuel paulino gathered across from the crime scene, fearing the body was hit. he was reported missing in mid- november. paulino's father says he is devastated but is holding out hope that his son is still alive. >> everything is going through my mind. i'm so scared, i'm nervous. i can't eat, i can't -- i can't even focus right now.
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i hope it's not him. >> we understand the teen's families is keeping in close communication with investigators. the d.a.'s office says until a medical examiner makes an i.d., they will not speculate is, though, on who it might be. president-elect donald trump narrowing down his choice for the supreme court. mr. trump says he's looking at three or four candidates for the open seat. the president-elect also announced he'll nominate retired marine general james mattis for defense secretary. cbs' roxannabe from trump's post-election victory rally. [ crowd noise ] >>reporter: president-elect donald trump kicked off his thank you tour in ohio last night, emphasizing his victory over hillary clinton. >> we won in a landslide. that was a landslide. >>reporter: and mocking what he called the dishonest press for underestimating his chances. >> they're looking at the map, they're saying, oh, wow.
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clinton to become beat donald trump for president of the united states. >>reporter: tensions from the bitter 2016 presidential election boiled over during a panel discussion at harvard yesterday as top aides from both camps went head to head. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> do you think i run a campaign where white supremacists had a platform, really? >> kellyanne, you did. >> how about hillary clinton, she doesn't connect with your people. >>reporter: in cincinnati the crowd was mostly silent as mr. divisions. >> we have to come together. we have no choice, it's better. >>reporter: became fired up when he unveiled yet another cabinet pick, retired general james mattis. >> we are going to a point "mad dog" mattis as our secretary of defense. [ cheers and applause ] >>reporter: in the past mattis has said that responding to political islam is a major security issue facing the country. he's expected to face a tough
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confirmation since he retired only three years ago, not seven like the law requires. >> senator elizabeth warren is throwing her support behind a former rival under consideration for a position in president-elect donald trump's cabinet. on public radio yesterday warren endorsed former senator scott brown for veterans affairs secretary, saying she has no doubt brown would put his heart and soul into trying to help veterans. warren beat brown in a contentious senate race back in 20 thanks to senator warren for her kind words. if nominated to be a secretary, i will welcome her support, passion and help to serve our vets, hashtag truce. well, the first bell might be ringing in boston public schools. it's new times in the future. it's being considered according to the globe and the move could save money, but frustrate some parents. as it stands now, schools across boston have three different start times, 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30.
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schools among those start times, they might consolidate the number of buses needed and cut costs. the one problem, though, parents start registering for schools in january. no decision has been made yet and they might not know which school would work best for their schedules. we have an happy update this morning. two dorchester pop warner teens have raised enough money to go to the national championships at disney world and they're leaving today. the eagles have raised more than $20,000 in less than two weeks, thanks to donations including a go we told you about the teens earlier this week. both teams qualified for the pop warner super bowl in orlando tomorrow, but it's not cheap to get there. the teens will board buses bound for florida at noon today. good luck, guys. we did this story on giving tuesday and everyone was very giving and helped these guys get to florida. so that's awesome. >> there you go. fly, eagles, fly. still to come on wbz this morning, change coming to boston parking meters. >> yeah. you'll soon have to pay more in certain neighborhoods.
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plus a dangerous drive on facebook live. the post that came to a crashing end in rhode island. and if you like pop tarts and dunkin' donuts, you're going to love this, the new
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in today's money watch, a shakeup at starbucks plus the dunkin' donuts pop tarts. >> looking forward to that one. plus all eyes on wall street this morning for key economic numbers. jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange with those stories. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, nick and breeanna. oil and banking stocks are driving the dow to another record high. the dow jurisprudenced 68 points yesterday, -- jumped 68 investors are waiting for big jobs report this morning. economists think that the economy added 174,000 jobs in november which would leave the unemployment rate at 4.9%. starbucks shares are falling on word that howard shutle is stepping down as ceo. schultz joined starbucks more than 30 years ago. he transformed the coffee chain into a global brand. schultz will become executive chairman. he'll focus on innovation and
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kevin johnson. he was named president and coo last year. and a one-stop shop for coffee and a pastry. pop tarts is rolling out two new flavors inspired by dunkin' donuts coffee. there's chocolate mocha topped with a whipped cream-inspired frosting and a vanilla latte. they're available for a limited time. and i'm definitely trying one. that's all i know. nick and breeanna. >> just like a boston college student's dream, pop tarts, coffee. >> sugar rush city, huh? sweet tooth, anyone? thank you, jill, appreciate that. you want to talk about something that's sweet, 57, 58 degrees yesterday? >> it's december. it's amazing. >> running out in shorts and a t-shirt. danielle, what's happening? it's december. >> i know, it was beautiful, wasn't it? we're not going to be as warm today, nick and breeanna. temperatures still above average, but not the 55 or 60 we had yesterday afternoon. the breezy the next couple of days as well, so that will bring a little bit of a chill to the air, particularly by tomorrow, and cooler air does mover in this weekend into next
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next week. it will be cooler than average. very little precipitation in the forecast as well. next chance of any rain or some flurries doesn't come in until the middle part of next week. 40 in boston right now, 37 in taunton, a lot of us running in the 30s, coldest nashua at 32 degrees right now, 36 in bedford. upper 30s in parts of the cape, fal mut sitting at 39, but lower 40s when you get to the mid and outer cape and back down to the islands as well. skies clear, we are in for a beautiful end to the week. we do have some clouds across western new spin? big upper level low here in eastern canada, bringing some snow showers to western new york and also back through northern new england. that's where we're going to pick up several inches of snow in the mountains of northern new england by the time the weekend is done which is welcomed news there. for the rest of us, though, it's sun and clouds, breezy today, not a damaging wind, but gusts to 20, 25 miles per hour. during the day tomorrow sun and clouds, another gusty northwest breeze, but it looks like a
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and then by sunday the wind does subside a bit, so that will be a welcome change because it will be a little bit cooler. highs topping out in the low 40s on sunday. high pressure building in, couple of flurries and sprinkles back across the great lakes sunday. we'll get a chance of a flurry here in southern new england by the time we get to the start of next week. so let's take you through some numbers today. 50 degrees on average across most of southern new england, about five degrees above average. partly cloudy tonight, 30 to in the suburbs, about 36 downtown. and not a whole big rebound tomorrow. we'll come up by about 10 degrees. most of us topping out 45 for our saturday in boston, 46 in norwood, 44 in fitchburg and bedford and lawrence tomorrow. middle 40s for most of us down over cape cod. highs on sunday cooler than that too, right around or just over 40 degrees, the wind a little bit lighter, but it does add a chill to the air. so pat's forecast for 1:00 p.m.
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the mid- to upper 30s at times, no weather-related issues, though. we will be in the upper 30s to start next week, chance of a flurry on monday. clouds increase tuesday and we'll get a chance of some showers, both rain and snow in here for the middle part of the week. breeanna >> danielle, thank you. let's get a live look right now at your commute into boston on the expressway. it's so dark out there, you can barely see the cars. but no issues, just some light traffic as you make your way in. breaking news, police on the scene of a serious crash in are hurt, one car crashed around 3:30 this morning at the intersection of brush hill road and truman parkway. we have a crew at the scene and we'll bring you the latest updates. 4:48 now. search pricing no longer just applies to ride sharing but parking in boston. the pilot program that starts next month is going to allow the city to adjust meter rates in the back bay and seaport neighborhoods based on demand. for one year all meters in the back bay will increase to $3.75
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in seaport, meanwhile, prices will go up gradually. by the end of the year, it could be as much as $4 an hour on streets with high demand. new rules for duck boats in boston. a bill passed by state lawmakers yesterday requires duck boats to have blind spot cameras and sensor. it also prohibits drivers doubling as tour guides. the regulations follow a series of accidents, including a woman killed by a duck boat while riding a scooter nearby boston common in april. the legislation is now on governor baker's desk for seriously injured. police say he crashed his car while speeding and streaming it live on facebook. officers say the rhode island man was driving 100 miles an hour and weaving in and out of traffic when he lost control. he crashed his car into a garbage truck and then crossed three lanes of route 6 and hit a concrete barrier on wednesday. he could face charges. a massachusetts woman, meanwhile, saying thank you to a stranger who helped her on the side of the road.
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picture on twitter. she says a masteo team employee known as david changed her tire on the side of interstate 290 during yesterday morning's rush hour. so a little helping hand this there, stepping up to the -- a little helping hand there. stepping up to the plate. >> we need a helping hand >> adorable. ancht payout for a massachusetts woman who got struck on a ski gondola for hours. a state soda tax. the state lawmaker pushing for
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a terrifying robbery caught on camera. right now police are searching for these two armed men who held up a liquor store. police say one of the men was wearing a scream mask. they were armed with a handgun and a sawed off shotgun. surveillance video shows them pointing a weapon directly at one of the store no one was hurt. the thieves took the money and ran, but police are worried they could strike again. >> obviously they're desperate and they're both armed with firearms and one appears to be a sawed off shotgun and that causes great concern because those things do a lot of damage when they go off. >> police say the "scream" mask doesn't necessarily mask their identity and could even help the investigation if it's recognized. 4:53. we've learned the mother helping to dispose of her toddler's body will stand trial
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death of her 2-year-old daughter bella. bella bonds body was found on deer island in june of 2015. but it took several months, as you recall, to identify her. police believe rachelle bond's boyfriend, michael mccarthy killed the child. anchts brockton teenager is locked up without bail for killing his mother. police say franz polinnese stabbed his mother to death on wednesday. court documents indica depression, had stopped eating and refused to board a plane back to his native haiti earlier this week when his mother bought him a ticket. today you can help families displaced by a terrible fire in lawrence earlier this week. lawrence mayor dan riveira will be among those at the mcdonald's on broadway in lawrence later today. a radio-thon has been set up by a spanish language radio station there and the money raised we're told will go to the families devastated by tuesday's fire on harrel
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a rhode island lrnlt school closed today. nearly 40 students at the gladstone street in cranston were out yesterday with suspected cases of norovirus. the illness is highly contagious and the school says it's working to thoroughly clean that building. a massachusetts woman who spent more than six hours traped in a ski gondola was just awarded $750,000. the pittsfield woman sued killington mountain in vermont. sh hypothermia and spear ptsd after being traped in 2011. the lift was shut down because of bad weather. no one knew the woman was still inside. the bay state could be the next state to slap a tax on soda. democrat representative kay kawn from newton plans to file a soda tax proposal in the new year. her plan wouldn't create a new tax, it would just apply the regular state sales tax to soda which is now exempt. got some great news here, support heating up in a hurry
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with down syndrome. since we first told you about collette last week, she's received orders, get this, for 25,000 cookies. her first client, in fact, the gold goose market in the north end, well, they're now lending their kitchen, employees and everything to help keep up with demand. >> i am really amazed. >> it's all about her at this point, it's all about the golden goose, it's about helping -- coal et and growing her business and her dreams. >> the girl and her helpers baked 500 cookies just yesterday. she's asking patience from customers as she starts to ship across the country and even overseas. we have a young entrepreneur in the making there. just taking care of business. >> i got to get to the north end and get some cookies. from catching passes to changing diapers. >> up next the life-changing arrival for patriot's julian
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patriots wide receiver julian edelman has a new job, dad. he flew out to l.a. on tuesday to be with swedish model ella rose as they delivered their baby girl lily on wednesday. he is expected to be back in foxborough for sunday's game against the rams. he's a patriots onsie there for his new baby >> you know he's not missing a game, especially after the drama. just sayin'. your top stories, weather
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>> the news at 5:00 starts right now. breaking right now at 5:00, a campus police cruiser hit in boston. the questions this morning about whether it's connected to reports of shots fired near a t station. plus a decapitated body found along a river in lawrence. the next step in the investigation today and one family's fear it could be their missing teen. plus rob gronkowski sidelined for the season. what tom brady is saying about the lost as on for surgery -- gronk gets ready for surgery today. rise and grind. it's fierveg a.m. this friday. i'm nick geeo vane in for chris. >> i'm brianna in for kate this morning. it's warm out there. didn't even have to start the car early or anything, danielle. >> not rockin' a jacket, anything. >> it was 55 to 60 degrees yesterday, nick and breeanna. it does feel a little bit cooler this morning, but certainly could be a whole lot


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