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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> the news at 5:00 starts right now. breaking right now at 5:00, a campus police cruiser hit in boston. the questions this morning about whether it's connected to reports of shots fired near a t station. plus a decapitated body found along a river in lawrence. the next step in the investigation today and one family's fear it could be their missing teen. plus rob gronkowski sidelined for the season. what tom brady is saying about the lost as on for surgery -- gronk gets ready for surgery today. rise and grind. it's fierveg a.m. this friday. i'm nick geeo vane in for chris. >> i'm brianna in for kate this morning. it's warm out there. didn't even have to start the car early or anything, danielle. >> not rockin' a jacket, anything. >> it was 55 to 60 degrees yesterday, nick and breeanna. it does feel a little bit cooler this morning, but certainly could be a whole lot
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now. middle to upper 30s for many of us as we step outside right now. there is a bit of a breeze, 16 miles per hour sustained in boston, in fact, 20 miles per hour in wocester. so that does add a chill to the air. the real feel is 23 in wocester right now, lower 30s from boston back down to taunton. skies clear, though. we are in for plenty of sunshine today, a few scattered clouds in wocester county and then back through the berkshires. otherwise we will be in for sunshine from start to finish with a few clouds mixed in. morning rush hour, don't forget the shad, for some of us. sunrise at 6:55. the wind will stay active today and will gust occasionally to 25, perhaps 30 miles per hour, not a damaging wind, but definitely adding a slight chill to the air. 47 by lunchtime, topping out around 50 with a few clouds for your ride home. no weather-related issues. sunset at 4:12 and temperatures in the mid-40s. we have to talk about the weekend. i'll have the details straight ahead, breeanna. >> danielle, thank you. live look at 93 south here
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just some light traffic flowing on the zakim bridge and the lever connector and the tobin. but no major slowdowns to tell you about this morning. breaking news, police are on the scene of a serious crash in milton. we're hearing several people are hurt. one car crashed around 3:30 this morning at the intersection of brush hill road and trueman parkway. we do have a crew at the scene and will bring you the latest updates. breaking overnight, police investigating a shooting in dorchester not far from a playground and a middle school. this happened near devon and normandy medical center. no word on their condition. also breaking, a car slams into a campus police cruiser in boston, and police are trying to figure out if it's connected to reports of shots fired nearby. nicole jacobs is live in roxbury right now with the very latest. nicole. >>reporter: breeanna. there are three incidents police are investigating this morning trying to determine if they are connected. they all happened within a short time of one another, and within about two miles or less
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video this morning. first there were reports of shots fired near ruggle street and then a short is distance away and a short time later at ruggle street there was a campus cruiser slammed into by a vehicle. you can see that there is front end damage of that vehicle and the rear damage of the cruiser. it's unclear if any of the occupants of that vehicle were taken into custody. there were reports that those occupants may have fled the vehicle following the crash. a police officer was in that cruiser. it's unclear if there are injuries there, but as you can see it does not appear to be terribly serious. and then another incident a short distance away on mcgrievey street. there were shots fired there as well. you can see not only shell casings, but also two vehicles with bullet holes completely covering and shattering those windows. again, police have not commented if these three
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as soon as we learn more about these situations, we'll certainly bring it to you. that's the very latest from roxbury, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. the patriot's rob gronkowski set to undergo surgery today and the team now confirms they expect grong to miss the rest of the season. gronk will have surgery on his back. >> life without him just starting to sink in at 1 patriot place. tom brady weighing in on the loss of his favorite target. sports director steve burton has the latest. >>reporter: the is at its best when gronkowski plays to full power. his career has been hampered by injuries. he's facing his third back surgery since 2009. on west 1 radio, tom brady talked about the loss of his top target. >> i've seen him the last few days so i've spoke eb to him a -- spoken to him a few times. it's such a physical sport. it's hard to see people that you care about go through injuries and he's gone through his fair share. but i also know the result that
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change. he'll be as determined as ever to get back and get better as soon as possible. >>reporter: dr. thomas gill, the former patriot's team doctor says that gronk's injury is to a disk that has already been repaired in the past, it would make recovery even more difficult. >> what happens is every time you take out a piece of a disk, the vertebrae gets closer and closer together. the closer the vertebrae get together, two things happen, one, it lets the nerves get pinched more, so you end up having leg pain, but so start rubbing and that causes a lot of back pain. >>reporter: meanwhile the pat's quarterback knows losing gronk won't be easy, but it's next man up. >> we have a lot of good players on our team that will need to fill the void and it's a big void left by such a spectacular player like gronk. >>reporter: brady says even without gronk the patriots won't give up on what they're trying to accomplish and that's take home another, a fifth super bowl championship. from foxborough, steve burton, wbz sports.
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and the patriots and gronkowski family released a joint statement overnight, saying in part, we do not expect that he will be able to play football for the remainder of the 2016 season. we are deeply sadened anytime a player is lost to injury. it goes on to say we are committed to assisting rob throughout his recovery and look forward to his return to playing football for the new england patriots. of course next man up is the motto for the patriots. 6'6", 266-pound man who can run like a so is patriots nation hitting the panic button? anna has more reaction for us this morning. >>reporter: nick, pats fans are very disappointed to lose one of their favorite players, but they aren't losing hope. >> i'm disappointed for gronk. he's a warrior. >>reporter: pats fans are having trouble picturing the rest of the season without one of their favorite players. >> i see a superstar. everyone loves him on the field. >> he's such a critical part of the team too, not only the best
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one of the best tight ends in the league, maybe the game ever. >>reporter: gronk has been dealing with injury after injury this season. he was hit hard during the game in seattle in mid-november, suffering a pulmonary contusion to his lung. last week he was forced to leave the field during the game against the jets. now he's scheduled to have surgery for a lower back injury. >> that's too bad. the poor guy, he kills himself playing, but he gets hurt all the time. >>reporter: fans have faith that tight end martellis will be able to step up. >> they we'll see. they always have a shot, no matter what. >>reporter: fans know that no challenge is too big for bill belichick. >> i'm sure that bill will figure it out. >>reporter: the family and the patriots released a statement saying they will wait for the results of the surgery before making a final determination about the rest of the season. pats fans say they're hopeful gronk could make a return for the super bowl, but that isn't likely. reporting live from gillette stadium, anna meiler, wbz this morning. police are searching for
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three maskerred men tying up an elderly man in his brockton home and demanding gold. police say 71-year-old michael acavati was tied up with his own suspenders and tased several times. those men then demanded he turn over the gold. friends say they don't believe he has gold, but describe him as a coin collector and an antique enthusiast. >> they took his wallet, his license, his army picture, you know, all that type of stuff. whatever he had in his wallet, his keys to his proper, the guy is pettreyifyed to go home now. >> acavati was eventually able to free himself and call police. he's in the hospital undergoing surgery on his hip. a terrifying robbery caught on camera. right now lowell police searching for two armed men who held up a liquor store. get this, police say one of the men was wearing a scream mask. they were armed with a handgun and sawed off shotgun. surveillance video shows them pointing the weapon directly at the store employee.
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and ran, but police believe they could strike again. >> obviously they're both desperate and they're both armed with firearms and one appears to be a sawed off shotgun and that causes great concern because those things do a lot of damage when they go off. >> get this, police say the scream mask doesn't necessarily mask their identity and could even help the investigation if it's recognized. president-elect donald trump narrowing down his choice for the supreme court. mr. trump says he's looking at three or four candidates. he also retired marine general james mattis for defense secretary. cbs' roxanna saberi has more from trump's post-election victory rally. [ crowd noise breacts >>reporter: president-elect donald trump kicked off his thank you tour in ohio last night, emphasizing his victory over hillary clinton. >> we won in a landslide. that was a landslide. >>reporter: and mocking what he called the dishonest press for underestimating his chances.
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there's no way for hillary clinton to become, donald trump is president of the united states. >>reporter: tensions from the bitter 2016 presidential election boiled over during a panel discussion at harvard yesterday, as top aide from both camps went head to head. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white spremmists had >> it did. >> really? it's hillary clinton, she doesn't connect with people. >>reporter: in cincinnati the crowd was mostly silent as mr. drump addressed lingering divisions. >> we gotta come together. we have to, we have no choice. it's better. >>reporter: but became fired up when he unveiled yet another cabinet pick, retired general james mattis. >> we are going to appoint "mad dog" mattis. [ cheers and applause ] >> as our secretary of defense. >>reporter: in the past mattis has said that responding to
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security issue facing the country. he's expected to face a tough challenge in getting senate confirmation since he retired only three years ago, not seven as the law requires. roxanna saberi. senator elizabeth warren is throwing her support behind a former rival who's up for a cabinet position. on public radio yesterday, warren endorsed former senator scott brown for veterans affairs secretary, saying she has no doubt brown would put his heart and soul into trying senate race back in 2012. brown tweeted in response, my thanks to senator warren for her kind words. if nominated for v.a. secretary, i will welcome her support, passion and help to serve our vets. hashtag truce. count boston among the latest school districts considering a change to start times. according to the globe, the move could save money but frustrate some parents at the same time. right now schools across boston
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times, 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30. if the district evenly divided the schools among those start times, they would consolidate buses needed and cut costs. here's the problem, parents start registering for schools in january. since no decision has been made yet, they may not know which school would work best for their schedules. we have a happy update this morning. two dorchester pop warner teams have raised enough money to go to the national championships at disney world. and they're leaving today. the eagles have raised more than20 weeks, thanks to donations, including a go fund me page. we told you about the teams earlier this week. both qualifying for the pop warner super bowl in orlando tomorrow, but it's not easy to get there. the team will board buses bound for florida at noon today. and we wish them good luck. i think it takes something like $60,000 they needed to get there, so so amazing that the community raised all that. >> and they took care of business on the field. we'll see if they can keep it going. wish them the best.
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for parking in boston. >> the new program tested for city meters and what it means for your wallet. a new sweet treat for your morning routine possibly. dunkin' donuts and pop tarts, they're teaming up. we have the new flavors hitting store shelves. >>reporter: nick, i do love pop tarts. i think i'm going to have to try one of those out. good morning, everybody. happy friday. we've made it to the end of the week. sunshine will be shining today, beautiful week. temperatures running in the 30s this morning, so a little on the chilly side. we're rising up to near 50 later on today. not quite as warm as yesterday. colder air coming in for all the details together
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of clean, affordable energy across the region. because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. ?
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5:16 this friday morning. if you like pop tarts and dunkin' donuts, listen up, you can now try two limited edition flavors of the toaster pastry. frosted chocolate mocha and frosted vanilla latte, both available at grocery stores. the question is would you like breakfast? >> i can't honestly remember the last time that i had a pop tart. it was a long time ago. >> if you indulge every now and again, it's glorious. >> the strawberry frosted is my favorite. i'm not going to lie. >> that's a classic. what's wrong with that? >> exactly. so wasn't it beautiful yesterday? >> not classic december weather, right? >> no. 55 to 60 degrees. we're not going to be as warm today and then we turn a little cooler this weekend. the weekend looks good overall
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weekend, nick and breana. temperatures on their way down, though. not quite as mild today, breezy the next couple of days too. that wind is going to be a little bit gustier. it adds a little bit of a bite to the air so to speak. chillier air moves in next week. after being above average, we're going to take a little dip below average sunday through next week. very little precipitation in the forecast as well. it's dry for several days, great for outdoor plans, not so good for our drought. looks lining the xt any rain or snow showers doesn't come in until the middle of next week. 40 in boston, could be a whole lot worse this time of year. 32 in concord, 32 in nashua, upper 30s in beverly. 35 in bedford. upper 30s, marshfield, plymouth. 44 on the vineyard, same on nantucket right now, 41 in chatham. skies clear, do not forget the shades. solar glare the only thing you may have to contend with on the roadways this morning. we do have some snow and rain showers back across the great
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canada, northern new england, northern vermont getting into some of these. there's a big upper level low, a little energy spinning around it. but for us here in southern new england, it's going to be a quiet end to the week. we may get a few building puffy cumulus clouds in the sky today, those fair weather clouds. tonight there could be a flurry or two southwest new hampshire, wocester county, not a big issue. tomorrow sun and clouds, breezy. that wind is going to gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour today and again tomorrow. and then on sunday the wind eases up the northwest, though, so dragging in some cooler air. sunday highs will top out in the low 40s. the wind chill at times will be in the mid- to upper 30s. next chance of a flurry or a sprinkle comes in on monday. not really organized in terms of an area of low pressure or anything like that, but we may get a stray flurry or two in here on monday morning to afternoon. highs today 50 in boston, rockport, plymouth. it's december 2nd. it's not too bad, right? 52 in norwood.
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partly cloudy, 30 to 35 in the suburbs tonight, about 36 downtown, the winds still -- the wind still stays active tonight and tomorrow it will gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour as well. temperatures cooler, running in the upper 30s, in fact, in jaffray, wocester hills, 35 tomorrow, but running in the mid-40s for most of us sunday, cooler, upper 30s to low 40s pats gillette this weekend, 1:00 kickoff, bright and chilly, 41 degrees. no weather-related issues. accuweatse monday and tuesday. clouds increase wednesday and thursday. could be some rain and snow showers around with temperatures around 40. breana. >> danielle, thank you. late get a live look of the eastbound lanes of the mass pike near brighton. you can see you have no issues getting into the city. you're good all the way from 495 right up to the ted williams tunnel. surge pricing no longer just applies to ride sharing, but parking in boston. the pilot program that starts next month is going to allow the city to adjust meter rates
5:20 am
neighborhoods based on demand. so for one year all meters in the back bay will increase to $3.75 per hour at all times. in the seaport prices will go up gradually. by the end of the year it could be as much as $4 an hour on streets with high demand. some new rules for duck boats in boston. a bill passed by state lawmakers yesterday now requires duck boats to have blind spot cameras and sensors. it also prohibits drivers from these regulations follow a series of accidents, including a woman killed by a duck boat while riding a scooter near boston common back in april. the legislation is now on governor baker's desk for review. a massachusetts woman saying saying thanks to the stranger who fixed her tire. rebecca lynch posted this picture on twitter. she says this mass d.o.t. employee changed her tire on the side of 290 during yesterday morning's rush hour. she has a new friend there,
5:21 am
up next, gronk likely out for the season. >> latest on his surgery today and what's next for the patriots. tom brady also weighing in. and on the ice another shootout for the brewins, only this time a different result. steve burton has highlights next ahead in sports. ?
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time now 5:24. the bruins thst >> plus the patriots lose rob gronkowski. steve burton has more in your morning sports >> good morning, everyone. last night the patriots and the gronkowski family announced that gronkowski has a lower back injury. he will have surgery today and they do not expect him back this season. multiple reports say gronk has a herniated disk. the joint statement says during the seattle game on november 13th rob sustained a hit to the chest that resulted in a
5:25 am
lung. rob was examined by several specialists at massachusetts general hospital as directed by the team as well as an independent physician. the statement also says gronk received a medical clearance to return to play two weeks later for the new york jets game on november 27th. after a hit early in the jets game, rob began to experience significant back and leg pain. this injury forced him to leave the game and did not return. it has been determined that it is in rob's best long-term interest to undergo surgery to meanwhile, here's what tom brady had to say about gronk last night with jim gray on westward 1 radio. >> he's such a mentally tough person, he's physically tough. he's got a great energy about him, so we're all wishing him the very best and nobody wants gronk not out there. everybody wants gronk out there every play of every game, but that's not our reality. so we still have a job to do and we're going to try to go out and do it as well as we
5:26 am
garden last night. bs down 1-0 with just 32 seconds left in regulation. shot gets kicked in by a carolina player to tie it 1-1. it went into overtime and then to a shootout. passaknock scored what would be the game winner. bruins take it 2-1. so the bruins win, but the patriots lose a key player in rob dwrong grong. that's sports for now, steve burton. guys, back to you. >> at least closing on a good note. that's where we'll leave it at this point. still to come half hour, the new push for a soda tax in the bay state. plus an update on breaking news we're following. a car slams into a campus police cruiser in boston. police now trying to figure out if it's connected to at least two other scenes. this is jon keller. the president-elect celebrates the saving of 1,100 jobs as he should. why there's less here than meets the eye when wbz this morning continues. good morning, everybody. bright sunshine today, not a bad looking hour-by-hour
5:27 am
right? 40 degrees in boston by 6:00 a.m. we're right around 40 right now and climbing to near 50 this afternoon. grab the shades as you head out the door. we've got some cooler air on the way for the weekend. we'll break down all the details together straight
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breaking right now at 5:30, a campus police cruiser hit in boston. the question now is it connected to at least two other scenes. we've got the new details coming in overnight. a decapitated body found along a river in lawrence. the concerns this morning that it could be a missing teen. and rob gronkowski likely out for the season. the surgery set for today. plus what a former pats team doctor welcome back, everyone. i'm breana pitts in for kate merrill this morning. >> happy friday, friend, i'm nick giovanni in for chris mckinnon. you know what? it's actually feeling like a friday and starting to feel like december, right, danielle? trending down? >> yes. for the upcoming weekend, cooling down, not the highs of 50s to near 60 like we had yesterday. 40 in boston right now, real feel is 31 degrees.
5:31 am
cooler because of that west wind at 16 miles per hour right now. and that wind will stay active today. mid-30s currently from manchester, wocester down to keene at 34. 37 in tawpton and lower 40s on the cape. the skies are mainly clear, though. so don't forget the shades. the sun is going to be up and shining. there are some clouds in the berkshires and back through vermont. real feel 25 to 30 at times for your morning commute. sunrise at 6:55. the wind may gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour today, making the wind chill around 40 degrees for midday. sun and clouds, 47, and we top out right around 50 degrees, about five degrees above average for this time of the year. no issues for your evening commute home, just a few clouds, sunset at 4:12 and temperatures in the mid-40s. i'll let you know who could see some snow this weekend and when we cool back down. details straight ahead, breana >> danielle, thank you. let's get a live look at the roads right now. there is the tobin, the zakim and the lever connector. you can see the tobin starting to fill there on the left-hand
5:32 am
south as you approach the o'neill tunnel. 5:32 now. breaking overnight, a car slams into a campus police cruiser in boston. the officer was taken to the hospital to be checked out. a source tells wbz this crash happened shortly after police were called to investigate a report of shots fired near the ruggles "t" station. a short time later police found damaged vehicles on mcgrievey way. some appeared to have their windows shot out. police are trying to figure out if those scenes are connected. police investigating a shooting in dorchester, not far from a playground and a middle school. the shooting happened near devon and normandy streets. one person was taken to boston medical center. no word on their condition. checking our other top story this morning, rob gronkowski set to have back surgery today and he'll likely miss the rest of the season. multiple reports say gronk has a herniated disk. it's still unclear if he suffered the injury during the game against the seahawks or the jets. regardless, this will be
5:33 am
since 2009. we spoke with the former patriots team doctor who says the more times you have back surgery, the less chance you have to come back and play. >> the question is, though, what will the durability be coming back and he's a tough guy, but how much pain can you handle? he plays so hard. >> the patriots have played 22 games without rob gronkowski since he entered the league in 2010. and in those games the team has had some success mark. president-elect donald trump taking a little victory lap. his first stop carrier in indiana where he announced a deal to save over 1,000 jobs. but this morning our jon keller says the president-elect needs to look at the bigger picture. >>reporter: good morning. love him or hate him, you gotta admit, president-elect donald trump is a consue mat political show mawn. his victory lap at a carrier air conditioning plant in indiana yesterday after cutting a deal with its parent company
5:34 am
had been slated to move to mexico was great political theater, complete with grateful workers, happy union officials, back-slapping halls and the usual humble bows from the man himself. trump is sphar -- trump is far from the first politician to bask in the glow of a move like this. i swear i heard president obama and his supporters boast 100 times about how general motors is alive and bin laden is dead. and former incessantly about the 800 jobs the evergreen solar he kept from moving from marlboro to china with a $21 million bailout. by the way, they wound up moving to china anyway. patrick's failed bet wound up costing about $26,000 per job, while the carrier tax breaks amount to roughly $5,400 per job, so on one level trump's indiana celebration is warranted.
5:35 am
jobs certainly think so. but in the long run, there's less here than meets the eye. 1,300 carrier workers will still lose their jobs. the company is still swearing allegiance to the economic benefits of outsourcing jobs to foreign countries, and that's $7 million in tax breaks they're getting to ease the pain of keeping workers here. well, that's barely 4% of the golden parachute their former ceo walked off with a few years ago. yes, those 1,100 jobs are with us, so are globalization, automation and corporate greed. the incoming president still has his work cut out for him. talk back to me via e- or use twitter, keller at large. the white house and the pentagon are announcing support to require women to register for the military draft. under the law right now women can volunteer to serve in the military, but aren't required
5:36 am
their 18th birthday. there is disagreement in congress about the possible move. so the bay state could be the next to slap a tax on soda. democratic state representative kay kawn from newton plans to file a soda tax proposal coming up in the new year. her plan would create a new tax. it would just apply the regular state sales tax to soda which is currently exempt. still ahead apple using a new tool to improve its map. >> the key today. >>reporter: a campus police cruiser is crashed into. this morning police are trying to determine if it is connected to two other scenes. we'll have the latest coming up. weather watchers checking in with temperatures that are running in the 30s right now for many of us, a few 20s on the map when you factor in the wind chill as well.
5:37 am
37 degrees says larry in atteboro with clear skies overhead. he says happy friday, get well quickly, gronk, go pats. you got that right, larry. i'll take through the patriots forecast and your entire weekend in detail straight
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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at 5:40, what's trending on instagram and how apple is making its apps more accurate >> plus we're getting a look at the job market today. jill wagner is live from the new york stock exchange with today's money watch. good morning, jill. >>reporter: good morning, nick and breana. inor reports this morning that comes out before the opening bell. economists expect that the u.s. economy added 174,000 jobs and that the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9%. apple may be using droughns to make maps more accurate. bloomberg reports the droughns will track construction work and other -- drones will track road construction and other road changes quicker than the on-the-ground cameras. this is all in an effort to
5:41 am
selena gomez is the queen of social media [ inaudible ] followed by taylor swift and beyonce. the most popular filters [ inaudible ] those are some of the most photographed places in the world. are you guys instagram addicts like i am? >> i am, and i don't have as many followers, but that's okay. thank you, jill. >> thank you, jill. i still can't get over -- left us with a cliffhanger. >> sorry, jill. we'll touch base. coming up neutral job postings. the new move to hire holiday help. plus the unusual parade in one local community and the wheel of cheese at the heart of the celebration. >>reporter: and bad news for pats fans. rob gronkowski is hurt again and is expected to miss the rest of the season.
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? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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say cheese. a 400-pound wheel of cheese rolled in to concord. >> yeah. this is all for yesterday's crukelo cheese parade. people get really into this.
5:45 am
of cheese from northern italy. this is the celebration's seventh year. if you want to know what kind of cheese it is, it is described as mild, rich, buttery cheese with a slightly tangy finish. i wish i got that kind of reception when i, you know, walk down the street. cheese is more popular than we are. >> i can't stop thinking about anchorman right now. you ate the whole reel of cheese? amazing. >> danielle, what's your favorite cheese? >> i don't have a favorite because all ch really could. that looked delicious, though. all right. so you guys, boston winter opens today at city hall plaza. the weather is going to cooperate, so if you're thinking about heading down there this evening, it'll be breezy, temperatures will cool off into the low 40s. tomorrow seasonal, 45 degrees, and sunday 41. it will be a little bit chillier, but a little less wind on sunday as well. a lot of great holiday events this weekend. 40 in boston, currently not too bad. a lot of us running in the 30s.
5:46 am
norwood and tawpton right now, 38 in plymouth. low 40s from providencetown to hyannis to chatham. skies clear, beautiful sunshine, going to be up and out just over an hour from now. few clouds across the berkshires, northern new england, back through new york. we get some rain and snow showers coming off lake ontario and lake erie. there's a big upper level low in eastern canada. it's going to spin around, not do a whole lot for us here, though, in southern new england. it will bring that breeze out of the northwest over several days that will gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour, adding a little bit of a bite to the air. highs won't be as warm as the 55 to 60 degrees we had yesterday. we'll be around 50 for highs this afternoon. our saturday looks great, little breezy again, sun and clouds, high temperatures will top out in the mid-40s. normal for this time of the year. and then we dip below normal on sunday just a little bit. the wind will subside somewhat during the day, high pressure in control, bright sunshine for our sunday, so a dry weekend. next chance of any rain or snow
5:47 am
maybe a flurry or a sprinkle on monday, so no significant precipitation in the forecast for several days. high temperatures today right around 50 from boston to beverly. bedford at 49, same as fitchburg today. middle 40 franchise jaffray to keene. sunshine mixed with a few puffy clouds today. bright sunshine, 50 from plymouth to taunton, 50 degrees on the cape and islands as well. tonight we dip back into the 30s, most of us 30 to 35 degrees. it will be upper 30s for some of us on cape cod. bright, breezy, seasonal tomorrow. we should be in the mid-40s and that's exactly where we'll be for our saturday. now, it will feel a little bit colder because the northwest wind once again will gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour. not a damaging wind, but adds that little bit of a chill to the air. saturday night mostly clear, colder, 20s in the suburb ises. 32 downtown, and then sunday looks mostly sunny and chilly, less wind, though, high of 42. we'll only be in the upper 30s
5:48 am
a flurry possible on monday, clouds thicken up on tuesday and we'll get a chance of some rain and potentially snow showers by wednesday and thursday of next week. breana >> all right, danielle, thank you. live look right now at the westbound lanes of the mass pike. you can see the eastbound lanes too, and you can see that you have no issues here getting into the city right now quarter to 6:00 in the morning. it's a straight shot all the way from 495 through framingham, right into downtown boston. at 5:48, rob gronkowski out for the season likely and heading into surgery today. >> plus a boston, our top stories begin with that breaking news. >>reporter: i'm nicole jacobs live in roxbury at the scene of one of several incidents police are investigating this morning. we'll get you right to some video of one of them. we've just learned that two incidents are definitely connected. police say a vehicle was speeding away from an area near ruggles "t" station where shots were fired when that vehicle crashed into a wentworth campus
5:49 am
into custody, three others allegedly ran away from the scene. then a short distance away on mcgrievey street more shots were fired where two vehicles were hit. now, police are still investigating whether or not that third incident is connected to the two that we've just had confirmed are connected. but, again, police continue to investigate this situation. we do know the officer who was inside that campus police cruiser was taken to the hospital for evaluation. that's roxbury, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> nicole, thank you. we also have an update on breaking news in milton. state police say two people were kill whd a car hit a tree on bush hill bsh brush hill road and burst into flames. a third vehicle in that vehicle survived and taken to boston medical center. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. also breaking overnight, one person rushed to the hospital after a shooting in dorchester. this happened near devon and normandy streets, not far from a playground and a middle school.
5:50 am
rob gronkowski is undergoing surgery today. the team and his family put out a statement together saying the patriots tight end is expected to miss the rest of the season. gronk has been dealing with injury after injury. he was hit hard in the game against the seahawks in mid- november, suffering a pulmonary contusion to his lung. last week he was forced to leave the field during the game versus the new york jets and will now have surgery for a lower back injury. how tom brady and pats fans are reacting coming up. live at gillette stadium, anna meiler, wbz this morning. >> thank you, anna. an autopsy should reveal more later today about a decapitated body found along the meramec river in lawrence yesterday. family members fear it belongs to 16-year-old lee manuel paulino who has been missing since the middle of november. the district attorney's office says it will not speculate on any identification at this point until the medical examiner has finished. a brockton teenager is being held without bail charged
5:51 am
mother to death inside their home on wednesday. court documents indicate he's battling depression. his mother tried to put him on a plane back to his native haiti earlier this week, but he refused. the mother accused of helping dispose of her toddler's body will stand trial in february we've learned. rachelle bond is charged as an accessory after the fact in the death of her 2-year-old daughter bella. bella bond's body, as you'll recall, was found on deer island back in june of 2015, but it took several months identify her. police believe bond's boyfriend, michael mccarthy killed the child. the governor of tennessee, meanwhile, declaring a state of emergency as devastating wildfires continue to burn through the state. the death toll has now risen to 11. hundreds of homes and businesses are damaged or destroyed and thousands have been evacuated. if your company is looking to hire extra help over the holidays, you might want to take a closer look at the wording on the job posting. a company called tex deo says
5:52 am
tend to draw the biggest applicant pools. so what makes an ad gender neutral? apparently avoiding words like ninja or rock star which tend to turn off women and men tend to apply to jobs that have more bullet points in their description. well, if you are a child of the '80s or '90s, you will recognize this house instantly. the san francisco home was used to shoot exteriors of the sit- com"full house" and it's just been sold to the creator of that show. jeff franklin says he plans to use the house to for the netflix sequel "fuller house," but neighbors aren't impressed. they say the street is already overrun with tourists. >> still wondering what job posting has ninja posted somewhere is. anyway, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in the national's capital. president obama lighting the national tree one last time. >> three, two, one. [ applause ] >> merry christmas, everybody. >> and there it is, the
5:53 am
youngest daughter, sasha. the national christmas tree has actually been a washington tradition for more than 90 years, started under calvin coolidge in 1923. looking beautiful as ever. >> it's gorgeous. still to come we're taking a look back in the re-view mirror >> we'll have a check of the top stories in the week that
5:54 am
5:55 am
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well, from a massive water main break to an unusual punishment for drunk drivers. >> and everything in between. here's a look back at the week that was. >>reporter: a brockton teenager charged with murdering his mother. >>reporter: investigators have not commented on a motive. >>reporter: police chase end with a crash in brockton. >>reporter: both the driver and a passenger got out and ran. >>reporter: a major water main break in the theater district. >> danielle niles with a storm watch weather alert >> all it takes is a light freezing rain to slicken the >> two pop warner teams have already earned a spot in the big game, but the cost to sending both to florida is challenging. >> we're hoping that the community rallies behind us. >> mario batali has opened a theme park. >> former boston celtics coach doc rivers getting furious during last night's clippers/nets game. >> looks like our producer. >> bud light is giving you a chance to win super bowl tickets for life. >> chris. go get some beer right now.
5:57 am
off the street. >> and that's cruel and unusual punishment. >> gotta pay the fine. >> all right. making drunk drivers listen to nickelback, that's a canadian way of punishing people. >> just a week in the life >> poor nickelback. the butt of so many jokes now. keep it right here to wbz this morning. your top stories are straight
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning, everyone. i'm breana pitts >> i'm nick giovanni. it's friday, december 2nd. kate and chris have the day off. we're following breaking news right now at 6:00. new information on the connection between a campus cruiser crash and shots fired near an mbta station. plus three suspects on the run following a frightening home invasion. an elderly man tied up and tased. what those thieves were after. plus rob gronkowski sidelined for the season. we're hearing from the pats and tom brady as gronk gets set for surgery today. and boston school considering a change to when that first bell rings. >> yeah, that's right. but, first, we'll get a check of the forecast with danielle niles. feels like spring out there,


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