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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  October 20, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> at 11:00 this morning, breaking news, at least four students hurt when a bus flipped onto its side. nbc 10 has following this breaking news throughout the morning. it happened around 8:00 this morning. here is a live look over the scene in paradise. witnesses at the scene were able to rescue and help the victims. within the last 20 minutes, nbc 10 has learned that the driver of the dump truck was also taken to the same hospital for treatment. the bus and the dump truck collided on south vintage and strasburg roads. reporter ann shannon from wgal has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: good morning. emergency responders just a few minutes ago cleared the scene in
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paradise dealershitownship afte truck and school bus collided. the accident happened here at about 8:30 this morning. a dump truck was coming through this intersection when it rolled through the stop sign just as the school bus was coming through. now, the bus, which had the special needs students on board, flipped onto its side, rolled across the street, and landed in that field behind me. now, passers by and neighbors in the area worked quickly to get those students, two of whom were restrained in wheelchairs and another two buckled in seats, they got them out of the bus. they were transported to a local hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. as for the dump truck driver, he told me he is fine but he was very smhaken. when i spoke to him he said he was too emotional to talk about what had happened. reporting from lancaster county, i'm ann shannon.
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back to you. family and friends of the now deceased ebola patient thomas duncan are now virus-free. that includes his fiancee. the two nurses who did contract ebola treating duncan are responding well to treatments. and the blood tests of the hospital worker on a carnival cruise ship has come back negative. and we have learned school officials in moore, oklahoma, are forcing students and staff who were on the carnival cruise ship carrying a dallas health care worker to stay home. this comes even though her test results came back negative. a 30-member military team has been formed to help in the fight against ebola in the united states. the nurses and doctors will go through training on infection control and using personal protective equipment. the cdc is working on new guidelines for treating ebola patients. they're likely to call for full body suits with no skin showing and a buddy system where workers will check on each other. right now you will find facts there about the ebola virus, including how it can be
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spread and ways you cannot get it. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and our day off got off to a cold start. in fact, it was the coldest morning so far this season, and hereby is the evidence. you're looking at it. we found frost covering this car. this is in chester county. and a little different situation outside right now. here is a live look at boathouse row in philadelphia where things are warming up nicely. temperatures are expected to peak into the 60s today. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here now with the forecast. morning, bill. >> morning, vai. it's a lot warmer now than it was first thing this morning. we have some clouds moving through but enough sunshine is getting by those clouds so we're now at 55 degrees in philadelphia. the wind has started to pick up, too. it's now to the south-southwest at 13 miles an hour. so far we're running three degrees warmer than yesterday when we had the brilliant sunshine. pottstown is 47. it's 49 in trenton. 55 now in wrightstown.
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wrightstown was down to the freezing mark first thing this morning. so was bluebell. now 52 degrees. there's 40s north and west, collegeville at 47. pottstown, limerick airport is 47 degrees as well. the numbers will climb into the upper 50s to near 60 this afternoon. in philadelphia closer in we will get some breaks in the clouds that are blowing past us this morning and that will warm temperatures into the 60s. the clouds are thicker north and west. we'll be watching those for tomorrow. for today 58 at 1:00. low 60s with some sunshine at 4:00 and then this evening the temperatures will be cooling, but clouds will be building in the area and that's going to keep temperatures much warmer tomorrow morning. got the extended forecast with a look at tomorrow's temperatures when i come back. >> we'll see you then, bill. skyforce 10 over an early morning fire that destroyed an apartment building in somers point, atlantic county. this was actually the second fire at the somers point apartments in a matter of hours.
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they believe a fire last night may have rekindled. no one was hurt but the building is now a total loss, and it's not clear yet how last night's fire started. a man led police on a chase through philadelphia and into delaware county before crashing his car. it started as a robbery at the wawa on 84th and bartrem and it ended in lansdowne. new from overnight, a retired philadelphia police officer has been found dead in virginia. investigators have ruled it a homicide. police found 69-year-old virginia hill in her suffolk home early saturday morning over the weekend. investigators say she was badly injured and died at the hospital a short time later. this morning we're working to learn more about this investigation. hill served on the philadelphia police force from 1977 to 2002. and three men were arrested in connection with more than a dozen robberies in northeast philadelphia that went on for nearly two months.
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john chen, patrick rowe and corey lockhart were all charged. police were able to track down chen's mitsubishi eclipse they believe was used in the robberies at 7-eleven and wawa stores and several bars. officer certained the suspects' homes and recovered several weapons, black masks, scarves, and hooded sweatshirts. police release videos of two men wanted for an armed robbery at a delaware county restaurant. you can see the masked men as they enter the chicky's and pete's on township line road in drexel. one is wearing a sweatshirt from the restaurant. once inside the video shows the suspects forced two employees into the walk-in freezer, and at one point you see the men take what appears to be cell phones from the workers. the store's general manager is hoping someone will recognize the men in the video. >> infuriates me. infuriates me there are people in the world that would do something like that, that would want to impose that on somebody else. the important thing is they're
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going to get caught, and the full force of the law is going to come down on them because actions like this, they don't get by. >> investigators say the suspects did get away with about $16,000. they are looking into the possibility this may have been an inside job. police are trying to track down the suspects who tied up search students and then robbed them at gun point. this happened just before 9:00 last night at an off-campus apartment on north 18th street in north philadelphia. police say two men tied up the students and then stole laptops and electronics. no one was hurt. one of the suspects was said to be wearing a bucks county community college sweatshirt. and day 38 of the police manhunt for suspected trooper killer eric frein. schools in the poconos near the spot where frein was spotted will be open today but with increased security. authorities believe frein was spotted friday night near pocono mountain east high school in monroe county where frein was once a student. witnesses told police the person
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had a mud-covered face and was armed with a rifle. this weekend police and the fbi shifted their search to the woods of southern monroe county after that sighting was reported. teams in the air and on the ground converged along route 314 east several miles from where they had been searching for more than a month. the man accused of raping a doctor in her rittenhouse square apartment was in court this morning. milton garcia is facing a number of charges including rape and robbery. investigators say he followed the victim and then forced her into her spruce street apartment. police were able to find him by tracking down the victim's iphone to garcia's neighborhood and they also say that he had her keys on him. philadelphia is now the largest city in the country to decriminalize marijuana. with a more lenient punishment for users, that means people caught with less than 30 grams or one ounce of marijuana will face a fine instead of an automatic arrest and jail time. the jam goes for people who smoke that amount in public.
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police will confiscate the marijuana. nbc 10 spoke with philadelphia police who say they have been working with officers to make sure they know how to enforce it. >> we always have confiscated marijuana even with an arrest and the process is the same. so the only thing that's really different is the fact that instead of taking the individuals into custody, we will be issuing them violation notices. >> and only two states colorado and washington have legalized the sale of marijuana for recreational use. philadelphia officials will break ground later today on the new police headquarters building. police will move from center city to 46th and market in west philadelphia where the prudential life building now sits. the building will also house the medical examiner's office. and today is the first day on the job for a newly formed homicide unit in the wilmington police force. mayor dennis williams announced the creation to specifically investigate homicides. community leaders and other groups have been pushing for the move for some time now. there have been some two dozen murders in wilmington this year
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nearing the record of 27 back in 2010. dramatic video out of florida. a tree removal project goes horribly wrong when a crane topples over and it is all caught on camera. and a daring rescue. a passing by rushes into a burning home to save the day. vai, we're watching the skies. the temperatures are climbing. we're getting some sunshine, but we're also tracking some clouds that are going to make for a very different start tomorrow morning. the future weather when i come right back.
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the suspected ringleader in the benghazi terror attack will be arraigned in washington, d.c. he has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to provide material support and resources to terrorists resulting in death. four americans, including ambassador chris stevens, were killed in that attack. and this morning we're following the crisis in syria. the u.s. military is making drops to help kurdish forces fighting isis. the air drops include weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies. it's all in an effort to help kurdish forces defend the syrian city of kobani. yesterday the u.s. launched a series of air strikes in that area. and police in indiana say a man has confessed to killing at least seven women and told investigators where to find their bodies this weekend. the investigation started friday night at a motel 6 in hammond just outside of chicago. police discovered the strangled body of a 19-year-old woman.
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they served a warrant on the 43-year-old suspect's home in gary. that's when he amending e allegedly confess and gave information on three other women. >> somebody had to drop them off, kill them late night somewhere else and bring them and drop them off in abandoned houses. it's crazy that somebody would do something like that. spread bodies everywhere. >> police haven't released the suspect's name, just that he is a 43-year-old man from gary. they are still investigating the cause of death for the other victims. and this morning investigators in virginia are waiting for the results of lab tests to see if human remains found over the weekend are those of missing uva student hannah graham. a search team made the discovery on saturday. investigators are not sure how long the forensic tests will take. police have a suspect in custody in connection with graham's disappearance. and in new hampshire officials are reviewing
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surveillance pictures and social media sites to identify the people responsible for a chaotic weekend near keene college. this happened during the annual pumpkin festival. police fired tear gas and arrested dozens of students after a large group threw bottles and overturned dumpsters and a car. several people were also hurt. and a tree removal crane took down more than just the tree when it tipped over at a home in florida. take a look. >> oh, oh, oh. >> wow. an employee of the tree removal company in largo, florida, was able to jump off that crane just before it tipped over. fortunately no one was hurt but the crane did damage two cars, a travel trailer, and a couple homes as it came down. police are investigating what caused it to tip over. get the dad out of there! oh, my god. >> take a look at this. some good samaritans rescued a
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man from a burning home in california. you can see the man carrying the victim on his shoulder right there out of the house. the victim was treated for smoke inhalation but he is expected to be okay. fresno firefighters say the fire at the duplex started in that home's garage. in california firefighters were called to rescue a woman who got stuck in the chimney of a house in thousand oaks. the homeowner wasn't there but he got a text from a neighbor saying she heard noises coming from his yard. so he called police. the man says he met the woman online and told her he wasn't interested after seeing her a couple times. >> you know, you never know how crazy somebody is until they do crazy things, and, you know, this was a pretty crazy thing. >> lawrence fernandez says the woman had trespassed on his property once before. pope paul vi has been bee at fid and it's the first step toward possible sainthood. pope francis celebrated him at
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the vatican during a mass outside yesterday morning. the ceremony happened just hours after catholic bishops failed to agree on welcoming gays and lesbians and the status of divorced and remarried couples. and we now know when the duke and duchess of cambridge are expected to welcome their second child next year. kensington palace made it official this morning announcing that prince william and kate middleton will welcome a new baby in april. that's the same month the couple's wedding anniversary is. this is video shortly after their first child, prince george, was born, in july last year. the palace also said that the duchess, who had been battling severe morning sickness, is getting better. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're battling cold temperatures this morning. it dropped down into the 30s. much of the area saw readings below freezing, but we've got some sunshine to warm things up and they're starting ing ting those temperatures. it's a quick warm-up. right now temperatures are about
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where they were yesterday at this time. that's after starting up to 20 degrees colder this morning than on sunday morning. clouds will be increasing tonight after partly sunny skies during the day. and that's going to lead to a warmer start tomorrow. but there's a possibility of a few sprinkles in the area overnight tonight and first thing tomorrow and steadier rain is on the way for later this week. heading out the door right now, it's sunshine in allentown. 47 degrees. that's a big improvement after the temperatures dropped to around freezing in allentown. northeast philadelphia was in the 30s. now in the 50s. and upper 50s in millville. millville was right around the freezing mark first thing this morning. here is the view from center city. this is the view from the come cast center. you can see some of the clouds. no rain will be coming from the clouds during the day today but the clouds will increase tonight and we could see some showers. the first showers may appear in the pocono mountains, this is the view from blue mountain in the pocono mountains. you can see scattered fair weather clouds.
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this is the visible satellite imagery showing the clouds moving through the poconos and some in the philadelphia area and northern around western suburbs. but the thicker clouds are still well to the west. those will be moving in tonight and with those clouds will come a chance of some scattered sprinkles. nothing heavy on the way for tonight or first thing tomorrow. for today it's going to be clouds and sunshine and cool for this time of year. we should be in the middle 60s. it will be a little off the normal temperatures with winds out of the southwest to 12 miles an hour. not much stronger than they are right now. clouds and sunshine today, and then the clouds thicken up tonight and that's going to allow the temperatures to go a little warmer tomorrow morning. for this afternoon, 54 degrees in mount pocono. 60 degrees for reading. upper fits for allentown and quakertown. sunshine, clouds, and 60s for trenton, northeast philadelphia, and norristown, and in south jersey at the shore, parts of delaware, bright sunshine for most of the day. 64 degrees this afternoon for
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dover. rehoboth beach will be up to 65. vineland 62 this afternoon. clouds and sunshine for wilmington, chester, and philadelphia. into the 60s today and then the clouds take over tonight and it won't be as chilly tomorrow morning. but future weather hour by hour shows the warm-up for the afternoon. there are the 60s. you can see the thicker clouds off to the north and west. those will be moving in during the late afternoon and evening hours. by 9:00 this evening, still on the mild side. 58 degrees. nowhere near as chilly as yesterday evening, and we will see some 40s north and west, but there is a chance of a spotty light shower early tomorrow morning. that's 3:00 in the morning. look at the temperatures dropping as the clouds break towards sunrise tomorrow. we'll see 40s north and west. it's a lot warmer than it was this morning. 53 degrees in philadelphia and those first showers at 7:00 in the morning. they'll be pulling away from our area. some breaks of sunshine but don't count on it for the rest of the day tuesday. you can see some showers farther
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north and west. umbrellas may be going up late in the day. got the extended future weather which will take you into midweek when steadier rain will be moving in. that's coming up in the next half hour, vai. >> thank you, bill. another possible benefit of viagra. new research shows the drug could help fight a potentially deadly condition. we'll have the details straight ahead. and he has been a standout for the eagles this season and conner barwin is doing some impressive things off the field as well. we'll join us to talk about it coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> and a new study reveals an added benefit to viagra that could help treat heart disease because viagra works by blocking enzymes that effect smooth muscle tissues. italian researchers wanted to see if it could do the same in heart tissue. data from people treated with the drug showed it prevented the heart from increasing in size or changing shape for patients with an underlying heart condition. there was no negative effect on blo blood pressure. and ford is detecting incre seat that can defect whether a driver is having a heart attack. it monitors the driver's cardiovascular system for any issues. engineers say the seat could be
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developed in the next five years. and are you giving your child the correct dose of medication? well, a new study shows just how often parents are making costly mistakes. researchers at nationwide children's hospital in columbus, ohio, analyzed calls to poison control centers between 2002 and 2012 and nearly 700,000 children under the age of 7 were victims of a medication error. many cases involve giving the wrong amount of medicine and there were reports of caregivers doubling up on the doses in hopes that it would cure the child more quickly. with an increase in childhood allergies, experts say emergency doses of epinephrine could be available in all u.s. schools. researchers say because students spend a large portion of their day in school and may have an allergic reaction while they're there, epinephrine needs to be readily accessible. delaware and new jersey are among several states that
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requires or encouraging schools to stock up on the medicine. and we are continuing to follow breaking news out of lancaster. at least four students hurt when a bus flipped over onto its side after colliding with a dump truck. we'll have another update straight ahead. and this morning's cold temperatures are a reminder winter is on its way with road solt prices rising. we'll look at how the region is prepared to deal with snow and ice.
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just about 11:30 and breaking news this morning. at least four students hurt when a bus flipped onto its side in lancaster county. nbc 10 has been following this breaking news throughout the morning. this happened around 8:00 this morning at strasburg and south vintage roads. police say the driver of a dump truck ran a stop sign hitting the bus. and skyforce 10 was over the
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scene earlier this morning. witnesses were able to help rescue the victims on that bus. all of them and the driver of the dump truck were taken to lancaster general hospital to be treated. that's where nbc 10's tim furlong is now. he's working to find out how those victims are doing and if the driver of the truck will face charges. look for his reports later this afternoon starting at 4:00 right here on nbc 10 news. family and friends of the now deceased ebola patient thomas duncan are now virus-free, and that includes his fiancee. meantime, the two nurses who did contract ebola treating duncan are responding well to treatments, and the blood tests of the hospital worker who was on a carnival cruise ship has come back negative. also this morning a military team has been formed to help in the fight against ebola here in the united states. the 30-member team will go through a week of training in san antonio, texas. the critical care nurses, doctors, and trainers will learn about infection control and using personal protective equipment.
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the cdc is working on new guidelines for treating ebola patients. they're expected to set a higher standard and likely call for full body suits with hoods and no skin showing. also, a buddy system where workers will check on one another. national health experts say the nurses in dallas were vulnerable because some of their skin was exposed. and in burlington county, ebola concerns have created controversy at an elementary school there. it centers around two students from rwanda. rwanda is about 3,000 miles away from the area of africa where ebola -- the ebola outbreak is centered, including guinea, sierra leone and liberia, but parents of students at yoakam elementary school in maple shade were still concerned and so was the school district. administrators there decided to take action. the school nurse at yoakam elementary sent a letter home to parents last friday and said two students were coming from rwanda
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to yoakam and even though they were not located near the outbreak the nurse would monitor them by taking their temperatures three times a day to check for a fever. some parents said they were going to keep their kids home. >> the forefront of your mind, so, yeah, there probably isn't a problem but they are just scared to death. >> we are concerned, deeply concerned, and scared as well for our children. >> over the weekend administrators posted a message on the district website saying while the two students were from rwanda, are symptom-free, their parents would keep them home past the 21-day waiting period and they would come to school next week. we reached out to the district but we have not heard back. and a special service for the victims of ebola in delaware county. nbc 10 at st. matthew's lutheran church in springfield yesterday. the ebola response coalition of delaware valley sponsored the service. the coalition is made up of individuals, institutions, and organizations with ties to guinea, liberia, and sierra
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leone, three countries severely affected by the deadly outbreak. and our coverage of the ebola outbreak continues on go there for facts about the virus, including how it can be spread and ways that it does not get spread. and checking out our other top stories right now. an early morning fire destroyed an apartment building in somers point, atlantic county. investigators say this was actually the second fire at the somers point apartments in just a matter of hours. they believe a fire last night may have rekindled. no one was hurt, but the building is now a total loss. and a man led police on a chase through philadelphia and into delaware county before crashing his car. police say this started as a robbery at the wawa on 84th and would ends up in lands down lan. philadelphia is now the largest city in the country to
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decriminalize marijuana. people caught with less than 30 grams or one ounce of marijuana will face a fine instead of an automatic arrest and jail time. the same goes for people who smoke that amount in public. police will confiscate the marijuana. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> people out and about in center city definitely needing their jackets. things are warming up, and that's good news, and here is a live look at the art museum where the temperature is climbing. it should peak in the 60s today. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is now here with more details. >> 60s today and not as cold tomorrow morning because clouds are moving in, and those clouds could bring some showers. we're watching the radar screen now. it's completely dry, but there have been a few sprinkles north and west in just the last hour. you can see them moving through areas to the north of allentown into the pocono mountains. most of the sprinkles probably did not reach the ground. you can see some scattered
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showers in northern pennsylvania into new york, and in the ohio valley, just some scattered mainly light showers until you get into northeastern indiana, and that's where there's some heavier downpours. there's a chance we'll see some of those light showers early tomorrow morning. as clouds come in tonight, this is 3:00 in the morning tomorrow morning. the clouds will keep temperatures warmer and then we'll get some breaks. no sign of rain for most of the day, maybe even some sunshine. and then 6:00 in the evening, here come the clouds and the chance of showers returning to the area. spotty showers into tomorrow morning. but there is some steadier rainfall in the seven-day forecast. i have got that, including the weekend forecast, when i come back. >> thank you, bill. the remnants of tropical storm trudy dumped heavy rain over southern mexico causing flooding and landslides. at least six people were killed in landslides and fast moving floodwaters there. a state of emergency is in effect for three dozen towns and cities. at least 4,000 people have been evacuated from that area.
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and the start of winter is still two months away, but city streets departments are getting ready well in advance, and now is the time when some are getting salt shipments to build their stock ahead of the first storm. >> the region was pummeled by nearly two dozen storms last year making it one of the busiest winters in philadelphia history. to check out how prepared the city is for another winter like we had last, we went straight to the city streets department. they are responsible for clearing the roads of snow and ice as quickly and as safely as possible. the city's chief highway engineer tells me at the end of last winter philadelphia streets were in some of the worst shape he has ever seen. they also ran low on salt in the middle of the winter season. fortunately though, they partnered with penndot and were able to borrow dozens of tons of salt at a time and when a new shipment would come in, they would return the load to penndot and vice versa. >> we have salt being delivered. our fleet management is starting
11:37 am
to prepare the trucks. we're making sure our contracts are in place in the event we need to get contractors. >> the cost of salt has gone up for philadelphia about $5 a ton. that though echoes a national trend. the city, however, won't be paying the higher price right now. they're still getting salt delivered under the old contract. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> and another high school football team is at the center of a scandal and their season has been canceled. this time it's in new york at the monroe woodbury high school. officials end the season early after some players came forward complaining of verbal abuse between teammates. meanwhile, the football coaches at the north jersey high school involved in the hazing scandal have been suspended from their jobs with pay. according to, the five coaches are also teachers or substitutes at sayreville war memorial high school in middlesex county. seven football players charged in the scandal have also been
11:38 am
suspended. happening today, a new anti-bullying act created by students from one delaware county high school is now available. the winners of the first anti-bullying mobile app challenge are from penn wood high school in lansdowne. the app gives children and teens tips to avoid bullying and a way to report bullying incidents. >> if a student is getting bullied and they don't personally feel they can go to someone and talk to someone face-to-face, that can be an embarrassing thing, creating this app takes out the embarrassment of going to someone. >> each member of the winning team received a new ipad 2 for their work. and tomorrow recent nobel prize winner malala yew sa if i will be in philadelphia to receive the another award. she will be at the national constitution center tomorrow night for the ceremony. she's the youngest ever nobel peace prize winner in history. she survived an attack by the
11:39 am
taliban in 2012 in which she was shot in the head. she has become a worldwide advocate for girls' rights to education. tomorrow's event begins at 7:00. to the casino questions in atlantic city where we could learn this week when or if a hearing will be scheduled over the sale of revel casino. an attorney for developer glen straub filed papers in bankruptcy court to stop the $110 million sale of the revel to brookfield property partners. straub believes last month's bankruptcy auction at which brookfield had the highest bid was unfair. and the city of philadelphia is mourning the death of its first director of lesbian, gai, bisexual, and transgender affairs. mayor nutter's office announced she died of cancer at the age of 42. she joined the nutter administration in 2008 wands a recognized by a number of groups including the ncaa for her work. this photo here was taken at an
11:40 am
lgbt flag raising ceremony a few weeks ago. mayor nutter released a statement saying she was a clear strong voice to the lgbt community in philadelphia and across america. we love gloria's commitment and spirit. she was a fighter and champion. he's a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks but connor barwin has been a welcome sight for people in one developing country. we'll hear him talk about his travels to help others coming up. dry today. we've got some sunshine, a few clouds. eventually the clouds take over. then we'll be tracking some rain and the first rain drops will be falling overnight tonight. seven-day forecast when i come back. and take a look at the top stories trending right now in the "lunch break" section of our nbc app.
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today apple unveils its apple pay program which will allow users to make purchases at stores by using iphones and ipads. the system uses the device's fingerprint reader for identification to link customers to their credit card accounts. you'll need an iphone 6 or new ipads that will be released friday to use the service. some retailers already on board include mcdonald's, macy's, and panera bread. microsoft reportedly wants to join the smart watch wars.
11:44 am
the company plans to launch its own device within weeks. the smart watch will be able to passively track a user's heart rate and have a battery life that exceeds two days. well, the eagles had the weekend off as they enjoyed their bye week and this morning we are learning more about what one member of the team does when he's not on the field. and we are joined this morning by linebacker connor barwin. been a key member of the team this year. you had an amazing year. we'll talk about that in a second. i want to ask you about your trip to haiti, why you went there. >> i have been partnering with nrg, the company that does the solar panels at the linc. they have been going to haiti as a company for the last five or six years and i was fortunate to be invited to go last year for about a week. we spent that time touring the sites that they had already put solar panels on and then putting solar panels on an orphanage for four days. >> this isn't really anything new to you in terms of being
11:45 am
environmentally friendly. you drive an ecofriendly car. you ride septa which for a professional athlete is really sort of unusual. >> yeah, so that's why the partnership makes sense. they are an energy company that's kind of changing the way you kind of look at the way you get your own energy, and they're trying to be on the forefront of renewables and sustainability, so anyway i can be a part of them and promote them, i try to do. >> let's talk a little football. i was there two sundays ago when you just went off, had three sack sacks. you're facing the cardinals next week. the surprises are the cowboys, 5-1 and the cardinals, a team you will face next week. >> yeah, so the cowboys look good. i think we're playing well. and obviously we have a huge challenge against the cardinals. everybody wants to talk about the cowboys, how are we going to beat the cowboys, but right now -- >> you have to take care of the
11:46 am
cardinals. >> we have a good team in arizona we have to prepare for. >> the fact you have done so well, you personally, six sacks so far. >> last year you had five the entire year. we're six games in the season, you have six already. what's happened? besides drinking the milk shakes, what are you doing? getting ten hours of sleep? >> i'm getting sleep but if you look at us up front, trent has a couple sacks, brandon graham has a couple sacks. we've taken it to another level. we have had another year with the same coaches and the same system. the communication is better. as much as anything the back end has really improved. you just saw against the giants, he was just holding the ball because everybody was covered. when do you that, it makes it easier to get that kind of pressure. >> this is a fun town to play in when they're winning. >> it's the best. i tell everybody sunday night was the best game at the linc i have been a part of. >> we certainly are grateful for you, proud of you, we'll continue to cheer for you. thank you very much. and thank you for doing all the good stuff you do off the field. >> thank you, thank you. >> appreciate it.
11:47 am
>> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> things are looking a lot better now than they did earlier. we're seeing some sunshine. there are some clouds moving through and the temperatures are off the morning lows that were in the 30s for most of the area. see some breaks in the clouds trying to break through, some sunshine. 55 degrees. clouds are over philadelphia international, and the winds there at 13 miles an hour. the visibility is excellent. things are looking very nice. lake wallenpaupack, a little activity there. partly sunny skies in the pocono mountains. no signs of any showers right now. 53 in northeast philadelphia. started off in the 30s at the airport this morning. wilmington was in the 30s, at 54 degrees right now. we're seeing the numbers climb into the middle 50s for camden. and into the middle 50s for glen dora and vorhees is up to 56 degrees. was down to 35 this morning. clouds though, they will be increasing tonight, and that
11:48 am
will lead to some wet weather. not a lot of rainfall to start with but some scattered showers. it's a big system that's going to be staying with us for a few days. just some scattered showers in parts of pennsylvania and farther to the south and southern ohio. the steadier rainfall is moving through eastern indiana right now and southern michigan. no heavy rainfall in our area expected in the next 24 hours. so clouds, sunshine, and cool today, highs in the 60s this afternoon. the seven-day forecast will be into the middle to upper 60s tomorrow afternoon. won't be an all-day rainfall. could see a brief shower in the morning and a good chance we'll see evening showers on tuesday. steadier rain will be here wednesday when the wind picks up and that will bring the temperatures down. 49 in the morning, 59 the high temperature wednesday afternoon. and still some shower active into thursday. breezy, too. a high of 58 degrees thursday afternoon but then we clear out as we head toward the weekend. friday is looking good. sunny skies and 63 degrees and
11:49 am
even warmer for the weekend. saturday and sunday, high temperatures in the upper 60s. we'll be right back.
11:51 am
about ten minutes before noon, and skyforce 10 is over south broad and walnut streets in center city where a person
11:52 am
was reportedly hit by a septa train. nbc 10 just got off the phone with police, and they tell us the person was hit by a southbound local train on the broad street subway. that person is being rescued and will be taken to a nearby hospital. septa service has not been affected at all. count on nbc 10, of course, and for updates on this breaking story. and down a dime. gas prices dropped another 10 cents in the past week. the national average is now $3.14, and that's a new low for 2014. experts say that number could drop as low as $3.10 per gallon before the end of the year. we found prices in our area well below that. a gallon of regular is going for about $2.85 at the gas station on the admiral wilson boulevard in camden. right now the average price in south jersey is about $2.88 a gallon. slightly higher in delaware at $2.95. and in the five county philadelphia area, drivers can
11:53 am
expect to pay about $3.20 on average. it's a new week, and that means a new list of match-ups vying to be our next high school blitz game of the week. here are the choices. central bucks east and central bucks west, downingtown east against downingtown west or triton. go to to vote or our facebook page. you can also call or text your vote in. just once though. we're counting at 610-624-4111. and the game with the most votes is featured on the high school blitz right here on nbc 10. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, "ellen" is new with actress lena dunham and melissa mccarthy. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon a caution about callers. someone is dialing up unsuspecting people in our area and deceiving them. how it's already cost one elderly victim thousands of
11:54 am
dollars. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 at 4:00. and then all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, all aboard, especially if you ride the rails through chester county. amtrak is planning some big upgrades for the train service there. what's on the drawing board and what it also means for septa commuters as well. and then at 6:00, it's day one of a new law decriminalizing marijuana here in philadelphia. nbc 10 takes a closer look at how it is being enforced and the impact this law could have on the city. now to an update on our breaking news from the top of the newscast. police are questioning the driver of a dump truck who crashed into a school bus in lancaster county. at least four students were injured in that accident. this was the scene earlier this morning in paradise, lancaster county. the crash caused the bus to flip on its side. witnesses there helped the students, two of them were in wheelchairs. they are now being treated at
11:55 am
lancaster general hospital. nbc 10's tim furlong is there. he's working to get an update for us and information, and, of course, you can count on nbc 10 for live continuing coverage of this story beginning this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. our first alert forecast now from bill henley with a look at what's ahead this afternoon. >> temperatures are well in the 50s, on our way to the 60s today. we've seen some scattered clouds showing up on the visible satellite imagery but they're just some scatter clouds. still lots of sunshine around. the thicker clouds are still waiting in the wings in western and central pennsylvania. those will be moving in overnight tonight and tomorrow we might start with a few sprinkles but i'm not chexpecti an all-day rainfall. a few clouds moving through. we did see a few spots on the radar to the north of allentown in the pocono mountains. most of those didn't even reach the ground. steadier showers to the west. they're scattered, not a huge system here, but it's going to
11:56 am
be coming together over the next 36 to 72 hours we may see a chance of some showers in our area for several days. not much wind right now. we're seeing partly sunny skies, 60s this afternoon. the winds will stay much lighter than they were over the weekend coming out of the southwest at 12 miles an hour and a southwesterly wind always helps to warm things up and that's why we're seeing a quick warm-up today. and because clouds come in tonight, it won't be as cold tomorrow morning. 50 the morning low temperature. 66 degrees in the afternoon. there's a chance of a daytime shower but more likely the showers will be arriving tuesday evening, then turning wet and windy. some steadier rainfall to start the day on wednesday when temperatures are in the 40s and then high temperatures near 60 degrees wednesday and thursday but thanks to the wind and the chance of showers continuing to thursday, it's really never going to feel that warm until we get to the weekend. look at the timing here, vai. >> love it. >> the warmest temperatures of the week, the brightest sunshine here for saturday and sunday.
11:57 am
>> we can take a couple rainy days if it's going to warm up. >> absolutely. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news. for bill henley, i'm vai sikahe sikahema. we'll see you later.
11:58 am
12:00 pm
>> nicole: chad. >> chad: nicole. hi. >> nicole: hey. i-i haven't seen you since you got back. i am so sorry about your brother. >> chad: thanks. leave it to ej, right, to time it this way? >> nicole: "time it"? what do you mean? >> chad: i came back to nail him to the wall, and then the bastard went and died on me. >> lucas: whoa, whoa, kids, just stay in the kitchen with mary till i get back, okay? i'll be right there. >> johnny: okay. >> will: i think i got all of these. >> lucas: yeah, you got them? >> will: croquet... good idea-- kept them distracted for a while. >> lucas: yeah. yeah, the hardest part is, you know, those kids losing their dad at a time when they need him the most. >> will: yeah. >> lucas: here you go.