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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  August 26, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, testimony continuing today in the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping a little girl from her school. good morning. i'm renee sent fattah. prosecutors say she sexually assaulted a little girl after luring her out of the classroom. matt delucia with an update on this morning's testimony. >> reporter: testimony resumed a few hours ago. i just stepped out of the courtroom. older sister and brother, the nine-year-old boy talked about how his then five-year-old
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sister was with him when she went to school and then she was not. at the end of the day, told the mother, the people at the school couldn't find her. this is the second day of testimony in the trial. she's accused of taking the five-year-old girl from the school in january of last year. prosecutors say she posed as her mother. the judge issued a gag order on this case. before it was issued, her attorney, fred harrison, said he believes there's a cultural bias against a defendant charged with a crime against a child and asked to keep an open mind. police say the victim was blindfolded except when she showed her a picture of a man who supposedly paid for her. again, that testimony resumed just within the past hour.
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my colleague is up in the courtroom right now taking notes. she will have an update later this afternoon. for now we're live at the criminal justice center, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. thanks, matt. firefighters going door to door at a northeast philadelphia apartment complex after flames and smoke spotted coming from the building. fire crews at the grant meadows arrived around 11:30. when they didn't hear smoke alarms they called for back-up, then started waking up the residents. >> went throughout the building, knocked on all the doors, told everybody to get out. they start busting the windows out. the fire went through the roof a little bit. >> everyone got out safely. eight apartments damaged. red cross now working to find temporary housing for those displaced residents. fire investigators still trying to determine a cause. taking a live look out at
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center city where we're enjoying another sunny, summer day. today shaping up to be a little warmer than yesterday. here is a live look at the shore, cape may, set to be a gorgeous day as well. there are rip current concerns due to hurricane cristobal out in the atlantic. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast for us. glenn. >> renee, it's another great looking day. not only in the city, the shore, poconos, everywhere in between. lots of blue in that sky. look at that. for this time of the year, it's pretty amazing. the temperature continues to go up through the 80s. 82 inful dell, 83 in northeast philly. 80 degrees in dover, 82 in wilmington. humidity is up a little bit but it's not too high. you can see how dry it is across the east coast. there's certainly no threat of rain. the temperature up to 88 degrees
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at 3:00 with sunshine, 86. it's going to get even hotter during the day tomorrow. we'll see if there are going to be storms with that and see what kind of weekend we're going to have for the big holiday coming up with the seven day in a few minutes. we have new information this morning about the ocean county man who may have been kidnapped overseas in israel. just within the last hour, state and local officials gave an update on 23-year-old man from lakewood who disappeared while hiking with a friend in the jerusalem forest friday. nbc 10 reporter live in lakewood to tell us what officials had to say about his disappearance. ted. >> renee, his parents are right now in israel, but many in this community are praying for his safe return. we just came from that press conference on the front steps of the municipal building where federal and state officials called for more help to find the 23-year-old who has been missing
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in israel since friday. a massive search has followed along with fears that he may have been abducted. officials and members of his family want both the u.s. and israeli governments increase efforts to locate him. some accuse israel of not trying hard enough to find him. he disappeared while hiking with a friend in the jerusalem forest, an area bordered by jerusalem and arab communities. we talked with his younger brother a few minutes ago. >> i give a big thanks to everyone taking part in the search. i appreciate it. i want everyone to continue the searching. he's one of nine that's missing. the whole family in america, my brother over me. i have one message, please bring back my brother. >> reporter: that's what he and
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his other brother kept saying, just bring my brother home. a website set up to raise money for the ongoing search efforts in israel. also to raise money for a reward fund to help provide any information and give that reward to anyone who maybe able to provide information leading to the safe return. live in lakewood, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, ted. back in june a lakewood teen went missing while hitchhiking home. their bodies found two weeks later. hopz militants claimed responsibility for those murders. today israel carried out 15 airstrikes in gaza, which included the bombing of two highrise buildings. one of those buildings collapsed. the second was severely damaged. dozens of homes and shops were located inside there. since fighting began seven weeks ago, the u.n. estimates more than 17,000 homes have been destroyed in gaza leaving 100,000 people homeless. authorities are
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investigating the cause of a motorcycle crash that killed a long port police officer. investigators say sergeant charles adams motorcycle collided with an suv on harding highway near route 40 in franklin township. he died at the hospital. the 21 year veteran of the force was off duty at the time. in north philadelphia, police searching for a missing man with alzheimer's. authorities say 74-year-old william robinson was last seen on popular street yesterday afternoon when he left his home to go to a store. police say he's also diabetic and requires insulin. if you spot robinson, please give police a call. skyforce 10 over an early morning accident, stopped traffic on the turnpike for more than two miles. the accident between the car and street sweeper happened before 6:00 a.m. between lansdale exit. no one was hurt. the two women found murdered
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inside their northeast philadelphia home, 67-year-old dolly evans and 67-year-old ruby thomas shot in the head execution style at their home on vista street saturday night. investigators say thomas may have also been strangled. police say the person of interest was seen leaving shortly after the gunshots were heard. so far no one has been arrested. frontier airlines is scaling back on the number of flights from newcastle airport in delaware. the airline just announced its service to chicago, denver, atlanta and ft. myers, florida, all suspended for the winter starting october 25th. the airline originally planned to stop those runs on december 12th. flights to tampa will be suspended from late october to mid december. then frontier said it will offer flights twice a week through the remainder of the winter. we now have the details of the taney dragons parade tomorrow. the team riding the wave of an historic little league run.
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the parade 20th and market street in center city set to start at 2:00 p.m. it will go east on market to city hall, down broad making two steps at the kimmel center where the philly pops will pay for them. then broad and washington where mummers will perform for them. the parade will be at fdr for a rally around 4:00. we're seeing video that appears to show isis supporters cheering in the streets. we'll tell you what they are cheering about. we now know the i had i. of the man who climbed the brooklyn bridge. we'll tell you who authorities say he is and why they say he did it. things are heating up. it's going to get even hotter tomorrow. i'll tell you if we'll hit 90 and if the heat will bring storms, too. considering its nex
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against islamic group isis. now it appears the u.s. is targeting the group in syria. nbc reports. >> reporter: video posted online reportedly shows supporters of isis celebrating the terrorist groups capture of a military base in northeast syria as the organization flexes its muscle in the region, it appears the white house is preparing for the possibility of targeting isis not just in iraq but syria, too. "new york times" reports president approved manned and
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unmanned surveillance flights. a senior white house official would not comment directly on a flight but, quote, would use all the tools at our disposal. >> president demonstrated using authority to order military action in furtherance of some counter-terrorism goals. >> it will be a complicated decision for president obama who doesn't want to be seen as helping syria's assad regime which opposes isis as well. >> we would not view it as being on the same side just because there is a common enemy. >> after beheading james foley last week, isis planned to kill more americans if u.s. bombing raids don't stop. syria said u.s. bombing raids in its country would be seen as an act of aggression. some members of congress want to be included with any decisions involving u.s. military. all factors president obama weighs today. chris malone, nbc news, new york. today people living in iraq
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surrounded by isis militants had to be evacuated by helicopter. members of military had to fire off weapons to provide cover so women and children could get away. they are suffering from water shortage, food and supplies. they were evacuated to an iraqi base in baghdad. today ukraine's president meeting with russian president vladimir putin to discuss the ongoing fighting between ukrainian forces and pro-russian rebels. in another effort to stop that fighting, ukraine's president announced he will dissolve parliament and call for early elections by the end of object. he said this decision would cleanse parliament members who are allies of the separatists. in the past few weeks the ukrainian miller has made progress against pro moscow rebels in the eastern part of that country. china is taking part in military drills with russia and other countries over the next three days. video released by china's state run broadcaster showed a chinese
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drone hitting targets in mongolia. these the first time china has ever released video of drone strikes being carried out. 7,000 military personnel are involved including 900 russians. ebola has the upper hand. that's what the head of the cdc had to say as he visits west africa this week. but the top u.s. health official did express optimism that the outbreak there can be contained. in liberia the doctor given the last known doses of the experimental drug smap has died. that's the same drug the two americans took. they recovered from the virus. it's unclear if they were curedly the drug. in march the ebola outbreak killed more than 1400 people. a jewish community center in mumbai, india, attacked by muslim extremists back in 2008 is set to reopen. ten gunman from a mack stan-based militant group stormed hotel and city landmarks for three days there.
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166 people were killed. the center has now been fully renovated and will be blessed at a special gathering of 25 rabbis from across asia. scotland is three weeks away from an hi torque referendum on independence. in a tv debate yesterday pro independence minister and britain's chief argued whether scotland should breakaway from the united kingdom. polls show voters are narrowly divided by the decision to break up the 307-year-old union. there's a new push for california to develop an early warning system for earthquakes similar to alert systems used in mexico and japan. this comes after sunday's powerful earthquake that cost at least a billion dollars in property damages. today cleanup efforts are still under way as people assess the extent of the damages there from that earthquake. it hit northern california's wine country in napa. bricks and stones from old
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buildings crumbled out into the streets. power and water knocked out to thousands. as of yesterday afternoon, almost all gas and electric service has been restored. we now know the man who climbed atop the brooklyn bridge sunday, he's a russian tourist who said he did it just for fun. he's charged with reckless endangerment, trespassing and disorderly conduct. he's being held in jail. he was ordered it hand over his passport. authorities say the moscow man reached the top of the bridge tower and took pictures with his smartphone. former director louis freeh recovering in a hospital after being injured in a car crash. he drove his suv off the road, hitting a mailbox and row of shrubs before coming to a stop. freeh is a federal judge who led fbi until 2001. he was hired to handle child sex abuse involving former football
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coach jerry sandusky. florida fish and wildlife officials calling is the first crocodile attack in the u.s. a nine foot croc bit a man and woman swimming in a canal. the man suffered multiple cuts to shoulders, back. the woman bit on the shoulder but managed to get away. officials say there are clear warnings posted in that area to avoid swimming because of those crocodiles. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> who would swim in those canals in florida? that's just crazy. now, our weather continues to heat up. it's already warm, and it's going to get a little bit hotter. we continue to track cristobal. that is barely a hurricane. sure doesn't look like it on the satellite picture. and we continue to update the holiday weekend forecast. right now we're still seeing a lot of sunshine out there. the temperatures 82 degrees. the feels like temperature 83,
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humidity up just a touch. no wind. 3 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. of course by this afternoon it will be at least 3 degrees warmer than yesterday. we're going to be 88 degrees today, tomorrow up near 90 or maybe a little above. it's 78 in allentown, 79 redding and pottstown, not quite to the 80 degree mark but most cases are. kenette square, 89. on shore winds into the mid-70s there. that's about where it's going to stay. we are bone dry across the east. we even have fewer clouds around than yesterday. the showers, remember, that were near chicago yesterday, they are still near chicago. not making any progress this way. the future cast showing dry conditions tonight.
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here is tomorrow morning. let's see what happens. a weak front coming down. nothing more than a slight chance of showers. most computers don't show us anything for tomorrow afternoon. then by thursday, the drier air is back in, and we have another example of some beautiful low humidity. now, it's almost difficult to find the center of cristobal. when you can't do that with a hurricane, that's strange. there's incredible amount of dry air on the western side. so this thing is not going to be strengthening a lot. it's starting to move to the north finally. it was nearly stationary yesterday. but look at that crazy track. it keeps spreading waves up toward the "jersey shore" and the swells from the storm will continue to cause the high rip currents. we've got reports from harvey
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cedars police today from very strong rip currents and dangerous conditions out there even with the storm so far away and not that strong. the track of this is pretty clear-cut. it is coming nowhere near the east coast and nowhere near bermuda. it's going to be right in between. and so what happens at the shore, that's the big issue over the next few days. the rip current risk. temperature will go up a little on wednesday as the wind shifts a little bit and thursday is really nice as well. overall, the holiday weekend not looking too bad at the shore either. upper 80s today. sunshine very warm. not too humid. certainly not for august. a hot day tomorrow. just a slight chance of an afternoon shower mainly north and west. most of us should stay dry. thursday and friday just beautiful weather again with the low humidity that we've seen so
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much of this summer. then we start to warm up. saturday looking nice. warm. slight chance of showers sunday afternoon. the better chance on labor day. pretty good conditions at the shore. the worst driving cities, philadelphia is on the list. see where our region ranks coming up. chick-fil-a is test marketing new items in philadelphia. we'll tell you people in the area, who will be among the first to taste them.
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safety commission announces recall of 2 million beanbag chairs. this is scary. voluntary recall by ace bayou after kids suffocating. listen to this. officials say zippers on the beanbag chair can be opened and crawl inside, get trapped and suffocate or choke on the foam beads. they were sold at walmart and online at before july 2013. officials warn parents to check beanbag chairs for any zippers that can open. the number of americans making late credit card payments reached its lowest level in seven years. credit reporting agency said the credit card payments at least 90 days overdue fell to 1% in the
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quarter. lenders extend to people with poor credit histories. right now average debt per borrower is just over $5,000. chick-fil-a is test marketing new breakfast items hoping to catch the attention of early risers. we will be one of the first to try them here. the fast-food chain is testing a chicken and waffle item in georgia, memphis, tennessee, philadelphia, and inland empire, california. the new item includes a boneless seasoned chicken breast served alongside a maple syrup flavored waffle. can't go wrong there. protest to peace in ferguson. >> so ferguson, missouri, america, where do we go from here? >> the community gathers to discuss the next step after weeks of unrest. >> did you see this? billy crystal's emotional tribute to his late friend robin
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williams at last night's emmy's. a look back at the big night in a few minutes.
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checking out our top stories right now, it is the second day of questioning in the trial of christina regusters accused of kidnapping a little girl. yesterday a woman supposed to be doing security took the stand. prosecutors say regusters held her captive. the disappearance of 23-year-old aaron sofer in israel. there are fears that sofer may have been kidnapped while hiking in the jerusalem forest on friday. israeli authorities launched a massive search and rescue
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operation, but so far there's been no trace of him. the u.s. is considering its next move against islamic terror group isis. nbc news learned over the weekend president obama authorized surveillance flights including drones and manned flights over syria, which could be laying the groundwork to begin airstrikes there. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> riptide concerns have some shore towns restricting how far some people can go out in the ocean, no deeper than their waist. harvey cedars, knee-deep is the limit. this comes as fewer towns have lifeguards because many have gone back to college. taking a live look right now philadelphia museum of art from high above center city, another sunny, warm day. things continuing to heat up. how high will the mercury go today. p nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast. what about it, glenn. >> renee, i'd say at least 88,
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maybe 89. then tomorrow we go up a little bit more. we've got lots of sunshine throughout the area. so that, of course, will help the temperature go up. we're already into the low 80s. we're a few degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. the average high is only 84. so we're seeing above average temperatures not only today but tomorrow as well. we're certainly not seeing much in the way of cloud cover. hardly any clouds for a couple hundred miles. as we go through the day today, lots of sunshine, temperatures 88 by 3:00. not especially humid but a little bit more humid for this time of the year. we are seeing temperatures up near or above 90 degrees by tomorrow with a front coming in. then there's the chance -- is there a chance of shower or thunderstorm activity with that front. we'll also get into the holiday weekend forecast. we're going to be feeling like summer again there, too.
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that's coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. renee. >> all right, glenn. we'll see you shortly. cristobal isn't the only hurricane churning in the world right now. hurricane marie a category three storm. winds up to 115 miles an hour, though. it's still causing big waves along mexico's pacific coast. people have been told here stay out of the water. right now that hurricane is far southwest of the tip of baja, california. as it gets closer, though, it could cause dangerous waves along the southern coast of that state. floods in southeastern south korea have killed at least five people. five missing. floodwaters rushed through downtown city and they worked to evacuate people stranded inside the buildings. torrential rains caused flash flooding and landslide damageing a senior citizens center and trapping 400 students at a middle school. heavy rain caused flooding in parts of eastern india today. more than five inches of rain fell in 24 hours clogging drains
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throughout one city. many residents angry that the city has not improved its draining a system after years of repeated flooding. they say the city comes to a standstill every time after a heavy rain. well, hundreds of local and national activists gathered for a town hall meeting last night. this is in ferguson, missouri. the group was discussing race and culture in their community and how to move forward after the shooting death of michael brown. nbc's damon fernandez reports. >> reporter: with words to the song "a change is going to come" to set the tone, hundreds of community members gathered in the history museum for a raw and solution-based discussion. >> ferguson missouri, america, where do we go from here. >> reporter: a discussion about race, culture, community in the aftermath of the death of michael brown. >> when he pointed his gun at me, he told me that if i said
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anything else, see what's going to happen. >> some speakers used this town hall to vent talking through the lingering trauma they say after peaceful protests turned into violence. others urged action steps for change like engaging youth, supporting community-based nonprofits, developing civilian review boards and speaking out against situations that seem unfair. >> i hope we can use that as motivation to push forward in so many areas where we see an inequity of opportunity in the entire region. >> reporter: several speakers also challenged elected officials to become part of the pack to change. >> to missouri leaders, black and white, my question is to you, when are you going to say enough is enough and help us fight this instead of fighting us. >> that was damon fernandez reporting for us. you can count on nbc 10 as we continue to follow the newest developments out of ferguson on
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air and on well, there's new information this morning in the v.a. scandal despite accusations veterans affairs department said they found no proof delays in care caused any deaths in phoenix, arizona. revelations as many as 40 veterans died waiting care at the facility last spring and brought to light scheduling problems as well as allegations of misconduct in other hospitals as well. the scandal led to the resignation of v.a. secretary eric shinseki. the president is scheduled to speak in charlotte, north carolina at noon. two men dead and one man hospitalized in arizona after they were overcome by toxic fumes while working in a sewer vault. fire officials say men working inside the 15 foot deep sewer without protective gear when it happened. a hazardous materials group saw high levels of cyanide coming
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from that sewer. four people including two kids dead after a murder in tulsa, oklahoma. it happened overnight at an apartment complex on the east side of town. investigators haven't released information about a possible suspect or how the victims were even killed. a toddler was found alive inside that apartment. we have new information about a deadly crash in montgomery county that we first brought to you as breaking news yesterday morning. police now say the car was going more than 80 miles an hour just before it slammed into a telephone pole. the impact of that crash split the car into three pieces. authorities say 21-year-old driver lost control of the car on north broad street in hatfield township. he died there at the scene. his passengers there was critically hurt. hatfield police and d.a. are investigating the crash. philadelphia's gerard college cannot close its high school. it also has to remain a boarding school. that's the ruling from a judge. the college wanted to do away with the boarding part as well as the high school to help solve
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the school's financial problems. gerard college has been serving disadvantaged students for 165 years. the board has not decided whether to appeal that decision. the board that oversee dwaer delaware's $1.8 cash portfolio will have more money. governor will sign legislation authorizing cash portfolio board to now handle accounts associated with the state's land and water conservation fund and parks fund. legislation would allow funds for open space protection as well as outdoor recreation, park, and trail projects. and new this morning, a just released report shows philadelphia has the worst drivers among major u.s. cities. according to all state, america's bst dries report, the average driver in philadelphia is involved in a car accident every six years. philadelphians are 60% more likely to crash than the average
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american. that puts philly 192 dead last among america's largest city. coming in first ft. collins, colorado. last is worcester, massachusetts. new york city you might think would have worse drivers, not even close. they ranked 155. emmy honored beth performances. you saw them on nbc 10. there was a ring of familiarity. stephanie stanton with a wrap-up. >> "breaking bad." >> the emmys sent "breaking bad" out on a high note monday night, a second straight win as best drama. >> thank you so much for this wonderful fairwell. >> that kindness extended to aaron paul and anna who won best supporting akers. >> bryan cranston. >> and "breaking bad" star who won best actor for the second
11:40 am
straight year and fourth time overall. >> i can only say i have gratitude for everything that happened. >> the one major honor "breaking bad" didn't get went to julianna margulies, her second win for "the good wife." >> what a wonderful time for women on television. >> a wonderful night for other emmy winners. >> jim parsons. >> the star of the "big bang theory" won best actor april comedy for the fourth time. fourth actress win for julia louis-dreyf louis-dreyfus. >> he was on seinfeld. >> reining comedy tied with fifth win. >> modern family has been a big, beautiful dream. we thank you for not waking us up. >> the deja vu extended to the amazing race which won best competition for the tenth time. colbert report made back-to-back victory for best variety series. even as wins were celebrated --
11:41 am
>> he made us laugh hard. >> a loss remembered. billy crystal's tribute to robin williams. >> it's very hard to talk about him in the past, because he was so present in all of our lives. >> it was a poignant fairwell on a memorable night. the academy also played tribute to other artists who passed away this year including philip seymour hoffman, sid caesar. it's being dismantled here at the emmys. coming up, the effort to fight illiteracy. stars of a popular kids show are helping children develop a love of reading. here to talk about it. we'll tell you where we can see these stars in person. >> well, after things heat up in the middle of the week, is it going to be a stormy holiday weekend? i'll have your first alert forecast coming up.
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burger king confirms today it's getting help from warren buffett to buy another restaurant change. the billionaire will help burger king finance the takeover of tim horton, a deal that could cost $10 million. the move comes as some on capitol hill calling for a boycott of burger king if it moves its headquarters to
11:45 am
canada. if you have an iphone and can't hold a charge, you can get a new battery. part of the program. it affects phones purchased between september 2012 and january 2013. if you already replaced your iphone battery, you can get a refund. california becomes the first in the nation to require kill switches on new smart phones. the bill became law. if your phone is stolen, you can online from any computer, enter information and the phone will be disabled, inoperable. the senator who created this legislation said it will deter these apple pickers. >> into the head of perpetrator, not worth his time, trouble or risk, because the item he's thinking of stealing will be worthless. according to consumer reports, the number of smartphone thefts in the u.s. nearly doubled between 2012 and 2013. well, the first talking robot in space released a new
11:46 am
video message saying it wants to return to earth. speaking in japanese, kibo the space bot said he hopes people look at the sky and think of him. he says he's tired after spending more than a year at the international space station. his developer said they plan to bring him home. he was sent last august to test communication with a japanese restaurant. speaking of communication, according to some studies, as many as one in four children in america grow up without learning how to read. so one retailer is teaming up with our sister network, sprout, to provide children with free books. here to tell us more about the program, the host of sunny side up show, kaitlyn. kaitlyn has brought along her friend there chicka. >> hel okalohello, thanks for h
11:47 am
>> you'll be at cherry hill? >> yes, 2:00 to 3:00, burlington book buddies drive. you can stop by and donate a book. at sprout we like to celebrate kindness. what better way to donate a book. so kids who maybe don't have resources to books, they can have them if you stop by burlington today and donate your books. we'll be there singing and donating a book to sproutlets, what we call little kids at home. yes, stop by and see us. >> that's terrific, kaitlyn. i know you and chicka are really on a mission to make sure kids learn about reading. you do it on your show through singing, talking to kids. talk to us a little about why it's so important, why we know literally really does matter. >> it is so important. for one thing, it works with your imagination. we love reading together. sometimes we even make our own books on the show. it's just so important to really stretch the brain and, yeah,
11:48 am
imagination. that's really, really important on sprout. what we do on sunny side up show is promote reading. we have co-viewing on the show. we want the parents to be reading with their kids. it's really important. stop by today at burlington and cherry hill, new jersey and we'll see you at 2:00. >> thank you. we so appat in. as you said, kids start reading now, they do better in school. they do better in life. you guys do such a great job at sprout getting that message across. if you want to come out and meet kaitlyn and chicka, give a free book at the burlington store at 2:00 p.m. reading and sinning with kaitlyn and chica. >> thanks. >> announcer: your weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we've been comfortable, no 90
11:49 am
degree days so far this month. we're likely to get a couple before this month is over. we are heating up here. last august there were no 90 degree days. we're tracking cristobal. it continues to spin around in the atlantic. we'll keep you updated on this holiday weekend forecast. well, no problem with the weather today at least as far as rain threats. 82 degrees, feels like 83. no wind. we're 3 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. at least in philadelphia, 78 in allentown, one of the cooler spots right now but of course right at the beaches it is pretty cool as well. and we continue to see the winds coming in off the ocean. those northeast winds have been very persistent day after day after day. that has a large part of that problem with the rip currents, keeps churning up the water.
11:50 am
then we have other flows coming in from the southeast. things get kind of chaotic. we have northeast wind, combination new moon. now we have cristobal. look at the temperatures, too, held in the 70s. it's going to be rough at the shore, at least in the water for the next couple of days at least. we're dry in the east, bone dry. close showers back in chicago. they are certainly not going to get here tonight or into tomorrow morning. on this future cast just a chance of a couple showers especially north and west. most of the computer models don't have any rain with this front that is coming in. all it's going to do is take us from 90 plus degrees down into the mid-80s with lower humidity. so thursday is going to be a spectacular day. thursday night for the eagles, it's just beautiful.
11:51 am
now, here is hurricane cristobal, and it is not looking like it's strengthening or anything close to that. there is plenty of dry air on the western side of this thing. and so it's not likely to strengthen. p look at the track of it, so chaotic. it was nearly stationary yesterday. it keeps churning up the waves and that's going to keep the risk of the high rip currents there for much of the rest of the week. as far as the track is concerned, there's not much doubt about it. moves north now. going between east coast of the united states, bermuda, make that right turn like so many of those do. there really isn't much else out there in the tropics to be watching, at least the atlantic. sunny and very warm today, highs in the upper 80s. then for tomorrow, should be the hottest day of the week, 91
11:52 am
degrees, just a slight chance of an afternoon shower, mainly north and west. most of us will probably not see any rain. no one will see rain in our area thursday or friday. spectacular days again. we've seen a lot of those. then for saturday, the start of the holiday weekend looks dry, getting a little warm again. sunday just a slight chance of showers in the afternoon near 90 degrees. pretty nice at the shore. best chance of any kind of showers monday labor day. of course we'll update that this afternoon. we'll be right back.
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high school football is back. you can vote for the first blitz town. the choices, frankford at downingtown east, lasalle at north penn. you can call or text one time vote to 610-624-4111. now, the game with the most votes will be featured on the high school blitz every saturday night right here on nbc 10. coming up this afternoon on nbc 10 news starting at 4:00 today, counting down to the labor day holiday weekend. want to get away but still don't have plans? we're checking with hotels and businesses along "jersey shore"
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to find out what's available from vacancies to down right deals. we're doing the research for you on at 4:00. new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a determined downtown. a local community vying for the top spot in one contest and already made it to the finals. then ahead at 6:00, caught on camera, the new push from philadelphia police designed to catch more criminals in the act coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz back with a check of the afternoon forecast. >> we continue to be heating up. each day gets a little bit warmer. today it's going to be the case, too. 88 degrees. 91 degrees tomorrow. then we get another stretch of comfortable weather. >> wow. thank you, glenn. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm renee chenault-fattah with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. thanks for watching. we'll see you back today at 4:00.
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>> sonny: will, i need to tell you something. >> will: what you need to do is stop treating me like a child. >> sonny: i don't know what you're talking about. >> will: the only reason that that magazine hired me was because of you. >> victor: [exhales] >> ben: refill? >> victor: well, you must have read my mind. >> ben: [laughs] >> victor: thank you.


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