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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  November 28, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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i like the rush. i like all the crowds. honestly. >> you are a happy woman today. right now, shoppers are swarming area malls and stores. did the early start to the gift buying season create less chaos? let's take a live look from one shopping mecca in montgomery county. good morning. walmart has now been open for 29 hours. they started their black friday at 6:00 a.m. yesterday. nbc 10's monique braxton live at the walmart.
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it looks like people are still there. >> reporter: that's right. the manager tells us this has been a shopping marathon. at one point yesterday, he had to shut the doors, close the store down because so many people were buying plasma tvs. >> the tv is 30% off. so that's $200. toys are usually on sale. >> i looked online. i tried to find out the best deals, where they are at. >> reporter: shoppers aren't just checking their list twice, they are also serving the web for the best price possible. >> it's only $79. >> reporter: that's a tablet? >> yes. 10 inch. >> reporter: how much do you think you saved by coming here? >> reporter: a whole lot. usually, tablets go for, like, $400, $500. >> reporter: the electronics department was bustling. what can shoppers expect today as far as catching a good deal?
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>> everybody is getting ready to put on their christmas trees now. lights. today is the day from 6:00 a.m. to noon, we have 30% off on all christmas trees and lights. 30% off on select tvs. we have other electronic items, fisher-price toys. >> reporter: a spokesperson tells us black fridays have changed. more stores are open thanksgiving and the bargains offered on cyber monday capture those who prefer to shop in the comfort of their home. but we found some traditional bargain hunters, like cookie, with three teens in the crowd early this morning. what kind of deals did you get? >> a good deal. i got a 46-inch basketball court for $80 and a bench made for $60. it comes with everything. >> reporter: how much money do you think you saved? >> about $300. >> reporter: i asked the manager, how are customers paying for the presents this
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year? he said some are using cash, credit or debit cards. he told us march wart walmart i specials on credit cards that have no interest. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. people in camden county are hitting the mall searching for the best black friday deals. jesse gary spent the morning at the cherry hill mall. >> reporter: 24-plus hours of shop until you drop still going strong here in cherry hill. people checking out the deals. experts say the best way to get the most for your money is to come with a plan. that prevents impulse buying. we pound betsy of mount laurel who says she did that. she came with a plan. >> i'm not standing outside for seven hours in the rain and snow or whatever to get headphones. we went online. we got them early. use your target card and you get 5% off. >> reporter: experts say a lot of the big retailers are offering price match. you won't have to run from store
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to store. this mall will close at 10:00 tonight. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. black friday shopping continues across the region. nbc 10 at the philadelphia premium outlets in montgomery county. the stores opened at 6:00 last night and stay open tonight until 10:00 p.m. black friday sales caused chaos overseas. that is really bad. customers, as you saw there, knocked over and trampled. this is in london. police were called to at least four stores in the city because of overcrowding. although, black friday is an american phenomenon. it's gaining popularity in the uk. sales began there at midnight and included 70% off deals.
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shoppers were out in force on thanksgiving in search of bargains in stores and online. they say sales were up 12% versus last year as of 9:00 p.m. last night. smart phones and tablets made up nearly half of online traffic. they accounted for nearly 40% of total sales. the average order, $130. that's down slightly from last year. for the third straight year, a group of walmart employees plan to protest on black friday. organizers say they will stage protests at 1,600 stores or a third of walmart's u.s. locations. they are seeking higher wages, $15 an hour, and a fairer work schedule. walmart claims the majority of protesters are actually union reps or paid protesters. nbc has you covered. go to our home page and click on the link for the holiday gift guide.
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a live look right now at another place that should see black friday shoppers. this is market street in center city. the day got off to a freezing start in most of our area. now the wind making it feel colder out there. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast. >> it's been a cold start to the black friday. temperatures still cold, especially in the poconos. 33 in allentown. we have warmed into the high 30s at least for philadelphia. 39 in wilmington. 38 currently in millville. the feels-like temperature, it feels like it's 31 in philadelphia, feeling like 22 in pottstown, 12 degrees in the poconos. we are going to see more sunshine today. don't let that fool you. it's going to stay cold throughout most of today. well below average for us, with our temperatures only warming into the 30s as we head into the rest of today. a few locations will push into
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the 40s, but it's going to take us a while to get there. by noon, 39. we start to see temperatures dropping by 4:00 p.m., back down to 37. by 8:00 tonight, still feeling like we're in the low 30s, even the high 20s with the windchill, our actual temperature at 8:00 p.m., 31. we will drop below freezing by your evening hours. keep that in mind as you are making plans. warmer temperatures on the way. i will go over details in my first alert seven-day forecast. >> thank you. please in austin, texas, shot and killed a man who they say opened fire on buildings there. the assistant chief said bullets hit police headquarters and the building was evacuated. an officer outside saw the gunman and shot him. no officers were hurt here. the man's suv was nearby. the bomb squad used a robot to determine if there were explosives in the car. no explosives were found. the motive is still being investigated. police believe due to the
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building's he targeted, the man may have had anti-immigration sentiment. this morning a woman is recovering after firefighters saved her from a burning building in atlantic city. this happened at an abandoned complex yesterday evening. firefighters found the woman inside. she had no pulse. she gave her cpr and were able to revive her. fire chief believe she and others may have been in the building illegally. >> they had to generate their own heat. they probably lit a fire or did something, candles, something to that nature. you fall asleep. if you are intoxicated, you fall asleep and the place is on fire. >> no official cause of the fire and no one else was hurt. a family gathering turned disastrous. we will toll yell you what happ. that's coming up. a very slippery situation when a car goes off the road and on to a frozen pond.
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we will show you what happened next.
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for some people across the country finding the best black friday deal is as much a part of thanksgiving weekend as the turkey. these true at the biggest mall in the nation. nbc's jay gray takes us to the mall of america in minnesota. >> reporter: good morning. businesses across the country and even here in shopping heaven, the 4.2 million square
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foot mall of america with 520 shops, a roller coaster. it's got just about everything, including some pretty good bargains. overnight, a mad dash for deals. >> i'm here to shop. got to get my kids christmas gifts. why not go out? >> reporter: just like turkey and stuffing, this has become a holiday tradition. lining up or camping out. braving the elements for bargains. >> for some people it's just -- it's the adrenaline. they are bargain hunters. >> reporter: there are deals. >> pillow for $1.99. >> reporter: analysts say there will be more shoppers spending more money today than over the last few years. >> the national retail federation is predicting a 4.1% jump over last year. that counts for november and december. we're anticipating $616 billion in total in sales. >> reporter: sales. >> there's a new toy came,
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skylander. it's the four-hour special. it's 50% off. that's a good deal. i want to buy it for my son. >> reporter: that's exactly what this day is all about. a couple more black friday fund facts. the average shopper on this day will spend $418 and 76% of us are shopping for ourselves. jay gray, nbc news, at the mall of america. shoppers are snapping up deals this morning all across our region. sky force 10 live over the philadelphia mills mall in northeast philadelphia. some of those people have been out shopping since last night trying to find the best bargains. demonstrators are holding a black friday protest in ferguson, missouri, this after a grand jury announced there will be no indictment of the police officer who killed michael brown. this was the scene in a mall in west st. louis county early this morning as the justice for michael brown leadership coalition launched a boycott of
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area retailers. they call it no justice, no profit. they hope to keep it going through sunday. they walked through the mall with their hands up and later police escorted them off the property. black lives matter. >> demonstrators gathered before the macy's thanksgiving day parade to protest the decision in the michael brown case. police arrested seven demonstrators. it's not clear what they were charged with. hackers are taking credit for blocking access to hundreds of websites. they are the syrian electronic army. it happened yesterday. the group targets a company that connects companies with social media. they rerouted the traffic. experts fixed the problem. the hackers did not compromise any data. a chapel in western pennsylvania honoring the victims of united airlines 93 is closed today. two cars sent one into the wall
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of the chapel in stoney creek township. 72-year-old woman and another was hurt. the chapel was built as a memorial to the victims of flight 93 which crashed in a nearby field after being hijacked during the september 11th attacks. visitors won't be allowed inside until officials determine that it's safe. last month, a fire destroyed three buildings at the national memorial near shanksville. hundreds of items that were supposed to go on display were lost in the fire. investigators have not determined the cause. a collapse in south carolina. it happened last night at this home during a thanksgiving celebration. the victims fell 15 feet on to a cement patio. several people suffered broken bones. none of those injuries are light threatening. authorities blame icy roads for a chain reaction crash near
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niagara falls, new york. 56 cars collided on i-90 last night. several people had to go to the hospital. new york state police say none of the injuries appear to be serious. boy, are they lucky. in montana, ice helped save two people after the suv they were in slid off the road and on to a frozen pond. investigators say that thick ice prevented the vehicle from sinking into the freezing water. emergency crews brought the people to safety. they were not hurt. many people are without water in one of america's most exclusive neighborhoods. water shooting 15 feet into the air after a massive water main break in malibu, california. the break caused a bathtub-size sinkhole on the pacific coast highway. crews are trying to restore water service there to about 100 homes. in california, a worker at a burger king found a lot of cash inside the restaurant there. the woman was cleaning the
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burger king in san jose when she discovered an abandoned backpack. she gave it to her boss who looked inside to see if they could discover the bag's owner. instead of i.d., they found stacks of cash. >> i opened it up. i was just shocked. hundreds of thousands of dollars in there. hundred dollar bills in rubber bands. second i saw that, i just thought what to do. >> the owner turned the backpack over to authorities. in addition to the money, the bag contained candy, marijuana and a bank deposit slip. police are using that slip to try and find the owner. u.s. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg will be back at work monday following a heart procedure. a hospital in washington released her yesterday. she went in tuesday night after feeling ill during her exercises with her personal trainer. doctors implanted a stent in her
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heart to help open a blocked artery. she is 81 years old and has served on the high court since 1993. good morning. as we head into the rest of the afternoon, we are going to see sunshine. our wind speeds have picked up. we are dealing with a windchill this morning. cold saturday on tap as we push into the weekend. also, our temperatures are going to warm up above average by sunday. a live look at camelback mountain. this is the place to be today with sun shine and fresh powder there. on the slopes, our temperatures in philadelphia at 39. humidity is at 45%. wind speed out of the north, northwest at 15 miles per hour. wind gusts closer to 25 miles per hour. actual temperature is 34 degrees. at l 38 in atlantic city. we are not going to warm up too
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much more than the temperatures we are seeing. it's a cold start to the morning. in the poconos, 24, 34 in coatesville. wilmington, 39. northeast philadelphia, 37. mid 30s in tron tenton. if you are heading out, you need to bundle up. get your layers going. our feels-like temperature for philadelphia, feels more like it's 31 when you step outside. these wind gusts are going to stick with us throughout today. you will notice a few isolated snow showers, mainly to the poconos. a few snow flurries managed to work their way down closer to philadelphia and our suburbs to the north and west. these are isolated and short lived. wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour in philadelphia, 26 in wilmington, 30 in dover, 22 in trenton. up to 18 miles per hour in allentown. it's a cold and windy day. it's also a sunny day as we head into saturday, clouds increasing, even the chance of
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passing snow showers, mainly confined to allentown, lehigh valley and the poconos. look at what happens. this is at 12:00. by 1:00, 2:00, everything is gone. it's a quick little burst of snowfall for the poconos and then we will return to sunny skies sunday and warmer temperatures. we will head above average, but not today and tomorrow. our average is 51. 38 will be our high today. 41 degrees on your saturday. our today range, between 36 and 39. a few locations could push warmer than that since we are close to 39 already. sunny and cold with a northwesternly wind. we are going to see temperatures in the mid 50s by sunday. look at monday, 56. with our next chance of a wintry mix possible tuesday night into wednesday. there's something you can eat once a day to cut your risk of type ii diabetes. we are showing you how to make sure the toys you buy are
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safe. see what experts say you should look for and what to avoid. you can get a great black friday deal on a pet. see where you can go today to pick out a new four-legged family member. that's just ahead.
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happening today, you can find a black friday deal on a new pet. the animal alliance of new jersey will have special adoption rates on all cats that have any black fur on them.
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you can stop by the robert w. curtis memorial pet adoption center to check out the animals. they are adorable. for adult cats the rates drop from $75 down to $25. there's discounted prices for k kittens. health insurance signups at the mall. starting today, it's bringing the affordable care act to malls in seven states, florida, illinois, connecticut, maryland, new york, washington and one mall in north jersey. no malls as you see in our area. healthcare associates will be stationed at the mall with information. they will help people apply for insurance through the website. it will continue through february 15. open enrollment began two weeks ago. when you head out to do your black friday shopping today, there are things you will want to consider when buys toys. the u.s. consumer product safety commission estimates more than 120,000 children are treated in
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emergency rooms for toy-related injuries every year. experts have tips on how to avoid buying toys that might be dangerous for the little ones on your list. they say you should read the age recommendation on the packaging, especially for kids under 3. check all art supplies are labeled non-toxic. and always buy a helmet and safety gear to go along with a new bike, scooter or skateboard. it's important to be aware of toys that could be chokie ii hazards. the safety experts say you should avoid toys with long cords or string or toys that have marbles or balls. another danger, button batteries. look at this. they can be found in remote control key chains and watches and make their way inside the child. a new study suggests one serving of yogurt a day could cut your risk of type ii diabetes. the they looked at the diets of
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2,000 adults. t other dairy products didn't have the same benefit. the scientists believe the probiotics in yogurt may provide the protection. a day of fun in the know become dangerous. how it happen and show you frantic rescue efforts. one place just got hit by the worst storm it has seen in decades. we will show were you this damage happened.
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live look at one of the places that's always busy on black friday. sky force 10 over the cherry hill mall in camden county. thousand are holding there looking for bargains. shoppers are hitting individual stores.
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walmart has been open 29 1/2 hours for black friday shopping. nbc 10's monique braxton live at that store. >> reporter: it's still hustling and bustling here. the manager tells us it has been a shopping marathon. the deals today include, toys, ornaments as well as trees. just across the store, we captured this video. nonstop buying in the electronics department. walmart has had significant price reductions on 50 and 60-inch plasmas and tablets. >> the tvs are 30% off. that's, like, $200. toys are usually on sale. >> it's only $79. >> reporter: that's an rca tablet? >> yes. 10 inch. >> reporter: how much do you think you saved by coming here? >> a whole lot. usually, tablets go for $400,
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$500. >> reporter: walmart tells us, black fridays have changed. people can go shopping on thanksgiving and then cyber monday allows everyone the opportunity to shop while staying at home. this walmart will be open until midnight tonight. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. has you covered for your holiday shopping. click on the link for the holiday gift guide. a live look at the skating rink at dillworth park in front of city hall. many people have the day off and they want to check out the rink and other holiday attractions. bundle up first. brittney shipp is here with the forecast. >> that's right. it looks like a lot of the fun. so do the poconos right now. a lot of people out skiing. it's really cold.
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we have fresh powder on the ground. a few flurries this morning and even now with the possibility of more flurries heading into tomorrow. for philadelphia, 39. humidity is at 45%. wind speeds at 15 miles per hour. it's a little uncomfortable if you are heading out to do shopping because we're seeing the cold winds. winds up to 25 miles per hour. that means we are dealing with a windchill for philadelphia. we have seen clouds this morning. we expect more sunshine. even a few flurries earlier today. it looks like we are dealing with more at this hour. our range today, between 36 and 41. sunny but cold. make sure you bundle up. well below our average. average for this time of year, 51. today, 40 degrees. by saturday, we will recover a bit. still in the 40s, still below average. by sunday, we are heading back into the mid 50s. i will let you know how long we will stick around with warmer temperatures like that in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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aren't we glad we're not here? in ohio, lake affect snow caused problems for drivers heading home from their thanksgiving festivities. highways and roads near cleveland turned slippery overnight. reports some plow trucks got stu stuck. most areas got between one and three inches of snow. one county reported seven inches over the course of the day. people in australia are recovering from the worst storm in decades. officials say wind, rain and hail destroyed roof tops, knocked down power lines and trees. the wind flipped planes at the airport. look at that. as of this morning, nearly 70,000 homes are without electricity. 12 people were hurt. the last storm to cause this much damage was in 1985. in new york, two young boys are recovering after they were trapped under several feet of snow for hours. police say they were building a
11:34 am
snow fort when they were accidentally buried by a plow. >> the snowbank was over six or seven feet tall. >> they were trapped at the bottom. >> a 9-year-old and 11-year-old were rescued. they captured the efforts to dig up the snow. >> it was adrenaline. just trying to get to the kids. >> they went to the neighbors asking for shovels. they were coming out. everybody was contributing. >> reporter: the two boys were building a snow fort. police say a plow driver was clearing the lot and dumped more snow on top of them. when the boys didn't return home around 10:00, police canvassed the neighborhood. the sergeant says something caught one of his police officer's eyes. >> he located a shovel. he figured he would take a couple digs. he saw a boot. >> i mom was crying and screaming and everything.
11:35 am
i got kids. i got a daughter. i couldn't imagine. i couldn't imagine that. >> reporter: even though he had to spent part of thanksgiving in the hospital, his mother is grateful that he and his cousin are alive. she posted this photo on instagram praising police for  their efforts. that's not how sergeant weaver sees it. >> i don't think any of us are heros. it's what we are here to do. >> police say the person driving the plow would not have known the boys were under the snow. both are still in the hospital. happening today, ski season opening in the poconos. a live look from camelback mountain where you see lots of folks got the word. snow in the poconos. they are on the slopes. business owners are hoping the start of ski season will bring in dollars that were lost during the seven-week manhunt of eric frein. last month people in the poconos couldn't leave their homes because he was on the loose. he is accused of shooting two
11:36 am
state troopers outside a barracks in pike county killing one of them. the search for frein forced some businesses to temporarily close and it kept fall tourists away. months later, snow covering the same woods where that fugitive hid. the tourists are back with hotels and resorts full of visitors from out of town. that is good news for inn keepers and shop owners who took a hit this fall. >> we lost quite a bit to our business because the people don't come out. the police was around here. >> he told us he is thankful the manhunt ended safely and things are back to normal. frein's next court date is set for december 9. philadelphia continues to prepare for the pope's visit next year. the pontiff is in turkey.
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turkish dignitaries greeted him. it will give the pope a chance to reach out to the small christian community. less than 1% of turks are catholic. this weekend signals the start of a campaign by local catholic leaders. they are looking for 10,000 homeowners willing to host guests during pope francis' visit. organizers say more than 100 families have already signed up to host visitors during the world meeting of families. the event bringing the pope to philadelphia. hotels are expected to sell out. families can offer to host people on the world meeting's main website. >> we hope that a large number of the people of philadelphia, not just the catholic community, but others will open their homes to visitors from around the world. >> 15,000 catholics have registered to attend the week-long conference next september. 1.5 million visitors are expected to pour into philadelphia to see the pope. count on nbc 10 to update you.
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you will find a section dedicated to the event on our website happening now, santa clause is in philadelphia. and mrs. clause. there they are. who was the guy in purple? they headed to the ice rink to start the holiday season. santa hit the ice to do a little skating with all the good girls and good boys. it's a fun day for ice skaters. the blue cross river rink winter fest at penns landing opened a short time ago. events are planned throughout the weekend. kids and parents can get their pictures taken with elsa and anna from "frozen." i know that's going to be a long
11:39 am
line. there will be activities for kids today. happening today, cooper river park will open a seasonal attraction, an ice rink. it's in the center of the park. it's about the same size as the one in new york's rockefeller center. the rink will be open through january 6 and kids under 12 skate free. today, opening weekend for the christmas village in philadelphia's love park. visitors to the open-air market will be treated to a black friday concert from noon to 1:00. the official grand opening is actually tomorrow. it will be up and running through december 28. ♪ another tradition, the comcast holiday spectacular under way. performances run through new
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year's day. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. the city of reading is rededicating its charlie brown christmas tree. now the city is embracing it. after getting a lot of flak and a lot of laughs about the puny pine, officials made arrangements to get a bigger, better tree. they were never able to bring themselves to take down the spindly one. now they say on december 6, it will decorate the tree with a single red bulb just like the charlie brown tree. they hope it will remind people of the true meaning, the deeper meaning of christmas. you may have to pay for more a christmas tree this year. we will tell you what's behind the price hike and how much more you should expect to shell out. that's coming up. it's a cold and windy black friday. i will let you know when warmer temperatures are back in your seven-day forecast. that's coming up.
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more cars are being recalled this morning. this time toyota is recalling sienna minivans. the overhead assist grip can detach. no injuries reported.
11:44 am
dealers will notify customers and fix the problem at no cost. black friday may belong to the malls. locally owned stores are gearing up for small business saturday. organizers encourage people to shop small tomorrow. they say it's a way to beat the crowds at the mall while finding unique gifts for people on your holiday list. small business saturday helps to keep and create jobs in your local community. if you are heading out to shop today, google has a breakdown of the gifts that are trending. people searched for these the most. ipads and xbox. consumers are looking for american girl, my little pony and lego friends. christmas trees are expected to cost more money this season. experts say over the past six years, the prices were lower because of decreased demand. this year prices will vary depending on several factors. the average tree could cost $2
11:45 am
more. prices will rise as the holiday gets closer and that supply starts to run out. you may not have heard of this before, but beet root juice could have benefits. dr. frank mcgeorge has the details. >> reporter: athletes drink beet root for a competitive edge. new research suggests it may help patients suffering from heart failure. >> their heart isn't pumping out as much blood. the blood that it does pump, if these other vessels can be dilated a little bit further, then they will get more of the oxygen rich blood. >> reporter: this dilates the blood vessels and allows blood to flow. researchers found beet root concentrate increases blood flow by as much as 38% during exercise. in addition to boosting athletic performance, beet root juice may improve the quality of life of
11:46 am
heart failure patients since heart failure limits blood flow, especially to working skeletal muscles. >> it could possibly just give them that little extra energy they need if they are feeling fatigued. >> reporter: improving a heart failure patient's blood flow can mean the difference between them being wheelchair bound or getting around. d di dieticians say mix it with something else if you don't like the taste. >> that was dr. frank mcgeorge reporting. check with your doctor first to make sure the juice won't interact with any medicines you are taking. law makers in beijing passed a law to ban smoking in public spaces. people will no longer be able to smoke in indoor public places, workplaces or on public transportation vehicles. outdoor spaces like sports and fitness venues and historical
11:47 am
sites are included in the ban. to protect minors, smoking in schools and children's hospitals prohibited. the ban goes into affect next june. important news for families with food allergies who are planning to see mickey this season. they will have emergency epinephrin stored around the park as well as on the cruise ship. maps will alert families to where the pens are located. epinephrin can be used in the case of a serious allergic attack. the pens in disney park aren't supposed to take the place of personal kits that families travel with but they are available in case of emergency. this morning a look at a new theme park in china. officials from the company that created the cartoon character cut the ribbon on the park this morning. hello kitty is the most popular character. it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.
11:48 am
the park will officially open to the public on new year's day. nbc 10 viewers got to see a new champion at the dog show. the dog show aired after the parade yesterday. look at that happy dog. the event took place november 15 and 16 in montgomery county. as we head into the rest of today, i'm sure you will head out soon to go shopping for black friday. it is going to be cold out. even though our temperatures have warmed into the high 30s, with our wind speeds up to 25 miles per hour, it feels colder than that. we see a cold start to the weekend but warmer as we head into the end of your weekend. by sunday, you will notice a big-time difference. here is a live look at camelback mountain. you can see skiers.
11:49 am
39 in philadelphia, wind speeds at 15 miles per hour. they are gusting stronger than that. 24 in mount pocono, mid 30s in glassboro. temperatures in millville at 38. our fieeels-like temperatures tl the story. feels like 31 in philadelphia, feeling like 11 in mount pocono, 24 in allentown, 22 in pottstown. a live look at our camera networks. the poconos first, you can barely make out the skiers. this is probably a nice day to be in the poconos. then to center city where everyone is bundled up. you can see it's breezy out there right now. as we head into the rest of the afternoon, we will maintain the wind speeds. radar shows clouds coming in from the northwest. we saw snow flurries earlier this morning. it looks like a few are trying to pop up near philadelphia. it's too warm for these to accumulate.
11:50 am
it's not strong enough. they are -- you will see them as you drive by. it's a little lake affect snow for us as we head into the rest of the afternoon. we should see more sunshine. by tomorrow, another chance of snow flurries confined to allentown and the poconos. our wind gust up to 25. 26 in wilmington, 25 in millville. up to 18 in allentown, and up to 26 in the poconos. the wind map shows us we will see sustained winds through 7:30. by 10:00, we are still breezy in philadelphia. wind speeds around 12 miles per hour. for today, our temperatures will range between 36 and 41. sunny and cold. it will feel colder than that. feeling like we are in the high 20s, low 30s as we head into the rest of today. your seven-day forecast shows temperatures push into the 40s tomorrow. sunday, mid 50s. finally back above average. as we head into monday, 56 degrees, mild conditions stick
11:51 am
around. we drop back down with a cold front on tuesday. that could bring us a chance of a wintry mix into the overnight hours clearing up by wednesday. we are continuing to look at black friday crowds. sky force 10 over the concord mall earlier this morning. should be a very busy place all weekend as well as in the weeks to come. we will be right back.
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a texas truck driver had an unusual experience. a turkey flew into his windshield. he didn't realize at first, just that something shattered the glass and was now in his lap. >> by the time i got stopped, i realized it was a turkey and started thinking about it being thanksgiving. it was ironic. >> well, more irony here. the turkey did not make it. the driver was okay. he says after the ordeal he was thankful to get home to his wife and two kids to enjoy the rest of his thanksgiving. this afternoon at 1:00, the flyers host the rangers. you will see it live right here on nbc 10. then it's nbc 10 news today at 4:00. the future for pearl. we have been reporting on this
11:55 am
dog found starving last month in a local backyard. now she's been nursed back to good health. nbc 10 is there as she begins her new life. brittney shipp is here with a check of the afternoon forecast for all those people going out shopping. >> really cold start to the morning. freezing conditions as everyone was heading out super early for black friday. as we head into the afternoon, it's not going to get better. it's going to be cold. keep that in mind as you run around running errands. a live look at cape may where it looks like sunshine but temperatures still in the 30s. they will stay that way as we head into the rest of today. a closer look at center city at the comcast center. a few clouds have moved in. we saw a few isolated snow flurries in the poconos and along 76. we take a closer look at the seven-day forecast, it shows we will see temperatures at 38, sunny but cold today. windchills right now in the 20s.
11:56 am
heading into saturday, another cold day, 41. by sunday, we finally start to warm closer to our average, which is 51 degrees for this time of year. 55 on sunday, 56 on monday. a cold front drops us into the low 40s but not as cold as what we have been seeing. overnight lows tonight, if that wasn't enough, are going to drop once again below freezing. it's going to be another cold night. >> but the first week of december looking at next week, not too bad. >> snuggle up tonight. have an extra hot chocolate or something. >> good advice. i like that. thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. have a great day.
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>> here she is now, ellen degeneres. [cheers and applause]


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