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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this. high ranking, high paid fire administrator dropping his pants in the lobby of a government building. an act that now has him off the job. >> ted greenberg was the first to obtain this video of the atlantic city fire chief. >> ted, you have reaction this afternoon from the mayor about the video we just saw? >> reporter: the city gave me the video on this disk today after i filed an open public records request. atlantic city fire chief dennis brooks is in hot water over what you see in this just-released surveillance video. a security guard says brooks dropped his pants in the lobby of the resort's public safety building right in front of her. >> it's very clear to me this wasn't an accident. this isn't a situation where his pants just fell down. he intentionally took them down. >> reporter: the security officer, represented by his attorney, claims he was sexually
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harassed on march 5th after she asked brooks to remove any metal objects from his clothing for a standard metal detector screening. brooks unbuckled his belt briefly pulled down his pants and allegedly told her he was having a bad day. >> it appears the pants come off and you see his underwear there. is that appropriate? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: is that what you thought when you saw the video? >> absolutely. >> reporter: brooks remains on paid leave from his more than $225,000 a year job. no one answered the door at his house. his lawyer had no comment. the mayor tells me an administrateive investigation by an outside law firm is ongoing. >> if indeed the accusations are correct, we'll determine disciplinary action. >> reporter: when do you expect this? >> days. >> this is what happens when people in power believe they're not answerable to the rules everyone else has to play by.
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>> reporter: the name of that security worker has not been made public. her lawyer says she is currently out of work on unrelated medical issues. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." to this now nude photos found on a penn state fraternity secret facebook page gets the frath suspended. authorities are investigating kappa delta rho fraternity. some photo tows of nude women, some appeared to be sleeping or passed out or hazing. they pulled 20 photos from the site as part of their investigation. >> not only to determine potential victims, potential suspects but also to sanction the fraternity for their conduct. >> police tell us a former member of the fraternity tipped them off. the national chapter issued a statement saying it will hold its fraternity brothers accountable accountable.
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20 minutes of nonstop news continuing now with this disturbance at 30,000 feet. an airline passenger goes on a rant during an international flight, then lights up a cigarette. turns out she's a penn state professor based in our area. >> the incident happened on an american airlines flight from mick rack nicaragua to today. today that teacher is talking to "nbc10 news." >> rosemary connors has that interview. what is she saying about her behavior on board that plane? >> reporter: well she tells us that she felt compelled to speak out by what she says is a great injult caused by the u.s. specifically, she's angered by the u.s. declaring recently venezuela should be declared a national security threat. on the penn state campus a small campus in montgomery county administrators are not saying much about their professor's behavior on board that plane.
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with nowhere for the other passengers to go, karen used the plane as her platform to speak out on the u.s. government for sanctioning venezuelan officials after recently declaring the latin american country as a national security threat. >> it means they want to take the oil. i think more generally it means they want to have a business for extracting the precious water resources in latin america more generally. >> i have declared a national security -- >> national security threat? >> on board the flight from nicaragua to miami, she also lit up a cigarette. she explains it was meant to be symbolic. >> most revolutionaries that i respect smoked. fidel castro. >> reporter: while the professor of sociology cannot comment about whether she still has a job on campus, she is talking about the torture she claims she suffered at the hands of the
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authorities who arrested her for disorderly conduct. >> and they allowed me to urinate on myself and then made fun of me. they told me to leave the united states. they told me i was a communist. then they took me like a piece of carpet they wrapped me up, they shackled me, they threw me in a -- in the back of a police car, the miami-dade police car. >> reporter: she told my college matt delucia she does not regret what she did, even if her behavior alarmed some passengers. >> can you see why some were concerned by what you were doing? >> i think people get concerned a lot when people speak out because people have been trained to just go along. >> reporter: we did reach out to penn state for specific comment. they told us in a statement they are aware of what happened and they are looking into it. reporting live in montgomery county, i'm rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." breaking news right now into nbc10. three people have been stabbed
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at morgan state university. in baltimore. police say at least one of those persons right now is in serious condition. the conditions of the other two victims aren't known. it's not clear what led to the stabbings. morgan state university is an historically black university in baltimore. we'll bring you new developments as soon as they come into our news room. in the meantime we have this just in. a jury today convicted a jersey shore woman of murdering her husband, dismembering the body and hiding the remains for years. loretta burrows stabbed her husband danny at their mays landing home in 2007. she kept the remains and hid them for six years until she was arrested nearly two years ago. much warmer and also windy day for the walk to class today. nbc10 here on the campus of temple university. may not have needed a jacket early this afternoon at all, but you'll want one later tonight. temperatures are tumbling. >> let's find out just how cold it will get tonight from first
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alert chief meteorologist gaus fwaus. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the temperature is already going down even in the middle. afternoon, as colder air comes in. we've had a lot of sunshine out there, but the wind is bringing in colder air. it's 60 degrees, pretty mild in philadelphia but we were 68. so it's gone down quite a bit. 53 now in mt. pocono. 33 degrees while it's 60 in philly. by 6:00, many places are in the low to mid-40s. by 10:00, low to mid-30s. and then it goes down from there. a lot of places will be in the 20s by morning. and we have wind on top of that. null we also have aould he also have a storm we're watching. it's going to affect us on friday and it will bring snow to at least parts of the area. more on the timing of that and the potential with the seven-day in a few minutes. two football players at
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temple university are suspended after being charged in an off-campus assault. deon dockins and redick are accused of aggravated assault. they say the 20-year-olds were involved in a party in north liberty. both are now free on bail. they'll head back to court later this month for a hearing. we have new information about the man charged with tracking a girl on septa trolley. oliver pled guilty serving 9 1/2 to 23 months in jail. >> [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> you may remember this cell phone video capturing the incident on route 15 trolley in january. investigators say oliver was upset because the girl kept bumping him with her backback. a philadelphia community will come together to search for solutions to gun violence. part of the plant agrees is for those to come to the courthouse and hear
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their stories. they believe having judges hear directly from victims will change how the cases are decided. the goal is to get illegal guns off the street. >> for a long time there was a misconception that they were victimless crimes because the gun wasn't discharged. but there are victims. the victims feel like hostages in their own homes. >> the meeting will take place tonight at 6:30 at the felton bill recreation center. in delaware just two more weeks, that's the deadline now for a panel to report recommendations to address the growing violent crime problem in wilmington. the city's public safety strategies commission will meet tonight. among the issues they'll discuss, crime stats and mapping. they'll look at the roolgsship between crime and the business community in wilmington. a former cape may police officer is suing that city. he's claiming discrimination as an openly gay man in the department. steve pascal fired the lawsuit against cape may and several city police officers. he's asking for money, possibly including his old job back.
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he worked for the cape may police department from 2002 until 2013 when he was fired. his attorney says he was subjected to several gay slurs and gay jokes he claims were prevalent in that department. nbc10 reached out to the city of cape may for a response to the lawsuit. we haven't heard anything back yet. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with new information on a sinkhole that's shut down a busy montgomery county road. since we first told you about this back on friday, it's only gotten worse. nbc10's deanna durante is live this afternoon in plymouth township to tell us about a second sinkhole. >> this is creating traffic headaches. tell us how bad it is. >> reporter: drivers who came out along germantown pike one of the detour areas, tell us it's affecting drivers who come into the philadelphia suburb. >> really backs up. >> reporter: the signs are everywhere. there's a problem. >> we're trying to get to 470. >> reporter: but not everyone believes them. >> i'll see how far it's closed.
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>> reporter: butler pike to german germantown and plymouth road traffic is detoured creating headaches for those who don't know how to get to the blue roth route or around the detours. >> your mom couldn't get to your house? >> no. i had a girl's night out that night and we had to change our plans of where we were meeting to go down because we couldn't even hit the road so it really has been a hassle. >> reporter: penndot says friday sinkhole discovery is just part of the problem. a second sinkhole has opened up and there are no plans to fix the bridge until first it can be determined what caused the ground to deteriorate underneath it. penndot says the area is known for limestone. we asked if recent construction booming in the area could have changed the groundwater flow. penndot says it's all too early to tell right now, but it-s warning drivers, get used to the detours and the extra traffic. >> makes a lot of -- the main arteries and roads around here. >> reporter: how long does it take you to loop back around? >> well like i said i had to
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bypass it all together because i saw an hour and a half. >> reporter: now, we talked to a number of drivers who said they were unaware of the detour and had difficulty getting back to 476. there are traffic signs along the blue route as well as germantown pike plymouth road and right off the entrance of the blue route that warn drivers that plymouth road is closed. again, penndot says it will be closed indefinitely. reporting live deanna durante, "nbc10 news." the fight over legalize the sports gambling in new jersey returned to a federal appeals court today. attorneys representing the state, the four pro sports leagues and the ncaa argued before a judge. a good portion of today's arguments focused on the meaning of the word "authorize" and whether new jersey did that in striking the belting prohibition. the leagues and ncaa sued in 2012 to stop the state from implementing a law allowing sports gambling. new jersey governor chris christie is traveling county by county to drum up support for his budget plan.
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governor christie hosted his 131st town hall today at the national guard armory of freehold. take a look at the video of a town hall last month in burlington county. christie's plan includes slashing contributions to state pension system for public workers. pennsylvania governor tom wolf announced plans to make sure money for education actually gets to students and teachers. wolf making the announcement in a letter sent to superintendents across the state. it said in part quote, pennsylvania ranks near the bottom of the country in state investment in kindergarten through 12 lt grade education, we need to change that end quote. in the letter the acting secretary of education called on districts to promote new plans to make sure investment reaches the classroom and measure results for pennsylvania students. the governor proposes a $400,000 increase in education, the largest in pennsylvania history. let the madness begin. big sendoff today as our local college basketball teams get set for the ncaa tournament. teams from villanova university
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and lafayette college both set off for pittsburgh. they'll face off in their first game later this week. ♪ >> the wildcats left villanova for the big dance surrounded by faithful fans. support from students and alums gave the team a boost as they got on the bus. while the team is confident they admit the road ahead won't be an easy one. fans are ready for some nail-biters and looking forward to action on the court. >> i'm a little nervous, too just because last year the tournament, you never know what's going to happen. we believe in our team. we're excited. can't wait to get it started. >> head coach jay wright told us he hopes the team has the luck of the irish on their side today. but the team hitting the road on this st. patrick's day. well slightly more subdued sendoff in easton. nbc10 was there as lafayette basketball team boarded buses. the school held a pregame pep
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rally last night. players told us emotions are high as they prepare for the tournament. >> happy to be a part of the whole ncaa tournament. obviously, this is something we've all dreamed of, want to be a part of since we were growing up, little kids, so it's really exciting. >> number 16 lafayette, will take on number one, villanova, thursday night. count on nbc10 to bring you the latest on tournament time. we're teaming up with comcast sportsnet for all the excitement and live reports from pittsburgh begin tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 and 6:00. irish eyes are smiling all over our region today as people get into the spirit of st. patrick's day. ♪ >> these are seventh and eighth graders from st. catherine of seen yeah school putting on a performance outside nazareth academy great school today. you can see students having a great time. loved what they saw. the vice president will be
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celebrating st. patrick's day near his childhood home of scranton pennsylvania. joe biden will deliver remarks at friendly sons of st. patrick. the group is holding its annual conference in dixon city. biden spoke to a separate group in the area last year. we're following a developing story overseas. it is election day in israel. political leaders cast their votes in parliament elections today following a heated three-month campaign. the polls closed there just a few minutes ago at 4:00. that's 10:00 israeli time. the campaign focused on economic issues but ended with a dramatic last-minute pledge by prime minister netanyahu. the director of the secret service says he knew nothing about the latest allegations of wrongdoing against two senior agents. members of the house committee grilled joseph clancy today on capitol hill. clancy said he wasn't told for several days about an alleged
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drunk driving incident near the white house earlier this month. the agents allegedly drove into a construction barrier near a white house gate. >> it's going to take time to change maybe some of this culture. there's no excuse for this information not to come up the chain. >> the secret service was criticized for a security breach in september. a man armed with a knife climbed over a white house fence and then ran into the mansion. clancy says his agency needs a white house replica to give agents a more realistic training experience. the secret service wants $8 million to build the replica in maryland. he says the training now does training in parking lot. speaking of the white house, it will host britain's prince charles and his wife this week. prince charles and his wife, camilla, will arrive at joint andrews air force base. they'll be greeted with a reception and the royal couple will meet with president obama and vice president biden thursday at the white house.
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we can get some pretty drastic weather changes in march. and we're going to be getting that over the next couple of days. good-bye, mild air. the wind is bringing in the chill. and by tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like it's in the teens in much of the area. that's not the only cold blast. that's in the seven-day forecast. and the snow is going to be coming at the end of winter the last day of winter, first of spring. the flags are blowing a lot harder than they were yesterday. that's bringing in the colder air. 60 degrees. but the wind is 26 gusting to 39 miles an hour. so we were up to 68 today, 44 tomorrow and 44 degrees on thursday. the temperatures now 60 in philadelphia, but 50s north and west and 33 in the poconos. and how strong is the wind in the poconos?
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it is gusting to 44 miles an hour there. 43-mile-an-hour wind gusts in wilmington. you remember i told you yesterday, wind gusts of 40 miles an hour bringing in this cold air. and here it is. it's dry and it's going to stay dry for a couple of days. but this storm in texas is a pretty large one. it's got a lot of moisture with it already. it's going to cross the country pretty quickly. high pressure keeping the cold air in. and then into friday this storm will track to our south so we're going to stay on the colder side of it. it does look like it will start as snow but eventually a little atlantic moisture warmer air comes in and they change this over to a mixture of snow and sleet and rain. here we are at noontime on friday. just to give you an idea it's going to be one of those classic things where you get more rain south and east and more snow
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north and west. and those darker blues, those are pretty substantial colors there and the darker, the color, the heavier the snow. so, we could be getting bursts of heavier snow reducing visibility accumulating. at least on grassy surfaces. this is going to be a slushy mess on friday. windy and much colder tonight. 28 for the low in philadelphia. 22 north and west. tomorrow windy and much colder. not quite as windy as today but a whole lot colder than 20. a good 20-plus degrees colder. your seven-day forecast is cold and dry on thursday. there's the snow and rain just as spring starts. high only 36. the fog lingers into saturday. and then another cold blast comes sunday. and another chance of snow by next tuesday. leaking everywhere.
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it needs to be replaced now. now. >> the most dangerous gas lines in pennsylvania not being fixed. investigators started asking questions. the options now being proposed to keep residents safe. summer courses for college students just got better. coming up the local university extending classes across the jersey shore. then a berks county gem owner busted by police. what they say he was selling inside and how members are responding coming up.
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local high school students learned a life-saving lesson about drunk driving. school officials say the simulation is an important teaching tool as prom and graduation season gets under way. now to the jersey shore where rutgers students can study and stay on the beach this summer. why didn't we think of this while you in college? the university offering 17 new
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undergrad classes in atlantic city avalon and cape may. many will be hybrid courses that offer them online and in-person instruction. moving on. new plans for an old school in south jersey have some neighbors in an uproar and a tree company is planning to open a rehabilitation center in haddonfield. bancroft announced it was moving and selling to the highest by the wayer. back to one of our top stories. a local fire chief under fire. >> all because of what he's seen doing in a local government building. suffer say surveillance video showing the fire chief briefly dropping his pants in a lobby in front of a security guard. the security guard is claiming sexual harassment. danger down below. could take decades to replace hundreds of miles of natural gas lines. today the nbc10 investigators with other ideas that could get the job done sooner.
4:26 pm
we had a nice little spring fling today but get ready for the winter feeling all over again. i'm tracking the return of a cold plus snow in my exclusive nbc10 first alert seven-day forecast. then coming up all new tonight on nbc10 at 5:00, an oil mess along the delaware river below wilmington, tonight where experts think this is coming from.
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changes as we look live at interstate 95 in wilmington from our camera at the blue rock stadium. how cute! oh my gosh. this little guy's future looks bright in the broadcasting business. a 2-year-old jack and his dad were enjoying a walk and a warm start to the day. >> got the uniform, too. the red jacket. >> there's a future. well mercury dropping right now. >> yeah nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz back now to tell us how cold is will get tonight. glenn? >> well, you definitely want to take a winter coat back out if you're headed out this evening. going to stay around. these winds are bringing in colder air. it's getting colder by the hour. it was up to 68. now it's down to 60. to give you an idea of the cold air coming in it's 33 in the poconos right now. 33 degrees in the afternoon. with sunshine. they'll be in the 20s by 7:00.
4:31 pm
most of the rest of the area in the 40s but north and west areas already in the 30s. we'll be close to the freezing mark by 10:00 tonight with wind. it will feel even colder than that. and into the 20s in much of the area by tomorrow morning. we do have that bitter cold air. we also have snow in the forecast. the seven-day coming up in a few minutes. skyforce10 over a burst water pipe at center city building this afternoon. you can see dozens of firefighters on the scene at 16th and chestnut. we have cell phone video taken at the scene as well. a pipe burst in the basement and the water hit an electrical panel. pico and water crews were at the building to shut off water there. it will take 88 years to fix the riskies gas mains in philadelphia. >> does he council passed up one chance to speed up the work and
4:32 pm
sell the utility. mitch blacher found gas leaking on city streets, some are now open to new options. tell us about it. >> they include private companies replacing more than 1500 miles of leaking and aging gas lines. the city council has refused to tell it outright but when we started asking about leaks, the city chair asked for ideas to fix those leaking mains. david is a gas worker he's a school teacher. he's looking for gas readings. and having no trouble finding them with a gas detector he bought online. he is one of a dozen people on gray's ferry avenue who say they continue smelling gas near their homes. he's low budget gas reader confirmed what his nose was telling him. >> you know not trusting the authority of those people. >> reporter: those people are the people running philadelphia gas works, including the city council.
4:33 pm
>> i resent people thinking we're the problem. >> reporter: as chairwoman of the philadelphia gas commission council member tasko chose to stand by the 88-year gas main replacement schedule. she stood with the rest of the council against selling the pgw to a private company. >> there was no discussion about main replacement. none. none. none. >> reporter: the nbc10 investigators found internal city memos and public press releases showing that private buyer, the united illuminating company, planned to replace the mains in half the time. tasko said none of those commitments were legally binding. a uil spokesman said that was because council never let negotiations get that far. deputy mayor worked closely on the $1.8 billion deal to sell pgw. >> i think somehow, somebody will try to figure out a way to get those pipes replaced faster. >> reporter: it could end up being councilwoman tsako who
4:34 pm
figures it out. >> i was never convinced we should sell it. >> reporter: held hearings inviting several companies to pitch ideas to fix those aging gas lines. the hearing was broadcast on city tv. >> council's process will include all stakeholders and explore all possibilities. >> reporter: the idea of another sale has been floated, so is letting a private company fix the lines. he and his neighbors don't care who fixes them as long as it gets done. >> this pipe is leaking everywhere. it's leaking everywhere. it needs to be replaced now. >> now, since we first started our reporting pgw has been out to his street several times. they say the gas main on gray's ferry avenue will be one of the next to be replaced and they say it could happen as soon as april. for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher, "nbc10 news." six former philadelphia narcotics officers accused of robbing and beating drug dealers lose a bid to delay their trial.
4:35 pm
jury selection began today. thomas, brian reynolds michael speser betts and norman are all accused of robbing drug dealers and making threats. all six have pleaded not guilty. opening statements are expected the at the end of the month. those protesting for better pay and better working conditions outside a philadelphia mcdonald's today. >> we can't survive on $7.25. >> nbc10 at the mcdonald's add north broad and gerard on north temple's campus. it's part of an ongoing campus for workers to earn $10.50 an hour as well as unionization. >> anything less will is below the poverty line. >> just yesterday mcdonald's workers across the country filed 28 complaints over burn injuries. the workers say they want the fast food giant to take responsibility for health and safety violations. nbc10 reached out to mcdonald's
4:36 pm
for a reaction to the workers' claims. a spokeswoman said, quote, we'll review these allegations. it's important to note these complaints are part of a larger strategist for those targeting our brand. an alleged crime at a local fit innocence center. >> and "nbc10 news" is there. >> a berks county gym owner busted by police. what they say he was selling inside and how members are responding. and next putting her best foot forward. local little league legend mo'ne davis and the new partnership that will help deserving girls around the world.
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♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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governor tom wolf visited philadelphia today to talk about
4:40 pm
the future of energy. he addressed the crowd at energy engineers global conference. he assured them he's committed to imposing a tax on sgas production. he says his plan could yield hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. natural gas company officials oppose the tax. move over, michael joer sdan. jordan. philadelphia phenom mo'ne davis is getting into the sneaker business benefiting a good cause. creating the $75 sneakers 15% of the proceeds support plan international because i am a girl initiative which helps girls living in movrty in developing countries. she became the first woman, the 13-year-old played on the taney dragon team. it's a popular spot for kids to get fit. >> now revelations that something else was going on inside. allegations of illegal activity have the doors closed and the
4:41 pm
owner facing criminal charges. nbc10 takes you there live to explain. well after mild conditions earlier, temperatures are about to take a tumble. look how windy it is out there. getting dizzy just looking at it shaking our cameras. that wind is going to usher in the return of the cord. plus snow's ahead in my first alert seven-day forecast. also new on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, the sand along the delaware river dotted with oil. crews in protective suits fanned out to clean it up. where experts say it's coming from.
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the st. patrick's day society in wilmington hosted an
4:45 pm
early morning mass and breakfast today. hundreds came out to help the society raise nearly $220,000 for the st. patrick's center. the nonprofit offers services for the elderly, homeless and low income families in wilmington's east side neighborhood. also helping to heal. >> compassion on full display today in south philadelphia and great news to go along with it. ♪ bag piper david david performed for a lunchtime celebration in front of the south philadelphia pretzel factory. it was a thank you performance of sorts. the store delivered shamrock-shaped pretzels to family members and staff when he was working there -- he still works there.
4:46 pm
we've got a little taste of spring today. got up to 68 degrees. but say good-bye to that. we're not going to see 60s for quite a while. we may not even see 50s for a while. more cold blasts on the way. more than one in the seven-day forecast. and snow coming in on the last day of winter and the first day of spring. we got a fair amount of sunshine today but the wind is really increased as we've gone through the afternoon. 60 degrees now. 26 miles an hour gusting to 39. and it's only 33 in mt. pocono. in the 50s across most of the area. it gives you an idea how close the cold air is to coming in. it's 69 degrees in dover, delaware. boy, is that going to seem like old news tomorrow morning, even in dover. it's 19 degrees warmer in dover than it was at this time
4:47 pm
yesterday and atlantic city. it's 12 degrees colder in mt. pocono than it was at this time yesterday. you don't see that very often on a map around here. a strong northwest wind and gusts up over 40 miles an hour in wilmington right now. and close to 40 in philadelphia. we are dry across the area now. we're going to stay dry for a couple of days. there's a lot of dry air on the map. also a lot of myselfoisture on the map coming into texas. you can even see the spin here of this system. it's a pretty strong storm. and it can happen. last year it reached 63 degrees in the middle of march. two days later it was snowing and we got nearly 5 inches of snow in philadelphia. we had snow even in april last year. it's not that unusual to get snow? march but it's hard for it to stick. futurecast, 10 p.m. thursday nothing going on. here's the question if it gets in by the friday morning rush
4:48 pm
that march sun is not going to help anything so it could accumulate and it could stick a little bit. north and west, again if it comes in soon enough. and the accumulations as we go through the day, highest sgento the north. practically none south. there could be some accumulation in the area on grassy surfaces especially. if it's coming down hard enough it can stick and cause driving problems for at least a small part of the day. can you see this on a different kind of future cast. this little area of the darker color. that's like a little burst of snow while it's raining in other parts of the area. on friday there's going to be a great variety of conditions across the region. so, that is definitely a day to watch. for tonight it is going to be much, much colder. 28 for the low by the morning. philadelphia, 22 north and west. with that wind it will feel like it's in the teensz in much of the areas when you get up in the morning. windy and much colder tomorrow. yeah, winter coat's back out.
4:49 pm
low to mid-40s with wind. it will feel like it's in the 30s. then on thursday it is cold. lows in the 20s. and then the snow and rain there is winter ending at 6:45 p.m. and might still be snowing. then it's a better day on saturday. another cold blast on sunday and even next tuesday there's a chance of some snow. we have one model keeping everything far to the south and another one bringing the snow far enough north to get to the area. >> we're just kind of in shock here. >> speechless, actually. >> 1958 march 20th. 2 inches of snow in atlantic city. 50 inches in chester county. >> oh so now we're grateful. it could be a lot worse. >> the whackiest snowstorm ever in this area occurred march -- >> so it can happen. >> strange things can happen.
4:50 pm
>> but you're not predicting that for us. >> i'm just telling you history. >> long before any of us were around. a local gym owner is now in hot water. >> now his fitness center has been shut down. >> some guys in there were a little beefed up. it didn't look natural. >> and some of those working out here are underage as well. nbc10 explains the case against a business that is out of business for now. pe nn state is right here in greater philidelphia. ♪ we are top ranked by corporate recruiters. ♪ there's new scholarship money available. ♪ we have four year degrees so you can finish here. or at another penn state campus. ♪ and there's no application fee when you visit here. penn state in greater philidelphia. download your application fee waiver at:
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breaking news into nbc10. benjamin netanyahu has declared
4:54 pm
victory in a tight election. again, we're getting word he has declared victory in that very tight election for prime minister. >> we'll continue to keep an eye on this. this comes after netanyahu said at the 11th hour he would never allow a palestinian state. what happeneds now? we'll find out. >> he grew up in sheltonham township in the '50s. we'll bring you the latest information at 6:00. back at home suspicions turn to criminal charges to a gym in the lehigh valley. >> investigators tell us they uncovered illegal activity at the gym, a police where kids worked out. doug shimell live in schillington. >> lay out the case detectives have against the owner of that gym. >> reporter: you know this case actually goes back to april of last year when detectives say they started getting complaints from gym members about something going on in there.
4:55 pm
what the sign on the door didn't say is that the owner of the gym is in jail. >> good for the community as far as the youths. >> reporter: berks county detectives arrested 46-year-old dwayne curley monday night after a year of undercover drug buys at d.c. gym in shillington. >> we have found amphetamine, cocaine, large amount of anabolic steroids, along with the paraphernalia with steroids, syringes. >> reporter: some say they had their suspicion. >> some were beefed up. >> reporter: dwayne curley also ran a youth boxing program out of the gym. >> we know minors were members of the gym. we do not know if these steroids were distributed to minors. but we have suspicions.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: dwayne curley is in jail tonight on $250,000 bail. live in berks county, i'm doug shimell, "nbc10 news." "nbc10 news" at 5:00 begins now. >> here's jacqueline london. next all new on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 -- a gooyy discovery along the banks of the delaware river. nbc10 cameras captured these oily docks in the sand south of wilmington. next, where environmental officials think they're coming from. glenn? >> it sure felt warm today but tomorrow's going to be very different. we want to make sure your winter jacket is close by. and spring arrives friday, we're all done with winter. and the city of brotherly love makes it to a list of the nation's quirkiest places. find out what makes our area so weird. and not just because we might see snow on friday. that's next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
brand new right now on "nbc10 news" at 5:00. oil spill clean-up. our cameras were there today as greasy globs were discovered dotting the sand along the delaware river just south of wilmington. environmental officials believe the slick black oil that was found today is part of the 400 to 500 gallons that spilled from
5:00 pm
a panama ship last week. >> an oil slick was found in salem county new jersey so workers in protective suits fanned out across the shoreline. tim furlong was there for the clean-up. >> like i say, i've lived here all my life. >> reporter: paul and glenn have lived here a long time and spent a lot of time in old battery park staring out at the delaware. they didn't think anything of it when they saw delaware environmental officials here sunday. >> didn't matter to me. i smoked my cigar. >> reporter: but they were here because of what was watchingshing up on the banks. the 100-or so gallons that spilled, some is still being wrangled in the delaware some made it to the banks in new castle. >> i don't see it. i don't see any trace of it. that's a good


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