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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  October 8, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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this look outside and see a lunar eclipse a little later this morning. you can see the moon behind the clouds there. winds will be picking up throughout the morning, though, something else to watch out for. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> and i'm rosemary connors. as i was walking in this morning, the winds really whipping up. you could feel it. now let's check with first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> good morning, guys. as the clouds clear out, we'll get a better look at the eclipse, which is just 15 minutes away from starting this morning. you can see the scattered clouds over the city. that's a dramatic view from the adventure aquarium. a nice, wide view showing those clouds beautifully this morning. the showers, they're offshore, completely offshore right now. so, now we're just dealing with wind. temperatures are not bad. we're in the 60s pottstown, reading at 60 degrees, 64 for trenton, mt. holly and philadelphia international also 64 degrees. but look at the winds. 14-mile-an-hour winds in philadelphia will be intensifying this afternoon. so, stand by for quickly clearing skies.
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62 degrees at 7:00. by 9:00, the moon will be down, but we'll have bright sunshine to enjoy with wind in store for us. at noontime, 70 degrees. the temperatures will still be climbing. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood to show you when the temperatures will hit their maximum later today. first, jillian mele is watching for maximum speeds on the roads. how are we doing out there, jillian? >> well, if you're heading out on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound approaching reading, you're not going anywhere right now. we have all lanes blocked out there with an accident, a tractor-trailer versus a trash truck. we have a fuel spill, we have a debris spill out there, so, eastbound all lanes are blocked in that area. westbound we have some debris in the roadway from that eastbound accident, so you have a lot happening in this area. avoid it if you can. that's something i'll keep you updated on. for now, this is a live look at 76. looking great in both directions right near route 202 and the king of prussia area. drive times also quiet on 76 right now. so, no issues to report there. same thing on the 42 freeway at creek road. you can see it's very quiet right now. in the midst of that long-term
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construction zone out near 295 and route 130, that's the northbound side as drivers approach the bridges. area bridges are cleerar and no issues on mass transit. this is an accident that cleared earlier. new from overnight, the wet roads may be to blame for this crash early this morning on i-95 northbound in yardley, bucks county. you can see in one of our nbc 10 traffic cameras what that crash scene looked like. it involved one vehicle, and it sent one person to the hospital with minor injuries. strong winds from overnight storms may have caused this fire at a garage in glenside, montgomery county. fire crews say the wind may have knocked down utility wires, starting the fire. no one was hurt and there was no damage to any of the storefronts in that neighborhood. ebola and enterovirus d-68 will be in the spotlight at a health conference happening today in center city. infectious disease experts from all across the country will meet at the pennsylvania convention center a little bit later this morning. it's happening following the news of five more cases of enterovirus d-68 in new jersey.
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one is in mercer county, one is in camden county, and there are three in north jersey. that brings the total of six children with the virus in the state to 14. >> and nbc 10's jesse gary is live for us this morning in center city, where, jesse, there was a last-minute change of plans for this annual infectious disease conference. now the growing concerns over enterovirus and ebola will be addressed at that conference. in the last half hour, you mentioned the second boy in mercer county who's recovering from enterovirus. how's he doing? >> reporter: chris, he is home from the hospital and recovering at this hour. the enterovirus is such a hot topic that there have been two sessions, the second added at the last second, that will be held over the course of this conference. not only is evd-68 fatal in some cases, it can also cause paralysis. doctors here in philadelphia testing several children for this virus because they are exhibiting paralysis. and officials with the state of new jersey health department say there are now five new cases of enterovirus in that state.
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the total of those infected now tops a dozen children, and many more people suffering with ebola. doctors who have been treating and working to battle that outbreak in africa are making their way here. we'll talk about that coming up in the next 30 minutes. live in center city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. if you still have questions about enterovirus d-68, here are some answers. the cdc says that it's a respiratory illness. symptoms include fever, sneezing and cough. it spreads through saliva and mucus. infants, children and teens are more likely to get sick from it. that's because they don't have strong immune systems yet. they haven't built up immunity. most hospitals and doctors offices are not equipped to test for this specific strain. that's why the cdc is handling it. at 5:04 now, moving to the ebola outbreak. in dallas, health care workers are monitoring 10 people who had contact with thomas duncan and more than 30 people who may have had contact with him to see if they have symptoms of ebola. duncan was the first person in the u.s. to be diagnosed with that virus and he remains in
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critical condition. yesterday, reverend jesse jackson led a prayer vigil at the hospital where duncan is in isolation. we are expecting an update later today from police on the manhunt for eric frein, now in its 26th day. he's wanted for the murder of a pennsylvania state trooper. earlier this week, police searched an abandoned resort in stroud township and found a cabin that had been recently lived in. its rooms had plastic covering the windows, ceilings covered with air fresheners and walls plastered with newspaper articles. no word on what those articles were about. searchers also found a letter written by frein detailing the shooting of the two state troopers on september 12th and his escape. a widener university student is charged with threatening a columbine-style shooting against people on campus who bullied him. police say 20-year-old luis vela of lodi, new jersey, posted this post on a social networking website yickyack.
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administrators sent out an alert yesterday afternoon. >> there was no weapons on this individual, there was no weapons found in his dorm room. we don't believe he had access to weapons. i believe at no time was the student body in danger, but the university did what the university should do, and that's take these threats very seriously. >> the d.a. was actually speaking to students on campus when that alert was discovered. the widener campus was never put on lockdown and administrators say that's because this was not an active shooter situation. today, a man is scheduled to be formally arraigned for the murder of an art school graduate in philadelphia. police say jeremiah jackson strangled the woman and stuffed her body in a duffel bag. laura ariujo was 23 years old. her body was found outside an abandoned house in kensington back in july. police say that jackson killed her after forcing her to give up the p.i.n. number to her bank card. also happening today in philadelphia, the trial is scheduled to begin for this man accused of shooting and killing his friend over a stolen video
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game system. malic aik anderson is accused o murder for shooting daquan crump because he was cut out of proceeds from the sale of that gaming system. crump's body was found in a construction site near red lion road. police in delaware county are after a man they're calling a serial burglar. >> they say a woman fought off a burglar inside her bedroom in front of her 9-year-old daughter. we heard from that woman. police in upper darby tell us there have been five burglaries in the overnight hours since september 20th. the most recent happened yesterday morning on clover lane. the woman spoke with us on the condition we not show her face because she's terrified. >> i am not safe. my kids are not safe. this man literally walked up in my house. he violated me and my family. >> now, police say the burglar is entering homes through first floor windows and going after handbags, wallets and electronics. 5:07 now and on to decision 2014, the race for pennsylvania
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governor. tonight is the third and final showdown between the two candidates. republican governor tom corbett squaring off again against democratic challenger tom wolf at 7:00 p.m. tonight in wilkinsburg. that's just outside of pittsburgh. on thursday, tomorrow, new jersey governor chris christie will be in the area to campaign for corbett. christie will attend two events in wayne and bryn mawr. now, this is all part of christie's role as the chairman of the republican governors association. now, that same day, hillary clinton will be in philadelphia to give her support to tom wolf, corbett's challenger. the former secretary of state has been campaigning for several democratic gubernatorial hopefuls. meantime, a new poll out from quinnipiac university shows that corbett has narrowed the gap on his challenger, but wolf is still leading by double digits. wolf with 55% of support to corbett's 38%. less than a month until election day. the race for governor will be settled 27 days from now. voters go to the polls on tuesday, november 4th. now, your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> storms overnight, they are gone, and the skies, they're already starting to clear right on schedule. should get a good view of the total lunar collapse that we're going to see first thing this morning. gusty winds. we're already seeing some with winds gusting more than 20 miles an hour. those winds will be increasing this afternoon. as they settle down tonight, it will be a chilly one with skies getting a little bit clearer and cool this evening. 60 degrees right now in reading. philadelphia 64 degrees with clouds overhead, and cape may is 66 degrees. and we're still seeing some clouds pass by the moon this morning, but the clouds will clear enough to see the full moon. you're already seeing a little bit of a darking in the northwest corner, the upper left corner area of the moon. doesn't really have corners, does it? 14-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. we're about seven minutes away from the beginning of the eclipse. we're done, though, with the storms overnight. they're already out of here,
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moving into new england. so, we will see clearing skies, enough sunshine to warm temperatures into the 60s in the pocono mountains. windy for allentown and quakertown. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour for northeast philadelphia and trenton. mt. holly will see 75 degrees this afternoon. and well into the 70s for dover, vineland and atlantic city with plenty of sunshine. drying conditions quickly. gusty winds in voorhees, 77 degrees this afternoon. 75 for west chester and chester. the seven-day forecast when i come back. at 5:10, jillian was telling us about the problem right now on the pennsylvania turnpike. all eastbound lanes were closed a moment ago. >> that's right. jillian, any updates? >> all lanes are blocked and i anticipate this for a while. this is eastbound as you approach reading, so it's pretty far out there. but if you're making your way out to the reading/lancaster area, be warned that all eastbound lanes as you approach reading are going to be blocked as a result of that, especially if you're going to be coming in from reading this morning. if you're going to be traveling
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at all right near that area, route 222, just be warned that you're going to see a lot of congestion, especially on the westbound side, because there's debris in the roadway as well. so, both lanes both directions are affected right now. so, whether you're traveling through philadelphia or traveling from reading this morning, you are going to be sitting out there. so, blue route southbound, we have something minor going on. the ramp to 76 westbound right now we have a disabled vehicle, so a partial blockage of that ramp, but traffic can still get by. average speeds on 95 near girard, 55 miles per hour, so no slowdowns, no accidents to report on 95. and finally, a live look in northeast philadelphia. woodhaven road at academy road. you can see both directions are quiet there. rosemary? >> all right, jillian. a move to cut congestion in parts of our area. the plans to keep you moving during your commute and where the money is coming from to make the improvements. and a foul off the field will cost a south jersey football team the rest of their season. what the players are accused of doing that has them sidelined this morning.
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5:14 now. we have new information on a bear that killed a college student in north jersey. wildlife officials say the bear did not have rabies. test results just came back. police shot and killed the animal after a rutgers university student was found dead in a nature preserve last month. officials say this is the first time a bear has killed a person in new jersey. skyforce10 was over the scene of a fire and explosion inside of a burlington county home last night. you can see the flashing fire
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trucks along chesterfield jacobs town road in newhanover township. fire officials tell us there was a fire in the garage and several propane tanks blew up. one firefighter was hurt and taken to the hospital. no word yet on what sparked this blaze. homeowners near a closed navy base in montgomery county are concerned about harmful chemicals in their drinking water. members of the navy and the environmental protection agency met with neighbors in horsham last night. they addressed concerns about high levels of pfcs found in well water within a mile of the former willow grove naval air station. the navy tested 18 of 200 wells so far and they found that 2 need to be shut down. >> we discovered that there is a contaminant for fluorinated compounds potentially in the groundwater here. and first and foremost, i want to make sure that folks that didn't know they are on public water supply here in horsham township that they are safe. >> pfcs are chemicals commonly
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found in firefightering foam and are linked to reproductive problems in animal studies. the navy says it will take two more months to complete all of the well water testing. 5:16 now. new this morning, a new federal report shows that americans are living longer than ever. the centers for disease control says a child born in 2012 will live an average life of 78 years and 9 months. that's about six weeks longer than the life expectancy in 2010 and 2011. and while people are living longer, the leading causes of death have remained the same -- heart disease and cancer topping the list. from our delaware bureau, state transportation officials and truckers have drawn the line on paying tolls. deldot wants more toll collection from trucks after seeing a drop in revenue on i-95. some truck drivers don't like getting tickets for violating weight restrictions on local roads. the truckers argue it's not efficient to use i-95 when they can travel other roads to their destinations. a new penndot program could
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ease traffic congestion throughout pennsylvania. it's called green light go. penndot says that it will use money from gasoline taxes and drivers fees to upgrade traffic lights on busy roads. the money is being set aside for state-owned roads that handle at least 10,000 vehicles a day. do you remember last winter? >> oh, boy, i remember it every time -- >> a little bit? >> yeah, every time the temp drops below 60, i remember it. >> that's right. we all felt it here across the philadelphia region, but especially in the lehigh valley. they really got hit. >> yeah, and this morning, a lot of sidewalks are showing the effects of that tough winter, and homeowners are actually having to pay for some of those repairs. now, that can be tough on people. some of the sidewalks are cracked, others have big holes in them. it's a safety concern. and after a 2014 ordinance was passed in that city, it requires homeowners to help pay for the repairs of the sidewalks. but residents say this has been a burden. it can cost thousands of dollars. allentown mayor ed pawlowski yesterday announced a program that will help residents pay for those repairs. the city will now offer self-forgiving loans, which you
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won't have to pay back as long as you keep living in your home. >> the problem comes into play is when you have an economy like we had over the course of the last couple years and you have, especially you know, senior citizens or folks in lower-income neighborhoods do have the capacity, if they own their house, to be able to foot that financial burden. >> and the mayor says that this program will actually help homeowners make an investment in their properties without having to move out of the city. not even 5:30 this morning and we're already seeing quite a bit of backup out on the roads. >> yeah, some problems out there, including a problem on the pennsylvania turnpike. jillian mele has the latest on that. >> that's right. eastbound lanes still all blocked as you approach reading. westbound side, we have some debris in the roadway in that area from that eastbound accident, so a lot of activity out at the interchange. use caution there and avoid that area if you can this morning. heading to the platt bridge, both directions quiet, looking good. no issues to report there. in fact, all of the area bridges are in the clear right now. no delays to report over any of the bridges. no accidents on the highways in
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new jersey. and same situation for drivers in delaware. this is a live look at route 1 at the dover toll plaza. all is clear here. if you're taking mass transit this morning, everything is on or close to schedule. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> right on schedule, the clouds moved out along with the storms. we're now watching for the very beginning of the lunar eclipse. it started just four minutes ago. it won't be a total lunar eclipse for just over another hour, at 6:25 this morning. right now we are seeing clearing skies. a few scattered clouds over center city, but that's a clear view. no sign of any fog and the rain has ended. look at the winds. 14-mile-an-hour winds with 64 degrees in philadelphia. still some clouds that are moving past the moon at times, but as we get farther into the eclipse this morning, those clouds will break and we will get a great view of the total lunar eclipse in the western sky
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this morning as the moon is setting. so, it becomes full at 6:25, a total lunar eclipse at 6:25. and then by 7:09, we'll see bright sunshine with the moon setting. so, you've get a short window to get a good look at the lunar eclipse this morning. temperatures 60s right now, not all that cold outside, and that includes chester county, west chester has dropped into the 50s. and right now it's 60 degrees and falling in phoenixville. it's not going to go much lower this morning. the showers now completely offshore. the last few rain drops are out of here. we will be dry for the rest of the day. but behind those storms that came through overnight, gusty winds. and we'll see the strongest winds this afternoon. winds to 30 miles an hour with temperatures topping out in the 70s today. not as warm tomorrow, not as windy, either. with less wind in the morning, we'll see a cooler start, 49 degrees. bright sunshine at 67 degrees thursday afternoon. then the clouds return on friday. they'll be increasing, and there's a chance that we'll see some showers later in the day
5:21 am
friday, especially in delaware and south south jersey. those will be increasing friday night and saturday. we'll start with rainy conditions, tapering off to showers later in the day on saturday. and could still see some sunday rainfall, especially during the afternoon into monday morning. it's 5:21. test tension. the growing concern over what high school students in pennsylvania will have to do in a couple of years to get their diplomas. and some see it as the official start of the holiday shopping season. the neiman marcus holiday wish book is out. we'll show you some things that you probably won't be getting, unless you want to own your own peacock.
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bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. rejoice with the 99-cent medium hot or iced dark roast today. buy a ticket today for a 76ers game and you could see your name on a billboard. that tops today's business headlines from "the philadelphia business journal." single-game tickets go on sale today for the 2014-'15 season, and the sixers will put the names of people who buy those tickets on billboards throughout the region beginning tomorrow. a new report shows you most likely won't be paying as much to heat your home this winter. here to explain, kate rogers with this morning's cnbc's business news. good morning, kate. >> good morning, rosemary. good news, it may not cost you as much to stay warm this winter. the department of energy is forecasting consumers will pay less to heat their homes as a repeat of last year's deep freeze is unlikely. demand for some fuel sent prices skyrocketing last winter. this year, natural gas customers
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will see an average bill of $649, about $30 less than last year. electric consumers will pay $938 versus $955 last winter, while heating oil customers will pay about $1,900, more than $300 less than last year. nearly half of americans do have to cut back on necessities, such as food, clothing and health care in order to afford their technology. the latest cnbc all-america economic survey found 49% are economizing. the most popular way folks are saving for technology is actually by cutting back on traditional entertainment, such as movies and restaurants. about 20% are spending less on clothes, while 10% are reducing spending on health care. back to you guys. >> all right, kate rogers with cnbc. thank you, kate. it is that time of year. luxury retailer neiman marcus has unveiled its 2014 christmas book. this year's edition of the christmas book continues the tradition of presenting a refined selection of items, many
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of them fantasy gifts. here's a look at pricing. you can get a limited edition magazine the area decree for $95,000. not too bad for a maserati, right? or if you prefer something more pricey, chris, there is the ultimate mardi gras experience for six couples. you can bring your wife. i'll bring my fiance. we'll find another couple to join us. >> like an invitation. >> yeah. it's going to cost $125,000. hey, and there's even an outdoor garden peacock for sale at a cool $25,000. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> ah, getting skies to clear just in time to see the lunar eclipse. that's priceless. and the skies, they're clearing right now. the eclipse has begun. we are now just an hour away from the total lunar eclipse this morning. showers are completely out of here. right now it's 64 degrees at 5:26. jillian mele has traffic. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill. a live look at new jersey, route
5:27 am
73 right at interstate 295. 73 looks good. 295 is free of any delays, but i'm still following an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. i'll get you up to speed on that coming up in just a few minutes. chris? we're talking ebola and enterovirus d-68. those health concerns that are sweeping the country will take center stage in philadelphia today. >> that's right. nbc 10's jesse gary is tracking the developments in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware this morning, as the experts get ready to weigh in. jesse? >> reporter: infectious disease experts from all across the country are coming here to the pennsylvania convention center for the next five days to discuss this outbreak and enterovirus d-68. i'll have the latest on that and new cases, coming up right after the break.
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heavy rain, strong wind, even a tornado threat, that's what moved through while you were sleeping. but as you see now on nbc 10's first alert weather radar, those storms are out of here. >> let's give you a live picture now from cape may, new jersey. the rain has ended along the shore. today the winds will pick up, but that will help move those clouds out of here. good morning and welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm chris cato. we're hoping the clouds move so we can get a look at that total lunar eclipse. let's get a look now at meteorologist bill henley, see what he has more the