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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  December 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. >> good morning. it's a bit of a trade-off. temperatures heading back into the 50s today, which will be nice as we get into the afternoon, but we have to get through this morning first. foggy conditions and light rainfall. here's a live look at the aramark building. you can barely see the flags, but they are moving with breezy conditions. here's the rainfall moving into parts of the suburbs, also the i-95 corridor. really light closer to the south jersey area and the shore. not really seeing much activity. temperatures at 44 degrees in atlantic city, 43 in wildwood, 41 in mt. holly, 40 degrees in philadelphia, 35 in the poconos, 36 in coatesville, and we're at 39 degrees in wilmington. as we head into the rest of today, expect temperatures to warm into the 50s. 51 degrees by noon. we'll see light showers on and off throughout the afternoon. then things clear up as we head into the evening. by 9:00 p.m., 44 degrees. and heading into tomorrow, more sunshine. i'm tracking what's in store for your weekend coming up in nye seven-day forecast in about ten minutes, but for now, we'll
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check in with katy zachry for a closer look at traffic. good morning. >> hi, brittney, good morning. drivers in new jersey are not waking up to the fog that we're seeing in other parts of our region. that's the good news. but for drivers headed to the new jersey turnpike and traveling southbound, there is an accident that is taking out the right lane. and as you can see, speeds approaching that accident, which is right past exit 2, are slowing down to around 30 miles an hour. so, be aware of that. along i-78 up in allentown, a live look right at route 22, where we are seeing foggy conditions and some wet roadways from some of the overnight rain that moved in. a live look at 422 right near trooper road, where you can see things are really great along 422. drive times between oaks and 202, seven minutes in both directions on 422. we are following along the main line for drivers who take montgomery avenue. it is blocked off to all traffic because of fire activity. so, between old gulph road and brookhurst avenue, that is closed to traffic. you can take lancaster avenue
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around that. tracy? >> all right, katy, let's talk more about that fire. nbc 10 was first on the scene of this breaking news, that fire along the main line. here's a live picture. you can see fire crews still dumping water. we've seen flames for the last half hour. this is in narberth, montgomery county, along busy montgomery avenue at christ avenue. it started in that building to the right, which we're told is mainline cycle. it spread to fast signs the left. and again, you see fire crews on the scene working to put out all of the flames. but you see white smoke, which is always a good sign. no injuries have been reported. we are continuing to get new information about this, though, and we'll stay on the scene until the fire's out. and we have new information this morning on a home invasion in philadelphia overnight. police are looking for the robber who forced the woman inside her house and stole $75. this happened around 2:00 this morning on 56th street in southwest philadelphia. investigators say the victim was walking home from a takeout restaurant when the robber approached and attacked. she was not hurt.
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also new from overnight, two people are in the hospital after a multicar crash in west philadelphia. nbc 10 was on the scene near 54th and chestnut in west philadelphia. that's where two cars collided around 12:45 this morning with a parked car and a traffic pole that was also hit. new developments overnight in the search for a missing college student in manayunk. a higher reward is now posted as shane montgomery's friends plan to hit the streets to try to find him again today. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in west chester, where a vigil will be held tonight. jesse, tell us more. >> reporter: that vigil's going to be held at the student union that is directly behind me. i've just gotten off the phone with philadelphia police, who say there have been no new witnesses who have come forward or new breaks in the case overnight. it's been one week since shane went missing. investigators are still stumped by his disappearance. the 21-year-old west chester university student was last seen leaving kildare's irish pub the night before thanksgiving. federal and local investigators believe he was walking to his
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parents' home about a mile away but never made it. his last cell phone call around 1:30 a.m., then the phone stopped pinging with cell towers. >> at some point, the cell phone stops communicating with the network, and there's a lot of reasons that could happen. the phone could be dead, it could be broken, the battery could be out of it, the battery could have just gone dead, the phone could have been turned off. >> reporter: they're not really sure exactly what happened and that's why they need the public's help, and that's why they have upped the reward now to $31,000. coming up in the next 30 minutes, i've been talking to some students here on campus as they get up and move about during the early-morning hours. their reaction to both the disappearance and the rally that's planned later today. live on the west chester university campus, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. meantime, the search will resume this morning in wilmington for a missing barge operator. the barge flipped over near the mouth of the christina river around 7:30 last night during a routine procedure. two workers were rescued, but a third is missing. from our delaware bureau, fire investigators are working
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to track down arsonists they believe set fire to three churches in kent county. you're looking at the fire that destroyed the healing hands christian church in felton yesterday. the building and all of its contents were destroyed. within hours, two more church fires erupted nearby. >> if i could talk to the ones who did it, i would just ask them the question why. >> reporter: that's all you want to know? >> i just want to know why. >> investigators said they found common elements between the fires but no clear connection. and a former lower moreland high school math teacher admitted she had sex with a 17-year-old student and sent him sexually explicit photos and videos. 34-year-old erica ginetti pleaded guilty to sexual assault and faces up to seven years in prison when sentenced. there will be more security at all of new jersey's child welfare offices. armed guards will be stationed at the 40 state department of children and families offices. right now, at least half of the offices already have armed guards.
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the added security comes after a case worker was stabbed at her camden office two weeks ago. the victim was in critical condition for several days, but doctors finally sent her home over the weekend. happening today, the sentencing hearing for a former philadelphia traffic court judge convicted of lying about fixing tickets. a jury found robert mulgrew and three other judges guilty of that crime. the judges were cleared on more serious corruption charges. federal prosecutors said they went after the judges for granting special treatment to friends, family and political allies when it came to traffic tickets. authorities said each judge deserves two to three years in prison. the sentencing judge can consider all corrupt behavior, even for charges that did not result in convictions. pennsylvania's governor-elect heads to the nation's capital. on friday, tom wolf will meet with president obama. wolf and other newly elected governors will talk to the president about job creation and other economic issues for their states. wolf, as you know, defeated republican incumbent tom corbett in last month's election.
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happening today, the aclu will announce legal action against what it calls the resegregation of schools in delaware. the aclu said it wants to focus on concerns about delaware public schools becoming less diverse. research shows a national trend towards less integration of white and nonwhite students over the last 20 years. the aclu will outline its legal steps in wilmington later this morning. and remember that teenager who helped save a philadelphia police officer? he'll be honored today. last month, joe chambers pulled a philadelphia police officer out of his car after an accident. chambers got him out just before the police car went up in flames. delaware county council will present chambers with an award later this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. a foggy start on this wednesday, also light rain showers moving through parts of our area, which will linger heading into the afternoon. warmer today, temperatures heading into the 50s. a live look at the poconos right
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now, where we're seeing foggy skies. light rain coming down at the philadelphia airport, 40 degrees. wind speeds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. and throughout the rest of the area, 35 degrees in the poconos, 38 currently in allentown. same thing in pottstown. 39 in wilmington. we push into the 40s in bensalem, also temperatures in atlantic city in the 40s. 43 degrees in stone harbor and temperatures right now in dover at 40 degrees. our visibility is down in the poconos, down to about 1/4 mile, down to 1/2 mile in allentown. improving conditions in pottstown and doylestown. harrisburg still foggy this morning. same thing for millville and parts of cape may. atlantic city, toms river looks to be on the clear side. but a closer look at the poconos mountain. it is hard to see anything, really. so, visibility is down to 1/4 mile. if you're driving in the higher elevations, you do need to be careful. a closer look at i-95, where lots of folks are making their way to work. be careful. we are seeing a few slick spots
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due to the light rainfall coming down. our average for this time of year 49 degrees, but if you look at today, 53. 48 degrees by tomorrow. there are your spotty showers. as we head into the rest of the afternoon, we'll continue to see more moisture streaming in, leading to on-and-off showers at least until 4:00. by thursday, 48 degrees. take a look at the weekend. we track another chance of rain by saturday and sunday. we are now getting an update on breaking news we've been following for you out of narberth, montgomery county. >> if we can mop if up, we're going to do that. right now, both roofs, the one that's fully collapsed. the second building, the main building, the roof is collapsed, about half of it has collapsed into the building so far. so, we need to be careful of that as well. >> reporter: any worry of complete collapse of these structures right now? >> no, i'm not worried about that at all right now. it's just mainly the roofs and the botanicals on top of the roof, so. >> reporter: and commuters, i guess, should expect montgomery avenue to be closed for the
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foreseeable future right now? >> i would think so. it's probably going to be shut down through rush hour, so they should start looking for alternate routes. >> we've been listening to the fire chief in lower merion township talk about this fire along montgomery avenue in narberth, montgomery county, talking about one roof fully collapsing and two buildings -- bottom line, two buildings, commercial. nobody was hurt, but you heard the fire chief right there say the road, which is a main thoroughfare along the main line, will be shut down for rush hour. katy zachry's been getting us around that. katy? >> it is important for drivers who typically take montgomery avenue, instead of taking 76, because we know 76 gets backed up considerably around this time through the 8:00/8:30 hour. this is where it's happening. it's on the main line in narberth on montgomery avenue. the stretch of montgomery avenue between old gulph road and brookhurst avenue is closed right now because of that fire activity that you just saw from that live interview. an alternate around that is lancaster avenue. again, lancaster avenue can get
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pretty hectic this time of the morning. so, if this is part of your morning commute, you're going to want to add extra time, for sure. taking a look at our speeds, average speeds along 95 southbound headed into center city, philadelphia, right at cottman avenue, you're slowing to in the 30s. you pick back up around harbison, but you slow back down as you make your way to allegany and girard, in the 20s right now. of course, that's only going to creep lower as the morning rush goes on. the vine street expressway right near i-95, free and clear of any problems on the vine. 76, 476 look good as well. in new jersey, unfortunately, an accident on the new jersey turnpike southbound right as you pass exit 2. there is a jack-knifed tractor-trailer in the right lane, and that lane's taken out there. 11 minutes after 6:00 right now. bake sales, raffle tickets and silent auctions. one catholic school in burlington county is doing whatever it takes to stay open. >> i want to donate all my christmas money to the school to help keep it open. >> we'll tell you how much they
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need and how long they have to collect it in just seven minutes. also, atlantic city is hit with another blow. why it means if you usually fly out of the atlantic city airport. 40 years later and she can still sue? hear what bill cosby's newest accuser is saying about an incident from the '70s that makes it legal for her to sue all these years later.
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's this mythical place we talk about even though now in pennsylvania we have casinos it's still... there's ac. we're from pittsburgh. no boardwalk. no beach. no sand. it's beautiful twelve months out of the year. it's just a state of mind, it really is. you can't get this feeling anywhere. the ocean breeze and...
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the beach, the boardwalk, the restaurants, the casinos, music. you feel like you're on vacation when you come here. we are following breaking news for you this morning at 6:15. a store fire. two stores on fire on the main line. nbc 10's monique braxton is live on the scene in narberth, montgomery county. monique, tell us -- i see you're with the lower marian fire chief. tell us more. >> reporter: we're going to let
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him tell us exactly what happened here. chief, how long have you been at this scene and what happened? >> we got the call at approximately 4:28 this morning. police arrived and saw a large flash in the rear of the building there. they went to check that out. and by the time they came back around, they had heavy smoke coming out of both of these buildings here. we did have wires down in the rear and some trash and stuff on fire in the rear. >> reporter: the building is vacant? >> the one building is vacant. the one was occupied. the one's under reconstruction right now. >> reporter: but no one was injured? >> no. there's nobody occupying the building at all. >> reporter: what about firefighters, is everyone okay? >> everyone's fine as far as i know right now. >> reporter: and the fire appears to be under control? >> we're not quite under control yet. we're checking some things in the rear of the building. once that's verified, we'll probably put it under control shortly. >> reporter: any idea what caused the fire? >> i don't know that yet. i do know we had issues with peco lines in the rear of the building, and so, you know, we'll be looking into that. once we get daylight and it's
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safer to go in. >> reporter: so, that means you're possibly investigating, it could be an electrical fire then? >> it could be an issue with the power coming in. we don't really have any clue right now. >> reporter: thank you, chief. i appreciate you joining us this morning. we'll be here and let you know what happens. we'll stay on the scene here in narberth and bring you the latest on the investigation into the blaze here in a building just adjacent to the fast signs. this entire area is going to be closed for the morning, so you can expect a chaotic commute if you normally come through this part of lower merion. live for now in narberth, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> katy zachry will get you around that fire scene coming up in a couple minutes. this morning bill cosby is facing a new lawsuit. a woman claims the comedian attacked her 40 years ago when she was a teenager. judith huth claims that cosby molested her in 1974, when she was 15. she said it happened after cosby gave her and a friend alcohol, then took them to the playboy mansion in los angeles.
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huth is the first woman claiming to be under age during an alleged attack by cosby. an important note -- bill cosby has never been charged with any crime. and now to atlantic city's casino crisis. new jersey's congressional delegation is turning to the feds for help. lawmakers are asking the secretary of labor to approve a national emergency grant to help the city's crumbling smaey. last month, the state applied for $25 million in grants. local lawmakers are also taking action. yesterday, two new jersey state senators unveiled a new rescue plan to give atlantic city casinos a tax break. it would allow them to collectively pay $150 million instead of taxes for two years. four casinos have already closed in atlantic city just this year and the trump taj mahal is scheduled to close next week. and united airlines is ending flights out of atlantic city international airport today. the airline started offering flights in april to chicago and to houston, but it did not bring in enough business. the south jersey transportation
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authority says it's in contact with other carriers to bring flights to atlantic city. a burlington county catholic school is fighting to stay open. st. paul's elementary school in burlington is in danger of closing because of financial problems. the trenton diocese gave st. paul in burlington a month to raise $250,000 or shut down. the diocese says it can no longer fund the school because of declining enrollment. >> when the students heard that we might close, i didn't want to use those words, because we're fighting this. we're not going to let it go. >> the school has raised $20,000 so far. students, parents and staff are holding fund-raisers until the january 15th deadline. if they don't reach their goal, the school will close at the end of the year. >> almost 6:20 this wednesday morning. even on the best of days, lancaster avenue and montgomery avenue, those are tough roads to navigate. >> and now we have a big problem with that fire. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter katy zachry will get you around it, though.
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>> there is a building fire along montgomery avenue in narberth. it's happening on montgomery avenue between old gulph road and brookhurst avenue, that stretch of montgomery avenue. it's heavily traveled and off limits to all traffic. fire crews are out on the scene trying to get complete control of this fire. take lancaster avenue around this, but you'll definitely want to add extra time to your commute, because as you know, lancaster avenue can really get backed one traffic that is trying to find a way around 76 headed into center city, philadelphia. some foggy patches this morning all along 309. i'm seeing it starting to lift. this is a live look right at easton road where traffic is running smoothly. no incidents to report there. and then for drivers in ft. washington, a new accident that just came in. this is along skippack pike right at bethlehem pike. so, two busy stretches there, an accident. also, for new jersey drivers, there is an accident on the turnpike southbound right as you pass exit 2. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. foggy and rainy conditions to start off your wednesday as we head into the afternoon, temperatures will warm above average today, pushing into the 50s for most of our locations. foggy skies on our poconos mountain, but for philadelphia right now we're at 40 degrees. light rainfall coming down. and our right now conditions throughout the region, cloudy skies in reading, 36 degrees. cloudy in atlantic city but warmer there than it is in philadelphia and in the suburbs, right now at 44 degrees. we're at 42 in trenton, 37 in allentown, 39 degrees here in quakertown. coatesville at 36 degrees. lancaster right now at 35 degrees. so, it is a chilly start to the morning. but again, as we push into the afternoon, we are going to see above-average temperatures. mt. pocono visibility is down to 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile in allentown, 6 miles in reading. visibility down to about 4 miles in philadelphia. so, definitely foggy conditions, especially if you're in the city. as we take a closer look at the
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poconos, we are seeing fogged-in cameras this morning, and it's been that way since earlier this morning. closer look at the 95 here, i-95, where we are going to continue to see foggy conditions. the camera's moving as well. we'll see windy conditions throughout the rest of today. scattered showers remain throughout the i-95 corridor stretching into the suburbs. slowly starting to drift into parts of south jersey, although we are seeing dry conditions right along the shore. as we progress into the afternoon, by 1:00, we'll see pockets of moderate rainfall, but we do expect for the most part the rainfall to remain light on and off throughout the day before clearing up. temperatures expected to push into the low 50s today and a bit cooler heading into tomorrow. >> all right, brittney, thanks. 6:22 right now. a health scare at a mercer county restaurant could affect thousands of people. health officials have put out an alert about what you need to do now if you've eaten here. and all these flashing lights and emergency vehicles are here for a 13-year-old boy, not because of a crime but because of how he tried to get into his home.
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good morning. a building fire along the main line in narberth is closing a section of montgomery avenue around price avenue. you can take lancaster avenue around that. also, for drivers in new jersey, you're dealing with an accident on the new jersey turnpike southbound right after you pass exit 2, which is the exit for 322. we want to go to brittney shipp right now with a look at the weather. it is a foggy start throughout our area, brittney. >> yeah, we're tracking foggy conditions as well as light rainfall throughout most of the area, and the light rainfall's going to continue on and off throughout today. it's the heaviest right now moving into parts of salem county. and as we progress into the afternoon, temperatures push into the 50s. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. almost 6:30, and nbc 10
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cameras were first on the scene not lonl long after fire crews arrived about 4:28 this morning at this fire in narberth, montgomery county. it started in the back. it may be electrical in nature. investigators are still pursuing that. we'll have more information coming up in the next half hour. not giving up hope. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in chester county as the search for shane montgomery goes into day seven. jesse? >> reporter: that's right, vai, and they're going to have a vigil here on campus, west chester university, later today. and 35 miles back to the east in philadelphia, renewed effort to get out the search to try and find clues. we'll have all of that coming up after the break.
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imagine a health plan that gives you zero. as in zero copays. if you're on medicare and eligible for medicaid, gateway health has a medicare advantage plan for you. gateway health medicare assured diamond gives you better coverage, benefits, and service, plus zero monthly premiums. and zero copay for primary care and specialist visits, hospitalization and er, even transportation. call 1-877-gateway today! for a better plan. and a better you. and be prepared for a slowdown on the major thoroughfare in montgomery county. we'll help you get around this fire that started in the 4:00 hour this morning. and here's a live picture.
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you see white smoke there. they think this may be electrical in nature, but investigators are still pursuing that. according to the fire chief, it's not quite under control, but close. the search for shane montgomery enters day seven. we will get details on the efforts to missing west chester university student. and many of you are waking up to fog outside as we take a look at i-95. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist brittney shipp with her first alert forecast, find out more about that fog. >> it will start to lift in the next two hours, but it will affect your morning commute. plus, light rain showers throughout most of the area will linger into the afternoon. here's a live look. you can see wet conditions, also foggy conditions over the center city skyline. and a closer look at the aramark building, where we're seeing flags moving. our wind speeds out of the south-southwest at 9 miles per hour. for philadelphia, 40 degrees, light rainfall coming down. feeling more like 34 degrees with the wind speeds and the
6:32 am
cold conditions. for today, temperatures range between 51 and 54 degrees. a foggy start, patchy rain expected. and then temperatures will continue to stay in the 40s for the rest of the week. but i'm also tracking rain returning for the weekend. i'll go over all the details in my first alert seven-day forecast. but for now, we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. good morning. >> i'm following a brand-new accident into the system on woodhaven avenue. you can see there is a lot of backup on woodhaven avenue eastbound. the accident is on the ramp from woodhaven eastbound as you merge on to 95 southbound. it just happened a short time ago. the right lane is blocked, so be aware of that, if that's part of your morning commute. moving on now in new jersey, on the new jersey turnpike southbound right after you pass the exit number 2, the exit for route 322. there is a jack-knifed tractor-trailer that's been out there for quite some time. they're still trying to clear it and the right lane is blocked there. finally, moving locally back into pennsylvania, in narberth
6:33 am
along the main line on montgomery avenue between old gulph road and also brookhurst avenue, that stretch of montgomery avenue is closed because of fire activity. you can take lancaster avenue around that. tracy? let's talk more about that breaking news we're following for you, that fire, a store fire on the main line. nbc 10's monique braxton is live on scene, narberth, montgomery county. monique, bring us up to speed here. >> reporter: tracy, we arrived here about 20 minutes ago, and this is what we found. dozens of firefighters here on montgomery avenue in front of fast signs and a vacant building next to it. you can see that they're fighting this now above air. there are three ladder strutruc now. one was just hoisted in the rear to give firefighters some light to spray down from above. there are also firefighters spraying on the ground into the front of the store. now, we just talked to lower merion fire chief chaz mcgarvey, and he tells us they were called here about 4:30 this morning.
6:34 am
someone noticed heavy smoke in the rear of the building near the peco power lines. they say that they're not sure what the cause of the blaze is, but two roofs have collapsed here on the right side of the building. no firefighters were injured. the building was unoccupied. but right now, it's an all out assault to get this fire under control. they do tell us they are close. as far as the cause of the blaze, they are checking an electrical nature, because that's where most of the heavy smoke was. but for now, smoke is billowing from montgomery avenue. this street remains closed. dozens of firefighters from several companies here on the scene as they attempt to put out the flames and the blaze. live for now from lower merion, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. the vigil will be held today at west chester university as friends and family of a missing student prepare for another day of searches. nbc 10's jesse gary's live in west chester with more on that. jesse? >> reporter: yeah, vai, that vigil's going to be at the student union, which is just
6:35 am
behind me. i've been talking to students who are getting up this morning, and they tell me they've been discussing this case and this disappearance with their classmates the past week. some are using this as a learning lesson, to be vigilant about their personal safety when out and about. a federal violent crimes task force is working this case, which now has a $31,000 reward for information. shane montgomery was last seen living kildare's irish pub the night before thanksgiving. federal investigators say they're reinterviewing patrons and reviewing hours of surveillance video from surrounding cameras. >> you know, some of the videos aren't the greatest quality, so you know, we have to look at them and then maybe show images to family or friends to say, you know, do we think this is shane. >> reporter: investigators say it's taking time to work through all of the videos they have to confirm shane is not in any of the images. live in west chester, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. family and friends will remember jessica padgett today. a visitation service will be
6:36 am
held this evening in northampton. padgett left her job on november 21st to run errands and she never returned. her stepfather, gregory graf, admitted to shooting her and then burying her body at his home. the district attorney says there was a sexual motive behind the crime and it's unclear if the sexual abuse happened before or after padgett's death. and happening today, lawyers will hold a pretrial conference for a man accused of killing family members in a carjacking crash. cornelius crawford is charged with murdering three children and their mother in north philadelphia back in july. police say crawford and another man carjacked and sexually assaulted a driver and then crashed her suv into the family. keisha williams and her three children were selling fruit on the sidewalk that day when the vehicle jumped the curb. the hit-and-run crash also injured another woman on the sidewalk. happening today, a federal mediator will sit in on contract talks between crozer-chester medical center and its registered nurses. the hospital has until next wednesday to respond to complaints filed by the nurses
6:37 am
union with the national labor relations board. the nurses claim that kroejer chester limited their rights to picket and distribute literature, something the medical center said must be proven. well, it will start to look a lot more festive in philadelphia. after three years, the philadelphia christmas tree is back at city hall. and tonight, there will be a special tree lighting ceremony. mayor nutter will turn on the lights and there will be several performers, including grammy award-winner estelle. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> foggy start to the morning and light rainfall expected throughout the rest of the afternoon. temperatures heading into the 50s today, so that's a big change from what we saw yesterday. there's a live look at the fog, also light rain coming down in philadelphia. 40 degrees right now. humidity's up. our wind speeds out of the south-southwest at 9 miles per hour. and throughout the rest of the region, we're seeing conditions in reading at 36 degrees. mostly cloudy skies, no rainfall for atlantic city, mostly cloudy there as well and temperatures at 44 degrees.
6:38 am
41 in mt. holly. 40 degrees in millville, 38 in potston, 36 coatesville, 39 in wilmington and 41 degrees at the airport. in dover. we're in the mid-30s in the poconos. speak affidavit poconos, visibility is down to about 1/4 mile, down to 1/2 mile in allentown, 2 1/2 in harrisburg and 2 miles in philadelphia. so, be careful traveling. millville's also included in that. but closer to the shore near atlantic city, clear visibility at this time, although foggy conditions will remain for at least the next few hours. our scattered showers will continue throughout the i-95 corridor. they're starting to fill in here near camden, gloucester county, parts of burlington county. and it's all associated with a front that is still moving through parts of our region. we are going to continue to see warmer air moving in. so, for today, our average is 49 degrees. 53 will be our high today, above average. 48 as we head into tomorrow. you can expect that temperatures today will stay between 51 and
6:39 am
54 degrees. light rain but warmer conditions expected. and we'll see most of that rainfall tapering off as we head into your evening hours. well, we've got just about everything this morning. we've got a fire out there, we've got wet roads, low visibility because of the fog. >> nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has everything you need to know before you head out the door. >> now an issue on the ramp from woodhaven road to 95 southbound. this is the backup along woodhaven road eastbound as you head toward 95. the accident is on the ramp from woodhaven road eastbound to 95 southbound. the right lane is blocked. if i move to our next camera, you can see, look at all of that backup on 95 southbound. because once you make your way on to 95, this is what you're dealing with. look at your drive times between woodhaven and the vine on 95 south, 31 minutes. you're great if you're going north, but not a lot of cars are going north at this time of the morning. so, moving on to our main line issue in narberth. there is a building fire right along montgomery avenue between
6:40 am
old gulph road and brookhurst avenue. quite a fire scene out there. they're still trying to get control of the fire, mopping things up. an alternate is lancaster avenue, because that stretch of montgomery avenue where they're fighting the fire is off limits to traffic right now. finally, for drivers in new jersey, southbound there is an accident, a jack-knifed tractor-trailer there. they're still trying to move out of the right-hand lane, so the right-hand lane is blocked just past the exit for route 322. wait. wait, stop. >> girl scouts are making a big cookie change, and it's making big waves nationwide.
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at 6:43, let's update you on breaking news we've been following for you. nbc 10 first on the scene of a fire along montgomery avenue in
6:44 am
narberth, montgomery county. and we are still live on the scene. this is montgomery avenue at price. and you see firefighters still dumping water on what was a store fire. it was pretty intense for a while. the lower merion fire chief tells us the fire may be electrical in nature, but it may be a while before they know for sure, but what they do know is that section of montgomery county will be closed for a while. no injuries reported. we'll update you on air and online at thousands of people may have been exposed to hepatitis at a popular mercer county restaurant. an employee who handled food at rosa's restaurant and catering has been treated at a local hospital. officials fear thousands could have been exposed to the hepatitis-a virus between november 10th and december 1st. the symptoms include fever and stomach pain. so far, no one else has gotten sick. the restaurant reopened after a thorough cleaning and clearance from the township health department. and if you live in hamilton
6:45 am
township and recently ate at rosa's, health officials are holding a vaccination clinic thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. they'll be at the colonial volunteer fire company on 801 kuser road. the vaccine costs $35 per person. camden high school is getting a financial boost. governor chris christie joined the mayor, superintendent and local business leaders to announce a $50 million investment. the district will use the money to rehab and renovate camden high. >> what's held them back is the building itself, not the quality of the teachers, not the quality of the students, not the interest of the parents. it's been the building itself that's held them back. >> governor christie says these changes will help ensure that all students get a 21st-century education. meantime, atlantic city high school's east campus is closing at the end of the month. the school board voted last night to shut down the alternative school because of money problems. some of the 50 students will now attend alternative schools outside the district. most will go to the main high
6:46 am
school along with staff from east campus. charges are likely against the man scene in this viral video we showed you yesterday. the man in an army ranger uniform shopped friday at oxford valley mall. behind the camera is an army veteran who spotted something amiss on the uniform and confronted him. >> 12 years in -- >> stolear valor! right here, stolen valor! >> stolen valor's a law that makes it a crime to pose as a soldier and financially benefit from it. it's not clear if the man was getting store discounts by posing as a soldier, but the army says it has no record of him ever serving. congressman mike fitzpatrick wants a federal investigation. however, that expert we spoke to says only the worst offenders get fined or ever go to jail. >> it's left up to us to publicly shame these guys, tar and feather them and run them out of town on a rail. so, the guy that shot that video and can d a great job of it,
6:47 am
that's where it needs to go. you need to publicly shame these guys. >> we've been have able to get a response from the man in the video. a grand jury in new york city is expected to decide today if police committed a crime in the choke hold death of eric garner. he's the unarmed man who died while being arrested on staten island over the summer. this amateur video shows an officer wrapping his arm around garner's neck while he yelled "i can't breathe." the case sparked outrage weeks before the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. and michael brown's stepfather could be charged in connection with the arson, vandalism and looting that broke out in ferguson last week. louis head allegedly yelled "burn this expletive down" following the grand jury's decision not to indict a police officer in brown's death. police say head is not the focus of the investigation, just a part of it. president obama's calling on congress to approve more than $6 billion in funding to fight the ebola virus. he made that call during a visit
6:48 am
to the national institutes of health yesterday. >> we cannot beat ebola without more funding. if we want other countries to keep stepping up, we will have to continue to lead the way. and that's why i'm calling on congress to approve our emergency funding request to fight this disease before they leave for the holidays. >> the obama administration also announced that federal health officials have designated 35 hospitals across the u.s. as ebola treatment centers. they include children's hospital of philadelphia and the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. and nbc news has learned president obama will likely tap former deputy defense secretary ashton carter as his new pentagon chief. the white house yesterday praised carter without saying whether he is the nominee to succeed chuck hagel, who is stepping down. republican senators say they support carter, who has not served in either the military or in congress. well, the girl scouts have a
6:49 am
new way for you to order your samoas or thin mints. officials will now allow the scouts to use a mobile app or personalized website to sell the snacks. the organization says online sales will be a valuable tool for the young entrepreneurs. the scouts will be able to send the cookies directly to your doorstep. in scottsdale, arizona, a boy who got stuck in a chimney will be okay. he's 13 years old. he tried to get into his house after getting locked out. a broadcast report said he managed to call 911 after getting stuck near the bottom of the chimney. it took about 90 minutes for rescue crews to free the boy. >> i used to live in arizona. we didn't use the fireplace that much, so maybe he didn't have that much soot on him. let's go to new york now for a look at what's ahead on the "today" show this morning. >> for that, we say hi to matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good to see you both. >> good morning. >> you, too. by the way, savannah just signed up for paypal, simply because those girl scout cookies are available online. >> exactly. hope they take bulk orders. another day ahead of heavy
6:50 am
rain in california, leading to new mudslide fears. we're live there and al is tracking that big storm. plus, our "rossen reports" team puts garage door repairmen to the test. wait until you hear how much some of them were charging for a simple problem that should have taken 60 seconds to fix. >> that's a good rule. you don't hire a garage door salesman with a bubble over his head. and just in time for the holidays, our biggest steals and deals ever, unbelievable savings on everything from designer handbags and coats to much more, as -- >> we get started on a -- >> wednesday. >> wednesday, right here on "today." >> we have the graphic right here to remind us. >> i look at that date ten times a morning. >> and designer handbags, you say some. >> by the way, we light the big tree tonight! >> that's right. we're tuning into that. we're excited for that. and tracy's excited about the designer handbags, i know. >> yeah, it's a good -- it's our biggest "steals and deals" ever. >> looking forward to it. >> we've got like eight or nine of them. >> all right, we'll see you at 7:00. >> all right, guys. now your nbc 10 first alert
6:51 am
weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> temperatures today warmer than what we saw yesterday, but it's still a foggy start. rain showers expected on and off throughout the rest of today and then temperatures heading into the 50s, above average for us. there's a live look outside right now. you can see the fog throughout philadelphia. you can see our wind speeds moving -- or our flags moving -- our wind speeds are moving out of the south-southwest at 10 miles per hour. 40 degrees, light rain coming down. throughout the rest of the region, we're not seeing rainfall in reading or atlantic city, just mostly cloudy skies. a bit warmer closer to the shore at 44 degrees. our temperatures are 11 degrees warmer in the poconos, 7 degrees warmer in allentown, up 8 degrees in atlantic city. and heading into the rest of the afternoon, we'll continue to see that warmer air moving in. so, 35 degrees currently in the poconos, 37 in allentown and in quakertown. 39 degrees in wilmington. same thing in washington township. 43 in northeast philadelphia, 42 in trenton. closer to the shore, avalon 44
6:52 am
degrees, 42 in lewis. our visibility is still down. we're down to 1/4 mile still in mt. pocono, down to 2 miles in allentown, 7 in pottstown, 5 in philadelphia and 5 in reading. if you're moving through lancaster right now or driving through that area, you just want to be careful. same thing with the wet roads, although this is light rainfall. we have the combination of the foggy skies and wet roads with these light showers, so you just want to take it easy out there. future weather shows that we're dealing with the chance of showers as we head into the rest of the afternoon. by 1:00 p.m., we could see pockets of moderate rainfall as you head out to lunch. your seven-day forecast shows by tomorrow, more sunshine, 48, but we track another chance of rain and a chance of showers over the eagles game on sunday. it has been a busy morning on the roads at eight minutes before 7:00. let's get you updated. >> before she starts traffic, we just want to wish katy zachry a happy birthday. >> aww, thank you, guys. >> you held out on us! >> thanks! i held out -- i know, right? i'm like, let's just get through
6:53 am
the morning, then we can relax and celebrate. >> we have a cake. >> but traffic has not really been easy on me on my birthday, and i won't tell you what number birthday it is. taking a look at a building fire in narberth, montgomery avenue. we have a crew out there. fortunately, fire crews have made significant headway on this fire, but unfortunately for the morning commute, montgomery avenue between old gulph road and brookhurst avenue is going to be closed off still for some time. you can take lancaster avenue around that. moving on to 95, there is an accident on the eastbound woodhaven road exit as you merge on to 95 southbound. you can see that activity, accident activity right here. and if we change our cameras, my friends at penndot are listening to me. thanks, guys. if we change our camera, we can see there was actually a few minutes ago significant backup on woodhaven road as you approach that accident scene. a lot of our majors are experiencing significant volume. 95, 76, and then in new jersey, the 42 freeway.
6:54 am
taking a live look at the 42 freeway in belmar. this is at creek road. headlights are going northbound toward the area bridges in center city. a lot of volume and some fog. so, you're dealing with that. and also, drivers in new jersey on the turnpike southbound, right past exit number 2, the right lane is blocked because of a jack-knifed tractor-trailer. i'm jesse gary live on the west chester university campus with new information about a vigil planned for missing student shane montgomery. i'll have that for you coming up after the break. my one word to describe ac would be laid back.
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relaxing getaway fun unique beautiful serenity shenanigans refreshing shopping surprising happy place you know what i mean? i want to say friendly. exhilarating adventure the boardwalk #nosleep it's a great weekend. there is so much to do here. it's so great to have it so close. it's just a great location, a great place to be. we love atlantic city.
6:57 am
i'm nbc 10's monique braxton live in narberth, where a four-alarm blaze has dozens of
6:58 am
firefighters here on the scene in the 900 block of montgomery avenue. right now you see three ladder trucks, one equipped with lights, attacking the source of the billowing smoke. firefighters are also fighting the hotspots on the ground here at this store front level. now, fire chief chaz mcgarvey tells us they were called here about 4:30 this morning because of heavy smoke in the rear of the two buildings. he says that several fire companies have been called in to assist. at one point, two roofs have collapsed. no one is injured. fire investigators are examining the possibility that an electrical fire is the cause here. we're going to stay on top of this and have developments throughout the morning. live for now from narberth, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. i'm jesse gary live on the west chester university campus. a candlelight vigil for missing student shane montgomery takes place 6:00 p.m. tonight. meanwhile, over in philadelphia, volunteers will continue canvassing the manayunk area where the student went missing last week. live on the west chester
6:59 am
university campus, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. and good wednesday morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at your traffic. a lot of volume building on our majors right now. live look at 76 right near the conshohocken curve, where it doesn't look like volume is building from this camera shot, but look at our drive times. between the vine street expressway and the blue route, 26 minutes in both directions. so, you're going to want to add extra time to your commute. also for drivers on the main line, you're dealing with montgomery avenue closed between old gulph road and brookhurst avenue. take lancaster around it. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> live look at cape may, where light rain is coming down, also mostly cloudy skies, foggy conditions. and the rest of our region, 53 degrees the high today. another chance of rain by the weekend. >> okay. and a happy 22nd birthday to our katy zachry. >> how did you know? >> first job out of college. >> it is. >> that's pretty impressive. "today" show's up next. we'll have live updates in 25
7:00 am
minutes. >> you can get realtime updates any time at thanks for watching. good morning. drenched. record-setting rains triggering floods, mudslides and accidents across southern california and it could get even worse with another half a foot of rain possible today. breaking overnight, a new accuser comes forward and files a lawsuit against bill cosby, claiming the comedian molested her 40 years ago, when she was just 15 years old. this morning, why she decided to finally go public. inciting a riot? michael brown's stepfather being investigated for his angry comments moments after that grand jury decision in ferguson. could he face criminal charges? tonight is the


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