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tv   Today  NBC  November 25, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EST

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snow will wait until later tomorrow. >> thank you, bill, "today" show is up next. see you for updates in 25 minutes. good morning. ferguson in flames. chaos erupts after a grand jury decides no charges will be brought against the police officer who fatally shot michael brown. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> cars on fire, bottle rockets thrown at police. tear gas used to control angry crowd. >> probably much worse than the worst night we had in august and that's truly unfortunate. >> the protests quickly spreading from coast to coast. new york, nashville, los angeles. and tensions are still running high, "today," tuesday, november 25th, 2014.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. what you're looking at is a live picture from the air, ferguson, missouri, the nation's heartland. part of that area still burning this morning after a night of protests after the grand jury declined to indict the officer who shot and killed michael brown. lot of people raising questions this morning. why wait until 8:00 at night, local time, to make this decision? >> these are the images nobody wanted to wake up to. yeah. if you had this decision earlier in the day, why not release it in the light of day? why wait until it's dark in the streets of ferguson? obviously, this did not go well overnight. >> one of the questions police will be answering this morning. here is the very latest. as we mentioned, the protests
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quickly turned violent last night. at least a dozen businesses set on fire. other businesses had their windows smashed or were broken into. in all, 29 arrests have been made. >> by the way, the unrest even led to the faa restricting flights into the st. louis airport overnight. the anger was not limited to missouri. demonstrators marched in at least ten major cities across the country, even briefly blocked one major bridge here in new york city. let's get right to "today" national correspondent craig melvin in ferguson this morning. craig, what can you tell us? >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. i'm actually standing where much of that chaos happened last night. this is where gun shots rang out. also after the gun shots, looting, then fires. fires like the one you're seeing right now. in fact, this morning, much of ferguson, missouri -- parts of ferguson, missouri, i should say, are still smoldering. ferguson under siege once again. >> back off! >> reporter: and on fire, following the grand jury's decision.
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smoke bombs, tear gas and gunfire. hundreds of protesters clashed with police in riot gear as they took to the streets. >> we will not take this sitting down! >> reporter: as a new wave of violence in ferguson, multiple fires reported. several retail shops in flames, including three inside a strip mall, along with a meat market and pizzeria. protesters also set fire to two police cars. looters struck several business. >> i'm just here, protecting the property, you know. it's a shame. >> reporter: crowds rushed into a dollar tree and nearby beauty supply store. looters made it inside this cell phone store. >> i didn't do anything. >> reporter: are you not concerned as you have this small child out here and you see folks throwing bottle at officers? >> we need to move back now. >> reporter: you can see a line of armored vehicles back there at the end of the street, 50 feet in front of them. protesters.
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you can see folks hurling things at the police as well. flare just went up. many scattering for hours until military-style vehicles were brought in to help clear the streets. nbc's miguel almaguer was among those taking fire. >> we're hearing a successinon f gun shots. they're getting closer to this location where police are barricaded. >> reporter: traffic in st. louis, shutting down a chunk of interstate 44 in both directions. and fires raged in ferguson, confrontations flaired in cities like new york where protesters threw what appeared to be fake blood at police commissioner bill bratten. protests in oakland and philadelphia with more protests planned in as many as 100 cities across the country. >> out of the street immediately or you will be subject to arrest. >> reporter: after hours of violence, police held an early morning news conference. >> we talk about peaceful
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protests and that did not happen tonight. >> what i've seen tonight is probably much worse than the worst night we ever had in august. >> reporter: i spent much of last night in front of the scenes you just saw there. that was right outside the ferguson police department where i saw at least one officer hit in the head with a bottle of some sort. he was dragged to the back. that officer, i was told later, was okay. governor jay nixon has deployed additional national guard troops to ferguson, missouri. later this morning at 11:00 am, we are expecting to hear from the parents of michael brown for the first time since the grand jury decision was announced. in addition to them responding to that decision, we're also going to once again plead for peace, matt and savannah. >> craig melvin on the streets of ferguson this morning. thank you very much. we're learning a lot more about the events that led to the shooting death of michael brown and we're seeing new photos now of officer darren wilson from the night of the incident.
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nbc's ron allen is also in ferguson. he has that part of the story this morning. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. we are at a national guard staging area where more troops have been arriving through the night to back up local authorities here. the violence erupted before the prosecutor here could even finish explaining to the public why officer darren wilson will not be charged in connection with the death of michael brown. new grand jury testimony revealed shows that wilson said that michael brown attacked him first and he shot and killed the young man because he considered him to be a dangerous threat. these pictures of officer darren wilson seen publicly for the first time show him in a hospital, bruises to his cheek and the back of his head. part of the evidence considered by the grand jury and released by prosecutors as they announced wilson will not be charged with a crime. >> the physical and scientific evidence examined by the grand jury, combined with the witness statements, supported and substantiated by that physical evidence tells the accurate and tragic story of what happened.
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>> reporter: while michael brown's family and protesters claimed he had his hands up trying to surrender when he was killed, prosecutors said witnesses gave conflicting accounts. >> some described his hands being out to his side, some said in front of him with his palms up. others described his hands being in a running position or in fists. >> reporter: wilson fired 12 shots after he says brown attacked him in his car, tried to flee, then turned around and charged at the officer. in a statement, brown's family said they were profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequences of his actions. lawyers for wilson said he thanked his supporters adding officer wilson followed his training and followed the law. a subdued president obama called for calm. >> there are americans who agree with it and there are americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry. it's an understandable reaction, but i join michael's parents in asking anyone who protests this
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decision to do so peacefully. >> reporter: prosecutors said there were some 60 witnesses who testified over about 70 hours. they claim they made every piece of evidence available to the grand jury and they shared it with federal prosecutors, they said, as well, well aware there's deep mistrust here, the reason there's so much violence, mayhem and a state of emergency. savannah? >> ron allen, thank you very much. benjamin krump is the attorney for michael brown's parents. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> as i understand it, you were the one that delivered the news that the grand jury would not indict to michael brown's mother. can you tell me what her reaction was? >> she was overcome with emotion. we had just prayed before the announcement came. and she really believed that the system was going to work equally for her child. and so she was just devastated. >> was she shocked by it, or was there part of her that expected
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this might be the outcome? >> she was absolutely shocked. she believed that he would at least be charged with something. she really had faith that the system would work for her child, too. and so she was just profoundly disappointed, as only a mother could be. >> michael brown's father had released a statement prior to this, saying that no matter what the grand jury decides, i do not want my son's death to be in vain and asking for peaceful protests. what do the parents feel about what's been going on in ferguson over the night? >> well, michael brown was very disappointed in the images he saw because he had made such a passionate plea for peace. so they continue to ask the community to not engage in violence. it's no solution to be violent
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when you're facing issues of violence. >> sir, you are a lawyer. you know very well that, generally speaking, it is not that hard for a prosecutor to get an indictment from a grand jury. the standard of proof is much lower. when you look at what happened here, do you think that it is a case of the evidence against officer wilson being weak or a prosecutor that, frankly, didn't try very hard? >> well, it may be a combination of the two. savannah, the system needs to be indicted. this system is completely unfair to the citizens, especially african-american and minority citizens when you have police-involved shootings. this system, over and over again, exonerates police officers for killing young people of color. >> let me ask you this. the prosecutor said i put all the evidence i had before the grand jurors and i let the grand jurors decide. is there something wrong with him proceeding in that way?
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>> you know, he said he did it this way because he thought it was fair. he didn't recommend any charges or anything. just put all the evidence out there and let's just be fair to everybody. and this is different than what i've ever seen in my 20 years of practicing law. so the question becomes, savannah, if for 28 years he has been prosecutor for the grand juries, he didn't do it this way. was he being unfair to them? why change the rules now when it's our children lying on the ground? we want the same justice. we want equal justice that you do for everybody else. don't change the rules on our children. >> benjamin crump, wish we had more time. thank you, sir, for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> we'll obviously keep our eye on the streets of ferguson throughout the day. >> absolutely. natalie is here, fallout over monday's unexpected resignation of the secretary of defense. >> that's right. there's a short list of possible
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replacements emerging this morning following the sudden forced departure of defense secretary chuck ha hagel. chris jansing has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. chuck hagel indicated recently he wanted to stay after a series of meetings over the past month, the president decided hagel had to go. >> thank you, chuck. >> reporter: following chuck g hagel's resignation as defense secretary, president obama is putting the best spin on what insiders say were major policy disagreements over iraq and syria. >> when it's mattered most behind closed doors, in the oval office, you've always given it to me straight and for that, i will always be grateful. >> reporter: one official says the white house concluded hagel, who was brought in to wind down the war in afghanistan, wasn't up to the job of dealing with emerging threats like isis and ebola. it's the latest indication of growing friction between the white house and the pentagon.
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hagel's prednisone ceecessors b books critical of the president. >> i can tell you that the president certainly wants to make sure that the next secretary of defense is somebody who knows the interworkings of that agency well. >> one of the top ranking women ever at the pentagon, michelle lournoy, and would make his as the first female defense secretary. austin carter is a rhodes scholar and theatrical physicist and has been a fixture under two presidents. administration officials say they want to move quickly. a replacement for chuck hagel could be named as early as today. though confirmation hearings wouldn't happen until january. natalie? >> chris jansing at the white house. thank you, chris. kidnapped by al qaeda, free this morning after a raid in yemen. they also freed several yemeni hostages. yemen is home to al qaeda in the
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arabian peninsula and is regarded as one of the most active branches of the terror network. university of virginia's governing board will hold a meeting to discuss the school's sexual assault policyies, in th wake of a "rolling stone" article in an alleged gang rape. the university has temporarily banned fraternity activities. tornado tearing across the field near dundee, south africa. pictures like this one are popping up all over social media sites. no injuries reported here but several homes damaged in that storm. that is just a huge force of nature there in south africa. >> it's summertime down there now. they get violent thunderstorms. 20 homes actually badly damaged. we got the holiday rush coming up. how is that looking? >> it's not looking great. especially here in the northeast. midwest and pacific northwest. we'll focus right now on the
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northeast. winter storm warnings, watches, winter weather advisories from the southeast all the way into new england. low pressure will be developing along the coast. so early wednesday morning, rain from the coastal areas turns into wet snow, interior sections as we get into wednesday around noon. by wednesday evening, we're talking snowfall rates of about one to two inches per hour from new jersey into new england with an icy mix along the coast. and then it quickly moves away, tracking into nova scotia. light rain and snow in the midatlantic area. snowfall wise by wednesday evening, generally about six to ten inches of snow, four to six inches throughout parts of west virginia, pennsylvania. but we move up into the northeast. we're talking up to a foot or more, interior sections of new england all the way into upstate new york. i-87, i-90. even new york could pick up two to four inches on the borderline. we'll be watching this very, very closely for your travel. this is so here's the new living room... tv, couch, pillows.
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>> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. >> tamron is in for carson. lots of reaction for what's happening in ferguson. >> absolutely. following the grand jury decision in ferguson. let me show you something here. this is basically a burst of energy from social media where people have been using the #ferguson throughout the night. so by the numbers here, as i mentioned millions, 3.8 million tweets with the #ferguson. keep in mind, there were people who weren't using this hash tag that were also tweeting. a lot of celebrities letting their thoughts be known. pharrell williams, we know him well. i'm heartbroken over the news of no indictment in ferguson. let's pray for peace. lenadunham. all my love is with the family of michael brown.
7:18 am
pray they see justice and change. we're asking you to go to our today show survey. did the grand jury make the right decision in the ferguson case, yes or no? #ferguson. let us know your thoughts today. guys, back to you. >> tamron, thank you very much. coming up, we'll take a turn. tom brokaw sits down with angeli angelina jolie, it to talk about life after marriage, how she's working to become, quote, a good wife. plus how many calories will you consume on thanksgiving? you won't believe our total when rossen reports hosts a surprise thanksgiving feast for one family. >> really, they're going to ruin it for us? >>
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good morning, i'm vai sikahema. bill, i'm trying to enjoy the day because i know what's coming. >> things will change dramatically tomorrow. for now 50s and low 60s. there are clouds overhead. those clouds will thin out for a little bit of sunshine, but there is a chance that we'll see those showers off shore come inland during the day thefor portions of delaware and south jersey. even a chance of a sprinkle in south jersey. 60 in northeast philadelphia while it's 52 in pottstown and allen. town. 57 degrees and tomorrow rain and then snow. all eyes are on the radar and weather reports especially
7:27 am
at penndot's traffic management center. penndot said it is ready for the wi winter storm and workers equipped their trucks and penndot got a new ten wheeler that can spread more salt than any other truck. get more information delivered to your smartphone or tablet. free download at our website at n let's go to jillian mele in the traffic center. looks like an accident in montgomery county. >> right at the intersection of joshua road and ridge pike. 422 also crawling along on the eastbound side. that's a live look at trooper. if you're traveling 95 southbound into center city, average speed 13 miles per hour. vai? >> another update in 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news and weather on back to "today" show. have a great day, see you in half an hour.
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 25th day of november, 2014. the wave of anger if ferguson, missouri, last night, 29 people arrested as angry protesters set buildings on fire, vandalize cars, throw debris at police. all this coming in the wakative grand jury's decision not to indict the police officer, darren wilson, who shot and killed michael brown. we'll have the latest on this tense situation coming up in a couple of minutes. >> developments still ongoing there. other headline this is morning, high winds could cause new problems in buffalo, new york, today. the threat of devastating flooding in the wake of more than seven feet of snow seems to be easing and city schools are now open for the first time in a week. a new storm with rain and heavy snow is bearing down on the east.
7:31 am
it's expected to cause problems for millions of thanksgiving travelers on some of the nation's busiest roads. nearly a foot of snow expected in parts of the northeast. and the fda is imposing new rules for chain restaurants. moving forward, calorie counts must clearly be labeled on menus. we'll have more on this coming up in a bit. you probably don't want to count calories on thanksgiving. >> no. >> coming up, jeff rossen gives us a reason to reconsider. he's giving one family a reality check. wow, isn't it early for scrooge? >> before you even have thanksgiving day. >> it's one day. >> i say go for it. angelina jolie will open up to tom brokaw about how her life has changed since marrying brad pitt and the new movie the couple just worked on together. craig melvin is with us once again. hi, craig. what can you tell us?
7:32 am
>> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. most of the schools here in the area are close this had morning. a number of roads have also been shut down here in ferguson. as you mentioned, 29 people arrested last night. more than a dozen businesses set on fire. some of those businesses are still smoldering this morning. in addition to the businesses that were set on fire, several other businesses were looted. but lots of other businesses just had their windows smashed in. here is the thing about ferguson, missouri. a lot of these businesses are mom and pop shops. these are small businesses. that happened despite leading up to. we'll hear from michael proun's parents for the first time since that grand jury decision last night. they will respond to the decision but they are also once again going to be pleading for peace in ferguson. more protests are expected today, savannah. >> craig melvin, keeping his eye
7:33 am
on things in ferguson, missouri. thank you very much. let's go back to tamron in the orange room. she's hearing, obviously, from a lot of people about this grand jury's decision. >> we asked the question, did the grand jury make the right decision, yes or no? 79% of our viewers on say the jury made the right decision. 21% said no. i have to put in this insight. a few of our viewers online make the point, listen, they were not on the dprand jury. they're listening to the information being reported. in the end, the grand jury was there. they heard the evidence and made their decision. this is a snapshot. about 300 people or so who went on already to give their thoughts. >> that bears repeating. so many people are expecting opinions about what happened here. unfortunately, we don't have all of the facts. >> the prosecutor tried to make that case or state that as the decision was being announced last night. there were 12 people on that grand jury. they're the ones who have seen every piece of evidence. >> we'll continue to follow it, of course. we'll take a turn and get a
7:34 am
check of the weather. including that storm in the works from mr. roker. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >> another big storm brewing in the pacific northwest. as you watch the radar, we're going to be looking at rain all day today, big storm moves through, snow in the intermountain regions. second storm comes in wednesday. that will bring even more rain. with this system, look at the amounts of rainfall we're talking about. could be upwards of six inches of rain throughout the pugett sound area. heaviest rain will be in the cascades and the olympics. a big storm in the intermountains, snow and icy mix. santa ana winds in california. even if you're not here in the northeast with this big storm it will have affect on air traffic good morning, i'm
7:35 am
meteorologist bill henley. a mild morning and a mild day, too. but we'll see clouds and a chance of a rain shower late this afternoon. some breaks of sunshine and temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. tomorrow, we will start with umbrellas, wind up with snow shovels. the rain changes to snow as the temperature falls and stays low for thursday and friday even colder. 38 degrees the high after a morning low of 25. over the weekend, though, a warm up. near 60 sunday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. now an exclusive interview with one of the biggest stars in hollywood. tom brokaw drew the lucky straw and sat down with angelina jolie. other news to talk about with tom. we'll get that in a second. >> i've been spending a lot of time with her because we've been talking about her documentary, "unbroken." we've talked to other prisoners who were prisoners of the japanese and how you get to be
7:36 am
hardwired and the japanese reaction n japan, they don't want to show the film. recently i also was able to talk to her about her life. a lot going on. she got married, had an audience with the queen and she's handling it all. it's been a very big year for you. you got married. you had an audience with the queen. you were honored by her and now you're opening the big blockbuster that everybody is anticipating so much. of all those events, the one that i'm interested in is marriage. there you were, living together, raising your children together. did it change? >> it did change. in just a feeling of that security and comfort that we always had, but recommitting after ten years of being together. and we were fortunate enough to be in that unusual situation. we got married with our children and they were part of the ceremony and they wrote some of the vows. and so it was all of us agreeing to -- to be together and to just commit to this life together. not just because we had to.
7:37 am
not because anything was missing in our lives. because we were absolutely sure we felt that much of a family and it was that moment. it was really lovely. it was a lovely day. >> have you codified certain things? brad now that we're married you have to pick up your socks and if you think i'm going to make your coffee, you're joking. >> no. i said i'm going to be a better wife. i'm going to learn how to cook. he was like, honey, do what you're good at, not what you're not. he knows my limitations. >> we also got to know the two of you in mr. and mrs. smith. you did another film with brad. >> we have. >> is it hard working with your husband? >> there's a really correct answer to this, i'm sure. it was actually great. the first one we did together, we weren't together. and it was a comedy. and there was a lot of action.
7:38 am
it was really fun. ten years on, we've learned a lot more about each other and it's a film about a very troubled marriage. so it felt like the appropriate thing to do on our honeymoon. so, we did. and, you know, i think there's also something, too. there's so many ideas of what art should be and this kind of movie or that kind of movie and we just wanted to be free. we wanted to play. we wanted to try things. we wanted to push each other. we wanted to be artists and see what we could make. >> you didn't say stop. brad's going to have to do another take on that one. >> i'm sure i had many moments with the actor and i'm sure he had many moments with the director. >> she brings her children on most of these. but she's also the u.n. special ambassador. she goes to refugee camps. last time we were together she left right after the interview for thailand.
7:39 am
she is the real deal. >> enough about angelina jolie. let's talk about you. you had a big day yesterday. >> i did. >> you were awarded the presidential medal of freedom in a ceremony. what was that like? >> it was -- i've been asked this a long time. this one was really special. in all sincerity. i stood up there and thought i owe this to my family but also my nbc family, all these people behind the cameras that i've been working with for years, the people that were in war zones with me, they carry immediate across the line. some who are still not with us anymore. it was a great, great moment for me and especially for my granddaughters. i was coming down the aisle to take the stage and one gave me a fist bump. >> ahh. >> what an honor for you and all of us by extension. i don't know why you're not wearing your medal this morning. a little bling would be nice. >> even for an anchorman, there
7:40 am
are some limit. >> tell matt lauer. he would be wearing it. >> i would have it under my shirt. >> he actually tried to drop by and get it from me. >> right. >> tom, congratulations and thank you. he will have a lot more with angelina on "unbroken: the real story." the movie opens nationwide christmas day. next on rossen reports, a 1,200 calorie appetizer? the hard truth about your family's thanksgiving feast and how much you'll really eat. >> to say nothing of drinking. then on trending, unique view of excitement surrounding a ♪ you shine brighter than the stars in the sky... ♪ for the woman who shines brightest... ♪ i am yours and i know you are mine... ♪ kay jewelers presents -- the leo artisan diamond. ♪ my love you shine so bright... ♪ yes! the design of its facets produces an incredible level of brilliance. from the creators of the first diamond certified to be visibly brighter. now at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. ♪ love you shine so bright. ♪
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we know what that music means. rossen reports. time when you're preparing for thanksgiving dinner? here is an eye-opening calorie count from our national correspondent jeff rossen. >> good friend for now. >> wa, wa, wa. >> wa, wa. you ever wonder how many calories you eat on thanksgiving? >> no. >> we don't want to know. >> it's a lot! >> you should have around 1,000 calories on a regular meal. thanksgiving, obviously, we eat more. it's part of all the fun. you may not realize how much you're eating. one brave family, a group of victims, is letting us in. they have no idea they're the subjects of a secret food test and what they ate may change the way you spend thanksgiving. happy early thanksgiving.
7:45 am
we're throwing a feast for the lemieux family. and we do it right, with all the trimmings, turkey, ham, mac n cheese, stuffing. they think we're here doing a general story about thanksgiving and families. but here is what they don't know. our rossen reports producers are logging every bite they take. and in this car parked outside is our secret food expert, cornell university professor brian watson. >> three ounces of ham. >> wow! >> three ounces of turkey. >> he's crunching the numbers and calculating the calories for each person. right away, even as the family is still cooking the meal, we notice something. >> is that good? >> it is. >> all of them picking, picking, picking. >> oh, my god, that's really good. >> all those predinner calories adding up. >> how many people were in
7:46 am
there? >> i know. she had three glasses of white wine before dinner and two rolls. >> reporter: when dinner is ready, they don't hold back, piling their plates. how was the food? >> delicious. >> i love the mac n cheese. >> i love the mac n cheese, too. it's so good, right? they keep on going, seconds and thirds. it's thanksgiving. we're not done yet. who's ready for dessert? pecan pie. how thanksgiving is that? they devour the pie and the cheesecake. when they're finally done, it's time for the big reveal. you want to know the real reason we're here? >> yes. >> reporter: i'm your worst nightmare. i've been counting your calories and watching everything you ate. >> who won? >> reporter: you mean who lost? as a family we totaled up all the calories you ate today. >> oh, boy. >> reporter: you guys ate 24,165
7:47 am
calories in this one thanksgiving meal. so which family member ate the most calories? wrong. it's her. jackie, wait until you hear how many calories you had in this meal. you had 3,690 calories. >> oh, man. >> reporter: even more surprising, 1,290 of those calories came before she even sat down for dinner. >> she did work out this morning, though. >> reporter: coming in a close second? tj, with a whopping 3,390 calories in one meal. tj. >> it's about the food and being thankful and being together. >> reporter: more about the food than being together? what do you make about these numbers? >> this is amazing. it's no different than any other thanksgiving in america. about 20% of all the calories they eat were eaten before the meal even started.
7:48 am
>> you think about the calories all week long. you're not thinking about health conscious and whatnot. >> reporter: and now it's time for their nap. >> happy thanksgiving! >> happy thanksgiving to some good sports up in connecticut, who now hate me, by the way. what is the best way to avoid some of those thanksgiving calories? put the unhealthy dishes like mac n cheese and sweet potatoes on a side table. believe it or not, most of us will not get up and get them. >> you don't know my family. are you crazy? >> really? >> don't you burn off half those calories with the touch football game after the meal? come on. >> by the way, why do you think they have those pants with elastic waistband? >> by the way, our news president, who clearly plans on going to town on thanksgiving said how much weight can you gain in one day? if you normally have 2,000 calories in a day, you have to have 3,500 additional calories to whatever you have. for a 2,000 calorie diet, 5,500
7:49 am
calories in one day, you gain one pound. >> it's worth it. coming up, marilyn monroe's personal treasures ever including love letters, dresses personal treasures ever iso last year we're invited tos thanksgiving at the anderson's. i was stoked, that's my holiday. we invented it. so i'm like, pass the stuffing's not stove top, and i'm like, "what?" i wait all year, 364 days to enjoy delicious stove top stuffing. it's what makes thanksgiving, thanksgiving! i had to get out of there. i faked an attack of scurvy. uughhhh! ughh! [ sighs ] scurvy... works every time. and helping us appreciate to doorbyour enthusiasm.s, (dog barks playfully) dear murphy, thanks for being a warm pillow, a snuggler, and showing me that slobber... ha! just adds character. dear sadie,
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good morning, i'm vai sikahema. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> a snowy end to the storm system tomorrow. today we have clouds and waiting to see a few sprinkles develop during the late morning and afternoon hours. for now, little bit of sunshine is making it through the clouds and the temperatures, well, not all that cold. 52 in pottstown, willemten at 55 and 60 degrees in northeast philadelphia and dover. your hour-by-hour forecast is calling for clouds, a few sprinkles around midday. by late this afternoon, breaks of sunshine and 57 degrees. some air travelers are changing their flights ahead of the holiday storm. american airlines is allowing passengers with flights booked for tomorrow to reschedule for today or thursday for free. also letting passengers change their flights for tomorrow, but
7:57 am
they can only rebook for thursday and friday, if you're not flying but you're driving, especially today, here's jillian mele with a look at the roads. jill? >> pretty slow out there. this is a live look at the boulevard. you can see that southbound jam as drivers approach 76 and checking some of your drive times right now a slow go on 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine 35 minutes and from the vine out to the blue route and the blue route northbound from 95 to 76, take you about 26 minutes. vai? violent protests played out overnight in ferguson, missouri, protesters took to the streets of philadelphia and more are planned today. the national network is planning a rally at noon at the federal courthouse and a march at city hall at 3:00 sponsored by people utilizing real power. i'm vai sikahema another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather on have a great day, we'll see you in half an hour.
7:58 am
as a toddler, i enjoy three activities. breaking things... spilling things... and just general destruction, in the abstract sense.
7:59 am
so i, for one, am not a big fan of nest. you see, the dropcam is always watching... even when my folks are in another room. i rue the day that this product was invented. but i'm not 100% sure what rue means. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful
8:00 am
coming up, ready, set, start counting. fda is expected to announce sweeping changes for restaurants across the country to post calorie counts on menus. will it help consumers make better choices? coming out to play. maria shriver talks to the first openly gay athlete in u.s. sports. >> when they find out they're not going to want to be my coach or i'm not going to be able to play soccer anymore. >> he talks about his struggles of coming out and why he returned to the game he loves. and all about marilyn. more than 50 years after her death, marilyn monroe's lost treasures revealed. we have a firsthand look at some
8:01 am
of the icon's personal items before they hit the auction block "today," tuesday, november 25th, 2014. we're representing pennsylvania in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> shout out to middle school dance. >> dance in the macy's day parade and meet al roker. ♪ >> hi, mom and dad. >> we're from fargo, north dakota. >> home sweet oklahoma. >> hello, miami! >> albuquerque, new mexico, is here. yea! >> howdy from texas. and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." it is tuesday, november 25th, 2014. and it is a beautiful day in the maybehood. what great weather we have out on the plaza this morning. >> i love thanksgiving week, because we have the biggest
8:02 am
crowds of the year. a lot of these people are in for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. lots of them will be marching on thursday. it's always nice when they come by and say hi. >> absolutely wonderful. they've got great weather this morning. >> great crowd. >> what's that? >> for the holiday. >> that's the color, too. >> a lot to get to. we'll go back inside and start this half hour off with the top stories, including the situation in ferguson. >> police made over 80 arrests overnight in ferguson as angry protesters reacted to the grand jury decision not to indict the officer who shot and killed michael brown jr. craig melvin has the latest. >> reporter: that's right, natalie. i'm going to step out of the way. you can see one of the buildings still smoldering this morning. this is a public storage. it's one of the areas that saw
8:03 am
some of the heaviest protests last night. violence erupted in ferguson. when folks learned there would be no criminal indictment.when be no criminal indictment. protesters took to the streets overnight, taunting police, looting local stores and setting fire to buildings and cars. >> you will be subject to arrest. >> reporter: scores of officers, armed with riot gear, dispersed crowd with his tear gas and pepper spray. >> what i've seen tonight is probably much worse than the worst night we ever had in august. >> reporter: monday's violence came despite efforts by the brown family, civil rights activists and even president obama to tamp down anger. >> we are a nation built on the rule of law. and so we need to accept that this decision was the grand jury's to make. there's never an excuse for violence. >> reporter: mostly peaceful protests erupted in other major cities across the country. in new york, demonstrators
8:04 am
marched over three major bridges, closing down traffic. the grand jury's decision means officer darren wilson will not face state criminal charges for killing michael brown, whose death in august inflamed deep racial tensions. authorities released more than 1,000 pages of grand jury documents that revealed wilson fired 12 shots after he said brown attacked him in his car, tried to flee and then turned around and charged at him. evidence photos show wilson shortly after the fatal encounter with bruises to his cheek and the back of his head. lawyers for wilson said he thanked his supporters and added he, quote, followed his training and followed the law. and as the sun comes up here in the st. louis suburb, we're starting to see more scenes just like this. firefighters again trying to put out some hot spots. a number of businesses still smoldering here in ferguson. governor jay nixon has called out additional members of the national guard as well.
8:05 am
for the first time later this morning, natalie, we expect to hear from the parents of michael brown since the decision was announced last night. >> all right. craig melvin in ferguson, missouri, thank you. thanksgiving week might not be the best time to talk about calorie counting, but the fda released new label rules to get people thinking about what they're eating. tom costello has more. good morning, tom. >> good morning, natalie. the calories we consume every day come from some place other than home. restaurants, vending machines. keeping track of all those calories isn't so easy. for millions of americans who eat out every day, counting the calories is about to get a lot easier. coming to chain restaurants and vending machines near you, calorie information will now have to be listed on the menus and on the machines. you'll soon know just how many calories you're biting into with that candy bar, cheeseburger, salad plate or fruit plate. >> it's a great day dae. >> if i have a craving for something, i'm going to eat it
8:06 am
anyway. >> some days i care, some days i don't. >> reporter: it's part of the obamacare law. it took the fda four years to finalize the rules because they have to cover so many different foods in so many shapes, sizes and portions. do you count the whole pizza or just the slice? >> consumers really do want more information about the food that they're eating and this is responsive to that. and industry has recognized that consumers want this information, too. >> reporter: the national restaurant association says about 200,000 locations will have to post their calories, while some cities and states already have similar laws, the association says it pushed for a single national standard so anyone dining out can have clear, easy-to-use nutrition information presented in the same way, no matter what part of the country. a bigger goal? trying to reverse america's obesity epidemic. >> it's not a miracle. it's not suddenly going to have people dropping weight. it is an important first step. >> so these new rules only apply
8:07 am
to chains with 20 or more stores. mixed results on whether americans really change their behavior when they see how many calories they're consuming. with with two-thirds of americans overweight or obese, the fda is hoping that people will make better decisions. natalie? a buffalo had people running for safety when it went on a rampage in southwestern china. the buffalo charged into a town center and injured at least ten people. it was finally captured when it slowed down to look for something to eat. it is 8:07 right now. let's get another check of the weather from mr. roker. al? >> wow! maybe get him up to western new york so he could play with the bills. anyway, let's show you what we've got going on. all these nice folks hanging out. oh, you dropped your sign. you dropped your sign. there you go. all right. let's show you what we've got going on for today. heavier showers and thunderstorms moving through orlando, wet weather, heavy thunderstorms, temperatures upper 70s. rest of the country today, we've got an icy mix back through the
8:08 am
inner mountain regions with some snow. santa ana winds, southern california. tomorrow that nor'easter is making its way up through the northeast. also some mid western snow and also the inner mountain region snow will continue. parade forecast for the thanksgiving day parade, cloudy. mid 30s. the winds should not be a problem. so the new giant balloons will fly. that's what's going on around good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. a mild morning, a mild day, too. we'll see clouds and chance of a rain shower late this afternoon. some breaks of sunshine, temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. tomorrow we start with umbrellas, wind up with snow shovels. the rain changes to snow as temperature falls. stays low for thursday and friday, even colder. 38 degrees the high after a morning low of 25. over the weekend, a warmup, near 60 sunday. have a great day.
8:09 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. straight ahead on trending, on the wings of eagles, breathtaking use for one of those go pro cameras. the first openly gay male in u.s. athlete sports talks about his decision to return to the game he loves. maria shriver joins us for that story. martha stewart's secret to the perfect friends-giving. i love that. first these messages.
8:10 am
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trending today. >> gotten a lot of response online and on our facebook page. should you track your kids on social media? >> kelly rip approximate says if you're on instagram, she says this to her kids, i'm going to track what's on there because it's public. it's social media. if you want to keep a diary, private diary, i will not read that, because it is private. we asked this the people at home. not surprising response. before you get to it, what do you think? >> i go along with kelly. >> anything social media -- >> if it's online. >> you want to be able to make sure you know and monitor what your kids are putting out there. sometimes they put it out there. >> do you think i would drop you off in the middle of disneyland and leave you all along and let you talk to anybody and just strand you there? you know i wouldn't. i'm not going to do that online either. >> let's see what happened when
8:14 am
we asked people at home. 97% said yes, you should track your kids on social media. let me just flip it over for a second. would you read your child's diary? >> that's a harder question. >> no. >> no? >> even if you feared they might be hanging out with the wrong people? >> no. >> no. >> i don't think so. >> out of respect, you have to give some privacy to your children. >> unless it fell out of the drawer and opened it to the page. >> while you were shaking it? >> you knocked it over while you were cleaning. >> no, absolutely not. >> it fell open to the page. that's so great. we're all fans of "the wizard of oz" of course. how much would you pay to own the original cowardly lion's costume? >> i would pay anything. >> $3 million, by comparison the most expensive movie prop ever sold. marilyn monroe's in the seven year inch -- inch.
8:15 am
itch. went for $5.6 million. ♪ if i were king of the forest not a duke not a prince ♪ >> i can't believe you guys -- >> the cowardly lion. >> favorite part of the movie. and the coolest video of the day comes courtesy of our national symbol. look at this. bald eagle wearing a go pro camera. i didn't even know bald eagle koss buy go pros. goes soaring high in houston at a texan/bengals game sunday. fans cheering wildly as the national anthem plays and challenger, the bald eagle, providing a truly bird's-eye view of that moment. >> the eagle has landed. >> isn't that cool? >> very cool. awesome. >> that's what's trending today. >> now to a man who changed the face of sports. robbie rogers came out as gay in 2013. now he's sharing his journey in
8:16 am
a new book and speaking exclusively to nbc's special anchor, maria shriver. maria, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. robbie rogers is the star of the galaxy. in his new memoir, he opens up about the pain of living in the closet and what he says must change in sports so that every athlete, gay or straight, feels part of the team. this is the robbie rogers the world knew. >> rogers steals. >> champion soccer star whose good looks and quick feet made him a fan favorite. but in his new memoir "coming out to play," he shares the side of himself no one knew. his secret struggle with being gay and how the culture of sports left him feeling isolated and ashamed. you talk a lot about coaches. >> yeah. >> there was a lot of homophobic
8:17 am
language and feeling when you were growing up. >> i heard don't pass the ball like a faggot. i thought i'm never going to come out and play this sport. when they find out they're not going to want to be my coach or i'm not going to be able to play soccer. >> reporter: growing up, soccer was robbie's life. he left college to go pro. you talk about that kind of feeling in the locker room. they're talking about women. they're talking about sex. >> somebody would ask me a question. i was like, gosh, i have to lie about this, make this story up? i would go to the extremes of dating girls. when you have to lie that much, this creates this monster inside you that, obviously, you want to get rid of. >> reporter: robbie says it wasn't until his mid 20s that he finally found happiness. dating boyfriend greg berlanti and coming out to his family. >> from the moment i told my mom and my sisters, my dad, they said we love you so much. this doesn't change anything for
8:18 am
us. and you were created this way and, you know this your path and your journey and there's a reason for this. >> reporter: still terrified to be an out pro athlete, robbie quit soccer and gave his support to groups like the gay lesbian and straight education network. when you were speaking to young gay men and women about what they were going through, did you have an aha moment, i can make an impact? >> playing soccer, it could give people hope. it was those kids inspiring me and what was my final decision, okay. i need to go back into soccer. >> reporter: in 2013, he signed with the l.a. galaxy. >> rogers takes the space. >> reporter: becoming the first openly gay athlete in major league sports but to his teammates he's just one of the guys. >> robbie is a good soccer player. you want him on your team.
8:19 am
it's as simple as that. >> doesn't matter about his sexuality? >> he's a soccer player, first and foremost, who happens to be gay. >> when people can see sam and abbie womack and other openly gay athletes. >> what would you tell coaches? >> you have a gay player possibly. be aware of what you're saying and putting in their young minds. from a very young age, that will stay with them. >> his book is out today and he just signed a new contract with the l.a. galaxy. this month they made it into the soccer cup playoffs. he is having a really good mo h month, matt. >> it's an important story, maria. in every walk of life, you come out as gay, it's widely accepted but in sports there's still this stigma. >> he told me he was surprised more athletes have not come out but he said these kinds of
8:20 am
things take time. by him writing this book and speaking out so eloquently, he hopes more people will feel free to do the same. >> speaking of sports, you hopped on your bike over the weekend for cranksgiving with your daughter and gather food for people in need. what was that like? >> look at me trekking around. there's a lot of hills in downtown l.a. i was unaware of. let me just say. it was a great cause. all over the country, people riding their bikes to bring food to people in need. we really had a fun time. >> good to watch. maria, thanks for taking part of it. great interview with robbie. we appreciate it. >> thank you, matt. >> savannah? it's been over 50 years since the death of hollywood icon marilyn monroe. lost archive of personal items, some hidden away since her death, are being auctioned off. martin nolan is the executive director. we know him well.
8:21 am
good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> this particular auction is getting a lot of buzz. >> worldwide. >> why is that? >> it's marilyn monroe. 50 years since she pass add way. items have come to the market, fresh to the market, items she kept wrapped in string under her bed. when she passed away, they were found. first time we're getting to see them. amazing stuff. >> these are very personal treasures as well. the first item we have is a letter that her second husband, joe dimaggio, wrote to her and at a key moment in their relationship. >> yes. in fact, it was nine months after they married. joe dimaggio would be 100 years old if he were still alive. after he saw marilyn on steps of her house announcing her divorce. first of all, he was concerned because she looked so bad, he was worried about her and expressed his true love for her, sorry for anything he did wrong and asked her to come back to him. he did not want to divorce marlmar marilyn monroe. >> let's go over to the favorite items of clothing. this overcoat we saw again.
8:22 am
there it is right there behind you. we saw it again and again. >> her favorite coat. numerous times between '56 and '59 she wore this. in the car going up to connecticut. 80 to 120,000. fantastic condition. >> how much would you expect to go for? >> we estimate 80 to $120,000, but it could go higher. ta's in fantastic condition. >> it is. >> am i allowed to touch it? >> you are. now you have to buy it. >> you're a charmer, aren't you? >> black velvet cocktail dress, i guess you would call it. >> very famous dress. she wore this at the plaza hotel for the prince and the show girl. it's a very famous event because the strap broke on the right side. and her holding the strap and they got a safety pin and did a little bit of a correction on it. >> the world's first wardrobe malfunction. >> exactly. it's in poor condition. we're hoping it will go to a new home that will restore it and preserve it.
8:23 am
>> it is very, very beautiful nonetheless. especially when we see it on her. >> so elegant. marilyn was so amazing. 40,000 to $60,000. >> this is personal footage, behind the scenes footage from her last film, the misfits. >> this also comes from her lost archives. it's from the misfits. done by the foreign press to promote the movie. it was their last movie for both of them. clark gable passed away 11 days after finishing in reno. and we're selling those love letters as well. 10,000 to 20,000 for this one. you watch this, you see marilyn having fun on "the misfits," really enjoying it. lighter side of marilyn. we all believe she was troubled at the time and, in fact, she's having fun here. >> fantastic. >> finally, a beautiful necklace. but apparently diamonds are not her best friend in this case. >> anything that marilyn would
8:24 am
wear. $20,000 to $30,000. any piece of jewelry or clothing that marilyn touched or wore, huge money. that's a conservative estimate. it's only costume jewelry. nothing expensive there. >> but it adorned marilyn. >> whom we love. >> martin nolan, thank you very much. december 6th? >> in los angeles. >> all right, thank you. >> thank you, savannah. now we know how many calories we'll consume on thanksgiving, martha is here to create the perfect friendsgiving. >> yes. >> how many people are you having?
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. we are bracing for a storm. let's talk to meteorologist bill henley. >> good morning. snow will be falling in the pocono mountains tomorrow. significant snowfall possible in the mountains. it will all, however, start as rain. this morning, we are tracking rain showers offshore. you can see them to the south and east. there's a slight chance for sprinkles to develop during the afternoon hours in delaware, south jersey, even into philadelphia. but it is mild. only rain today if we get it. 58 degrees now in philadelphia. 56 in trenton. and 55 in wilmington. >> thank you. it is expected to be a busy
8:27 am
travel day. let's check with jillian mele with an update on mass transit. >> i have a delay to pass along from septa oh facials, it is near the media station. that's the only mass transit delay. 2995 northbound, an accident near olden avenue. watch for a lane restriction there. this storm on the way is expected to bring rain and snow to the area, probably at the worst time. on one of the busiest travel days of the year. stores will be busy through the day. get out early, beat the crowds as much as you can. customers were buying turkeys, pies, and all of the trimmings. get important information for the storm delivered to your smart phone or tablet. we will see you in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's downright mild in new york city. temperature in the 50s or so before we get a winter storm in here for tomorrow. >> that's right. >> warm before the storm. >> midatlantic into the northeast. it will have a ripple effect for air traffic going back west of the even if rur nyou're not in area, you'll feel its effects. >> give us good news. >> it will be gone by thanksgiving. and there may be people coming in that you don't want to get here. it may work out nicely. speaking of that, coming up we have our thanks and giving
8:31 am
segment. we'll introduce you to a young tennis player going through a really difficult time. she gets a surprise from her idol, superstar maria sharapova. plus, we all love when martha stewart stops by, them time of year, around thanksgiving. this morning she's helping you create a pot luck friends giving. >> by the way, tomorrow on "today," a few people who have reason to be thankful this year. we'll sit down with the doctors, nurses and aid workers from the u.s. who have battled ebola and survived. they will be in our studio tomorrow. >> wonderful. let's get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. let's look ahead, show you what we've got, starting off with thanksgiving day. wet weather along the pacific northwest coast. light know flurry activity around the great lakes. friday, as you get ready to do that shopping more rain in the pacific northwest. much of the country looking good. across the northern tier states to the western plains into the central great lakes, we could
8:32 am
good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. a mild morning, a mild day, too. we will see clouds and chance of a rain shower late this afternoon. some breaks of sunshine. temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. tomorrow we start with umbrellas, wind up with snow shovels. the rain changes to snow as the temperature falls and stays low for thursday and friday even colder. 38 degrees the high after a morning low of 25. over the weekend, a warmup. near 60 sunday. have a great day. and this young lady, this is her picture. what's your name? >> julia. >> how old were you here? >> 5. >> oh, my golly. well, have you grown up into a lovely young lady. thank you so much. all right. that's what's going on around the country. now let's get back inside to matt. >> all right. al, thank you very much. now our special week-long series, thanks and giving. life-saving work of st. jude's research hospital. "today's" jenna bush hagg ehage
8:33 am
have a touching story in a moment. first, marlo thomas had a very exciting day on monday. she was also awarded the presidential medal of freedom. marlo, good morning. congratulations. >> good morning. >> what was it like? tom said it was the experience of a lifetime. >> it was. it was very emotional. i didn't expect it to be that emotional. i was sitting next to meryl streep, who cried through the whole thing. no matter who got a medal, we cried. what was beautiful about it, there we were with cheney and goodwin all those years ago who were murdered in mississippi and their family members were there to be recognized. that was very, very touching. >> you brought the medal with you here. it's on the table. >> i'm embarrassed that i did. >> you shouldn't be embarrassed. that's an exceptional award. >> it's very exciting. can you imagine my father? >> no. >> he must be so thrilled. >> i'm sure he is. >> we'll talk to you more in a second. jenna, what do you have for us this morning? >> we have another brave story of a young girl who refused to
8:34 am
let cancer sideline her tennis dream dreams. just like her name, sunny was radiant, full of energy and at the top of her tennis game. >> she started playing tennis when she was 5. she started competing when she was about 8. >> reporter: battles on the tennis court came easily, ranking statewide as a 10-year-old. tell me what you like about tennis. >> i like that you can run around and hit balls and you're not just always playing with the same person. >> reporter: but there was no way for sunny to prepare for a match of a lifetime. when a bump on her neck turned out to be cancer. >> your world changes in the blink of an eye, because sunny had no symptoms. >> reporter: ever determined, sunny knew exactly where she wanted to be treated. >> she said if i can go to st. jude, that's where i want to go. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the lymph nodes. breakthrough medicine at st.
8:35 am
jude had pushed her vital rates to 90%. although it's been a difficult road, sunny knows how to face a tough competitor. >> without tennis, i wouldn't have been as strong. >> reporter: some that have strength and determination other players and the game she loves. who are some of your tennis players? >> i like sharapova. >> reporter: what do you think about her game? >> sharapova is the one who makes the noise. >> reporter: as she slowly gets back into the sport, sunny had some good news to share. >> i'm officially cancer free. >> reporter: high five! i love it. >> how are you? i'm weilan cheng. >> reporter: it was time she met one of them herself, maria sharapova. >> is this sunny? i heard there's this incredible
8:36 am
champion playing on center court. i'm maria. >> i'm sunny. >> very nice to meet you. can i get a hug? are you learning how to play tennis? oh, i'm so happy to meet you. >> thank you. >> did you know i was coming? no? this is a surprise? did you want to hit some ball with his me? yeah? >> oh, that's a winner. great point. how often do you play? >> like before i went to st. jude, it was about seven hours a week. >> and the goal is to get back to that, right? >> yes. >> very good. >> look at that power. good job. >> thank you. >> are you going to try to keep playing tennis? >> yeah. >> yeah? tennis is a wonderful sport. hopefully one day you could play on the professional tour maybe. are you going to keep practicing? yeah? >> thank you. >> you're very welcome.
8:37 am
>> so sunny is still being monitored at st. jude. the longer she remains cancer free, the better chance she has on beating it and getting back on the court. and she's here with us right now. >> sunny, how are you feeling? >> really good. >> yeah? jenna tells me you are a talkative young lady. when you met maria sharapova, you kind of became speechless. what was it like? >> well, we had been talking about her all day. like she was on the hall of fame board and they had pictures of her everywhere. and then i was hitting and i turn around and there she is. i was just like speechless. i did not know what to do. >> that is so cool. we mentioned, marlo, sunny's form of cancer is rare. >> very rare. >> at st. jude they've done a lot of work? >> a lot of work. integrated team of doctors and nurse who are doing aggressive
8:38 am
therapy. we're also leading the next advance, doing biological studies on the tumor in every child who has that tumor. she has every chance of having lesser side effects than one might expect in this disease. >> the news of being cancer free is so great. >> isn't that wonderful? >> you have a lot to be thankful for. >> only 200 cases in the country. very rare. >> sunny, it's great meeting you. i'm sure it was great for you to meet maria. it was probably great for her as well. thanks for that. >> you have a facebook challenge you're sending out? >> i do. i challenge you, by the way. >> it's a deal. >> #why i'm thankful. i went to my facebook page and put up why i'm thankful. we want you all to say why you're thankful and make a donation to st. jude. come visit me on facebook and do it. you, too. and you, too. >> happy thanksgiving. what a pleasure to meet you. jenna, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> marlo, thanks and congratulations again. martha stewart helps you throw the ultimate
8:39 am
friendsgiving. first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
is brought to you by american express, founding partner of small business saturday. shop small november 29th. we are back at 8:41. as you prepare for black friday, we're hoping you're going to remember to save a few things to buy on small business saturday. this is an effort to get you to spend at those mom and pop store that is often rely on the holiday season to survive. here is nbc's kerry sanders. >> good morning. >> reporter: at a strip mall in florida, the house blend cafe is running on all cylinders, serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. small business owners not only surviving, but thriving.
8:42 am
this is what they call a mom and pop. >> yep. >> reporter: here's mom and here's pop. right? conne connecting with people in their community. >> i like knowing that my money is supporting the community rather than big business in general. >> reporter: in what may sound just plain odd, the house blend cafe uses every penny of their net profits for charity. $20,000 to feed the hungry over the last five years. and now money funding new agricultural systems like this aquaponics farm. does this work? >> it works. you can taste it. it's beautiful. it's good stuff. >> reporter: like the next crop of basil. this goes to feed people who can't feed themselves? >> exactly. >> reporter: what's it like to be a mom and pop business in america? >> it's awesome. >> reporter: but getting to awesome has been a long nine-year journey. it began with money cobbled together from family and friends as well as a bank loan. is that the monkey on the back? >> it was then.
8:43 am
now, thankfully, we're completely debt free, which is fantastic. >> reporter: as any small business owner will tell you -- >> i'm putting away dishes, washing dishes and putting them away. >> reporter: it requires nonstop work. this is multitasking? >> yes. >> reporter: with neighbors spending time here this holiday shopping season. kerry sanders, nbc news, florida. >> joined now by the u.s. small business administration and ceo of american express. good morning to both of you. i love thanksgiving. but i really love small business saturday. ken, you have done such an amazing job. why is this so important, to really emphasize and underscore the small businesses that need our business as well? >> the reality is that small businesses are the backbone of the american economy. and what is absolutely fantastic is to support people who have
8:44 am
the entrepreneurial zeal that they want to make a difference in their local communities and people love supporting their local businesses. >> because this, in a way, is a response to black friday becoming the big box stores. that was the emphasis and everybody gets why that is. but you live this every single day. when you support a small business, there's really a ripple effect for the whole community. >> we've experienced actually 55 months of consecutive job growth. and that growth has come from small businesses. so, we have provided counseling, contracting and access to capital. now with our partnership with american express we can provide them some foot traffic. >> kind of expanding into the night, tell me about that. >> i think what's terrific, we're expanding in two ways. we're going to be in 3,000 communities, 50 states, including washington, d.c. and after you have shopped all day, go to a restaurant -- >> eat a lot. >> -- have a great meal and eat a lot. this is going to be an all day,
8:45 am
all night affair. what's terrific is that people who participate in small business saturday, 77% of them want to shop small all year long. >> they do it so that people feel good about giving back to their local communities and the local businesses that are the backbone. maria, ken, thank you very much. always good to see you. let's send it over to tamron in the orange room. she has more. >> we've been sharing our favorite small businesses. even while he's taping "the voice," carson shared his with us. take a look. >> coolest small little business about ten minutes from my house in port washington on long island called douglas and james. homemade ice cream. it's incredible. you feel like you're in a time machine when you go back to a special place where they make everything by hand. it is worth the trip every time. >> you can see more of these videos we want to hear from you. snap a selfie in front of your store and post it, using the #shop small. savannah, back over to you. >> tamron, thank you.
8:46 am
you know we like to shop, right? the feast before the feast. martha stewart's idea to celebrate what she is calling friends giving. first this is "today" on nbc. 's this mythiaboutlace we talk even though now in pennsylvania we have casinos it's still... there's ac. we're from pittsburgh. no boardwalk. no beach. no sand. it's beautiful twelve months out of the year. it's just a state of mind, it really is. you can't get this feeling anywhere. the ocean breeze and... the beach, the boardwalk, the restaurants, the casinos, music. you feel like you're on vacation when you come here.
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> announcer: thanksgiving with martha is brought to you by macy's. back now at 8:48 with our countdown to thanksgiving. the cast of "friends" may have once again been ahead of their time by spending thanksgiving together. friends giving is catching on across the country, even with one of our "today" show producers. it's a great opportunity to spend time with your buddies even if you plan to head home to your families on thursday. martha stewart is here. >> high favorite holiday of the year. i love it. >> i love turkey. >> i know you do. >> we have fresh killed turkeys
8:49 am
from the local farms coming to my house today. >> you have 35 people coming over for thanksgiving. >> i do. >> what is the secret to preparing for a large group like that? >> preparation and organization, of course. and getting -- i did my shopping already. the cranberries are in the fridge, sweet potatoes, the potatoes, everything is all kind of lined up, ready to make. >> when people throw a friends giving gathering, they often encourage pot luck. >> yeah. >> do you like that? >> no. >> i know you don't. you want to be in control of everything. >> no, no, it has nothing to do with control. i want to give. thanksgiving is a good time to give. and why should my friends have to belabor over a hot stove? i can do that. >> all right. when we seat people at a table, you have a great idea for place cards here. >> yeah. these are fun. and this is just -- again, everybody to bring an old picture of themselves, one from their youth, from when they're babies. this is me looking a little scowly. >> you're not happy there. >> very cute. >> look at you. >> this is the one i chose.
8:50 am
>> what do you do? >> cut that out. this is your place card. that's a pretty nice autumnal color. then you're going to have a little white mat. see how this make it is look very old fashioned? >> right. >> then you stick that on your face card itself. have all this ready so that everybody can make these themselves if they want or have the kid does them up in the playroom. i have a playroom just for the kids this year. >> end up with a cute little place card for everybody. >> let's walk over to our table and join our friends giving gathering. >> wow! >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy friends giving. >> tell us about the table you set here. >> decorations. gourds from the farm stand. we spray painted all the gourds
8:51 am
and pumpkins with spray paint and then we gold leafed them. it looks like they came from fifth avenue and one of those italian jewelers. it looks like real good. place cards. and you had to find your place. you recognize yourself. >> i didn't recognize you. you look like a little pilgrim. >> hoda, say what you said about kathie lee's picture. >> what? >> no, what you said. >> what you said. >> show yours. >> show yours. >> oh, did they have cameras back then? >> ahh. >> and willie said i've come a long way. oh, yeah, you said that. you're right. >> talk about the soup. >> sugar pumpkins that we just glazed with a little bit of butter and put in the oven and a vegetable, vegetarian pumpkin soup. all vegetarian for those people who come.
8:52 am
i never ask people if they have dietary restrictions, not on thanksgiving. >> you don't? >> no. >> you don't care? >> we have enough that everybody can have a good time. >> you can't have a good time if you're throwing up or having a lactic situation. >> urgent care. >> it's always nice at a gatheringing like this to go around the table and talk about what you're thankful for. kathie lee, we'll start with you. >> we have a jar. >> we're supposed to pick them up? >> you have to read someone else's? >> just read. >> this is from martha. thankful to be here with my "today" show friends 20 plus years. amen to that. >> this one is from willie. health, love of my family and friends. >> oh, no. i can't read the signature. oh, matt. >> you thought it was girl's handwriting? >> health and happiness of my family. that's very nice. >> from tamron, my friends and family. >> all right. from klg.
8:53 am
god's -- >> unfailing love. >> unfailing love for me, my family and friends. >> and you guys, too, because you're under the friends part. >> thank you for clarifying that. al, my family, my friends and good health. >> savannah, baby vail. >> yeah. >> and in parenthesis, hubby mike. >> and natalie, family, good health and good friends. >> mine is long. i didn't know it was supposed to be so short. >> mom, two pompoms, sister who can make me laugh so hard i urina urinate. this is lovely. who is so much better than me and -- >> sister-in-law and a dad i will miss. i didn't know i was writing -- >> that's beautiful. >> that was really nice. >> you put some thought into it, unlike everybody else. >> and now we're out of time. >> let's raise a toast, then. here's to friendsgiving, great friends, family members. happy thanksgiving. >> by the way, tomorrow on our
8:54 am
countdown to thanksgiving, turkey three ways and martha will be joined with giada for a look at your holiday menu. we need your help with million meals by christmas digital food drive. head to to learn more. we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart.
8:55 am
all right.
8:56 am
we're back with the full cast for friendsgiving. what's coming up? >> black friday deals. >> and theo rossi. >> sons of anarchy. >> epic season. people are say ago wards. >> and what about you guys, keep drinking? >> we've got an hour to find out. >> we look forward to that. >> why are you dressed in purple? >> because we're royal. you think you're the good morning. i am tracy davidson. we are tracking a storm and the timing is critical for travelers. let's get the first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> tracy, we're going to see that storm system arrive overnight tonight into tomorrow. it will start with rain in the area. this morning, we have clouds overhead. no rain so far, that's offshore. you can see showers that are
8:57 am
lining up on the east coast. that is the wet weather that's going to come our way into tomorrow morning. there's a chance we will see a sprinkle or brief shower in delaware and south jersey, possibly philadelphia early this afternoon. but the steadier rain and snow will hold off until tomorrow. right now, 56 degrees in philadelphia. 53 in trenton. wilmington, 54. a mostly cloudy morning. a chance for sprinkles as we go into the afternoon, then breaks of sunshine during the afternoon. tomorrow morning at 5:00, rain falling across much of the area, as it moves farther to the north and west, the temperatures will be falling. we will see snow developing in the morning hours, then snow will fall in the i-95 corridor by late morning, into the afternoon tomorrow. all eyes are on the radar, and weather reports, especially at penn dot traffic management center. penn dot is ready for the storm. workers equipped the trucks with the latest snow fighting tools.
8:58 am
they got a new ten wheeler that can spread more salt than any other truck. some air travelers are getting help, they're able to change flights with some airlines without penalty. get important information on the holiday storm delivered to your smart phone or tablet with the nbc10 app. it is free, and on our website at another update in 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, november 25th, 2014. the crowds are getting bigger and bigger every day out on the plaza, as people from across the country roll into town for the thanksgiving parade. >> yeah. lot of people in red jackets. 8,000 -- we're talking 8,000 volunteers, 10,000 all told when you talk about participants and the volunteers. >> macy's thanksgiving day parade? that's so cool. >> matt lauer was saying tomorrow's audience on the plaza traditionally the largest of the year. i did not know that. >> nonconcert. >> that's amazing.
9:01 am
>> and before the parade on thursday, it's usually a huge crowd, too and then they roll right into the parade crowd. come on down if you're here. >> we all do a mosh pit thing. >> i did that yesterday. i came out of the balloon. >> you can go first. >> i was shot out of a balloon. do you know how many times i had to hear that yesterday? >> your mom loved it. >> my mother thought it was the best tv that i had done. >> for those of you who didn't see it, go online and check this out. >> it's heavily viewed online. al has been giving me advice and a lot of people impacted by this. >> travel. >> the earlier you can get out because of the storm we have coming up tomorrow. we have this storm system coming up out of the south. it will impact air travel and road travel from basically the southeast all the way to new england over the next 24, 36 hours. it starts down in the southeast, rain. the big problem is going to be people think, well, if i live west, this isn't a problem.
9:02 am
guess what, it's a ripple effect. in fact, airlines, delta, american, united, they've all started to wave change fees so that you can change your tickets now. >> that's good. so this is plane, train, automobile, all affected by weather? >> certainly trains will be least affected. but some areas may pick up 18 inches of snow. so that will affect the rails, clog the switches and all that. so this day -- tomorrow is the heaviest day and then sunday, coming back, is another heavy day. >> seems like murphy's law thing, day before thanksgiving. >> one day of the year. >> look, pack your patience. go online. >> pack snacks for the kids. >> and if you can, change your travel plans. >> get out early. and just realize that there are a lot of other people in this same situation as you. >> right. >> as you look at that map, al, where is the worst of it? >> i would say from washington,
9:03 am
d.c. north and the further away from the coast you get. but new york city may -- and philadelphia may pick up three to five inches. >> wow! will this affect the parade? >> i think it will be cleared off. no problem there. you saw the winter storm watches. >> winds will be gone? that's always a concern with the balloons. >> wind also not be an issue. snow on the ground. people standing on the parade route may have some issues. there are other thanksgiving day parades. >> around the country. >> around the country. of course, this is the most famous, the granddaddy of them all. santa comes in at the end. >> big deal. >> as you're talking about it, i'm sitting here and you have barbie and elsa. >> there's a reason for that. >> good heavens. i've been number one and you knocked me off! what the heck is your problem? >> a dramatic -- ♪ let it go let it go ♪ >> what just happened? >> dramatic scene.
9:04 am
national retail federation survey -- this is breaking news now. "frozen" has dethroned barbie as the top girls gift of this season. barbie has been number one since the survey started. 16% of parents will buy barbies for their girls. >> temporary effect, though, right? >> i don't know. >> how many studies that barbie brand -- there are some studies and articles that have been published that indicate barbie may be on the decline as girls want more independent characters. >> what the heck, tamron? >> girls are drawn to stronger female images, brave, for example, elsa. >>s they why "frozen" did so well. >> absolutely. >> then you get some of those weird sort of -- >> brat dolls. >> brat dolls which --
9:05 am
>> frozen disney dolls move up to number one, two is barbie. three, dolls in general, generic doll, whatever that is. monster high doll. >> which i predict will be moving up. monster high dolls are so popular. >> kind of edgy and number five, of course, american girl. generous donation to our toy drive yesterday. >> barbie needs more edge? >> monster high, they're very popular but american girl is a classic beauty. and it's diverse and it's always there. you were saying that you bought an american girl 20 something years ago? >> we got addie for courtney. courtney is going to be 28. we got addie when courtney was 2 years old. >> really? >> sell that thing on ebay. >> it's a collection. >> they started as books and then they became the doll. >> when you look at that range, you have edgy with monster high but then you have the classic beauty that is american girl. >> that's the girls. here are the boys. number one, lego. >> of course. >> that stays on top.
9:06 am
>> trucks, teenage ninja mutant turtles that have been around a long time because of the movies. >> my brother is 30 and i remember he was obsessed with teenage ninja mutant turtles. >> video games, always. if you have older kids that's number one on their list. >> definitely. >> and hot wheels. >> do you know what was great? he-man. >> what about the stretchy doll? >> stretch cunningham. >> stretch armstrong. >> stretch cunningham was in "all in the family." >> i don't know who stretch cunningham is. >> archie bnker bunker's buddy, was the great character actor, james -- uh. it turned out he was jewish, which we didn't find out until his funeral. >> do they sell a stretch cunningham doll? >> they should. >> they do sell a little version -- stretch dolls.
9:07 am
>> little stressed out. >> james cromwell played stretch cunningham on the old archie bunker. >> not to be mistaken with stretch armstrong, which is what we were talking about. >> got it. i'm following. >> after they get the dolls, the video games, the toys, do they say thank you? >> i hope so. >> do they? >> they've been drilled like marines. >> for the most part. >> i did a birthday party for my son. sleepover, pizza party, the whole thing, not a thank you. i was like, josh, you didn't say thank you. you spent a day and a half with your friends. he said oh, i said thank you to dad. who am i? >> he said it to someone. >> he figured that counts. >> on "time" magazine's website, why kids don't thank you for can gifts. they don't offer you as much gratitude as you would like them to because they expect parents to always be there to serve their needs. >> really? >> kids say they think it's
9:08 am
their parents' responsibility to take care of them. >> yeah. >> unless they know differently, you know. if they're in an unfortunate situation, then to them -- >> see, that's -- >> my parents have always done this for me. >> that's the difference between our parents and us as parents. we would be driving, misbehaving. do you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to start dropping you off one by one. >> where? >> anywhere. you live in fear. you can't expect anything. >> i had to say yes, sir, yes, ma'am. if my mother call immediate and i said what? she would say tamron. i have to say yes, sir, yes, ma'am. >> that's part of our job. our job is to teach people to look others in the eye and say please and thank you. >> and i think he got caught up in the emotion. >> and he thanked dad. >> he figured he got one out of two. >> come on.
9:09 am
>> anyway, let's show you what's going on. we're talking about this storm system. and look at this. winter storm warnings and watches stretching from the carolinas all the way up into new england. and this is going to be kind of the bullseye for the heaviest snow. i-90. i-87, i-95 will all be affected. a lot of people will be having problems. let me time it out for you. rain for the most coastal areas by noon on wednesday. look at this. snow is already falling in new york, as the storm deepens and makes its way up along the coast, we get into the evening hours, the teeth of the storm. snowfall falling at a rate of one to two inches per hour. we'll be watching this. we could be talking about, again, pretty heavy amounts of snow as that storm, thanksgiving day moves off. that's the good news, this is a very quick mover. snowfall amounts generally six to nine inches, but anywhere from three to six inches all the way from philadelphia up into
9:10 am
new york city and then this is the big spot. we're talking interior new england. upwards of nine to 12 inches and maybe isolated 12 inches to a foot and a half of snow. that's wha good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. a mild morning, a mild day, too. we'll see clouds and chance of a rain shower late this afternoon. some breaks of sunshine, temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. tomorrow, we will start with umbrellas. wind up with snow shovels. rain changes to snow as the temperature falls and stays low for thursday and friday, even colder. 38 degrees the high after a morning low of 25. over the weekend, a warmup, near 60 sunday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks so much, al roker. >> up next, thanksgiving two days away. that means only one thing. black friday is only three days away. black friday is only three days away. the top toys
9:11 am
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9:14 am
once you get through the turkey and stuffing on thursday, many of you will be heading to black friday sales. >> toy insider, lori, good morning. >> good morning. >> so many great affordable toys this holiday season. huge deals on black friday. we are going to go shopping! >> perfect. i got my cart. >> roll and learn activity suitcase keeps little travelers busy for hours. inside, we can store clothing and, of course, toys. $34.99. regular price. it will be $17.39 at toys r us. >> elsa. >> we talked about "frozen" effect. >> most popular girl. soft dolls.
9:15 am
we can plug them in with these cool tunes "frozen" headphones. $29.99 regularly. $19.99. you want them all. >> we get them all? >> you're welcome. >> at walmart. >> remember these? >> i do. >> classic fisher-price. so this is our tv tune tv and our music box. >> i remember those. >> teaching clock. it's beautiful. $39.99. it's going to be $19.99 at toys r us. >> don't even remember the dial on the tv. >> they don't. >> classic toy. >> for the boys who love trucks, john deere set is $39.99. toys r us, it will be $24.99. >> $24.99. >> move on over here. look at this. >> staple in the toy box since the early 1900s. it will be $47.99 at amazon.
9:16 am
>> great deal. >> we'll take it. >> look at this. >> what's that? >> big gift of the year, right? >> roboraptor. you can control it with the remote control or smart phone device. usually $79.99. it will be $49.99 at target and games. great for the whole family. >> fit in here. for your nieces, nephews. >> fibber. hedbandz. >> no, take it off? >> go ahead. >> you have to act it out. what you are. >> you're shopping. >> shopping cart. >> around $15. $6.97 at walmart. >> tamron and al? come on. >> it might be worth braving the crowds this black friday if you need electronics. for those who have been naughty and nice. >> natalie morris is a cnbc
9:17 am
krbter. good morning. >> good morning. >> we'll bring some class back into this segment. >> i know. >> let's talk about tablet. >> we can be silly about tablets. this is a silly price you can get at kmart, samsung galaxy, normally $269 on sale black friday, $199. >> the mac book air, i didn't think you would see these on sale. >> almost never see mac books on sale. 11" mac book air, go to best buy. you can get it for $779. that's a good price. they rarely go on sale. >> printer from best buy as well? >> the printer is from best buy, normally $79. it's an all-in-one, scanner, printer, color photo, wireless. $26. >> wow! >> you'll spend more on the cartridges. >> the cartridge will be about the same price, right. >> beats now but they're wireless. >> beats by dre solo. you can get them at radio shack. they're $100 off.
9:18 am
they're normally $169. you can get them for $69. they're just as much an audio product as they are a fashion product these days. >> a step up from the point and shoot? >> yes. this is the nikon high zoom. you're dwth ggoing to get it fo. much better photos than your cell phone. >> x box, $329, mrs. a gift card bring it is down to $279. >> big screen tv. >> $549, going on sale -- 50" panasonic for $199. >> how about this one? >> it comes with your favorite weather man. natalie, thank you so much. >> natalie, thank you. if you have blue eyes or have a family member who does, we have something you'll want to know. i'm sure he's not the only actor that's gotten into the
9:19 am
business to meet girls but theo rossi, or juice, admits it. he admits that's why he got into rossi, or juice, admits it. he admso many gifts to buyt into at so many stores. too bad some cash back cards only let you earn bonus cash back at a few places. then those categories change every few months. sometimes it's drug stores, then it's hardware stores. nothing says "happy holidays" like a shovel. fortunately there's the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase every day. tis the season to ask... what's in your wallet?
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9:23 am
officer darren wilson in the shooting death of teenager michael brown. you'll soon know exactly how many calories you're eating when you order off the menu at chain restaurants and other places. today, the fda announced new rules requiring restaurants that have 20 or more locations to clearly post calorie counts on their menus within a year. the rules also apply to supermarkets that sell prepared food, convenience stores, vending machines, movie theaters and coffee shops. the cdc says even though this year's flu season is off to the slow start, it is important to get your flu shot. unlike last year, there are no reports of widespread flu yet. they expect cases of the illness to peak in january or februaryr shot for anybody 6 months of age or older. people with blue eyes may face a higher risk of melanoma. university of colorado studied 500 children, looking at their dna and sun exposure. those with blue eyes were more
9:24 am
likely to develop moles, especially if they took more vacations at the beach. moles can be a precursor to melanoma later on in life. researchers say it's important to have your moles checked and, of course, to always use sunscreen. honda admits it failed to tell u.s. safety regulators of 700 claims of injuries and death, a violation of federal law. some involve the takata air bags. the automaker is saying it is taking corrective action to make sure it doesn't happen again. they're calling them administrative mistakes. pregnancy not slowing down kate the duchess of cambridge, visiting a children's hospital to launch a fund drive to build a new facility. with staff members and volunteers, along with families who have been helped by the hospice. she and prince william are to appear in new york in just a week. this or that? what do you choose for your thanksgiving plates?
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning. i am tracy davidson. all eyes on the weather the next 24 to 36 hours. let's update with meteorologist bill henley. >> tracy, clouds are overhead. clouds stay with us through the afternoon hours. the wind shifted from yesterday. yesterday's strong southerly winds warmed us up, more of a westerly wind today. we're looking to the south to see the rain that is stretching across the carolinas into the deep south. that is a system that's going to come together along our coast and produce rain to start with tomorrow morning, changing over to snow north and west during the morning tomorrow. right now we're looking at dry conditions in the area, just a chance of a brief shower or sprinkle this afternoon. right now 56 degrees.
9:27 am
still mild for this time of year. temperatures will be falling tomorrow. you can expect area grocery stores to be busy all day today. best advice, get out early, try to beat the crowd. found customers buying turkey, pie, all of the trimmings ahead of the storm and thanksgiving. here is an important reminder. get updates on snow totals and the storm as it moves through the timing, all of it delivered right to your smart phone or tablet with the weather app. free to download. get it now at violent protests played out overnight in ferguson, missouri. some in philadelphia. more expected today. in south jersey, a walking vigil is scheduled for tonight in cherry hill. it has been one year since online gaming became legal in new jersey. an indian group will become the next group and first tribe to
9:28 am
launch internet gambling in the state. after a week long testing period, they received permission friday for a full launch. a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart.
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to "today," tuesday morning, november 25th, 2014. two days before thanksgiving. i'm willie, along with al, natalie and tamron. i've got something great to show you. i think you're really going to like this. couple of people waiting for the tube in london. it's taken a long time. we've all been there on the new york city subway. you have time on the platform. did you ever think to play an imaginary game of ping pong? brilliant. watch this. [
9:31 am
. >> that's pretty good. >> you have to watch the whole video. >> the noise. the sound effects. that's pretty cool. >> getting further and further apart. >> doesn't seem very impressed. >> it would make me nervous. they're right on the edge. >> i would be a little nervous, too. >> that's what i see. they are having fun. it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. i'm a worrier, willie. >> wa, wa, wa. >> debbie downer, thanks so much. >> the man who walked around with a rainbow nose. >> just doing my job. >> you know you're a dad. >> just doing my job. >> willie went radical. >> what's that? >> sending a message. >> okay. >> this is what happens. you have siblings, right? how many siblings do you have? >> i used to have five but --
9:32 am
no, that was pretty -- wow, bam! >> there's more where that came from. >> let's show you what we've got for today. this low pressure system will move up into the coast, bringing this storm system in the northeast. rain, snow and icy mix in the northwest. santa ana winds in southern california. this is the setup for our rough weather. tomorrow here we go. windy conditions. rain, snow, icy mix right close to the coast. another storm system getting itself set up through the upper midwest and a mess in the pacific northwest. things cla s clear out nicely tomorrow, 83 good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. a mild morning, a mild day, too. clouds and chance of a rain shower late this afternoon. breaks of sunshine, temperatures in the 50s, near 60 degrees. tomorrow we start with umbrellas, wind up with snow
9:33 am
shovels. the rain changes to snow as the temperature falls and stays low for thursday and friday even colder. 38 degrees the high after a morning low of 25. over the weekend, a warmup, near 60 sunday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. t hechheo rossi stars in "sf anarchy." >> critical acclaim and a hugely loyal fan base, including tamron. theo rossi, good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> tamron is already like, you've got to tell me what happens. >> just a few more episodes left, right? >> yeah. >> fans are wanting to know. but we're going to try to get what we can out of you. >> the truth, even if i told you guys, you wouldn't believe it. >> really? >> even if i told you, you wouldn't believe it. >> it's that unbelievable? >> it's that unbelievable.
9:34 am
>> you and charlie hunt had an incredible scene last week. a lot of people are talking emmys and all of that. what do you think of all this attention and critical acclaim? >> i think it's terrific. charlie and i -- it was a long time coming, if you know the show. it was just one of these nine-minute, two actors going at it kind of scenes. you don't get to do that a lot. it was almost nine minutes long. it was pretty intense. i'm glad everybody loved it. it's cool. >> it's not always -- doesn't always turn out that way. you started out, you had a guest shot. >> yeah. >> for an episode. and then it becomes this. >> yeah, from diapers to, you know, getting dobermans, foeedig them crank and stuff. >> it works. >> it worked. i started off not knowing if i was going to do one episode or 100. here i am. >> i have questions but i know tamron has more so go ahead. >> no. >> i don't want to take your
9:35 am
time. >> i can't even -- my hands are like sweaty from this. it's such a great show. marilyn manson. >> that's a name i don't want to hear. >> some of the scariest tv. >> yeah. >> what was that like? >> i love m & m, we call him. he's an enormous fan of the show. i know you guys had stephen king on. he's another one who are just huge fans of the show. it's just crazy for me because the scenes i've had to do with him, it's been very rough. but he is such a huge fan of the show. we're such huge fans of him. to have those worlds collide is like super cool. >> he gave you a weird gift, right, after shooting the scene? >> he did. we had a pretty difficult scene we had to shoot, you know. it was a very interesting scene but juice is not made to be in prison. i don't think anybody is, but juice is definitely not made to be in prison. he should be working in radio
9:36 am
shack. and the next day -- >> that's one radio shack. >> that would be a tough radio shack. >> i don't want to go into that radio shack. >> nobody wants to buy stuff there. he showed up the next day and he gave me -- he knew he couldn't give me flowers in front of everybody. lot of testosterone in the cast. he gave me a rose-scented yankee candle. >> didn't see that coming. >> rose-scented yankee candle from marilyn manson? what do you say? thank you. >> it's on my desk. i look at it fondly every morning. >> and you think of marilyn. >> yeah. >> i loved you because we have something in common. both growing up, we wanted to be animators. >> yes, exactly. and i still have dreams that i might be one day. >> why not? >> i thought you said it was because you both tried to pick up girl with his acting. that's what you said in the tease. >> we actually tried to pick them up with animation. it didn't really work out. hey, you want to see my bugs bunny? didn't work. >> no.
9:37 am
it doesn't. it still doesn't. i tried it. maybe woody woodpecker. >> okay. >> there's a way to pick up girls. >> you're smooth. smooth. >> wow! >> you set me up. you set me up. >> awesome. thank you so much. by the way, sons of anarchy airs -- >> we got a snort. >> -- two episodes to go. up next, eat up. >> -- two episodes to go. up next, eat up. your big thanksgiving meal i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara®. it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ... stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara®... ...your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer,
9:38 am
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9:41 am
let's be honest, everybody. you're about to start a good, long season when you indulge at the table. >> when you go for seconds make smart splurges at your thanksgiving dinner. >> here is the test our health smarts registered dietician, contributor to "cooking light" magazine. frances, good to see you. >> hello, frances. >> let's start with the appetizers. >> you know what? >> what choices am i making here? >> spice nuts or cheese and crackers. >> i cannot tear myself away from the spiced nuts. i would think normally -- willie and al. >> i didn't say anything. >> spicy nuts, i like th them. what, have you got a problem? >> no. >> anyway, i'm thinking normally i would say the cheese and crackers only because i would eat less of them. >> just answer the question. >> but i'm going to say nuts. >> sorry, we're out of time.
9:42 am
>> i know. seriously. this is the better pick, natalie. it's because they're lower in calories, lower in saturated fat. >> special recipe, right? >> whatever you pick, do put it on a plate or at least a napkin. you will forget you had this, especially by the time you had your second glass of wine. >> portion control. >> now white or dark meat. >> which would you go for? >> white meat. >> calorie wise, that is the better pick. but the dark meat is actually better for you. it has more iron, more zinc, more b vitamins. it's a little bit juicier as well. whatever you do, take the skin off. >> you're next. thank you very much. >> with the sides here? >> yes. brussels with bacon or green bean casserole that you can't see with all the fried beans or corn casserole? >> brussel sprouts. >> you're good. a lot of people think they should stay away because it has bacon in it, which does contribute some fat and sodium. however, it goes a long way and those brussel sprouts are really darn good for you. they have a lot of anti-cancer
9:43 am
benefits to them. definitely the best pick. >> you dress them up with the bacon, they taste good these days, better than they used to. >> second best is the green beans. starches? >> it's going to be hard to say no to the mashed potatoes but i have a feeling it's these guys. >> no dinner roll, empty carbs right there. white potatoes are lower in calories when you're comparing the potatoes but with the sweet potatoes, you get more beta carotene, potassium. more goodies. >> and they taste good. >> cranberries great for you. however you have them. but this is relish versus a sauce. >> i think a relish. >> relish. >> relish is better, yeah. far less sugar in the relish. this can have almost two cups of sugar in the recipe. we have to cook it down. you're smart. you got three points. >> three for three, natalie. >> very impressive. >> al? >> whatever. >> dessert? >> yes. >> what's the better? >> pumpkin pie. >> you guys, i think they give
9:44 am
you the answers. >> no. seriously. >> 310 calorie. >> red wine. >> no. actually, ding, ding, ding. >> i said that's red wine. >> you're right, it is red wine. versus the pecan pie. you're saving a lot of calories, lot of fat. you do want a little bit of booze with your dinner, right? calorie wise, actually, what are you going to go with? >> the white wine. >> 118 calories for five ounces. i think we have a bigger pour than that. versus 126 for the red wine and mull mulled cider will cost you 290 because of the added sugar. tamron's tuesday ♪
9:45 am
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9:49 am
vhs from 1992. i've kept my vhs in my home just so i can play it. being able to pop a tape in to sweat out the fat or whatever around my house gets me through the day. but i also embrace the digital world. there's a new app, for example, from "the new york times" i am so obsessed with. it's from columnist gretchen reynolds, a seven-minute workout. it gives 12 moves from jumping jacks to squats to planks in just seven minutes. i am obsessed with it. i asked for your tweets on what your favorite workout is. j hill says shaun t's insanity dvd. the exercise breaks from "the biggest loser." i brought in jenna wolfe to talk about this. i feel like the dvd is there. i can pop it in. no muss, no fuss. >> you love doing it. what's the best thing to do?
9:50 am
the best thing to do is do what you love. if you love doing it, you're going to continue to to do it. then you can make it harder, more challenging for yourself. what gets you to workout, tamron, you love the dvds. stick with the dvds and we'll make it more challenging. >> if people don't know, you're expecting. you look amazing, you're still working out through the pregnancy. >> i am eight months pregnant. i did it professional, women who get pregnant do it. everyone should do it. check with your doctor before you start any sort of workout routine, regimen. >> jeanette jenkins, one of my favorites. you picked a move you like from that. >> she has a couple really good moves. if it works for you, then it works. >> what move do you like? >> women really love to work this area right here. she has this move called the pendulum, which you know. i'm going to modify it for people who have bad knees or who can't jump up and down. you start the pendulum. i'm going to work -- squat, kick to the left. squat.
9:51 am
kick to the right. gluts, outside of the thighs, inside of the thighs. >> i do this seven-minute workout. i got it a month ago and i've done it every day because it's only seven minutes. does that really work? >> it works because -- it works because you're doing something. supplement it with some other things throughout the week so you're not only doing one thing. you really want to mix things up, surprise and shock your muscles so they'll work harder for you. >> spot training. i have sexy abs, tight butts. these are the names. tight buns and killer legs. i spot train z wrong to pick up something because it says sexy buns and tight abs? >> obviously it's working for you. as long as you're not working the same muscle group back-to-back days, you're fine to spot train. >> you approve of us having the dvds, just whatever works? >> i approve you using anything that will get you to a place where you're working out, the gym, the pool. absolutely anything. >> quickly, safety. if i'm doing the crunch wrong, how do i know? >> i want you to warm up first,
9:52 am
make sure your muscles are stretched out. get a nice sweat. don't go zero to 60 right off the bat. >> jenna wolfe, thank you very much. for five workout moves from jenna that you can do while you're cooking the turkey, talking on the phone, go to i'll list a couple of my favorite dvds. i still have heart for cindy crawford. >> what year? 1992? oh, my goodness. >> i love this
9:53 am
9:54 am
we're very excited about our 21st annual toy drive. we've delivered $26 million in donations brightening up the holidays for so many in need. joining us, senior vice president for kohl's has a very generous donation for us. thank you so much for being part of this. what do you have for us this morning? >> first of all, thank you for having me. we're absolutely thrilled to be here, thrilled to be representing kohl's. and giving back is essential to
9:55 am
the culture of kohl's. each year we donate $50 million to children's education and welfare in the u.s. we donated more than $20 million since we've been partnering with you to support the toy drive. so thank you. >> thank you. >> this year you have some goodies. >> i do. i'm so excited. i brought along dumbo and many of his friends from our disney collaboration are available in our stores as well as on kohl' $5. all the proceeds go to charity. >> great. what a classic. >> i know. it's like you can't help but want to play with his ears. >> thank you so much. and thank you to kohl's. as i told you in the break, i've been a kohl's freak. we have one near our house now. >> and you're using kohl's cash. >> i am. hoda and kathie lee are coming up. first your local
9:56 am
good morning. i am tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> tracy, cloudy skies today extend into the pocono mountains. we're looking at gray skies for much of the day. still mild outside. even above freezing in the pocono mountains where snow is on the ground. rain to the south we're watching for tomorrow that will start as rain in the morning, but as temperatures cool down, especially in northern and
9:57 am
western areas, we will see accumulating snow. snow will start fall in the morning and continue through most of the afternoon tomorrow, parts of delaware and south jersey only see rain. this morning, only seeing temperatures well above freezing, even the pocono mountains, 42 degrees. it is 53 in trenton. holding at 56 in philadelphia. some airlines are letting passengers change flights ahead of the storm. american airlines allowing passengers with flights for tomorrow to rebook today or tomorrow for free. delta letting them rebook for tomorrow, thursday and friday. all eyes on radar and weather reports, especially at the penn dot traffic management center. penn dot says they're ready for the storm. they're equipped with the latest snow fighting tools. and penn dot got a new ten wheeler that can spread more salt than any other truck. stay on top of the storm on your smart phone or tablet with the nbc10 weather app.
9:58 am
a free download, available on our website. i am tracy davidson. we will have another local update in 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show. thanks for watching. ♪ [instrumental music] ♪ ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. guess what, it is booze day, tuesday. november 25th. lots going on today. barbara corcoran is back in the house. you know what that means. >> i love when you and barbara corcoran go at it. because you get a glint in your eye and she does too. >> it is a competition. you asked us to help you get better curb appeal. she's the expert. i'm only an amateur. >> you enjoy it. >> we look a little too onsie today. >> the bottom of my dress is
10:01 am
black. we apologize, all right. it has been a busy day. >> the twinsy thing. i like when we dress in the exact same color. this is the time of year we start gaining weight. we recruited two viewers to cut the creep so the pounds don't start piling up. there they are. wow, she's a little thing, isn't she? >> yes. >> we're going to try kathie lee's sister-in-law, sandy. >> she's here and her recipes for her amazing pies are in "good gifts", available now. >> this book -- >> i want to let everybody know, i didn't know how many of these to print. we self-published it because i want everybody to go to the salvation army. anyway, i asked family and friends to -- and bianca, our stylist here, lots of fun people, joy bauer, reed alexander, to contribute. so we only ordered a certain amount and i think they're
10:02 am
almost out. so order it in time for christmas. thank you, sandy. >> here is another tradition you may not be familiar with. a chocolate turkey. three pounds of chocolate. it is $100 at the chocolate company in portland, oregon. >> it is pretty -- it looks ceramic. do they want you to -- >> it looks like you're not supposed to eat it. >> go ahead, hoda. >> all right. >> rip off a wing. you know you want it. >> you winged it. >> it is like the ear of the bunny rabbit. okay. i'll taste. >> you're the expert in chocolate. >> good. >> good? hoda and i, as we do every year, went yesterday to the new york city rescue mission. it is the oldest rescue mission in the country. it goes back to 1862 or '72. very old. they provide food, shelter and clothing to the neediest of new york city since 1872. >> we had such a great time. by the way, they were such nice
10:03 am
people. we got to meet such beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people. it was just really one of those days that you feel like, again, you went and served somebody, but you ended up walking away with so much. >> they just built a new woman's level on it, just for women, which is fantastic. they were really raising money the last couple of years. turns out a woman who had been a nun, then got married, always sent $100 here and there, here and there, she passed away, went on to her reward, and in her will, guess how much she left the mission? $6.2 million. >> is that amazing? they got this check and they must have been like is that the woman who is always giving us a hundred dollars. >> awesome. >> bette midler is in the news. she sat down for an interview with the telegraph and they were asking her about pop stars and the porn fiction they call it of pop music. >> favorite songs. >> all my favorite songs.
10:04 am
well -- >> you got to listen to the lyrics, hoda. >> bang bang. >> hoda. >> it makes you feel good, the rest of it is just -- >> okay. >> so here's the quote from bette. it is always surprising to see someone like arianna grande with that silly high voice, a very wholesome voice, slithering around on a couch looking so ridiculous. it is silly beyond belief and i don't know who is telling her to do that. >> and then she continued on. i don't know where you're going to go from all that sex in your 20s. i don't know how you sustain it. >> bette always did her own thing. whatever she wanted, you know, she did her own -- >> she was bawdy. she is still very bawdy, but wasn't vulgar. i think she thinks some of the stuff happening today has gone over the line to vulgarity. i'm not saying about arianna, i didn't see her thing on the couch, but i think in general, she's right. >> she does have advice for singers. she said trust your talent. you don't have to make a whore
10:05 am
out of yourself to get ahead. >> just balk becauecause it wore and hoda. >> want to hear the cutest thing in the world, a little 4-year-old boy, he has a crush, his name is bennett. he likes a girl named bailey. look how darling he is. >> he decided to write a love letter and asked his mom for help and so this is what he dictated. here's his letter. >> will you please come to my house? let's play together. i think you are pretty. like a horse. or a lady bug. i'm not sure which. you should come to my house and eat cheese with me. i love you. and i think i would like to do a magic trick for you and let you watch me battle robots. love bennett. >> the most beautiful letter. anyway, we did speak with his mom. she hopes this new fame might help bennett in the bailey department. she apparently doesn't have much interest in the kid.
10:06 am
but she said it is a welcome distraction because he's been battling cancer since he was 6 months old. he has to continue going to an oncologist. >> he's doing very well and his 5-year-old birthday is coming up. his final appointment is coming up as well. they hope to hear he's cancer free. he'll have a party, hoda. and bailey has rsvp'd yes. >> she's going to wear a princess outfit. we can't wait to see. i hope they send us a picture. so, you know old spice, very, very clever ads. >> my dad's cologne, i love it. >> here is the new one. it is a commercial and a musical, about how parents react when they see their son turning into a man. take a look. ♪ yesterday he was laying in his room you'll be using it for storage pretty soon ♪ ♪ he's a man he's a boy ♪
10:07 am
♪ just let him go he needs his toy ♪ ♪ i can't stop crying tears of joy ♪ ♪ old spice >> i miss moustapha. a little bit. >> here's what's interesting. joanne said she cried during that. we were expecting to break out the kleenexes. and instead it was kind of weird. all right. okay. >> we have to watch the whole thing. >> we will. here is the survey out about what men find sexy. what kind of clothing do you think men find sexy. it may not whab you abe what yo expecting. >> a lot of people think it is lingerie but it is not. it is a sports jersey. >> i wonder if it is us wearing their sports jersey. >> i had that thing on for years, hasn't worked. >> hasn't worked?
10:08 am
>> men said it combined their two favorite things. >> yes. oh, yes. jerseys they won before and, you know -- >> uh-huh. >> why are we sitting like that? >> i don't know. >> so unkooth. others, party dress, skinny jeans, that was us this morning, by the way. i was taking a picture of kathie lee in her -- i don't even understand that. okay. anyway. >> so what you to like to see your man in? >> i like jeans. i love jeans. i like a t-shirt. i like jeans and a t-shirt. >> i like jeans. i like frank best in jeans and white crisp white shirt and great shoes. i love that. >> what about when they walk out? i saw boots in a tux for the first time. really great. i got to tell you, a guy in a tux -- >> with his tie a little untied. >> oh, now you're going there. >> mm-hmm. >> all right. >> all righty. what else we got going on? >> we have to tease. it is time to go, because you have some competition coming up.
10:09 am
>> friendly competition. >> look at barbara. you think it is friendly with her? >> oh, great. >> we're going to bring more curb appeal to your home. barbara looks like she's ready for the battle. she looks -- >> she's a little whack job. >> oka ♪
10:10 am
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today i'll show you the best way butterball turkey from walmart. and i'll show you the best way to nap. roast it upside down for the first hour... lay like this for the first hour... ...then flip it... ditto! ...for the juiciest turkey yet. walmart has everything you need, for your thanksgiving meal, at unbeatable prices. it is time for another edition of our curb appeal face-off with "today" real
10:13 am
estate contributor and good friend -- >> great friend. >> barbara corcoran. >> small changes can make a big difference. so we went to work on the photos you sent us of your homes in need of a little exterior makeover. >> if you were going to invest in one thing to change the exterior of your home, what is the one thing? >> front door. first impression, bam, hits you in the face. paint it, trim, knockers, make it look important. >> knockers are nice. >> i knew you were going to say -- >> you're so filthy. >> house number one sent in by dave and eileen from bloomington, indiana. they're looking to add the right touches to their home. >> this is a lovely house. big old colonial, brick house, what everybody really wants. what is wrong with it, it doesn't look important. so i knocked out that door, replaced it with a window, put a double door on the side, put -- >> that's pretty. >> thank you for saying so. and all i did was paint the shutters a little deeper and put in a few shrubs. easy fix.
10:14 am
look how important and columns. >> all right. kath, what did you do? >> i don't remember. >> here's what you did. oh, yeah. that's -- >> that's sort of nice, i guess. >> i don't know. i added window boxes, i made it more -- the shrubbery bothered me. added a walkway. it is nice when you go in a front door to have a little cover. >> there is no railing. you forgot about the railing. >> okay. >> so -- >> just saying. >> okay. >> that looks like kath -- barbara won that one. >> our facebook fans vote on which one. >> i decided who wins. >> no, you do not. >> all right. let's move to house number two sent by sheryl, her e-mail said one word, help. >> she should say help. this house just looks plain. the front door on the garage looks like it should have graffiti on it, no color, no life to it. i simply jazzed it up. i fixed up the front door with a
10:15 am
little porch, stealing your idea, of course, kathie. front porch, your only trick in the game. but i replaced that garage door with two little ones, with nice windows and added some shrubbery. easy fix. >> kath what did you do? >> i -- let's see it. i did the same thing with the -- i put a coupala over the door. >> definitely kathie lee won that one. okay, number three. i'm the judge. this one comes from martha. martha and chevy chase. >> this is a snap. all this house needs is to be finished. it looks like somebody started a decorating job and left midstream. what i did is i took out the door, moved it to the right, put a double door and i simply converted that god awful car
10:16 am
porch, whatever it was, into a real porch and added shrubberies. you can do this for under $5,000. bam. >> i think you have a theme going on with the thing over the double doors. >> let's see what kath did. >> i don't remember. look. >> i built in -- to give it a little privacy on the -- if you can put nice little rockers or little, you know, cozier place to be. >> nobody would visit you there. i don't care how good your rockers are. forget about it. >> rockers. >> now we'll have our facebook fans decide on. it is tied 1-1. >> what do you think? >> i'm torn on that one. we have a tie. we'll leave it to the facebook fans. >> who is the nicer human being. >> go to >> no, i don't want -- i don't want boxing gloves. those are hers. >> i want a new judge. >> you beat the --
10:17 am
>> you want a new judge? kathie lee just won. okay. bam. that's what i say. bam. >> thank you, barbara. you can tell your holiday guests when it is time to go or no boyfriend or girlfriends invited? are you allowed to say those things. >> thanksgiving day questions answered right after this. and the winner of this year's superstar... (coughs) coughing can really be disruptive. with a record breaking fifty million votes, your superstar is... that's why there's delsym. delsym helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours with an advanced time release formula for all day or all night relief. up to twice as long as other cough liquids. so the only sounds you'll hear are the ones you want to hear. bianca! (cheering) delsym. silence is relief. and now for a limited time try delsym for free, with mail in rebate.
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now, with your delicious butterball turkey from walmart, roast it upside down for the first hour... do this for the first hour... then flip it. ditto! ...for the juiciest turkey yet. next you...(sniff, sniff)...oh never mind. walmart has everything you need for your thanksgiving meal, at unbeatable prices, guaranteed by savings catcher. in just 48 hours, you'll probably be spending time with the ones you love or perhaps some of the ones you're not that
10:21 am
fond of. >> either way, a little help from the etiquette department can always help your thanksgiving day dinner go much more smoothly. we love this guy. thomas bartley, aka mr. manners, is the founder of what matters good to see you again. >> so many questions and responses on the hot topics. our first question is from a viewer who wants to know how long after we eat can i kick everyone out and change into my sweats? perfect question. how long? >> well, let's face it, we all spend a lot of time preparing that thanksgiving meal. you're not running a fast food restaurant. don't rush people. let them enjoy the fruits of your labor. by the same token, if you feel like they're overstaying, you break out the coffee, that's the first sign that the night is coming to a close. they don't get the hint, say, you really need to let this person get some rest, she's been preparing all day, let's get out of her way. you don't want to be the bad guy, let somebody else do it for you. >> next question. how do you tell guests no girlfriends or boyfriends, only
10:22 am
family? >> this one takes me a little bit by surprise. thanksgiving is one of these holidays where we want to welcome outsiders, all comers should be welcome. >> you want to because you're a nice person. >> and you never know when the flavor of the month may turn into the wife for life. so you're turning her away and not making her welcome in the household is really -- you're potentially laying the ground work for a bad relationship that could be long-term. >> a couple of hours. >> couple of hours. she will mingle with everybody, as long as she's not a surprise guest, she should be announced and they should bring some additional food. >> don't you think you can tell so much about a person if they help? >> absolutely. >> if they offer to help, clean their plate, offer to do the dishes. >> just sitting there. >> yeah. >> here is somebody from pennsylvania. this viewer says -- this is a good one. the thing i worry most about is how to politely avoid talk of politics and the residual resentment that may come with
10:23 am
the awkward and heated conversations. a lot of people don't agree and nothing can kill a table quicker. >> two taboo topics, deeply opposing sides. this is usually something that has gone on for years where those two will be, you know, facing each other and squaring off. you know it is an issue, speak to one of the people before and say, look, for this thanksgiving, can we please not go there? if it happens anyway, just quickly change the topic. don't let it take seed. >> just talk about sex. that's all that's left. >> viewer expresses a sentiment many of you have shared. what if you just don't feel like gathering for the simple reason you just want to stay home and do what you personally please? why is it that in-laws take it personally? we will all be together for christmas. can't we just take a breather this year? >> i think it is tricky for a lot of families because these holidays are so closely bunched up. it is a shame that they're not spread out a little bit more. feels like you're just done with thanksgiving and christmas comes. i've embraced the opportunity.
10:24 am
how often do we get to see family throughout the year. you're not going to get to talk to the same people at thanksgiving as you do christmas or hawn withnukkah. embrace it the best you can. accept it and not turn it away. >> cher one time had a big dinner at her home for thanksgiving. tons of people. she just wasn't in the mood so she stayed upstairs. >> she did? you're kidding. >> i would love to do that on occasion. >> you have great thanksgivings. you invite whoever is around, whoever is at -- >> i do believe in bringing in -- we call them strays. people that don't have a place to be. >> we'll see you again. >> yes. >> tomorrow. >> we'll talk about the holiday dinner seating chart. that is something. >> tomorrow morning going to the food bank and feeding the hungry. wonderful young man. how will these two ladies keep the pounds off during the holiday eating season. >> madelyn fernstrom will help you. and then cut the creep. and from the woman who helped bring you sex and the city and he's just not that into you comes a new romantic comedy
10:25 am
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during walmart's 1-hour guarantee on the top gifts. 7-inch rca tablet this is amazing! $29 bucks?! you've got this. melissa! get this rca tablet for just $29 this thursday. don't take a chance with christmas. get the 1-hour guarantee. walmart. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's be thankful for the weather that we have today. it's warm out there. let's get our forecast from bill henley. >> today is an excellent travel day. tomorrow is going to be tricky,
10:27 am
especially north and west of the city. we will start with rain and snow. this morning it's just clouds. mostly cloudy skies for philadelphia. we will continue into the afternoon. the temperatures are above freezing right now. 56 degrees in philadelphia, 58 in atlantic city. into the low 50s north and west. allentown and pottstown right at 50. mostly cloudy skies, westerly winds to 12 miles an hour. rain holds off until tomorrow morning. expect area grocery stores to be busy today. our advice, get out early and try to beat the crowds. we found customers buying turkeys, pies and all the trimmings ahead of the holiday storm and thanksgiving. get the most important information on the holiday storm and delivered to your smart phone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. it's free to download on our website at violent protests overnight in ferguson, missouri.
10:28 am
protesters took to the streets of philadelphia and more demonstrates are expected today. two rallies are planned for this afternoon in philadelphia and south jersey. a walking vigil is set for tonight in cherry hill. helping thousands of people across the area celebrate thanksgiving. 102.9 wmgk's morning house hosted his annual turkey drop at love park this morning. the turkey drop benefits city team philadelphia who provides food and services for families. a full hour of news in 30 minutes. we will see you then. revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life.
10:29 am
we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
10:30 am
hoda is making me crazy. we're back on this booze day tuesday with more of "today" and a new movie about to hit the big and small screen all at once. >> the movie is about a young woman who is hit by a car and in need of a little surgery. the problem is she's alone and has no one to take care of her. >> so who would you turn to, family, friends or perhaps an ex-boyfriend? >> what? >> that's what leslie bibb's character franny did in the new film "take care." >> you know franny. >> yeah. >> he's going to be my primary caregiver. >> what? you're taking care of her? for how long? >> hard to say. >> ballpark? >> i'll tell you, here's what i'm comfortable saying to you. anywhere between six weeks and 27 years. does that work for you? >> such a cute movie. >> we love it.
10:31 am
leslie plays franny, here with liz tucello. it is fun to watch the two of you. >> doing an indy film together, it is going to make the best of friends or the worst -- >> your directorial debut. you're affiliated with two big movies we know a lot about, "sex and the city" and "he's just not that into you." >> what was it like driving this bus? >> it was terrifying. everyone talked about it, the first film-making experience being horrifying. everyone is looking at you. >> we would show up at her apartment and we would do rehearsals and it was a real labor of love. >> it helps to surround yourself with a ton of friends who know what they're doing. >> yes, everybody there was much more experienced than me, which was fantastic for me. >> people like to be asked, help me, tell me what -- am i doing this right? people respect that. >> a lot of nyu students because
10:32 am
they know money. you have all these kids that would show up and they were amazing. >> the concept is interesting. your ex-boyfriend is going to help you through a very difficult time. >> he owes me. my sister is in new jersey. >> you were smart not to go with her. >> why does he owe you? >> he owes me because i nursed him through cancer and when he got better, he dumped me. and -- >> that's terrible. >> that's terrible. so right when this accident happened, he just sold his company for $6 million to yahoo!. so he has -- it is not about the money, it is just, like, i helped you. >> timing was terrible. >> and he's got a new girlfriend. >> yes. and i think a little bit of her -- perhaps a little unfinished business. >> always. that's the predictable part.
10:33 am
you want the two of you to get together. >> we were scared. you're dealing with murky territory because he does have a girlfriend and that's -- you want -- >> life is murky, young one. >> she'll get you. be careful. >> i like the young one. i'll take it. >> you're happily dating someone, aren't you? >> yes, wonderful tim rockwell. >> how is that? >> how long have you been together? >> seven years. >> still dreamy eyed. >> aim super cuckoo for him. >> we're going to play a little gam game. tips on dating, dos and don'ts. >> she calls herself a relationship know it all. >> i know something. i think i know something. >> that's true, that's true. >> online dating, is it worth
10:34 am
its time or a waste? >> worth its time. i just -- >> it is worth its time. >> i would say it is worth its time, but it is a numbers game. the more people you meet, the more chances you'll meet somebody. >> kim bibb met her husband on >> before you date, liz, do you think you should stalk the person online or have a blind date. >> you shouldn't. you should go in fresh. but you do because it is right there, a keyboard, are you crazy? >> i like her honesty. >> you to do a little google search. >> wait, do we have any extra time. >> he's saying good-bye. >> oh, no! >> we don't want you to leave. >> rejection issues. >> all right. listen, adorable movie. we wish you all the best. where can people see it? >> it opens in theaters and on
10:35 am
demand on december 5th. perfect for the holidays. cozy up. >> yes. >> all right, madelyn fernstrom is ready to help you and these two ladies from packing on the pounds this holiday season. >> get ready to -- cut the creep right after this. lines, wrinkles and those little sunken places? not anymore! from l'oreal, revitalift triple power moisturizer. with 3% pro-xlyane l'oreal triple fights all three dimensions of aging: one...repairs wrinkles two...refirms contours three...replenishes facial volume and now, l'oreal triple power night mask. the intensive benefits of a mask in a night cream. see visible results in just one night. who doesn't want that? l'oreal triple power day and night. we're worth it! ♪ ♪ bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
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10:39 am
rich, chewy caramel rolled let me know if this gets too hot rolo. get your smooth on. all right, guess what time it is, hoda. >> what? >> it is time to cut the creep. where wh when are we going to get it right? we gain an average of one to two pounds between thanksgiving and new year's. and the bad news is those pounds are the hardest to lose. >> here to keep you on the right track is nbc news health and nutrition editor and our friend madelyn fernstrom. >> you know who's funny, the cut the creep music, right before madelyn fernstrom. >> we found women who needed
10:40 am
help from keeping the pounds from piling on during the holidays. let's get started. our first lucky lady, 44-year-old mom of six, her name is andrea. come on out. >> here she comes. >> all right. >> hi, andrea. >> we're going to learn a little bit about you, why you want to prevent weight gain from happening. let's look at andrea's story. >> i have six kids and i'm constantly consumed with their activities and i work as a param paramedic. by the end of my day, i'm way too tired to go to the gym. easily over the holidays i can add on five pounds. i always make sure my family has great home cooked meals, with lots of homemade breads, pies, cookies and cannoli. i love lasagna and sauce and anything with cream. who doesn't? i hope this year i can finally keep the weight off while enjoying time with my family. >> andrea. >> brave lady. >> tell us what happened so far, madelyn.
10:41 am
she decided she was going to participate with us. and tell us why you want to make this effort now. >> i want to avoid gaining any more weight during the holidays. we celebrate as a family. we all eat a lot. >> a lot of mouths to feed. >> yes. >> you stepped on a scale. it is not easy for anyone to do, even in the privacy of your own bathroom and you jiggle around. i've done it on the scale. >> you don't jiggle though. >> you move like this. so she took a step on the scale, right? >> before we get to that, let's introduce -- we have andrea, 218. it is not about -- it is not about your absolute weight. you want to just not gain. we're only going to look at up or down the rest of the series. >> we'll help you out. don't you worry. next up, 32-year-old nicole. come on out. nicole is here. hi, nicole. great to see you. all right, nicole is here. we're going to find out why nicole is ready to cut the creep. we'll take a look. >> i'm a stay at home with two
10:42 am
young boys and i'm frequently running between one activity to another. that means i don't have time to take care of myself. i don't always like the way i look, so i make sure i'm hidden in pictures or just don't take pictures at all. during the holidays, i love eating foods that are high in carbs. what is better than a good pizza with some butter on it? fried meat pies, savory pieces of ham and turkey. yum. that means inevitable weight gain and with the holidays coming up, i dread watching the number on the scale slowly go up. >> yeah. nicole is here with us. it is difficult. you're listening to all the things in nicole's piece about the little things you like to indulge in. >> this stuff is everywhere. >> the thing is, you can go smartly. the holidays are not about deprivation. we live our world of cheesecake and cannoli and stuffing. how do you manage to not gain,
10:43 am
still indulge. >> you stepped on the scale too. let's look at nicole's weight. and her weight is 137. wow. what's your gripe? she's very petite. 4'11". she had her struggles. that's why we have good tips. >> creative ways you think we can make things a little bit low cal. >> thanksgiving, you want to get rid of all the high calorie things like stuffing and things. little containers, bags, everything else. here we have pumpkin pie. what do i do with this? you each have a little -- i want you to tell me, if you make a helpful and lower calorie yogurt parfait. so if you make a parfait with greek yogurt and layer it with leftover pumpkin pie, what do you think this serving is. take a guess. this is greek yogurt and a scoop of -- the question is, what does
10:44 am
this parfait have in terms of calories? how many calories in this? >> 120. >> 150. >> we're going 150. >> it is 150. >> we were right. >> i'm getting by my teammate. >> half the calories of pumpkin pie. how about leftover turkey. a sandwich is boring with the other vegetables and things. don't forget about the green bean casserole, here you have a frittata. the question is, how many calories in this serving? how many calories? this is one serving. it is eggs, turkey. >> 170. >> and your team would be right. >> 275. it is eggs, it is --
10:45 am
>> just time for one quick guess to wrap it up. >> potato puff. one serving, help yourself. would you like one of these? >> yes. >> how many calories in one puff? mashed potato puffs. not fried. they're baked. >> 50 calories each. >> 100. >> easily 100. >> 50. you're right. 50 calories for one. >> so good. >> they are good. >> coming up, my beautiful sister-in-law is whipping up a sweet treat in our kitchen just
10:46 am
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today we shine a light on kathie lee's new book called "good gifts." one year in the heart of a home. this book is a celebration of love, life, laughter, food and faith where kathie lee chronicles the 20th anniversary of life in the giffords' connecticut home with recipes,
10:51 am
beautiful memories and scripture, passages with beautiful photos. the book is exquisite. it is one of those books that when you open it, you can't wait to flip the next page. >> i had a ball doing it and sandy, my beautiful sister-in-law, i like to call her, is one of the greatest bakers in the history of the world. i asked her, she always comes to our house on thanksgiving and brings these very, very pies. >> sandy's custard pies. >> she's here with us today. happy birthday yesterday. >> thank you. >> what is going on? >> custard pies are great. you can do a lot of things with it. we'll make coconut custard and chocolate pie. basically you start with a can of evaporated milk and half a cup of water and while you have that, you go and get the whipping cream. we'll put -- >> where is it?
10:52 am
>> in the refrigerator. that way. >> it looks like whipped cream to me. >> kathie lee, you have to get to work here too. you have three eggs and put the sugar in. >> that's not whipping cream. >> you want heavy cream, right? >> a big bowl in there. >> oh. >> oh. >> and -- >> should we close the door? >> start whipping. >> whip, whip. you have one there. you can whip all the ingredients. >> before -- that's hoda's job. before this comes to a boil, you have to whip this together and then you pour it into -- >> folding. >> milk and three eggs and whip it together, and then you're going to pour it into this -- >> can i pour this in? >> no, no, no. don't do that. >> then what? >> then we'll move over here. pour that in here. all right. all right. this is quick.
10:53 am
then you go over here, we'll pretend -- >> then you keep stirring it until it thickens. >> how long am i whipping this? >> i'll move you over. once you whip it, this is as if it is thickened. you got it? >> once it is thickened, you are going to add your butter, and -- and your -- and then you're going to do that and then you want chocolate. chocolate. if you want coconut, you do coconut. then when it is done, wait, you pour it in here. >> look at them. look at them. >> this is coconut custard and put the whipped cream -- >> she worked so hard. >> sugar and vanilla. >> cool whip.
10:54 am
>> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> if you want a copy of good gifts, go to good gifts, all the profits go to kathie lee's shine a light foundation. >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:55 am
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10:57 am
we're kicking off our toy drive next week. >> one of the generous donors is connie tang, the president and ceo of princess house with her daughter cassidy. >> so beautiful. >> this isn't your first time donating. why do you feel it is so important, connie? >> princess house's dna is on sharing and sharing the love. teaching how to cook healthy is the key. this year we doubled our donation to over half a million dollars. >> your daughter, cassie. >> she loves to cook.
10:58 am
>> thank you, both, so much. >> to make a donation, go to for de
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, first alert radar is following a storm system that is moving up the coast. it is set to bring us rain, snow and travel troubles on thanksgiving eve. we are following developments after a night of unrest in ferguson, missouri, following a decision not to indict an officer in the shooting death of an unarmed teen. we will have more on ferguson coming up. first, it's shaping up to be a treacherous day tomorrow. much of our region could get a few inches of accumulating snow. we have live team coverage. nbc 10's jesse gar


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