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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 13, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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mean-spirited. a prosthetic leg belonging to this veteran who is a fixture outside the linc was stolen during last night's game. find out who police are looking for this morning. how did it spread? that's the big question this morning in texas after a health care worker caught the ebola virus. and we are off to a cloudy start on this columbus day, a holiday for many of you. will there be sunshine for what is a day off of work and school for many of you out there? and we're looking at a nice, warm start this morning at 56 degrees in philadelphia. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today" on this holiday monday. i'm chris cato. and let's begin with meteorologist bill henley, his first alert forecast. bill, any showers out there this
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morning. >> well, there are a few sprinkles in some spots, but mainly cloudy skies right now. as you mentioned, we are warmer this morning, temperatures in the 50s. 57 degrees in philadelphia, and that is a cloudy view from the comcast center in center city. the temperatures might cool down another degree or two, but that's about it. and we will warm into the 60s this afternoon. a little bit warmer than yesterday but a lot cloudier during the day. i'll have your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back. first, katy zachry is watching monday morning columbus day traffic. good morning, katy. good morning, bill. i am. we'll start with a live look at i-76 right at spring garden. a few cars on the road this early hour, maybe some eagles revelers coming home late after last night's win. there is construction throughout the area, notably on the ben franklin bridge. you can see the lights here on the right-hand side. that's the westbound lane if you're headed into center city, philadelphia, part of a long-term construction project. new into our system is an accident that happened about 3:45 on the new jersey turnpike
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southbound right near the exit 2 marker. we understand it's an overturned vehicle, so proceed with caution in that area. then finally, for drivers in the lehigh valley, a live look at 22 at airport road. 78 and 309 up there look good as well. chris? speaking of accidents, katy, this is new from overnight. a woman is dead after crashing her car in northeast philadelphia. this happened just after midnight on willets road near welsh road. police say the woman lost control of the car, slammed into a parked car, and her vehicle overturned. the 29-year-old was thrown from the driver's side window and died at the scene. 4:02 now. a cool crime victimizing a veteran. this morning, philadelphia police are looking for a young woman who witnesses say snatched a prosthetic leg from an eagles fan and ran off with it. nbc 10's matt delucia joins us live from outside the linc where this bizarre theft happened. and matt, we understand the man's leg has been found, right? >> reporter: yeah, chris. this is an unusual case indeed, but we've learned within the past few hours that the man's
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leg was found about ten miles north of here in olney, but the man was out here playing music, he was singing out here in the parking lot, just outside lincoln financial field, and just trying to entertain the fans. but when sonny forriest jr. was getting ready to load up his van to leave, he says three women ran up behind him and took the prosthetic leg, which at the time was hanging off the back of his wheelchair. the disabled man tells us he's a vietnam vet and couldn't believe what happened. >> it made me feel real low. it made me feel real low. >> reporter: and fast-forward to about four hours ago. one of the train operators on the broad street line was doing a sweep of the trains to make sure no one was left on board when the leg was spotted. philadelphia police confirm they went to pick up the prosthesis as the investigation continues this morning. as of right now, no arrests have been made, but word of what happened started spreading last night, mostly on social media, how all these events outside the
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stadium came together. i'll have that part of the story coming up at 5:00. live outside the linc, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> in spite of that, the victim in the case, sonny forriest, i'm sure he couldn't help but smile last night as all eagle fans are smiling this morning after the birds absolutely dominated the new york giants for their first shutout in 18 years. get that, the eagles' first shutout in 18 years. nick foles in first quarter answered his critics, responding with this touchdown pass to zach ertz, great diving catch. then in the second, foles to james casey, up 17-0. in the third, the pounding continued. darren sproles from 15 yards out. shady mccoy welcomed back, he had 150 yards rushing. the eagles defense was dominate, crushing eli manning. the birds win 27-0. the birds and cowboys now tied for first place in the nfc east. we'll have much more from vai sikahema coming up at 4:30. eagles win. 4:04 now. a breach of protocol.
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that's what the cdc says led to a second case of ebola at a dallas hospital. health officials have stepped up the monitoring of workers there this morning. a health care worker who has not been identified at this point doesn't know how the breach occurred. the worker is one of the workers who treated thomas duncan, the man who died of ebola last week at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas. police there have blocked off that worker's apartment complex and are warning people who live within a four-block radius. this week, stepped-up ebola screenings will begin at airports in chicago, washington, d.c., newark and atlanta. jfk airport started screenings over the weekend. nbc 10's jesse gary is live for us in abington this morning, montgomery county, where, jesse, some health care professionals are worried that this crisis could spark an influx of patients. the question is, are doctors and nurses worried that there will actually be more than just two cases of that virus in the u.s.? >> reporter: chris, no. at this point, health care officials say they're not worried about the ebola here,
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it's not a large problem because few people have come in contact with someone actually infected with that virus. what they're more concerned with is over the symptoms, both ebola and the enterovirus present. in both instances, the symptoms of those viruses are fever, fatigue, abdominal discomfort, but those are also the same signals for the flu. and as we move later into the fall, health care potentials worry more people will head into the e.r. or health clinics, panicked they have something more serious when they actually do not. coming up in 30 minutes, we spoke to a health care provider. we'll tell you what to look for at 4:30. live in abington, montgomery county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> and stay with nbc 10 for complete coverage of the ebola outbreak. when we're not on the air, you can visit for any new developments on the spread of the virus as well as answers to all of your health questions. 4:06 now. new information this morning about a threat at penn state university. a 20-year-old student is now
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under arrest. our sister station in johnstown reports that student admitted to posting a threatening message about a shooting. the threat appeared yesterday on the social media site yik yak. the message said there would be a shooting at noon today at the hub on the main campus. that student will be arraigned in court this morning. police said there would be extra security today on campus. and an atlantic city man is accused of murdering his mother two days after getting out of prison for another murder. authorities say steven pratt killed his 64-year-old mom inside her atlantic city home yesterday morning. prosecutors say someone called 911 from that home on mckinley avenue. officers arriving found gwendolyn pratt dead from apparent head injuries. steven pratt was arrested on the scene. he was released from prison just on friday after serving 30 years in prison for killing his neighbor in 1984 at the age of 15. an argument in a supermarket parking lot ended with a man being shot in philadelphia. it happened yesterday outside the pathmark on the 8700 block
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of frankford avenue. two men exchanged words. one threatened to stab the other with a knife. the other man shot him. the victim is in critical condition this morning. police say the gunman is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, and at this point, no charges have been filed. in central new jersey, the town of sayreville came together last night to show their support for the alleged victims of a hazing scandal. seven members of the sayreville war memorial high school football team in middlesex county are facing sex charges. prosecutors say they forced sexual acts on freshmen members of the team. the board of education has already canceled the rest of the school's football season. community members at this vigil last night called for an end to the bullying. >> i want to praise the young men who did speak up. it takes a lot of guts and courage. >> hopefully, time will heal all wounds, and we can move on and go back to being the sayreville that i always knew it was and still is. >> now, there are reports this morning that the superintendent is considering canceling next
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football season as well for sayreville. the mayor says that's something he'll discuss with school officials as this investigation continues. well, you can bet bill campbell was smiling down on lincoln financial field last night. the dean of philadelphia sportscasters will be remembered at a funeral mass later this morning. bill died on monday at the age of 91. family and friends attended a viewing yesterday at blake doyle funeral home in collingswood. the funeral begins this morning at 11:00 at christ the king church in haddonfield. campbell was behind the mike when wilt chamberlain scored 100. he also broadcast the eagles' 1960 championship. nine minutes after 4:00 now. let's get a check of the roads on this early monday morning, a holiday. hopefully less traffic to contend with, katy, for those who have to go to work or school. >> right, chris. in the philadelphia area, it was drizzling a little bit over the last hour or so, but that shouldn't really affect traffic. we are watching an accident for new jersey drivers. this is on the new jersey turnpike southbound right near route 322, which is exit 2.
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i have new information that it is an overturned tractor-trailer blocking all lanes southbound right now. so, an alternate around that is i-295 southbound to get around that overturned tractor-trailer. moving into pennsylvania now, 95 right near route 291. you can see there we have some construction right here in the southbound lane, but it's not tying up drivers right now. and for bucks county drivers, 95 right at route 1 free and clear of any issues there. chris? there is new hope for atlantic city this morning. a buyer that could save a struggling section of businesses there. plus, we're tracking rock salt. you know there was a shortage last winter, in that rough winter that we saw. this morning we're asking if officials are worried about the supply that keeps our roads drivable during a storm and after a storm. a live look at the place where giants tears fell and fell and fell last night. 27-0, the birds with a big win. and looking ahead, meteorologist
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bill henley's coming back in a moment. no, the skies shouldn't be too wet with rain this morning, but we will see a warmer day. and wait until you see what's in store temperaturewise for tomorrow. bill will have that in a moment. stay with us on "nbc 10 news today."
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4:13 now. a look at typhoon faine fong on its way to okinawa. 46 people injured on okinawa during that storm. about 150,000 people were told to evacuate ahead of time. japanese authorities say the
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storm could reach the capital by tuesday. and look at this. in colorado, heavy snow already is causing hazardous travel conditions there. a cold front came across the southern part of colorado this weekend, producing a windchill as cold as 20 degrees. colorado also had snow in september, 11 days before the official end of summer, which is a record for the earliest snowfall in that state. and boy, we don't even want to think about it, but we have to look back this morning. remember this? this was just about every winter, every week last winter, i should say. it was a winter where everyone wanted to own some stock in a rock salt company. crews were spreading salt on ice-covered roads just about every morning. the sheer number of storms we had depleted salt supplies for townships all over the area, and it turns out the price of rock salt nationwide has gone up. in some cases, kmupcommunities t afford what they need for the coming winter. katy zachry has been looking into this. communities and townships already have to plan for winter.
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what's the situation? >> chris, as if we need something else to worry about this winter, right? we took the concern to penndot, who covers thousands of miles of road in pennsylvania. it turns out, they tell me they will be paying more for salt this winter, $6 more a ton, and that quickly adds up when you consider the department uses tens of thousands of tons of salt any given winter. the good news is, this spike in price will not affect penndot until 2015, when their current salt contract expires, and when they do have to pay more for the salt, they will have the money. >> yes, it is an increase in the cost that we're paying, but obviously, it's the cost of doing business and we need to have that material to keep the roads passable for our citizens. >> now, in addition to prepping for this coming winter, penndot is in the middle of numerous construction projects, but a few big projects will have to be put on hold and resume after winter. and i'll have more on that for you coming up in the next hour. chris? >> all right, katy, thanks. arson is believed to be the
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cause of this warehouse fire in westville, gloucester county, over the weekend. the prosecutor's office and fire marshal are investigating. the building once housed a printing company but has been empty for years. authorities say it appears the place has been stripped of wiring, indicating that someone's been inside. new this morning, a west chester community has taken another step to protect itself from what neighbors are calling an invasion by sonoco. sonoco logistics wants to build a pumping station in west ocean, right next to those water towers you see there. they want to pump propane and ethain through a pipeline they have planned for the area. last week, township supervisors voted unanimously to change the zoning ordinances that would allow the township to regulate all utilities. until now, public utilities did not have to abide by local zoning laws as long as they could prove their project was necessary to serve the public. a philadelphia developer announced his plans to buy the pier shops at caesars in atlantic city.
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developer bart blatstein confirmed the sale to the press of atlantic city but is not disclosing the price. the 300,000-square-foot mall cost $2 million to develop and landed in financial trouble after opening in 2006. it was sold at foreclosure in 2011 to an investment group. the philadelphia archdiocese is considering a new list of churches to be studied for possible merger or closure. st. genevieve catholic church in flowertown is 1 of 14 churches on the list. all of the churches will have to prove they have the parishioners and money to remain open. st. genevieve numbers have 1,500 families, healthy donations and 250 students in their parish school, they think they'll be okay. >> there must be a better way of doing it than frightening people, because that's what happened. >> it's not going to be a matter of every man for himself and let's go in and, you know, kill the other guy. it's going to be more a matter
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of, i think let's in a calm way, in a reasonable way and in a collegial way, let's talk this through. >> now, the archdiocese says it expects to make decisions about the churches in the spring of next year. for the complete list of churches that the archdiocese may close or merge, just visit our website, now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we had a beauty yesterday, lots of sunshine, but overnight things started to change and clouds have moved into the area. so, we're starting off with cloudy skies right now. there were a few sprinkles overnight, and we could see an isolated shower during the day. any showers will be on the light side. ah, warmer today by a little bit, but the big warm-up is on the way for tomorrow. for right now, 51 degrees with clouds over doylestown. these clouds are keeping temperatures warmer than they were yesterday morning at this time, 57 degrees currently in philadelphia and cape may is 59 degrees. a couple spots getting closer to the 40s, but most of the area in
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the 50s. and look at the water, the schuylkill like glass this morning. there's no wind just yet. we will see a little bit of a breeze during the day, but it will be a light breeze, below 10 miles an hour for today. there's cape may, nice and dry this morning. no showers just yet. just the slight chance of a shower later on today. 57 at the airport, but look at the low 50s for horsham, trenton, washington township is down to 54 degrees. kennett square right now 53. quakertown is at 50 degrees. if you look into the pocono mountains, shenandoah is at 47 right now, but the rest of the area is running several degrees warmer than that. middle to upper 50s in delaware, middletown right now is 57 degrees, while it is 60s along the coast for cape may harbor, avalon and beach haven. inland just a bit the temperatures are in the 50s and still falling. but with the clouds overhead, i don't think the temperatures are going to go much colder. there you can see the clouds that came in overnight. those will be staying there. they're lining up to our southwest.
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and with these clouds, a chance, just a chance of some showers. you can see a few sprinkles to the south right now. and in the philadelphia area, it's trying to rain. much of this rainfall evaporating before it hits the ground. but there's a chance we'll see scattered showers during the day. this is future weather at 9:00, a spotty, light shower is possible at 9:00. and at noontime, maybe a few sprinkles around, but that's it. slightly better chance of some showers later this afternoon. so, stand by with an umbrella on call, just in case, but mainly it's just going to be cloudy today with temperatures in the middle to upper 60s. we'll talk warm-up with the seven-day when i come back in the next half hour. and we are talking early-morning traffic right now with nbc 10's katy zachry, who has a look at all the roads out there. any accidents so far this early monday morning, katy? >> yeah, chris. we're following a pretty serious accident on the new jersey turnpike southbound near exit 2, route 322. we understand an overturned tractor-trailer is blocking all
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lanes. an alternate is 295 southbound. that will take you around that. a live look right now in chester county for drivers there. route 202 right at chesterbrook boulevard. if i back up, you can see some construction far up there in the southbound lane, but as you can see, there's not much traffic on the road this morning. so, it's not affecting anything there. and your drive times -- it's always nice to take a look at drive times this early on because green lights all around. so, if you need to get somewhere, i would suggest now is the time to do it. chris and tracy? ♪ look at that. a celebration of italian heritage in south philadelphia. a lot of pink on display as well. nbc 10 at the annual columbus day parade yesterday. this, of course, celebrates the arrival of christopher columbus in the americans in 1942. now, minneapolis and seattle have ditched columbus's name from the holiday, called indigenous peoples day, but philadelphia has kept the tradition. and the fun continued into old city as well yesterday. that district hosting the first ever old city fest, a street
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fair featuring the best that neighborhood has to offer -- food, beverages, entertainment, a very talented gentleman there going into role mode. look at that. looks like fun. and the party continued into the night, of course, especially topping off with the eagles' big win. we can't stop talking about that this morning. here's something else we're talking about, the political spotlight returning to philadelphia this week. two high-profile visitors scheduled for this area. we'll tell you who that is. plus, kids and concussions. the important fact that a new study shows many parents aren't aware of. and back to football now, the high school variety. a whole new week of voting here for our "high school blitz." new choices for friday's "game of the week" featuring this week pennsbury at north penn, cherokee on the road against lynn pea or penn ridge verse yuz simple bucks south. if you're a fan of one of those fine schools, just go to our nbc 10 facebook page or or
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you can call or text your vote once a day, please, at 610-624-4111. and of course, the game that gets the most votes becomes our featured "game of the week" on "the high school blitz," airing saturday, 7:00 p.m. on nbc 10. we're right back after this.
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(barking...) (meowing... & more barking) this is just too good to keep quiet! petsmart's low prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food, and now save up to $7 on select natural and specialized nutrition for dogs. at petsmart®. tomorrow is the dead lean for former nfl players to opt out of the nfl's concussion lawsuit. lawyers for some players had asked for the tuesday deadline to be delayed until a court hearing on november 19th, but the lead lawyers who negotiated the minimum $765 million settlement opposed that delay, arguing that thousands of former players need their money
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quickly. the settlement may not be finalized until the end of next year. now, a new study shows that only half of parents whose child had a head injury knew that concussions can lead to headaches or concentration problems. canadian researchers also found that only 26% of those parents were familiar with the guidelines on when their child could return to sports and school work. 4:26 now. on to decision 2014. one candidate who hopes to be pennsylvania's next governor is getting the backing of the first lady. michelle obama will be campaigning in philadelphia this week for democratic candidate tom wolf. she'll appear at an event on wednesday at the dorothy emanuel recreation center in northwest philadelphia. wolf, of course, is looking to unseat current pennsylvania governor tom corbett. election day is only 22 days away, believe it or not. voters will go to the polls on november 4th to cast ballots for many races, including pennsylvania's governor. and vice president joe biden will be traveling to philadelphia later this week. while the exact details of his
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trip have not been announced, we know it will be to highlight the importance of investing in our nation's infrastructure. his trip is scheduled for thursday. now, your nbc 10 first alert weath weather. >> clouds are overhead and the temperatures not as chilly as yesterday morning. 56 degrees here at nbc 10 at 4:27. katy zachry's watching traffic. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. happy columbus day. a live look at 95 in delaware county, right near route 291, where in the last few minutes, some construction on the southbound lanes have cleared. there is an accident we're following for new jersey drivers, coming up. plus, on the track of this suspected cop-killer. why investigators say the changing weather pattern could help them end the manhunt.
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unsportsmanlike conduct. an eagles fan's prosthetic leg is stolen outside the linc after last night's game. who police are looking for this morning. how did it spread? that is the question after a texas health care worker caught the ebola virus. the u.s. is responding. and we're off to a cloudy start on your columbus day, but will the sun break through? the first alert radar is tracking the answer. it is 56 degrees at 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. we're off to a warmer start this morning than in previous mornings. let's get to meteorologist bill henley now and find out if we're going to see any rain throughout the morning. bill, a lot of people, of course, have the day off of work or school, and hopefully, it will be nice and sunny for them, maybe, right? >> you know, the eagles won, chris. >> right. >> we're fine! >> that's all you need! >> everything is good. throw someth


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