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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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husband, kyle crosby. he's been charged with her murder in early january. investigators found broken glass and a missing shower curtain at the couple's home and their baby in deplorable conditions. but it was a gps device in the ford taurus in which crosby was arrested that has been dissected by forensic investigators in recent weeks. detectives narrowed 8600 gps points of interests down to 30 and they say crosby labeled one location idk for i don't know. >> we began to think he was looking for areas, perhaps, where the body could be dumped. >> reporter: investigators believe crosby dumped erica's body the night of january 10th. found beside her were a new jersey car repair business card and fast food chicken bones from a maryland gas station where he had stopped. >> our investigators have located some surveillance at a royal farms identifying mr. crosby as having been at it.
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>> reporter: we're told the autopsy on erica crippen's body will, in fact be conducted in maryland. her body will not be returned to new jersey right away. i was in touch with her family earlier in the day. they were here at the courthouse today but the prosecutor tells me they need time to digest the enormity of all of this. they didn't have any comment when we called and texted them. live in mt. holly, cydney long, "nbc10 news." don't let that sunshine out there fool you. there's a chilly change outside. we're just a few days away from the official start of spring. didn't feel like that for those folks out there today. and the wind makes it colder. >> and i found my coat just in time. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our chilly forecast. >> and i think you'll need to keep the coat for probably at least another week. it is nice and sunny out there,
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but it sure doesn't feel like we're about to go into spring. the flag is still blowing. it is 25 degrees colder than it was yesterday. it feels 35 degrees colder. 44 in philadelphia. 41 in allentown. only 30 in the poconos. mid-40s pretty uniformly across the area. but those wind gusts pretty substantial. 36 miles an hour philadelphia. 35 in allentown. 33 in mt. holly. so, it's going to be a very cold night tonight. another cold day tomorrow. and then this is coming next. this is the storm that's going to be affecting us on friday. and we are definitely going to be seeing snow out of that in much of the area, affecting the morning and the afternoon rush. many places a slushy mess, the timing and snow totals with the seven day in a few minutes.
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students sickened at a gloucester county school. emergency cruise rushing in taking several students and staff to the hospital. the source is believed to be a neighboring refinery. experts believe the chemical odor from that refinery made the students sick. >> students at paulsboro high school and junior high school were sent home early today. the refinery manufacturers oils. rosemary corners live this afternoon in woodbury where the students were taken. >> how are those students doing? >> reporter: the good news is almost everybody has been repleased, all but two. 13 students were brought here to the emergency room two teachers. emotions were certainly running high. at a moment there's gratitude this incident wasn't much worse. however, parents are frustrated by how this all unfolded. >> she's doing a lot better. she still has a headache. >> reporter: students and parents just leaving the emergency room expressed relief that the fumes leaking from a
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storage tank at the paulsboro refining company did not cause any serious health problems but they think something could have been done sooner. >> it's concerning. they know this has been going on since monday. >> she's been calling me all week saying you know, mom, you have to come get here. i don't feel good. i have a really bad migraine. >> reporter: hope picked up her daughter, a junior this morning after learning administrators dismissed the students early because children got sick and emergency crews needed to test the building for chemical fumes. >> my friend she was fine at first and then she got a pain in her ribs and then she just couldn't breathe. she was having a hard time breathing. >> my daughter actually called me from the school and said she wasn't feeling well and she was dizzy, having headaches and she said that they were going to let some kids come home from school. so, she asked me if i could come up there. by the time i came up there, they had put my daughter on the glance for passing out. >> reporter: the refinery with the leak is only a few hundred
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yards and the oil inside has since been removed. the mayor and neighbors say strong odors from the refinery can be a common occurrence. >> reporter: what is the refining company doing to fix this problem? >> we will be working with them. as a matter of fact, i was talking to the superintendent and they're going to go over and speak to them. >> reporter: the mayor also tells me that within the next hour or so he and school officials will be going back to the school to see if everything has been aired out and see if they can have students come back tomorrow. rosemary corners, "nbc10 news." following breaking news out of mesa arizona. the nbc affiliate is reporting a suspect is in custody for a shooting rampage that killed one person and wounded five others. crime scenes include a motel, a carjacking, a home invasion a restaurant and a nearby apartment complex. investigators say the incident began with an argument inside a room at the motel that spilled outside where three people were
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shot. police have not released the suspect's name. developing story we're following out of tunisia where police are looking for the gunman who open fire at a major museum there. at least 20 people mostly tourists, were killed. you can see people running to safety while armed security officers took cover. the attack happened in front of the national barto museum in the capital city of tunis. two gunmen were killed but now a manhunt for two or three others. some tourists at the museum were passengers from a cruise ship that just docked in tunis. the other victims were from poland, german and spain. now to the lehigh valley where police have arrested a suspect in the killing of a man inside an easton motel. police say jeffrey noble shot andrew white a week ago at the quality inn. noble is facing robbery and homicide charges. the suspect's own mother alerted police. >> the son, jeffrey noble jr.,
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called, claiming he was in the car of a person that he had shot. he also told her that he needed clothing and was coming to her house. >> noble got into a standoff with police at his mother's house after the shooting. ten people hurt after a small school bus and three vehicles crashed in burlington county. skyforce10 over this scene on woodlane road in westhampton around 8:30 this morning. police say in addition to the bus, the accident involved a box truck, car and suv. a man gets burned on his feet legs and stomach when a house catches fire in south jersey. it all started around 1:00 this morning on long avenue and pittman. we're working to find out that man's condition. fire flared up again today at a philadelphia apartment complex that burst into flames just yesterday. we told you about the fire just about this time yesterday at the rita grace manor complex.
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investigators still trying to figure out how this fire started. it was back to class today for students whose school was destroyed by a fire over the weekend. >> even though the students now have classrooms to go to they still need key items to carry on. deanna durante is live at the burned out schools. >> tell us about efforts to get supplies to the students. >> reporter: when you take a look behind me at what was the historic building not much left, definitely not a suitable place for students to go. now many people with ties to the school and volunteers are working to get them everything they need to try and rebuild. >> check it out. it's pretty nice. >> reporter: it's the first day of school of sorts, for wind coat academy students. >> you know, he didn't have any regard for us. >> reporter: in a temporary home the students are together for the first time. since saturday's fire broke out inside the school.
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>> i think it's kind of bold that they would set fire at our school. >> reporter: fire marshal isn't talking much about what he thinks caused the fire but hases since the weekend the fire was incendiary in nature. >> they need everybody. part of what we're seeing on facebook is the teachers are requesting pencils, paper notebooks, text books. >> reporter: the class's 2000 alum is adds minimum strart on a facebook page with 400 supporters all people with some connection to the school. >> i want people to know how great of a school it really is. >> reporter: wyncote specializes in helping those who need more help than in a traditional school setting. >> it's still really hard for me to even think it's gone. and to know that this is done by the hands of somebody out there that can take such a beautiful place away from children.
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>> reporter: now, we have asked investigators multiple questions about the fire. the origins of the fire. the police tell me they can't get a good look inside the building. as you can see, it's not safe to intrer. but there are plans in the near future, they tell me to bring in a crane to look inside the building. hopefully that will give them more information as to what happened here. for now, you can donate at a go fund me page and there's a facebook page out there dough soliciting donations. sheriff's deputies in montgomery county have arrested nine suspected dead beat dads for unpaid child support. two were on the county's most wanted list for child support. one of the men allegedly owes nearly $45,000 for one child. investigators tracked down the dads in norristown and philadelphia. together all nine suspects owe more than $108,000. investigators are still looking for four dads who allegedly
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haven't paid up here. their picture is right here. montgomery county sheriff said shortly after the arrest the luck of the irish ran out for these people at about midnight. today a local woman wants to know exactly what led wilmington police officers to shoot her brother. >> she doesn't think she's getting the whole story so she turned to nbc10 to help get her some answers. tim furlong has been making those calls and asking those questions. >> well basically, he's paralyzed from the neck down. >> reporter: tracy jones is up to see her brother marvin in hospital guards outside his door, two nights after wilmington police shot him. i was live although that scene when wilmington police spokesperson say officers shot jones during what had been a traffic stop. he was a passenger in the car. >> struggled, shots were fired at the officer. the officer returned fire. >> he did not shoot the police. he didn't shoot at the police. the police shot him. >> reporter: she is right.
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police have since admitted jones never fired a shot. i got the unsealed affidavit that shows jones is charged with a number of crimes. police say the 24-year-old tried to flee the scene during a struggle with officers. he had a gun illegally. he waved that gun and pointed it at an officer. an officer reportedly yelled the word "gun "when he was shot and paralyzed. when police departments are called to be more transparent, jones' family says they can't get any answers and marvin is too ill to get to court let alone see his young daughter. >> it's very hard to see him like that but i just tell him, keep praying and we're going to get through this. >> reporter: i just spoke with the attorney general's office. they told me they're going to do an investigation of the officers' actions but only after wilmington police wrap up their own investigation. wilmington police can't tell me where they are in that process. they will tell me those officers have not been back out on the street since that night in
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january. in wilmington tim furlong "nbc10 news." gabrielle giffords stopped in philadelphia to talk to women about domestic and gun violence. giffords was the victim of gun violence in 2011. she survived a gunshot to the head when a man open fire at a political event outside a grocery store in tucson arizona. 18 people that day were shot and 6 of them died. one of those was 9-year-old christina taylor green, the granddaughter of former philly manager dallas green. jared lee loughner pled guilty and he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. giffords said women can lead the way in changing gun laws. >> dangerous people with guns are a let to women. abusers with guns stalkers with
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guns that makes gun violence a woman's issue. >> giffords and her husband launched american for responsible solutions in 2012. they're traveling all across the country, pushing for legislation dealing with gun violence. nbc10 learned new information about billing mistakes that have caused confusion for thousands of local utility customers. >> but the problem continues and xnsz's doug shimell is live for us in gloucester township. >> it appears technology and the weather both played a role here? >> yeah. and you'll have to excuse the pun, but it really was a perfect storm of events that created this billing headache. it was bitter cold early this year but millennium account services made their way tovr one of south jersey gas's meters. but after they sent in the readings from all seven counties, something happened. >> well definitely was a surprise. >> reporter: mike with south jersey gas says a new customer
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service computer saw the higher cold weather bills as a mistake. >> we realized that those bills were actually being estimated lower than one would have anticipated in the winter months. >> two months it can be $29. >> reporter: mike is one fortunate 12,000 south jersey gas customers who got one of them. >> i was figuring 150, so when i saw 29 i was happy but then i'm like something's not right, so i'm going to call them today when i get home. >> reporter: but right after that the tulgts says a march 5th snowstorm kept readers from getting to a lot of the readers and the computer glitch sent out estimated bills that were too high. >> those that may have overpaid two options available. obviously, we will issue a credit to them. or we can also issue a credit on their account. >> reporter: south jersey gas tells nbc10 those computers have been deglitched. >> we certainly do apologize for impacting the customers.
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like i said earlier, we did not want to affect them in any way. >> reporter: well, if you're one of those customers that got one of those artificially low bills and then got the corrected, much higher bill and can't pay it south jersey gas says they'll put on you a payment plan until you're caught up. live in gloucester township doug shimell, "nbc10 news." >> thank you, doug. you can find out if you're affected by these billing mistakes. just tap on the "nbc10 news" app for your smartphone or your tablet. just over 24 hours away from the start of tournament time. >> college basketball fever sweeping the region. the villanova wildcats facing lafayette college from easton. it's tomorrow night in pittsburgh and the ncaa tournament. nova is the top seed in the east. as we know from past years, anything's possible. comcast sportsnet's neil hartman is in pittsburgh following both teams today. >> reporter: a number one seed has never lost to a 16 seed in the ncaa tournament in 120
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meetings. it's nice to be a top seed but it also comes with lofty expectations. villanova says they'll be ready to play laugh yet on thursday evening. >> their style of play isn't too different from what we've been seeing. they're kind of like us. they share the ball well and they're always on the attack. >> our coach has done a great job of getting us prepared and giving us their tendencies and stuff like that. i think keep them off the glass. i know they're good in the 15-footer, so be in our stance and be aware of that, they can step out and pop out and hit a three or 15-footer. >> reporter: president obama likes jay wright's team. he has picked villanova to reach the championship game, but losing to kentucky. in pittsburgh neil hartman, comcast sportsnet for nbc10. >> counted on comcast sportsnet and nbc10 to bring you all the excitement from pittsburgh as nova and lafayette prepare to tip off. keith jones will report from
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pittsburgh tonight on "nbc10 news" at 11:00. we hit 68 degrees yesterday but winter is back and it's going to stay cold overall for probably another week. we've got snow coming in on friday. much of the area affected for more than a couple hours, too. and then more cold blasts after that as we go into next week. still blowing out there. and it's blowing in the cold air. 44 degrees. winds 24 gusting to 36 miles an hour. we're 16 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. of course, it feels even more than that. it's in the low to mid-40s for the most part across the area. and tomorrow the temperatures will be the same but the wind will be much much less. these are the sustained winds. again, coming out of the northwest and generally 20 to 25 miles an hour. so, that is really a windy day.
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and that doesn't help does it? well, we've had a lot of sunshine. that helps a little. the march sun is pretty powerful. and this next storm getting closer and closer. now starting to pick up gulf of mexico moisture. it's a lot of moisture with this thing. and 6:00 to 9:00 on friday the snow starts. yeah affecting the morning rush. the roads may be cold from this cold spell we've got. untreated surfaces could be slippery for the morning rush. and then it turns kind of slushy as that march sun has an effect and only if it's coming down real hard would it stick on main roads. then we start to get mixed in with rain for most of the afternoon and maybe even change to rain. but another thing i'm concerned about is as it ends in the evening, possible change to some freezesing rain. this is the picture as we go into friday. even in the afternoon, solid area of snow from philly
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northward, rain to the south and finally ends during the evening hours. just to give you an idea, the computer models, this is all over the world, all of them are giving the philadelphia accumulation out of this. that's a lot of confidence. some give more than just a couple inches but those tend to run a little bit high. and speaking of high 3 to 6 inches in the lehigh valley and parts of upper bucks, montgomery and chester. generally 1 to 3 i'm expecting across the philadelphia area even delaware new jersey and much less farther to the south. so for the rest of the night, clear, very cold. 27 for the low in philadelphia. 19 north and west. tomorrow sunny, unseasonally cold. high in the mid to low fortsz. at least it's not going to be that windy. seven-day forecast.
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there's the snow and rain on friday. a high of 34. and then fog on saturday. the cold winds return on sunday. look how cold it is early next week and, again, a chance of snow on tuesday. this former south jersey firefighter collecting disability is caught on video competitive fighting. the nbc10 investigators find out how much taxpayer money he's accused of stealing and what's next for him. we're backed up into a corner here. >> forest fire season is coming and crews say they're already behind schedule. what's making it tough to prevent them from happening. how health experts say breast-feeding can affect how smart your child becomes.
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wow. young musicians learning from the maestro. more than 100 students took part in an interactive concert
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demonstration by members of the philadelphia orchestra. what a great experience. this is all part of the musicians in the schools program sponsored by pico. how beautiful. to another kind of music. looks like this year's firefly music festival in delaware will be a sellout. organizers say due to hot demand for four-day passes, they're expecting 90,000 fans. performers include paul mccartney, the killers, and snoop dogg. organizers anoubsed today single day passes will not be available. you can still buy four-day passes for about $300. the price is expected to jump to $329 soon as the regular price nears sellout. back to our breaking news story. >> a missing burlington county woman's body is found months after she disappeared. erica crippen's body was found in maryland. her husband was previously arrested and charged with her murder even though her body was just discovered. also new at 4:30, the former
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firefighter busted by investigators. he was collecting a disability pension, so how is this local man able to compete in martial arts tournaments? nbc10 investigators with the answers. we go from spring-like temperatures to winter. i'm tracking snow. get the timing on that in my exclusive nbc10 first alert seven-day forecast. coming up tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 brand new video showing the suspect who shot and killed another man inside a philadelphia laundromat. find out why police say the man's outfit is of particular interest in this case.
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right now at 4:30 he fought
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fires for one local city and he fought in martial arts events. state investigators say there's a problem here. that problem, he was collecting a disability pension from his job as a camden firefighter. >> investigators say that didn't stop him from mixed martial arts competition. nbc10 investigators reporter mitch blacher has been looking into this case. >> tell us about the case against this ex-firefighter. >> reporter: they say he stole more than 82,000 by defrauding state police and firefighters from the disability pension. he collected disability as he worked as a martial arts instructor and participated in competitive mix the martial arts. shane streiter applied in 2009 claiming he was disabled because of two accidents while on duty. in each incident he claims to have injured his back or neck. but this video shows a very different story. state officials found it online. we highlighted streiter for you. this is from a highly competitive mixed martial arts
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tournament in las vegas in 2010. in a statement to acting new jersey attorney general said in part it's outrageous this former firefighter was showing off his prowess in mixed martial arts all the while lying about his disability. streater has been charged with theft by deception. he could get up to ten years in prison if convicted. to breaking news now in montgomery county. an officer has been shot. this was at the plymouth township police department. crews are taking that officer to the hospital. >> there's no word on the officer's condition or the circumstances surrounding this. skyforce10 right now on the way. we'll bring you new information as soon as it comes in. what a difference a day can make. the temperature, you probably
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notice it's taken a big drop. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz warned us yesterday, keep that cold weather gear handy. >> that's why you found your coat. you were not kidding, you were you? >> that's right. i was not kidding. it's not going to warm up to the 60s any time soon. that wind doesn't help thing. the cold air makes it feel even colder. current wind gusts across the area are up over 30 miles an hour in many places. 32 in atlantic city. and the temperatures a little lower than 68 in philadelphia yesterday. 44. dover with 71 yesterday. 46 right now. that's quite a change. this is going to change things too. this is a pretty big storm. you can see circulation here near dallas. that is moving this way. and there's just no doubt it's going to be bringing snow to the
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area on friday. we'll talk more about the timing and the amounts with the seven-day in a few minutes. now to new information on the murder of a philadelphia father who was killed while he was walking his dog. police tell nbc10 they believe now the suspects may be three teenagers. james stuhlman was shot. >> we retrieved a lot of video, going through a lot of video. hopefully we'll find something on this video. >> investigators believe robbery was the motive here. 50 tons of potatoes in and a produce box. a judge is considering whether those items can be used as evidence in the trial of a burlington county man accused of killing eaton paetz. hernandez says he put the little boy's body in a box and then walked a block with it. defense suggests he was scrawny
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and couldn't have carried a heavy box that far so they are asking to bring in the 50 pounds of potatoes and produce box for jurors. a plea deal today in the child sex abuse case involving a former state senate candidate in delaware. pleaded no contest to two counts of unlawful sexual contact. his attorney says he may ask the court to wave he register as a sex offender. >> whatever we say happened happened a quarter of a century ago. 25 years times 36 i haven't done the math there's been no problem so how can you say public safety is impacted? >> sentencing is scheduled for may. after today's hearing, the victim released a statement saying i'm glad this has final by come to an end and i can move forward and get on with my wife. residents living near a local military base should expect ground-shaking explosions this weekend. they won't be in any danger
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perform the ma reason ground task force will training. training is scheduled for friday saturday and sunday between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. neighbors may experience considerable noise coming from the ranges and base officials warn the noise may travel farther during overcast weather conditions. busy time for local firefighters. >> but they're not putting out fires. they're starting them. >> reporter: setting controlled forest fires to prevent wild ones. this year the heat is on. >> we don't really like to get into burning this late in the year. >> reporter: how mother nature but new jersey's forest fire service behind the eight-ball. and next the benefits of the breast-feeding. what researchers say about the potential brain boost for children. all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, this young girl reached a very big goal raising 100 grand for cancer research. hear from her about the generosity of others and the power of social media.
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you're looking at a live picture of skyforce10 on the way to plymouth township to the police department where an officer has been shot. initial reports are that this shooting was an accident. crews are now taking that officer to the hospital. we don't have any word on the officer's condition or the exact circumstances of what happened here. other than we're hearing initial reports this was an accidental shooting. nbc10's denise is on the way to the scene. so we'll update you as we get more information. happening right now, penn state president is addressing the media in harrisburg. he's talking about a nude photo scandal involving members of capita delta roe fraternity.
4:40 pm
they are investigating that members had a members only facebook page with nude pictures. the university is working with police to determine the number of offenders and victims. changing directions here. the benefits breast-feeding may boost your baby's brain power. researchers from brazil following babies of all social classes, those breast fed longer scored higher on iq tests as adults and were more likely to attend college and earn a higher sayry. the medical equivalent of a touchdown for cincinnati bengals player devin still. he says, recent scans show no signs of cancer in his little daughter, who has been forming a rare form of pediatric cancer. she's been receiving treatment at children's hospital in
4:41 pm
philadelphia. they say she's still waiting for her mri and bone autopsyresults. >> best news we've had all week. >> great to hear about this. old man winter has turned up the heat on some folks. >> hard to believe, but it's having an impact p the rush to get these fires started in our area and why it's so important to get this done right now. the cold is back and not too far behind snow. get the timing of a winter storm in my nbc10 first alert seven-day forecast. then coming up tonight on nbc10 at 5:00 murder caught on tape. just released video shows a shooting inside a philadelphia laundromat. why police are focusing on what the suspects are wearing here.
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skyforce10 has now arrived above the plymouth township police department in montgomery county. an officer has been shot here. initial reports are that this shooting was an accident. crews have taken that officer to the hospital. we don't have any word on the officer's condition or exactly what happened here and thengs like quiet in the town's police department. denise is on her way to the scene on the ground. she'll be asking lots of questions so we'll bring you updates as we get more information from plymouth township. special summit designed to address philadelphia's black community is coming next month. members of the philadelphia black coalition summit say the movement is moving forward about the they say the black community's interests and concerns haven't been fully addressed. their goal is to create an agenda to pass along to the city's political candidate.
4:46 pm
>> we have the voting bloc in the upcoming democratic election. therefore, we need to define the issues confronting us. >> the meeting will take place april 11th and 12th in north philadelphia. what better place to celebrate our country's great history than right here in philadelphia. >> and hundreds of local students are proving they're history buffs at a big competition. visitors at national conversation center can see students work on display for the competition. the event recognizes national history day. the top three students will qualify for the state competition and the top two will also receive scholarship money. march is typically a time of big changes in the weather. we've seen one the last 24
4:47 pm
hours. the winter chill is back and it's going to stay with us overall for at least another week. we've got snowy conditions coming in on friday. many of us are going to see snow. just a matter of how much snow. and how much it sticks. more cold blasts coming after the snow, so this isn't just a temporary thing. the sky looking beautiful now but it's cold. 44 degrees. 24-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 36 miles an hour. now, we got up to 68 degrees yesterday, 44 today. 44 tomorrow. you add wind on that and it's a tremendous difference, as a matter of fact. it's a 23-degree difference in dover and atlantic city temperaturewise in the last 24 hours. 10 degrees in reading. 16-degree drop in philadelphia. the northwest wind bringing in the colder air. it's still bringing in colder air. 36-mile-an-hour gusts in
4:48 pm
philadelphia in the last hour. 33 miles an hour in mt. holly. at least it's dry here now but this is a fairly large storm that is moving our way. it's nothing we have to be concerned if this is the right track or enough precipitation. it's just going to snow. and it's going to start during the morning rush on friday. with the cold ground untreated surfaces well could get slippery. then as we go into the daytime hours, that strong march sun is having an effect so it has to snow really hard to be sticking on main roads. so it's mostly slushy i think. but there may be a brief period of time where the visibility is so bad and it starts sticking a little bit, so that has to be watched. the general trend is for change to rain in the afternoon. maybe a mixture there. and the other thing i'm concerned with is at the end of the storm, when it gets so warm
4:49 pm
aloft that it can't snow anymore and it's nighttime, that there could be some freezing rain. we'll have to keep you updated on that. here's the futurecast and here come the clouds. thursday not until thursday night and then here comes the snow. this model looks a little too slow at this. and then look at that. that's dark blue. that is some heavy snow at least at one point during this storm. generally expecting 3 to 6 in the northern areas, all snow there. northern bucks, montgomery, northern chester. 1 to 3 inches with a mixture, at least at some point in and around most of the area and a little bit of snow farther to the south. for the rest. night, no snow. it's just going to be clear and cold. 27 for the low in philadelphia. 19 north and west. tomorrow sunny, unseasonably cold but at least it's not windy tomorrow. then here comes the snow as we
4:50 pm
start spring officially. a high of only 34 degrees. and then we have some fog on saturday. that will determine how cold we get that day. look how cold it gets on tuesday. and a chance of some snow mainly south. that's going to be another interesting storm to watch. >> not one but two chances for snow coming up. >> yeah. these are not little trivial systems here like flurries. >> they're looping back on the calendar. what's this about? >> you can get these kind of storms in march. >> 1958 did you say? >> 1958 we got 10 inches here. >> all right, thank you, glenn. you've heard the expression before fighting fire with fire? >> that's right. today that's the real live strategy for some local firefighters. >> we're quite aways behind. >> today why they're the ones setting fires in local communities instead of putting them out. all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 virtual job fair.
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some of the biggest companies are looking for new recruits around our area. why they went online instead of face-to-face interviews.
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we want to take you back to breaking news. skyforce10 over plymouth county police department. reports are an officer was shot. initial reports are the shooting was an accident. we don't have the officer's condition or the circumstances of the shooting described as accidental. denise is almost to the scene. she'll have a complete report coming up at 5:00.
4:55 pm
forest fire dangers in the garden state are on the rise. >> this as efforts to stop out of control infernos later have been hampered by our harsh winter. nbc10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg went along with the new jersey forest fire service today and found out why they're feeling the heat. >> reporter: they want these flames to spread. >> hopefully one day this will come in andy maybe stopping a fire. >> reporter: normally by march 15th the new jersey forest fire service would be finished setting these controlled fires to burn up brush that could help feed a wildfire but not this year. >> we're quite aways behind. >> reporter: they say a frigid february is to blame. the state's pine lands were snow-covered during what's usually the peak season for prescribed burns. that forced state authorities to extend these efforts by two weeks. just as the risk of wildfires starts to rise. >> it's edging on what we call our fire season.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: last year at this time the new jersey forest fire service had burned about 10,000 acres statewide. as of today, officials say, they're not even at the 1,000 acre mark. >> the less we get done this year, it may prevent us from stopping a wildfire in the end of april. >> reporter: the setback by mother nature is putting the heat on these guys. >> we have a very very short window of opportunity here. >> reporter: and with so few days left to deliberately set preventive fires, they fear more snow in the forecast could burn them again. ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." "nbc10 news" at 5:00 is next. >> next police release video showing a murder as it happens. this is the man police say barged inside a laundromat and open fire. detectives need your help now and they're especially interested in the man's outfit. and our cold conditions are going to stick around. plus, i'm tracking snow for the end of your work week. i'll have all the details in my
4:57 pm
full forecast. and mia's story. we've been telling you about this brave little girl battling cancer for the second time. tonight she talks about reaching her fund-raising goals, thanks in part to a hollywood star. that's next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
we begin with breaking news out of montgomery county.
5:00 pm
skyforce10 live right now over the plymouth township police department where a con sha hawken police department has been accidentally shot. sources tell us the officer's gun accidentally fired and hit him in the leg. the officer is alert and talking, we're told and is expected to be okay. that's the update there. right now on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, murder caught on tape. this is new video that shows the deadly confrontation inside a philadelphia laundromat. police call it a straight up execution. >> the victim was shot chevrolet times at close range. the clue that police will help catch the killer. >> investigators want you to see what the suspect was wearing. the victim is 25-year-old eric norman. he was a stay-at-home dad who went to the laundromat at 53rd and springfield every day to buy a lottery ticket.


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