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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  March 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. a message of hate. tonight, a local college is investigating accusations that a student athlete posted a message on twitter saying she wanted to
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kill jews. good evening i'm jacqueline london. this incident is the second time in as many months that nbc 10 as exposed anti-semitism directed at the community of lakewood, ocean county. george spencer is there where the student is a sophomore. >> a sophomore and a member of the school's track team. this is really two words colliding. the college world with just 1800 students and the digital world with millions of eyes keeping watch. >> reporter: delaware county college is tucked in the hills of doyles town. now in the spotlight found in the feed of one of his students. saying can i kill all of the "
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expletive jews in lakewood please? the school is reviewing the matter saying it has a, quo, zero tolerance policy for biassed speech on campus. >> putting something like that anywhere or even saying that out loud is totally not appropriate. >> lakewood community is already on alert. just last week we exposed antisemitic messages. >> i think it is key that the authorities, the people who know
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better, speak up and stop it at the outset. >> the school says a special response team student affairs, and athletics department will collaborate to respond to the individual student and the student body as well. i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. breaking news in philadelphia's olney neighborhood where police say a man was shot in an apartment building. we're told the victim was shot twice and is now in stable deny condition. and president obama's niece lead up to stepped up security for the princeton girl's basketball team. before the game someone called about a threat to leslie
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robinson. a princeton freshman who is president obama's niece. they spoke about the threat after the game. >> leslie is safe in my locker room and she is an important part of our team. so let's keep the freaks out of the gym. >> the police now say the threat was unsubstantiated. it happened about ten miles from the white house. a beating on a sub way platform. tonight philadelphia police are hoping you will recognize the teenagers behind the attack in center city. you see a group of and its attack the victim as he sat on a bench in center city. the group then follows the victim as he tries to escape. the victim suffered minor injuries. today surveillance video shows police tasering a man that got on to the tracks at one of
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center city's busiest tracks this morning. you can see him using the divider as if it was a balance daem. they say the man was having a mental break down. they say they had no chance but to subdue the man and use the taser on him >> the police officers are trained in safety awareness in the track area and there is good communication in our system. officers took the man to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. septa police are conducting their own investigation to make sure that officers followed protocol. a doctor has been suspended after pakistaning sick. stephen esmond and his family were taken to the hospital. his wife and kids are in critical condition.
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they became sick while staying at a resort in st. johns on friday. they're trying to determine where they were threatened by a pesticide that they say may have been used to fumigate a roam at the resort. two students attacked at west chester university in less than a week. tonight they're warning students to be aware of their surroundings. three men0yq wearing masks approached a student near sharpless and darlington street. and then it happened ten at sharon alley andest neilds street. stuck in the mud no longer a frontier airlines plane is moving again after being stuck
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in the mail for nearly a day. you feel like a -- the airplane was on one side and the other side went down. >> jets finally freed it around 7:00 tonight. a clear night tonight, but chilly. nbc 10 on main street. where you really need to bundle up let's get the latest on what we'll wake up to from glenn hurricane schwartz. >> it will be another cold start to another cold day out there. let's there is no presimilaration falling from the sky. the temperature in some cases is below freezing. also below freezing in new jersey. there will be some refreezing of that snow that fell on friday. the radar looks pretty ominous, doesn't it? but it is not reaching the ground. how do we know? we checked the observations.
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they are just reporting cloudy skies. the atmosphere is just too dry for that precipitation to reach the ground. the clouds gradually breaking as we go through the day tomorrow but another cold one. we have much warmer weather on the way and also some rain. the timing on both of those in a few minutes. from our south jersey bureau, a group home worker is behind bars tonight accused of sex crimes against two teenager girls. 48-year-old larry holliday sexually assaulted one of the girls and inappropriately touched another. the victims are between 13 and 15 years old. we're not naming the facility due to the nature of those accusations.
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prosecutors accuse officer gonzalez of pulling his pants down and touching himself inside of a starbucks. shell suspended and could lose his job. tonight a call for change. a new report from the justice department says the philadelphia police department must make dozens of changes to the way officers use deadly force. a team looked at 400 officer involved shootings since 2007 they found they lead to significant strife and distrust mention the community. they requested the review because of the number of officer involved shootings around the city. to read the entire report go to nbc a high tech crime fighting system could be coming to philadelphia.
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darrell clark wants to start using shot spotter system. when the sound of a shot is heard, the cameras turn in that direction. if approved they will start testing the shot spotter system in the 22nd police district system. that is where officer robert wilson was shot and killed earlier this month during a robbery. a former pennsylvania lawmaker will hear his destiny tomorrow. he pleaded to making false statements. he admitted to using a ghost employee to funnel money to his sister in 2012. bob menendez said today that he as acted appropriately. he has been under investigation
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for his relationship with a political donor from florida. >> i say the same thing i said two weeks ago when there was a different press report. and that is that i have always acted appropriately and legally. >> senator menendez acknowledged accepting free flights on a private plane, but says he has repaid nearly $70,000. turning now to decision 2016 republican senator ted cruz announced he is running for president today becoming the first official candidate to throw his hat into the ring. he used twitter to kick off his campaign in virginia today. the tea party conservative pledged to return america's freedom and denounced obama's political health care act.
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>> imagine in 2017 a new president repealing every word of obama care. >> cruz is already taking aim at iowa where the first primary contest will be held next february. the house and judiciary committees will hear arguments tomorrow on the practical implacations of making medical marijuana legal. the hearing will take place tomorrow morning at pennsylvania hospital in center city. temperatures nearing 70 and rain. i'm tracking how soon warmer air will arrive and when to expect the wet weather. >> trump plaza closed for months. the mistake that is now costing them thousands. a bloomsburg university baseball player kicked off the
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team for posting something about mo'ne davis.
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in is just in governor chris christie has just overhauled a bill that would require the use of interlock ignition devices for charged drunk drivers. a man convicted of a 1989 murder is set to be executed in may. today they signed a notice of execution stay for anthony reid. this comes a short time after
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governor wolfe issued a moratorium on the death penalty. utah is now the only state in the country to allow firing squads to execute prisoners. they signed a bill into law today making it official. the governor admits it is a little bit gruesome, but it gives them a fall back option in case no lethal injection drugs are available. fighting hunger and homelessness in philadelphia. the arch bishop spent the day visiting homeless shelters food kitchens and pantries. little league start mo'ne davis is demonstrateing why she is a star on and off the field.
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she wrote a letter to bloomsberg university asking them not to suspend a player who posted an insulting statement about her on twitter. he later apologized but got suspended. he said while i admit i was pretty hurt when i read his comments, i felt sad that he was dismissed from the team. he made one dumb mistake. i'm sure he would go back and change it if he could. we all make mistakes and deserve to be forgiven. i hope you will allow him a second chance and allow him to play. bloomsberg university says they stand firm on their decision but the discipline will be reviewed. the owners of the former trump plaza in new york city are facing thousands in fines tonight. they have been fined $3,000 for
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failing to tell the state about a customer attacked on the property last june and they have been asked to hand over nearly $2600 won by underage gamblers. you may be able to pick up your favorite shorty in center city, wawa announced they will open a new store on the avenue of the arts along broad street. it would go where the old robinson luggage used to be. they say it will have unique features. they're still working on final approval but hope to make a formal announcement next month. now your first alert weather with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> i would like to make the announcement that spring weather will stay with us but i can't.
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we are getting a refreezing tonight. some of the snow that melted during the day today will refreeze as temperatures drop below freezing. we will be warming up but it is just a tease. we're tracking showers and maybe thunderstorms before the end of the week. clouds are moving in. humidity is only 26%. it might be snowing up there, it's not reaching down here. it has been of course very cold. friday 37 for the high. yesterday 48 today only 43. tomorrow not much different, the average high is 55. look at these temperatures now. 30 in doylestown. 30 in trenton. 35 in washington township. 31 in rightstown and 29 in
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woodbine. so it is cold everywhere. you will wake up cold and there is that snow not reaching the ground. we're not getting any reports of that. but a lot of clouds there and we're going to see those clouds to start off the day. we're not expecting any kind of rainfall or snowfall but a weak system comes in on wednesday that could be a couple showers there. more significant where it comes in on thursday. so watch what happens here. we start off dry, southwest wins will warm us up and then we might get heavy showers and mary a thunderstorm later on on thursday and thursday evening. if the rain holds off long enough we could get up to 70 in some spots. mostly cloudy and cold 28 in philadelphia, 21 north and west.
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tomorrow another cold day, clouds sunshine in the afternoon, not a whole lot of wind though so it is about 10 degrees below average. the average high 55 wednesday chilly too with a chance of showers during the day. much more likely on thursday. and that is the one warm day. then it starts cooling town on friday and we have another cold weekend here. saturday only 38 and lows in the 20s. paying it forward. nbc 10 at the havertown fire. it is the "feed the fire" event. family wanted to thank the firefighters that helped him during his illness. more than 100 fire houses were adopted in today's event.
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could the eagles be ready to cut times with another pro bowl player? and why jimmy rawlings says that he is finally free.
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well at the owners meeting currently under way in arizona, the eagles are reportedly ramping up their efforts to trade their pro bowl guard, mathis. they could release him if they don't find any takers. chip kelly is scheduled to speak on wednesday and he is sure to be asked about marcus mariota.
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he is stated he won't trade up and mortgage the team's future, but don banks is not convinced. >> i don't think it is likely but i think he is in the market for mariota if somehow, he can get to him at a manageable point. >> elton john once sang about philadelphia freed, a former philly shortstop was dealt this weekend, and when asked what it felt reich to leave philly, he replied freeing. he said, quote -- it should be noted that he added how he loved his time in philly. philly taking on the twins
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today, clubbing a third home run in the past week for a two-run shot. you can throw david bucanan into that group. he had five shoutout innings. the philadelphia tournament is now to the sweet 16 round, and villanova still has a sour taste in their mouth. >> it is tough. not knowing what to do with yourself. >> it's definitely not what we wanted but we all know we had a great season this year. finally the philadelphia soul had a annual media day and a birthday party broke out. the former eagles qb celebrated his 64th birthday. what he would really like is to see the soul open their season
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with a win.
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>> have a good night, thanks a lot.
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