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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 24, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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detectives say an iphone app gave them a signal and a small window to start looking in the general area of south philadelphia. >> technology was a component here but a very small component. at the end of the day, there's no other way to describe it, that the right people with experience and with instincts under the direction of the lieutenant just applied those instincts, the right place at the right time. >> police don't have dna testing done just yet. that will also be the key to see if the suspect may have been involved in any other sexual assaults in that area. live at 5:00, christine maddela. you talked to one of the roommates. what's he telling you about the suspect? >> reporter: he was shocked to hear that his roommate was under arrest. neighbors i talked to said the same thing.
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we also just learned that in the past hour milton garcia is scheduled to be arranged any time now. milton garcia's roommate told me he doesn't know milton very well. when i asked him if he knew about the crimes his roommate was charged with, he said he and his other roommates didn't know anything. he said they work at different restaurants on different schedules and just see each other in passing. >> we were able to talk to several of the members in the household. those members of the household provided us with some information. they were cooperative. >> i'm shocked. especially right next door to me. i'm not too happy about it. >> reporter: neighbors told me they didn't know much about garcia either. >> they look like quiet people like they wouldn't bother anybody. i'm shocked. >> reporter: police questioned then released garcia's
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roommates. >> one of the major barriers was the language barrier. >> from the begin, homeland security, immigration and customs enforcement agents were contacted. they quickly responded and very much assisted with this investigation. >> reporter: speaking about immigration and customs enforcement, i reached out to them today. i heard back from them this afternoon. they say they larwant to know agents so they can take him into custody. live in south philadelphia, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 for the latest on the rittenhouse rape arrest. we will continue to follow new developments and will bring you updates on air and on line. new information tonight about a pennsylvania pastor
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defrocked for officiating his son's same-sex wedding ceremony. tonight the appeals panel overturned the decision reinstating his credentials. the church suspended the pastor for officiating his son's wedding then defrocked him because he wouldn't promise to never preside over another one. he spoke about the church's reversal today. >> i will never be silenced again. i will always speak with and for my lgbtq brothers and sisters in the church and beyond. >> the church reversed its decision because it said the punishment was based on an assumption he would bring church law in the future. he says he is considering a new job at a california church. just a great day to splash around in the water. our nbc 10 sky cam network.
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the weather is changing with more humidity. >> storms are possible. let's talk to sheena parveen. what can we expect? >> we will feel the changes as we go into tomorrow. i hope you enjoy this evening. we are dry around. we have storms just off to our west. those should really stay to the west. locally, we have seen a nice day today and we're continuing to see the dry air in place. here is a live look in philadelphia. not really one cloud in the sky as we take a live look out at center city. really nice evening for the phillies tonight. we don't expect rain tonight. that won't be here until tomorrow. off to our west, even to our south, we have a lot of showers and storms around but not locally. so you can see there's more moisture close by but not yet. not here not yet until we go into tomorrow. that's when we will see humidity increasing and storms move in. tonight, we stay dry. 82 degrees by 6:00 p.m. we're
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still very warm this evening. by 8:00 p.m., around 77. and we're still seeing sun. by 10:00, mild, mid 70s. tomorrow morning, you will notice more humidity and then tomorrow afternoon you will notice thunderstorms. don't forget your umbrella. i will show you the timing of the storms and when we will hit near 90 degrees. >> talk to you then. an unpleasant surprise for property owners in one camden county community. they are getting slapped with a larger tax bill because of a school district error. it happened in autobon. he accidentally checked the wrong box. that means residents will pay $359 more this year. we're told the tax bill will even out over the next couple of years. no one noticed the mistake at first. school board auditor caught it but it was too late to change this year's budget.
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traffic troubles this morning. this accident, the crash happened in the middle of the bridge. traffic came to a standstill, as you can see. the accident has been cleared and westbound traffic is moving. a south philadelphia man is in critical condition tonight. he was attacked by two men as he left his house. it happened around 5:00 this morning. a neighbor said the man was walking out of his home on moore street when the pair tried to rob him. the neighbor said it lasted 30 to 40 seconds. the attackers ran off. it's unclear if they took anything from the victim. philadelphia police are on the hunt for the person who shot a teenager six times. the 18-year-old was on glenwood avenue when he was shot just after midnight. he walked a block and collapsed. the teenager sr in critical condition at temple university hospital. from our south jersey
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bureau, another casino in for a big tax savings following a deal with the city. resorts casino hotel will save $1.3 million over the next two years. it's a series of successful tax appeals that have cost the city money. casinos are worth less because  the gambling market hit the skids. from our delaware bureau, the university of delaware is getting a $12 million federal grant to develop renewable energy. it will researchers an opportunity to work on biofuel technologies. it is one of 32 energy research centers nationwide that is sharing $100 million in similar grants. a pennsylvania man is going to prison for stealing cell phones plus accessories and selling them online. he was sentenced today in newark. he received 27 months in federal prison. he stole more than 900 cell phones and other items from verizon wireless and sold them.
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he was an account executive at a branch of the company. paying the dead, that's what a new audit shows is happening with pennsylvania tax dollars. the report released today shows cash and food stamps were handed out through cards linked to the social security numbers of people who died as long ago as the 1980s. $212 thoushths was given between. the state auditor general says there was no evidence of widespread fraud rather a systematic problem with the department's handling of the cards. >> a lot of people believe that some people need the benefit and support that. but everyone would agree that the only people getting the benefit should be the ones that are supposed to be getting it. >> the audit is ongoing and expected to be completed next year. to decision 2014 for the race for governor. today tom wolff was in our area. he brought his fresh start tour
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to nazareth this morning. he toured the martin guitar factory and discussed had his made in pennsylvania plan that aims to expand manufacturing. he will face off against tom corbett in the november election. speaking of elections, numbers show that more people are turning out to vote in the philadelphia area. turnout for the may primary was 18%. our area out performed the state wide turnout by a percentage point. philadelphia's numbers are up slightly from years past. it's mostly due to voters in northeast philadelphia. figures show a higher number of latino voters that went to the polls in the lower northeast part of the city. a castle by the sea if you saw it. >> i would take it. the new owner didn't care for the ten-bedroom multi-million dollar mansion. we will show you what he decided to do to it in one local beach time. helping for a handout.
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local casinos ask for help. we will tell you how much this will cost for those who don't gamble. plus this -- >> went into a mode like this is what has to be done. one of us is walking out the door and it's going to be me. >> deadly force, the exsecret service agent who killed a suspect who robbed her. tonight, the benefits of local shop keepers who are armed and willing to pull the trigger. was it a hoax in a chicken chain takes a closer look at claims made by a family that this little girl and her family were asked to leave a restaurant because of the her face. t milit hofggess
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pilot mismanagement is being blamed for a deadly plane crash in san francisco last summer. a new report from the ntsb says confusion over whether one of the airliner's key controls was maintaining air speed also led to the crash.
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they came it too low and too slowly, hit a sea wall and cartwheeled down the runway. three passengers were killed and nearly 200 were hurt. ntsb investigators say the pilots should have recognized something was going wrong. >> the approach required attention from the crew and throughout a variety of circumstances and they had multiple opportunities to recognize that it wasn't going well. >> it was the first deadly commercial airliner crash in the united states in more than four years. this story made national headlines. trouble is, it may be a hoax. she's from jackson, mississippi. her family claims she was asked to leave a kfc restaurant because her injuries were too gruesome. she was attacked by a pit bull. kfc thinks it's attempt by her family to get money. it has hired an outside
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investigator and is awaiting the report. millions of dollars are wiped out from three banks in the garden state. >> police say a local businessman is to blame. the struggle to survive. local casinos need taxpayer help to stay in business. tonight, nbc 10 analyzes the benefits of giving them the money they want. a matter of personal protection. the unassuming ex-cop and current store owner who shot and killed a robber. nbc 10 talks to her and others about local merchants armed with deadly weapons. the key piece of technology that helped police get on the trail of the rittenhouse rape suspect. i'm luann counsel. i will have that story at 6:00.
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right now at 5:30, she protected a president and walked the streets as a cop for a u.s. city. the most violent encounter came when she faced life and death inside her own business. it was yesterday here on nbc 10 news at 5:00 when we brought you news about the former secret service agent shooting a robber to death. >> we are taking a closer look at shop owners who are armed. live at 5:30 is nbc 10's rosemary connors. you spoke to that shop owner and others. you have differing opinions on this issue. >> reporter: yeah, certainly not
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everybody feels comfortable with using a gun. when we were in the shop today and we were talking to sharon doyle, the businessowner, quite a few customers came in. we watched them check on her, thank you and shake her hand. there was a sense that they were proud that she fought back. sharon doyle tells me for business owners really anybody, the most important thing you can do is be vigilant. >> even if protecting yourself is yelling or screaming or walking the other way, be aware. >> reporter: as a former secret service agent and philadelphia police officer, sharon doyle knows how to use a gun. the training may have made the difference yesterday at her store. she says a robber with a knife tried to attack her. she shot and killed him but recognizes that not every shop keeper finds it necessary to protect themself with a weapon. >> me personally, i believe it is. but i also guess it's an individual preference as to how people feel comfortable. i did what i had to do to walk out the door at night. >> reporter: while this is the first time an armed robber has
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confronted sharon inside her store, she knows that crime can happen anywhere. just as we were leaving her shop, we watched as police responded to an attempted robbery at a nearby credit union. some business owners never encounter trouble. >> nobody come in say i want to rob you. >> reporter: this man, a native of italy, has been in the tuxedo business in philadelphia for 50 years. while he has never been robbed, he protects his shop with surveillance. as we were asking him about what happened to sharon, this loyal customer couldn't help but chime in. >> there you go. self-defense. she defended for how many years she defended the nation, the streets? now it's time for her to defend herself. >> reporter: sharon doyle calls it self-defense. man who tried to attack her, the man she shot, he has a lengthy criminal history. he has 20 priors, most related
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to theft. last time he committed an offense in philadelphia was in 2008. he served three years for that crime. live in mayfair, i'm rose mary conners, nbc 10 news. here are stories making headlines. philadelphia police make an arrest in a weekend rape in rittenhouse square. authorities say 28-year-old milton garcia is the one responsible for raining a young doctor. police say he had no criminal record in philadelphia before this arrest. a pennsylvania pastor can return to the pulpit after his church overturned his defrocking. he was suspended for performing his son's same-sex wedding ceremony then defrocked for refusing to say he wouldn't do it again. a panel today ruled his actions did not warrant losing his credentials. all we have to say is this, a great day for beach goers.
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a live look at cape may. don't we all wish we were there today? closer to our station, the phillies, they should have another great night for baseball. that's citizens bank park from our camera on top of the park. then there are changes. >> haven't made it to the beach. sheena parveen is tracking the return of the humidity and thunderstorms. >> they're both coming together. we will start with the humidity tomorrow and then we get thunderstorms. here is a live look outside. we have the shore in new jersey. we have the poconos. we have a live view from our ce. here is a view from comcast center. we have a lot of sunshine out there and will continue with the mostly clear skies for a while until we see more clouds moving in. those clouds will be bringing the rain as we go into tomorrow. locally, we're dry.
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the rain is not too far to the rest. it's in central pennsylvania, showers and storms. we don't expect this tonight. it will stay away from us until we go into the later part of tomorrow. for tonight, 82 by 6:00 p.m. still warm outside. still a lot of sunshine. even by 8:00 tonight, 77 degrees, pretty nice out. by 10:00, mild, a little muggier, 74 degrees. tomorrow, you will notice the humidity and you will want your umbrella. coming up, i will show you the timing of the rain and when we will hit the 90-degree temperatures. some of us could see wet weather tomorrow. that combined with the warm weather could lead to an explosion of mosquitos upping the threat of west nile virus. to lower the risk, camden county will spray in a number of communities tonight. crews will spray from 7:00 to 11:00, weather permitting. it's opening day for a number of philadelphia pools. some rain -- some ran into
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trouble, rather. two pools remain closed due to chlorine issues. this is the o'connor pool on 26th and south street, which is closed because of high chlorine. while the anderson pool is closed for low chlorine. all pools are expected to be open by july 1st. a man is a rested in connection to a major checking scheme. prosecutors say lewis rogers senior caused $8.8 million in losses to three new jersey banks. he created fake bank balz by falsely depositing hundreds of millions of dollars into checking accounts. he wrote checks against the accounts knowing the money wasn't even there. new at 5:30, do you know this man? philadelphia police say he is the thief who made off with 20 cartons of cigarettes from a shop in mayfair. surveillance shows him jumping over-the-counter. he grabbed cigarettes and left with a white bag in hand. in delaware, they are
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hunting for this man. this man used someone else's credit card at several stores last week. the victim contacted police after getting a call from the credit card company. authorities say he speaks with a strong russian accent. a suspect takes a swim to avoid arrest on drug charges. he didn't get away. police say he was a passenger in a car stopped by police on west water street. investigators say he tried to escape by jumping into the river. get this, a passing boater actually helped officers catch him. garcia gave up after admitting he was tired of swimming. gannon and raheb were arefrted on drug charges. kid criminals. >> one only 12 years old rounded up for a violent crime in south jersey. don't miss that story. casino concerns. the waiting game for casinos
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hoping to boost their bottom line. why nothing is a sure bet right now. expert analysis on whether that column degree and all the debt that comes with it are still worth your while. this massive fire destroyed a south jersey dietz & watson plant. today a major move for the company. why they decided not to rebuild in burlington county. we will tell you where they are relocated and the jobs.
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do you read to your children? if you don't read to them, you probably should. the american academy of pediatrics is encouraging parents to read to their kids every day starting at birth. studies show reading to children helping them develop their vocabulary and communication skills. some comforting news for college grads facing a tough job
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market and years of student loan payments. that degree is still worth it. economists say those with a bachelor's degree earn more money than those who skip college. it drops to $325,000 for an associate's degree. the average cost is about $122,000 for a bachelor's degree. could your children be getting too much of a good thing for breakfast? a new report says children are ingesting potentially unhealthy amounts of vitamin a, zinc and niocin. they say misleading marketing by food manufacturers could be to blame. outside experts dispute the claims saying many of the cereals aren't even popular with children. it's one of the most coveted prizes. >> now local teachers are in the running for an award that sits
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on the mantles of the rich and famous. my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. >> the new in your face campaign to get people to kick the habit. sheena? the humid sti inity is inch. i will lay out the timetable for the storms in my forecast. still ahead on. >> announcer: 10 news at 6:00, bring back our boys. it's been two weeks since three teenagers were kidnapped in israel. the campaign to bring them home.
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graphic ads warned at warning smokers of cigarettes will air nationwide on tv.
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>> eric edwards shows us some of the people behind the ads which may be hard to watch by design. >> my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. >> a harsh admission from 30-year-old amanda whose daughter weighed three pounds when she was born two months early. although amanda learned the hard way that smoking can cause premature birth, she continued to smoke through two more pregnancies. >> i used to judge pregnant smokers. i never thought i would smoke during pregnancy. but i did. it wasn't easy. it wasn't an easy thing to quit. >> reporter: she did. now she is one of several former smokers features in an ad campaign. >> it calls to the quit line. it doubles. >> reporter: it tells stories of tobacco danger. >> smoking caused my cancer. >> reporter: rose shows scars.
5:40 pm
brett shows what he looks like without teeth. although one ad shows terry days before her death, smoking cessation experts say it's not the fear of dieing that prompts smokers to quit. it's the thought of disability and disfigurement. >> the reason for doing this is really that that's what smokers told us they believe would be the most effective. >> reporter: they credit similar ads that began airing in 2012 with prompting more than 100,000 people to quit smoking. the new ads will start in july. three young boys are charged in connection to a robbery of a 12-year-old. police say the crime happened over the weekend in pine hill. the suspects are accused of holding a knife to the victim's chest and taking his cell phone. the suspects are 12, 15 and 16. the 15-year-old is the one police say had that knife. pennsylvania's governor and first lady are in philadelphia
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for the women's business ener prize. enterprise. they talked about support for enter prizes owned by women. a landmark is part of the record books. last year we showed you how drexel professor frank lee create a program to play pong on the sigh de of a center. they broke the record with a bigger game this time. they created it in april. they were entered once again into the book of world records today. 12 local teachers are nominated for a grammy award from philadelphia and surrounding suburbs and two from new jersey. it recognizes teachers who have made a significant and lasting contribution to their field. the winner receives a trip to los angeles to attend the grammys plus a $10,000 grant for their school. best of luck to them.
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another fantastic day with low humidity. it will stay like that for the evening. come tomorrow, we are tracking thunderstorms and along with this change the humidity will increase. you will notice that when you wake up. more like the second half of the day tomorrow you will notice the storms and then in the forecast we also have 90-degree temperatures. the heat and humidity is increasing. again, that's going to bring the storms, too. 85, allen town. 83, pottstown. 82, westchester. it does feel comfortable with still the lower humidity. 79 in dover. cooler along the shore, 74 in stone harbor. here is what center city looks like. we have a lot of sunshine. barely any clouds. the dry air is in place. that will change tomorrow. locally, we're clear on radar.
5:43 pm
we have storms just off to our west in central pennsylvania. a lot of lightning with these. tonight, we actually don't expect these to move in. these should stay out of the area. if we take a wider view, more showers and storms to our west and to our south. tomorrow, we keep getting that south wind. so the moisture keeps increasing. again, the rain, thunderstorms and the humidity all rising. future weather shows us staying dry for tonight. then tomorrow morning, you will notice more cloud cover, higher humidity. there's the chance we could see at least a few light showers in the morning. the second half of the day, 8:00 p.m., we expect showers and thunderstorms. not everybody could see these by 8:00 p.m. you do see here showers and storms around through the ligate night hours. then as we go into thursday, we keep the chance of rain around. there should be enough moisture to give us a few showers. along the shore and delaware beaches as we go into tomorrow,
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showers and storms, mid 70s. upper 70s, thursday. chance of showers friday. more cloud cover. temperatures in the mid 70s. tonight, more humid. that increases. 70 for the low in fill. 67 north and west. still a pleasant evening tonight. tomorrow, more humid. showers and storms around mostly the second half of the day. temperatures ranging from the mid 80s to near 90. some areas in delaware could get at 90 before the rain. on thursday, we have a chance of storms, mid 80s or mid to upper 80s thursday. friday, more like the mid 80s. we could see showers saturday. on sunday, we are jumping up to near 90. >> thank you very much. earlier in the newscast during a breaking news story, i was ad libbing. i understand the term of this word is offensive and i offer my sincerest apology. it will not has been again.
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give me one reason why i should believe
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you've really changed. huh? okay. uh, 2-hour service windows. give me another one.
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uh, our on time all the time guarantee. one more. night and weekend appointments. you guys have really changed. who am i gonna badmouth at parties now? i guess my cousin. he's so pale. ♪ this digital exclusive story. this bakery is lightning in a bottle. that's what a group of judges at a local competition have to say. philly bread and its 25-year-old owner are moving full steam
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ahead making a big difference in the small business community. they are being rewarded for it. on our mobile app, find out how the bakery and its four please are making things happen. how the prize that they won should make business boom further. it's a digital exclusive story you will find from casino concerns in the first state. >> right now, delaware lawmakers are debating how much money they should earmark for the ailing gaming industry. nbc 10's tim furlong traveled to weigh the proz and cons of a ba bailout. >> reporter: the architect of this latest bill nelz there are two reasons to help the casinos. >> the first one is revenue to delaware. the second one is 5,000 jobs that the casinos support.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: the casinos have been cash cows over the years. but with competition, the revenue has gone done. this is the ceo of dover downs. last year they had a profit of $13,000. he says his focus is paying bank loans when he would rather spend more on advertising and bringing in big-name acts. >> we pay 43.5 to the state. we pay 9% to the slot machine vendors. >> reporter: casinos give 43% back to the state. new jersey only pay their state 8.5%. he will take any help the senate might come up with. he says this is a band-aid solution and the state needs to come up weapon a long-term rate cut if delaware's casinos are to survive. >> we're not interested in a race to the bottom compared to other states. we need to make sure we are competitive. >> reporter: some will tell you the state should let them sink
5:50 pm
or swim on their own. the state has come to rely on all the revenue these places generate. the current senate bill would give the casinos about a $10 million break. they had asked for a $20 million break. one republican senator told me that this deal would guarantee we will have these same conversations again next year. in dover, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. nothing shocks me. >> next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, more charges for a new jersey man accuse of rd of running a cy scheme. the investigators talk to the suspect's attorney and more alleged victims about the investigation. take advantage of tonight's weather while it lasts. it's not going to feel anywhere near as comfortable when you wake up in the morning. the muggy conditions you can expect plus storms in my first alert forecast. police say one small thing
5:51 pm
became the first big clue that helped lead to the rittenhouse rape suspect. i'm lou arn khan, that story next at 6:00.
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not all toothbrushes are the same. oral-b pro-health toothbrushes have crisscross bristles that remove up to 90% of hard to reach plaque. feel the difference. oral-b, trust the brand more dentists and hygienists use. oral-b. ♪ from the oral-b factory in iowa city, iowa... to a walmart near you. join walmart and oral-b in supporting american jobs. tonight at 6:00, an arrest in the rittenhouse rape case. >> we have this guy off the street. you can rest easy today.
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>> the key piece of technology that helped police get on the suspect's trail. teens kidnapped in israel. >> we want him home where he belongs. with his family. >> what family members are saying about the disappearance. the local effort to bring back the boys. more charges in a charity scheme. it's the the story the nbc 10 investigators first told you about more than a year ago. why the suspect's attorney says it's a big misunderstanding. good evening. residents in rittenhouse square have a little piece eace of min tonight. they say 28-year-old milton garcia of south philadelphia is the one in these sketches. just 72 hours after the attack, police arrested him. he's facing charges that include rape, robbery, burglary and kidnapping. police say in this video, he locked up his bike then grabbed a woman and forced her into her own home.
5:54 pm
investigators arrested garcia last night while he was working in a kitchen at a restaurant in center city. they found his bicycle there. >> we believe that this male followed this female for some distance and then positioned himself in -- at a point where he could intercept her. >> i'm shocked. right next door to me. i'm not too happy abt
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