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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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draw a lot of police officers. >> ramsey says there is too much violence in the city and in the country, referencing the shootings in ferguson missouri where two police officers were wounded. >> the dangers that they face have been made. >> u.s. attorney eric holder made mention of the ferguson officers and others killed in the line of duty today making a special mention of officer wilson. >> and all of this has to stop. i mean it is a very toxic environment right now and i think that everyone needs to just step back and really think about what they're doing. we have legitimate issues that need to be addressed and it's not going to be addressed through violence. >> and officer wilson's murder is the 47th in philadelphia since the start of the year. >> everyone watching say a prayer for his two boys. a 10-year-old, who just turned 10 years old on monday and a 1-year-old that will never even know his father. >> reporter: ramsey says he has heard from police departments throughout the country. this point point, he has no idea how many people will show up for
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the funeral services and it will begin tomorrow. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, deanna. here are the details on officer wilson's funeral. a viewing will be held tomorrow night from 4:00 to 8:00 at the francis funeral home in philadelphia. a second funeral will be held from 7:00 to 10:00 at the university of pennsylvania followed by the funeral which will begin at 10:00 and officer wilson will be buried in lansdowne. forward march! >> wilson's heroic actions were also honored today by police officers in massachusetts. members of the philadelphia police department were in boston for the annual irish-american ice hockey games, before taking the ice the massachusetts state police presented the officers with the hockey sweater bearing wilson's name and the tribute know included a flag presentation and honor guard.
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>> a tribute will be held in west philadelphia and that vigil will be held at 7:00 in the cobb creek neighborhood where wilson grew up and it will take place at the basketball court at 51st and baltimore. >> eric holder condemned the attack on officer wilson other ands like it. >> holder addressed the recent violence in ferguson, missouri. [ bleep ]. this amateur video captured gun fire outside the ferguson police department this morning. two police officers were shot. both are now out of the hospital tonight. authorities are still looking for those responsible. nbc nightly news will have more on the latest shootings and unrest in ferguson. that's coming up at 6:30 right after nbc 10 news at 6:00. a chain reaction accident involving two school busses late today leaves several people shaken shaken. this is in west school house lane and it appears a school bus
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from the greenville charter skill, and that truck hit a philadelphia university bus and the kids were put on another bus to get home. new at 6:00 police want to warn you about an unusual phone scam targeting parents and grandparents. >> a mother told police someone called her tuesday afternoon around the time of school dismissal claiming they had kidnapped her young daughter. the caller demanded $1,000 ransom and it turns out it was a hoax. mom called police as they found the daughter safe at a friend's house. the call came from puerto rico. sky force 10 over the scene of this nightclub fire in vineland. this is the double d gentleman's club on south delsea drive. firefighters from two local departments are still on the scene right now. fortunately, no one is hurt. for the weather now and beautiful, but breezy day to go for a walk on your lunch hour today. nbc 10 in delaware county where plenty of people were out along
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state street and taking a live look at the flags on top of the building and we dealt with windy conditions for much of the day and shaping up to be a nice end of the week and glenn "hurricane" schwartz is joining us with his first-alert forecast. >> we should enjoy tomorrow's weather before saturday's weather rolls in. >> saturday will be warmer than tomorrow, but it will be a whole lot wetter. it is bone dry and beautiful blue skies in 50 degrees and down 10 from this time yesterday. allen town's only 43 and redding and pottstown, 46. trenton, 46 degrees and those are closer than average it will temperatures for this time of year and we're bone dry across our area and here comes the rain and a lot of it down south and not quite organized yet, but it will be and this evening the wind will be dying down and the temperature going down and it's going to be a much colder night tonight than what we saw last night. 39 degrees by 10:00 and we'll have the timing of the weekend rain with the rest of the seven
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day in a few minutes. >> see you in a bit. meantime, another active day for the philadelphia eagles. former dallas cowboy demarco murray arrived in south philadelphia, and his visit has everybody talking. comcast sportsnet's john clark joins us from the novo care complex. >> did murray fly here to become an eagle? >> reporter: yes. yes, he did. it's expected demarco murray will join the eagles. chip is running wild here and not only is he signing the nfl's leading rusher last year demarco murray from the dallas cowboys and he's signing ryan math us and the eagles are still going through with that and demarco murray touched down in philadelphia this afternoon and this is a big coup for the eagles. it would be the first time in 68 years the nfl's leading rusher switch esteems and in fact he averages a little more yards per carry over the last five years and a little more than shady
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mccoy but he has been hurt and he's been banged up some in his time with the dallas cowboys and as we said ryan matthews from the chargers he was the guy set to replace frank gore who was set to replace lesean mccoy and ryan matthews spoke earlier and we'll hear from him in 20 minutes and he said it didn't change his mind at all that the eagles are bringing in demarco murray. for now, i'm john clark live from the novocare complex. >> for now, we'll see if anything changes between now and 20 minutes. >> a debate over safety in a south jersey school district and gloucester township is considering hiring a private security firm to protect students and staff rather than police. cydney long is live tonight in gloucester township and cydney the police chief says the school district cannot put a price tag on student safety. >> jim, that's right. the price tag we're talking about is $300,000 annually. it would only affect the elementary and middle schools. the three high schools in this
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region will not lose their school resource officers and it boils down to what the township and taxpayers can afford. gloucester township police is not happy. >> our school resource officers are focused on what happened over the weekend and what happened the night before. >> he wrote this letter to the community alerting them to the gloucester township public schools may jeopardize student safety if they hire retired, but armed police officers or a security firm to replace sworn police school resource officers. >> i really wish it wasn't school security that had to be bantered about you know on a budget here it is a budgetary line-item because it is super important. >> they explained deliver an impeccable program, complete with a retired social worker to repeat juvenile offenders. >> who would you go to if you had trouble with bullying or who would you go to if you were
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tempted to do what you're doing? >> though paying 300,000 for police annually with far less state aid is becoming too costly and he can't cut educational instruction and a security committee is studying possible alternatives. >> in the end, we will have -- we will have the right amount and the appropriate amount of school security to protect our staff and students. >> i am upset and i'm disappointed that a program that has been so successful can so easily be spoken about as if they can be commonly replaced with someone who just carries a gun. >> reporter: some parents tell me the same sros contracted by the private district are at public schools for no cost. we will continue to ask questions before the budget deadline. i'm cydney long nbc 10 news. happening now in camden a neighborhood meeting for the
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camden school district parents and the community. all week the school district has been getting feedback from neighbors on how to improve the city's lowest performing schools. the district's strategic plan to identify schools that need help. new at 6:00 ads featuring the image of adolph hitler on the sides of septa busses, a federal judge allowed septa to allow the controversial ads to go up. they feature hitler and carry the line jew hatred it's in the koran. a group called the american freedom initiative produced the ads and has placed similar advertise ams on busses in other cities and the pro-israel group has filed the lawsuit to have the ads go up in new york as well. >> philadelphia city council is taking action to protect people from train cars that carry dangerous cargo. council passed a resolution asking the federal government to build safer tankers. >> it follows the derailment
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over the schuylkill river and several accident across the country. >> if a fiery derailment were to happen in the city and hundreds of thousands of people would be in the blast zone and people simply wouldn't be able to get away. >> we want to make sure that we can prevent a catastrophe from taking place and we don't have an environmental catastrophe. >> the measure passed today demands faster changeover from single-wall tankers that puncture easily to double-walled construction. back-to-back house explosions at the jersey shore prompt a plan to prevent future blasts. i don't see how a guy in good conscience can say we don't need that. >> i'm ted greenberg with the device that could soon be required at homes across new jersey. this deadly crash prompted penndot to make changes along a busy stretch of road. the pattern changes that could be coming and why some residents are not happy about the plan. we'll be starting off your saturday with some wet weather,
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but the rain isn't going to wash out the entire weekend. i'm tracking the timing and when the showers are going to clear out to help you plan ahead.
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preventing a major house explosion like this one in ocean county last month could be as simple as installing a natural gas detector in your house.
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two explosions at the jersey shore in less than a week prompted state lawmakers to take action. >> jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg found out about legislation in the works that could protect homeowners before they move in. >> push to tefrt it. >> as acting construction official in little leg harbor township, part of oliver clifford's job is to check that homes have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. >> it's very important and it's the law. >> a law that could soon change to include detectors for explosive gas, as well. >> it's a no-brainer. this house explosion in stafford township on february 24th and another in point pleasant beach are both blamed on natural gas leaks and state lawmakers from ocean county are drafting a plan that would require explosive gas sensors to be installed in new jersey homes and people issued a certificate of occupancy. >> i think common sense tells
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you anything that will possibly save a life or damage to a building a good idea. >> the proposed guidelines would mirror current rules for carbon monoxide detectors and this home de one on home deep owe's website. >> i don't know how a guy in good conscience can say we don't need that. >> the concept includes the same requirement in hotel rooms and multi-family homes and housing complexes. the lawmakers hope to introduce it in legislative committees as soon as next week. >> in little leg harper township, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. nancy snyderman resigned today, partly due to the fallout that followed when she ignored the quarantine after covering the ebola epidemic last fall. she is on staff at the hospital of the university of
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pennsylvania. delaware's governor wants to cut back the number of standardized tests students take in his state. jeff markell will help them reassess the tests they require at the local level. the new test is more difficult and for the first time it will assess students writing and critical thinking skills and martel says the new smarter balanced tests will be given just once a year and it doesn't take as long which means students won't lose as much valuable learning time. >> studenteds have been following a new standardized test and it will examine how they perform on nationwide standards. some parents are worried about overtesting and they want their children to skip the test but today the state's education commissioner warned that schools can lose federal funding if students don't take this exam. new at 6:00 a new plan from transportation officials could make it easier to get around burks and lehigh county and not everyone is on board.
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the transportation commission and penndot want to build four roundabouts and also known as the allentown pike and one will go to chance road and well high county and a group of neighbors opposes that plan and they want a new four-lane highway in allentown and officials say that would cost too much money. they may remember this crash when a tractor trailer slammed into a line of cars killing two people. this was one of the busy areas around allentown pike where penndot wants to make those improvement sgloos one of philadelphia's most historic areas will soon be home to a brand new luxury tower. >> one, two, three! >> there you go. today city leaders and developers broke ground on 500 walnut. the glass needle tower will stand 26 stories tall and sit step away from independence hall. it will also be filled with luxury condos and here is a rendering of what it will look like inside. wow! construction should be finishing
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in two years and officials say more than half of the building's condos have already been reserved. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the wind's been blowing all day and it continues. also very dry winds. it feels like a desert out there and the humidity is so low if your skin is dry or chapped or cracked. it's the weather. the low humidity. the extra low humidity like las vegas. we have lucky 13th. tomorrow the 13th is a beautiful day and the weekend rain is on the way. well flags are still going and it's a 17-mile an hour wind and not quite as strong as it was a couple of hours ago, but it's decreasing slowly and 50 degrees. look at relative humidity 14%. that's amazingly low this time of year and 43 in allen tourn and 46 in redding and 48 in
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mount holly and 49 in atlantic city international and the temperatures are going to be about the same tomorrow. we're going have a good bit less wind. we're also going have some moisture approaching. the clouds will increase in the afternoon ahead of this and you could see there's a lot of rain there and it's not well organized yet, but it will get more organized and the clouds increase later in the day and then here comes the rain as we go into the night. maybe a little bit of a brief, wintry mix in the poconos in the middle of the night and that goes to rain too. and by saturday morning it's chilly and most of the area not that cold to the south and watch what happens during the day and that's steady rain and that's hour after hour in the morning and the whole morning is a total washout and the temperatures are going up into the 50s and then by afternoon the steady rain has moved out and now we just have some showers around and the temperatures are going up 61 in
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dover, but it's 46 in allentown and that same difference or even bigger difference happens by 6:00. some showers in the area and not everybody getting rain and you go from 65 in dover to 45 in allentown and then we start to clear out as we go into sunday and then the wind kicks up on sunday and another windy day like today and the low in philadelphia and 19 early sign the clouds come in late and the rain comes in at night. generally even at 9:00 at night and then a rainy day saturday and especially the morning and steady rain then and just showers in the afternoon and mild and windy on sunday and much, much dryer and a nice day on monday and then windy st. paddy's day. i'm john clark live at the eagles novocare complex. and it looks like they're stealing demarco murray and
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i'm john clark live from the eagles novacare complex. we are waiting for the demarco murray signing to become official stealing him away from the dallas cowboys. tony romo in dallas says he's disappointed. take a look at demarco murray arriving in philly this afternoon and he is set to sign a five-year, $40 million plus contract and he'll be the first nfl leading rusher to switch
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teams in 68 years. nobody has had more carries and more yards in the nfl last year and he's averaged more yards per carry over the last five years than lesean mccoy and here's quarterback sam bradford and his former teammate and roommate in oklahoma, he helped recruit him here. >> i've been trying my hardest. i've called him. i've texted him and we've been in communication and not only is he a great player he's a great person and a great friend of mine and i think he can help this ball club. >> it's pretty amazing runningback, ryan matthews will sign here 12 years, $12 million and it's a dream for a runningback to play in chip kelly's system and he will get fewer carries. and it did not change his mind about coming here. >> a little bit of idea you know, it didn't deter me at all? you have a good group here and i was excited to be able to come here and check it out.
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>> eagles did add another quarterback, walter thurman to another one-year deal and former safety natalen has signed with the raiders and take a look at the fillies today and they're taking on the tigers and wow, did they come alive and they've had a big inning and how about six runs in the fifth and andres blanco with the triple and that will bring home cody ashy and the phillies go on to win 6 to 5 and that's the offense you want to see. taking on market in the big east quarterfinal and big afternoon for josh hart finishes with 20 points. how about 11 points in a row in the first half and villanova wins 84-49 and they'll take on providence in the semifinals tomorrow and lasalle advances in their tournament in the a-10. i'm john clark at the eagles novacare complex and hopefully we'll hear from demarco murray at 11:00. we're right back.
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this offer ends march twenty-first.
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for all of ussa the nbc 10 thanks for watching i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'll see you back here at 11:00. have a good day. thurs night, ambushed. two police officers shot in the powder keg that is ferguson missouri. tonight, the hunt for the shooter as the city braces for what comes next. secret service scandal. new revelations about the night two agents crashed into a white house barrier after a night of drinking. did they also disrupt an investigation into a possible bomb? desperate escape. the video showing a carjacking victim making his getaway from the boston bombing suspects. he lived to tell the tale to the jury today. and stealing your money. the holes in online filing making it easier than ever for others to scam away your tax refund. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world head


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