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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 9, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. one person dead, one person injured after fire breaks out in an assisted living center. now this morning, what police know as their investigation began. a big day in the race for pennsylvania governor as these two political heavyweights go to bat for their candidates. and you can expect a change when you walk outside this morning, we are off to a cooler start. you see 55 degrees there in philadelphia, as we take a live look at the wells fargo center. we'll be hosting hockey again on the ice. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today" on this thursday, i'm chris cato. let's begin with bill henley on the "first alert" forecast. bill, we don't have any blood
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moons out there, we don't have any clouds out there. >> we don't have a check mark in the win column either. hopefully that will change tonight. it will be nice and bright. right now, the temperatures are cooling under crystal clear skies. 49 degrees in trenton. pottstown down to 45 along with millville. temperatures are running 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday this time. bright sunshine, 52 degrees at k, near 60 at 9:00. then into the 60s as the wind kicks in at lunch time today. 65 degrees. your hour-by-hour forecast. when i come back, first, jillian mele has traffic. >> a live look at spring garden street, you can see it very clear. we have conduction there. heading into new jersey, the 42
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freeway looking great at creek road. no problems to report there. that is in the midst of that long-term construction zone out near route 235. route 55 northbound, exit 35, that ramp is blocked because of overnight construction. that's expected to be out there until about 6:00 this morning. chris. >> 4:2. here's what we're working on, new from overnight, the person injured in a fire at his assisting living facility has died. skyforce 10 was over the scene. the fire broke out around 9:30 last night at the el win institute in middletown township. that's a facility for the disabled. an nbc 5 ground crew was out there. more than three dozen residents were evacuated to another pat of the facility, nbc10's katy
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zachry is live joining us from the hospital where the person was taken. she's trying to find out more information on the person who died in that fire. we'll have a live report from her at 4:30. now to the ebola outbreak. the u.s. is marking its first death from that virus, rosemary connors is live in the digital operations center. rosemary, usually it involves air trafrlgs right? >> that's right, the obama administration is extending airport screens for ebola and that could happen as early as saturday. the government will be taking the temperatures at new york, jfw, washington dulles, chicago o'hare and atlanta hartsfield. the extra screenings will be not be done at philadelphia international because few, if any passengers from west africa were here.
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a memorial service was held tour thomas eric duncan. duncan died yesterday in the hospital. his neighbors in liberia believe he became infected when he helped a sick pregnant woman who later died from the virus. today in philadelphia is day two of the infectious disease conference. we will be getting a briefing on the ebola outbreak later on today. some of the brightest minds in texas are in town for this conference. they're focusing on enterovirus d-68. discussion of ebola included members of african and caribbean immigrant affairs. right now on nd nd, bc10 we hav full account of how a patient is being treated for ebola.
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>> now to decision 2014. and the two people who may be duking it out for the white house in 2016 are in town today, campaigning for the two men who want the pennsylvania governor's office in 2014. we're talking about hillary clinton and chris christie. they'll be just a few miles apart in this area. nbc10's jesse gary is live. jesse, what are these two heavy hittersing to today? >> reporter: hillary clinton will be on the grassroots rally and the governor will be on the campaign rally there. governor corbett criticizes tom wolf as someone who will raise taxes. wolf counter, the governor sides with business, not the people. one expert says these stumps will is not change hearts and minds. >> what this is really about is to get out turnout. to get out support. to develop networks for future
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elections. >> reporter: it's the whom for which future election. i'll answer those questions coming up in the next hour. live in center city, jesse gary, "nbc10 news." >> now, those two candidates faced off in a final debate near pittsburgh. corbett and wolf took questions, they discussed taxes and education. >> we've laid off 27,000 educators over the last four years. class sizeses are going up. property taxes are going through the roof. we are not spending what we did spend before on public education in the classroom and that could be seen by everybody. >> when you say 70,000 teachers were laid off, 14,000 occurred in the prior administration. today, if you look at state spending, money from the taxpayers of pennsylvania, we're at the highest levels are in the history of pennsylvania. >> independent polls show wolf
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leading corbett by a double-digit margin with the election less than a month away now. there are just 26 days until election day on november 4th. 4:07 now. in chester county the treasure of a volunteer fire company is charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from that organization. prosecutors say howard smith iii embezzled donations to westville fire department. they say he used that money to buy pool and cleaning supplies, fancy hotels, even a vacation to hawaii. it was that vacation that the credit card company reported a suspicious charge. >> he betrayed the trust that the other men and women had put in him. these are men and women who volunteered their times and risked their lives. >> we spoke to smith's mother off camera and she called the charges against her son totally false.
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>> happening today, the trial will continue for a philadelphia woman accused of leaving five children in an suv while she went shopping. karen thompson is charged with child endangerment. a woman heard children crying from this suv at a shopping center. police say thompson had left the air conditioning on and the truck running. the children ranging in age a6 months to 9 years old were not injured. a preliminary hearing is being set for brandon howard and a judge will hear pretrial motions for steven anderson. they are charged with the attempted burglary in the home of a murder victim. anderson was the mother of this woman connie murray, she was found strangled. her husband christopher murray is charged with her murder. police say he confessed to
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killing connie murray. comcast shareholders voted and approved the $45 billion merger. state official, expected to decide whether to approve the merger sometime next year. comcast is the parent company of nbc10. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. it's a chillier start this morning. temperatures are falling right now, we're seeing 40s and 50s. some areas more than 20 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. clear skies, plenty of sunshine today, and warm to near 70 degrees. a couple areas might hit the low 70s this afternoon. but we are tracking some rain that may impact your weekend. no rain in the area, completely clear, crystal clear for allentown, northeast philadelphia, atlantic city, 49 degrees. very low 50s in allentown and northeast philadelphia. we have a little breeze work here at the nbc10 studios. the winds will increase during
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the afternoon hours. there are actually some areas that are completely calm. pottstown and trenton, millville with calm conditions. that's where it's 21 degrees chillier this morning compared to yesterday at this time. and the temperatures are still falling, it's 45 degrees right now in interior new jersey. a few scattered clouds to the north. not going to affect us today. look at the nice warmup, the hour-by-hour forecast. 62 degrees by 10:00. you see the arrows, the southwesterly winds helping to boost the temperatures. 4:00 this afternoon, fun in northeast philadelphia, 69 degrees at philadelphia international. look at millville, up to 68 degrees. nice rebound from the 40s this morning. a look at the weekend rain with the extended future weather when i come back. 10 minutes after 4:00 now. early thursday morning. let's see how the roads are looking before you go on your way to work or school this morning, jillian mele has a look at what's happening with
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traffic. >> good morning, just got word of an accident at 95. and the girard point bridge. you can see the activity out here. it's unclear how many vehicles are involved in this accident but we have fire department activity and police out there. traffic can get by and not causing any delays but still something to be aware of. a live look at the vine street expressway. this is the eastbound side at 95. you'll notice out to 95 southbound is blocked box of overnight construction. that won't be out there too long but that ramp is completely shut down. middletown township, route 213, maple avenue is still closed because of a long-term project. you can take brownsville road as your alternate, chris. >> trouble at the taj. casino workers ended with several in handcuffs. and a cold case crackdown, the local police department taking a fine tooth comb to the
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past and how you can help them solve those crimes.
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♪ two dozen atlantic city casino worker, now charged with disorderly conduct after this rather rowdy protest last night. members of unite here local 54 blocked traffic along the expressway. they're upset because the owner of trump taj mahal told them the casino will have to close next month if they don't give up they are health care and pensions. >> no one will have health care and pensions. we'll all be working low-wage jobs and be in poverty. that's not acceptable. >> trump trained to close taj if
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it does not meet demands. the taj will be the fifth casino closed this year. creepiest bank robber mask ever, i think. police in montgomery county want to find the man behind that scary face. he robbed a man in hatboro. police say the man had a gun and held up a td bank yesterday. investigators believe he's the same guy seen here pulling off a robbery at the same bank back in july when he could wear shorts. in camden county police are looking for a man who worry muslim clothing to disguise himself. at beneficial bank at south white horse pike yesterday afternoon. investigators believe he's also behind two other bank robberies in camden county. police say he wore a burqa last month and took off on a bicycle. a montgomery county mother is accused of injecting her
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15-year-old daughter with heroin. police arrested patricia davenport. prosecutors said she would take her daughter and 8-year-old son into philadelphia to buy drugs. the woman and the teen allegedly would use the drugs on the way home. >> i'd read the story about the allegations of a mother and her child. i'm really at a loss for words. i can't familiar thom these allegations. i can't fathom the charges in the case. >> both women are charged with endangering the welfare of chirp and a number of other drug offenses. 4:15 from our delaware county bureau. new castle county police want to take a closer look at old cases. the department is starting an cold case team. one detective and a small support staff will reconnect with victims' family members and resubmit dna levels to the state
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crime lab in hopes to finding criminals locked up on other charges. >> perhaps the main goal to finally get justice for deceased victims and get closure for the families, for the loved ones. >> and helping them crack the cold cases is getting easier than ever. soon, the public will be able to offer tips through the department's mobile app. with less than a month until election day, a new study shows tougher voter i.d. laws put a damper on turnout. they found that the state's voter i.d. laws had viewer votes cast by african-americans and younger people. republicans say that tougher i.d. laws help produce murder fraud. earlier this year, a pennsylvania judge ruled that such a law violates the state constitution. pennsylvania and new jersey rank near the top when it comes to people getting killed by train. a national campaign is under way state wide to keep people from getting hit.
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according to operation lifesaver, a big part of the problem is the number of people who use the tracks as a short cut. trains don't always run on schedule. they're more quiet than they used to be. and it takes at least a mile for them to stop. >> we are seeing that being unfocused, not paying attention, perhaps being distracted by music or talking on the phone or texting can be contributing to some of these incidents. >> and a reminder that crossing train tracks anywhere than at a designated crossing point considered trespassing. >> announcer: now your "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ah, a great view from center city. the skies are completely clear. that's part of why the temperatures are running cooler this morning. 10 degrees chillier compared to yesterday at philadelphia international. the humidity is lower, go to be nice and comfortable. we have a little breeze at 9
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miles an hour, though not as strong as yesterday. we saw puddles on beach avenue and cape may. this is a view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. currently at philadelphia international, look at the range of temperatures in camden county. camden 58 degrees. hattonfield is at 48 degrees and falling. and it's 51 currently in vorhees. so a much cooler start. and a sunny dry start today. but we are track something showers for the weekend. you see them moving into the midwest right now. just to the south of chicago. that is a possibility for us, as aearly as tomorrow afternoon. the first rain drops can be falling and will likely fall into the philadelphia area, into the weekend. this is tomorrow morning at 5:00 in the morning. you see the clouds have started to increase. by 4:00 in the afternoon, we could see some scattered light
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showers. and more rainfall comes through into the early morning hours saturday. potentially heavy downpours. but watch this, the back edge, we'll see afternoon clearing after a few showers late in the morning. sunshine will break through and the temperatures only in the low 60s for the weekend. the seven-day forecast includig rain in the next half hour. 20 minutes after 4:00, let's see if we have any problems jillian was telling us about, accident on 95 earlier? >> you got that right. er in enterprise avenue. we have a lot of activity out here. we still don't know how many vehicle, involved we can't see much because it's blocked by all the physical activity. what we can see, we do have lane restrictions and drivers putting on their flashers, it's not causing a big backup. this is something we will keep watching and get you updated. just a few minutes ago, the ramp from the vine eastbound, 95
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southbound that was blocked off because of overnight construction. you can see how quickly things changed just in the last minutes. views have cleared and the ramp is now reopen. we are dealing with repaving on the boulevard between conley and pratt and enter vice expected to be out there until 6:00 a.m., chris. the flyers season is finally under way. tonight is the home opener for the orange and black they're hosting the new jersey devils at 7:00 at the center there. fans will have a whole new menu, some of the highlights include the hammer which is a smoked sausage and chopped pork sandwich named after dave schultz. and pork sandwiches. if thought not enough to make your mouth water, the arena is adding tomato and mozzarella with flat bread. the flyers team up short, two goals short. there we go talking about sandwiches again. made the final score, 2-1,
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boston. again, the flyers open their home season tonight, hosting the devils at 7:00 p.m. got to stop talking about sandwiches. i'm getting hungry. the results are in for the high school blitz team, thank you for the 19,000 people who cast votes. holy cross will be the featured game of the week on "high school blitz" which airs at 7:00 p.m. on nbc10. saturday, we'll have a hole new list to vote from. a major settlement was announced between at&t mobility and the federal trade condition known as the ftc. the settlement involves something called cramming that's when users are billed about $9.99 a month for texting services or things they didn't
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approve. at&t mobility is required to pay the ftc $80 million. no word yet on exactly how much that will result in a rebate for customers who got fees for unwanted services. well if you have a dollar you could own a piece of property. that's the new incentive to fix up a troubled new jersey city. look at this monster catch for this delaware angler. we'll tell you how he baited his way into the record books.
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4:25 now. a leak at the limerick nuclear power plant spilled a water chemical into the water. that's used in laundry bleach and also used to clean swimming pools about 100 gallons got in
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the water. they said it's not an environmental risk but they did notify the state department of environmental protection and the nuclear regular tore commission. out of the trenton bureau the mayor of capital city has an idea. he wants to sell vacant properties for one dollar to anyone willing to fix them up. the mayor said first-time buyers would have to show they do have enough money to rehabilitate the properties. buyers would have to agree to make the property their main home for ten years. 4300 or one fourth of trenton's properties are vacant. quite a catch for a fisherman in delaware. look at this, david walker caught a more than 17-pound sheephead fish in the lower delaware bays near lewis. those teach i'm told have really strange teeth. you should look them up on the internet. the previous record was a 15.1
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sheep head's in 2012. we'll be catching bright sunshine in 2 1/2 hours away. that's a nice look at center city looking across the delaware. no clouds, no fog. and no warm temperatures like yesterday. right now, it's 55 degrees at 4:27. jillian mele has traffic. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill. the only accident we're following is this crash on 95 southbound across from traverse avenue. drivers putting on their brakes there. pennsylvania's new idea to keep drunk drivers off the road.
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>> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. fire rips through a local assisted living facility. one person is dead, we're there as investigators search for the cause. ebola in the spotlight. the deadly virus takes center stage in philadelphia as airports are taking new steps to keep the virus from spreading. and there's a chill in the air, as people in the area are waking up to a much morning cooler. good morning, i'm rosemary correspondence. >> meteorologist bill henley is here with the "first alert" forecast. bill no rain or clouds in the area, right? >> no, none today. we're going to see a really nice start. good morning, nice and cool this morning. 10 to 20 degrees cooler this morning than yesterday. we have clear skies and


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