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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  October 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now, at 11:00, hundreds of parents demand answers after their children's school shuts down with barely any notice. >> plus, septa workers could call for a strike as early as friday; but, tonight, riders need to know. >> almost 300 high school students who attend a philadelphia charter school must now find another place to go. >> tonight, parents packed the waterer d. palmer leadership learning partners charter school and hoped to get answers to their questions. >> nbc 10 is live from frankford where parents left the meeting
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unsatisfied. >> many left here angry and in tears. they say they felt blind sided saying that the president could have done more to help their children. >> reporter: parents could not contain their rage as walter palmer tried, in vain, to understand the circumstances surrounding the closure of his school. >> it's not right. it's not fairment . . it's an injustice to our children. >> she's scrambled to find him another school. >> i'm hurting. i'm devastated because you could care less about our children. this is the best you could do? this is the best? >> reporter: and she's not the only one feeling this way. hundreds of parents are upset that the school closed down. >> right now, my daughter is in 11th grade. she don't got no school to go to tomorrow. >> reporter: some parents got
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robo calls last night telling them that the high school would be closed and they shouldn't send them to school today. many more told us they only learned of the closing when their children went to school and were told to go back home. >> why didn't they tell us ahead of time. >> reporter: the closing was triggered after the state supreme court recently ruled palmer violated the charter contract. palmer says he challenged the enrollmented cap in court but lost. as a result, the state department of education stopped paying the school for the extra students. >> e. >> reporter: so what do you say to the parents who believe it's your faumt? >> well, i 5:00 september that. i accept responsibility. they have my deepest apology. >> as for the parents meeting representatives from charter cyber, the district says west philly high has offered to take all of the students and the charter school will be here all week to help with the transfers.
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right now, it's a story we will continue to follow. >> by the way, a court also ordered the charter school to repay more than $2.6 million for vie lating the con trakt. palmer also owns an elementary school in northern liberties but the district is looking to revoke its charter on academic grounds. >> new at 11:00 tonight, there are ebola concerns two hours to our south. a patient is isolated for ebola testing. it's unclear just what prochted that move. but the medical center is one of three facilities in maryland designed to care for potential ebola victims. tonight, governor chris christie is defending his decision to quarantine
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kristics hickox. she became the first person to be forced into mandatory 21 day medical quarantine. today, the cdc released new guidelines on the virus. it says most health departmehea should actively monitor themselves for symptoms for 21 somedays. but those at a higher risk should take part in a voluntary quarantine. this applies for a very sick individual without protection or had other significant exposures. new jersey governor chris christie will talk tomorrow on the "today" show. >> thousands of septa workers may have to make alternative plans. by friday, it's going to make a decision to strike and both sides are far apart.
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live from septa headquarters in center city tonight. denis denise. >> reporter: well, jim, the union and septa will be back to the bargaining table tomorrow. they sill a strike is not imminei imminent but could be called by the end of the week. the threat brings anxiety to riders. septa and the union are not any closer to striking a deal than two states on either sigh of the country. the president of local 234 said during a news conference the main sticking point is the pension. >> we can't live on that anymore. our members put three time as much into the pension as management, man aagement gets three times as much out. >> reporter: the union says it will give a 24 hour notice
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before walking off the job. >> reporter: dorian smalls just learned of the potential strike as he headed home on the subway tonight after shopping for costumes. with his niece and nephew, he views the strike as more trick than treat. >> that would be shady. it would definitely be more of a trick. >> others say the union threatens to walk out if negotiations continue to sour. >> they have a right to fight for what they want. . >> reporter: the union has been without a contract for seven months now. reporting live, i'm denise nicano, nbc 10 news. >> turning to weather, not a bad
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night for some soft ball in south philadelphia. nbc 10 at smith playground where it was cool and clear. >> let's see what you'll wake up to with glen "hurricane" swartsz. >> it's certainly not going to be anywhere near as cold as it was. this morning, we had places in the 30s. many places, we have a couple of 40s on the map now. mt. holly is 45, 54 in philadelphia. when you get up in the morning, in and around the city, 52 degrees, perhaps upper 40s in some of t the suburbs. by noontime, we're already up to 71 degrees. but it's not going to stay like that. we've got a 50 degrees drop is the way it's going to feel within the seven-day forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> major new developments in a story impacting more than half a million utility customers across our region. the city of philadelphia's $1.8
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billion deal to sell pgw is dead tonight. the city council blocked the sale to uil holdings. today's decision exposed big divisions among city leaders, george. >> reporter: yeah, jim, big divisions about what the sale would mean for city finances and pgw customers. in back-to-back news conferences, council leadership said the negatives simply outweighed the positives. but mayor nutter blasted them for not having the discussion out in public. >> i think what we heard and saw here today is quite possibly the biggest copout in what we've seen in recent legislative history. >> mayor nutter did not mince worse to sell pgw. the last gas utility owned by a major sill e city. the council said support for this privatization plan was just
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not there. >> the simple reality is there's no appetite to sell pgw as proposed. >> the couns . >> reporter: the council's block is a defeet by uil holdings. for regular customers, the primary concern seemed to be ensuring that rates would not rise. >> the bills have been very reasonable, for me, anyway. and i have gas heat, but i don't pay a high bill. >> and, at the end of the back and forth, disagreements on that remained. the mayor said rates would be frozen for three years. and, besides, pgw already has its own hikes in the pipe lyme. the council said those proceeds would be less than promised. and for mayor nutter, the biggest frustration was that the council never aired those differences in a public hearing.
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>> it is the opposite of transparency. and openness. >> reporter: and the divisions continue tonight. the blocked sale was praised this evening by pgw's workers' union. it was criticize by a nonpartisan watchdog group which called the lack of transparency "disgraceful." leadership did promise a future hearing about improving pgw moving forward. live tonight in city hall, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> tonight, the family of an at lantic city mother says that is the reason witnesses claim she tossed her baby into the waterer and then jumped in herself. last night, two fishermen rescued the 22-year-old and her 1-month-old daughter from an atlantic city inlet. they told nbc 10 that while the mother had been struggling with
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post partum, they never imagined she would do anything like this. >> in her mind, that's what she thought. she thought she was doing what was best for her and her baby. but, obviously, it's not. >> she has been very sad. >> e. >> she is in fair condition and under police guard at a local hospital. she is charged with ag ra vated assault. police say additional charges could be filed. >> now, to decision 2014 with just eight days untim election day. former florida governor jeb bush came to philadelphia tonight along with republican governor tom corbett. they attended the unvailing of the george h.w. bush national gallery which features an original come pill of the bill of rights. meantime, democratic challenger today, bill clinton, addressed several hundred tom wolf reporters. on sunday, president obama will come to philadelphia to campaign for wolf.
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>> next at 11:00, why nasa scrubbscrub ed its launch with just minutes to go. and its local connection to a rocket. >> a thief on camera makes off with halloween decorations. the victim tells us tonight it's not the first time her holiday spirit has been taken away. >> plus, it's not your usual house pet. this animal is on the loose and has many people staying indoors tonight. >> well, it may feel a little bit like summer tomorrow. but by the weekend, it's going to feel like winter. i'll tell you about these huge changes coming up in my first alert forecast.
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new detailings tonight about the high school gunman in washington state. he invited five of his closest friends to a cafeteria table and then started shooting on friday. he killed two of the girls before freiburg took his own life.
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authorities are combing through phone records and social media posts as they search for a motive. >> a different approach 45 days into the massive man hunt along the pike monroe county border for eric frein. a huge, white balloon comes courtesy of ohio's department of transportation. the mylar helium balloon can float 500 feet above the trees and has special cameras on board. the neighbors are tired of search choppers hovering overhead 24 hours a day. >> they couldn't find him with the dogs, thaw couldn't find him with the helicopter. i don't know what good the balloon is going to do. >> eric frein is accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and injuring another. >> it's been called more than a milestone after a decade of the september 11th attacks. people are once again working at the world trade center. the port authority announced
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that workers began moving into offices at 4 world trade center today. the 74 office building was one of the first finished in the rebuilt complex. it opened in november of last year but has remained unoccupy d ed until now. according to the wall street journal, one world trade center is going to open its doors next week. >> a nasty trick caught on camera. police say that woman in the white sweat shirt is a thief. and this surveillance foot am eage shows her swiping halloween decorations from a home on fitzgerald street. this is her home tonight. you can see her halloween spirit has not been deterred by this latest theft. >> i think it easterble. i think it's terrible. >> if you know anything about the crime, you're asked to call philadelphia police. authorities in north wilmington
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are telling people to stay away if they see this exotic cat. an nbc 10 snapped a shot of the viewer this morning. his name is boo. he says boo escaped from his home ten days ago and is anything but ferocious. but we were there as the spca looked for the cat today and it's warning people to use caution and not to approach boo if you come across him. >> a move to help fight illiteracy. this afternoon, camden kicked off its literacy campaign in the camden county library system. the county's freeholder board announced it would begin sponsoring free aadulthodult re classes at that library. the hope is that this program will help educate camden residents in order to fight poverty. >> there's some promising economic news for glaucester
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county, tonight. liscio's bakery is going to expand its operation creating 71 new jobs and retaining the bakery's 176 jobs. >> a way waerd vote prevented a group of ocean city students. they went to virginia tonight to watch this rocket with their experiment aboard and other supplies lift off to the international space station. but nasa cancelled the launch after a sail boat ended up in the restricted danger zone. nasa is going to try again tomorrow night at 6:22. we don't know if the ocean city students will also be there to see it. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we had a lot of sunshine
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today and we're going to have sunshine tomorrow 2456789's going to push temperatures in the 70s and maybe upper 70s in parts of the area. we're also tracking some showers. and after the showers come, it gets colder. and, by the weekend, we've got a cold blast here. and now it's nothing like that. it's 54 degrees and only a three mile an hour wind. it is clear and calm. look at the temperatures over the past few days. definitely above that eave rang of 63. tomorrow, may get up to 75 degrees and, again, some places in the upper 70s. right now, we're seeing some 40s in some of the usual cold spots, like potstown, mt. holly, millville, at lantic city airport. there's way warmer air back to the west. still 74 in st. louis. they were in the mid 80s today. 70 in chicago at this time of night.
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some of that is coming this way, but some of this is, too. 20s in central canada. they were in the 20s and 30s this afternoon. so that's a really cold air mass and part of that is coming by the weekend. there are some showers built e building up in the midwest. nothing too csignificant or severe. but this warm air coming in, hey, that's going to be significant. it's still going to be wrarm on wednesday with leftover warmth and some showers. and the leftover air starts to creep in thursday and friday. and, saturday, it's blasting us. very chilly weekend for this time of the year. 's going to feel more like december. than the beginning of november. and it's still, next tuesday, we're still on the cool side. but i don't think it's going to stay cool for all of next week. this is just a temporary cold shot.
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it's going to be fairly chilly for trick or treating. upper 40s, in the city of flt, but cooler in the suburbs by 9:00. tonight, mostly clear, not as cold, 50 for a low in philadelphia. 42 in some of the suburbs. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. again, unseasonably warm. highs into the mid 70s. remember, we were 67 today. so you'll feel that difference. a warm day with some showers on wednesday. we get colder weather. thursday and fred, that's still nothing compared to what we see over the weekend. high temperatures only in the 40s. some rain saturday morning. possibly even some snow showers in the poconos. and windchills in the 20s by sunday morning. >> he did say 20s, right? >> unbelievable. >> yeah. freezing. so charles barkley wishes the sixers never drafted him? >> can you belief that? and he actually gained weight in
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hopes he wouldn't play in philly. here's a preview of what's ahead on "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. >> i got on the scale and weighed 302. they said number 5 pick, i saidp oh, god, thank god philly's not going to draft me. >> barkley never one to mince words. >> houblt tonight, cowboy's quarterback tony romo injured in tonight's game. and how dischip kelly think nick folls has played this season. we're going to hear nick's assessmented next.
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. hey, i'm john clark. big game tonight affecting the eagles, the cowboys and redskins are tied at 17. tony romo hurt his back again and had to leave the game, but did come back in. are they relying on nick foles too much? the second most pass attempts per game in the nfl. yesterday, he matched an eagle's record with 62 throws. nick has thrown for 320 yards in four games this season, but he's turning the ball over way too much. 12 turnovers. only blake boardles has more. how do you judge nick foles this season? >> what's our record, 5-2? nick is 5-2. i think you rate your quarterback in how you're winning and losing. in both games that we lost, we had a chance to win the game on
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the offensive side and just didn't execute. >> nate allen took the blame giving up this 75 yard touchdown with just two minutes left in the game. the eagles are looking to add a safety before the trade deadline tomorrow. michael vick has been named the jet's starter starting against andy reid and the chiefs. lamar houston tore hisscelebrat. he's the second player this season to be lost for the season from something like this. first time, it was the discount double check. don't do it anymore. >> flyers have won three of four, they host the l.a. kings tomorrow night. ray emery could be in goal again. steve mason has struggled in goal. he's 0-3-1. craig orubio sid e said he's going to make his decision tomorrow. mason trying to keep his comforts. and we're right back, i guess.
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what's the truth on taxes? says it's tom corbett who's being dishonest. they say tom wolf has a plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class and cut local property taxes. and tom corbett? it's corbett who slashed education by a billion dollars...
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...and now almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. and it's corbett who's increasing gas taxes by 28 cents a gallon. tom corbett. desperate and dishonest.
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that's nbc 10 at 11:00. >> we thank you for watchings. "the tonight show" is coming up next. have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow.
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