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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  October 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. ebola fears on a philadelphia flight. the menacing comment by one paerms that brought health officials on board. is it life or death for this man? a jury will decide the punishment of a man convicted of killing a woman and a baby. expect conditions to be cooler and cloudier today as the first alert radar is tracking showers that will affect our weekend. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm chris cato and, yes,
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we'll probably see rain later today. it's okay, though, it's friday. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast, no rain out there now. >> no rain in the area, none until this afternoon and tonight when we will see the rain get a bit heavier. that is a clear, dry view from center city. clouds are pushing into the area, but not everybody is seeing them. the radar shows the first showers are still a long way off southwest but they're making steady progress moving into our area. until then, the temperatures chilly north and west where we are seeing clearing skies. 30s for the pocono mountains and 44 right now for allentown and potstown while it's in the 50s on the i-94 corridor. that will happen this morning, the climbing of the temperatures, that is. by 9:00, 56 degrees and then low 60s and still climbing at lunchtime. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood
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forecast when i come back. first, katy zachary is looking at a clear forecast. >> the forecast is later and the evening rush might be affected by that rain and, fortunately, drivers not touched by it. starting things off in chester county. a live look at route 202. this is a southbound lane right near chester boulevard. taking out the left-hand lane and not affecting traffic at this time. a live look right now at the ben franklin bridge. this is the westbound lane head under to center city philadelphia where you'll see that long-term construction work to repair some tracks on the right-hand side. the two lanes are out and not affecting traffic at this hour. there is some construction that will be lifting over the next hour or so on the turnpike. so, for eastbound drivers between fort washington and ben salem and then between ben salem and willow grove. 476 which is the northeast extension, two lanes blocked in both those areas.
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4:32. new from overnight police are looking for a man that robbed wawa in philadelphia. nbc 10 at the scene along cottman avenue. around 3:00 the man walked into the store and pulled out a gun and then got away with $1,000 in cash. no one was hurt. now to the ebola outbreak and its growing impact on everyday life. men in hazmat suits removed a man from a flight in philadelphia after he reportedly claimed to have ebola. this video surfaced last night. we sent jesse gary to philadelphia international to find out how travelers are handling the threat. >> jesse, you have been trying to talk to passengers. any success yet or is it still too early? >> chris, rosemary, a little still early. passengers, of course, the international flight doesn't leave for another couple hours and passengers should arrive in the next few minutes or so for their flight. i did, however, talk to some of the employees responsible for cleaning the public areas here
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at the airport out here on the concourse and in the bathrooms, et cetera. they have not received any special instructions due to the ebola outbreak, but they expect it have a meeting with airport officials in the coming days. now, the ebola crisis officially moved off the joking stage yesterday after a male passenger on a flight from philadelphia to the dominican republic sneezed and then joked he had ebola. panicked passengers sounded an alarm and health workers and hazmat suits removed the passenger from the plane. coming up in the next 30 minutes, new federal guidelines for passengers in flights coming to the u.s. from the west african ebola hot zone. live in international airport, jesse gary. >> lr, thank you. this morning the study of a first potential ebola vaccine is going on. three health care workers in mali were given experimental shots developed by the u.s. government. meanwhile newark liberty international is one of five
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airports that will begin additional ebola screening tomorrow. governor chris christie admits that new jersey's airports may not yet be ready to cope with the ebola virus, but he's confident they will be. the house committee on homeland security will hold a field hearing. in philadelphia, ebola will, again, be the focus at the annual infectious disease conference that continues today through sunday. among those speaking is a doctor from emory hospital where two ebola victims were successfully treated. six u.s. military planes are now in liberia to help with the ebola crisis there. the planes carrying 100 marines arrived in liberia yesterday. and the director of the u.s. centers for disease control has a new warning about ebola. dr. thomas freeden is calling ebola the greatest global health threat since aids. you can count on nbc 10 and to follow the ebola outbreak and bring you new developments as they happen. you can read more about the disease and the efforts around
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the world to stop it right now on our website. 4:35. philadelphia police are investigating a sex tape involving and made by children. according to police, two 13-year-old boys had sex with an 11-year-old girl, recorded it and posted it on instagram. it happened in southwest philadelphia. the children involved are students. detectives are interviewing the girl, we're told. a school district spokesman says the boys have been suspended. life in prison or death. that's the decision now facing a montgomery county jury in the murder case. yesterday, jurors found him guilty on all counts in the murders of the baby and her grandmother during a botched kidnapping in 2012. yandamori then's mother then took the stand to beg for his life. something the victims' families never got to do for their loved ones. in the atlantic city casino
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crisis to try to save the trump taj mahal from closing next month. workers in the main union have proposed reducing their pension contribution and now the parent company wants employees to give up all their pension and health care coverage. on wednesday, two dozen workers were arrested during a protest in the streets near that casino. working women and how much they make. new this morning, a fortune 500 ceo on the defense after his controversial comment on the subject. plus that birthday brawl involving the palins. we now know whether or not the famous political family will face charges. data scooped. what dairy queen is offering to customers after hackers broke into the system.
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4:39. you can see on the radar the rain approaching this area from the west. we will see showers this afternoon. meteorologist bill henley is back a little later with the timing on how it will affect saturday and the rest of the weekend and how much rain we will get.
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new this morning, no charges will be filed against members of sarah palin's family in connection with the fight that broke out at a party. police in alaska released a report yesterday on their investigation saying that nobody wants to press charges. it was last month when officers responded to a fight involving 20 people, including palin's daughter bristol and son track. bristol punched the homeowner at the party. no arrests were made at the time. on to decision 2014 now and the race for pennsylvania governor is in high gear after yesterday when two political presidential candidates came to the philadelphia area to have their say on who should be governor. democrat tom wolf got support yesterday from former secretary of state hillary clinton. nbc 10 was at independence mall for a women for wolf rally. both wolf and clinton called for investments in education, not cuts, as they claim the korbut administration has done. in delaware county around the same time, chris christie joins tom corbett's re-election
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campaign. both republicans claim that a vote for tom wolf is a vote for higher taxes. just 25 days to go now until november 4th. election day in pennsylvania when voters will choose the next governor. if you could choose the weather, you would probably not choose to have clouds coming in on a friday. you can see nice breaks in the clouds for philadelphia and allentown area and this cloud cover is going to take over during the day and that will lead to rain. now, the first raindrops are just the south and west of d.c. so, don't expect those raindrops to start falling until this afternoon. 60 degrees in the pocono mountains and lower 60s before the rain starts for allentown, quakertown and reading. we'll see in the middle 60s for philadelphia and mt. holly and clouds will be on the increase in south jersey and delaware, dover a high of 66. 65 for vineland and atlantic
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city, 64. and a cloudy start and then rain developing this afternoon for wilmington, chester and philadelphia. and, yes, the threat of rain into the weekend. i have the seven-day forecast, when i come back. it is 4:42 on friday morning and an early look at the roads. hopefully no problems out there to greet people as they get ready to end their workweek. >> let's check in now with katy zachary. >> no major problems and no accidents in the tri-state area. if you're on 76 east or westbound through philadelphia you'll see some construction not tying anything up. for drivers, though, on spring garden in philadelphia trying to access 76 westbound you can't because that ramp is closed until late november. moving on to route 1. this is free and clear of any problems in that area. the tacony-palmyra bridge is scheduled to open.
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a tag team robbery? >> next, a bust on an illegal operation in our area. why the threat is not over yet. a red bull rebate. why the energy drink company may owe you money. to ease tension between temple university students and some unhappy neighbors.
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icate 4:45 this morning. a live look at first alert radar. showers pushing in from the west and they will reach our area by the afternoon. in addition to the umbrella, definitely keep the jacket handy today. a lot cooler than yesterday. more than a year after this inferno destroyed a warehouse in burlington county, new jersey. the company will start the rebuilding process. there was concern that the manufacturer might not stay in the area after its facility burned last labor day weekend. but later this morning, they will break ground on a new facility at its headquarters.
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what's an empty lot now will be home to a $50 million trucking and distribution center. it will mean more than 150 new jobs while preserving the 700 jobs from the old warehouse. we have this new video in now of a burglary in north philadelphia. detectives are trying to find a man they see here during a break in on tuesday at the sound studio on caster avenue. police say he took a $700 bicycle. if you recognize him, call police. this morning, delaware county authorities say that three men in custody for allegedly posing as workmen and robbing people may be part of a multi-state ring targeting senior citizens. take a look at some of the items police say they were covered. according to detectives, one of the suspects told an elderly resident he was from the water company and needed to check for water for toxins. a neighbor came by and asked him to leave. the suspect was using a walkie-talkie and at the same time two other men ran out of
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another home and similar incident happened in colindale borough. >> speak to your grandparents and if someone was in the house and scheduled to do work, they're probably a victim of a crime and don't even know it yet. >> this is a sketch of a fourth suspect. police believe may have been involved in the crimes. if you recognize him, give police a call. 4:47 now and new this morning. the ceo of microsoft has apologized for saying women do not need to ask for raises and should just trust the system to pay them well. adela made the remarks for women at the computing industry. he was asked to give women advice who were uncomfortable in asking for a raise. in tweeting the apology he was art articulate about how women should ask for a raise. this one involved dairy queen, 10% of its ice cream and fast food restaurants were hit between august and this month. dairy queen says the hackers may have gained access to debit card
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numbers and expiration dates. dq is now offering customers free identity repair services. several locations in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, by the way, were affected. we do have a complete list on our website, well, if you bought a red bull in the last decade, then you're owed a refund which could include more red bull. the energy drink will pay out $13 million as part of a false advertising lawsuit. anyone who bought a red bull between january 2002 and this month is entitled to either $10 cash or $15 worth of red bull products. you have until next march to file your claim. amazon, the world's largest online retailer will be opening its first actual store in new york. that store is set to open in manhattan. guess when? just in time for the holidays. the amazon store will function as a warehouse holding inventory for same-day deliveries. customers ordering items online and then picking them up the
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same day inside the store. this morning a change in leadership at a delaware brewery. dogfish head craft brewery has a new ceo. taking over for founder and he is a graduate who has been with dau dogfish head for 11 years. if you're leaving the house, you might want to take an umbrella with you for this afternoon. won't see any rainfall this morning. it is dry in the city and for the rest of the area, as well. 55 degrees, the wind is calm at philadelphia international and it is dry in cape may and live view from the marquise to lafayette hotel. we'll see clouds increasing this morning and after some sunshine to start with. the radar shows the showers still to our west and the heavier rain in kentucky and farther to the west and we'll see that steadier, heavier rain in our area overnight tonight and into saturday morning. but this afternoon, we'll get some of the light rain, which will bring the temperatures down a bit in the late afternoon
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hours, but until then, the numbers will climb. some sunshine to start with later in the afternoon. the rain will develop after the temperatures reach into the lower to middle 60s. rain will continue into tonight and tomorrow morning. to start with, at least. by later in the morning, the showers taper off and we'll get some sunshine in the afternoon and see a high of just 62 degrees. going to be a cooler weekend and you'll feel the cooler weather on sunday, too. but look at this. sunshine for the all-important wine festival. and the eagles will probably. showers are back later on monday, 72 degrees and a warm up on tuesday, potentially 80 degrees tuesday afternoon. but then here come more showers later wednesday and into thursday to bring those numbers right back down. >> the eagles have really lucked out with the weather so far this season. you know that? >> so did the wine festival. >> drivers this morning don't have to deal with any rain as they head into work, not yet. just probably on the drive back to work. >> you may need to put the
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windshield wipers on. >> the weather is not an issue and neither are the speeds on 95 right now. so, average speed on 95 in and out of philadelphia, 55 miles an hour and i guarantee you we will see that change in the next hour or so. a live look right now at the vine street expressway right at eighth street. some construction, some minor construction on 76 east and west right near the vine, but that should lift as we approach the 5:00 hour and then definitely by 6:00. drive times are looking good. 95, 76 and the typical trouble spots for 76 but green lights all around and in new jersey, drivers who are on route 42, this is the northbound side. the headlights headed up to the merge at 55 and the area bridges. there is an active construction zone, but it's not affecting anything out there. 4:51 now. in st. louis, another police shooting. this one not far from the one in ferguson this summer and this one also is sparking violent protests. this is the scene in st. louis
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last night. the protest turned ha eed hosti police peppering demonstrators. police say an 18-year-old black man was shot and killed wednesday after he allegedly opened fire on a white, off-duty police officer. same-sex couples are now getting married in las vegas. nevada started issuing licenses to same-sex couples yesterday. a state senator and his partner became the first couple to be legally married in vegas. this all happened after a federal judge struck down an amendment which banned same-sex marriage. new jersey governor chris christie says it should not be up to the supreme court to decide whether states allow gay marriage. he says states should be able to make the decision on their own. christie personally opposes same-sex marriage but dropped his administration's legal challenge against it. in just a few minutes from now, we will know who wins the nobel peace prize. the front-runner for the award pope francis who has become the first pope in history to get
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that award. edward snowden and another nominee is russian president vladimir putin who is on that list, despite that situation in ukraine. the winner will be announced at 5:00 a.m. we'll let you know who is the nobel peace prize winner. driving drunk and going the wrong way. next, the final destination for a new jersey woman who made her arrest pretty simple for police. plus, a high school student's fashion decision that got her kicked out of school and why her mom is fighting that decision. and here's a way to wake up every morning. you can wake up with your favorite nbc 10 personality. just download the nbc 10 morning app to your smartphone. find all the news headlines and a live stream of our morning newscast and set your alarm to wake up to the voice of an nbc 10 news personality. bill henley greeting you every morning. everything you need to start your day off right.
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listen to this a burlington
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county woman faces dwi and some other charges after she barrelled her case right into a state police parking lot. happened yesterday morning in bass river township. the trooper said she was just gotten calls about a woman and she was about to go after the woman when the woman drove straight into the police parking lot. after her car hit a concrete curb, the police officer arrested the woman on dwi and reckless driving charges. rowan university released its crime report for 2013 and shows the crime level was the same year to year. seven reports of forcible sex up from three the year before. burglaries were also up slightly and alcohol-related arrests and referrals are down. philadelphia city council will address tensions between residents in north philadelphia and temple university students. darryl clark introduced new legislation yesterday to designate the area as an educational housing district.
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it will hold students responsible for certain conduct and landlords of unruly students could lose their rental licenses. the measure will now be up for a debate in committee. this is causing a lot of talk here. a 17-year-old girl said she was unfairly sent home from school for breaking the school's dress code. here is the outfit she was wearing. you can see the legs there with the boot and the coat. the girl said she was sent home in wilmington because she was wearing the leggings. her mother says the school told her it was trying to make sure boys weren't detraistracted by clothing. boys should be responsible for their behavior. the dress code promotes a proper learning environment the school says. septa will launch a new campaign to silence the violence on trains and buses. the campaign will be officially announced later today. teamed up with young broadcasters of america to prodouse public service announcements about transit safety. the announcements will run on tv, radio and in print and will launch in december.
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4:57 now. today in philadelphia, temple university is dedicating a new science education and research center. the state of the art center is seven stories tall. it costs $137 million to build. it's located at 12th and it includes teaching labs, lecture halls and classrooms. the group known as the redding terminals will celebrate 30 years of playing jazz in the namesake venue there. the jazz combo will perform at noon. really great to listen to them there. they are awesome. >> the food is good, too. >> might as well enjoy a steak while you're there. a public bathroom is usually in a spot known for gardening. >> changing all that by becoming a top ten finalist in the best bathroom competition. yes, such a thing exists. just take a look at this approach to the bathrooms at longwood's east conservatory plaza. here is a view from the inside. we told you last week they were in the running for the top spot in the annual survey conducted
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by a national bathroom supplier and this morning we have learned that longwood is the early leader. good for them. >> i will say having personally used the bathrooms there myself, the family restrooms are awesome. you have ton of room and change your young baby or child. plenty of room there. you want to stay in there for a while, but the problem is, th e they're popular so there is a line forming. you are watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. this morning, ebola fears continue to mount after a scare onboard a flight from philadelphia. we're live with reaction from travelers after the incident that ended with workers in hazmat suits boarding the plane. you may need the umbrellas this afternoon. we're tracking rain to start the weekend. you can see what's ahead. out to our west now on nbc 10 first alert radar.
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good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm rosemary connors. let's get to bill henley in the first alert rain center to talk about the rain heading our way. >> we're seeing clouds move into the area and little bit of sunshine to start the day and then the clouds take over and then it's rain that will develop during the later afternoon hours. right now we're looking at a clearer view across the delaware of center city from the adventure aquarium. the radar shows showers are still far to our southwest. the first raindrops are in northern virginia and heavier rainfall is in kentucky. the temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now and falling. 50 now in northeast philadelphia at the airport and 52 in womenalingten and 46 degrees for potstown. and now atlantic city at the airport has dropped into the 40s, as well. look for clouds to increase this morning. cool conditions at 9:00. and cloudy skies at lunchtime. 61 degrees. the temperat w


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