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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  October 27, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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authorized to strike. the disagreement that could mean septa workers will walk off the job and what it means for commuters. and we're off to a chilly start, but warmer weather is coming before a cooldown later this week. it is 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it is a cool start, but it's going to warm up. let's get right to bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> good morning, vai. it is cold and temperatures are dropping. parts of the area have found the 30s this morning with clear skies, light wind and very dry air. temperatures are still falling in center city. that's a live view from the adventure aquarium. we're watching the numbers now along the i-95 corridor. 43 for wilmington, northeast philadelphia is 49, but look to the west. coatesville is now 35 degrees while bluebell is at 43. and it's in the 30s this morning in vineland, 38 degrees there. 59 in cape may and 40s in delaware this morning. so, depending on where you are, you'll have to add a layer or two extra. we'll all enjoy plenty of
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sunshine, 46 degrees at 7:00. by 9:00, 50 and 61 degrees at noon. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather in less than ten minutes when i come back, but right now, let's check in with first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. she has flashing lights behind her, never a good sign. >> i know, unfortunately, right, bill? i'm the bearer of bad news right now. for drivers on 422 westbound as you approach route 29, there is an accident in the left-hand lane. you can see right here there are some emergency vehicles from what i've seen that have arrived at the scene, but traffic is moving around it in the right-hand lane. so, it's just something slowing things up little bit on 422 in the westbound direction, but drive times on the majors at this early hour, some of the accidents and overnight construction we're having is not affecting drive times on your majors in pennsylvania. for new jersey drivers in camden county, this is in blackwood, an accident black horse pike right at marshall avenue. it just came into our system about 15 minutes ago. and for drivers in bear,
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delaware, 896, there is some long-term construction on the summit bridge. the right lane in both directions is out until late november. and new developments overnight about the ebola concerns in the united states. president obama says he is putting together national guidelines for returning medical workers, but the feds, they're raising concerns over the new policy in new jersey and new york. federal health experts say a mandatory 21-day quarantine of medical workers returning from treating ebola in west africa is unnecessary, and the president is asking the state's governors to ease up. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in trenton for us this morning where governor christie said last night that the new protocols will stay. jesse? >> reporter: vai, yeah, good morning. in the case of kaci hickox, that nurse who went to the hot zone in west africa and then came back, she was put in quarantine in a hospital because she presented with a fever. remember that case last week in new york with dr. spencer.
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same kind of thing. he had a fever, so they immediately put him in a hospital. so, with kaci hickox, she went into a hospital, but in newark. late over the weekend, both new york and new jersey enacted policies requiring 21-day home quarantine for people returning from west africa who had contact with ebola patients. the federal health officials say close monitoring of returning travelers during the incubation period is sufficient, and the new steps could make it harder for health care workers to volunteer. fewer people may choose to serve on the front lines in this fight if they know they'll be quarantined when they return back home. that could slow efforts to contain and eradicate ebola. now, despite the federal concerns, new york's governor says he was not contacted by the white house over the weekend and pressured to reverse course on his new policy. governor christie say the new policy will stand until the feds come up with some kind of guidelines. coming up in the next 30 minutes, we'll talk about what those guidelines could look like. live outside the state house in trenton, mercer county, new
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jersey, this morning, i'm jesse gary. >> jesse mentioned that nurse who was forced into quarantine at a newark hospital under new jersey's new policy calling her isolation inhumane, and now she's hired a lawyer. kaci hickox says she has no symptoms of ebola and a preliminary test has come back negative since she returned from sierra leone. her lawyer is taking the matter to court. and the symptoms are intensifying for the new york city doctor who contracted ebola while working in guinea. dr. craig spencer received a plasma transmission from ebola survivor nancy writebol. meantime, his fiancee has been cleared of ebola but is under quarantine at their home. and the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. is in west africa on a fact-finding mission. samantha power arrived in guinea yesterday and will visit sierra leone and liberia, the three hardest hit countries. power hopes to get a better understanding of what's needed to fight the spread of the deadly virus. ease your concern about
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ebola virus as we help you understand the facts about it. in about 30 minutes, we'll have medical professionals here at the nbc 10 studios answering your questions. if you have a question, send it in right now. you can logon to the nbc 10 facebook page and look for the ebola q&a section. we'll answer them live from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. right here on "nbc 10 news today." it is 4:35. union workers are expected to hold a briefing following a vote that clears the way for those workers to walk off the job. yesterday's unanimous vote involves about 5,000 bus drivers, subway operators and other workers at the transit authority. they belong to transport workers local 234, septa's largest union. the group has been working without a contract since spring. now some commuters say they're worried. >> i mean, the septa people down here, they're going to be okay, you know. they are going to be on vacation. but the people that struggle every day, we're not going to have any way to get to work. >> right now, the key sticking points are pensions and health
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care. septa says it's been given no indication if or when a strike could happen. the future of the philadelphia charter school will be at the center of another hearing today. the school district is in the process of revoking the walter d. palmer leadership learning partners charter school, claiming it overspent and overenrolled. the hearing will be held at school district headquarters at 9:30 this morning. seven more hearings will be held next month. now to "decision 2014." today, pennsylvania governor tom corbett will be in philadelphia for the unveiling of the george h.w. bush gallery at the national constitution center. corbett will join former florida governor jeb bush and united states supreme court justice samuel alito for the ceremony. the new gallery recognizes the public service of george h.w. bush and his former role as chairman of the national constitution center. corbett is squaring off, as you know, against democrat tom wolf in the governors race. and today in pittsburgh, former president bill clinton will be campaigning for wolf. clinton will headline a
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grassroots event for wolf in pittsburgh later this morning. election day is just more than a week away. count on nbc 10 for coverage leading up to next tuesday's vote. and a new round of orange cones are coming to center city. >> we'll tell you what areas, what intersections will see upgrades. plus, a new challenge for apple. the problem now facing its pay system and the companies turning their backs. you'll have to turn up the heat this morning or add a few layers. ps a colder start. right now we're at 46 degrees here at nbc 10. the time is 4:37.
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4:39. happening today, officials will make an announcement that brings more jobs to gloucester county. a new tenant has agreed to move into the port of paulsboro and is expected to create 150 full-time jobs that could be up and running by the end of the year. today crews will begin a $10
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million traffic signal improvement project in philadelphia. the upgrades will take place in center city between north broad and north second and also callowhill and market. workers will replace equipment at more than a dozen int intersections and install cameras. the project is expected to be complete by summer of 2016. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a chilly morning. temperatures are dropping in the 30s and 40s. we will, though, see lots of sunshine for today and tomorrow, and any showers will hold off until midweek at the earliest. right now you may have to bundle up if you're heading out the door. 40s for allentown and northeast philadelphia, but look at millville at 38 degrees, clear and less wind than the last couple days, so the temperatures are still falling at this hour. the wind, it is 12 miles an hour in the pocono mountains, but calm for pottstown and dover and a light breeze blowing in wilmington and northeast philadelphia. won't be as windy today, but
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it's going to be just as sunny as what we saw saturday and sunday. 56 degrees at 11:00 this morning, then the temperatures into the 60s this afternoon. warmer weather's ahead. the seven-day forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. 4:41 this monday morning and already a double whammy of construction and accidents. >> katy zachry has details. >> we do. for drivers on 422 westbound, we've been following an accident. you can see it was in the left-hand lane and traffic was having to move around it, but if i get out of the way, can see it's been moved over to the shoulder now. so, it's not tying things up, except for that driver who was involved in the crash and is dealing with emergency vehicles over on the right-hand shoulder. for drivers who are on the northeast extension northbound, when you approach the quakertown exit, the right lane is blocked, but we expect that construction to lift over the next hour, as it usually does. for drivers in the lehigh valley, a live look at 78 right now at cedar crest boulevard, free and clear of any issues up in the lehigh valley. and then if we go into new
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jersey, for drivers in camden county, this is in blackwood, an accident on the black horse pike at marshall avenue that we've been following. and then also, there is some construction. i have new information to tell you about in the next few minutes. >> all right, katy. 4:42 right now. thousands of new jersey drivers will notice something new on their commute. >> the change that will make driving less of a headache. and the buck stops here. a deer makes an unexpected shopping trip.
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4:45 right now. just days after a school shooting in washington state, we have learned overnight that another student has now died. as nbc 10 national correspondent tracie potts reports, this incident has reopened the debate on gun control. >> reporter: overnight, 14-year-old gia soriano died, one of the victims from friday's shooting. a doctor read this statement from the family. >> we are devastated by this senseless tragedy. gia is our beautiful daughter,
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and words cannot express how much we will miss her. >> reporter: there were prayers sunday for the families of those killed. >> we're here for you. >> reporter: now three students, including one believed to be the shooter, two more remain in critical care. >> it's such a difficult situation that i think there is no script for how do you respond. >> reporter: next week, washington state voters decide two gun control initiatives, including universal background checks, which congress tried but failed to pass. >> that's common gun sense. and most of america and most gun owners agree with that. >> reporter: two parents from the sandy hook elementary shooting in connecticut were already headed to washington to push for background checks, but gun rights advocates say more laws would not have prevented this. >> he took it from his family, who did go through a background check when they bought the gun to begin with. >> reporter: classes at marysville-pilchuck high school are canceled this week as students deal with the grim reality of the issue their parents will vote on next week.
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one of those initiatives they're voting on would require background checks for any gun purchased in washington state. the other is just the opposite. it would prohibit any background checks unless congress decides otherwise. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. new details are emerging about the gunman responsible for last week's deadly attack in canada. michael zehaf-bibeau's mother says mental illness is to blame for the shooting at parliament on wednesday. she also claims her son is not a terrorist. he was trying to go to saudi arabia, she says, to study the koran, but police are investigating a video they say indicates the attack was driven by ideological and political motives. a 24-year-old soldier was killed in that attack. the attacks gave added urgency to a disaster response drill in toronto. hundreds of first responders took part in a drill over a suspicious package releasing sarin gas. it was so realistic, there were fake casualties, teams wearing hazmat gear and a
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decontamination center. a makeshift memorial at the university of virginia is growing for hannah graham. many students said the memorial helps to honor her memory and is bringing the university community closer together. graham's remains were finally identified on friday. she was abducted and murdered back in september. the suspect is behind bars. happening today, latest person to jump the white house fence is expected in court. 23-year-o 23-year-old dominic addisonia is charged with making threats and beating two police dogs. he jumped the fence before being attackled by the dogs and secret service agents. also today, the trial for four members of the florida a&m marching band is expected to begin, charged in manslaughter in the death of drum major robert champion, who prosecutors say was beaten during a hazing ritual. prosecutors in south korea ask for the death penalty for the captain of the ferry that sank back in april. more than 300 people died that day. lawyers also want life sentences
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for three crew members on board the ship. most of the victims were high school students on a school field trip. this morning, fire officials in california will continue their investigation to find out what caused a huge fire at a storage facility there. it started saturday night, burned into sunday morning. more than 300 firefighters were called to that scene. eight of those firefighters were injured, but they're all expected to be fine. now to the battle to stop isis. the military reports 17 u.s.-led air strikes this weekend against isis targets in iraq and syria, 5 of those aimed at isis fighters seeking to overrun the city of kobani near the turkey border. the battle there has raged for 40 days. a syrian activist group says the death toll has reached 815. 12 minutes before 5:00 right now. right now in hawaii there is an evacuation warning in effect as lava creeps closer and closer to a village. according to authorities, those residents should be prepared to leave their homes by no later than tomorrow. officials say the lava flow from
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the kilauea volcano can shift directions or speed without warning, and they are urging people to leave immediately. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> our skies are clear, the temperatures colder this morning. we are running 10 to 16 degrees chillier this morning with clear skies and very little wind. the temperatures are still falling at this hour. we're not going to see sunshine for another looks like 2 1/2 hours. sunny skies. we will see it. it's nice and clear, but right now 46 degrees. that's 11 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. and the wind is blowing at 9 miles an hour in the city. not everybody's seeing that wind. completely dry at beach avenue. no sign of any wet weather for today, tonight or tomorrow. it's midweek that we could see some showers entering the picture. but for now, the satellite picture is nice and clear for the tri-state area. a few clouds to the north. and you'll see some clouds to the west. they're moving into the ohio
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valley, just some scattered, light clouds. those are showers that are moving into wisconsin, but they're trending away from us. so, we're in for a dry stretch of weather that started over the weekend and will continue today. look at the temperatures this afternoon. 60s later this afternoon with 50s north and west and just a few thin clouds in the area. overnight tonight, it won't be quite as cold. you can see some scattered clouds moving through, and then a warmer day tomorrow. look at the warm-up. 74 degrees at 3:00. could go even warmer in a few spots. no sign of wet weather for tomorrow. it's later on into wednesday that we could see the first showers. to start with wednesday morning, 61 degrees. a whole lot warmer than today. and there you can see the chance of showers coming in later on wednesday. today you'll need sunglasses with temperatures in the low to mid-60s this afternoon. and warmer weather is ahead for tomorrow. the seven-day forecast, full seven-day forecast when i come back. ten minutes before 5:00 right now. if you're getting ready to head
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out the door, let's check the roads. we've already had some accidents this early in the morning. >> katy zachry's in the first alert traffic center. >> we have had a few accidents i'm following and also overnight construction. so, this is things on route 202 southbound. here's a live look at that. there is construction southbound route 202 between routes 29 and 401. and you can see if i move into this shot some of the flashing lights here. it's not tying anything up, because there really aren't enough cars on the road to create the volume that would create the mess. but it is something for you to think about, between routes 29 and 401 on 202. 76 westbound. if you're trying to access spring garden from spring garden and get on to 76 westbound, that ramp is closed and will be closed until late november. you can take girard avenue and access 76 westbound via girard avenue. and taking a look in camden, route 70 at kings highway, this intersection is typically busy. free and clear of any issues right now. we are following an accident in camden county, in blackwood at
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black horse pike right at marshall avenue. it's still out there, so just be aware of that. vai? >> thank you, katy. of course, you've heard of a bull in a china shop. well, how about a deer in a furniture store? this happened in iowa. after quickly bypassing some accent chairs, the deer raced through the mattress section and then used his antlers to simply let himself out the back door. thankfully, no one was hurt. there he goes. while a crew cleaned up the mess the buck left behind. female-friendly. next, the city in our area getting props for its working women. and if you haven't done it yet, remember that you can wake up with your favorite nbc 10 personality. just download the nbc 10 morning app to your smartphone. and there you'll find headlines, a live stream of our morning newscast and you can set an ala alarm, get this, with the voice of your favorite nbc 10 personality. everything you need to start your day off just right.
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some stores are stopped accepting payments through the new apple pay system. cvs is the latest to ditch apple pay. last thursday, rite aid stopped accepting those payments. it appears to be a conflict between apple pay and a mobile payment system currently developed by a tech company. morning commuters will notice a change on the new jersey turnpike starting today. three new northbound lanes opened yesterday on a 35-mile stretch between burlington and middlesex counties. three new southbound lanes scheduled to open next week. all this work was finished ahead of schedule and $200 million under budget. gas prices are at their lowest level in almost four years, according to aaa. the national average is now $3.07 per gallon. that's the lowest price since january 4th of 2011. and experts say the tumble increases the likelihood that the national price could test the $3-per-gallon mark for the first time since 2010. and here's a look at where things stand in our area right now.
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the five-county philadelphia area. you can expect to pay an average of $3.15 a gallon. prices are below $3 in delaware. the average is $2.90. and they're even lower in south jersey at $2.81 a gallon. four minutes before 5:00. a temporary restraining order is in place this morning on sports gambling in new jersey, and this week we could learn a timetable for a final decision. it was friday a federal judge ruled that sports betting could not begin at monmouth park yesterday, as scheduled. the nfl and other sports leagues say betting would go against a federal sports betting ban. the restraining order means sports betting can't happen in the garden state until that complaint gets a full hearing. so far, the hearing has not yet even been scheduled. a new report shows the sams casino in bethlehem is leading the way for casinos in pennsylvania. the sands ranked first or second in revenue, employment and spending. meantime, the state's casinos pulled in more than $3 billion over the past fiscal year. $177 million of that came from
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table games at the sands. four communities in chester county are considering joining forces to create a regional police department. according to the "daily local news," a study has just been finished to check out the possibility of regional policing for kennett square, kennett, new garden and london grove townships. a public input session in each community is expected in december. and if the proposal is well received, a regional police force could form by next year. a study just released found that a city in our area is the top place for female executives in the entire country. after checking out more than 400,000 businesses in cities across the country, researchers found that dover, delaware, is the nation's friendliest city for female executives. the study appears in this morning's "news journal." researchers found an average of 27% of businesses have women in top roles, but in delaware, in dover specifically, it was nearly 45%. who would have thunk?
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some interesting pieces of americana were on display this weekend in philadelphia. take a look. they look like ordinary quilts, but they actually contain hidden maps and codes used to guide slaves along the underground railroad. the railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses that helped fugitive slaves escape the south and get to the north for freedom, as you know. mt. airy united fellowship church was on the way. >> every color in the quilt, every symbol meant something. and the people who were trying to escape to freedom, from maryland, from down south, and this was one of the stops. the church is located in the same route the slaves would take en route trying to get to canada. >> a member of the church owns the quilts and lent them for the exhibition. i'll bet that was fascinating. >> pretty cool. mt. holly, south jersey, is another area where the underground railroad went right through. >> right. >> pretty cool. >> you're watching nbc 10 news. n"nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.. starts right now.
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ebola concerns take center stage as the white house gets ready to release new guidelines for monitoring medical workers. the controversial restrictions in our area that are prompting a national debate. and commuting concerns. this morning, septa's union has authorized a strike, but workers are not walking off the job just yet. we will break it down for you. and the nbc 10 first alert weather team is tracking chilly temperatures to start your week off. take a live look outside right now. winds are dying down, and we will warm up, at least a little bit. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it's 46 degrees outside. let's find out more from meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? >> good morning, tracy. it is a chilly one. some areas have dropped down into the 30s, and the numbers are still falling. right now our skies are clear, so once the sun is up, we'll see lots of sunshine and the temperatures will turn around. that's a dry view of center
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city, which is running 12 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. it's down 16 in millville. northeast philadelphia is 15 degrees colder. and wilmington is off by 14, which has us in the 40s. 48 right now at philadelphia international. trenton, mt. holly also at 48 degrees. but look at millville. in cumberland county, it's 38 degrees right now. stand by for sunshine. once the sun is up after 7:00, the temperatures will start to warm. 50 degrees at 9:00. and by lunchtime, 61 degrees. i'll be back in less than ten minutes with your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. right now, let's check in with first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. there are a few more accidents to report for drivers in new jersey. the first to tell you about is on the turnpike for southbound drivers, right past route 168, which is exit 3. it has been moved over to the shoulder, so that's a good thing, not tying anything up there. and just on 295, this is new into our system for northbound drivers approaching route 561, which is exit 32. er


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