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tv   Today  NBC  December 6, 2014 7:00am-8:31am EST

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good morning. breaking overnight, an american hostage killed. journalist luke somers was murdered by al qaeda during a failed u.s. rescue mission authorized by president obama. this morning, what we know about the dramatic attempt to try to save his life. churning closer, that massive super typhoon taking aim at the philippines this morning. hundreds of thousands of residents running for their lives before the huge storm makes landfall. terror on the train, several people recovering this morning after a knife wielding man stabbed them aboard an amtrak train in michigan. terrified passengers look on in disbelief. and the glitz, the glamour, the thieves. miami's art basel event is one of the hottest parties around, drawing celebrities from around the world, but now police are
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investigating the theft of a precious piece by picasso, today, september, december 6th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with lester holt and erica hill, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this busy saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. >> we start with the breaking news. devastating news from overnight, that american hostage luke somers has been killed in yemen. his death coming as u.s. forces tried to rescue him from the clutches of al qaeda. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is here with more. richard, good morning. >> good morning. there is always a terrible that the president faces that the u.s. military faces in a hostage situation, do you attempt to rescue the hostage, knowing the risks. in this case, the president, the military decided to make the
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risky operation, to make an attempt, but it didn't work out. a desperate attempt to save an american hostage in yemen that ended in tragedy. luke somers, an american photo journalist was abducted more than a year ago in yemen's capital sana'a. held by al qaeda's branch in the arabian peninsula. u.s. special operation forces tried to rescue him on friday, but according to defense secretary chuck hagel, al qaeda terrorists murdered him during the operation. somers' sister lucy told the associated press today, we ask that all of luke's family members be allowed to mourn in peace. in a video released this week, somers had pleaded for help. >> my name is luke somers, i'm 33 years old. i was born in england, but i carry american citizenship and have lived in america for most of my life. >> reporter: al qaeda had threatened to kill him by this weekend if the u.s. didn't meet its demands. u.s. special operations forces had tried to rescue him last month as well, but that mission
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didn't succeed either. somers wasn't there, so the u.s., facing a deadline, tried again. and just a short while ago the president has issued a statement. it said earlier this week, a video released by terrorist captors announced that luke would be killed within 72 hours. other information also indicated that luke's life was in imminent danger. based on the assessment, and as soon as there was reliable intelligence and an operational plan i authorized a rescue plan. the callous disregard for luke's life is more proof of the depths of aqap's depravity. aqap the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the depths of their depravity and further reason why the world must never cease in seeking to defeat their evil ideology. >> you talk about the moral dilemma, the risk of an operati operation. two years ago you were part of an nbc news team held in syria by terrorists. were you expecting a rescue attempt? was it something you feared? >> it wasn't something i feared. it wasn't something i was
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expecting either. i knew if the rescue attempt came, the rescue attempt never came, but i knew if one did happen, there was a good chance that i would be killed in it. >> you felt your captors were waiting for that, anticipating that? >> oh, yeah. think about how difficult it is to do a rescue attempt. you're in a house, your captors know that they are vulnerable. in this case there had already been a failed attempt so they knew it was a possibility that the u.s. special operation forces could try to come again. they specifically warned them not to come again. so it's a very hard thing to pull off. you're in a room, you're locked, you're surrounded by gunmen. as soon as they hear choppers coming and they think it's the rescue operation is under way, they're probably going to kill you, to make the rescue attempt a failure. but if you're if facing imminent death and in this case they said he was going to be killed this weekend, what choice do you have? is it better to take the shot and risk being killed in the
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operation, or have no one take the shot, you're killed anyway? i think if i were in his position i would say take the shot. >> dilemma is the world. we have to acknowledge the bravery of the u.s. forces that made that attempt today. thanks very much. >> absolutely. a resident in the philippines this morning are bracing for a massive storm headed straight for the island nations. half a million people have already fled the area. while preparations are under way today, with a storm this large at this point there may be little that people can do to get out of its way. dylan is tracking it all for us. this is a massive, massive system. >> it is a huge storm system. it's no longer a super typhoon, though. naturally, the storm is weakening. it's the equivalent of a category 3 hurricane right now. and it is expected to make landfall and then work its way through the philippine islands where in manila we're expecting this storm to arrive by monday. here is the good thing. once it starts to move over land, it is going to continue to weaken. so it is not looking like it is going to be bringing that
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extreme damage we saw from haiyan just last year and as it weakens down to a category 2 on sunday, and then passes just to the south of manila in the philippines, early monday morning, with winds at 85 miles per hour. there is a lot of rain with this storm, so we are certainly going to see the potential for flooding, but wind damage shouldn't be as significant as originally thought now that this storm is going to continue to weakp. it is still a powerful hurricane or typhoon in that part of the world and that's something we'll be focusing on. lester? >> thanks. protesters were out in force again last night and early this morning. thousands of people around the country from new york to boston, chicago and los angeles, speaking out against a new york grand jury's decision to the to indict an nypd officer in the chokehold death of an unarmed man. and now the demonstrators are focusing on other controversial cases as well. nbc's kristen dahlgren is here with more on that. >> good morning, lester. this has become about those cases as well as the system opening up a lot of debate over
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grand juries hearing evidence behind closed doors before making their decision on whether law enforcement should stand trial. there were even bigger crowds in boston n miami, and chicago where they shut down lakeshore drive. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: in new york's suburbs marchers had a message. that their complaints go well beyond what happened in the chokehold death of eric garner, or ferguson's michael brown. >> you can talk about kenneth sr. that was shot in the projects, d.j. henry. there's never a special prosecutor in case of police killings. >> reporter: in cleveland where a grand jury was impanelled after 12-year-old tamir rice was shot by police for brandishing what turned out to be an air pistol, his family has filed a wrongful death law enforcement against the officers and the city. while in brooklyn, the grand jury will hear evidence in the killing of 28-year-old akai
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gurley, an unarmed man shot and killed by police two weeks ago. >> all his hope and dreams and aspiration are taken away from him so innocently. it's not right. i need justice for my son. >> hands up. >> reporter: in the wake of the ferguson and garner decisions, some are now questioning the grand jury system. long hailed as a way to weed out weaker cases. >> the system itself is clearly problematic and ridden with conflicts when it comes to investigating police officers. >> reporter: but some legal experts say secrecy allows those who aren't indicted to move on without bias. while new york's governor told savannah what the system has now is a perception problem. >> people have to believe they're represented by the justice system or we have a fundamental societal problem. >> reporter: now when eric garner's death on staten island and michael brown in ferguson, the prosecutor did release some
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of the material presented to the grand jury, but obviously a lot of scrutiny on grand juries right now and a lot of people watching closely to see what happens in some of those cases. >> thanks very much. there was some breaking news overnight. we also want to get to about a top al qaeda member overseas. sheinelle is following that one for us. >> pakistani military officials say a top al qaeda operative was killed in a raid early this morning. saudi national adnan shukrijumah was on the fbi's most wanted list for his alleged role in a terror plot against new york city's subway system. prosecutors described the plot as the most serious threat to new york since the 9/11 attacks. he's also linked to a group of men accused of plotting to blow up fuel pipelines in new york's john f. kennedy international airport. back at home one person is under arrest and four people in the hospital after a man started stabbing people aboard an amtrak train late friday. nbc's john yang has the latest. >> reporter: amtrak train 364 was headed from chicago to port huron, michigan, with more than 170 on board, when out of
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nowhere, police say, a 44-year-old man wealding a knife turned on fellow passengers. >> i see him have his fist up and then bring it down. oh, my god, he's punching the guy. then i saw his bring his fist back up and noticed there was something in his fist resembling a knife blade. then he stopped stabbing the guy in front and he lurched forward towards these two other women. >> reporter: an emergency call went out to the miles, michigan, police department. the attacks were under way when the train pulled into a station and an officer rushed on board. >> suspect was armed with a knife. the officer used a taser and subdued the suspect and took him into custody. >> reporter: four victims, three men and a woman, were stabbed. all were taken to hospitals. at least one in serious condition. amtrak tweeted this message, we're aware of an incident on board one of our trains. local authorities are investigating the incident with support from amtrak police department.
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niles police have not released the name of the suspect and no word so far on any motive. >> all i know is that he seemed to be talking to himself and acting strangely. >> reporter: amtrak arranged for the rest of the passengers to travel on to their destinations. for "today," john yang, nbc news, chicago. tourists in hollywood also had some frightening moments friday after police shot and killed a man just steps from the walk of fame. authorities say they were responding to a call after the suspect, armed with a knife, assaulted two people. officers then fired after seeing the man approach them with the knife. federal authorities are now investigating whether a deadly hit and run in kansas city was a hate crime. authorities say a muslim teenager was deliberately run down and killed by a man driving an suv outside a somali community center thursday night. the suspect was arrested when he tried to run away following the crash. >> there is a considerable amount of evidence to -- that leads us to believe this was an intentional act. >> worshipers say in the weeks before the crash, they saw a
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black suv painted with anti-islamic messages at the center. the teen's funeral is being held today. a 6-year-old is recovering after getting trapped in a manhole in a busy street in utah. his family called police after he didn't come home friday. a any bore's found the boy's bike near a drainage hole and a bloodhound tracked the scent to the manhole. he's being treated for mild hypothermia and broken arm. pga star luke donald was about to line up a shot in south africa when, watch this, someone yelled, watch out. so he turns around and says suddenly look at this, a bam boon rushing toward him here. he jumped out of the way as the baboon trotted across the fairway. after the round he tweeted he was embarrassed by his reaction. he says his caddie didn't flinch but he jumped. he did a #he was a big boy though. what would you do? >> huge. >> a big baboon. >> they yelled watch out, instead of fore.
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he knew it was something other than a golf ball. >> resident golfer dylan. sheinelle, thanks. dylan back with a closer look at the forecast in the u.s. for the weekend like sometimes you get the great days that are good movie days. a lot of people are going to see that up and down the east coast through the ohio river valley. it is a movie day with heavy rain off and on throughout the entire day. the yellow and the red stretching down into mississippi and alabama. this is extending up into ohio. we are starting to see some light showers in new york city and even some snow up across parts of new england. although this will be replaced with the rain as the warmer air moves in with that warm front sitting just to the south. now we are going to see the rain pretty much last all day long and then it will fizzle out by early sunday morning. we're not looking at much. about an inch or two, higher amounts up across cape cod. as far as snow an inch or two of snow. it's not a big event chlkt good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle
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grossman. rain ends over night. clearing skies. windy on sunday. mostly sunny skies, high of 43. monday, clouds building in. tuesday, watching for the potential for a coastal storm, rain and wind. 48. snow showers on wednesday. 38. still in the pos on thursday. could see a couple of snow showers as well, friday. partly sunny, chilly. high of 44. we're going to stick with weather as we talk about the nonstop rains on the west coast this week. unfortunately those rains just a drop in the bucket for many folks. california is still dealing with its worst drought in 1200 years. many people there are being told to conserve water, wherever and however they can. the situation, though, is even worse for residents in one particular town who are now living without any water at all. the weather channel's dave malcough has their story. >> we just didn't realize how
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much of a blessing a hot shower is. >> reporter: free hot showers at the church is just one new reality for california families like the blackburns. >> it's rough. a lot of people wouldn't understand, you know. >> why it's necessary to have such things. >> reporter: just down the road, wells are drying up. these are donated pumps and tanks. crews can't hook them to homes fast enough. >> my name is yolanda. i ran out of water since mid-july. >> reporter: it all started last year when this house ran out of water, then yolanda's and then this house. but not all the houses are dry. this house and this house still have water. their wells are deeper. >> if they have a deeper well, they still have water. >> reporter: this cube doesn't look like it's a lot of water. >> it's not. >> reporter: once a week the city of porterville, about an hour south of fresno, delivers 300 gallons each to these homes. community leaders estimate as many as 5,000 people may have run out of water in this county
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alone. >> when i run out of water in my tank, i have to get a bucket of water from the neighbors to use the toilet. that's the way we're doing the things. >> reporter: yolanda's son is filling the shower bucket. it's a sponge bath every day. >> warm up the water on the stove and i pour it on the orange bucket there. >> reporter: those pumps keep coming. they can't move. who's going to buy a house with no water? it's $12,000 to dig a deeper well. even harder to explain it to their friends. >> come live. you won't like it. i mean we have no choice but to live it. whoever has water here in this neighborhood has hit the jackpot. >> reporter: for "today," dave mall cough in california's central valley. one of miami beach's event is in full swing. the art basel event draws some of the biggest celebrity names
7:17 am
for the glitz the glamour and art. nearby an art world mystery. who stole a piece of work by picasso. nbc's mark potter following it all from miami beach. good morning. >> good morning. since art basel came here in 2002 to miami beach it has grown from a low-level art fair to a huge international event bringing in celebrities, artists and wealthy collectors from all over the world. >> reporter: for 75,000 people, crowded into art basel miami beach, this is the place to be and be seen, in america this weekend. the star of the show is $3 billion worth of modern and contemporary art. this piece sold for several million dollars. this picasso, and a richard print photo, for a million each to the big money crowd, high priced art is selling fast. >> tycoons, millionaires, all come together and that's miami beach, everyone at the same time. >> reporter: for the 13th time
7:18 am
art basel has come to miami beach from its home in switzerland. over the years it's grown and changed dramatically. no longer just an art fair. it's now a happening. attracting more and more celebrities. >> i think the closest analogy you can make is to the cannes film festival in france. >> reporter: on this night, all eyes are on kim kardashian. getting images, photographer larry more ran no remembers, when art basel was nothing like this. >> the biggest thing you would have is iggy pop maybe performing on the beach, outdoor concert. now you've got paris hilton deejaying. >> reporter: this year kicked off with a concert by miley cyrus. other celebrity sightings, usher, leonardo dicaprio, tobey maguire, solange knowles, kate hudson and owen wilson. >> celebrities come to enjoy the art and some are artists presenting art and some come just for the parties. >> reporter: all drawn to the hottest art show in the world right now. now, meantime at a neighboring
7:19 am
art fair in miami, officials say a picasso silver plate at about $85,000 appears to have been stolen from a booth there thursday night. police are still looking for it. one blemish in an otherwise stellar week here for the art world in south florida. lester? >> all right. mark potter, thanks very much. the art is fine, the celebrities. i would go for the weather. >> the weather would be great. >> sheinelle and i both at the same time said in mark's piece said trillion airs? >> i didn't know there were trillionairs. >> a billion dollars when -- >> there you go. >> i'm still reeling over that one. >> i would like to know a trillionair. you won't believe some of the toys we found at the banned toy museum in california. there's such a place. would you buy your child something that had actual radioactive material inside? i guess at one time people did. first this is "today" on nbc. >> you didn't have that?
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as you make your way through your holiday shopping, chances are you're going to do your best to avoid toys to put your children or other children in serious danger. >> there have been several toys over the years that came with legitimate warnings about how unsafe they were but they sold anyway. they're banned but not forgotten thanks to a corky museum that joe fryer tells us about now. ♪ >> reporter: inside a humble two room museum. >> come on back. let me give you the tour. >> reporter: it's the toys that belong on santa's naughty list. >> these are all toys that for one reason or the other were pulled off the market. >> reporter: garys do is curator of an exhibit dedicated to banned toys. >> this is the snack time cabbage patch doll. you put something in the mouth, it automatically starts to eat it including little kids' fingers and hair. >> reporter: many were considered too dangerous, like believe it or not the atomic
7:23 am
energy lab, sold in the 1950s. >> it came with four jars of radioactive material. >> reporter: fors do, it's kind of like the island of misfit toys made famous in "rudolph the red nosed reindeer". >> we're all miss fits. ♪ we're on the island of unwanted toys ♪ >> reporter: these play things found a home santa won't be delivering the toys in doss' museum. >> lawn darts. >> we have them. >> the label for the flying sharp projectiles says they may cause fatal injury. they were finally banned in 1988. >> in the couple years we've had the exhibit open 47 people have shown me the scars on their body from lawn darts. >> reporter: it sounds like something out of that infamous "saturday night live" sketch about the toymaker who markets dubious products like bago glass. >> so you don't feel that this product is dangerous. >> no. come on look. we put a label on every bag.
7:24 am
it says, kids, be careful, broken glass. >> reporter: back at the museum. tourists madeleine says her family owned four of the banned toys, including crayons that smelled like food prompting, yes, some kids to eat them. not her kids. >> no one ever got hurt with this stuff. it was never a problem. >> reporter: the banned toy display is part of a larger museum which is dedicated to a specific toy, one that has never been banned, pez. doss opened the museum of pez memorabilia 20 years ago and then in 2010, added the banned toys. >> everything here is behind glass. is there a reason for that? >> yes. it would be very transic to have somebody die with lawn darts in the banned toy museum. >> reporter: all this stuff will stay where it belongs, safely stranded on doss' island of misfit toys. for "today" joe fryer, nbc news, burrelling game, california. >> i love that. >> so much fun. >> do you recognize anything in
7:25 am
there. >> i recognized stuff that was on the shelves and i would like to know what was bad about it. the mickey mouse etch a sketch. >> i think we need a field trip. >> i know. the cabbage patch. we all had cabbage patch dolls. >> we all had -- >> yeah. >> we weren't allowed to bring those to school. that's as close as i got. >> close as a ban. >> you heard what you said, we all had cabbage patch dolls. >> did you not? >> no. >> i still have them at my mom's house. we could have you over. >> i was like 30 when they came out. all right. >> like 13 maybe. >> still to come on "today" was
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 7:30. not the best day for a weekend, right? >> that's right. we're going to see rain all day long. we're going to see the clouds in place. even mist and fog. taking a live look outside. not everyone is seeing the rain right now. radar is showing us where it is falling to the north and west and lehigh valley and poconos. temperatures right now, they're not too bad. we're going the see a mild day. 44 in philadelphia. 36 in town. 45 in dover. 46 in wildwood. above freezing. that's the good news. 54 today with rain. zup, the rain comes back. windy and colder, 43. just 40 degrees on monday.
7:27 am
potential for a coastal storm on tuesday. rain and wind, 48. into the 30s on wednesday. then windy on thursday. news from overnight. the driver was under the influence at the time of this deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard. the accident happened near bennett rode around 12:30 this morning. the driver hit a 40-year-old man walking along the road. the man sdid there at the scene. the driver did stay and was arrested by police. authorities tell us charges are now pending. also new from overnight, a house fire in kensington was under investigation. nbc10 was on the scene in jasper street when the fire broke out around 2:00 this morning. nobody was hurt at the scene but a firefighter had some trouble getting there on jasper street. we're told a battalion chief got into an accident on his way to the fire. the vehicle collided several blocks away. checking to see if the chief was injured. redo know that the driver went and the other car went to the
7:28 am
hospital. i'm rosemary connors. now back to the "today" show.
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back now on a saturday morning, december 6th, 2014. this video you're watching here, pretty good chance it's going to make you smile this morning. it's had more than a million views on-line. a u.s. marine back from afghanistan gets one of the best surprises we've seen in some time. it's sort of the classic reunion but with a twist. we'll show you exactly what brought him to tears a bit later this half hour. taking a look outside our studio on rockefeller plaza, good morning to the fine folks out there braving a little bit of drizzle. luckily it's warm. we is have an incredible crowd out there. looking forward to meeting them. >> they have the newly decorated tree as a backdrop. coming up this half hour, it's the holiday season and you'll likely be spending a lot of money on gifts, traveling and
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holiday parties. you don't have to empty your entire wallet to still have a good time. we'll tell you what you can do to make sure you don't break the bank this year. >> then abercrombie & fitch may be losing a bit of its cool factor. sales of the clothing chain known for its controversial marketing have take an dive lately but why? we'll get the skinny. >> is it safer to give birth at home instead of the hospital? why some researchers are saying mom and baby could be better off by avoiding the hospital. let's begin this half hour with the rape allegations at the university of virginia at a graphic story now being called into question this morning. there are doubts about one young woman's claims that were first printed in "rolling stone" magazine. nbc's kristen welker is following this for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the student had identified herself only as jackie and last month she told "rolling stone" magazine a chilling account of a violent sexual assault, but now the publication is walking back that report. this weekend, there is stunned reaction from the uva campus and
7:32 am
beyond. the university of virginia is still in disbelief this morning, after "rolling stone" magazine backtracked saying it can no longer stand by its article saying a student named jackie had been gang raped on campus in 2012. >> i stand by jackie. i have no reason to believe she was not a victim. >> the accusation of holes in the story is irrelevant to the rape culture we have here at the university of virginia. >> reporter: the woman first made the stunning accusations last month, telling the magazine she was violently raped by seven men at a fraternity party. but on friday "rolling stone" released a statement saying in the face of new information, there now appear to be discrepancies in jackie's account and we have come to the conclusion our trust in her was misplaced. representative with the fraternity released a statement saying they never had a party during the weekend in question. none of their members were life guards as jackie told "rolling stone" and sexual assaults are not a part of a pledge ritual as
7:33 am
jackie alleged. >> i don't think the "rolling stone" article or the reporter did her justice. >> reporter: emily is a rape survivor and advocate at uva who has worked with jackie. >> because they have not done their due diligence, it ultimately disadvantages jackie overall, but also runs overs the credibility of other survivors. >> reporter: jackie told "the washington post" she stands by her story. still, that paper also found major discrepancies. >> it's become clear that new details come to light, that there was some factual issues with the account as it was presented. >> reporter: meanwhile, victim rights advocates stressed sexual assault remains a major problem nationwide. >> the worst thing that could come out of this is that even more people are afraid of speaking up about their experience being raped or sexually assaulted. >> reporter: "rolling stone" also acknowledged its reporter never talked to jackie's alleged attackers, saying jackie asked the publication not to for fear of, quote, retaliation. the university of virginia said the news must not alter its
7:34 am
focus on preventing sexual violence. meanwhile, the charlottesville police department is still investigating. lester? >> kristen welker this morning thank you. hackers are targeting employees of the sony picture company. the latest threat coming as we learn more about a security breach that appears to be bigger than anyone first thought. nbc's betty nguyen has more for us this morning. >> good morning. this is getting serious. the hackers have struck again and this time they are making it very personal. following the massive cyber attack on sony pictures, startling new information about threatening e-mails. according to "variety" magazine a group calling itsself gop or the guardians of peace wrote to employees saying not only you, but your family, will be in danger, adding employees should, quote, make your company behave wisely. sources tell the magazine employees were told to turn off their handheld devices after receiving the message. and in a statement late friday
7:35 am
to cnbc, sony said, we are aware of the situation and are working with law enforcement. for its part, the fbi says it's continuing to investigate. >> this is absolutely a credible threat and sony employees should be on guard. >> reporter: meanwhile, security analysts are learning more about the extent of the massive breach, which it seems linked some 47,000 social security numbers and, according to the "wall street journal," that includes celebs like sylvester stallone and actress revel wilson. the hackers leaked several motion pictures on-line, some not released yet in theaters. some cyber security experts are split on who could be behind the attack. >> the north korean government has the power and the capability and the means and motive to do this attack. in addition, the malware that was uncovered on sony pictures network is so far advanced, it could not have been a malicious insider. >> reporter: this man disagrees.
7:36 am
>> these hackers have already destroyed the internal network, they've already taken data, they've already leaked data, but they didn't stop there. that tells me that there's a personal vendetta. >> now the extent of this hacking still not known. it seems like every day, though, we are learning something new about what the hackers have done. erica? >> think there could be more to come. thanks. >> sure. >> dylan here with another check of the weather for us. >> you know we had such a cold november, december is not too bad. we're actually off to a pretty mild start. we're going to see the jet stream lift a little to the north. we're looking at warm temperatures down in the southeast and out west too. new orleans will top out around 78 degrees today. that's 11 degrees above average. brownsville, texas, about 78 degrees. out in the west well, should even top out around 54 in salt lake city. not exceptionally warm but it is about 13 degrees above average. here we have the rain up and down the east coast. that's going to be our trouble spot today with pockets of heavy rain from the ohio river valley, extending up into the northeast, even a little slippery through central and northern new england
7:37 am
where an inch or two of snow is possible. elsewhere we're looking at an inch or two of rain. we have foggy conditions down through the gulf coast where temperatures will be in the 70s and out in the pacific northwest we also have some rain, especially along the coast of washington state and we will see some mountain snow as well. a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. soggy saturday. rainal day long into tonight. a mild one. 52 to 55. rain ends overnight. clearing skies. windy on sunday. mostly sunny skies. high of 43 degrees. monday, clouds. tuesday, watching the potential for coastal storm. rain and wind. just 48 degrees. snow shower on wednesday. 38. still in the 30s on thursday. could see a couple snow showers as well friday, partly sunny, chilly. high of 44. and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. dylan, thanks. just ahead, avoid that holiday spending hangover. turns out you can shop and entertain and enjoy the season
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this morning on "today's" money avoiding the holiday spending traps. december can do a number on your wallet between buying holiday gifts, hosting holiday parties and traveling. you don't have to spend a fortune to still get everything you want. "today" financial editor jean chatzky has great advice. great to have you here. >> nice to see you. >> we always go through more than we expect. >> right. if you are celebrating christmas, hanukkah or kwanzaa the national retail federation says you will spend more than $800 this year. you don't want to be paying that off in june. we will show people how to scale back. >> let's walk over here. i want to talk about the first obvious potential budget buster and that is presents. >> right. either you add too many people to your list or you go overboard on one person and all of a sudden your whole budget is out of whack. >> how do you reign that in? because we all, you know -- giving is better than receiving.
7:42 am
>> clearly, but a few quick ideas. first, buy multiples. you find a present that's at a good price load up on that for more than one individual. it takes the guesswork out of the equation. with gift cards there is a psychological trap. we don't like to see a small number on the face of the gift card so we're likely to overspend. you may be better off getting a small person an actual item. if you've got extra gift cards or frequent flier miles you are not using use those to supplement your holiday shopping budget. >> that's a clever idea. speaking of travel, let's move over here because that's another place that we always end up spending more than we thought. >> gas prices are down, which is good news, but airfares and hotels are way up this holiday season. so if you are flying, you want to book now. according to kayak, prices are going to rise 5% through the rest of the month, so sooner is better than later. also, with travel, you want to think about flying on the
7:43 am
holiday itself. if you don't mind christmas or new year's, you can actually save yourself 50%, sometimes more. >> i actually did that for thanksgiving. plus the airports were a lot easier. >> i know. so so nice. and you can get there for most of the day, and if you are booking a hotel room, you really want to try to haggle. you may not be able to get a lower price but often you can get breakfast, free wi-fi all those things add up. >> you have to think ahead for all these things. let's walk over here and talk about parties and entertaining. >> according to the folks at deloit deloitte, we will spend about $300 this holiday season socializing out of the house and if you're going to throw a holiday party it's going to cost you 200 bucks. that's expensive. if you are throwing a holiday party, brunch is a lot cheaper than lunch or dinner. i went to cooking school. i know these things. flour and eggs, you can do a lot with that. also candles are cheaper than flowers. don't throw a whole bar into the
7:44 am
corner. just do a signature cocktail. that will bring your costs down. also focus on setting up a buffet table and putting the filling cheaper items at the front so people fill their plates before they get to the most pricey items at the back. and if you are buying, again, buy in bulk. you go and get a case of wine instead of single bottles, you can get yourself a 15 to 20% discount. >> this is great advice. next time i'm going to have to ask you about how do i stop shopping for myself when we're buying presents. we were all talking about that. i want to get something for me. >> next time we'll talk arts returns. >> jean chatzky, good to have you here. >> the military reunion that has people worldwide reaching for a box of tissues. you'll see it after these ♪
7:45 am
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7:48 am
gunnery sergeant taylor has been in afghanistan for the past year. he got back to california where he was scheduled to stay for three weeks. after that, the plan was to go back home to maryland to finally be with his family. but his wife sarah, well she had other plans and she wasn't about to wait three weeks to see her man. >> oh. >> a fellow marine picked up the camera so mrs. taylor could hug and kiss her husband. they were all so happy as you can see. just a beautiful reunion after what they called the longest year of their lives. this video has quickly gone viral. it has more than a million hits on youtube. i love it every single time and it never gets old, lester and erica. >> really nice. thanks. >> tears. oh, i love it. >> i know. good stuff. >> still to come this morning, why researchers overseas now saying more moms should be giving birth at home. first though this is "today" on
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
♪ still to come on "today" the cool kids must be shopping elsewhere. why the clothing store abercrombie & fitch is dealing with an image issue and thou that's affecting its business. >> as fans prepare to say good-bye to "sons of anarchy" the inside scoop from the creator of the popular series. first these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. a few minutes before 8:00. not the best day to go outside and do holiday shopping or decorating. you want to save that for tomorrow. right? >> yes. the sunshine returns tomorrow. say we have the clouds in place. you need the umbrella if you do head out today. ing looking at clouds, mist, fog. radar is showing us we're seeing rain in parts of lehigh valley, the poconos. everyone will see the rain as we go throughout the day. temperatures are not too bad. no rain or freezing temperatures. 35 in mount poconos. 47 right now in atlantic city. so it will be rainy today, mild. 54. then we're going to flip-flop on sunday. bring back the sunshine but drop the temperatures. also going to be windy.
7:57 am
feeling cooler, 43 degrees. by monday, clouds build in late. 40. watch for potential for coastal storm on thursday. shane montgomery search is now in the tenth day. search teams handed out fliers around south street. they hope college students may know something about shane's disappears. the university student vanished after leaving kildare's irish pub in manayunk thursday morning. they want people to check their selfies. reward for information is now up to $40,000. today in burlington county, family and friends will remember three young children killed by their mother. a funeral for 14-year-old nicholas, 11-year-old alexander and 8-year-old nadia will be held at 1:00 this afternoon. their mother lepage shot them inside their tabernacle house last month. lepage then shot herself and later died in the hospital. i'm rosemary connors. we'll head it back to the "today" show and michelle and i
7:58 am
will see you back here at 8:30 for a full hour of news. we had a free weekend.
7:59 am
we all got together and we are having a great time. there is everything to do. you've got restaurants. you've got shopping, oh my gosh fabulous shopping. bars too, although i'm married and i don't know if my husband wants me in any bars. i don't think it is just for girls weekend. i think it's great for couples. it's great for families. i was also was talking to my girlfriends saying
8:00 am
i would like to bring my husband back. it's a great weekend. good morning. it's saturday, december 6th, 2014. here's a look at today's top stories. an american hostage killed. breaking news overnight after a failed attempt to rescue u.s. journalist luke somers. somers was murdered when u.s. forces raided the area in yemen where he was being held by al qaeda forces. richard engel is here he'll have details. churning closer a massive typhoon setting its sights on the philippines with landfall expected at some point today. millions of people in its path. already 500,000 have fled the area, trying to get out before the monster storm makes landfall. dylan is tracking its path. and cool no more, popular teen clothing store abercrombie & fitch trying to recover from a major sales slump. the company is trying to recover from a damaged image too, but will it be able to do enough to
8:01 am
get people back inside? welcome back, everyone, to "today" on a saturday morning. a great crowd out on the plaza this morning. we will step outside and say hello in a bit. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. >> we want to begin with breaking news. the killing of u.s. journalist luke somers. it happened during a failed mission by u.s. and yemeni forces in yemen. richard engel is here to tell us more about it. good morning. >> good morning. it's a tragic story. there was an attempt, this was actually the second rescue attempt to get luke somers out of this situation. he had been held in yemen for over a year by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the first attempt just a couple weeks ago didn't work. he wasn't there at the time. >> this is the one where they found other -- >>s they rescued some yemeni and saudi hostages but somers himself wasn't there. they tried again. and they were facing a deadline. if you remember a couple days
8:02 am
ago, somers had came out, issued an appeal, a video released by al qaeda, saying -- this was a response to the first attempt, saying in three days, he was going to be killed. so the u.s. president authorized this operation. it was a risk. they knew he was coming. they had already had a failed attempt. but there was a deadline, this weekend, if no rescue operation had been taken place he was supposed to have been killed this weekend. they launched the operation, landing using an osprey, the military helicopter. >> the helicopter. landing a little bit away from the site, entering on foot, infiltrating on foot, unfortunately it didn't go well. there was an exchange of fire he was killed. the secretary of state said it was the al qaeda members who actually killed him and then they left. >> it was a tough, gutsy call to go in and make that raid. >> some other news i want to get your thoughts on.
8:03 am
there was a terror leader, commander in pakistan, killed and we understand he may have had a link to a plot here in new york. >> for the last several months we've been focusing on isis in syria and iraq. but al qaeda is still around and it's still a very aggressive organization. the hostage who was killed today in yemen was killed by al qaeda in yemen and then there was this attack on an al qaeda leader in pakistan which continues to be the main address for al qaeda. it's where osama bin laden was. this was in the waziristan region of pakistan. one of the top al qaeda operatives who had been indicted for his role in plotting an attack on the u.s. subway system, on the new york city subway system, in 2009. >> the u.s. had a $5 million reward out for him. >> yeah. so if you look at the -- today's news and the fight against al qaeda, a failed mission in
8:04 am
yemen, but then you could call it a successful operation in pakistan. >> all right. richard engel, thanks very much. erica? as more people this morning are fleeing ahead of that typhoon that's set to hit the philippines we're taking a closer look at what could be heading their way. sheinelle is following that story. >> good morning. more than half a million people are now evacuating this morning ahead of this powerful and massive typhoon. nbc's jim maceda is on the ground in the philippines with the very latest. >> reporter: i'm coming to you from the city that is the capital of alby province northwest of samar where a few hours from now typhoon ruby is expected to make landfall and veer towards us and more to the point, towards the city of 175,000 people. and it's packing a punch. ruby is forecast to be just short of super typhoon strength, but with sustained winds of 120 plus miles an hour, gusts of 150 miles an hour. you can perhaps hear or see the
8:05 am
winds beginning to kick up around me here. this is just the outer edge of the approaching storm. you'll notice, perhaps, that we're quite high above the city. that's because a 15-foot high storm surge is also forecast for this area, with legaspi on the water's edge. strangely unlike towns like tacloban further south where you see a great deal of battoning down the hatches, people going out, stocking up on supplies, a massive voluntary evacuation taking place with hundreds of thousands of people, we haven't seen anything like that here. people here seem more relaxed, going about their business, perhaps that's because the city was spared by super typhoon haiyan last year while tacloban was devastated with thousands killed there. this time we understand they're prepared. >> that was nbc's jim maceda reporting. back home protesters rallied nationwide for a third night over a new york grand jury's decision not to indict a white
8:06 am
police officer in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man. in new york at least 100 demonstrators marched into macy's flagship store and staged a die-in. traffic was also disrupted in several cities, including florida and california. police in michigan are investigating what triggered a man to go on a stabbing rampage aboard an amtrak train friday night. four people were wounded in the attack on the train traveling from chicago to port huron. the suspect was apprehended on the train and is under arrest. and a swanky new york city hotel is likely putting on the finishing touches before prince william and duchess kate check in tomorrow. and believe it or not, the couple reportedly are flying commercial from london to the big apple where they have a whirlwind tour scheduled. on monday prince william is scheduled to travel to washington to meet with the president. now i have to admit, i'm a little surprised about flying commercial. >> they always fly commercial. >> do they always? >> they typically fly commercial. >> i'm on a family trip in
8:07 am
coach, of course, and you pass by the prince. >> you walk through -- >> how does that row? >> row 40, seats d and c. >> stop by and say hi or send them a drink. it's a long flight. >> hi, prince. >> right. >> you know. use their bathroom. you know. >> oh, now, we're not allowed in there. >> you cannot go in there. >> sheinelle, thanks. >> dylan is outside and has another check of the forecast. dylan? >> good morning, guys. i'm going out on a limb here, but i have a feeling it's your birthday? >> yes, it is! >> where are you from? >> oklahoma. >> do you mind the rain today? >> no, i don't mind the rain today. >> the rain doesn't matter. she's in new york. the rain is coming down in new york. all across the east coast. but it's going to move out in time for your sunday. a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. looking at soggy saturday. rain all day long into tonight. a mild one, 52 to 55. rain ends overnight. clearing skies. the winds picking up. it will be windy on sunday. mostly sunny skies. high of 43 degrees.
8:08 am
monday, clouds building in. rain late. tuesday, watching the potential for coastal storm, rain and wind. 48. snow showers on wednesday, 38. still in the 30s on thursday. could see a couple of snow showers as well. friday, partly cloudy, high of 44. >> and we have to quick say good morning to carter, he's watching, a huge fan. where is he at right now? >> illinois. >> awesome. hello carter. we say hello from new york city. erica? >> thanks. a popular and sometimes controversial clothing store known for its hot models is in financial hot water. the ceo of abercrombie & fitch says he is, quote, clearly disappointed by its latest sales numbers. so can the company that markets itself to the cool kids, turn things back around? here's nbc's holley jackson. >> reporter: with its racy ads, famous former models and sexy shirtless marketing that's so well known it's spoofed in movies. >> work for abercrombie & fitch.
8:09 am
>> you make the store more approachable. >> reporter: abercrombie & fitch sells more than clothes to teens. it selgs an image. ♪ let it go >> reporter: not as many customers are buying in. sales plunged 12% last quarter and the outlook for the rest of the year isn't so hot. could the company for cool kids be cooling off? >> they need to create a reason to get kids into their stores, to get those teenagers saying, i want to shop at abercrombie. >> reporter: the retailer has weathered a few storms already. it added clothing to fit larger women after complaints abercrombie only carried smaller sizes. >> you know what i say to that? oh, fitch please. >> reporter: and ceo mike jeffreys had to apologize when comments he made in 2006 resurfaced last year. we want to market to cool, good-looking people. we don't market to anyone other than that. but the company doesn't blame that backlash for the sales' slump now. jeffreys tells nbc in a statement, we market to a diverse group of consumers across all of our brands.
8:10 am
adding, the comments made over eight years ago are no longer relevant and do not reflect our values. >> i think the key now is, the trend of teen apparel and the increased competition of teen apparel, the teen apparel retailers need to differentiate themselves. ♪ >> reporter: abercrombie is doing something different now, stripping its clothes of that once ubiquitous logo in hopes that will spark sales for a brand that's always believed less is more. for "today," holley jackson, nbc news, los angeles. >> are they selling shirts or no shirts? i get confused. >> maybe that was part of the problem. >> okay. one of the most important decisions a new mom can make is where and how to have her baby. well this morning a new report from the uk is suggesting that some moms might actually be better off having their babies at home instead of in the hospital. nbc's kelly cobiaa is following this for us. good morning. >> good morning, lester. this is a huge reversal, just a few years ago, the national health service advisory board sort of like the surgeon general
8:11 am
in the u.s., was cautioning women against home births. but this week, they said forget about that. they're now urging women with low-risk pregnancies to have their babies at home or outside a traditional hospital, saying it's far safer. >> yes, you are. >> reporter: when jennifer kennedy went into labor with 8 week old dash, she didn't rush off to the hospital, but to a birthing center. why did you not want to be on the labor ward? >> just i really was going for the more natural type of labor as much as i could. >> reporter: nine out of ten babies in england and wales are born in hospitals with doctors, but regulators say almost half, 45% of all babies, could be born with mid wives at home or in a birthing center. >> the advantage is for the mother, the further away they are from an ob set trick unit,
8:12 am
the less likely they are to be operated on, to have an assisted birth, to receive drugs they don't want or don't need. >> reporter: in the u.s. just over 1% of babies are born outside of the hospital, but the idea of home births is starting to catch on. >> we are a sort of hospital or birthing center culture. we have been taught that you go to a place to have a baby. you don't have someone come into your home to have a baby. will that change? yes. but slowly. >> reporter: even here, less than 3% of babies are born at homes and some question whether the new advice is about saving money. >> we're not just numbers on a spreadsheet. >> reporter: there's a concern that if something does go wrong, rushing to the hospital could be traumatic and potentially dangerous. >> it can be a very, very traumatic thing and it's something that lots of women would obviously prefer to avoid. >> reporter: the national health service says this is not about money and they're not trying to push women out of hospitals.
8:13 am
they say it's simply about giving women options. lester, erica? >> kelly, thanks very much. thoughts? ? >> in some ways they say it's not about money and trying to push it, it's nice girlfriend women that option. i think women in the united states, i had boepts my kids at the hospital, but i think they sometimes feel like it's harder for them to do what they want or hope for. >> i have friends who want to do it at home. one of my friends wanted to do do it in the bathtub and birthing suites. i chose a hospital because i was always high risk. i can understand if everything is fine. >> wanting to be at home. >> absolutely. >> to dylan in the orange room with today's plaza fans of the day. >> good morning. do you know how hard it is to keep this women quiet over here? we found the most excitable couple on the plaza. you are celebrating your 34th. >> 34th. >> wedding anniversary. jim and lori, all the way from cleveland, ohio. >> i know. >> go ahead. >> still to come on "today," the
8:14 am
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♪ she'll love it. thanks. in the morning. yep. ♪ back now on a saturday morning with the popular cable tv show "sons of anarchy." after a seven-year run it's coming to a close.
8:18 am
we're a little sad about that. >> yeah. fans can't get enough, so we sent our correspondent out to talk to the show's creator about the highly anticipated ending. ♪ riding through this world ♪ all alone >> reporter: after seven violent seasons on the fx network. ♪ i know fire brings me pain >> reporter: the outlawed gun running motorcycle gang known as "sons of anarchy" has come to the end of the road. >> it's all going to work out. >> reporter: record numbers are expected to watch the series finale on tuesday when jax, the show's anti-hero, ends his bloody rampage. >> this is between me and my mom. >> reporter: bent on revenge, he kills almost everyone in his path, including his own mother gemma played by katie segal. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: kurt sutter, who plays auto delaney is married to segal in real life and the show's creator and head writer. >> your show, your creation,
8:19 am
it's all about to end soon. how are you feeling right now? >> i'm incredibly grateful that i've gotten seven seasons to unfold this mythology. i feel like we've ended the show at the right time and in the right way, and so i'm very happy about the way we end it. i think fans will have their point of view. not all will be good. >> reporter: this season to me seems like the bloodiest and most gruesome season. >> the character jax was a lot of fun to write this season because he was incredibly proactive, more so than ever before. the fact that he was so singular in that revenge, a lot more bodies dropped this season. >> reporter: "sons of anarchy" has such a wide following that "sesame street" paid tribute to the drama. >> we're the sons of poetry. we rhyme all the time. >> i think the greatest accolade for me, as silly as this may sound, was when "sesame street" did a parody of the show.
8:20 am
when that happened, i thought, oh, okay, people sort of know what we do. >> reporter: and for the die-hard fans who are sure to go into withdraw once the show ends, sutter says, stay tuned. >> we've had some serious conversation about a potential prequel. i don't want to step on this ending and jump right to the other thing. i like to sort of let it breathe for a little bit. >> reporter: and giving fans plenty of time to mourn their loss. for "today," october gonzalez. i would love a prequel. lester and i love that show. it's such a good show. >> the one show i watch with my eyes closed half the time. it can be gruesome but it's very good. we're back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
♪ that's going to do it for us on a saturday morning. tomorrow on "today," will and kate. the duke and duchess coming here
8:23 am
to the plaza? i don't have that but it could happen. >> they will be holding a sign, [ female announcer ] a long term struggle...
8:24 am
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i'm here all day. new and improved i can't believe it's not butter. it's time to believe. give a journey. give a new perspective. give a little joy. a book is a gift like no other. and barnes & noble is like no other book store in the world. with so many books to discover and the new nook by samsung now a full featured tablet. a book is the gift they'll remember long after the holidays are over. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. just ahead, we're following brabing news from over night. an attempt to save an american hostage in yemen has ended in tragedy. terrorists killed that hostage during a raid to save him. president obama says he ordered that failed rescue mission. we'll have an update on what went wrong. plus, family and friends are
8:27 am
trying to keep hope alive as they continue to search for missing college student shane montgomery. in a live report we'll show you where they're focusing their efforts this weekend. walking out the door to rain, fog, mist, but milder air. we'll talk about today's forecast straight ahead. there are hod days across our region on this saturday including a celebration of a controversial christmas tree. we'll tell you what's on tap today for reading's charlie brown tree. those stories and much more coming up next at 8:30.
8:28 am
8:29 am
breaking news from over night. an american photo journalist is among two hostages killed by terrorists in yemen. u.s. officials confirm it happened during a failed rescue t tempt. plus, holding out hope if that's what the family and friends of shane montgomery continue to do this morning. we'll have a live update on this search for the college student who has been missing for over a week now.
8:30 am
it's a soggy saturday as we take a live look at the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia. you won't need the umbrella all weekend but don't leave home without it today. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 8:30 on this saturday morning. meteorologist me shill grossman is tracking the wet, cloudy conditions. michelle, this is going to be an all soaker kind of a day. >> yeah. the threat for rain does stay with us all day long. a break in some areas but it's going to fill in this afternoon and in through the evening hours. life look outside if gray skies are going to be with us all day long. fog, mist. so we're looking at the ben franklin bridge there and we're going to see the clouds in place all day long and rain will begin to fill in. right now the rain up through the poconos and lancaster and berks county. that is about it. as we look back to the west and southwest you see that train of rain. we're going to see that through the afternoon hours. filling in. temperatures are not bad right now. we will be on the mind side this afternoon. good news w


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