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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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back in western pennsylvania pennsylvania. it's not an immediate threat. it's only 4:00 in the afternoon. the threat by later tonight for heavy rain and for lightning. the threat for hail is pretty high, and even for tornadoes, which is normally very low, it's higher than average with a line of thunderstorms coming through. here's the future cast. hour by hour as we go through the evening. you can see as we go into 8:00 9:00 10:00 tonight and even beyond, we have the threat of some of those severe thunderstorms. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here to talk about the rain we got overnight and this morning. >> that's right, glenn, we got quite a bit of rainfall early this morning. a lot of people did see it. and now, as we go through tonight, the threat for that heavy rainfall that's going to be in the forecast. take a look at some of the video we have from earlier today. all the heavy rain this morning, tow trucks very busy in wilmington pulling stuck cars
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out of several feet of water drainage definitely an issue in this area along governor prince boulevard. water gushing down one side of the hill, on the other side, also more -- >> i did not see the water at all. that's the thing. i didn't see the water. all i remember is just driving. as soon as i see the water and brake, i'm already in the water and my car immediately shuts off. i'm like oh my goodness. i tried to start it again, it shut off again. >> and speed limits were reduced because of the weather. also in south jersey, the pounding rain caused problems on the rails. the tracks of new jersey transit's river line here in camden were flooded. the line shut down between the bank center and the walter rand transportation center for more than an hour at the height of the morning rush. so our rainfall totals from this morning were very high especially in delaware and south jersey where we showed you the video from. so from this morning, there you
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can see some of the heaviest rainfall amounts in parts of delaware, around 2 inches near milford, an inch and a half through much of kent county. and this continues into parts of south jersey. so close to the i-95 corridor near wilmington, about 2 1/2 inches, about 2 inches in parts of gloucester county. parts of cumberland cape may county 2 1/2 inches locally, and bucks county and lower montgomery county around 2 inches. and we saw about an inch and a half or so in parts of mercer county. that threat for severe weather will be here, and that will also come with some heavy rain. so later on tonight, we could still see some very high rainfall totals similar to what we saw earlier this morning. coming up glenn will show you a closer look at the timing on that. >> with storms heading this way, be sure to follow even when we're not on the air. >> and then count on sheena
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parveen all evening long. don't miss sheena's live updates that's at 7:00 and 7:30 this evening. >> send your storm videos and photos to the newsroom using the nbc 10 news app. to other news now. heartbreak and disbelief for a philadelphia prep school community. a student athlete died suddenly during practice. >> no answers about what caused his death. 15-year-old ryan collapsed and died saturday during spring conditioning for the football team. today we learned about funeral plans. live in havertown this afternoon. >> i know you've been talking to people who knew ryan. what are they saying about him? >> well, you know whether it was here at st. dennis catholic school or st. joe's prep gils as he was nicknamed was known as the guy with the big smile and an even bigger heart. >> it's an absolute nightmare. i have no words. i was hoping i would get a phone call saying it was a joke.
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but it wasn't. >> ryan gilliard was part of her family at st. dennis catholic school in havertown, and she doesn't know how to make sense of this. >> he's 15 and my son and him are friends and i don't know how to explain this to him. i don't know how to tell a 14-year-old he's never going to see him again. >> the 15-year-old collapsed and died saturday afternoon. >> the community as a whole was shocked. it's unfathomable, you know. >> what is keeping his friends and family going are the images they hold on to. ryan as a renaissance man. >> he played football, basketball, he liked music. nobody will ever forget him, ever. >> reporter: well final plans have been made. there will be a viewing for ryan at st. joe's prep friday afternoon, 3:00 to 5:30. a mass will be held here saturday morning at 11:00 a.m.
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and he will be inturnerned here. results of cause of death would probably not be until six or eight weeks. nbc 10 news. >> we're getting our first look at the woman police say was behind the wheel of a car involved in an intentional hit-and-run in philadelphia. precious coleman is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. investigators say coleman was driving this white suv you see right here when she deliberately hit spence last friday. she lost her leg. she's still in the hospital. police say the two women were fighting over the same man. nbc 10 asked police about the recent hit-and-run cases in the city overall. they tell us in all of last year, philadelphia in philadelphia, there were five hit-and-runs that killed pedestrians. and authorities say, we've reached that number already this year. and, of course two of those accidents happened last monday.
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today, a funeral service was held for 2-year-old david -- police believed they have the car that killed the boy in kensington. the owners of the car live in central pennsylvania but loaned it to a family member. and that same day 4-year-old wilson was killed by another hit-and-run driver. police tell nbc 10 they found the suv involved in that crash. the suspect's lawyer insists his client will surrender but hasn't done so yet. we just checked with delaware state university police no arrests yet in a shooting that followed this fight on campus. the fight starting saturday night at a cookout with hundreds of students. someone shot three people in the crowd. and about five hours later, a second shooting happened at a university run apartment complex. no one was hurt there. no students are hurt in all of this. >> take a look now at a sketch of a thief wanted for a home invasion in chester county. police say he pulled up to a
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home earlier this month. he was driving a mercedes like the one you see here in the picture. officers say he knocked on the front door and broke in the back door. he may be behind recent burglaries in the area. an ocean county toddler with severe burns this afternoon. he was reaching for that soup when it spilled on him in his home in lacey township. he was taken to urgent care last night but they raced him to a burn center. new jersey transit reveals the proposals for fair hikes and service cuts. it's an effort to close an estimated $60 million budget gap. the increases would affect riders on both trains and buses. now, here's one example of how the fair hikes would impact local commuters. we looked at buses going from gloucester city to philadelphia. costs $3.90 right now for a ride. but a ride would jump 35 cents to $4.25. the series of public hearings will begin next month. >> all right. it's official.
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tim tebow just signed a one-year contract with the eagles. tebow, one of the most famous young football stars who hasn't even played professionally in a couple of years now. >> tebow is a 2007 heisman trophy winner. he p hasn't played professionally since 2013. as part of his religious beliefs, he has staunchly said he would abstain from premarital sex until he ties the knot. is this a marriage made in football heaven? >> critics and supporters weighing in on this all day long. john clark is following this story. >> at this point, what do you know about tebow and the eagles? >> i will say they're engaged, they're not married yet, renee reacting to what you said. the eagles have officially announced that tim tebow has been signed to a one-year deal. chip kelly is once again the talk of the football world with this move. he's going to participate in the eagles workout program this week but he has no guarantee of making the team. so we were there last month at
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philly international airport when tebow worked out with the eagles. he hasn't played in the nfl the last two seasons. and as you can see, chip got an up close look at him when they practice against the eagles. he was released before the season. prior to that, he backed up mark sanchez with the jets. tebow had his most success with the broncos in 2011 and won a playoff game. here's donovan mcnabb on the comcast network "breakfast on broad" giving his take on tebow time in philly. >> can he come in and possibly possibly -- be a starter? i can't say that will be the case. i can't see him as a backup quarterback. and so i just think it's just news because it is tim tebow, but i think it'll die out, probably, after the first, first or second preseason game. >> it's presumed that tebow has
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to beat out the birds third string quarterback matt barclay to make the team. who knows, he could have another role for him. coming up at 5:00 we'll hear from former eagle john runyan. for now, i'm john clark. >> and whether he appears in the eagles uniform remainingss to be seen but he has plenty of fans talking about it today. >> tim tebow, come on. i thought that swan song was over. >> i think we should keep him around even though he's the fifth guy now. he's a christian, i'm a christian, good locker room presence. >> tebow worked out for the eagles on march 16th but left philadelphia without signing a contract. chip kelly later said he's always been a fan of tim's. nbc 10 is of course the official station of the philadelphia eagles. so count on us for complete coverage as we gear up for the season. we'll take you live to chicago on draft day. our draft day special airs
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thursday april 30th from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. there's a new poll out on the jersey jam bridge scandal that rocked governor christie's administration. most voters don't believe he was responsible for the lane closures on the george washington bridge last year. but 57% believe he was aware of the closures. the percentage of people don't believe he personally ordered them. conducted the poll 29% of votersi;' say an apology is enough if christie knew beforehand. led to four lanes of backups. e-mails revealed an aide ordered the closures in an apparent act of political retribution. the governor has never been directly implicated. bob casey calls for immediate action now that the report about philadelphia's veterans affairs regional office is official. the senator sent a letter to v.a. officials calling for fast work implementing the recommendations issued by the inspector general. that report found a pattern of data manipulation wait times
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for claims-related issues that dragged on for more than 300 days and a pattern of behavior that left veterans without the services they've earned. >> the philadelphia v.a. needs a reminder for whom they work. they work for veterans they work for their families, and they work for taxpayers. >> the house veterans affairs committee is holding a hearing to focus on the philadelphia office. >> and a first alert traffic note for drivers in chester county. a bridge restoration project is expected to cause traffic tie-ups for several months. route 23 closed, drivers should expect detours. penndot says the bridge is structurally deficient and needs to be fixed over the nexting a months. contractors will remove deteriorated is steel beams and replace them with concrete beams
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nearly 20,000 use that bridge every day. >> if you live in pennsylvania and want to cast a ballot in next month's primary election today is the last day to register to vote. local judge races as well as local offices and school board seats. jim kenny, doug oliver milton street and anthony hardy williams. just one republican in the running. the pennsylvania primary will be held tuesday, may 19th. >> we're following developing news in the fight against isis. about six men charged with trying to travel to syria all six are from minnesota. the state has become a hot bed for terror recruits.
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>> i have said many times that we need to break the cycle of terror recruiting in minnesota. these arrests bring us one step closer. >> the fbi tells us at least one person from minnesota has died while fighting for islamic militants. now, earlier this month, authorities charged a philadelphia woman with trying to join isis. thomas is accused of communicating with isis fighters and buying a plane ticket to meet them in syria. she faces up to 15 years in prison. >> these demonstrators marched in baltimore demanding answers about the death of a man after he was taken into police custody. cell phone video shows officers arresting freddy gray while they were investigating an assault back on april 12th. after the arrest paramedics rushed gray to the hospital with spinal injuries and he died there yesterday. >> what we know is that while in police custody, for committing
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no crime for which had no justification for making an arrest except he was a black man running. his spine was virtually severed. >> baltimore police have launched an investigation into the incident. there is new information about a volunteer oklahoma sheriff's deputy accused of killing a suspect. the sheriff is speaking about the shooting today. deputy robert bates mistook his gun for a taser and shot the man earlier this month. bates is an insurance executive and a volunteer deputy. he was properly trained and qualified to be backup at that sting. >> he wasn't involved in the undercover stings. he was there as backup. there were nine deputies at that location. and bob was one of those. he was a reserve. >> the sheriff announced today that action will be taken against two other deputies at the shooting scene. one of the deputies can be heard cursing at the man as he lay dying. today, some 30,000 runners took part in the boston
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marathon. >> it's the second running of the race sinisterce terror set off two bombs. jay gray reports from boston. >> good evening, jim, good evening, renee. the weather here has been just brutal. cold winds and rain falling. but that didn't stop the runners or the fans who for two years have refused to give up or give in. the marathon is a grueling 26.2 miles, runners battling the elements and exhaustion to reach the finish line. a spot that's now sacred ground for boston. the starting point two years ago. for a race toward recovery. forced on this city by an attack that killed three. and injured more than 260. 25 who returned to the course this morning. >> the main goal of this group is to unite all the survivors in their goal to cross the finish
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line. >> together is how this community continues to move forward one step at a time on a difficult and emotional journey that includes the penalty phase in the trial of convicted marathon bomber dzhoknar tsarnaev, which begins later today. tens of thousands ignoring the rain and bitter wind to make sure this and not the attack is what defines them. >> we're boston strong and the city's amazing, and i'm just so grateful to be here and be able to stand here today. >> still standing. still racing, but never running away. and the celebration continues here right now. it will well into the evening. but it won't include the 12 jurors or six alternates from the bombing trial instructed by the judge to stay away from today's race. in boston, jay gray, nbc 10 news. >> well we started the day off
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with very heavy rain, even some localized flooding. then we got sunshine and now we're set up for the third set-up, which is the first alert weather day. we've got a tornado watch until 10:00 p.m., possibility of damaging wind and hail and isolated tornadoes out of this system. the severe weather threat tracker pretty high for heavy rain, lightning and hail and even higher than normal for tornado threat at least in this part of the country. and we'll keep our eye on that hour by hour as these storms develop and move. you can see a lot of sunshine out there now. it's very warm. 76 degrees, no wind, 16 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. no wind gusts yet, but there will be later. the tornado watch until 10:00 for much of the area does not include the areas right near the coast because the air's more stable there as the wind comes in off that cold ocean. there's that rain from this
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morning going up toward boston. then we have the break and now some showers developing down by the washington, d.c. area. couple of indications of thunderstorms, moving pretty quickly. but that's just a beginning of the build-up. and part of the reasons for the build-up, the huge temperature contrast temperatures in the '70s coming up from the south. only 60 in allentown, 52 in mt. pocono. and the clash of those air masses at least one of the ingredients here. hour by hour at 6:00 most of the heavy weather is well back to the west. so we're not talking about the next couple of hours. this is generally into this evening. it's not all that well organized like into lines or whatever. it's more chaotic. but any individual storm like this purple one up here is capable of some of that damage. then as we go into the latter portions of the evening, we may get a break for a while and there's some more action coming
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through later tonight. around midnight or a little after midnight as it comes through and some of this heavier rain here could cause, again, some localized flooding. it's all going to be over with way in time for the morning rush. it will not be raining then. but there still could be some leftover flooding in some areas. showers and thunderstorms during the night tonight, some of them severe, that watch until 10:00. but we can still get rain after that. 57 in philadelphia, 52 north and west. then, during the day tomorrow, pretty nice day but windy, highs in the mid to upper 60s. so it won't be as warm as today, but it's certainly not going to be stormy. we have showers moving in on wednesday, but that may be the only precipitation for the rest of the week. and speaking of the rest of the week it's pretty cool from thursday, friday saturday sunday, monday all of those days well below average with temperatures.
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three fires at a bucks county church and police say they were set on purpose. new at 4:00 what investigators found inside and who they think is responsible. and a 9-year-old girl shot with her own father's gun. how the child who shot her found the weapon. plus, the new blood test health experts say is detecting cancer much earlier coming right up on nbc 10 news.
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happening now, a new hiking trail is opening in chester county right now. the trail is a recreation and transportation path for bikers runners and walkers. also connects the community to neighboring towns. the new addition is an extension of the already well traveled schuylkill river trail. that includes a 26-mile path stretching to philadelphia. in all, the circuit connects 300 miles of trail throughout the area, pennsylvania and into new jersey. there were also plans to add 450 more miles to the system. when fully complete, the trail
4:25 pm
will ultimately be 750 miles long and snake through philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs into south jersey. countdown is on for the penn relays. as we take a live look at historic franklin field, the site of the relays the university of pennsylvania has hosted the relays here since 1895. and more than 15,000 runners from high schools and colleges throughout the country and around the world are expected this year for three days of events. the penn relays is the oldest and largest track and field competition in the u.s. and for a full schedule for the relays including ticket information, you can log on to back now to our breaking weather story. >> that's right. a tornado watch posted for parts of the nbc 10 viewing area. first alert technology tracking it right now. nvld nbc 10 meteorologist, glenn hurricane schwartz. >> find out which areas are most
4:26 pm
at risk in my exclusive first alert weather forecast. >> they burnt the cross out front, doused it in gasoline and lit a cross on fire. >> a congregation in crisis new at 4:30 the local church intentionally set on fire not once, but three times in the same weekend. and coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00 philadelphia's building boom has a downside. the roads many city streets look more like craters. what an nbc 10 investigation has revealed.
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and right now at 4:30 a first alert because of the threat of storms for us they
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could be destructive and severe as well, and there's a tornado warning or tornado watch, i should say for parts of the area. we were dealing with wet weather this morning, as well. no doubt about it. it was a drenching drive to work and school for folks in montgomery county. just about everywhere else, as well. >> yes. >> well now as the sun has come out, the mercury's rising that could trigger the severe weather as we look live at interstate 95 from our camera on top of the blue rock stadium in wilmington. again, a tornado watch, not a warning, big difference right now, let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> take a look the a what we can expect this evening. glenn? >> takes a whole lot of ingredients to create severe weather. one of those ingredients and since we're in the '70s, that's checked off the list. we have a first alert weather day, the period is for a good bit of tonight with a threat of severe thunderstorms. a tornado watch in effect because not only the threat of
4:31 pm
severe thunderstorms with hail and damaging winds, but there also could be some isolated tornadoes in that very large area of the watch itself. you can see the size of this and when you're talking about tornado watches, conditions are favorable for, perhaps, a couple to form within this whole, giant area. you can see the thunderstorms building up near the washington, d.c. area and some of that will be headed this way. more on the timing of this threat with the rest of the 7-day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn, and with a batch of potentially severe weather headed our way, get important weather updates at your fingertips with the nbc 10 news and weather apps for smartphones and tablets. police trying to track down whoever set three separate fires. >> the weekend crimes have some people on edge now. and here's where the fires happen in falls township among other things. firefighters found a wooden cross burning in the front yard
4:32 pm
of the church. nbc 10's deanna durante live this afternoon. >> do investigators have any leads in this case? >> well if they do they're not saying much about it. they are asking for help tonight. you can take a look here at the cross that was found burning this weekend. the neighbor has tried to repair it. the church is vowing to rebuild, including at the playground where a children's play house was also destroyed by fire. >> they burnt the cross out front, doused it in gasoline and lit a cross on fire. they brought tools with them to break that window. there's no way to have broken that window with their fist or foot they had to bring tools specifically to break it. it seems premeditated. >> he says vandals had to work hard to inflict the damage early sunday. a neighbor patched up a cross that burned to the ground but there's no repair for a child's play house. inside the bathroom is a charred mess. the sanctuary and main hall were spared likely because they targeted the bathroom behind the church out of public view.
4:33 pm
that window is why he feels his church was specifically targeted again. >> the fact there was a broken window in the exact same location in the exact same way ten days ago makes, at least me think, they were testing the waters a little bit. >> after the damage to the church sign, they feel the vandals returned early in the morning before services began. >> just anything out of the ordinary 5:30 in the morning, someone had to see something, lurking around or walking around the church. we'd be interested to talk to them. >> now, the school has about 40 to 45 kids that attend preschool here. that's been canceled. the church parishioners cannot worship on sunday. after that fire they held services right here on the front lawn and they're vowing to do it again. now, if you have any information about these crimes you are asked to call police or the fire marshal's office. reporting live in levittown, nbc 10 news. >> from the delaware bureau police have taken very dangerous
4:34 pm
people off the streets. they say they've made 64 fugitive arrests after teaming up with the feds in a six-week operation. this includes a man arrested in wilmington. a crime consulting firm recently said wilmington police need to build better relationships in the community to get the crimes solved. police say they are seeing an uptick in the number of tips coming in. >> we have received some tips from too many members who were in the area when some of these incidents occur, which provide the detectives some information to follow-up upon. >> wilmington has had ten fatal shootings so far this year. they've made arrests in three of these cases. we have new information on people shot inside a motel room in lancaster. authorities say he shot and killed his wife and mother and then another man, rather not his mother another man at this quality in in york county yesterday. graham then took his own life. a camden county man's accused of assaulting officers
4:35 pm
and spitting at them. officers say jason porten took off after they tried to pull him over. he got out of the car, started running, and police say their pepper spray had little effect when they caught up with him. a 9-year-old amish girl in critical condition after being shot by another child outside of pittsburgh. police say the girl's father left his shotgun near a pond in mercer county on saturday. a younger child who found the gun, fired off a round and hit the 9-year-old. investigators are calling this a tragic accident. a man is the victim of a second coyote attack in the county this month. police haven't said how seriously he was injured. that incident comes two weeks after a coyote attack in saddle river. saddle river, about ten miles from norwood. a coyote attacked a man there while he was gardening back on april 6th. that man wasn't seriously hurt. the animal later tested positive for rabies.
4:36 pm
over his dead body? >> one man's parting shot at a politician. how he's taking shots at a famous candidate even in death. also potentially big problem with a mini car. today, the reason one automaker is telling owners to get those vehicles back to the dealership. and next breast cancer cases on the rise. nbc 10 with the new data that explained why a fight may be coming.
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the number of breast cancer cases is expected to rise as baby boomers age. that's according to a new study. researchers predict cases will increase by as much as 50% by the year 2030. not only are the baby boomers aging, but people are living longer. an experimental blood test is showing promise in the fight against cancer. researchers are testing what they call a liquid biopsy. looks for fragments of cancer in a patient's blood.
4:40 pm
the test was able to predict recurrence of lymphoma more than three months before it showed up on ct scans. also identified patients unlikely to respond to chemotherapy. a north carolina man's family is making sure his unusual wishes are known. the last line reads, quote, the family respectfully asks that you do not vote for hillary clinton in 2016. that's what it says. he said his father voiced his opinions regularly. >> embedded in what i'm proposing -- >> hillary clinton meanwhile, was campaigning in new hampshire today, the former secretary of state announced last week she would make a second run for the white house. she's the only democrat to announce her candidacy so far. the number of official republican candidates for president now stands at three. ted cruz rand paul and marco rubio of florida.
4:41 pm
one pennsylvania man thought he was doing the right thing. >> swerved to avoid killing a critter in the road and paid for it with his life. also season of scamming. somebody may have done your taxes for you, sounds like a real convenience, right? well, that is until you learn it was actually a crime. today, how the bad guys may be making big bucks off of your tax return. well conditions could get rough out there as day turns tonight. i'm tracking spring storms. find out when they'll arrive and what you can expect where you live in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00. is progress creating problems on the road? some say new construction is taking a toll on neighborhood streets. what an exclusive investigation uncovers.
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bmw is recalling nearly 92,000 older model mini coopers.
4:45 pm
it's to fix a problem with the front passenger air bag. the faulty sensor may not recognize a passenger in the front seat that would cause the air bag to not deploy during a crash. bmw will begin replacing the faulty sensors may 1st. a pennsylvania driver trying to avoid an animal in the road is killed in a crash. >> police say 32-year-old ethan rivera's car hit the animal before crashing into a storm drain and flipping on its roof. this happened 5:30 yesterday morning. that's about 25 miles northwest of allentown. the porcupine was also killed. well the day started with some really heavy rain messing up that morning rush hour. then we got sunshine and warmer temperatures. and now we've got a first alert for tonight for a tornado watch
4:46 pm
in effect until 10:00 for a good bit of the area. damaging winds and hail in some spots. and also some isolated tornadoes possible in some spots. the threat of heavy rain is fairly high the threat of lightning, at least some of it is on the high side. same thing with high winds and hail and the tornado threat though not very high is certainly higher than even in a normal thunderstorm type pattern. and you can see that it's fairly dry right now. traffic is moving fine. it was not the case this morning. it's 76 degrees in philadelphia with no wind at all. it's getting fairly humid, as well. and the tornado watch until 10:00 for a very large area. that means conditions are favorable for perhaps one or two tornadoes in this large area. more likely to get the damaging winds and hail as we've just shown you. there's that rain from this
4:47 pm
morning, moving right up toward boston. time for the marathon. here's some showers coming up from washington in the last hour. haven't really intenseified that much at this point. it's from several hours from now. the southerly winds have brought up the warm weather and the east winds. what we had this morning with the low clouds and fog. that's starting to retreat. but the clash of those air masses, one of the ingredients for possible severe weather. you can see 60 in allentown while 68 in pottstown, 71 in trenton. that's quite a contrast. here's the future cast hour by hour. as you can see here, we're not talking about one of those lines of thunderstorms where everybody gets hit for a brief period of time. this is a little bit more chaotic. some places get hit hard, some not at all. and here we are into 9:00 tonight. we still have that threat around. at least for parts of the area, and even at 10:00, these future
4:48 pm
weather computer models showing the threat of any showers and storms continues for a good bit of the night. if you're spreading out this energy over many many hours instead of concentrating it over, let's say, just one hour, you may not have as big a threat of the severe weather as if it was all concentrated in that one short period of time. but here we are by tomorrow morning, it is totally dry out there, and we have a real nice day tomorrow. although, it's going to be kind of windy. the showers and thunderstorms for a good bit of the night. some of them severe, especially before midnight but in the next couple of hours, it's not that much of a threat. it's not that bad to drive home for most of us. 57 degrees in philadelphia 52 north and west. then, during the day tomorrow a totally different type of day. much less humid, kind of windy, gusts up to 35 miles an hour. the temperature in the mid to upper 60s right around average for this time of the year.
4:49 pm
then it's going to start getting colder. some showers coming in on wednesday with a front that's going to allow colder air to come in. and once it's in it's going to stay in. there's thursday friday saturday. i didn't really change the temperatures at all because there's really not much evidence of any significant change. highs, 58 lows 38. and that is well below average. the average high is 66 for this time of the year. so we got a little spoiled. we got 81 degrees on saturday. nothing close to that. coming up. >> boy, seems like a distant memory. >> yeah a lot of -- >> it will be a distant memory by the end of the week. well a new partnership today aimed at helping students earn their degrees. the president of delaware valley university signed an agreement today creating the del val degree.
4:50 pm
>> well you'll want to hear about this. turmoil for local taxpayers. >> someone got ahold of valuable information. we'll tell you what they've done with it. also, the cost of owning a car, today the decision is in on fees for drivers. the millions of car owners who may be looking forward to a break. and all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00 every second counts. watch as police rescue a person trapped in this burning car.
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a warning about a tax scam in chester county. several residents told police they got a letter from the state income tax department the irs stating they can't process their tax return until they receive more information. the problem, those people haven't filed their taxes yet. police say it appears someone got their social security numbers and then filed returns without them knowing. here's some good news for new jersey drivers, the state's motor vehicle commission is not raising fees and that means you won't have to pay more for a driver's license or registration. the commission last raised fees in 2009. and it has the approval of the federal alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau but new jersey lawmakers, they want this banned. >> we're talking about the product known as palcohol. all you do is add water and new jersey lawmakers are concerned, though, the product will make it easier for minors to get their hands on alcohol. they also worry about the unknown risks associated with it.
4:55 pm
>> nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> and here's keith jones. >> next at 5:00 the first alert weather team was tracking the potential for severe weather. sheena? >> that's right, keith, we have a tornado watch for most of the area for now we're watching the development of some showers and storms already. coming up i'll track the storms for you, show you what to expect with them. rushing to the rescue. watch as police respond to a car fire with someone trapped inside. and this everyone's heard about it tebow time he's now officially an eagle. what we can expect from a heisman trophy winner with his new role with the birds. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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right now at 5:00 a tornado watch is in effect for much of our area until 10:00 p.m. tonight. here's a look at first alert radar. storms are developing. >> you'd never know we're under a severe weather threat by looking outside. the sun's out. here's this live look at the philadelphia museum of art. >> we're on the lookout for severe storms later tonight. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us with what to expect. >> yeah, we'll see a lot of high winds, i think, with a lot of these storms. because of that and because of the tornado watch, we have a first alert weather day out. this is for tonight. we do have that tornado watch, i'll show you that in a second. otherwise, with any of these storms, we could see damaging winds, also hail and again, the
4:59 pm
possibility for a tornado. that is the tornado watch. that's what that means. so all the counties shaded in yellow here you see most of the area north and west of philadelphia, lehigh valley including allentown, also bucks, month gom montgomery county. much of south jersey and into delaware. again, this tornado watch goes until 10:00 tonight for the possibility of tornadoes. so any strong thunderstorm will have the potential to possibly produce a tornado. locally, though we are mostly dry, we don't have too much happening, except for one shower that very quickly started forming in lancaster county. and that's really going to be the case. there you see a lightning strike in the storm, and this is right across 76 nearman time. and this is going to be the case tonight. we'll see very quickly developing showers and storms and they're going to move pretty quickly through the area too. right around willingboro in new jersey. this is heavy across 295 and 95. we're going to keep watching these as we go through tonight. any small thundershowers that develop, i think, will quickly
5:00 pm
to develop lightning and high winds if those storms tend to get severe. all the weather we're watching to the west and southwest. and as we go through tonight, this will pretty much organize and move in and that will continue to give us the threat for severe storms or the potential for a tornado. so future weather here by 7:00 8:00 you notice the showers and storms moving in front the west, and then by 10:00, 11:00 tonight, we expect them around. coming up we'll take a closer look at the timing and talk more about what you can expect. >> thank you sheena the threat of severe weather is a perfect reminder to make sure you have the nbc 10 first alert weather app on your smartphone or your tablet. radar, important alerts and the forecast. pinpoint it right to your neighborhood. the free download just like our nbc 10 news app. we'll also update this tornado watch at 7:00 and 7:30 tonight right here on nbc 10. all right. check it out. it is now official, tim tebow, the newest philadelphia eagle. the picture was taken here this afternoon as he signed


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