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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  April 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪ a man dies in police custody and tonight new video was show showing some of his final moments. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline. we begin with bucks county. a fire in richland a short time ago. at least two of the townhouseses are on fire. this is at the stone gate village. we'll be monitoring this fire and bring you any update as we get them. new at 11:00, a hazeing investigation involveing the women's softball team at st.
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joseph's. they're well aware of the investigation investigation -- the allegations and conducting an investigation. they won't comment what the haze hazing involved. the team went to the washington area for a game this weekend. >> this just in a miracle rescue at sea for a man missing more than two months. louis jordan went fishing on his sailboat and vanished. a man noticed the german man sitting on the hull of his sail sailboat and took him to safety and airlifted him to the hospital in norfolk. he had a shoulder injury and de hydrated but okay. he survived on fish he caught. this broadcast shows some of the final moments of a man who died in police custody. >> that accident happened tuesday and immediately led to controversy. >> live in cumberland county
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where he's been looking live for answers. what did you find? >> we found some answers and showed the video on my cell phone to a police sergeant. he said he hadn't seen it before and couldn't comment. i called the cumberland prosecutor on her cell phone and told me her office is investigateing the entire video and you're about to see it. moments before his death, phillip white appears to be on the pavement on grave street. >> two police officers called personally stand over the 23-year-old. you can clearly hear dogs. white doesn't appear to move. seconds pass while officers surround white on the ground, a blue uniform approaches the man holding the camera. >> you have what's happening here? all of it? i need your information and i will take your phone. >> reporter: nbc confirmed this video and i took it to the police. they couldn't find it.
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i took it to the prosecutor's cell. the prosecutor couldn't say much because she said her office was investigate investigating. i ask whether it was lawful for them to demand the cell phone. she didn't say and only said they're looking at the entire 16 minute clip. >> it's not conceivable, it isn't. >> telling me it's a tragedy. white is a big guy about 6'4" everyone likes being around and says he likens this case to michael brown and ericf[sp garner and wrote an account on facebook a asking for her to make the investigation and allegeing force. >> if you look at the video you will easily be able to understand what's going on. >> reporter: new tonight, the county prosecutor told me results are pending and once toxicology results are in that could take weeks. two women are under arrest in new york tonight conspiring
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to commit a terrorist attack in the u.s. the two planned to detonate a bomb. federal authorities said one had a propane tank and instructions to turn the tanks into bombs and says there was no specific plot. one woman called osama bin laden her hero and praised the trade center attacks. a 14-year-old lehigh county girl helped murder her own mother. she faces homicide charges in the stab/l2bg death of( ors say the daughter texted she wanted her mother dead for trying to break up the couple. police say the boyfriend stabbed cheryl sill vonvonek, then the couple buried her in a shallow grave. finally vindicated. >> arrested for bringing a gun
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into new jersey. today, the governor pardoned her and it could have political implication implications. george is live in south philadelphia. george. >> reporter: this is a pardon with broad impact for both that young mother and po tension rally the governor himself. she crossed this bridge into new jersey carrying inging an illegal firearm in 2013. it has taken a year and a half to resolve. with a stroke of his pen this afternoon, governor christie officially pardoned a young philadelphia mother who became an unexpected face of the national gun rights movement. she has won a full pardon from all charges related to the 2013 arrest. it's an a far broader victory than the d.a.'s decision not to prosecute she praised during our last interview in december.
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>> i feel like justice has been served finally. >> reporter: allen is a single mother who bought a firm for protection but says when she carried that legal gun into new jersey without thinking and she faced garden law and faced years behind bars. tonight, she said this pardon will allow me to move forward and properly support my family. god has blessed me with the strength to make it through this unforeseen journey. political observers say it may be as helpful to christie as allen and it is widely considered a litmus test ahead of his expected run for the presidential nomination. >> the nra has already praised christy's move. i asked the governor's press office about all that political chatter this evening. his staff declined to comment. live in south philadelphia
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george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. we've been showing you how firefighters in burlington county trying to stop the spread of controlled burns and breezey days like today only raise the risk of fire danger. they finished the last controlled burn last night. you can see all the smoke from the township. with low humidity and high winds, firefighters say you need to be careful with anything flak flakable near brush. >> >> -- flammable near brush. >> when it comes, it's coming. >> this year the winter weather delayed it and usually they wouldn't do burns this laid in the year. in center city at 18th and market people were enjoying spring temperatures but rain is
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moving in and could impact your commute. now, to sheena. >> yes. showers possible on the commute. right now we could have a few sprinkles north and west. this is light so what you see might not be touching the ground. we will be seeing a few sprinkles but a majority of the rain is this afternoon. you see it west and southwest. tomorrow, grab your umbrella before you leave. the future weather looks like a few showers by tomorrow morning. part of the area could be seeing rain by 9:00 a.m. and south jersey and delaware very mild. 60 degrees. scattered showers possible. i-99 corridor 60 degrees, chance of shower south and west and chance of morning shower and they increase in the afternoon and show you thundershowers. we'll show you a closer look at the timing and changes for the
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weekend coming up. from our jersey shore bureau, a bankruptcy court judge approved the sale of a florida casino for a sale to straub and it came on the fifth attempt to sell rebel. and the old sho boat casino to turn it into a campus. they say if that cannot be overcome they will have to sell the property. straub hasn't revealed his plans for it. hackers broke into a gloucester school's computer district. the weak password allowed
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hackers to hack in and hold the network hostage for 800,000$800,000 but they didn't pay that. the governor vow -- tonight, the senator vowed to fight charges and his doctor friend also faces charges. it says he was given gifts such as rides in a private jet and free weekend in paris allegedly for helping melgen for millions in medical disputes and getting the eye doctor a court security contract in the dominican republic. >> now that they have laid out their case we with will finally have an opportunity to respond on the record in court of the facts. >> prosecutors have to prove the friendship between the two was used for criminal purposes.
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now, in south africa what may be the deadliest attack at a university claims 147 lives. the four gunmen were all killed. they separated christians from muslims and christians shot and muslims freed. hundreds were trapped inside for hours. the terror group al shabob claim claimed responsibility. a similar attack occurred in 2016. powers agreeing to a framework deal to curb iran's nuclear program and president obama saying forever it work the world will be safer. and it was between the secretary of state john kerry and other leaders. the president says it would cut off every path iran would take to create a nuclear bomb.
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>> iran's efforts to weaponize will be addressed. it will face more inspections than any other country in the world. >> republicans oppose the deal and members of both partyies demand congressional review for an agreement. it will occur in june. what to expect for wet weather and if it will last into east easter. hundreds of car bags and authorities have a suspect in custody and why they believe it will result in a much larger operation.
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an update on a story you saw first on nbc 10. horses found in a junk filled lot have been taken. the animal control officers said he could no longer keep his horses because of dangerous
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conditions. the horses will stay with the spca until hamm can find a better place for them. police say they had a break in a case with car owners on alert. >> thieves stealing airbags right out of stealing wheels. police have made an arrest and hopeing it's the bigger lock for the organization. >> reporter: many of these victims had one thing in common driveing honda model vehicles. the thieves find a car, bust in the vehicle, essentially cut out an airbag selling it on the black market for a huge profit. today, a major break in the case, cops making a pretty big arrest. >> they hit nine cars. >> reporter: in edward's northeast philly neighborhood this winter it felt like every honda on the block had a smashed window and missing airbag. >> the car was locked but the
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window out and the airbag gone. all together it was 1700$1700. >> reporter: that's money this war veteran hopes will be paid back by the thieves who broke in. police making arrest of ricky sanchez suspected in a string of airbag thefts. >> we got him off the street but believe there are several others connected to this. >> reporter: police believe he could be part of a much bigger operation and over the past year over 300 stolen and believe they're sold to chop shops or shady dealers. >> this is not a one person operation, several components to this. this seems to be big business. >> reporter: for victims, this one arrest gives peace of mind. >> i hope it leads to others. >> reporter: while investigators close into what could be a vast and lucrative scheme. >> reporter: they're hopeing
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sanchez will spill the goods on this. and they say airbags sold on the black market could be faulty and dangerous. easter celebrations ss begin thursday night with holy mass. ♪ >> this is day christians believe jesus sounded the priesthood with his apostles before he was betrayed on the eve of his crucifixion. if you wash the feet of seminarians in the same way christ washed the feet of his apostles at the last supper. >> pope francis began four days of easter events with the mass at st. peter's basilica. he and the others used oils to
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be administered during sacrament sacraments during the year. we have less than six months to prepare for the pope the week of september 22nd. pope francis will be in philadelphia september 26dth and 27th. you can get the update datedates any time with your nbc 10 news app using your smartphone or tablet. rutgers graduates will hear words of wisdom from famous name names this may. bon jovi does charity work in camden and he will be given an honorary degree as well. scientist and tv personality bill nye will speak at the new brunswick campus graduation. your first alert weather with meteorologist, sheena par
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vene. parveen. >> after a really nice day, tomorrow today, we're tracking rain tomorrow. temperatures this afternoon still warm still 70 degrees as we go through your friday with the showers around. then it clears out just in time for your weekend. that is good news. the weekend will in fact be cooler with cooler weather behind the rain. at 8:00 we expect clouds around and chance of showers for everybody. north of philadelphia, in the mid-50s and suburbs around 60 degrees, very mild start to your morning. local locally, just seeing the cloud cover, parts of bucks county and mercer county could be seeing a few sprinkles. most of the rain is still well away from the area and that will be here come early tomorrow morning for some of you but mostly afternoon we watch for thunderstorms. the rain is still off to the
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west and southwest. as we go through the overnight hours that rain gets closer. future weather, chance of showers early tomorrow morning, especially south of philadelphia. this is 9:00 in the morning. i don't think everyone will be dealing with rain but some will be seeing showers especially south. we go through the afternoon and showers scattered. we could see thunderstorms and locally this model is showing that with reds and oranges and 4 4:00 in your afternoon. then to friday night, friday night plans keep that in mind and expecting rain in the forecast and rain and thunderstorms and the map show showing locally heavy rainfall. this continues overnight to early morning saturday. the good news with the timing it will clear out as we go through the morning saturday. by 8:00 in the morning we schild seeschild -- should see a lot of moisture and winter picking up offshore gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour
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going to saturday. a pretty windy day to start off the weekend but at least it will be dry. showers starting at 3:00 in the morning and tomorrow we will see a warm day, around 70 degrees, showers with a chance for a thunderstorm. keep that in mind as we go through the day. tomorrow, take your umbrella. saturday windy but dry. sunday for your easter sunday. it looks really good for easter so far looking for clear conditions morning hours 30s and right around 53 degrees by noon. then monday, phillies home opener temperatures mid-60s. >> thank you. eagles michael kendricks talks about the logjam coming up. phillies in town and how concerned is ruben about this team? we will hear from him next.
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i'm john clark. the fillyphillies got back in philly after wrapping up spring training in clearwater. they had the worst differential this spring. they scored the fewest runs per spring and had the worst batting average than any team in march. vegas is picking them to be the worst team in the majors. >> this year is the theme. work in progress and we have to improvement. in a variety of areas. we'll see how it goes. i think we're relatively healthy and get this season going and see where it goes. >> we will take these two days
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and brush up our skills a little bit and settle in here at home. hopefully, use these 2002 games to end spring training on a good note. >> yeah. they didn't end it on a good note in clear water. there's a little rookie hazeing there. gives up the three run homeing here allows six runs. how about chase utley and hurhur -- herrera, hits one deep and the fanatic is loveing this one. down in front. this is not carlos lewis, jonathan papelbon. gives up four runs. phillies have won just once in their last nine games. eagles have three starting inside linebackers for two spots. alonso for the bulls and michael kendrick kendricks, his deal is up after the season.
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here he is on the nfl network on the linebacker logjam. can tell you how it affects the linebacker room puts better players in one room. we're stacked now. what does it mean for me? i'm not too sure. i know i'm going to do with what got me here. that's all i can do. >> chip kelly was in florida georgia reportedly checking out usc receiver nelson aguilar and also florida state's christian green and will work out central florida's rashad perryman. they are expected to take a receiver in the first two rounds and chip kelly getting a lot of frequent flyer miles.
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it's back. the philly cheesesteak pizza. get our philly cheesesteak pizza. with original philly cheesesteak company steak and garlic parmesan sauce. a large for just $12. better ingredients. we've got some good news and not so great news? >> tomorrow it is going to be warm but come with rain. just don't forget the umbrella. at least it will be near 70 degrees. we could see thunderstorms
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tomorrow and locally heavy rainfall and shouldn't be last lasting too long in any area at a time. the weekend it should dry out and the weekend should be cooler. >> thanks for being here tonight and we'll see you here tomorrow. sab man melgen.
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salomon macungie. jamie sill vonnk
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york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- first lady michelle obama, matthew morrison musical guest, the smashing


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