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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  October 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking right now at 11:00, a doctor has test virus for the virus. tonight, new york's mayor is urging calm. >> people shoumd rest assured the officials in this state are working to make sure every protection is in place. >> good evening. that doctor's name is craig spencer. preliminary results back tonight show he has tested positive for the virus. those results h now be confirmed by the cdc. dr. spencer returned to new york
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last friday where he returned from guinea. he returned with high fever and diarrhea and taken to bellevue hospital. live wrhere a news press conference ended just about an hour ago. >> reporter: we learned a great deal about dr. craig spencer and where he ooesz been the last few days, when he started having symptoms of ebola and out of an abundance of caution, the city of new york has shut down a manhattan bowling alley because that's wr doctor spenszer was last night. bowling. over 5 over and over again, the message is this's no need to be alarmed. >> it is very difficult to contract ebola being on the same subway car or living northeasterly someone. >> government officials say they
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have an advantage they've learned from the state of dallas and have been preparing for weeks for this possibility. is dr. spencer just arrived on the 15th and arrived symptom free. he was taking his temperature very regularly since he left west africa. and, this morning, he started running a temperature of 103 and called health officials. he was transported by a team wearing protective gear and put in isolation. another contact, we believe his fiance, is also in isolation, we believe as a precaution. >> we know that yesterday he went to a bowling alley in williamsburg. he was feeling well at this time. except for his feeling of fatigue. and, once again, his first symptom of fever occurred today
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and that was the beginning of his assessment. >> there is a cdc team in transit on their way to new york. you saw the governor there, the city health commissioner, the mayor and, again, the cdc wants to assure everyone and was explaining over and over again how difficult it is to get ebola. you have to come in contact with bodily fluid from a person who is exhibited signs, who's showing signs of ebola. and that as that person gets sicker, that's when they're most contagious. and that -- the one thing that they real hi emphasized was, again, that they've learned so much from dallas. and that people -- particularly at bellevue hospital, have been training for weeks for this possibility. and that they feel very well prepared to deal with it. >> you mentioned the fiance.
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officials talked about a handful of other people that were believed to be in contact with dr. spencer after he had symptoms. what's their status? >> reporter: actually, they believe the people he came in contact with were wfr before he started feeling sitm tos. just as a precaution, two friends are being quarantined, self-quarantined. we believe the fiance is here. again, it was her choice, apparently, to be in isolation here. and then there's a cab driver. because he took a cab, apparently, either to or from the bowling alley. we're told that because there was really no physical contact between him and the cab driver that he's considered to be okay. >> all right. so all of that before he developed that fever. gh that's right. and, apparently, he was by
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himself and he was not exhibiting any signs when he was with these folks. >> all right. luan chan live with us tonight from new york. thank you. here's the timeline for this ebola case. dr. spencer left guinea on the 14th. he arrived on the 17th and started to feel tired. today, he got a fever and shot up to 103, he was taken to bellevue's isolation unit. again, dr. spencer was working for doctors without borders. it was founded in 1971 by 13 doctors devoted to treating patients in crisis zones and now employs 30,000 people in 20 countries. doctors without border have treated 100,000 patients. three cases of ebola have been diagnosed in the ugs before tonight. thomas eric duncan along with
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two nurses who treated duncan. rita fomm is in good condition tonight and eric vincent who was declared ebola-free yesterday. be sure to tune in to nby 10 news today starting at 4:00 a.m. and nbc 10's ted green burg will be following live coverage tomorrow morning. now, there are no confirmed ebola cases in our area. however, some are being monitored as a precaution tonight. bucks county officials tell us they're monitoring three people who recently traveled to west africa. officials saying they're not showing any symptoms and they don't believe they were exposed to the virus. in camden county, dozens of first responders got training today on how to deal with ebola. they learned protocols and how to properly use protective gear.
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you can only get ebola by touching the blood or bodily fluids with a person who is sick with or has died from the objects. also, touching needles or infected animals, their blood, their bodily fluids or their meats. our ebola coverage continues online. follow all the developments on line by logging onto our web site at an argument twreen two neighbors leads to a gunfight. police say a 57-year-old man was shot more than two dozen times with an assault rifle. tonight, the 26-year-old neighbor is in police custody. at least 20 shots hit neighboring homes, the victim rushed to a hospital where, at last check, he was in critical condition. the rest of the season is cancelled for a bucks county
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high school power house, the coaching staff for the varsity and j.v. teams also suspended tonight. it's all over al dwagss that some plauers were hazed by their teammates. nbc 10 is live for us tonight. what can you tell us? the school district said they were forced to do this because the players were involved in hazing during the pre-season. they failed to report it and that's a violation of the student code. tonight, the stadium where central bucks west plays is empty. and it will remain that way as they cancelled their season with two games remaining. >> just hazing. that's all we know as of right now. >> several parents we spoke to are fuming. nicole boyar says she's upset because parents were notified by e-mail and given no specific reason as to why it was
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happening. >> hiding behind an e-mail? i mean, really? it was very unprofessional of him to tell us by the children. that's cowardly. in it, the superintendent said -- >> given the fact they suspended the football season, i mean, i guess, something bad must have happened. >> the district says they learned of the hazing which happened during the team's pre-season on october 14eth. tonight, they wouldn't go into detail, so we called the cops. central bucks police chief tells us on wednesday, they were called in to investigate al gaxs of hazing of younger players by seniors on the team. he says in some sort of water
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boarding incident, towels were placed on the heads of younger players who were acceptability into the somehow rs. we're told another player was forced to grab another member's private parts. we're told one of the younger players was held against his will while the hair on his head was shaved off. >> now, tomorrow, the team is supposed to play their homecoming game against cb east. that is no longer happening. the school district says they will have no further comment until next tuesday's board meeting. >> it's an alarming prank and area police say it is happening more often. >> i took the gun and i shot my dad. >> the call appears to come from inside your home. next thing you know, heavily armed cops are knocking down your door. it's called the thrks bc 10 investigators are looking deeper into this
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dangerous prank and how your kids video games may make them a target. >> only in the 15s with rain the last couple of days. but we've got temperatures in the 70s in the zempb-day forecast. that's coming up next. . >> around we're tracking breaking news ininvolving this doctor who has tested positive for ebola. dr. craig spencer now being treated in an isolation unit in bellevue hospital in new york city. a cdc team on the way to help in his care and to make sure all precautions are taken. officials say he only had contact with four people while he was symptomatic and only three needed to be quarantined. we'll be right back.
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we're staying on top of breaking news involving a positive ebola test for this man. dr. craig spencer being treated tonight in isolation in new york city. the uber car company just released this statement.
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the company telling the cdc tells them neither the driver nor his later passengers are at riskment we'll bring you new developments as they come in. >> the nbc 10 investigators getting results tonight. it all stems from an investigation in swatting. a dangerous prank that's now targeting video gamers. harry harrisson with a look at what's helping police catch up with technology and what you can do to protect yourself. >> call of duty, minecraft, even supermario. just some of the games your child may be playing right now. that's all the more reason why parents should watch this report. >> it started out as a typical saturday night. rob richard and his friends in the basement of a home playing video games. >> we just all sort of hang out down here and play games. and we just kind of wrod cast it to people on twitch. >> he's talking about
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a web site that allows video gamers to broadcast themselves. >> you have a picture of yourself on the bottom with the game and people watch you play the game. >> on that night, richard says more than 1,000 350e78 were watching him play. but, at one point, someone decided to play a game with him. >> a call to 9-1-1 appears to come from richard's home. the caller identifies himself as rob richard. >> i took the gun and i shot my -- i shot my dad. >> and then he ups the ante with threats. i want to shoot her and shoot myself. that's what i want to do, sir. i want to kill her and kill myself. i don't want to be a i live anymore. >> he heightened the elevation of emergency when he cede that any officer approaches, i have an a.r. 15 and i will shoot officers, as well. >> millville police lieutenant
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tells us 30 officers surrounded the house. they contacted the family by phone. they ordered richard, his friends and his mother out of the house with their hands up. moments later, police entered the house waking up richard's father and sister, forcing both out at gunpoint. police tell me it took nearly three hours to discover it was all a hoax. and this family is not the only victim. >> from the start to the end of this investigation, it's unfortunate. the taxpayers are going to have to pick up this bill. >> millville police say most of the officers responding were on overtime. and two or more ins dentss like this in a short period of time could break their small department's budget. plus, they still have no idea where the call came from. >> this call could have been something from as far as australia. >> they're hiding in cyber space. they feel that they can easily get away with it. >> drexel university associate and cyber crimes expert rob davidio tells us the callers are
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using technology to stay ahead of police and the number of pranks are on the rise. in august, a man in a denver suburb is swated and it's all caught on web cam. in april, a long island teenager was a target of a hoax after playing the game call of duty. and last year, a phony bomb threat was called into union county new jersey police while a college student was on his xbox. >> i don't want to kill other people. >> we shared the millville 9-1-1 tape with an assemblyman. >> i think i need to sit down and look at drafting legislation. >> according to kurnts new jersey state law, a person convicted of swatting could end up only serving probation. moriorty wants mandatory jail time and those making those calls should have to pay up. >> i think the penalty should be
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more severe and required to pay for every dollar that was spent by the municipality that sent all of these people out here. >> moriorty tells me he plans to introduce the bill by the end of this month. for the investigators, nbc 10 news. >> and, in you have a tip for the nbc 10 investigators, e-mail them at nbc 10 investigators at >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> i've had a couple of chilly, wet, windy days, but things are about to change. first, we start to dry out. the wind and the chill, well, it's still around. it will take a little while to get rid of that. but a nice weekend coming and then some 70s in the seven-day forecast. right now, it's only 55 degrees. the wind is down a little bit from this afternoon, but it's
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still been gusting near 20 miles an hour just in the last couple of hours. big roller coaster with the tempature going back up tomorrow with the sunshine returning to the area. right now, we see temperatures across the 50s just about the entire area and it's not dropping very much because the clouds are still around. and we still have some wind gusting to 30 in m techl techlt pocono. we still have that giant storm in the ocean, just a huge circulation there. it's about a thousand miles across. that is one large storm. and we have some big changes in the techture department coming over the weekend. the mile air comes in and then next week, early next week, wow, warm air. 70s. not even low 70s. maybe mid to upper 70s. and then, toward the end of next week and as we start the month
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of november, here comes the cold air returning. so that 70 degrees temperature is going e just going to last a couple of days. tonight, we continue to dry out, breezy and chilly. 48 for the low in the city. 48 in the west. tomorrow, the early clouds giving way to sunshine as the storm moves away. another windy day, 15-25 mile an hour winds. but not as cold because of that sunshine. about 10 degrees warmer than today. the wind goes down on saturday. beautiful day there. the wind returns on sunday. some really nice weather early next week and then we go back into the 70s. 70 for tuesday. 77 wednesday. but then we get showers and thunderstorms and that sets us up for that cold air that we were showing you that's going to start the month of noef. >> i'm looking at that 77, it looks pretty good to me. >> yeah, just a couple days of it, though. >> all right, thankings, glen.
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>> hey, jim, the eagles could be taking the field without two major weapons. we'll have the details. pat milligan is filling some pretty big shoes. answering those questions next.
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live in your living room, darny pommells. taking over philly's president with an undergoing treat t for jaw cancer. but how long is temporary. for answers, here's more of john clark's exclusive conversation with gillick. >> you're an acting president right now for dave montgomery. how long do you anticipate being
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in this role? >> i hope not too long, you know. because, my friend and the fellow who brought me here, dave montgomery, we're very close and so i'm hopeful dave is making some improvement. so hopefully, you know, he's going to be coming back. i can't give you a time frame on that. it just takes time to recover. he had very, you know, long, complicated procedure. and, you know, the other things that happened after that, radiation and chemo, et cetera, and he's doing well. >> there's a report out there that dave montgomery was pushed out. is there any truth to that? >> no, not at all. it was purely for medical reasons. so, you know, dave is on medical leave. there is no other reason. >> well, the phillies did make a move today, resigning grad grady seismore, a deal worth $2 million. the eagles,two big question marks for sunday.
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sprouls recovering from a knee injury, kendricks, a calf injury. meanwhile, rogel with an upper respiratory infection chlts comcast sports net has confirmed that michael carter williams is charting mid move november. that's sports, i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back. [anncr:]making jackets that are built to perform anywhere is hard work. and at l.l.bean, we take our job, very seriously. guaranteed quality, no matter what you're up against. from l.l.bean
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♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. an update now on our breaking news. out of new york city tonight, a doctor, dr. craig spencer who treated ebola patients has tested positive for ebola. a cdc team is on the way to new york to supervise the case. in addition to dr. spencer, his fiance and two close friends are now quarantined. he did ride the subway, according to officials, and went to a brooklyn bowling alley
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called gutter, but officials stress that he did not have symptoms at that time. be sure to tune in to nbc 10 news today starting at 4:00 a.m. ted greenburg will be following up our live coverage. and, as far as the weather goes, we're finally drying out? >> yeah, we will be by tomorrow morning. finally, a non-wet rush hour. still kind of windy and on the chilly side. but the sun is going to come out and will jump jump the temperature about 10 degrees from where we are today. and on the weekend, less winds on saturday, more on sunday and then a warm-up next week, a couple of days in the 70s before some storms come in. and it lookings like we're going to be dry for at least five days in a row now. >> all right, looking forward to that warm up, too. thank you, glem. glen. >> for glen and all of us here, thanks so much for watching.
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"the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is coming your way next. have a great neegt. night. we'll see you here tomorrow.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- derek jeter james marsden musical guest five seconds of