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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 30, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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when a staffer told her it was illegal she said quote i'm the f-ing senator and nobody will be iffing change me. >> i apologize to those who have been negatively impacted. >> reporter: charged with theft and conflict of interest the theft charge was dropped and her plea deal gives her no jail time. >> we're sending a message. as of today senator washington is a convicted felon. >> reporter: prosecutors say the plea deal is because she's cooperating against others. >> that's part of the investigation. we don't talk about the nature of our investigation. >> reporter: the public may never know if her cooperation ended up with any kind of a case. all the public knows she's not going to jail. >> the public knows she's a convicted felon and pled guilty to conflict of interest charge today. >> reporter: washington's attorney said she's going resign
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her state senate seat tomorrow. she lost her primary bid so she would have been out of office in december. we did ask about her pension, her taxpayer funded pension. we're told she's going to be keeping that. part of this plea deal. we'll explain how that's come about coming up tonight at 5:00. >> nbc 10 is learning new information today about this campaign controversy caught on camera. we first showed you that video of a man accused of swiping campaign signs last night on nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> the accused of the husband of a delaware state senator up for re-election. today he turned himself into police. >> is anyone talking about the political friction? >> reporter: renee not the people i want to hear from. i invited all the players to
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talk about this story tell their side. not the key players. it started this intersection with signs like this for the republicans, signs started disappearing. so a couple of activists staked it out and at 4:00 a.m. they caught the sign swiper. >> what are you doing this for. >> reporter: if being a democratic state senator's husband caught stealing signs in the we morning hours how about turning into police and send out your mugshot. dana long the 54-year-old husband of bethaney long, he now face as charge of misdeamnor theft. sharon young is a delaware voter. >> you would hope it doesn't happen a lot. it's supposed to be about the issues. and not about trying to get a lead or heads up like taking away the signs. >> reporter: nobody answered the door at the family house today.
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long told me clue a colleague her lawyer told her not comment. her husband was just so upset by the nastiness of the race for re-election he made a bad decision. a couple of fellow democrats can see that >> you're used to hits and you have to deal with that. but the spouse is the one who has to sit home at night and their loved one gets attacked. it's hard for them. it's not acceptable. at the same time i understand where the frustration comes from. >> reporter: the delaware republican party says this is dirty. i tried to reach john marino. he put out a statement saying he's not talking about sign gate he rather talk about issues. john marino turning down a chance to talk about his opponent. i made a lot of calls. the board of elections said this isn't their issue it's a police issue. senator long didn't have any public events. everybody talks about the
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delaware way. this ain't the delaware way. we're live in middleton, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. kind of cool day for a walk around rutgers camden. the rain is gone. it's cooler than it's been but warmer than normal. you can follow that. what can we expect? >> let's get the answer from glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's going to be chilly night tonight but not as cold as it's going to be over the weekend. we have some clouds around but generally fair weather clouds, more clouds in the poconos today than what we've seen around philadelphia, new jersey and delaware. you can see some of those clouds are not really going to bother anybody and they are just going to be falling apart as the sun goes down. 58 degrees right now, which is quite a bit cooler than it was yesterday. 55 in allentown.
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the clouds continue tonight for a little while. gradual clearing. much colder over the weekend and a lot wetter. timing of all that with the seven day in a few minutes. also tomorrow, yeah, that's halloween. so what kind of conditions could those trick-or-treaters expect? find out on my exclusive nbc 10 forecast minutes away. >> happening now more face to face negotiations between septa and their union leaders. septa strike could have a big impact on voters trying to get to the polls? >> reporter: right, jim. a strike would impact thousands of daily riders and could create a challenge for voters on tuesday. right now at old city wyndham
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hotel representatives from septa and transport workers union are negotiating. i talked to a representative who said they are still talking and that's a good thing. >> that strike could have a huge impact on the election because remember a lot of voters wait to vote until the end of the day. >> reporter: it's suggested voters cast their votes in the morning before heading to work. >> if you're struggling to get home because of a septa strike you may risk not being able to vote. >> i have to be at the poll at 7:00 or try to get home to do it would be next to impossible. >> reporter: this woman lives in darby but works in center city. she's trying to figure out how she will get the polls and work if there's a strike. two different unions are negotiating with septa. those two unions represent septa bus and rail operators in
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philadelphia and the suburbs. one or both unions could decide to walk out as early as monday and could continue into tuesday, election day. >> nobody wants septa to go on strike. >> right now we're watching to see if any union representatives come out after negotiations. if they do i'll check out and see what progress if any has been made today. has assembled a survival guide for commuters. what you need to know if mass transit comes to a screeching halt right now on police in new castle county are looking for the suspect who beat and robbed a woman in broad daylight. the 30-year-old victim told police she was leaving the holly october manor apartments in wilmington last friday morning when the suspect came up behind her with a gun and demanded money. this is a sketch of the man police are looking for. he pistol whipped the woman several times before taking stuff out of her pockets.
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the woman's face was injured but she is expected to recover. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with action from philadelphia city council just over a month after a gay couple was attacked in philadelphia. today council pass ad bill that would mean tougher punishment to anyone who targets a victim over their sexual orientation. lu ann cahn was at city council. this isn't law just yet not for everyone and not everyone i should say is in favor of it. >> reporter: that's right. mayor nutter is expected to sign this bill into law. by the way, the state is working on its version. city council members did not want to wait to act. it was a unanimous vote and it would mean harsher penalties for someone charged with throwing slurs at a gay couple. last month three suspects were arrested for assaulting a gay couple in center city. prosecutors said they couldn't be charged with a hate crime because the law doesn't cover sexual orientation. the state supreme court struck
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gender identity and sexual orient jays from state law in 2008. efforts to restore them haven't made it out of committee. councilman jim kenny said the city couldn't wait for the state to come to its senses. many agree with the city council's decision. >> you can't mess with somebody now because they are gay. it's a form of discrimination. >> i do think it's needed because people have no respect for each other. but at the same time, i mean, if people did respect each other it would be unnecessary. >> columnist thinks the law is the wrong move. >> it's very feel good, in my mind it's intended to help city council favorability with a lot of groups in philadelphia. but it doesn't address the problem. the problem is simply people are attacking people. we should apply the law across the board and equally tomb. >> meanwhile state representative kevin boyle from philadelphia who has just been
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elect dongd said he's going to re-introduce the state bill in the next session and he expects it to make progress. live in the digital operation center, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. nbc 10, your station for decision 2014. the two candidates for pennsylvania governor making the final push for voters with less than a week to go. reincumbent tom corbett encouraged support towers get out the vote in clearfield county. his democratic challenger tom wolf made a stop in our area on his fresh start bus tour. wolf spoke with voters in montgomery county this afternoon. there are now just five days little voters head to the polls in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. federal, state and local races will be decided. tuesday november 4th. sit down and shut up. >> that's the comment that coked across the country, new jersey governor chris christie, tearing in to a demonstrator on the
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second anniversary of super storm sandy. this happened yesterday. the issue how federal funds are handed out in the wake of the storm. now as governor hits the road in campaigns for fellow republicans will his controversial comments travel with him? it could be critical since many regard christie as a possible contender for 2016. cydney long talked about the governor and his jersey style politics. >> what are we learning about the money at the center of this latest chris christie moment? >> reporter: we're digging into those numbers to get into the heart of the allegations that new jersey is getting left behind. i have the most recent numbers from fema and department of community affairs. is trenton sitting on money that will help new jersey sandy families rebuild. one rutgers analyst says it's a perfectly fair question. he blocked cameras and held up the sign that read sandy new
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jersey and finish the job but was told -- >> sit down and shut up. >> reporter: in his effort why it's taken two years to get hurricane sandy victims government all located funds for them to rebuild. >> somebody like you doesn't know a damn thing what you're talking about. >> reporter: professor rich harris sees it differently. >> the guy holding up the sign was raising a perfectly reasonable question. there's a billion dollars that was allocated. there's purportedly 800 million that hasn't been spent. people still homeless. >> reporter: we got on phone with new jersey's community affairs which oversees how the federal money is spent to ask if those numbers are, in fact true. the dca told me government dollars don't dome the state all at once, almost half of the 8800 people who applied for grant funding got money from state. 553 million has been awarded but
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that money son lie handed out as construction progresses. there are 2,000 people on the program's wait list and more money coming next spring. james keating told msnbc. >> it took only a year and 45 days to build the empire state building. we can't get one home raised six feet. >> reporter: he didn't find any upside to christie's out burst. he says this narrative will follow him and characterize his temperament in any potential run for president. >> this is going to be a bit of an albatross for him because people will be looking for the next outburst. >> reporter: governor christie who is campaigning out of state just post ad response on youtube. we're getting ready to show you coming up at 5. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> a nurse who promised to defy
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maine's quarantine for haermt workers who treated ebola patients follows through on that vow. kaci hickox left her maine home with her boyfriend this morning for a bike ride. state police cruiser followed the two until they returned about an hour later. maine officials are going to court to keep kaci hickox in quarantine for the rear mander of the 21 day period. police are monitoring her but can't detain her without a court order signed by a judge. >> there's no legal action against me so i'm free to go on a bike ride in my hometown. >> kaci hickox claims there's no need for a quarantine because she's showing no symptoms after treating ebola patients in west africa. officials at dover air force base are ready to lead the fight against ebola. they are training air crews who might be called to fly missions into affected areas. they preparing a response if a person returns to the base
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showing signs or symptoms of the virus. >> we're following a story out of kansas where four people are dead and to others are missing after a plane crashed into a building at an airport. happened as the aircraft was taking off at mid-seventh airport in wichita. the twin engine beechcraft lost engine power and crashed into a flight safety building. huge tower of smoke could be seen rising from the crash. 100 people were inside the building at the time. in addition to the dead and missing, five others were injured. search-and-rescue operations are continuing right now. flight at the airport have resumed. a new sense of outrage as police officers and federal agents scour the pennsylvania mountains for accused cop killer enic frein. on day 48 of their search. nbc 10 news has learned the self-proclaimed outdoor survivalist has some fans and supporters. >> doug shimell live.
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who is supporting him. >> reporter: the message is very clear. seven weeks of sightings and searching, it has frayed the police and the community. now two facebook pages in support of eric frein. >> reporter: township chief community is right in the middle of the search. >> social media gives people an avenue to post things whether it be proper or improper. in support of or not support of mr. frein. >> reporter: the pages are filled with anti-police postings and have almost 100 likes. >> we were reluctant to comment a lot of times on these personal pages but, again, it comes back to freedom of speech. i just encourage people to find out all the facts before they post something.
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>> reporter: much of the frein support page and said at pennsylvania state police who have been searching for eric frein since he ambushed and killed corporal brian dixon and wounded trooper alex douglas. a state police spokesman emailed nbc 10 a response. it's sad people would support somebody accused of murdering a trooper but this country affords them the freedom of speech and social media provides a platform for them to share their thoughts. police contend while the pages have a right to exist they say people will know what is accurate. >> support from the community has been overwhelming and if people here in community truly know what's going on. >> reporter: another mystery that's cropped up in recent days, blood discovered by a resident outside his chicken coop. state police have taken it in for dna samples. we talked to that homeowner coming up in a little while. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news.
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say good-bye to the 70s for a while. temperatures barely up to 60 degrees today. going to be kind of chilly for halloween and trick or treating. brittney shipp will have more specific details on halloween night in a few minutes. we have rain coming in on saturday and it's going to be a windy and cold sunday although we expect sunday to be dry. flags are blowing. northwest winds are in. and continuing to feed in the cooler air. 58 degrees. winds only nine miles per hour. typically cooler than yesterday because it was raining yesterday knocking the temperature down. 44 in mount pocono. 59 degrees in wilmington. and that is one of the warm spots in the area. so we're not even in the 60s let alone 70s like we were in parts of new jersey and delaware yesterday.
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you can see fair amount of clouds. these are fair weather clouds and come from the cold air aloft, little bit of moisture but the atmosphere overall is still very dry. wet weather, two areas. one back to the west that is going to be approaching and this is with the front that came through yesterday and it stalled offshore and that storm will develop along that front. watch what happens. start off with nice fair conditions tonight. skies will clear out. by tomorrow morning we're sunny but clouds will increase as we go through the day. and by afternoon starting to trick or treating, dry but the rain is not that far away and it's coming in from the ocean and watch -- that's midnight and as we head towards morning not only do we have rain but according to this computer model some is on the heavy side. look at that. that's 10:00 a.m. on saturday.
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jersey shore likely to get hit the hardest so it will be closer to the center of the storm and farther north and west you are less rain there's going to be. take a look at southeast winds, by 6:00 saturday we have 20, 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts and one computer model has wind gusts over 50 miles per hour for sunday at the shore. for tonight, we're going to be clearing out. chilly, 43 for a loin philadelphia, 35 north and west. fairly close to average for this time of year. sunshine tomorrow. clouds increase. another chilly day with high temperatures in the upper 50s. then we have saturday. we have rain. we have wind. we have a chill. and then on sunday, well it's going to be windy. we showed you that. it's also going to be cold. but guess what? you get an extra hour of sleep, 2:00 a.m. you set the clocks back. then it starts to warm up monday
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and warms up a whole lot more next week, 70 by wednesday. >> it's a pain that can linger. >> with today's technology that pain can last forever. >> the battle against bullying. today local students taking action themselves so that this type of taunting doesn't happen to others. plus this. >> do you have any idea how much this litigation will cost. >> following the money trail as local schools struggle to pay for the basics. nbc 10 investigators reveal where millions of dollars are going and why so many educators upset. >> food fight. the promise by one baby food maker that the government says that they can't keep.
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revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
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. get ready for that knock at the front door.
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those little ghosts, there it is, ghosts and goblins coming tomorrow to collect candy on halloween. today nbc 10 take a closer look at the events in the suburbs. >> and the forecast for halloween. here's first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. >> things are cooling down. i'll be covering all of the events from the suburbs to the city also down the shore. we'll start out in suburbs. count halloween spooktacular at sesame place. horrorfest tomorrow. a chilly night ahead. you want to have the kids bring their jats. 56 degrees by 5:00 p.m. when the sun goes down things will drop down into the low 50s. 52 degrees and chilly. by 9:00 p.m., 49 degrees. i'll let you know what else to expect for the city and the shore coming up. >> a pennsylvania state senator says she indict. >> is that our top story today on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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nbc 10 in montgomery county where leanna washington pleaded guilty to using her taxpayer funded staff for campaign fundraising. in exchange for her guilty plea washington avoid jail time but will be under house arrest. also today -- >> they are not thinking five steps ahead. >> financial friction local schools that can't afford to buy classroom supplies but investigators shouse where they are spending millions of your dollars. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> cooler conditions today and now looking ahead to rain. and big changes for the first weekend of november. all my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven day forecast. >> then coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a high-speed crash caught on tape, a deer darts into traffic and slams into a man on a motorcycle. how the motorcyclist escaped
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. right now at 4:30 the bills are piling up. >> the battle between the district and teachers over cancelled contracts in a move to save millions. investigative reporter found the fight to save millions could cost millions more. >> reporter: before the philly schools spend a time fighting the teachers union the district, it already spend more than $7 million on private lawyers. nbc 10 investigators found that number could have been cut in half if the district didn't down size its own legal department. when you look at the final bill
4:31 pm
do you think it was short sighted to cut the general counsel's office in half? >> absolutely. i think there are some place where those cuts should not have happened. >> reporter: fernando gilliard is not the head of the department. he was the only one able to answer questions on millions spent on legal bills. >> $7 million could buy 14 million pencils, 100,000 text books and almost 600 used school buses. >> right. >> reporter: it's a small part of your overall budget but not an insignificant amount of money. >> it's a significant amount of money. >> they are not really thinking five steps ahead. >> reporter: teachers say they need the investment in their schools not in lawyers billable hours. philip teaches in south philly along with leslie grace and a kindergarten teacher.
4:32 pm
what is the one major thing you need in your classroom? >> just one? so much. >> reporter: you can't pick one thing? >> no. >> reporter: they are not alone at mt. airy's elementary the principal had $160 to run the school for the entire year. >> didn't have money for books or paper, or laptop batteries. you got laptops but no batteries. >> reporter: to save money the district cancelled teachers contracts and asked them to pay a portion of their own benefits, a move that the district claims will put $54 million back into classrooms. it's also a move that will likely put the two sides in a courtroom, pushing the district's legal bills even higher. do you have any idea how much this litigation will cost? >> we have no idea. this step has never been taken. >> reporter: we do know how much outside law firms made off the district last school year. according to records obtained to at that right to know request
4:33 pm
three private law firms got half the money the district paid. buchanan ingersoll, levin legal and fox rothschild. the district would not tell us what the law firms did for the money redacted it claiming attorney/client privilege. the district spent $7 million in all. there was only $4.5 million was in the budget. >> it's a cost of doing business and i think in the grand scheme of things $7 million for outside legal help is not a lot of money. >> reporter: ellen capland is the interim president of party of seven. she said she thinks the law firms gave the district a discount on their hourly rate. >> compared to what they could charge and do charge private clients that's not a lot of money.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: the teachers say every dollar counts. >> you have to make a stand for ourselves and students. somebody has to . >> attorneys in the general counsel office with benefits will cost us about $150,000 a year. >> reporter: you spent $7 million. how many lawyers could you hire for $7 million. >> i haven't done the math. >> reporter: the district spokesman said there are plans in the works to hire more inhouse lawyers and we did the math. the district could hire 46 attorneys with $7 million and to be fair the district will still need outside counsel that handles specialized areas of law. for the investigators. i'm mitch blocker. skyforce 10 over dramatic rescue from a fire in the strawberry mansion. a row home went up in smoke. firefighters helped one person escape. no injuries reported. investigators haven't said what cause this fire. sky sfo rs also over a fire
4:35 pm
in burlington county. they raced to magnolia road. no one was hurt. investigators still looking at how it started. in bucks county smoke was seen pouring out of this house on new york avenue. firefighters got it under control and we're still right now checking to see if there were any reports of injuries or any word on a cause for that fire. a chilly thursday afternoon for anybody walking here along market street in center city. it's not the mild weather we enjoyed earlier this week. >> sure isn't. let's talk about tonight with nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> temperatures are going to be going down of course into the 40s. 30s in the suburbs. that's about average for this time of the year. we've been in pretty warm weather pattern. had some clouds coming through. they are starting to fall apart as the sun gets lower in the sky. we'll don't see those clouds
4:36 pm
break up during the evening hours, the temperatures going down into the 40s in philadelphia by 10:00. closer to 40 degrees in the suburbs. rain over the weekend. she is already a million dollars rich paerp souer. >> miss mcbeth, congratulations. >> she was the winner of the frito lay do us a flavor contest. she's a surgical nurse. city council said she's a great representative of the diversity of the workforce. she was inspired by her japanese grandmother, her kettle cook wasabi ginger chip. she's going to get either $1 million or 1% of the net sales her chip whichever is higher.
4:37 pm
i want to say thank to you my husband, family and friends and co-workers and everyone in this state and every where in america that helped vote for my chip and make me a millionaire. thank you. >> got a nice troinring to it. she plans to put her winnings towards college for her three daughters. >> today there's a brewing battle over baby food. >> why the feds are going after a popular food maker. first here's what we're working for you right now for nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> a pence state lawmaker turned convicted felon using campaign dollars to celebrate her birthday. how she's avoiding jail time and walk being away with her pension. philadelphia city council did the work state officials can't. the hate crime bill they passed. new way for schools to keep
4:38 pm
students safe in case of a shooting. as the race for pennsylvania governor heats up we ask what each candidate plans to do with your tax $.
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
>> there's a new vaccine for a deadly type of meningitis. the fda approved pfizer vaccine that protects against the rare b meningitis.
4:41 pm
this vaccine is given in three doses over the course of six months. last year there were outbreaks at princeton and university of california santa barbara. the fda approved the vaccine in less than six months due to concerns over another outbreak. can be used on people ages 10 to 25. >> federal regulators are suing gerber. they came their good start gentle formula can prevent or reduce allergies is fact. federal trade commission wants gerber to pull its claim. it wants gerber to reimburse consumers who bought the formula since 2011. no comment today from gerber but its website does not include the allergy claim any more. >> today signing on the dotted line. >> the 1,000 signatures that people in our area hope will lead to new jobs. where to gamble? nbc 10 with the new numbers on the local casino try even if you're not lucky at the gaming halls we'll show you figures who
4:42 pm
is really winning. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. the kind of weather for those ghosts and goblins expecting tomorrow going door-to-door for candy. i'll tell you what's brewing for halloween. that's coming up next on nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> at 5:00 keeping kids safe on halloween. not just cars and strangers you have to watch out for. in one new jersey community the new threat is wild.
4:44 pm
here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the confidence to move forward. independence blue cross. live fearless. we have this breaking news. this is the shooting scene. a man has been shot at 11th and popular. in north philadelphia. we unz that one man has been taken to the hospital. we don't know the extent of his injuries and don't know if there's any arrests.
4:46 pm
a push to help shrink the number of people out of work in camden is moving forward. a group of churches had drafted the contract for camden. >> it's set of principles that support ideas such as incentives for job creation, job training sprinding a living wage. the group camden churches organized for people announced this morning the contract got 1,000 signatures. we've been marching all over the state of new jersey and voter engagement campaigns having one to one conversations with hundreds of people who will commit to work to bring contracts for jobs in kansas. >> organizers plan to deliver copies to the city government and business leaders throughout the month of november. new research shows just how much the casino gaming industry means to the state of pennsylvania. >> at that report finds i want creates jobs, generates tax revenues and supports the
4:47 pm
state's tourism industry. in a letter to pennsylvania lawmakers the ceo of the american gaming association revealed the industry has brought in more than $6 billion for the state's economy. it's added 34,000 jobs and generated more than $2 billion in tax revenue. pennsylvania is the number two gambling market outside of las vegas. nationwide casino game cigarette a $240 billion industry. it's added 1.7 million jobs. generated 38 billion in federal, state and local taxes according to a study from oxford economics. the big gambling boom is a stark contrast to the cry since atlantic city. four casinos have closed this year, the trump taj mahal expected to close before the end of the year. right now atlantic city is the only spot for casinos in new jersey although several state lawmakers are trying to change that.
4:48 pm
there's going to be quite a bit of wind in atlantic city and other shore points on sunday but at least the wind will be blowing offshore. we won't have to worry about the coastal flooding that goes with these storms. chilly halloween but then this is the time of year for chilly nights and kind of a typical chilly night. rain coming on saturday along with even colder temperatures and then a windy and cold sunday throughout the area. right now we're seeing mostly sunny skies, some clouds came in already. 58 degrees. the wind is only 9 miles per hour. but that's going to change over the weekend. the temperature is going up but it dropped from 70 yesterday to 60 today. drop a little bit more tomorrow and then more on saturday and then more on sunday and then we're going to start climbing right back up next week. so this changes as we go into the weekend, not a long lasting one. only 44 in mount pocono now.
4:49 pm
mid-to-upper 50s across the rest of the area. the fair weather clouds continue to come across pennsylvania and into new jersey and some in delaware. but that's at the edge of it all and they will be breaking up. we have moisture back to the west near the great lakes. we have moisture off the north carolina coast. that's going to lead to a coastal storm that's going to be affecting us. saturday. but trick or treating, just guesting in there in time. in between these weather systems. kind of chilly but not as cold as over the weekend. not as windy as over the weekend. and likely dry with temperatures dropping to the low 50s by 9:00. and then here comes this storm developing offshore. one of the computer models here spread the rain back inland. that's saturday morning. there's saturday evening. a lot of hours of rain. then it moves offshore but the
4:50 pm
wind increases behind it. so it's really going to get windy for sunday. look for the temple game on saturday, rain and then especially wind during the latter portion of the game kind of nasty conditions there. and for other activities saturday. mostly clear tonight. chilly. 43 for the loin philadelphia. 35 north and west. during the day tomorrow sun giving way to clouds, high temperatures in the upper 50s and the seven day forecast, there's that nasty weather on saturday, rainy, windy, cold, the wind on sunday even stronger, gusts over 40 miles per hour built at least we get an extra hour of sleep as we turn the clocks back. then we really warm up next week up to 70 degrees by wednesday. it's the abuse that starts in childhood. >> and haunts some people for the rest of their lives. >> banger. >> banger. >> now it's the kids themselves who are tackling the tormentors.
4:51 pm
how local students are taking on bullying in the digital age. then all new tonight at 5:00 decision 2014. nbc 10 will take a look at what candidates for governor plan to do with your tax dollars.
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4:54 pm
a problem that spans generations but today bullying has been taken to a whole new level and social media is part of the reason. >> we show how students in allentown are trying to put the taunting and technology in their place. >> reporter: in this video posted to facebook in april by a lehigh valley high schooler
4:55 pm
students are seeing taunting a kid in the high school cafeteria. taunting and slapping him. the bullies were arrested charged with ethnic intimidation. students across the area say they can relate at least in some way to that kind of physical bullying. >> people would push each other into walls and think it's funny. >> i've been shoved around. it lowers my confidence. >> reporter: a forum sponsored by the allentown mayor's office students were asked to tell their stories. >> help the city spread the word of courage. trip to idea young people should come up with the plans to fix what officials call an epidemic. some classes will begin conducting survey, other organizing random acts of kindness. these two students are starting program for 6-year-olds. >> younger students starting in kindergarten how to respect themselves and respect others so that way when they grow up they change the habit of bullying.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: administrators say kids know best. they are the ones dealing with this daily but it's especially tough because bullies don't stop when the bell rings. these days it continues online, on smartphones, it's 24/7 into the weekend. >> they say some horrible things that on monday it's's okay late, heated and many mondays we got to deal with issues that happened over cyber over the weekend. >> reporter: oftentimes the adults don't know enough about the latest app and social media platforms which is part of the reason why these students are leading the effort. so great they are talking about it and doing something. >> making a difference. >> nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> next on nbc 10 news at 5:00 a former state senator reacts to her sentence in a corruption scandal. >> deanna durante was in the courtroom. >> reporter: washington inside that courtroom talking with supporters and even on a cell
4:57 pm
phone. outside she gave a tearful apology. >> a pretty nice day today but chilly temperatures even colder though come this weekend and also we're tracking some rain. i'll show you the timing on that coming up. >> keeping young trick-or-treaters safe on halloween. why the "call of the wild" has parents in one new jersey town worried. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:58 pm
5:00 pm
we want to get you up to speed about breaking news. police still on that scene of a shooting at 11th and popular in north philadelphia. a man in his 20s was taken to the hospital. in the past few minutes we learn he's in extremely critical condition. count on updates from nbc 10 as soon as we get new information. i apologize to those who have been negatively impacted affected. >> fighting back tears on sentencing day, a state senator chokes up addressing the media after facing a judge in a montgomery county corruption scandal. that was pennsylvania state senator leanna washington. >> she told the judge she's sorry. that judge said it's not him she needs to apologize too. deanna durante there was. what else did the judge have to say? ep