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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 3, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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indict a white police officer on criminal charges in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man back in july. an attorney for the victim's family said, he was told there would not be an indictment for officer daniel pantaleo. police stopped garner in staten island for selling loose untaxed cigarettes and video from a witness showing garner refusing to be handcuffed. officer pantaleo responded by putting him in a chokehold which is supposedly banned under nypd policy. happening now ripple effects of ferguson still being felt in our area. new protests in the wake of last week's grand jury decision. >> these latest demonstrations could affect the afternoon rush. rosemary connors live right now at 30th street station where the protest starting. >> it won't end there. tell us what this group has planned. >> reporter: well here's what we know. the group is called in defense of black bodies.
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they are the ones who organized the protest and at 4:15 they will stage a die in right here in the middle of the grand hall. they will lay on the ground for four minutes and 45 seconds to signify the amount of time that brown's body was lying on the ground. a grand jury did not indict officer wilson it sparked protests all across the country. we want to take another live picture. you can see a few people have already started this die in. they are expecting hundreds of people. 600 people responded to the facebook post from this group saying that they would be here. again officially supposed to start at 4:15 but a few people have already join. as you can see inside here there's an increased police presence. we can take a quick look at some of the police officers around the perimeter of this grand hall. they have been aware of this situation, this protest for the past few days. i spoke to the chief inspector of homeland security and he told
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me that they have been aware of this for the past few days in addition to the police officers who are inside here at 30th street there's dozens of bike officers outside because once this group is finished with the die in they plan to march to city hall. so as the chief inspector put it he and the other bike patrol officers want to make sure they get to their destination safely and peacefully. amtrak police are working with philadelphia police. after they finished here at 30th street station they are expected to march to city hall. that's the very latest. we'll continue to update you on this situation throughout the newscast. i'm rosemary connors now back to you. now to our weather and another soggy day out there today. nbc 10 at center city where the rain fell steadily. now as most of the rain has moved out of cooler temperatures
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are moving in. >> first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to tell us what we can expect. >> we're going to be seeing these clouds break up but that will allow the temperatures to go down. still cloudy every where. we have fog in parts of the area. but the steady significant rain has moved out. nothing left but a couple of drizzle drops in parts of the area. now the temperature is shy of 50 degrees across much of the region so it's already a little bit on the cool side and with a little bit of wind feels like it's in the 30s north and west but much milder in the south in the low 50s. tonight we'll see the skies clear, the temperatures go down into the lower 40s by 10:00 tonight that's in philadelphia but in the 30s in many of the suburbs by tomorrow morning below freezing. we've got quite a wet forecast that's going to affect part of the weekend that's coming up
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with the seven day in a few minutes. . >> at 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a shooting feet from a daycare. no one was hurt in the daycare. >> police have some critical clues including a gun? >> reporter: they recovered a gun, surveillance video. police know four young men went running into this mini market this morning to escape gunfire. three of them were shot and just fortunate no one was in this daycare playground at the time all of this happened. >> it's crazy. i'm so afraid. >> reporter: at about 11:30 this morning detectives say surveillance video shows eight young men standing at 54th and pascal. they are arguing. >> one of the males pulled out a gun and started shooting. three males continued running southbound. one struck in his back.
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one struck in the leg. one struck in the arm. they ran here. >> reporter: someone in the mini market called 911. police recovered one handgun and a number of casings on the one block stretch where there was gunfire. detectives believe four involved were armed and at least two fired their weapons. meanwhile this daycare is on the same block as the running gunfight. the school called parents to tell them the children were safe. >> if it was a sunny day they would have been out. >> the public needs to be alarmed of these behaviors. they know who these individuals are. >> reporter: a 19-year-old, 20 and 21-year-old were shot and taken to the hospital, university of pennsylvania. all are expected to recover. police just told me they all had contact with law enforcement before. live in southwest philadelphia, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. two men are covering this afternoon after a fire at the
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home of a refired south jersey fire chief. it was on 3rd avenue and belongs to joseph marini. investigators say they were using paint stripper in the basement when the fire started. >> we had reports that there was one occupant trapped in the basement. police extricated that individual from the steps of the basement to the rear and immediately turned him over to ems. >> crews took both men to the hospital. we're still working to find out more about their condition. montgomery county business owners are cleaning up the mess from an early morning fire that damaged at least two buildings. we're going to show you the scene. firefighters battled heavy smoke and flames. smoke and water damaged the building next door. firefighters worked to get the fire under control during the "morning rush." the owner of fast signs opened his business a year ago and says
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now he has to start all over. >> built up this business and now it's going to be a challenge. just stunned. >> firefighters say downed power lines and a water main break made it tough to get this fire under control. investigators believe electrical wiring may have sparked the fire. >> frustration continues on day seven in the search of a local college student who vanished early thanksgiving morning in philadelphia. family and friend will gather in prayer hoping for the safe return of shane montgomery. deanna durante is on the westchester campus where a vigil will happen for shane in less than two hours. >> he should be back in school. i can't find him. i need to find him. >> day seven and no sign of shane. more volunteers from the burbs to the city are fanning out and looking for shane montgomery. volunteers handwrite information
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on flyers now on every lamp post on manayunk's main street. early thanksgiving morning he left that bar. the bar says a family member who worked there escorted shane to the door. but that employee is not related. >> k imildare is making it like he's related to shane, he's not. >> we're not going to stop. until we find shane we won't stop looking. >> that was deanna durante reporting for us. pick up truck ran down a high school student in northeast philadelphia this morning. the girl was crossing the northbound outer lanes of roosevelt boulevard when the truck hit her, breaking her leg. police questioned the driver at the scene and nbc 10 is working to learn if any charges will be filed. u.s. coast guard has suspended its search today for a
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man's body at the port of wilmington. he went missing after a barge capsized last night. rescuers were able to pull two other men from the water right away. investigators believe the victim may have been tangled up in the equipment under water. new concerns about the quality and fairness of education in delaware. >> there are allegations that the charter school system in the first state violates the rights of certain students. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong continues our 20 minutes of nonstop news. >> two organizations filed a complaint today. tell us why they are crying foul? >> reporter: i finished reeding through the complaint and they are saying delaware's best charter schools like the one behind me and the lower performing stools, the best got better and the worst got better and it falls on racial and economic lines. charter schools are not offering the same opportunities to all kids. the principal at wilmington odyssey charter school tells me
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they don't pre-screened students. you want your child to go here they put your name in a lottery. >> we want to it be reflective of america. >> reporter: aclu say not all delaware charter schools do it that way. >> high performing charter schools are almost all white. >> reporter: a complaint was filed guess department of education. some delaware charter schools are hand picking the best students they can find out of public schools. these tend to be wealthier children. the aclu says this is resegregated delaware schools. >> if you look at the charter school makeup, the predominantly white charter schools versus the low-income primary african-american charter schools there's nothing equal about them. >> reporter: i'm still waiting on a statement from the delaware charter school network. i want to ask her about the
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claims that they discourage some from enrolling. once again, they say creating a haves versus have not scenario. >> if a private school wants to have a segregate e e e ed atmos they can do that. >> the state says it's proud of educating kids. the aclu wants the state to temporarily stop issuing new charters and want guarantees that charter schools will remain completely free like public schools, no extra fees you wouldn't get in public schools. they want to make sure that class sizes are capped in charter schools at the same exact rate as public schools. this gets a lot of people fired up. count on us to follow it. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. thank you, tim. new information on the case worker who was injured when she
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was stabbed on the job. she's now out of the hospital. union leaders push for safety improvements for employees happened more than two weeks ago so armed guards returned to each of the 40 buildings. edwards is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault for the attack. new jersey army officer and his wife will go on trial for a second time on charges they abused their three adropted children. federal judge declared a mistrial last month after a prosecutor mentioned the death of one of the couple's children while questioning a witness. nbc 10 is working to learn the punishment for a former philadelphia traffic court judge convicted about lying on fixing tickets. a jury found the judge lying of the court's long standing practice of fixing tickets for
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friends and families. a jury acquitted three other judges earlier this summer. a ridley high school senior hailed as a hero for saving a police officer's life received another honor today. >> whereas the bravery of a young hero like this shines a bright inspiration to all. >> delaware county council recognized 17-year-old joe chambers for his heroic efforts. chambers is a junior member of the fire company. chambers and his neighbor rescued the officer from his burning police cruiser on november 8th. the patrol car burst into flames after colliding with a truck. chambers and johnson jumped into action pulling the officer through the car window.
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>> reporter: happening right now i'm rosemary connors live in 30th street station where a ferguson protest is well under way and since we last checked in it has grown. here's what we know and here's what's happening. these demonstrators are planning to be on the wround for four minutes and 30 seconds to signify the four hours and 30 minutes that michael brown was on the ground when he was shot and killed by ferguson police officer darren wilson. the group asked that any nonblack demonstrators sit to show their solidarity. after 30th street this group is planning to march to city hall. there's plenty -- there's heavy police presence at 30th street station to make sure that this protest is peaceful and that these demonstrators get to city hall safely. they are planning to march we presume down market street so keep that in mind. we'll continue to update you throughout the newscast.
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i'm rosemary connors, reporting live from 30th street station. >> exploding airbags that can kill. honda agreed to expand a recall tied to those safety devices but the airbag maker says it's not necessary. denise nakano denise nakano joins us with that story. >> reporter: honda is expanding a recall to all 50 states. the air bags are made by a japanese supplier called takata. takata's recall covers 8 million cars but only in high humidity areas. however the u.s. government is demanding the recall be expanded to the entire country. at a hearing on capitol hill today takata representatives told lawmakers the recall in just high humidity areas is sufficient. takata acknowledged it still doesn't know what's causing the airbag malfunction. >> make no mistake, we will take
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all action necessary to advance the goal of safety for the driving public, including working to produce additional replacement units to support any further recalls that may be announced by automakers. >> takata sent a letter to the national highway traffic administration challenging its order. investigators believe five deaths and dozens of injuries worldwide on the air bags. read much more about the concerns over the affected cars on our website at i'm denise nakano denise nakano, nbc 10 news. horrible drought in california. well too much of a good thing they needed rain. this is second day of it. and as you can see through spots some serious flooding. the problem area, especially
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needs the rain because the wildfires have left it barren. just one extreme or the other out there. san francisco had more rain in the past few days than they had all of last year. that's unbelievable. we're drying out. we haven't quite cleared out but we will during the night tonight. allow the night to get colder. tomorrow night will be fairly cold too. but we still expect weekend rain and maybe even beyond the weekend. well the tons of the buildings still getting cut off by those low clouds and causing delays at the airport again. 47 degrees with the cloudy skies. south-southwest at 14. 11 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. still kind of chilly. only in the low 40s up to the north and west. further to the south it got well into the 50s during the day today. tomorrow kind of cool. the wind chill is in the 30s,
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north and west ranging down to the 50s to the south. really depends on where you are whether it's a warm day or a cold day. we have just a few little sprinkles, little drops of drizzle in parts of the area but we saw a lot of rain during the day today coming right up 95 and especially north and west of 95 in our pennsylvania counties and not much is on the map right now. the visibility is down, coatesville down below two miles with the fog, reading 2 1/2, 2 1/2 at the philadelphia international airport and wilmington half mile. other areas are doing just fine with their visibility. didn't get the rain in the south so they don't have any issue there. visibility will be improving. our next problem is coming on friday. here comes an area of rain from the west, along the front, winds coming in off the ocean.
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what's coming in off the ocean on saturday as the rain continues gets more widespread, perhaps gets heavier, the rain continues saturday night, the wind is still off the ocean. then this thing turns into a nor'easter and the winds still off the ocean. what does that all mean? it means the water will keep piling up. we have a full moon coming this weekend so some coastal flooding issues. this looks like it will become a nor'easter. and at least according to some computer models the rain hangs in here for sunday and into monday and eventually colder air comes down and we start getting a wintry mix here before this is all over with. and it may not be all over with until the middle of next week. very slow moving pattern. clearing and colder tonight, 33 for a loin philadelphia, 26 north and west. tomorrow, start off with sunshine then some clouds. high temperatures in the mid-40s and that's the sunniest day that we're going to see in the seven
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day forecast. look at this. rain comes in late friday or friday night. rainy day saturday. rain likely for at least a portion of the eagles game on sunday and the wind increases too monday also wet. >> not right. >> it's the season where people donate but the donation aren't always going where you think. the companies renting out their names and where those donations are really going. a local town collecting $80,000 for security cameras without raising taxes. i'm checking in how they are doing it and if other cities will follow their lead. >> coming up on "nbc 10 news today" at 4:00.
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. one of the biggest holiday traditions in the big apple watched by millions across the country. this is a live look at the christmas tree in rockefeller
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center. it's the most famous in the world. we don't need to listen to the tone. the norway spruce heads from central pennsylvania. the head gardner noticed it years ago while driving along. tens of thousands of people are expected to stand behind the police barricades to watch the event in person. with the big tree comes big decorations. a star graces the top. the tree is covered with 45,000 l.e.d. lights and the lights will stay on until january 7th. >> i've watched it my whole life. now to be on stage and part of the whole lighting is very exciting. lady gaga, tony bennett marksry a carey, all will be performing at tonight's nationwide live broadcast which you can watch right here, christmas at rockefeller center. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m.
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it's a special edition of pay what you wish wednesday at the philadelphia museum of art. this is a good one. dress in your ugly best for the ugly sweater party from 5:30 to 8:00 tonight. you can enjoy refreshmens and learn how to make your own sweater in the knitting circle. from 5:30 to 7:30 the museum will provide art supplies to you can make your own cards. >> three women are joined by famed attorney gloria allred out in los angeles. gloria allred is asking cosby to waive the statue of limitations and prove his innocence in court. in recent weeks more than a dozen women have accused cosby of sexually assaulting them decades ago. also this afternoon -- >> it's become an integral part of investigation. >> technology like this costs big bucks. money one local city just
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doesn't have. today how local leaders are asking residents to pitch in more than their two cents to fund the program. but first nbc 10 live here outside the 30th street station where protesters are on the march during rush hour protesting the outcome in ferguson, missouri. we'll be right back. what's possible today?
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wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you. this is breaking news we've been following this afternoon. two new accuse ers came forward against bill cosby. gloria allred vows to fight justice. gloria allred asked cosby waive the statue of limitation.
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this comes in the wake avenue lawsuit filed yesterday in los angeles a woman suing cosby claiming he molested her in the 1970s when she was just 15 years old. first happening now nbc 10 live outside 30th street station. live pictures right here protesters saying no justice, no peace, they are reacting to the lack of an indictment in the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. nbc 10's rosemary connors is watching these protests on the ground for us. rosemary, bring us up to date. >> reporter: jim, it's very tense out here outside of 30th street station. where we are right now is where you get on 76 west for the vine street east. these protesters are trying to get past here. police are trying not to have them get on the highway or vine street. chief inspector as you saw is trying to talk to some of the
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protest organizers to make sure that they do not get on to the highway here. their hope is they take either market street or the boulevard to get down city hall which is where they are trying to end up for this march. we'll continue to keep you post opened this. again it's a little bit tense out here but hope it says peaceful. back to you. >> those protesters gathering in the wake of that outcome in ferguson, missouri. for a while now there have been reactions protests around the country that we've seen mostly peaceful protests. a little bit tense there as they try to make their way on to the expressways during rush hour which would make a mess of thing. we'll bring you up to date as we hea hear. >> no shortage of umbrellas on
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the treats today. it was all about dodging the rain drops. things have started to clear out and clear up a bit and usher in some cold changes. >> nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here to explain it. >> the day rain is over. roads will start to dry out as we go through the evening. skies will start to clear. temperatures will go down. nothing significant on the radar. that's moving out just a few drizzle drops possible. 47 degrees in philadelphia now. and low 40s to the north and west. so it is kind of cool but not as cool as it's going to be. with the clearing skies, temperatures will be down dclos to 40 degrees by 10:00. the suburbs to the 20s. big weather issue is the rain in the seven day forecast. morn that coming in a few minutes. >> thanks, glenn.
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they are proveern crime fighters but surveillance cameras don't come cheap. >> one city is so desperate for cash they are asking others to help them buy eyes in the class. >> randy tell us how city leaders are planning to raise this cash. >> reporter: well the city of reading is considered financially distressed so cash-strapped they are not allowed to use tax money to pay for this program. instead they are going directly online using that crowdsourcing website go fund me to get locals and businesses to pitch in to buy eight of these new crime fighting cameras. inside the surveillance control room at reading police headquarters -- >> we have about 46 cameras in the city, hand tilt zoom. >> reporter: live images are beamed back to detectives. these cameras caught drug dealers, murder suspects even as budget cuts left here fewer officer on the street.
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>> cameras are an integral part of investigation. >> reporter: but the police chief wants even more eyes watching many more intersections. some cameras are getting old and blurry. a new wireless high-definition system will cost $80,000 but reading can't afford it. >> the city has financial issues. we have enough trouble maintaining what we have. so expanding the camera system, we're making improvements to the camera system, simply something we don't have in our city budget. >> reporter: like many cash-strapped families they start ad go fund me page online asking for donations from local businesses and private citizens. >> we're using that site so that the community as a whole can kind of get in the game and participate in the campaign. >> reporter: the chamber of commerce says fear of crime in downtown read cigarette driving people away. keeping development out. they think these cameras could catch more criminals and make people feel secure in a city on
4:35 pm
the rebound. >> that he want downtown that's clean and safe. and unfortunately there's a perception that our down is not safe. >> reporter: now in this-week-old campaign they've raised $20,000. about a quarter of the way towards their goal. that came from some private foundation donation. they have yet to get any local businesses to chip in. live in reading, nbc 10 news. thank you, randy. from our jersey shore bureau passengers who fly out of atlantic city international airport now have fewer options for flights. united airlines ended flights to the ac airport in egg harbor township. the airline added flights just eight months ago as a way to boost the struggling gambling economy. the route didn't attract enough passengers to be profitable. from our delaware bureau a major summer mutual fund festival froofbd big booproved
4:36 pm
boost. fans backed over international speedway for the four day firefly mutual fund festival in june. here's a breakdown of what the business college found. festival brought in more than $68 million for the local economy. that means the average person spent $850, about 80,000 fans attended the festival and that four day event provide equivalent of 479 full time jobs. chief operating officer of dover motorsports says bringing an event like firefly to dover helps put our state on the map in the music world. >> a lot of money. today the season of giving may turn into a season of anger. >> nbc 10 explains where some of your clothing donations are ending up and how some people are actually making money off your donation. >> but first, here's what we're working on for you right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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>> right at 5:00 we showed the ferguson protest happening in philadelphia today. now they are marching and we're following to show you if they are backing up rush hour traffic. then problems keep getting worse for bill cosby as more women come forward. now we're asking how long the alleged victims accusations will hold up in court. more than 50 different tax breaks that will save millions for you and local businesses. we're check to see if the bill will past before the tax deadline. coming up.
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. happening now, protesters on the move in center city, upset about the decision in ferguson, missouri. let's check back now with rosemary connors. rosemary. >> reporter: we're out here on market street. the protesters they moved away from that 76/vine street entrance off 30th street station. they moved over to market street. they are marching down market. the plan is to head towards city hall. bike police and other officers are out here on the ground to make sure there aren't any other confrontations. we showed you a few minutes ago last time we checked in there were some tense moments between police and protesters but so far so good. as you can hear they are chanting black lives matter all in reaction to the grand jury's decision not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson in the death of michael brown. we'll continue to follow these protesters and we'll walk you through the newscast.
4:41 pm
if you have relatives or friends traveling in and out of the city this area of center city market street is shut down. back to you. >> thanks for the update. today a piece of history from abraham lincoln before he was president. it's just been discovered. >> now that confidential document comes to our area. we'll tell you what congressman lincoln wrote in that letter. also your donation destination. you giveaway your old clothes to charity hoping to give it to someone in need. today nbc 10 reveals who is making a buck off of your kindness. dreary day out there still looking like that. i'm tracking even more rain. let you know when we'll see the run again briefly in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. then all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00 diagnosing concussions. the new tool that's being tested in pennsylvania and how teams
4:42 pm
could use it on the football field.
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a passion for fashion brings in proceeds for parishes. >> fashion students at philadelphia university used their talent to benefit people living with cancer as well as their families. the students sold hand crafted apparel and accessories at a pop up shop. customers could purchase everything from flannel shirts to tees. the students designs raised more than $3,000 and those proceeds will could be the natured to chemo clothes, a south jersey based charity that help families of cancer patients. >> a local dealer is offering a pricey piece of presidential history. it's a letter written by abraham lincoln. a philadelphia document dealer unveiled it today. lincoln wrote the letter to a friend in 1849 when he was a congressman from illinois. the letter describes an incident between lincoln and a friend
4:46 pm
seeking a political appointment. the dealer is putting up for sale for $40,000 and expects to it go fast. >> such a great interest in lincoln. this is a rare unusual letter from a unique moment in time from his career. there will be people who are very excited about it. >> historians discovered the letter recently opinion archives of an institution. another damp day out there. at least today we didn't have to be concerned about freezing rain. temperatures were much higher than they were yesterday. we're finally drying out across the area. that's going to allow the night to get a bit colder, at least over the next two and then our concern becomes rain. and more rain. it's getting a little bit drier out there. takes a little hil. but we have some within.
4:47 pm
17 mile-per-hour winds, to start drying out the ground. 47 degrees in philadelphia. 11 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. and that's generally the case, 10 to 15 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. despite the fact it's only 42 in allentown. remember it was about 30 yesterday and we were getting rain. 42 in reading. 47 in philadelphia. but 50s farther to the south. and we're not going to be seeing 50s for a while at least most of the area. nothing of significance on the live radar, nothing more than a couple of drizzle drops remember that are too small for radar to deten but we saw plenty of detection here over the last six hours, especially in chester, montgomery, bucks counties. those areas got hit the hardest with this. now the next area of rain will come in, going to start off light, late friday or friday night with a front that is going to be stalled over the area and then this area of low pressure arrives right along the front and brings more rain on
4:48 pm
saturday. and saturday night. perhaps heavier rain. and then as it hits the coast it develops into a nor'easter. the wind gets stronger. the temperature goes down. we continue to see the rain at least according to this particular model. this is the world famous european model that beats the pants off the united states model this far out. four days out. that's why we're more believing this solution that would keep rain in on sunday for the eagles and then bring in colder air behind it at the end of this to perhaps bring a combination of wintry weather at the end. pretty cold for the eagles and a doesn't chance of rain. also looks kind of windy. there may be coastal flooding issues with this before it's all over with. clearing and colder tonight 33 for a loin philadelphia. 26 north and west.
4:49 pm
again we'll be drying out here. not damp in the morning. not foggy either. temperatures in the mid-40s with at least a little bit of sunshine tomorrow. there's that one little peek of sunshine. you won't see much else on the seven day forecast here. the rain comes in friday night. saturday is a rainy day. saturday night is wet. sunday again would be wet if the european model and canadian model, by the way agrees with that. and then even into early next week. so that's a stormy pattern. it's a wet pattern. it's a nasty pattern. it's a cold pattern. at least for most. >> but not a snow pattern. >> that's right. >> there you go. >> super typhoon or west pacific. we're not getting that or mudslides like in california. >> we're not complaining. >> glass half full. >> about a third full. >> we'll go with that. it's the season of giving how about that? >> for a lot of people that
4:50 pm
means cleaning out your low sets so that deserving person will have clothes but do you know where your donations are really going? nbc 10 examines how some are profiting from your generosity. >> then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, find out how workers were stealing from passengers.
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♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the confidence to move forward. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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. so you have 28 days until the first of the year and that means 28 days to make a donation that you can write off for tax purposes for 2014. >> have you ever wondered what happens to your donations once you drop it off. doug shimell is tracking your donations. >> doug, what have you learned? >> reporter: goodwill industries
4:54 pm
is putting out an alarming that gives clothi inin inin ining do local community. >> a lot of people have job, family and like to donate socks, hats. >> reporter: bags of clothing are coming in on an honor system. >> my assumption it goes locally and clothing will go on to needy families. >> reporter: but goodwill industries is putting out a warning to the charitable about the sudden appearance of clothing boxes seemingly every where. >> see charity names on these boxes but they are fronted bay for profit entity that is selling goods abroad and giving the charity a small amount of the bulk of your donations. >> reporter: in slow economic times experts say some mainstream charities are renting out their names to textile recyclers. >> i get there's a lot of concerns when people make
4:55 pm
contributions to these donation binns. you have no way of knowing who is behind them whether it's a for profit, a legitimate charity. >> reporter: goodwill industries says the donations it gets goes straight out to their local thrift stores but claim it's simple economics for the for profit clothing recycling companies. >> big mark ups. >> big mark ups. there's a huge need and demand and the price fluctuates. >> it's not right. there's a lot of people that need it especially now at this time. >> reporter: so what do you do if your favorite charity's name suddenly starts appearing on some of these clothing binns? we examine that coming up in just a little while. live in mt. airy, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. here's denise nakano and keith jones. >> all new tonight did u.p.s. discriminate against an employee because of her pregnancy? >> the supreme court is taking
4:56 pm
up that woman's case. we'll hear from her coming up next. and we're finally starting to dry out of the rain but temperatures tonight will get colder because of it. also another rainy stretch in the forecast too. i'll show you when coming up. >> we're following more breaking news developments as more accusers against bill cosby come forward. what they are alleging and what they are demanding. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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happening right now at 5:00 new protests over the grand jury ace decision in ferguson. demonstrators have been moving across center city tonight trying to make their voices heard. >> nbc 10's rosemary connors has been following them around the city. rosemary, what's happening right now? >> reporter: well the initial thought they were going make their way towards city halibut that's changed. when they got 16th street from market street they turned left as if they were going to head to vine but then they turned left and we're heading back to jfk parkway and going towards the art museum. this is a fluid protest. the group that organized this protest is called in defense of black bodies and originated at 30th street station where protesters staged what they called a die in. they got on the ground to signify the times that michael brown was on the ground after he was shot and killed by police
5:00 pm
officer darren wilson. as we've been reporting there have been protests all across the country and in philadelphia since that grand jury's decision not to indict that police officer. also even though we haven't been hearing this from the protest today, this protest this afternoon comes as a grand jury in new york decided not to indict a police officer who was involved in the death of a man who was arresting eric garner. again a chokehold situation but that grand jury decided not to indict that police officer so you can imagine the emotions in this crowd are running very high today as they chanted, they have been chanting through the streets of philadelphia, they have been saying black lives matter. we'll continue to follow them on this march. as i suspected we're heading down towards ben franklin parkway getting closer to the art museum. we'll continue to follow this. they have been trying to get on 76 and vineway expressway but philadelphia police have been adamant about kpi


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