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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  October 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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temperatures in the 30s and below freezing now in potstown and allentown. 29 degrees in allentown and 37 in trenton and mt. holly just one degree above freezing and just got a bit cooler in millville. you'll see sunshine in the suburbs and 30 degrees in some of the colder suburbs while it's 40 degrees in center city. during the day today, we will see sunshine. 45 at 9:00. and by lunchtime 52 and then 57 degrees and partly sunny skies later this afternoon. i'm back in ten minutes with your neighborhood by neighborhood forforecast. let's check in with jillian mele. >> following a really serious accident out of franklin township. route 55 northbound is completely shut down past route 40, exit 39 all because of the serious accident there. we are told a medical helicopter is en route to that scene. take route 47 and that is really
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going to be your best bet if you want to get around it. that's something i will continue to follow for you and keep you updated there. elkens park, we have an accident heading to the blue route. a live look right near the mid-county toll plaza. no issues to report on the blue route so far this morning. still have an accident investigation going on in falls township. route 15 between tyburn road and penn road. captured. eric frein has been moved to the pike county training center and scheduled to be arraigned in three hours at 9:00. new video shows him in shadow there wearing the orange jump suit. he walked out to the state police barracks as he was being taken to jail. live team coverage of this morning's developments. katy zachary is in monroe county and we start with jesse gary who
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is live in lords valley, pike county. tell us what is going on. >> vai, new information about this training center that is behind me and also the place where the command structure that coordinated the search for eric frein worked out of. officers are now arriving here this morning and later this morning going to do a final debriefing to go over what worked and what didn't work as it led to the capture of eric frein. eric frein himself transferred from the blooming grove barracks where he was held over the early morning hours and brought here to the pike county jail, which is about a quarter mile down the road from where i'm standing. he was dressed in an orange jump suit and placed in a state police vehicle. we can't get to the jail because correctional officers have blocked the entrance to the jail saying we can't go any further. he's there and then later this morning, as vai said, he's going to be arraigned. put in calls and e-mails to the county d.a. and state police
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representative and still waiting to hear back. as soon as i hear something about why they did this transfer, i'll bring it to you. >> now, here's an aerial picture of birchwood-pocono airpark. the airpark was added in the '60s and closed in 1998. following frein's capture we were on the scene as police set up a road block less than a mile from the abandoned hangar he was found. they found a knife and hundreding rifle and still unclear how long he was there and police back out there today looking for clues. our team capture looks at how people in monroe county are celebrating. their lives back to normal. katy zachary is live in barrett township. >> here in barrett township, halloween was canceled. people were worried about children's safety and now that eric frein has been caught. halloween, trick or treating and all the festivities are back on.
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over the last seven weeks, schools have been closed for several days and areas evacuated and hunting was delayed. at times police would not let people to or from their homes as they searched the dense woods in this area for the state's most wanted man. frein's capture yesterday means people can now stop living in fear. >> when i got the phone call this afternoon from my chief of police, i was like, thank god. thank god this is over. >> and we talked with the owner of the mountain home diner you're looking at right now. we are working on getting you the owner's comments and we can tell you he is relieved about eric frein's capture for a very personal and professional reason. his diner like so many businesses in this area have taken a significant financial hit during the search. more on him coming up in the next 30 minutes. reporting live in barrett township, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. we should not forget the reason for the manhunt.
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many remembering the state trooper who died in the attack. corporal bryon dickson was killed as he walked out of the barracks on september 12th. he leaves behind a wife and two young sons. he used to work in the belmont barracks in philadelphia. last night when officers cuffed frein, they used corporal dickson's handcuffs. the other officer shot in the ambush spent more than a month in the hospital with serious injuries, he's still recovering. stay with nbc 10 and for continuing coverage of eric frein's capture. live updates throughout the morning and on air and online at 6:05 and 40 degrees outside and also following more breaking news in west philadelphia when an apartment building had been evacuated because of a fire. at least three people are hurt this morning, including a firefighter. nbc 10 monique braxton has been at the fire scene all morning. monique, what can you tell us? >> i can tell you, tracy, right now both lanes of chestnut street have reopened in the past
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half hour. police do remain on guard, though, down the block. fire marshal is still investigating what caused this destructive blaze. now, our camera captured dozens of firefighters battling heavy smoke and flames for more than an hour while you were sleeping. investigators say they believe the two-alarm inferno began inside a third floor apartment. residents that fled with the clothes on their back used bankban blankets to try to keep warm. we spoke to one who was rescued from his balcony. >> overwhelming smoke. i had to run back into the apartment and close my door and i had to go out my front window where that balcony is at. and they used the ladder. they got me off the balcony. >> and tucker also told us he's lucky to be alive. he's glad the firefighters were there to rescue him. we've also learned about 60 people are at a shelter at a local school set up by the
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american red cross. in next half hour, you're going to hear from some of them. live for now in west philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. a pennsylvania state senator is expected to step down today after admitting to misusing her office. yesterday, a tearful state senator leanna washington cried after taking a plea deal that would put her on house arrest for three months. she will also serve 57 months probation, but keep her pension. washington admitted to using her senate staff and equipment for outside campaign fund-raising. she had a message after taking the deal. >> i apologize to those who have been negatively impacted or affected. >> the attorney general's office said washington is cooperating against others, but would not give details. now to decision 2014. we're heading into the final weekend of campaigning before tuesday's election. in the race for pennsylvania governor, democratic challenger tom wolf continues his fresh
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start bus tour. today wolf will make stops. incumbent tom corbett will be in central pennsylvania today attending a gop luncheon with kentucky senator rand paul. with just days to go until the election, immigrant rights groups want to make sure everyone gets to the polls. the citizenship coalition has been reaching out to those who recently got their u.s. citizenship. so far they registered about 3,400 new voters and also help people find polling places and translato translators. looking for volunteers to help contact new citizens about the upcoming election. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a cold start this morning. we're running in the 30s for most of the area. clear skies, light wind and allowed the temperatures to drop. we'll see lots of sunshine today. late this afternoon, we'll get clouds and rain will be moving in, especially for the first part of the weekend. windy and wet. look at the cold.
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allentown now is in the 20s at 29 degrees northeast philadelphia is 39 and 34 and falling in millville. not much wind right now. we're seeing just a gentle breeze here at the nbc 10 studios. sunshine will be bright to begin with and clouds will hold off until later on. trenton and wroitightstown at 3. hattenfield has dropped to 31 and vorhees down to 33. with clear skies, though. sunshine before this moves in. the clouds moving up from the south. that's a system that is likely going to bring us some showers and the first showers could be, well, pretty spotty. light sprinkles during the late morning to the south of the jersey shore. then later this afternoon, clouds will be building in the toms river area. that shower activity may be moving in during the evening hours so the earlier the better for trick or treating. just a chance of some scattered showers for parts of the area while the rest of the area this evening is dry.
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so, your are neighborhood by neighborhood forecast sunshine 49 in the pocono mountains and 55 for allentown and quakertown and plenty of sunshine to start with for doylestown, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly and those late afternoon and evening clouds come into play. a scattered shower is possible, but most of the day it's going to be dry for cape may and atlantic city. dover and vineland up to 57 degrees and sunny skies for willemten, chester and philadelphia. 50s today. but this is going to feel a lot warmer and drier than what we're in store for this weekend. when i'm back in less than ten minutes. got the seven-day forecast which will take you through the weekend and beyond. we'll have a good baseball team here at nbc 10. when we see each other we'll give each other hand signals. when you see jillian do this, that's an accident. >> this is what i always sign to them when they need to know there is an accident out there on the roads and you need to know, as well. if you're traveling in new jersey. route 55 the northbound side is
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shut down right past route 30 all because of a serious accident. you can fake route 47, that's going to be your best bet if you need to get around it. zoom this map out a little bit. this portion of 55, that's what's blocked off right now. off of 55 and take route 40 and then north on route 47, that's going to be the best bet to get around it. right here at the intersection of route 40 and route 47. we have a camera and notice it's still pretty quiet out here. 55 we have a delay approaching that accident scene just because no traffic can get by. stick to 47 and you can see we're not dealing with too much volume just yet and that's something we'll continue to keep you updated on. 76 right near montgomery drive, it is quiet out there in both directions and, finally, an accident out of elkins park. 11 minutes past 6:00 right now. fighting crime with cameras. the new steps in the city of chester to catch criminals. and we're following breaking news in the poconos. the manhunt for the suspected
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pennsylvania state trooper is over. live team coverage and we'll tell you where eric frein is being held right now and what happens next to him. people in the community who are breathing a sigh of relief this morning.
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at 6:15. we're following two breaking news stories for you this morning. first, eric frein accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper is behind bars, captured. he was taken into custody in tannersville about 30 miles southwest of the blooming grove barracks where the shooting happened. frein is set to be arraigned this morning after police caught up with him last night, he was taken to state police barracks in blooming grove and taken to pike county correctional facility. his capture ended a manhunt that
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began some seven weeks ago following the ambush back on september 12th. in west philadelphia, fire swept through an apartment building. sky force ten was over the scene. this was 52nd and chestnut. shortly after the fire started around 11:30 last night three people were hurt including a firefighter. this morning they were helping the people forced out of their homes. they are staying at a shelter that is set up at a nearby school. the husband of a delaware state senator up for re-election turns himself into police. dana long is facing a misdemean misdemeanor charge of theft. he is the husband of bethany long. long was caught on video stealing the campaign signs of his wife's republican opponent. nobody answered our knocks at the door of the family house. long's republican opponent said he won't talk about signgate. he said he would rather talk issues. people living in chester should soon feel safer walking down the city streets. dozens of new security cameras
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are about to be installed throughout the city. the $750,000 grant announced yesterday will help pay for those cameras. that money will be back by another $350,000 from the city of chester. the first of the new cameras are expected to be installed soon in the city's sun hill section. eebola concerns across the country. negotiations between the state and nurse kaci hickox have gone no where. two days in a row, hickox defied the state's ebola quarantine on her, including taking a bike ride with her boyfriend yesterday. she tested negative and is not a threat. her rights are being violated. >> i don't want her within three feet of anybody. >> i was told if friends come to my house, they can't hug me. >> both kaci hickox and the state are threatening to go to court if they feel the other side steps over the line. meantime, a new lawsuit says
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one company's surgical gowns are not as high quality as they claim. the lawsuit says kimberly-clark corporation falsely claimed that its gowns met the highest standards for protecting against ebola, but that the gowns failed industry tests and let fluids tansfer through. the texas hospital where the two nurses contracted ebola stock those gowns. but it's not clear if the nurses were using them. almost 6:20. let's get an update on the accidents that jillian was telling us about a few minutes ago. >> franklin township is our big problem right now. all traffic being sent on to 40 as a result of a multi-vehicle accident accident. we also know a medical helicopter has been dispatched to this location. 55 northbound, again, closed right at route 40. you can take route 47 that is your best bet to get around it.
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accident at the same location yesterday and now another. the boulevard southbound right at fox street. it looks like we ehave the two left lanes blocked and you look over at this corner the far right lane of traffic getting by right now. i anticipate seeing some volume starting to build in that area and then an update on this accident investigation i have been following for hours this morning in falls township. the southbound side of route 13 has been reopened but the northbound side is still closed right now between penn valley road and new falls road is still your best alternate if you need to get around it. skies are clear and it is colder this morning. temperatures have dropped into the 30s and 40s in center city. that's a live view from center city we're 41 degrees at philadelphia internation. the wind at eight miles per hour. gentle breeze here at the nbc 10 studios. not a strong wind today, buts sunshine to warm these
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temperatures up. trenton and northeast philadelphia in the upper 30s right now. we are watching the radar vene. dry right now, but there are showers to the south and those arriving parts of the area this afternoon. the future weather shows clouds increasing by late this afternoon. a few showers moving inland and this evening, you could see some scattered showers just in time for late trick or treaters. that's 10:00 this evening. then the rain is going to be steady at times overnight tonight and tomorrow morning we'll start with chilly temperatures and wind blowing and the rain will be coming down. today, the temperatures go up. partly sunny skies and middle to upper 50s this afternoon with northwesterly winds to 12 miles per hour. a wet, windy and not so nice saturday. rain in the morning and in the afternoon. 52 degrees the high temperatures. turning the clocks back on sunday and turning the temperature down outside. 37 in the morning and 49 in the afternoon with a cold wind blowing. monday we'll start a warming trend after 30s in the morning and 58 in the afternoon and 60s on tuesday and up to 70 later
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wednesday. well, it took 48 days, but police in the poconos say they got her man. captured eric frein the man of killing a suspected state trooper is in custody. the septa strike threat is on the minds of many commuters and today negotiators back to the table trying to prevent a strike. helping to make sure you're prepared if the workers do hit the picket lines. this portion of nbc 10 news is sponsored by chrysler jeep ram.
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when this did come, as had been talked about from the day of the shooting or the day after the shooting. he was placed under arrest and handcuffed with the handcuffs of corporal dickson, which i think is very appropriate. on their capture of eric frein, saying that they honored
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their fallen brother, corporal byron dickson. the suspected cop killer was captured last night after a 48-day manhunt. this morning he is in the pike county jail. he will be formally arraigned in a couple of hours at 9:00 this morning. good morning, i'm jillian mele. following an accident on the roosevelt boulevard southbound. looks like we have crews trying to move this accident over to the shoulder and you can see what it is doing to the highway right now. huge delay approaching broad street down to fox street. coming up in a few minutes, i'll get you updated on that closure on route 55. first, let's take you outside to a live look at center city where bill it is cold this morning. >> you can feel the difference. anywhere from five to ten degrees colder this morning with clear skies. we will see sunshine, but right now no sun and the temperatures are falling. 31 in potstown, doylestown is 34 and look at the 30s for trenton and toms river all at 37 degrees
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and now down to the freezing mark and 33 in turnersville. we'll see 50s this afternoon. and we ehave breaking news this morning. captured after seven weeks on the lamb, eric frein has been caught. thousands of communities on edge. he is in police hands this morning. jesse gary is live in pike county. jesse? >> in custody, but on the move during the overnight hours. eric frein transferred from the blooming grove barracks where crime took place the to the pike county jail. i'll have that part of the story coming up. i'm nbc 10 monique braxton live in west philadelphia where dozens of residents escaped flames running into the cold night from the chestnut park apartments. you're going to hear from some of them after the break.
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and we're following two breaking news stories this morning. first, the search is finally over for suspected cop killer eric frein. live in the poconos for what is ahead for frein and the people in that community. fire rips an apartment building in west philadelphia, trapping people that had to be rescued as firefighters battled heavy smoke and flames. before we get to those two breaking stories, we get our first alert halloween forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill, wee off to a cool start, but will temperatures warm up tonight for those trick or treaters? >> well, it will be a slow warm up during the day. the temperatures will be falling tonight for the trick or treaters. right now falling and running ten degrees cooler in millville. trenton is seven degrees colder and three degrees colder in womenmi
6:31 am
wilmington. millville is 34 and 29 in allentown and just right around freezing for mount holly and potstown. a cold start at the bus stop this morning. you will see sunshine. 30 in the suburbs. and 40 degrees in center city and we'll be waiting for sunshine to start warming things up. a slow warm up by lunchtime. 52 degrees. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. right now, jillian mele is looking at a friday morning commute. 'jillian? >> good morning, bill. three big problems that i'm following right now and i have updates on them. a live look at the boulevard southbound right near broad street and traffic is starting to move, once again. a lot of congestion as you can see for about 20 minutes we had a two lanes blocked southbound just past fox street because of an accident. that accident pushed to the shoulder allowing the traffic to get moving, again. the bad news that we're following is in franklin township. a serious accident still closing the northbound lanes of route 55 at route 40, which is exit 39.
6:32 am
multi-vehicle accident out there. so you can take route 47 and that is your best bet if you need to get around that accident. this is a live look at 47 right at route 40 and you can see it is quiet out there. stick to 47 and it will help you avoid any of the backups behind that accident scene on route 55. northbound side of route 13 is still blocked off at this hour between penn valley road and tyburn road. an accident investigation that has been going on for hours. the accident happened in the overnight hours and southbound lanes recently reopened and northbound is still blocked off. new falls road is your best alternate there. tracy? breaking news for you this morning. eric frein moved to the pike county correctional facility e. new video of frein being walked out of the barracks just a few hours ago. he will be moved to milford
6:33 am
which is about a half hour drive from where he is right now. live team coverage of where he is right now. katy zachary, but we begin with jesse gary who is live in pike county. jesse? >> tracy, a little more activity outside the jail. some more traffic coming and going. we're not sure if that is related to frein, could be just a shift change. transferred from the blooming grove barracks, the pennsylvania state barracks wearing that orange jump suit placed inside a pennsylvania state trooper cruiser and then driven over here and once over here, he was brought into the pike county jail. now, the road leading to the pike county jail has been blocked off by correctional workers as they put two large white vans at the end of the road, not letting traffic through. so, we're here at a staging area. now, i've been told that this staging area is where the command staff that coordinated the search will gather later today for a final debriefing on
6:34 am
what worked and what didn't work and then the arraignment at 9:00 this morning at the pike county courthouse. our team coverage on the capture of eric frein continues with katy zachary in barrett township. how are the people there celebrating this news? >> people are relieved and they are very, very happy. it is the topic of conversation here at this diner behind me. i spoke to one customer who told me that he was bowling last night when he heard the news and he said, everything stopped inside the bowling alley and everyone crowded around the tv watching the latest coverage. the search for eric frein, as you can imagine, has gripped this community. they had several sightings of him in the area. state police have spent the last seven weeks combing the dense woods, at times telling people they could not leave their homes. schools were canceled for a bit, the hunting season was delayed and even halloween was canceled. now, they do not have to live with that fear.
6:35 am
>> i was very happy. nobody got hurt. you know. and they caught the guy just, you know, so the guy can can go home and be epeace and quiet. >> the police did a great job and i knew they would get him and i felt he was still in the area. >> and we heard from the township supervisor last night that halloween is back on. so, trick or treating, all those festivities, they will happen later today. you can expect to see a lot of relieved and happy kids in their costumes trick or treating this year. reporting live, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. after news broke of frein's arrest, we went to his parents' home to see if they would comment. >> comment from the family via spokesperson? >> no, good-bye. off the property. >> the man who answered the door told us to get off the property, which we did. he was living with his parent
6:36 am
off and on prior to the shooting. at one point he tried to call them while on the run. we want to show you a picture of birchwood airpark in tannerwood. the airpark was added in the '60s and closed in 1998. after the capture we were there when the police set up a road block less than a mile from the abandoned hangar. it's unclear he was there. frein left a trail of evidence to a rifle and ammunition and search crews found serbian cigarettes, as you know. a journal found that police described as cold blooded and chilling. with frein writing about how he ambushed the troopers and escaped. over the last seven weeks searchers used dogs and even that balloon this week to try to spot him. naturally, many are remembering the state trooper who died in the attack. corporal bryon dickson walked out of the barracks on september 12th.
6:37 am
he elealeaves behind his wife a two young sons. last night when officers cuffed frein, they used corporal dickson's handcuffed. the other trooper shot in the ambush spent more than a month in the hospital with serious injuries and he's still recovering. of course, stay with nbc 10 and for continuing coverage of frein's capture. live updates throughout the morning on the air and online at at 6:37. we have more breaking news now. fire raced through apartments in west philadelphia. three peopleg a firefighter, and forcing residents out of their homes. monique braxton is live on the scene. some of those people are out of their homes this morning. >> in the past 30 minutes or so, we have learned that pico has turned the power off for the entire complex so the chestnut parks apartments are dark. this as the fire marshal continues his investigation.
6:38 am
the only reflection of lights you see here coming from a police cruiser that is now guarding the scene. check out our video from overnight while you were sleeping. our camera captured firefighters frantically fighting flames for more than an hour. they believe the blaze began inside a third floor apartment and quickly spread to the neighboring units. saw residents bundling up in blankets and checked with the american red cross, we've been told that 60 people are now being processed at sayer school nearby, the american red cross shelter and a short time ago ewe talked to some of them. >> i saw a big fire and i got out of there. >> my wife's handicapped, so, it was like kind of hard getting her out of there. >> i went to my door and all this black smoke and fire coming through and then i being handic handicapped, not much in there. >> we're going to check with the fire marshal to find out where he is in his investigation.
6:39 am
we'll have those comments for you at 6:55. live for now in west philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a cold one this morning. clear skies overnight, less wind and the temperatures have dropped most of the area is in the 30s. a few spots even colder in the 20s. a cool afternoon, but we will get some sunshine. clouds arrive during the evening and we'll see some wet weather moving into the weekend. winds, too, will be strong for both saturday and sunday. look at allentown, 29 degrees. 29 in northeast philadelphia and perfectly blue sky, this is a view over the city from here at the nbc 10 studios. not much wind right now and the temperatures down to 34 degrees in doylestown. lafayette hill 33 degrees and collegeville is 29 degrees and farther up the road, upper providence 29 while
6:40 am
gillbertsville is 31 degrees. a cold start this morning. but we will see sunshine to start with. there are clouds to the south and this is the system that's going to be moving in this evening and providing rain for your saturday. the first rain may start during the evening hours and the future rain shows some scattered light showers possible late this morning and this afternoon right along the coast and then during the late afternoon hours, tom's river, central new jersey, those showers moving inland and possibility some trick or treaters this evening might see a rain drop or two. but no heavy rainfall. during the day, 40s for the pocono mountains and sunshine in trenton and northeast philadelphia will warm both locations up to 57 degrees and 55 for doylestown and you'll see sunshine at the shore fade at times and just a slight chance of a shower. 59 in cape may and vineland and dover up to 57 degrees and the numbers climbing into the 50s. might have to move around a little bit to stay warm this morning, but it will warm up this afternoon and this is
6:41 am
warmer than it will be over the weekend. when i come back, the seven-day forecast in less than ten minutes' time. but right now bundle up if you head out the door. >> time to find all the warm coats. 6:41 right now and let's get you updated as you head out the door. accidents to be aware of on the roads. >> route 55 northbound is still our biggest problem right now and still shut down at route 40 as a result of a multi-vehicle accident. route 47 is going to be your best bet to get around this. so, this is a portion of route 55 that is blocked off and all traffic is being sent on to route 40 and then you can head north on route 47 and actually right at that location, we ehave a camera and you can see 47 is still clear. we're not seeing too much volume out there right now. route 47 is going to be your best road to use to avoid that closure on route 55 northbound. something we continue to follow for you here on nbc 10. city avenue starting to get that normal congestion out there and drive time about 14 minutes in both directions between the blue
6:42 am
route and the vine and, of course, las as as we get later morning, things start to change. durham road at trenton road. an overnight acc)xj- and northbound 13 is shut down between penn valley road and new falls road is your best bet to get around it. we continue to follow this breaking news. seven weeks on the lamb, hundreds of man hours and millions of dollars and exhausted and fugitive eric frein is finally captured. our team coverage continues right after this.
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at 6:45. we're following two breaking stories for you this morning. first, a manhunt is over. eric frein accused of killing a
6:46 am
pennsylvania state trooper is this morning behind bars. frein was taken into custody last night. he will be arraigned after police caught up with him, he was taken out of the police, state police barracks in blooming grove and then taken to the pike county police facility where he is located this morning. fire swept through an apartment building forcing residents out of their homes. sky force ten was over the scene at 62nd and chestnut street shortly after the fire started, this happened around 11:30 last night. three people were hurt, including a firefighter. this morning the red cross is helping those people left homeless by this fire. they're staying at a shelter set up at a nearby school. and this morning, the clock is ticking toward a possible septa strike. the transport workers union and septa head back into talks at noon today after they could not reach an agreement yesterday. a decision on a walkout could come later today and workers could be on strike for the monday morning rush hour.
6:47 am
nbc 10 also talked to the vice president of the union representing bus and rail operators that service delaware county and parts of montgomery county. he says they're also negotiating with septa and his members are also authorized to strike. possible they could walk out if negotiations happen to break down. if there is a strike, head to for your survival guide and see which lines will be shut down and which ones are still running and alternate travel routes to help you get to where you're going and check it out go to a deadly bear attack in north jersey have some families on alert this halloween. darsh patel was killed while hiking in a nature preserve. it was the first ever deadly bear attack in new jersey and now police in the neighboring town of wayne are telling trick or treaters to be on the look out. there have been more than 100 sightings in wayne already this year and several neighborhood are surrounded by wooded areas. police are telling families, use
6:48 am
common sense and make sure the kids are with an adult and trick or treat in the daylight hours, if possible. >> we're all concerned. but, you know, we'll stay together as a group and just, you know e, we'll persevere. we'll be fine. >> also, experts point out the bears generally don't like noise and activity, so they'll probably stay away from the large groups. happening today, the university of pennsylvania will hold a ceremonial ground breaking of its new center. this afternoon that's what they're calling it as part of an expansion project that also includes the new south bank. a future hub for innovative research and new business ventures. there's word of a criminal investigation involving the former navy s.e.a.l. who wrote a best seller about the raid that killed osama bin laden. former s.e.a.l. team 6 member is being investigated for allegedly disclosing classified information in his book. a source says that he blames his first attorney for advising him that he did not need to submit
6:49 am
his manuscript for review and a published report said he apologized by not having the book vetted by the pentagon. nearly eea year after the shooting at los angeles airport. accused of shooting and killing a tsa officer and injuring three others november 1st of last year. an airport review of the shooting found emergency response was hindered by communication and coordination problems. training efforts and technology upgrades are ongoing. and we have new video this morning from the scene of a plane crash in kansas. officials now say at least four people are dead following the accident and five others are hurt. one witness said this looked like a giant fireball as a small plane hit a building at the airport at wichita yesterday morning. the plane lost power after takeoff and trying to return back to the airport after it crashed. the u.s. government is suing baby food giant gerber over health claims. they say the new jersey
6:50 am
company's claim that its good start gentle formula could prevent or reduce allergies is false. they want gerber to pull its claim from labels and ads and wants gerber to reimburse customers who bought the form yella since 2011. the vice president maintains that gerber made all the legal requirements to meet that product claim. your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> get ready eto bundle up as you head out the door. much colder this morning. clear skies and getting ready for sunshine. about half an hour from seeing the sun up this morning. won't see a lot of heat, though. it's 41 degrees in philadelphia. that's the warm spot. much of the area dropped into the 30s. a few clouds on the purihorizon. no wind around. wind chill isn't an issue. 36 in reading and trenton, mt. holly in the 30s and 34 in millville and it will be a slow
6:51 am
climb into the tos this afterno afternoon. to the south you can see the system here for at least part of the weekend and the first showers could start moving in late this afternoon in parts of new jersey. the future weather shows us clouds building by 8:00 this evening. rain moving in and just some isolated showers. slight chance of a sprinkle during halloween trick or treating, especially if you're out later in the evening. that's 10:00 tonight. as we go einto saturday, steadir rainfall and temperatures not this warm. sunshine and 50s later today. and, well, the scare cast for tonight is looking like it's going to be dry for most areas. temperatures falling into the 50s. just a scattered shower is possible. most of the rain is going to hold up until overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. going to be a wet and windy walk for the american diabetes association. and not a whole lot better for the temple owl game in the
6:52 am
afternoon. cold wind blowing 49 degrees and then the warming trend starts monday after a cold start. 58 degrees monday, 60s on tuesday, potentially e70 wednesday afternoon. heading out the door, you're in luck, we'll give you traffic on the roads. >> we're all the same out here. franklin township still have a serious accident route 55 northbound is closed at route 40, exit 39. multi-vehicle accident. very serious one. you could take route 47 as your alternate there. we're not seeing much volume on 47. can't say the same, though, in chester county. route 30 bypass is crawling along at route 22. even 95 just some of that normal rush hour volume that we're seeing right now. an accident in langhorn at durham road and we still have this police investigation going on northbound side of route 13
6:53 am
is blocked off between penn valley road due to an accident that happened hours ago. new falls road still your best bet to get around that closure. vai. > ? 6,000 people will hit the treat to make a statement about a disease that doesn't get the headlines. diabetes. 26 million americans live with the condition and 200 die from it every day. it affects a lot of children in the philadelphia area. american diabetes association biggest fund-raiser. this year's goal to raise $1 million to fund research to find a cure. still time to sign up. the 5k walk is tomorrow morning and starts at the philadelphia museum of art. registration begins at 8:00 a.m. i will be out there along with jacqueline london, you can sign up to walk with team nbc 10. i'm jesse gary near the pike county jail where eric frein sits waiting to be taken for his arraignment later this morning.
6:54 am
the timeline on this developing story, right after the break. i'm nbc 10 monique braxton live in northeast philadelphia. a devastating morning for about 60 residents of this apartment building. we'll tell you what happened here, after the break.
6:57 am
i'm jesse gary live in pike county where eric frein sits in the county jail. during the overnight hours he was moved from the blooming grove barracks where he was arrested and held for a short time to the county jail. he will be arraigned at 9:00 this morning. also this morning, the command team that led the search effort for frein will meet here at the structure behind me efor a final debriefing to talk about what
6:58 am
worked in ultimately ethe search a and ultimately et lly the captu i'm katy zachary where relief in this community is palpable following the capture of eric frein. several sightings of him here in the last several weeks. state police spent two weeks combing the dense woods for any sign of him. at times telling people they could not leave their homes and the hunting season delayed and halloween was canceled. now, they don't have to live with that fear, especially for children waking up this morning. celebrate halloween is going on today. katy zachary, nbc 10 news. i'm monique braxton live in west philadelphia where police remain on guard here outside the chestnut park apartments. our cameras captured firefighters frantically fighting flames for more than an hour this morning. they believe the blaze began inside a third floor apartment and quickly spread to neighborhood apartments. three people including a
6:59 am
firefighter are recovering from their injuries and right now the american red cross is assisting residents nearby. live for now from west philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and good morning, i'm jillian mele. the biggest problem by far is still this closure on route 55 northbound. shut down at exit 39 because of a multi-vehicle accident. if you're headed in that direction, go etatake route 47. your best alternate route to get around it. your first alert weather. >> cold start this morning and temperatures have really come down. 30s and now 40s degrees in center city. that's as low as it is going to go and have to bundle up as you head out to the bus stop. cold one and we'll see sunshine to start with and clouds later today and looks like partly cloudy with just a chance of a shower for trick or treating. you guys psyched about the candy? >> i always am. sky force 10 launched and happy halloween, everybody. we hope everything will be okay.
7:00 am
"today" show eis next. we'll continue updates about the eric frein capture. sky force 10 is on the way to cover his arraignment. good morning. manhunt over. after 48 days on the run, suspected cop killer eric frein is finally in custody, the search ending in an abandoned air field. he will face a judge this morning. how did he elude police for so long? call for help. pilot of a small plane signals trouble seconds before crashing and sparking a horrific fire. at least four people killed, five others injured. an investigation now under way. long way down. a parachutist gets hung up on the wires of a television tower near st. louis and dangles there for two hours before being rescued but police say his