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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 6, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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it's something, it seems like he's comfortable in doing this. >> reporter: police say the man is extremely vial went his victim. what they're not sure about is why he chose this spot early on a sunday morning. >> sometimes it's just a matter of looking for an opportunity to strike. this may have been that opportunity, a quiet area, an area in which there weren't a lot of people early in the morning. he took advantage of that. >> reporter: on a weekday, this area of chinatown is busy with cars and people. but at this time on sunday, most of the stores in this area are closed. >> i've never had anything happen or never felt fearful. >> reporter: now, since 4:00 we can tell you that a person of interest is being talked to at the special victims unit. investigators there tell me that apparently two patrol officers spotted a man who looked similar to that video description and now they are talking with him. at this point, no charges have been filed.
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deanna durante, nbc 10 news. tonight we are following major developments in two virus outbreaks leading to international concern. fears of enterovirus d68 after two more children in our area are hospitalized with sudden muscle weakness in their arms and legs and now president obama is urging calm in the midst of the ebola outbreak while the white house works on plans to step up airport security as a result. we begin with the ebola outbreak. >> about an hour ago we learned that the outbreak has the white house now working on plans to do additional passenger screening at airports. meanwhile, an nbc news free lance cameraman with ebola flew from liberia, arrived in nebraska for treatment. he was able to walk off the plane on a gurney and taken to the hospital by ambulance. in another case, doctors at the hospital in dallas say they're using an experimental treatment on thomas eric duncan.
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and a decontamination crew completed its work at the apartment where duncan stayed. it removed about 140 barrels of items from the apartment. president obama says the ebola threat is something to take seriously but he is also urging calm. >> because of the measures we put in place, as well as our world-class health system and the nature of the ebola virus itself, which is difficult to transm transmit, the chances of an ebola outbreak are extremely low. nbc 10's randy gyllenhall is live in collingdale where volunteers are trying to do their part to alleviate the outbreak. >> you know, part of the reason this thing is spreading so quickly in west africa is that even the doctors are highly susceptible to this infection. this afternoon, weç chatted wi
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the liberian aide worker, he's here in delaware county asking for donations this church here is chipping in, everything from bleach to rubber gloves. liberian aide worker taje swali runs us through the medical checklist he needs, bleach, towels and blankets. >> the gloves are very, very, very important. >> reporter: anything to stop the ebola virus from infecting west african doctors treating the disease. >> it's very terrible. people are dying because there is not equipment or dressing that will help them to prevent ebola. >> reporter: swali is in delaware county gathering modern medical supplies that are much needed in west africa. his wife, hruth, is a clinic nurse. she wears a raincoat to protect herself from the virus, while the cdc wears hazmat suits.
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>> she told me they are taking every necessary precaution. >> reporter: these supplies have been donated by locals in delaware county. the compassion corps charity is raising the funds. to offset that cost, they're selling something uniquely liberian. these coffee beans, one of the country's largest exports were grown by african farmers not far from the ebola epicenter. >> it's a delicious rich, roasted coffee that we are hoping that the local people will buy and through their purchases to help benefit the people of liberia right now at a time they desperately need help. >> reporter: if you want a taste of those coffee beans, get them on the charity website. to get those medical supplies overseas, this charity still needs about $7,000 in shipping costs. live in collingdale, randy gyllenhall, nbc 10 news. children's hospital of philadelphia reveals it is treating two more kids with acute muscle weakness and
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they're looking into whether it's linked to enterovirus d68. three other young patients at c.h.o.p. already have this muscle weakness. meantime, in hamilton township, mercer county, a mother now trying to find out if the illness that hospitalized her son is in fact enterovirus d68. right now, she's waiting on test results from the cdc. a student at her son's school, 4-year-old eli waller died from this virus. cleaners have been working to disinfect yardville elementary school and others in the district. >> it scares me, could i wake up to a child that's not going to be with us in the morning because it happened to eli so fast. >> these are children's lives. i don't think they take those things lightly. i don't think they'll risk our children. >> reporter: pta vice president lisa schultz doesn't want parents to panic. today the tune at tendance rate at the school was 93%. now can find more information on enterovirus d68 on you'll find symptoms, history
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and ways to protect yourself and your family. also we will have extensive coverage of both enterovirus d68 and ebola in just a few minutes on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. that starts at 6:30, right after this broadcast. new details from our delaware bureau about a bus crash last month that killed three people, the ntsb releasing preliminary findings in just the past few hours. investigators say as the bus entered the ramp from route 1 on to 113 north, it slid off the outside edge of the ramp and rolled on to its side. the bus left more thanç 400 fe of skidmarks on the pavement. three passengers were killed in the accident. dozens more were hurt. the bus driver is facing criminal charges. at the jersey shore, four ocean county high school football players are charged in a series of armed robberies. devin delaney said little during his court apearce. authorities arrested delaney and
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three other members of the lakewood high school football team. the other suspects have not been identified because they're 17 years old. this video shows delaney being taken into custody last week in lakewood. police sayre there were three holdups in 30 minutes. outside the courthouse, delaney's father told nbc 10 his son is isn't. >> not guilty. >> what do you say about the charges against him? >> they're false. like o.j. simpson, played basketball, football. >> delaney and at least two teammates are charged in a pair of averaged robberies in toms river last month, one at this red lobster. new at 6:00, a push to expand height crime laws to include sexual orientation is closer to becoming law. the statehouse judiciary committee passed the measure by a 19-4 vote. it now heads to the house floor. the bill would protect victims of hate crimes, including the
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gay, lesbian and transgender communities. >> i believe this is not good gay or straight as it's about right and wrong. it's important for us as a commonwealth to stand up to those who commit hate crimes. >> the expansion was spurred by an attack on a gay couple last month in center city philadelphia. happening now, philadelphia teachers taking their fight to the governor's office. their union is -- it pours millions back in the city school budget. nbc 10's lu ann cahn live in center city. lu ann, the teacher's union is promising a fight. >> reporter: that's right. the src says they took this action on behalf of students, the teachers union says what the src did was illegal, dirty and politically motivated which is why they showed up here early
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this afternoon in front of governor corbett's office at the bellevue. >> total, total disrespect for the teachers. >> reporter: it was a special last-minute meeting. the only notification of the public buried in the "enquirer" yesterday. >> this is a shame. >> the agenda unknown until members quickly and unanimously voted to end the teacher's labor agreement. >> pft has refused to make meaningful financial concessions to help us deal with the structural deficit. after 21 months, the time has come for them to share in the sacrifice. >> reporter: the sacrifice, $21 to $70 each pay period out of teachers checks to help them pay for their own health benefits. >> they are supposed to negotiate with us, not impose upon us. >> reporter: what's wrong is conditions in conditions in philadelphia schools have
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worsened in the last two years, not enough teachers, supplies, basics to educate children. they say teacher contributions for health care will put $44 million back in the classrooms. the union says teachers in philadelphia are beingç vilifi to boost the numbers for the upcoming election. the superintendent is says this is about doing what's right for the children. >> reporter: teachers would not see a change in their paychecks until december 15th if all of this goes through. the teachers union says it will fight in court. live in center city, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. an execution date is set for an admitted cop killer in the suburbs. today pennsylvania governor tom corbett sk corbett signed an execution warn the for robert floor. he was convicted of shooting two newtown borough cops and emergency room technician in
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2005. he was brought to the bucks county hospital to be tested for dui. he grabbed one of the officer's guns and opened fire. newtown police officer brian greg was killed. floor is scheduled to be executed on november 4th. the big mistake etched in stone outside a place of learning. and from the baseball field to hollywood? how mo'ne davis is teaming up with one of the country's biggest movie directors. blue skies now. i am looking ahead to our next chance for showers. not that far away. i'll tell you when it could it riff in my nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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there will be no punishment for a group of united methodist ministers who deified their church by blessing a same-sex wedding. that's part of a settlement nearly a year after a wedding in philadelphia. 36 methodist ministers blessed the ceremony to show their support. schaeffer faced church discipline for presiding over his gay son's wedding. you'd have to know latin to
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figure it out on your own but the meaning of a model on a new library in burlington county, it gets lost in translation. the library is in morristown. the motto reads nos secundus coniecto omnia. it actually means we second guess all. architect rick reagan says it was an honest mistake. >> we talked about an engraver as well as the original stone masons who did the work and we're getting a price for engraving and a price for removing the entire stone and replacing it. >> reagan says he'll pay the $6,000 to $12,000 it will cost to correct the motto. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> a nice-looking day to a
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chilly start. it was in the 30s in many of the suburbs. it's not going to be as cold tonight. it wasn't as cold during the afternoon. we are tracking showers, some perhaps for later tonight. but even more for tomorrow night and later in the week, more significant rain is in the forecast. the flags are still blowing. the southerly wind continues and the area, 68 degrees, 13 miles an hour. the temperature 9 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. and yesterday we only got up to 61 degrees. today officially 72. tomorrow about 76. that may be the warmest day of the week. by the end of the week we'll be struggling to get out of the mid-60s, if that. right now we're higher than the mid-60s for the most part. upper 60s to near 70 degrees. 70 in northeast philly. we're dry across much of our area. you can see showers back to the west. not that far.
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it's in the a real strong system. there's more even farther back to the west that's going to be better organized by the time it gets here. our futurecast shows the clouds increasing this evening but not much before midnight. i still wouldn't leave the windows open in case one or two of those showers makes it across. the general trend is for those showers to weaken as we go through the night. now, tomorrow there could be an isolated shower developing during the afternoon. the main thrust is coming at night. there's ç10:00 and most of thi heavy stuff is coming later. this is 11:00 at night. we could even be seeing thunderstorms here. look at that, 1:00 in the morning. that's some pretty strong stuff, going right through into new jersey but it's all over with by day break on wednesday. so, again, this is a night time thing. many cases while people are sleeping. clouding up tonight with just a chance of a couple showers late. nowhere near as cold as it was this morning. 58 degrees in philadelphia.
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51 in the suburbs. many were down to 36 this morning. partly sunny, mild tomorrow. again, the warmest day of the week. showers coming at night after sunset. and most likely even later at night. windy and dry on wednesday. cooler and dry on thursday. and then, then things change. we have a front coming in. looks like it might stall on top of us. and we get rain, not just a few showers on friday and saturday and if the front doesn't move, the rain's not going away. and chance of rain on sunday, because of that. new at 6:00, mo'ne davis is teaming up with spike lee, the film director posted a photo on instagram. you can see he's standing there with the taney dragon star on the steps of the philadelphia museum of art. we reached out to mon mo'ne's family.
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spike lee is teaming up with chevrolet. it will be part of a commercial shown during the world series. with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk, brute to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. i'm john clark. the eagles are tied for the best record in the nfl, 4-1. they're being carried by special teams and big plays on defense. lesean mccoy and the offensive line ran the ball better against the
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la sean says duce staley pulled him out of the game because he was tired. >> i actually came out for a couple plays. >> you took yourself out. >> me and sproles, we work together, no matter if it's a run or a pass. we work that together. >> i don't change play calling lines. we don't change anything we're doing. i don't think it was a big deal. when he knows he needs a rest, he comes out for a play or two and darren goes in. >> a lot of eagle fans are sending thank yous to the saints. does that mean a lot to you that people have welcomed you here to philadelphia? >> it does. it does. it does. >> and the eagles had a tough matchup sunday night hosting the giants. listen to antrel rolle today. he says the birds are not the team to beat in the division. >> i don't feel like there was much to battle with last year.
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i felt like it was a weak division last year. we didn't get a lot of credit preseason in our division. but i think now, you know, the tables are turning a little bit. >> sixers open their preseason tonight against the celtics. flyers getting ready for their season opener in boston wednesday. here's wayne simmons practicing today. good sight. for the first time since hurting his foot last week. the coach says he looks fine. there's a chance wayne could play in the opener. >> i have a few issues. it too early to tell? >> it's too early to tell. i felt good out there today. obviously i'll skate tomorrow and wednesday before the game and we'll be able to tell by then. >> delaware's devin still very
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emotional. the patriots paid tribute to devin's daughter lea battling cancer at children's hospital in philly. the patriots cheerleaders were wearing devin still's number 75 bengals jersey to show their support. patriots made a donation and devin was very, very touched by this. be sure to vote for the high school blitz game of the week for friday. to vote go to oregon facebook page. also call or text once a day vote, 610-624-4111. the game with the most votes is featured on the high school blitz every saturday at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. i'm john clark. let's send it back to you, jim. >> thanks, john. a warning for anyone in new jersey who crosses the bridge into philly. that's coming up tonight.
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you may not know this but you're supposed to honk your
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horn while passing a car in the state of new jersey. that's on a list of antiquated laws that state lawmakers are working to appeal. others address venereal dress, where patients are allowed to go and what jobs they're allowed to have. another says if you're selling spray paint you must post a sign for juveniles talking about graffiti. lawmakers say it's time to clean up the books. >> time to check the forecast for the last time with glenn. >> doesn't look like we'll be seeing the warmest day of the week tomorrow. 76 degrees. it could be a couple showers late tonight but tomorrow night should be the main threat over the next couple of days. then later in the week, we may get a rainy period here. friday, potentially into the weekend with some steadier rain. . >> thank you. for all us of here at nbc 10,
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i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> the news continues with "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. have a great evening. on our broadcast tonight, rescue mission. another american with ebola back in the u.s. tonight and there are new questions about this country's emergency response as we get late word new screening measures are on the way. the surprise move at the supreme court that just cleared the way for gay marriage in a lot more states, and weddings are already under way. >> american isis. a teenager grabbed by the feds at o'hare in chicago minutes before they say he was to board a flight overseas to fight for the enemy. and opening day, on the playground our making a difference report about bringing smiles to a lot of kids and parents because we could all use one right about now. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this