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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 24, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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in to special victims. >> reporter: it wasn't enough for a search warrant until the victim was able to spend hours with detectives a second time to help create this composite sketch and enough information that led detectives back to this home monday night. they found the victim's cell phone in a second floor bedroom. >> his dna at the end of the day will be the quantifier. >> reporter: police don't have dnac t going to bey to determine whether or not this suspect is involved in other sexual assaults. he does not have a record in philadelphia. live in rittenhouse square, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >> look at this side by side of the sketch and the mug shot. police say as far as they can tell, he had no criminal record. our nbc 10 team coverage continues with christine maddela who has been talking to people who know the suspect. what you have found out?
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>> reporter: this is eighth street in south philadelphia. this is where the suspect lives and where police raided last night looking for more evidence. >> rape, robbery, burglary, kidnapping. >> reporter: police charged milton garcia with those offenses and several more. they say he's the man seen here securing his bike to a pole then following this victim forcing her into her own moment. police say they think it was a crime of opportunity. >> we believe that this male followed this female for some distance and then positioned himself at a point where he could intercept her. >> reporter: last night garcia was at work when he went to find him. he was working at a kitchen when investigators stormed in and arrested him. management sent us a statement saying garcia has been employed for three months and presented all appropriate documents for employment. garcia gave us no reason to suspect he was involved in any criminal activity.
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we know garcia is from honduras. immigration and customs enforcement agents helped with the investigation. i got off the phone, and i will be provided more information about the investigation this afternoon. police question then released garcia's three roommates who live here with him. this afternoon, i talked with one of the roommates. you will hear what he had to say coming up at 5:00. reporting live in south philadelphia, christine maddela. >> police have a suspect in custody. neighbors aren't taking any chances right now. the center city residence association partners with handbags for peace to offer a self-defense class at 7:00 tomorrow night. at the 10th presbyterian church at 17th and spruce. this just in, a philadelphia police officer is under arrest charged with ordering her own children to fight. this is a picture of the police officer. she encouraged her children to fight other kids on several
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occasions between january of 2012 and october 2013. she faces several charges including endangering the welfare of a child and simple assault. we have a call in to police to get her status with the department. we have new information about the former deetss awatson plant. it will not rebuild. they are moving the dozens of jobs to philadelphia where the company has a facility. nbc 10's jacqueline london is live in the digital operations center with more on what this means. >> reporter: the move across the river will expand their philadelphia operation and add 150 new jobs. now, the company says that it plans to spend $50 million to build a new trucking and distribution center and expand its headquarters as well as its manufacturing facility, which is already based there. that means 158 new jobs in
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philadelphia. they will add 48 positions and affiliated logistics black bear will relocate 110 jobs. they are all in addition to the 700 jobs at the existing plant. >> it's creating and retaining family-sustaining jobs in northeast philadelphia in my direct. we have the opportunity here that we had never seen before. >> i think philadelphia means something to them. they wanted to be here. so they actively worked with us to make this transaction happen. >> reporter: the company will also be eligible for more than $7 million in public funds. live in the digital operations center, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of non--stop news with a check on the first alert forecast. we have had comfortable conditions the past couple of days. the humidity is coming back. glenn schwartz is here to track the changes.
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>> we have a beautiful sky out there across much of the area. the shore, no clouds at all. in the philadelphia area, it's hardly a cloud in the sky. more clouds in the poconos. the humidity is low everywhere. that's going to change. we also have a clean radar, at least around our area. we have showers in western pennsylvania. they are considerably closer than they were this morning. but you can see, they're not moving in our direction. they're moving to the northeast. at least for tonight, we're in pretty good shape. it's 86 right now. that's the high so far today. 85 in allentown. cooler right at the jersey shore with the southerly wind. it's going to warm and really, really nice as we head through the evening hours. low humidity. these are the last hours of that. so you go out and enjoy that we do have moisture that's going to be coming in starting tomorrow. we'll have the timing on when that rain is coming and when it's going to be the hardest
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coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. messing with the wrong woman. >> today we're learning more about the philadelphia store owner who shot and killed a robber. sharon doyle spoke with rosemary connors as she returned to work today. >> we weren't the only ones who stopped in to check on her? >> reporter: we were here at two police officers showed up to check and see how she was doing, make sure she was okay today. a lot of store owners keep guns behind the counter or on them. many, if not most, do not have the kind of training and background that sharon does. >> i just went into a mode like this is what has to be done. >> reporter: by all appearances sharon doyle is soft spoken and unassuming. when a would-be robber targeted her store in mayfair yesterday, he may have thought she would be an easy victim. sharon was armed with a revolver. she shot and killed him when she says he came after her. >> i think it was wanting to
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walk out the door, being glad nobody else is in here and a little bit of what i knew. >> reporter: what she knew was how to defend herself. sharon worked as an agent with the secret service in philadelphia protecting visiting dignita dignitaries. she was also on the philadelphia police force. >> family live, it wasn't working out quite the way i wanted it to. it led me here. >> we're thrilled she's alive. >> reporter: sharon is grateful for the support from her family and the community. she tells me yesterday she actually forgot to bring her gun to work but went home to get it. she says being a cop taught her you are vulnerable when you are unprepared. she doesn't regret pulling the trigger. >> it might have saved somebody else. he looked like he was on a mission. so if it wouldn't have been here, it may have been somewhere else. >> reporter: we learned from sharon that homicide detectives still have her revolver. the detectives are going to be the ones to wrap up this case. live in mayfair, i'm rosemary connors shs nbc 10 news.
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new video of a man wanted for burglary. this man burglarized a north philadelphia home yesterday. video shows him approaching the home and opening the door. he came back a few hours later and forced himself in. police say the people inside locked themselves up in the bedrooms when the man stole some of their stuff. he then took off. in go hours the first of two school board meetings to address a mascot controversy set to begin. officials will discuss the refusal of student editors to refuse to print the name of the mascot in the newspaper. students say it's offensive. administrators say they ignored a directive to publish the name. a similar battle is playing out in washington, d.c. a panel ruled earlier the name redskins is disparaging to native americans and canceled its trademark. it does not force the team to change its name or logo.
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from our delaware bureau, help could come to the state's three gambling casinos. the senate is poised to vote on a bill that would give them a bailout. they're considering a plan that would have cost taxpayers about $20 million a year. the plan lawmakers are looking at will be scaled down to half that amount. resifir kurd reacinn upd a newlired is the sunnis and kurds. a rampage could throw that country into civil war. the u.n. says more than 1,000 people have been killed in iraq so far this month. that is the highest monthly number of deaths since the u.s. military withdrew from the country in december of 2011. most of those killed were civilians. >> the crisis in iraq continues to push up prices at the pump. the head of opec says it's not
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because of the supply shortage. it's because of nervousness in the market. the price of oil jumped from $110 a barrel to $114 in just days. opec's secretary-general said iraq is producing as usual. earlier, opec announced it will keep its 30 million barrels a day output unchanged for another six months. secretary of homeland security says they are using every option to address the flood of unaccompanied children crossing the southern border. >> lawmakers are worried about weak border security as migrants rose daily. danielle lee has the story from washington. >> reporter: in texas, border patrol agents are admittedly overwhelmed. unaccompanied children from central america are being transferrd to temporary shelters outside the state. a 2008 law prevents them from being immediately deported.
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hundreds have arrived in oklahoma. others are in california at a naval base. in virginia, angry residents convinced the obama administration to abandon a law to use this old college campus as another temporary shelter. the homeland security department estimates more than 65,000 unaccompanied children will be apprehended this year. >> we're building more capacity to get children a bed but also health and human services is stepping up placement for the longer-term care of the children. >> reporter: during a house company meeting, republicans accused the administration of encouraging migrants to cross illegally. >> how can we sit by and watch our country's national sovereignty violated over and over and over? >> you need to ask the government where they want these kids dropped off. >> reporter: jay johnson insisted confusion about the law is just a small part of the
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problem. >> the reason they are leaving their countries is the conditions in those countries. they are really bad. >> reporter: now the department is working to find more shelters and speed up deportation proceedings in the face of a humanitarian crisis. in washington, i'm danielle lee, nbc news. from trenton, the new jersey governor signed a bill that will help control property taxes. arbitrators can award police and fire unions a raise of no more than 2% over the previous year's wages. the governor says this helps keep property taxes from rising. the garden state is celebrating its 350th birthday. a land grant back in1664 started what would eventually become new jersey. state officials asked local government, schools and religious institutions to ring bells for a minute at noon today
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to mark the occasion. they are encouraging residents to take photos and post them on the new jersey 350th facebook page. it's been a record setting year for the auto industry but not in a good way. 31.4 million vehicles have been recalled in the first six months of the year. that breaks a previous record. auto experts say the jump is the result of more companies using the same common parts which means a single defect can affect millions of cars from multiple manufacturers. pilot mismanagement is being blamed for a crash in san francisco last summer. they said confusion over whether one of the airline's key controls was maintaining air speed also contributed to the flight. it came into the airport too low and too slowly, hit a sea wall and carl wheeled down the
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runway. three passengers were killed, more than 200 hurt. hillary clinton is making an economic pitch for yunl employment. she announced a set of partnerships aimed at training and hiring young people. it is called job one. it focuses on hire, training and mentoring teens and young adults. ten companies include the gap, j.p. morgan chase, microsoft and marriott. it aims to create an action network for them to partner with the initiative on jobs. since yesterday, we told you about millions of unclaimed property available to people. today, we learned more counties are being added to the list. residents, businesses and organizations in chester, delaware and montgomery counties could see their names among those who are owed $197 million unclaimed property. the state treasurer made the announcement today. he said advertisements will appear in newspapers with the names of those owners. you can also search the
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state's unclaimed property database. we have a link to that on our website pfrjts sky force 10 over breaking news right now in center city philadelphia. here you are at the intersection of 13th and philbert where there is a suspicious package. 13th street is closed as police check out the package. you can see emergency vehicles on the scene of the closed street. we don't know what's been found. police are checking out a report of a suspicious package in center city. we're going to keep an eye on this. our assignment desk will make phone calls to find out more on the situation here in center city. billions of dollars, tens of thousands of deaths and a dwindling supply of food and water. >> that's what experts are predicting we will see over several decades as a result of climate change. nbc 10's keith jones breaks down the report.
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>> reporter: in my hands i have the report. it's intended to send a message to businesses in particular. there's some alarming numbers inside. one prediction, up to $106 billion in coastal property will likely be below sea level by 2050. the demand for electricity will rise and costs will skyrocket. it was commissioned by a non-partisan project. they want businesses to prepare for the effects of climate change and push for reductions in emissions blamed for heating the planet. here say break down of conditions. they expect in the year 2050 -- i will be brief -- in the southwest an additional month of testimonies in the mid-90s. expect wildfires in the midwest. 19% less crop yield. moving to the southeast, 11 to 36,000 additional deaths that may be related to heat per year. at home, this is the number you need to know about. in the northeast, 6 to $9
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billion in property damage because the water levels they expect to rise significantly. they want to warn businesses, if they don't make changes now that they may not be able to flank these outcomes by 2050. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> here is something that might help. an environmental group is fighting to get more electric cars on the road. nbc 10 in newark where environment america officials explain the findings of its new report. it argues electric vehicles could prevent more than 40,000 metric tons of carbon pollution in delaware by 2025. the group says electric cars are cleaner than vehicles that run on oil even when charged with coal-fired power. >> we are in the middle of a revolution. it's cleaning up our air and it's reducing our dependence on oil. now we have to charge ahead. >> environment america says there are more than 220,000 electric and plug-in hybrid
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vehicles on u.s. roads today chlts. it sure was a nice day for a ride if you had a convertible or a ride with the top down. it's going to get increasingly humid as we go through the next -- even less than 24 hours. an evening beauty. a lot of sunshine for next couple of hours. the humidity, i'm telling you, when you wake up tomorrow morning and you go outside, what happened? that's what you are going to be thinking. i landed in florida because it's going to be that much of a difference. showers and storms following that increase in humidity. one more night of great weather at the ballpark. 86 degrees right now. the wind is south southwest, ten miles an hour. the humidity is very, very low for this time of the year. and the wind, it's going to blow
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out about ten miles an hour on average. it will be stronger at the beginning of the game than at the end, just like last night. and 82 at 7:00. dropping into the mid 70s. the weather was great at the ballpark. the results weren't. but the weather was good. the weather is going to be good tonight. the winds are stronger than they were yesterday. generally, from south to north. eventually, that's going to bring enough moisture in here to raise the humidity. 85 in allentown and reading right now. 83 in pottstown. 86 in philadelphia. 84 in washington township. look what's going on at the shore. that south wind keeping things in the mid 70s. comfortable there. the ocean temperature is 74 degrees. that is pretty warm. that's the warmest it's been. some of the showers moving this way as we head into tomorrow.
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we will get into that a little bit later. the showers and storms at the shore tomorrow and perhaps lingering into thursday. for the rest of the night tonight, we have the humidity increasing. that's going to be the big thing you are going to notice. 70 by morning in philadelphia. a humid day tomorrow. possible showers in the morning but more likely later in the day and at night. high temperatures in the upper 80s. some places could hit 90. chance of showers on thursday. we may have the clouds linger for a couple days. it's going to become a tricky forecast as we head into the weekend. enough clouds to potentially keep the temperature down until next week. printing and prayers in a new jersey community for three teenage boys kidnapped in israel. >> there's three sets of parents out there who are missing their kids. >> i'm ted greenberg with a love one's call for their release.
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the summertime threat every parent needs to hear. billions of dollars out of your pocket. just how much airlines are making on all those extra fees.
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airlines collect more than a billion dollars in fees from you. the top 16 u.s. airlines collected $700 million -- $790 million and then another $726 million in cancellation or change fees. this is during the first quarter of the year. delta, they lead the pack with more than $400 million. according to the bureau of transportation statistics, that helps increase profits by 188% over the same period. recapping our top story, the rittenhouse rape arrest. police have a suspect in custody accused of raining her inside her apartment the milton garcia is his name. he's charged with rape, robbery, burglary and kidnapping.
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sky force 10 continuing to follow breaking news for us. a bad accident here on routes 476 southbound. a car has overturned. two of the lanes here are blocked. you can see one lane in the southbound side continues to get by. traffic is going to be backed up as we watch sky force 10's camera pull out. you can begin to see the backup that's created as that accident continues to be there. authorities work to clear the scene there. 476 southbound at exit 13, bad
4:28 pm
accident there backing up traffic. a plea for help. >> three innocent boys on the way home suddenly kidnapped at the bus stop just minutes from their high school. >> the latest on the search. plus how a jersey shore community is trying to help.
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well, it's a traffic problem
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that sky force 10 has been following for us. breaking news this afternoon. this is southbound 476. cars starting to get by. two lanes were blocked on southbound 476. this is exit 13. as you can see, even on the northbound lanes, traffic moving slow lichlt a car overturned on southbound 476 tieing up two lanes of traffic. traffic getting by in the one lane. we will stay on top of this story and bring you new information as soon as it comes in to nbc 10. right now at 4:30, gone without a trace. three teens kidnapped in israel. they've been missing for two weeks. israeli soldiers continue the search. relatives are asking for help. israel is blaming the militant group hamas. they haven't been seen but there have been no demands. >> today in washington, an aunt urged officials to keep
4:32 pm
searching saying this could happen anywhere. >> this happened in israel. we all know that the terrorists who make this happen any place in the world and to anyone. >> one of the missing teens has relatives along the jersey shore. ted greenberg shows us what the community is doing to help. >> it's very, very tough for me. >> reporter: this girl has no choice but to stay hopeful that her 16-year-old cousin returns home nearly two weeks after he and two other israeli teens were kidnapped in the west bank. >> we are all praying. everyone is praying. the whole community. >> reporter: signs in the lobby of her husband's office ask patients to pray for the teens who israel says were abducted on their way hope from school by hamas militants. >> every parent out there, this is their biggest fear. >> to kidnap children, these evil people cross the line.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: the aunt of another teen begged the world not to forget the boys. >> we must do everything in our power to bring our boys, our precious children home. >> reporter: back in lake didn't wood, that message is going on to bumper stickers which are being distributed. 3,000 stickers have been printed since friday. >> nothing is going to stop us. we're going to go out and as much as we can fizz iksly do. >> reporter: because demand has been so high for the stickers, organizers say they have to limit them to one per family. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now to our weather. it's been nice out. change is on the way. >> this always happens. humidity, it's going to make a comeback. the chance of storms. glenn is timing the changes for us when this all is going to happen. >> it's not going to happen this evening. we have a gorgeous evening out
4:34 pm
there. the sky is very blue. the humidity is very low for this time of the year. you can see the radar is pretty quiet until you get into central pennsylvania. showers and storms there. they are not coming here tonight. they're moving to the northeast into new york state. not our way. but eventually, by tomorrow, yeah, different story. the humidity rising as everything starts coming up from the south. the first thing to change is the humidity. the second thing is going to be the cloud cover. the third thing, it's the showers. some starting to develop perhaps even during the morning hours. but eventually, they will get heavier. temperatures in the 80s. 70s toward the shore. one more beautiful evening before it starts feeling like summer again. the timing of that rain and the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. a battle over new jersey's budget.
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democratic lawmakers are set to advance their own state budget in an effort to rebuff the governor's version. the spunding plan calls for cutting the contribution for public employees' pensions. it raises taxes on those with income of more than $1 million. republicans say it will hurt the budget. a balanced budget must be in place by june 30th. a budget bill has reached the floor of the pennsylvania house a week before the current budget expierce. there are many spending questions that haven't been resolved. yesterday, the house sent the bill to the approachation committee which is expected to amend it. while in the senate, republicans and democrats have met behind closed doors to discuss the budget which is supposed to take affect july 1st. day two of congressional hearings on the irs e-mail scandal. today lawmakers heard from jennifer o'connor, a former irs attorney who now works at the white house. she claims her short time at the
4:36 pm
irs limited her knowledge on the investigation into the agent's targeting of political groups. >> you were in charge from may until november of compiling information from congress and you never heard before that that there was any missing documentation as far as e-mails? >> i didn't hear that any of the e-mails were missing. >> yesterday, the commissioner's credibility was challenged over the discovery that years' worth of irs e-mails have gone missing. she overcame addiction and wants to help others do the same. >> going for their heart because we know that most of these girls are suffering. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00, one woman's fight to help others turn their lives around because of addiction. how the new come den county police force is helping her do it one step at a time. sky force 10 over this
4:37 pm
breaking news for us. southbound 476 near exit 13 slow going there after this car overturned. we'll be right back.
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in honor of national hiv testing day this friday, aids delaware is offering testing. for more information and to find out how to schedule an appointment go to our website, the world cup is in full swing. everyone has come down with a case of world cup fever. including pennsylvania's senator bob casey who wants the games in the u.s. he has asked fifa to give the games to the second place bidder. it was the u.s.
4:41 pm
he says rewarding the country's corrupt labor practices is the wrong approach. he said, recent reporting has raised concerns about the way qatar treats its workers and the manner in which the country was selected. reminder to parents. >> don't leave your children in the car. the demonstration that shows just how quickly your car can turn into an oven. all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, an about-face, a change of heart for church leaders who punished this pennsylvania preacher for performing a wedding ceremony for his gay son. sky force 10 on the scene on southbound 476. that car still overturned there. backing up traffic. one lane getting by right now.
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and the boxes they come in. come to hhgregg. and fill your home with happy. here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 4:00. police say this man, 28-year-old milton garcia, is responsible for raining a young doctor in rittenhouse over the weekend. he was arrested less than 72 hours after the attack. police say as far as they know, before this he had no prior criminal record. dets and watson will not rebuild its plant that burnt to the ground. they will build a new facility
4:45 pm
near the company headquarters in philadelphia's tacony section. climate change will cost u.s. regional economies enormously in terms of lost property, reduced industrial output and higher health expenses. it's designed to have businesses factor in the cost of climate change. as the summer weather heats up, public safety officials are sounding a familiar warning. >> it's about the danger of leaving children in vehicles in heat. so far this year, 13 children have already died after being left inside hot cars. the latest just this last week in georgia. aaa has tipped to keep from you forgetting the precious passenger in the back seat accidentally. experts suggest putting your purse or cell phone in the back near the child to serve as a reminder. >> because people are busy, under stress, they think it's fine to run in somewhere maybe to a store or something like
4:46 pm
that for a minute or two. really, you just can't do that. find another way to get done what you have to do. >> the danger comes very quickly. check this out. nbc 10 did a little experiment. in 20 minutes morning sun can send the temperature inside our van with the windows up high enough to melt crayons. you also don't want to leave your pets in the back seat like your dog. he's wearing a fur coat. it's not fair to leave them in the back seat. in the evening, we have gorgeous weather before the humidity comes back. it's going to be more humid tomorrow, much. and showers and thunderstorms coming after that humidity rise. the wind, still blowing from the south to north. that's bringing in warmer air. it's going to bring in more
4:47 pm
humid air. it's not there now. 86 degrees is the high so far today. 85 in allentown. 75 in mount pocono. cooler right at the jersey shore with a fairly strong south wind coming in. the ocean gets warmer and warmer. a lot of people will be happy about that. you can see all the dry air around our region. back to the west there's a good bit of action developing in the western half of pennsylvania. it's not moving in our direction just yet. this whole system is going to be moving to the east gradually over the next 24 hours. that's going to put some of the showers in. plus, we may have some development and movement in from the south by tomorrow morning as you can see on the future weather model. more showers tomorrow afternoon, more tomorrow night. looks like overall, heavier rain to the north and west, more
4:48 pm
hours of rain to the north and west than toward the shore. it's not going to be a warmout at the shore. here is wednesday night. now it's pretty much of a washout at night. then by thursday morning, this particular model drying us out. some others, not so much. that makes the forecast get trickier as we head toward the weekend. we showed you the shore forecast. now it's the poconos. showers and storms tomorrow, some of it heavy. chance of showers coming in over the next couple of daze after that. for the rest of the night, don't expect a shower, certainly not this evening. but the humidity is going to go up. low 70 by tomorrow morning. then during the day, more humidity. you will notice that first thing. temperature may go up a touch. some places could hit 90 and the south wind continues. then the showers and storms increase for tomorrow night and
4:49 pm
could linger into thursday depending on which computer model we are looking at here. the clouds and wind coming in off the ocean may keep the temperatures down a bit friday and into saturday. once we break out of that, the temperature will start going up next week. it will be a holy night. the arch bishop will take the mound to throw out the first pitch. his presence is part of the second annual catholic charities night. students of special education will perform the national anthem. don't forget about our grant challenge called 21 of the century solutions. there's a $50,000 grant available, two $25,000 grants as well. we want to help good ideas turn into great ones. applications are being accepted until august 8th.
4:50 pm
if you want more information or you want to apply, go to walking the streets addicted and in danger. >> next at 4:00, a former addict fights to help women on the streets of camden turn their lives around. how she's using her experience to make a difference one woman at a time. then all new tonight, money mistake. one man's misstep that's costing every taxpayer in one local town and what's being done about it. let's look at a few of the stories trending on and on our mobile app.
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4:53 pm
a camden mother who was once addicted to drugs is helping to save the lives of other women who find themselves in the same situation. >> this is how the woman makes a difference and rides along with police for a closer look at prostitution and drug addiction. >> reporter: every day girls walk broadway addicted to drugs and turning to prostitution to support their habits. they stroll this area at all times of the day looking to sell
4:54 pm
sex. >> we're dealing with very broken vulnerable women who are being victimized. the girls -- our girls are being raped, robbed. several weeks ago one of our girls was killed and thrown in a field. >> reporter: but this woman is looking to put a stop to it by using unconditional love. she started using crack cocaine and became an addict. she lost everything until she found the your much. now she runs an outreach ministry for women trapped in addiction and prostitution. >> we're going for their heart because we know that most of these girls are suffering. >> reporter: she's not doing it alone. the camden county police department is in on the mission. >> what we're doing at times, it doesn't seem like it's working. but with this program, hopefully some of them will take the help so they can get off broadway. >> reporter: they are one of the only departments in the nation that teams up with non-profits like brenda's in offering help, not handcuffs. during a recent sweep, the women
4:55 pm
were given two choices, enroll in the program and get help or face jail time. rather than taking them directly to the police station for processing, officers drove them to this church, home to the organization. >> they all come from a different background. most are educated people. the one today with a master's degree and you are here prostituting. >> reporter: we were there as authorities picked up the women. that's when we ran into this woman. she admitted she was high while working the streets. >> i had a job. it fell out. i hit rock bottom. there was no other way for me to survive unless i did this. >> reporter: police and brenda's team have tried to convince more than three dozen women that they don't have to do this. sadly, even after the emotional break downs, mostly all of them refuse the help. instead, they were taken to jail and within hours they were back on broadway. >> even if she helps one, it's
4:56 pm
worth it. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. here are jacqueline and keith. a seaside mansion in our area is demolished. >> it was all on purpose. we will show you the before and after photos. paying the dead? a review of state records shows hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of government benefits are going to people who have passed away as far back as the 1980s. a look at our weather. >> enjoy this evening because come tomorrow, we're going to see big changes with humidity and also thunderstorms. i'm tracking those storms coming up. the pastor's punishment overturned. he lost his credentials after presiding over his gay son's marriage. now we heard from this pennsylvania minister hours after he learned of a major personal victory. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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right now at 5:00, police have made quick work of the rittenhouse rape investigation and arrested this 28-year-old man. it came within 72 hours of a rape of a young doctor. >> we have this guy off the street. you can rest easy today. >> tonight that suspect is in custody. before this, he had no criminal record until philadelphia. police say there were a number of factors that helped get this guy behind bars so quickly. >> they had a victim able to give a good description and despite injuries worked hours with detech tifz on a sketch. the victim's cell phone was also found in the suspect's apartment. detectives say an iphone app gave them a signal and a small window to start looking in the general area of south philadelphia. >> technology was a component
5:00 pm
here but a very small component. at the end of the day, there's no other way to describe it, that the right people with experience and with instincts under the direction of the lieutenant just applied those instincts, the right place at the right time. >> police don't have dna testing done just yet. that will also be the key to see if the suspect may have been involved in any other sexual assaults in that area. live at 5:00, christine maddela. you talked to one of the roommates. what's he telling you about the suspect? >> reporter: he was shocked to hear that his roommate was under arrest. neighbors i talked toai


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