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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 2, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> masked men barge into a family's home, hold them at gunpoint and ransack the place. we're there live this morning as police continue to look for the intruders. a boardwalk in philadelphia. the city's newest attraction unveiled today that will allow you to walk on water. no water falling from the skies this morning, but we are off to a cloudy start as we take a live look at 95 in south philadelphia. there is some rain in store for the weekend. you can count on nbc 10 first alert weather to get you ready morning. good morning, everyone. this is nbc 10 news today. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill, off to another cloudy start just like yesterday. >> very similar. no sign of any showers in the
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area. just clouds overhead, like yesterday, they'll be thinning out as we go through the day. right now if you're heading out, that is a dry view looking right across the delaware. nothing reported north and west either. temperatures are cooler for reading and pottstown in the 50s. pretty much where they are yesterday at this time for philadelphia at 64 degrees. wilmington and millville also in the 50s this morning. it is going to be a cloudy, cool start. 62 degrees at 7:00. 63 at 9:00 and then with bright sunshine at lunchtime, closer to 70 degrees. go through it hour by hour. first, jillian mele is watching traffic. >> good thursday morning to you, bill. a problem here on 95, all lanes temporarily blocked right now on 95 northbound as you approach cottman avenue. just a minute ago this was engulfed in flames. we had a heavy fire response. fire officials still have hoses out on the highway.
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you can see behind me fire department activity still out there right now all because of this tanker truck fire. again, just to recap, all lanes are temporarily blocked on 95 northbound right now. this is something we will continue to follow for you. the southbound side is not affected. we're not seeing any fire department activity at all. sometimes when you have a case like this, you can get at least one fire truck over there blocking one lane in the opposite direction, but that's not the case. this is just impacting, again, the northbound lanes on 95. we'll keep you updated in just a few minutes. now, aside from that, we're not reporting any other major problems on the highways. no accidents out there right now. average speeds on roads like the blue right and 76. 63 is what we're seeing right now on the pennsylvania turnpike. chris. we have several stories we're following that are new from overnight. here's one of them. firefighters are dealing with a series of small fires inside an abandoned school building in north philadelphia. look at the smoke here. nbc 10 was on the scene at germantown and allegheny avenues. firefighters had to climb
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several flights of stairs through thick smoke to attack the flames. we're told the crews will be putting out hotspots throughout the morning. no word on what started those. also new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for a man who robbed this pizza shop at pizza city on frankfort avenue and mayfair. police say he walked in, pulled out a gun and got away with about $1,000. no one was hurt. a delaware county family was terrorized by gun-wielding thieves who invaded their home overnight. police are still looking for the intruders. it happened just after 10:00 on the 100 block of lafayette avenue near mcdade boulevard. our katie zachary is live on scene for us this morning. katie, this family was very shaken by what happened. >> reporter: that's what we're hearing from police, chris. the couple and their two adult sons very shaken by what happened which is understandable because here they are getting ready for bed. it was around 10:30 last night when a group of men stormed their home. these men are carrying guns,
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they're wearing dark clothing. and this family is held against their will. we have video of the scene soon after it happened around 10:30 on lafayette street here in collingdale. police say they had guns and were wearing dark colored clothing. they broke through the basement door to find the husband and wife inside. the couple was then pushed to the floor and held there while the men, again, armed, three had handguns, one had a shot while the group ransacked the rest of the home. they found two adult sons upstairs. police say they were also held at gunpoint. the four men took off running. it's unclear what valuables were taken. those men are still being sought right now by police. coming up at 4:30, you'll hear from the police chief from here in collingdale about the reaction when they stormed their home when they were held at gunpoint. reporting live, katie zachary, nbc 10 news. here's what else we're following today. "real housewives of new jersey"
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stars teresa and joe giudice will learn their punishment this morning. the couple will appear before a federal judge in newark after pleading guilty to wire and mail fraud charges in march. both are facing prison time and restitution. and joe who is not a u.s. citizen could also be deported to italy. also happening today, the sentencing for this convicted public employee turned thief. nancy gonzalez stole nearly $25,000 in social security checks from an elderly woman whom she was caring for. at the time gonzalez was a second for two members of philadelphia city council. authorities say she had no access to city finances. also today, the delaware county teacher and coach charged with sexually assaulting a former student is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in court. bill barber is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl at garnet valley middle school. state police say that girl, now in high school, sent barber nude photos of herself prior to the encounter in the coach's office. and happening today in philadelphia, lawyers for both sides will meet before the
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murder trial bebegins. jones is accused of killing him. jones is already serving life for murdering his alleged accomplice in 2012. abel was walking home from his summer job in south philadelphia when he was robbed and shot. this happened shortly after bo moved from philly to minnesota to teach math in public schools. happening today, a rally against hate crimes at philadelphia's love park. state representative brian sims organized the rally in response to the beating of a gay couple in center city. the rally starts at 2:00 p.m. at the same time, sims will be hosting a public hearing of state democratic policy members at the kimmel center. that meeting will focus on restoring lgbt rights that the state supreme court removed in 2008. philadelphia district attorney seth williams is testified to testify. ha harrigan, williams and knot are charged with aggravated conspiracy. police say those three suspects are seen on this surveillance
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video moments before the assault. they're accused of asking the two victims about the relationship and then punching and beating them. one of the men had a broken jaw. defense attorneys say the fight was mutual, though, and was not moat vated by sexual orientation. now to the investigation into the death of cooper hospital ceo john sheridan and his wife. this morning we know that the fire that broke out inside their home was no accident. sheridan was a prominent figure in new jersey's health care industry and in state politics. the fire started early sunday morning at the couple's home in somerset county. yesterday prosecutors announced that the fire was intentionally set. it was arson. but they say they did not say who they believe set the fire or if that fire is what caused the couple's death. they say they're still waiting for autopsy results. an update now on this breaking news that we brought you yesterday morning. four buildings in atlantic city containing stores and apartments will have to be demolished after they were heavily damaged by fire. that fire on atlantic avenue
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forced more than a dozen people out of their homes. the red cross continues to help those victims. investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire. they say it started inside a consignment shop. nobody was hurt. this morning the u.s. secret service has a new interim boss, and he's from this area. joseph clancy is leaving his job as security chief for comcast cable division. before joining comcast in 2011, he headed the secret service's presidential protection division. now, the agency's director julia pierson stepped down yesterday after a series of security lapses and pressure from congress. comcast executive vice president david cohen talked about the new director of the secret service, joseph clancy. >> he was a consummate security professional and knows this business inside and out. he has spent his entire career with unquestioned ethics and integrity. joe clancy is the ideal candidate to be head of the secret service at this time. >> comcast is the parent company of nbc 10.
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clancy is a native of delaware county. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> temperatures are coming down with some clouds overhead, but that's the only thing that's falling this morning. no showers in the area. 64 degrees in philadelphia. that's exactly where we were yesterday in the city. the shore dry. still some clouds overhead, but we will get some breaks, see some sunshine and the temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we'll warm into the 70s this afternoon. northeast philly is at 63. bridgeton, we're at 57 right now. 50s for pottstown, reading, quakertown at 59 degrees while blue bell is 63. it's in the 50s for newark and dover. look at vineland, the airport and woodbine right at 59 degrees right now. clouds, they will be thinning out. and the rain, out of here for today. but it is a possibility this weekend. in fact, you can see showers moving through the midwest. in fact, some wicked weather, heavy showers and thunderstorm
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activity. severe weather in northern missouri moving into illinois. part of a system that will be affecting us late friday night and into saturday. but for today, the future weather shows clouds clearing out and sunshine breaking through. so the temperatures right back into the 70s just like the last few days. with more of a northerly wind today. it will be up to 15 miles an hour, a bit breezier as well. the extended future weather to show you when showers are likely to move in this weekend when i come back. ten minutes after 4:00. jillian mele told us earlier about a situation on 95 northbound causing blockages there. let's see if that situation is still there. >> yes, it's an extinguished tanker truck. we're told the back end was on fire. within the last 15 to 20 minutes. this is that tanker. it is extinguished now, but we do have all of that fire department activity still out there. so right now we still have all lanes blocked on 95 northbound right as you approach cottman avenue. i'm sure officials will want to
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try to get at least one lane open. right now they can't. all lanes blocked on 95 northbound. east of the boulevard, other options out there if you need to get around it, but avoid this portion of 95 northbound. and that is something we will continue to follow and keep you updated. talking about some construction that we have out there right now on the vine street expressway, the westbound side, ramp to get on to 76 westbound, one lane blocked there but not causing any delays. for drivers in delaware this morning, 295 northbound right as you approach the delaware memorial bridge, we have construction out there as well. some of that overnight road work, so it won't be out there once we hit that morning rush. chris. well, you can walk on water with philadelphia's newest addition. next, a project that opens to the public today. where you can exercise and take a trip down in a whole new way. i'm jesse gary live in center city. a whole new look for a prime piece of center city real estate. i'll explain that right after the break.
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4:14. a philadelphia mother shares her pain after watching a car hit and kill her son. patricia stone's 7-year-old son was on his way home from school yesterday, walking just steps behind his sisters around 4:00. robinson was trying to cross north 15th street near erie avenue when he stepped out from between two parked cars and was hit by a passing vehicle. robinson's mother believes the driver was distracted. >> devastating. i don't know what to do without my son. >> police believe this was just a tragic accident. no charges have been filed. and pennsylvania state police are confirming now that a trooper killed during a training exercise in montgomery county was shot by another trooper.
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26-year-old david cadra died tuesday after being shot in the chest. law enforcement sources say he was accidentally shot during a training exercise. cadra was a temple university graduate and was engaged to be married. state police are not talking about the circumstances leading up to his shooting. happening today, a multimillion-dollar makeover of east market street is set to begin. the four-acre site sits between market and chestnut from 11th to 12th streets in center city. directly across from the pennsylvania convention center. and that's where we find nbc 10's jesse gary live this morning. jesse, proponents are saying this will mean jobs now and in the future, right? >> reporter: construction officials believe it will mean thousands of construction jobs initially and then hundreds of permanent jobs upon completion. let's go ahead and take a look at our video. some workers have already begun moving barricades along market street in preparation for demolition that begins later this morning. we did digging using google earth to get a better look at the entire site that was once home to stores and fast food
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restaurants. the redevelopment goal connects convention center commerce with residential neighborhoods and tourist attractions. >> i think this will be a new place in philadelphia's map of destinations where you need to go. >> reporter: coming up in the next hour, a sneak peek at what the finished product will look like. live in center city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. something else being celebrated, today marks the official opening of the new skukle boardwalk in philadelphia. dozens had the chance to try it out last night. 200 runners and walkers paid 20 bucks apiece for the privilege of saying they were first to hit the boards. it took 2 1/2 years to build it because it was delayed by the rough winter and flooding. >> i'm really excited. i've been waiting years and years for this. and to be out here tonight is really fantastic. >> yeah, it's pretty cool. the ribbon cutting is set for 11:30 this morning. 4:16 now.
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it looks like revel will have a rebirth. the sell of that now-closed casino and hotel should be finalized in bankruptcy court next tuesday. the canadian firm, brookville property partners, bought revel at auction for $110 million as we told you yesterday. that company also owns the hard rock cafe casino in las vegas and atlantis in the bahamas. it plans to reopen as a casino. it's unclear whether it will rehire the thousands of revel workers who lost their jobs one month ago when revel closed. >> this is brand new. and like i said, we're assuming they're planning to offer those jobs. >> i'm very happy that it has been bought, and maybe i can apply there myself. >> now, brookville tells nbc 10 that it's excited to take ownership of a trophy asset on the east coast, and it will make it a viable, long-term resort destination. those recent closures in atlantic city have put a strain on that city's finances, as we've reported. the city announced plans to lay off some of its municipal
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workers and were supposed to file a layoff plan with the state yesterday. but now the mayor has put off that filing until next week. he says he plans to ask the state for permission to cut the city's work force by 25% or around 300 employees. on now to decision 2014. the pennsylvania governor's race. the second debate between republican incumbent tom corbett and democratic challenger tom wolf is now in the books. among the issues they discussed, funding public education, the state's economy, and pension reform. yesterday's debate was heated at times. corbett tried to frame wolf as the candidate who will favor labor unions over taxpayers. wolf tried to blame corbett for budget deficit and struggling schools. how to fund those schools was a main topic of discussion. >> i would impose a 5% severance tax. some of that money would go back to the localities allowing drilling, some of it would go to the epa. hundreds would go to fund education. >> when it comes to fair funding -- and that is a
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decision, that is the commission that's out there working right now, that has to come up with a solution is how much does every school district deserve. not just the school district in philadelphia. >> now, the final debate between those candidates is set for next wednesday, october 8th, near pittsburgh. the election is coming up november 4th. that's just 33 days from now. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a cloudy view from center city, but it's clear of any fog. and the clouds are already starting to thin out. so we'll see some sunshine from the city to the shore and the temperatures will climb into the 70s today. we will be watching the radar, though, as we move toward the weekend. you can see wet weather to the west will be moving in. looks like for saturday, it's most likely saturday morning. for now, the clouds have already started to thin out first thing this morning. we'll see gray skies to start with, but like the last couple days, we'll break through those
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clouds. and the temperatures will warm up. close to 70 at lunchtime and into the low 70s this afternoon. nice and mild. a little bit breezier today. northerly wind, but that's dry air that's coming into the area to help break up those clouds. future weather shows friday evening, the clouds come back by saturday morning. look at the future weather with rain moving into philadelphia. south jersey, delaware. the heaviest showers just to the west should be moving into the philadelphia area right around lunchtime on saturday. but look how quickly it clears out. 4:00 in the afternoon, rain is done in philadelphia. most of southeastern pennsylvania and delaware. and those showers in central and northern new jersey push off by evening with sunshine before the day is done. the weekend, we'll see rain in the morning tapering off quickly in the afternoon. 68 degrees, the high temperature on saturday. and behind that rain is a cooldown for sunday. 64 degrees. we'll see plenty of sunshine, but much of the day will be much in the 50s.
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a look beyond the weekend with the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. 4:20 now, a check of traffic. jillian mele has that. has that problem cleared on 95 northbound yet? >> it hasn't cleared. i think it's going to be a little while. but a good-news update. one lane of traffic is getting by. as i suspected, crews are working quickly to do that. as you approach cottman avenue, this tanker truck right here was on fire before we started our show at 4:00 a.m. the back end of the tanker was on fire. fire officials were able to put that out completely. and as you can see, that far left lane of traffic is now getting by on 95 northbound. so we did have all lanes blocked for about 30 to 35 minutes, but right now at least traffic is moving slowly past that scene. so that is definitely a good-news update there. ben franklin bridge looking pretty good in both directions. still that track rehab project as drivers head into philly, and that can cause delays later in the morning. just anticipate that once again this morning. in delaware, we have road work, 95 southbound. just past route 3 which is marsh
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road. the right lane is blocked. that's expected to be out there for at least another 40 minutes. chris. next, the start of potentially groundbreaking research. how a local hospital is trying to improve the quality of life for cancer patients. plus, a special treat in store for wine lovers this month who are shopping for vino in this area. and the votes are in. thousands of you voted. and look at this. it was a close one. bishop shanahan and westchester henderson, congratulations, you are the game of the week. 51%, just edging out st. joseph vineland. of course, that game will be featured as our game of the week on the "high school blitz" every saturday night, 7:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. we're right back after this.
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4:24 now. do not adjust the color on your television set. this is boathouse row lit up in pink on the river. of course, october is breast cancer awareness month. and you can see the lights turn pink there as they will be during the month of october. and philadelphia not the only city seeing pink. in chicago, a 16-foot-tall bright pink support bra was unveiled. and in sarasota, morning readers were treated to a pink edition of "the herald tribune." unveiling a pink cruiser in honor of an officer battling stage 4 breast cancer. new breast cancer research now under way in the lehigh valley. new clinical trials taking place at lehigh valley hospital in bethleh bethlehem. the mona lisa trial as it's called uses an experimental drug that can postpone the need for chemotherapy for up to two years.
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>> it's been amazing, really. >> one of the trial patients speaking there. the hospital teamed up with the motha cancer institute of tampa to bring these new clinical trials to the lehigh valley. october is also wine month in the state of pennsylvania. state stores want consumers to buy local, of course. during the first week of october, premium collection stores will host special tastings. there will be product displays drawing attention to pennsylvania wines. pennsylvania ranks fifth in the nation in grapes grown and seventh in the country in wine production. didn't know that. now, state stores sell 175 different pennsylvania wines last year. that added up to nearly $5 million in sales. at fine wine and good spirits stores across the state. the liquor control board says, quote, over the last 30 years, the number of pennsylvania wineries has grown substantially from a little more than two dozen to more than 200. bring on the wine. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 64 degrees at 4:26 this
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morning. a few clouds overhead but no rain in center city. a live view from the adventure aquarium. what's the traffic feel like this morning, jillian? >> unfortunately, bill, our big problem is on 95. this earlier tanker truck fire that we've been following throughout the morning, but another lane was just reopened on 95 northbound as you approach cottman avenue. now we have two lanes of traffic getting by. this is a big improvement and good news for drivers. coming up in just a few minutes, a live look at 76. plus, new at 4:30, the search for the accused cop killer in the poconos is taking a new toll on residents there. the latest in the manhunt for eric frein coming up. there was no question she was the one.
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masked men barge into a home and hold a family at gunpoint. we're there live as police begin to search for the suspect. there's no cure and the virus keeps spreading. this morning parents and doctors are on alert in south jersey after confirmed cases of a dangerous illness. and we are off to a bit of a cloudy start, but the sun will emerge later today. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. >> i like it when we can promise sunshine later on. >> exactly. >> that's always a good thing to guarantee. meteorologist bill henley is the person who makes that guarantee, of course. good morning, bill. >> good morning, chris. just like the last couple days, we're starting off with some gray, but they're already starting to thin out, those clouds, and temperatures will be climbing. you see some of the clouds will be past this view. this is the view from the adventure aquarium in center city. right now 64 degrees here at nbc 10. radar is clear, but we are watching showers


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