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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  April 26, 2015 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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tonight in nepal, desperation is turning into despair as more violent aftershocks rattle the region. more than 3200 people are confirmed dead from yesterday's earthquake including at least three americans. many more are hurt. the international kmurnt is trying to help with relief efforts. today an american military plane left dover's air force base with a disaster systems reresponse team and 45 tons of cargo. our chief foreign correspondent richard engle takes us to nepal
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tonight. >> reporter: flying into kahn katmandu today on a plane full of turkish aid workers, it was clear after saturday's massive earthquake nepal is bracing for worse to come. in the hall, we felt an aftershock, a big one, 6.7, immigration officials ran away from their station. outside the airport tensions turned to scuffles. people here want out before the next quake hits. katmandu is a poor and crowded city built of brick and cement. the nepal ease are staying as far away from buildings as they can. with the aftershocks still coming people here understandably don't want to spend time indoors let alone spend the night in their homes. so they are camping out on the sidewalks and in the parks. any bit of green space is being occupied. to today, violent aftershocks triggered more avalanches and land slides. a british army climbing team pinned down. >> you can hear the rocks crashing down around us.
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but unfortunately you can see them coming. >> reporter: a few dozen have been rescued from the mountains. but at least 17 have died includingsqj= three americans. marissa gerawan was from new jersey. dan freddenberg worked for google in california. he described himself online as an adventurer and energetic engineer. and tom caplan, also from california, who was filming a documentary. back in katmandu tourists are stuck as well. >> the earthquake actually was the first day of our stay in katmandu. >> reporter: she slept last to the door in cacd/v, there was another quake. >> today it's going to be in the lobby or we are thinking of being in the open space right here. >> reporter: nepal ease officials tell us they have no idea how many have died or how big of a disaster this could
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turn out to be. richard engle, nbc news katmandu. >> the quake has people in our area checking on relatives caught in the disaster zone. this woman's parents, sister and gran mother all live in cat man duchl she was able to get in touch and found out they were all safe but there were several hours where she didn't know if they had survived. >> a feeling of helplessness. you are like you know you are here and you don't know know how they are. you don't know what's going on. and you can't do anything. >> she they hope to ship blankets tents, and other supplies. head to the nbc 10 news app for ways to help the quake victims. we have a list of organizationsgpv sending aid. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a beautiful sunset over the delaware tonight. there is a chill in the air now
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but it was a great sunday to get outside. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with what it will be like in the morning. will the kids need their jackets at the bus stop? >> yes he will. it's a not as cold as the past couple of nights. temperatures right now, 47 in allentowntown. as you are wake up tomorrow morning, by 6:00 7:00 a.m. in the mid 50s in philadelphia. middle 40s in allentown. bundle the kids as they head to school tomorrow morning. highs below average but close to average for this time of the year. the average is 68. tomorrow we'll stay in the low 60s. 53 will be the high in mount pocono. 61 in norristown. 60 degrees the high tomorrow in doylestown. then we'll see temperatures closer to cape may at 62 degrees. as we take a closer look at the philadelphia area we'll see a high tomorrow of 63 degrees.
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64 in drexel hill. i'm also tracking showers as we head into monday that's going to affect monday afternoon. warmer again, and then tracking rain in the seven-day forecast. i'll go over all the details coming up. from south jersey i-295 is open again after this crash shut down lanes for hours. two people dpid in the accident in'ub east green witch township. n ñ other people had to go to the hospital with injuries. the two-car crash apd around 8:30 this morning in the southbound lanes. there are no charges at this point but the investigation continues. from our delaware bureau ac wilmington. the driver of this car has been sited in the accident. police say manuel hernandez did not stop at a red line, then caused a chain reaction crash. hernandezs car then drove into a rock wall. he was taken to the hospital but he is doing okay. the other drivers were not
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ouple at gun point inside their own hzç place say jewels kale used a hidden key to get into the home in tin couple township yesterday morning. he allegedly held the couple at gunpoint for about 20 minutes before taking cash, credit cards and food. police say they were able to arrest kale after the homeowner confronted him with a gun. a son is facing charges after his father was found dead in atlantic county. police say 60-year-old james soapa died from a blow to the head at his home in galloway township last night. his son is charged with aggravated assault. and philadelphia police are looking for =lhpeople involved in a shooting. the victim is in critical condition. it happened along dara street in frankford just before midnight. gunfire struck the victim in thetin, neck and back. a philadelphia church community
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came together this morning to celebrate the life of a man who was murdered while walking his dog. ♪ >> families friends, and local leaders gathered at the historic african episcopal church to remember james fillman. they planted and blessed the new tree on the ground in his honor. police say stillman was walking his dog along wood crest avenue last month when some teenage boys shot and killed him. today his brother michael read a poem and said a few words about his brother. >> jim's legacy to all of us lives on in our hearts and our minds, of his family and friends just by the way that he lived. and that's all that any of us can hope to leave. >> three teens are facing charges in connection to stillman's death. up next eye of the storm.
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a desperate rescue effort after wicked weather cap sizes sail boats in a regatta. and a former swimming coach wanted by the fbi. what he is accused of doing to female students at a pennsylvania college. it's quiet now. but i am tracking showers as we head into monday. plus warmer temperatures. back into the 70s. i'll let you know when in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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to have coast of alabama, hope fades for five missing
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boaters. they were on sail boats taking part in a regatta that capsized during this storm yesterday on mobile bay. tonight the coast guard continues its search. two bodies were recovered today. josh edwards captured the severe storm as it rolled in witnessing waves up to 14 feet. >> i've watched the video a lot today. and it sank in how lucky we are. because not everybody came home. >> crews are using boats and planes to search the bay as anxious family members wait for updates. rescuers say they are working tirelessly to bring the missing z 3wsq one day after these violent demonstrations broke out on the streets of baltimore, mourners paid their respects to freddy gray. he will be buried tomorrow. and as nbc's brian moore reports community leaders are calling for peace after days of mounding
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protests. >> reporter: family, friends, and supporters are saying their final farewells to freddy gray who will be laid to rest onman. but questions surrounding gray's death of a spinal cord injury after being arrested by baltimore police have this community on edge. on saturday thousands of mostly peaceful protesters demanded answers and arrests of the officer they believe are responsible. dozens were alefted amid occasional clashes with police and isolated acts of violence. in another maryland community a protest march of a different nature. families and supporters of police officers rallied in anapolis in an even planned months ago. their message, law enforcement is under fire. >> thank you for all that you do. and as my igi4-year-old twin daughters say, to their daddy every day, be safe. >> reporter: officers in blue and black communities with they
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different views of justice on the streets. congressman elijah cummings who represents baltimore says saturday's demonstrations could have been even more violent. he is crediting community leaders with keeping anger in check. brian moore, nbc news washington. new video in to nbc 10 of a man wanted form6 burglarizing a camden business. police are looking for the suspect who broke into camden's video shows him taking cash from the register as well as some drinks before taking off. police say the suspect may have a tattoo on his left hand. a woman was baby-sitting in philadelphia when she was confronted by two men with guns. the 52-year-old victim was at her son's home on cellars street in frankford when the men somehow got inside. she says they rifled through the broom closets but did not take anything. no one was hurt. the fbi is stepping up their
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search for a swim coach accused of secretly filming women in the locker room. loshy jon strits is accused of taping yun women between 1997 and 1998. hen ÷ disappeared in 1999. authorities are offering a reward for information that leads to his arrest. he is considered armed and dangerous. a good samaritan from pennsylvania who stopped to help the victim of a car accident was forced to jump off a bridge. it happened on i-95 at the georgia-south carolina border. a driver says another car forced him to crash into the barrier. and that pennsylvania driver stopped to help. but when another car didn't slow down, he jumped off the bridge into the savanna river to avoid getting struck. zmooit despite making that nearly 60-foot leap off the bridge he did not appear to be seriously hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather, with meteorologist
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brittney shipp. >> good evening. we are starting to see our temperature regulate closer to where they should be this time of the year which is 68 degrees. we will satisfy still have another below average day as we head into monday because i'm tracking showers. warmer days ahead. temperatures pushing back into the 70s. and then i'm tracking rain as we head into next week. in philadelphia right now, clouds, temperatures at 52 degrees. rest of the region, 58 48 degrees. reddington at 43 under mostly clear skies and low 50s for philadelphia tonight. temperatures dropping down into the 40s especially for philadelphia and into the 30s for suburbs north and west of the city. right to you, 45 in dover. 41 in melville, atlantic city at the airport in the low 40s and 45 at mount holly. our satellite radar shows we are seeing a few thin clouds. we will see cloudy skies mushing
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into monday and the possibility of passing showers. here's what that's going to look like. as you head to work and at the bus stop it will be a chilly start. then clouds move back in. by 1:00 2:00 that's when we start to see the showers moving in from the north. you can see how spotty and isolated the showers are. not going to produce a whole lot of rain. we will be dealing with showers on and off through 6:00 7:00 at night. before we see clearing and temperatures warming up as we head into tuesday and wednesday, which will be nice. our average is 68. tomorrow 62 degrees. as we head into tuesday our temp we'll see the cold air continue to restreet to the north. by tuesday you notice mild air is really over philadelphia. all the way down south into the carolinas. ú7 this will be true as we head into wednesday. widespread mild air is even going to make its way to the north affecting new yk pushing into parts of canada. as we push into thursday we
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still have mild air hanging out. by friday we wkshyáqq more of the cold air making its way back. it will be short lived and we will remain above average most of next week. tomorrow at the bus stop temperatures at 42 for the suburbs. for the city locations 46 degrees. highs around the area tomorrow 52 in the poconos. temperatures in the low 60s for philadelphia. as far as tonight's concerned we will see temperatures dropping down to 44 for philadelphia. 38 for suburbs to the north and west. and then heading into tomorrow partly sunny and breezy. our temperatures range between 60 and 64 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows a warmup i was referring to will be close to average on theiss tuesday. wednesday, 72 degrees. lots of sunshine. mild. we track a chance of showers by wednesday and then our temperatures drop down below average once again just for one day. on friday, 62 degrees. heading into the weekend, nice and arm. in the 70s by sunday. i'm danny pommell from
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comcast "sportsnet." coming up the nfl draft is quickly approaching. we'll get insight into the eagle's mind-set.
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this afternoon the phillies weren't just trying to win a series against the braves. they were also toasting the arrival of the big green furry guy so many people know and love. can you say happy birthday to the fanatic? >> happy birthday to you.
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>> plrt! little guy withh his belly out there. all the fanatics friends on hand. bottom one, two on howard banks one to right center. phillies lead 3-2. bottom five. tied at 3. revere comes calling. down the right field line. scores gal vis. braves batting average at .361. trouble in the ninth. one run game. two on deep ball to left. squeezed by re vooefr veer at the wall. phillies win 5-4. ryan howard was in a playful mood when asked about his recent resurgence. >> seeing more fast balls? man, you guys make a big deal out of everything. you guys are unbelievable. >> it's better than the same question over and over again. >> unbelievable. i mean, i don't know. i don't really think about that stuff. obviously, you guys do.
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but i don't really think about that too, too much. right now, for me it's just trying to go up thereq3?py simplify everything, see it and hit it. >> when you are getting a $100 million contract, you are going to get the tough questions. nfl draft. the talk continues to revolve around a quarterback. we are talking about marcos marriotta. kelly said he won't moorgage the team's future to trade up. and the personnel department echoed that sentiment. >> we view it as every pick is an opportunity to improve your football team. so the more picks that you have the more opportunities you have to get great players. certainly, if there is a great player that's up there and it makes sense from a compensation perspective, we'll look at those avenues as well. but philosophically we have eight picks right now, we'd like to make eight picks or more, not less. >> with kelly in control of the roster we learned he is
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decisive and not afraid to make controversial decision. kelly will have final call in terms of draft picks but that does not mean he won't listen to a wide range of opinions. >> the most important relationship in the building to me is one of the head coach and personnel director. and there has got to be mutual trust and respect for both parties. i told that to chip. you know, we had that conversation before i accepted the position. i've never been one to agree just to agree. and i've got no problems speaking my mine. i've done the work done the preparations. that's what chip wants. he wants the checks and balances we are in this together. >> windy city get ready. we'll take you live to chicago on draft day. our draft day special air this is thursday from 7:00 tocal. the eagles blueprint airs sunday may 3rd at 11:35. eagles tight end zach ernst was
11:27 pm
taking swings from his teammates. we asked him about the eagles changes to the roster. he believes chip is swinging for the fences when it comes to bringing philly a championship. >> we were 10-6 last year and didn't win the games we needed to to make the playoffs. that upset us the coaches and the fans. that's unacceptable. our goal now is to win every game obviously and make the playoffs and go far in the playoffs and make the city proud. i think we've made some moves to do that. i'm more excite what we brought to the defense, alonzo maxwell is a great guy. he works very hard. all the guys we have brought in work very hard and they are going to be great teammates for us. they are very good football players as well. we're excited to see what they have. >> everybody is saying all the right things in the offseason. later in the show, we'll get more perspective from jack berman from the philadelphia inquiry. nbc 10 news will be back after this. ready to get rid of that old mower and move up to a honda well, you couldn't have picked a better time
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thousands hit the pavement today to help make a difference for local families. the march of dimes held its
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annual run for babies at the art museum. there was also a march for babies. that's the nation's oldest walk fund-raiser and raises money to help more manslaughter moms have full term pregnancies and healthy babies. nbc 10's tracy davidson served the philadelphia eagles hulgtdsed for autism. partnering with the center for autism rnch research and children's hospital of philadelphiaywyo to host this event at the link. players like taylor hart and emanuel ocho also signed autographs. one in 68 children has autism in the united states. >> so few cases where someone who has a family member with autism can just come and be on a sunday a family having a unique outing. >> it's a blast. it's awesome that the eagles do this. >> yeah. >> the eagles are also working with the center for autism research to encourage more
11:32 pm
studies that will benefit families. after walking across the gran canyon on a wire a ferris bheel may not seem that scary, but daredevil nickñé wallenda says he has concerns about his upcoming stunt. he will be walking on top of the orlando eye, which goes 400 feet into the air. there will be no wire and no balancing pole. the ride will also control how fast he can walk. wallenda will perform his latest balancing act this wednesday. you will be able to watch it live on nbc 10 during the "today" show. parents look for answers and help after the sudden shutdown of their children's school. coming up the scramble to solutions to a last-minute care crisis.
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♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it. and the ones who do... ...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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the death toll rises in the earthquake in nepal. tonight, more about a new jersey woman killed in the quake, even as thousands look for a safe place to sleep. tonight people in nepal are
11:36 pm
worried about more aftershocks as well as finding the missing and dead. here's a look at the latest numbers. at least 3200 people have been confirmed dead. more than 6500 were injured. three of those killed were americans. ida segal from her sister station in new york has more on the north jersey victim killed in the quake. >> reporter: every bit of progress she made became a post on facebook. here she wrote i can't think of anything as makes me as happy or peaceful as being out here. she was the camp doctor for a seattle based group leading a tour up mounted everest. she was one of the first americans reported dead after a massive earthquake caused an avalanche. >> they absolutely did feel the quake up in the western area. >> this expert says the team was at a camp about 21,000 feet up everest when the quake struck. >> with one of our contacts in katmandu this morning, he was in touch with some folks at base
11:37 pm
camp. and he said that one of our tents, our dining tent or our cook tent was blown over 150 meters onto the glacier. >> reporter: the victim was an avid climber who had reached the sum it is of mount washington and mount rainier. just before her death she used humor to power through a tough moment posting this. day 28 of this journey, snow is falling and my food cravings are at an all time high. is a crunchy spicy tuna roll with eel sauce too much to ask for. she worked as a physician's assistant. they are workplace said they were saddened by the news of her dead death. her neighbors on this quiet block were also shocked and praying for her family. >> nice neighborhood. this is a quiet neighborhood. sometimes we see her walking the dogs. >> and that was ida siegel reporting. nbc 10 will bring you any new developments on the deadly quake
11:38 pm
starting tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. you can also head to the nbc 10 news app for more on the local conclusion connection and ways you can help. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a live look outside at eighth and market streets in center city. not as cold tonight as it has been the past few nights. we are climbing to more normal temperature this is week. meteorologist brittany ship is here with how it will feel in the morning. >> i have your bus stop forecast as you take the kids to the bus stop tomorrow morning it's still going to be cool. we don't have a freeze warning or a frost advisory, but we will see temperatures in the low 40s in the suburbs to the north and west of the city. and temperatures in the city at 46 degrees. a cool start. we'll see our clouds increasing throughout the day and a chance of showers. our current temperatures right now, 50 in trenton. 45 at mount holly. 41 in melville 45 in dover, and 48 in redding. we are starting to warm up. so our average for this time of year is 68 degrees.
11:39 pm
tomorrow we will not reach that average. 62 will be the high. but take a look at what happens on tuesday. this is the beginning of our average temperatures. we even go above average, back into the?i% 70s. plus i'm tracking another chance of rain. all the details coming up in ten minutes. dozen of families gathered outside the goddard school in montgomery county this afternoon hoping to find child care for their children. this comes after the school shut its doors without notice friday. parents say they were taken by surprise. randy gyllenhaal tells us what's next for these families. >> reporter: scrambling to find last-minute child care parents came to the goddard school with fingers crossed hoping for a vacant see after goddard's blue bell day care suddenly shut down. >> we got one of the last spots. >> reporter: her kids will now go to the east northern ton
11:40 pm
location. >> more notice would have been a good thing. we could have figured something out. >> reporter: other families will be forced to take unpaid leave as they search for a new school. it's not easy. most places are full, and starting fresh can be tough for young kids. >> she loved her friend she loved her teachers. now we'll have to start all over again. it's hard when they are little like that. >> reporter: teachers too are in limbo, told not to come to work anymore. >> my plan is to continue to find employment in child care. this is what i do. i love my babies. trying to be positive and move on. >> reporter: as parents filled the parking lots savvy competitors moved in. two nearby3f/jç day cares offered jobs to the teachers and spots for the children. >> we when heard about the news and such short notice we do have capacity, we are growing. the willow school is growing and we have an open room. >> we are here and we have spots available for teachers as well as children so they don't have to be, you know, stranded and have nowhere to go.
11:41 pm
>> in blue bell nbc 10 news. a professor at drexel university is speaking out after she inadvertently sent a link with pornography to her students. lisa mcelroy teaches writing at the drexel law school. the university began investigating her after the link was sent but the professor has now been cleared. on friday the washington post-÷i p &háhp &hc% posted an on ed she says she was mortified but criticized those who published the story. she wrote in nart there was nothing news worthy about it. what happened was in the gran scheme pretty trivial, my students are adult. the link was quickly removed. there was nothing illegal, but because it was porn and i am a legal professor, news of the story spread around the world. you can find a link to the story on our websitea%! nbc 10 how much time are young children spending on cell
11:42 pm
phones? also ahead, the wild visitor caught at a cafe in the big apple. and our temperatures were too cool for you this weekend, imtracking warmer conditions as we head into the work week. even temperatures in the 70s. that's coming up in my flet first alert seven-day forecast. lets say this is your tv and these are the channels you pay for with cable but these are the types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels
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opening statements are set to begin tony in the long awaited trial of the accused colorado movie theater shooter. james holmes is accused of opening fire in a movie theater. defense attorneys claim he was having a psychotic episode when he entered the theater and opened fire. prosecutors plan to say he was sane and they plan to ask for the depth. the jury selection process was among the largest and most complicated in u.s. history. >> the penalty phase of the
11:45 pm
boston marathon bombing trial resumes tomorrow. a jury is deciding whether to sentence the bomber to life in prison or death. federal prosecutors rested their case against him on thursday. they offered what they called proof he knew he was targeting children with his attack. the defense will begin presenting their witnesses tomorrow. jury deliberations will also continue in the etan patz jury trial. there was a request from jurors for a printer. they will guilty paper and tape. he is accused of a killing in 1979. etan! when he disappeared. his body has never been found. pedro hernandez confessed to killing him three years ago but his lawyers say his admission was the raving of a mentally ill
11:46 pm
man with a low iq. if convicted he faces life behind bars. the president's own e-mails may have been compromised. it happened when hackers penetrated the west wing last fall. christian walker has the new development. >> reporter: it is a case of digital spying that went all the way to the top. according to the new york times, russian hackers who breached the white house's computer estimates last october were also able to access some of president obama's e-mails. the white house wouldn't comment today. but the times says the hackers obtained access to the e-mail. ensitive information like the president's schedule. >> they are going to find out who is the president talking/y what kind of diplomatic sanctions they may be coming up with through its allies and other countries that it cares
11:47 pm
about. >> nbc news first reported on the hack last october. it occurred just as the u.s. was in a bitter stanoff with russian president vad mir putin over ukraine. >> the first is defending our own networks and weapons because they are critical could what we do every day. they are no good if they have beeni$jr hacked. >> reporter: president obama frequently uses eaps and has fought the secret service to hold onto his blackberry even though he was hacked by the chinese during his campaign in 2008. cyber security experts say the government needs to act preemptively. >> always treat your network as though hackers are in it. that means comei2jd partmentalizing data intelligence communication and evidence. >> reporter: christian walker nbc 10 news. good news and bad news for drivers. bad news, the price of gas has gone up eight shebts in the past week. the good news i4 a dollar less than it was this time last
11:48 pm
year. experts say tur noil the middle east is contributing to the higher prices. here's a look at the average price of gas across the region. in philadelphia it's up to $2.74 a gallon. $2.47 in delaware. and 2.37 a gallon in south jersey. many of us are guilty of spending too much time on our smart phones and tablets. but are babies being overexposed as well? researchers at einstein!=
11:49 pm
but many kmoez to hit the beach instead. the national weather service says this heat wave could stick around for the next few days. now our nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> well, it wasn't heat wave for us as we went into the weekend with our temperatures staying well below average. that's going to change as we head into next week. tomorrow, still below average. warm he were days ahead, temperatures pushing into the 70s. and i'm tracking another chance of rain as we head into next thursday. looking outside right now at philadelphia. just a few clouds. temperatures at 52 degrees. wind speeds out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour. across the region, 48 in redding, 43 degrees in atlantic city with mostly clear skies. and we will see our clouds continuing to thin out as we head into today. we'll see another round of cloudiness pushing into your monday. and then another chance of showers. i'll show you exactly what that looks like. but temperatures in the poconos at 42 degrees. melville at 41. 50 degrees in wilmington.
11:50 pm
and lancaster right now at 45. satellite radar shot shows quiet conditions. a few thin clouds moving in from the north and we are dealing with a weather disturbance that's well off to the north of us. we will continue to see a northwesterly flow as we head into tomorrow. that's where some of ouru=yuju come from. as i take you through tomorrow. tomorrow morning it will be a crisp start. clouds increasing around in afternoon. by 1:00 our chance of showers mochs in first to allentown, then to redding. you notice44il these showers will swing in from the northwest. and they will continue to move through on and off very light until 6:00 or 7:00. more clearing. mostly clear skies as we head into monday. plenty of clear skies tuesday. and warmer temperatures tuesday and wednesday looks really good. average temperature this time of year 68. monday 62. and tuesday shows cold errey treating. mild air throughout philadelphia and new york. and stretching into the great
11:51 pm
lakes and".y! parts of canada. same thing on wednesday. we see even more mild air. by thursday night heading into friday another blast of will drop our temperatures back down below average into the low 60s. but we will recover nicely as we head into the weekend. our highs for your monday at 53 degrees in the poconos. 61 may. 63 degrees will be in high in philadelphia. 64 in directel hill. similar conditions to what we saw today. that was warmer than what we saw yesterday. the warming trend has already started. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, low 40s for philadelphia. mid to high 30s for other locations, especially to the north and the west. tonight we'll officially drop down to 38 for the suburbs to the north and west of the city. 44 for philadelphia. partly cloudy. and clouds thin out. as we headd r into tomorrow, partly sunny. breezy conditions 7 to 15 miles
11:52 pm
an hour. but temperatures range between 60 and 64 degrees. as we head into tuesday, warmer. wednesday, even warmer. milder conditions on wednesday with plenty of sunshine. a chance of showers moves in thursday. and then look at the weekend. gorgeous. 68 degrees on saturday. and 71 with lots of sunshine on sunday. danny pommell with you again. mark sanchez gives you his interpretation as to why tim tebow is in the eagles's fold. crazy shots and catches from a busy weekend. don't miss that when we come back.
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the nfl draft is just
11:55 pm
i don't think we are going to see manyí if that's not the case they are more likely to trade back than up. they could come away with more picks. i would think that picking at 20 makes sense. i think eight picks is certainly reasonable. i can see somewhere between seven and nine unless marriotta is in the occasion. frankly i think so the offensive line if they stay at 20 is the way to go. the reason i say that is there is going to be a group of three to five offensive linemen that are going to drop in the 15 to 25 range. it is a short-term and long term need for the eagles. i think find a good one who can step inned a right guard now and potentially move to right tackle what he lane johnson moves tots right side. >> barber is the leading candidate to take over the open spot. erik gun caught up with him to discuss the possibility for the starting role. >> i think there is a
11:56 pm
responsibility for me to play. i'm looking to take full advantage go out continue working hard and focus on what i can control. that's getting better every day. it's not something i'm going to get worked up about. i'm going to go in with confidence and go in and play. >> this time last week tebow mania was infecting the valley. tebow signed a one year deal the next day. while it appeared he was brought in to compete with barkley for the third string mark sanchez had a different perspective on friday. >> he works hard. and we needed another -- we needed another guy to throw while sam's still recovering. so that's kind of the reason there. and at least as it was explained to me. so, you know we -- we're excited about the upcoming year. and i think we have a great group. >> well we shall see. it it was an ugly one in the nba playoffs today with the cavaliers and celtics game look
11:57 pm
more like mixed martial arts. first quarter, alistenic pulls love's arm right here, causing the shoulder to pop out of place. love says there was no doubt it was intentional. he could be out two weeks. in the third, j.r. smith whacks crowder right in the grill. looked like he was out on the floor for a minute. crowder suffered a knee sprain on the play. actual basketball was played. lebron james had 27 and 11 rebounds to lead the cavs to a 101-93 win. >> speaking of lbj look at this shot. the other baseline. all in one motion. like a quarterback to toss that in there. palming the ball the length of the court. then the rockets posted this video of dwight howard. nearly the same spot. that's like a javelin throw. wearing the backpack and superman shirt. what a shot that is. meanwhile on the baseball front
11:58 pm
royals and white sox. bottom 6, micah johnson hits one into foul territory. look at alex gordon tracking, tracking, all up in the stands. taking somebody out at that. gordon giving up his body somebody else's body. amazing catch, though. for the out. it all counts right? >> that is your fun look at sports. i'm danny pommell. we'll be right back.
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take a look at this deep sea
12:01 am
discovery. it's a manta ray that reportedly weigh as ton and is 26 feet wide. some fishermen got quite a cpñ2? when they accidentally caught it off the coast of peru. they were traveling in a wooden boat when the creature got caught in their nets. sadly, the mantda ray was hurt. this wasn't your typical police chase. it took nypd officers an hour before they finally cornered a kai oetdy on the loose in new york city. a camera recorded police capturing the animal at an outdoor cafe. they tranquilized her and took her to the aspca for care. an official says this was the third coyoty sighting this week and the fourth in manhattan this year. here'sgéia a look at what's comingon up next on in depth with graham bensinger. >> we are here in the philippines in manny pacquiao's hometown. we spent the past few days with
12:02 am
seeing where the champ lives and trains. we are going to warm up more. >> as we head into next week. tomorrow is still below average and then we track a chance of light showers in the afternoon. by tuesday, mostly sunny. 67. so closer to the average. look at wednesday. the low 70s are back. so it's starting to feel like spring all next week. next weekend looks fantastic. saturday, sunday back in the high 60s and low 70s with plenty of sunshine on both days. >> we need that after the lows we had in the 40s. >> it was a cold start on both saturday and today, sunday but next week should be better. >> all right. thank you so much brittany. that's nbc 10 news for now. for brittany danny and all of us here. i'm denise nakano. have a good night and a great monday.
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we're here at my house. and you're watching "in-depth." ♪ ♪ many pacquiao the filipino fighter with ten world titles in eight different weight divisions. >> i'm bringing honor to my country. >> we finish firsted the pacman in 2010 but this time he invited us to his hometown. the recent born again christian remembers a childhood living in extreme poverty. >> sometimes we didn't have food to eat. just drink water. >> just drink water. >> just drink water. >> and


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