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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  November 2, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this sunday night, winter comes early. an arctic blast slams the east coast bringing with it heavy snow, high winds and record low temperatures. the investigation. the first fatal crash of a commercial space plane presents new challenges to investigators. tonight what the ntsb is telling nbc news. line of fire, so close you could almost touch it. an up close look of the molten river man is powerless to stop. and the high defying death rope walk tonight high above the windy city.
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good evening. the weather service is calling this a cold and unsettled weekend here in the east. but in places from the carolinas to maine, hit by big, early and in some cases record snowfalls, that may be an understatement. tonight freeze warnings are out from alabama into pennsylvania on the heels of a weather system moving up the coast, dumping snow and dropping temperatures and leaving more than 1100 electricity customers in the dark in six states. as we see the live radar, it is new england seeing the brunt of the performance. a foot of snow has fallen over parts of maine. and that is where we begin. dylan dreyer is in bangor. good evening, dylan. >> reporter: good evening, lester. it is not unusual to see snow in november. this is maine.
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but this is more typical of late december. this is part of a prewinter storm that has wreaked havoc up and down the east coast. maine is looking more like december than the middle of autumn. the snow began falling just as daylight saving time was ending and it is still going strong. piling up on roads and reducing visibility to less than a quarter mile in some areas. >> it would never have occurred to me to put my snow tires on before november 22nd. >> reporter: the temperature has been hovering around 33 degree and that means the water content is high and so this is a heavy, wet, snow that puts tremendous pressure on the trees and power lines. >> and not to mention people's patience. >> about every hour, every time you come out it is like you haven't been out at all. you can't tell where you stopped or ended last time. >> reporter: by tonight some
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areas will see a foot of snow. snow blanketed the home of the new england patriots. coastal towns dodged the snow but were pummelled by heavy rain, wind and strong surf. cold winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour made for a chilly run during today's new york city marathon. and the cold air stretched down to florida, bringing record cold to miami, daytona beach and orlando. this is the same system that flooded the shores of lake michigan in chicago on friday and dumped snow from georgia to the carolinas. the weather channel's mike sidel. >> skiers hit the slopes as the snow roared. 22 inches of snow piled up. >> reporter: great for some, but others feel it is too much too soon. >> it is way too early. it is only november 2nd. give me another month. >> reporter: now it has been
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snowing hard here all day long but take a long and you'll see the storm system will exit new england overnight. in fact by early tomorrow morning most of the falling snow will be long gone. now this storm will produce about 9-12 inches of snow in parts of down east maine and some areas more of that. most of it is on the ground, but across maine the snow will fall for several more hours. now on the back side of the storm, as we've already seen, temperatures are tumbling. look at the frost advisories and freeze warnings extending into florida where parts of the east will wake up to temperatures at or below freezing. one piece of good news, lester, as early as monday afternoon temperatures in that area should rebound back into the 50s and 60s. >> dylan dreyer in snowy maine. thanks. a major u.n. report out gives a dire report about inaction on climate change.
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the world's top scientists say unless we reduce emissions we are facing a future with intense heat and flooding of major cities. and the risks are so profound they could undermine global food and water supplies. in california investigators are finding they may have a wealth of data and clues to help them solve the deadly crash of a commercial space plane. tonight the ntsb has details of what went wrong. >> reporter: scatter add cross the mojave desert there are thousands of materials that once embodied the space tourism dream. after two days on-site, ntsb investigators can say that the space plane did break apart during flight. >> the fact they were -- testing a fuel mixture have anything to do that? >> we are looking into that.
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they had a problem with one of the engines and we are looking into that. >> reporter: what makes this different is the incredible amount of ntsb has access to because this was a test flight. including six cameras on board and another three on the mothership, another on a chase plane and a range camera following their every move. also critical to the investigation will be the interview of the surviving pilot, peter see bold who is now recovering after surgery. the co-pilot, 39-year-old father of two michael alsbury did not make it. >> he was a friend and a colleague to -- to all of us. >> reporter: brian binney flew with both pilots and for more than a decade worked alongside the pilots. >> whatever he did, he seemed to do with good cheer and without ever tiring. >> reporter: for the next several months the ntsb and faa
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will work to analyze debris and data. the ntsb will take at least several additional months to consider recommendations for future sub orbital space flights. >> if we see issues in the course of the year that need immediate attention, then we won't wait for the completion of the report, we would issue immediate recommendations, safing this needs urgent attention, do it right now. >> reporter: and the acting director of the ntsb, the acting chairman tells me that the crashed space plane had no black box on board but did have other devices that should explain what happened. investigators will wrap up the on-site portion of the work sometime later this week. lester. >> jacob, thank you. we're two days away from a pivotal mid-term election that could up end the power races in washington with key elections, many are locking up campaigning.
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kelly joins us from over park, kansas. >> reporter: what surprising thing is that a battle state like kansas is a battleground. democrats are on the defense and the race is on. making a final sprint -- >> are you fired up. >> reporter: today president obama campaigned for connecticut governor. >> i can't vote in connecticut, but i'll tell you who i would vote for. >> reporter: but trying to save senate control is with the clintons who have been in high demand. today hillary clinton returned to new hampshire to help democrat jean shaheen. and today in iowa, joni ernst pulled ahead in the des moines register poll over bruce braley. >> when i become the next u.s.
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senate i will represent all of iowa. >> reporter: but here in kansas, home state icon bob dole joined pat roberts, the one republican senator most at risk on tuesday. >> we're going to put harry reid out to pasture. >> challenging roberts, greg orman running as an independent. he said he would work with whatever party in power but could even switch sides. >> three or four months go by and they are engaged in the same old politics. we can change our allegiances and work with the other side. >> today he was mocked as a democrat in disguise. >> and this sipe saying i'm independent and looking for ideas, that sounds like a high school sophomore. >> reporter: but this could cost republicans the big prize. >> people are just frustrated. >> they are. and some of that -- some of them
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tell the stories to you. >> i know that. they know i'm fighting for them. i have to remind them of that. >> reporter: so if greg orman wins he could become a power broker and as an independent he could throw control. and today the president was heckled and it is a sign of how hard it is for him. >> and on the campaign trail tonight in kansas. and a new wall street journal pole gives us an idea of what is ahead on the tuesday election and what is on the minds of voters. lets a bring in moderator of "meet the press," lester todd. >> this is the battleground. two races to look at early, if somehow republicans pick off one of the two, they'll get the senate. but if democrats hold serve
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we'll be worried about iowa, colorado and kansas. we may have to worry about this until january with a couple of runoffs. you mentioned our poll. surprisingly democrats are polling even with republicans, democratic enthusiasm is up, republicans still have a pharoah enthusiasm -- a narrow enthusiasm lead and this might be tighter than we thought. and the coverage of isis and ebola, we wondered what is on the mind of voters, they told us domestic issues like the economy, health care, social security and medicare. others said ebola and other foreign challenges. the top two issues were jobs and the economy and gridlock. that is why tuesday seems a little more up for grabs. >> chucked to tonight, thanks. we'll have live coverage of decision 2014 this tuesday here on nbc news. investigators in maine are searching for clues as to what caused the state's deadliest
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fire in three decades. the blaze left five dead and one critically injured after tearing through a three-story building close to the university of southern maine in portland. the identities of the victims have not yet been disclosed. and fireworks at the magic kingdom sparked a fire on one of disney's newest attractions. flames broke out on the roof of the seven dwarves mine train. guests were able to get off safely. no one was injured. thousands of people, ma native american, stage a protest against the washington redskins name. 5,000 people marched to the stadium in minneapolis ahead of washington's game against the vikings. a rally was later held urging the redskins organization to change the name of the team. when "nbc nightly news" continues on this sunday, it is down to the wire as a daredevil attempts to tightrope walk in the windy city. and later two friends brought together by difficult
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if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. nexium 40 mg is only available by prescription. talk to your doctor. for free home delivery, enroll in nexium direct today. we're back with a live picture of a cable, a tightrope linked between two downtown chicago skyscrapers while in a while nick wal epda will walk the high-wire. he has gone all out to raise the degree of difficulty. kevin has the story. >> reporter: lester, in just under two hours time, nik wallenda will do a precarious high-wire walk across the chicago river between two skyscrapers behind me here.
6:46 pm
he may admit to buller flies but he said fear doesn't come into it. >> this daredevil is at his best all alone high in the sky. nik wallenda steps out over chicago tonight and doing part of it blindfolded, all without a safety net or harness? >> and you're not scared? >> it is all about training and preparing properly. if i didn't train the way i did, i would be scared. >> part of the flying wallenda has mastered niagara falls and the grand canyon. >> this isn't wet like niagara or deep like the grand canyon, this is chicago. and they don't call it the windy city for nothing. high winds and wet, cold weather slammed chicago just as the weekend arrived. today meteorologists say winds will be sustained at 14 miles per hour. still there is always the chance of unexpected gusts. >> choosing chicago weather-wise
6:47 pm
in november, absolutely there is a risk of all sorts of weather, as we saw on halloween where we had snow, sleet and waves crashing over lakeshore drive. >> reporter: preparations have been under way for weeks. one on an incline, and the second blindfolded at 500 feet. >> the wire he will walk on is much smaller than on previous walks, about the width of a nickel. already people are gathering for viewing parties. amanda and barry mcsweeney live on the 43rd floor of the marina tour where he will set off from. >> it will be inspiring it. will be good to see. >> i'm really nervous. i'm very anxious about it. >> reporter: he's been training for months. for nik wallenda, the moment is almost upon him. and he's fully aware 7 family members have lost their lives performing stunts. nothing is left to chance. >> luck? >> i don't believe in luck. no, absolutely not.
6:48 pm
i believe that -- i believe in training, preparing properly and knowing i have the safety of the wire underneath mean and if anything goes wrong, i can reach down and grab it. >> reporter: and the streets are close add long the river where he is doing his walk. thousands are expected to turn out to view the stuntman high in the sky and of course he will be highing a bird's eye view of all of them down here on the ground. my feet, lester, are going to remain on terra firma. >> i can imagine that. nbc news is producing the broadcast of the event, skyscraper live with nik wallenda. it airs at 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 pacific on the discovery channel. a community facing potential disaster on its (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel tight like a vise. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like rocks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults
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flowing toward a community. the unpredicted flow could last weeks or years, we have the story from pahoa. >> reporter: it has stalled for now, but the mayor knows it won't last. >> for us, who call hawaii home, this is what we live with every day. >> he brought us here to where lava crossed the first local road. this is what could happen on the main highway cutting off access into and out of pahoa, making it scary for people living here. >> it makes it more challenging for children to get to school or people to get to work. >> reporter: a new road is under construction in case the road is cut off. a elementary school in the lava path is closed. students left behind messages to the goddess of volcanos.
6:52 pm
>> so she would go away. >> 40 homes are under an evacuation warning as it sends up thick, potentially toxic smoke. >> will you have to close? >> the air quality might get to a point where it might not be good. but afterwards, the air will clear, we'll reopen. >> while they worry the isolation, this man worries he could lose half of his customers. right now business is booming. >> people all over the world are fascinated by molten lava. they have to see it and witness it themselves. >> reporter: witnesses to a disaster in slow motion. with hopes and prayers their town will be spared and faith will endure. hallie jackson, nbc news, pahoa, hawaii. despite strong winds and chilly temperatures, many turned out for the new york marathon.
6:53 pm
kenyans swept through the final stretch. wilson kipsend took the men's title and women cat annie took the women's title. tatiana mcfadden captured her second grand slam, winning today's race after also claiming victories this year in the boston, london and chicago marathons. when we come back, another challenge today. why making ...and tkind of like you huffing sometimes, grandpa.
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finally tonight, they would appear to have little in common. the u.s. senator from illinois and the boy who could become real inspirations to each other. as we told you in our first report about them last year, they face the same tough challenge. today they were together again at a special event dedicated to perseverance and recovery. our story tonight from johnny ang. >> this morning senator mark kirk and 12-year-old jackson cunningham start the climb up willis tower. 103 stories straight up. kirk and cunningham were together step by step, just as they've been through rehab. the two connected shortly after kirk suffered a major stroke two years ago. his left side paralyzed. the same thing happened to jackson when he was eight, caused by a blood clot. he wrote kirk a letter. >> do not give up on yourself. all of the hard work is worth
6:57 pm
it. >> a beautiful friendship was born. it is full of affection and teasing like this trash talk before today's stair climb. >> you know why he blows me away, because he cheats. if you cry tomorrow we can hug it out. >> behind it all, the very serious and demanding work of rehab. >> when i first met jackson, he really couldn't run. now he can run. >> what about the progress you've seen in the senator. >> it has been a lot, being in the wheelchair to him walking with his cain. >> reporter: this year the two were part of a 40 yard dash at the university of illinois. when we first met the pair last year, kirk invited jackson to visit him in washington. next time kirk wants to add something. >> physical fitness goal, to be able to jog around capitol hill with him. >> you want to help him on that? >> yeah. >> reporter: today kirk did only a portion of the stair climb, a fundraiser for the
6:58 pm
rehabilitation institute of chicago. at the top, he was there for jackson, who finished all 2,109 steps. >> he was like a jackrabbit. >> two friends pushing each other to new heights. john yang, nbc news, chicago. that is "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. brian williams will be here tomorrow. stay tuned for football night in america, followed by the ravens versus the steelers. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, good night.
7:00 pm
>>pittsburgh, pennsylvania, where tonight arch rivals collide as the steelers host the ravens on sunday night football. ben roethlisberger threw for a staggering 522 yards and six touchdowns, one of them to tight end heath miller, in a win last week over the colts. meanwhile joe flacco and the ravens beat the steelers in a one-sided week two game.