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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  May 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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ain is just to the south lingering in the area today. still a chance of a light shower. nothing significant. nothing heavy. 49 degrees. it is chillier now. the temperatures still dropping as we approach sunrise. 50 degrees in wilmington. dover is at 50 degrees. you can see mostly cloudy skies at center city. that's a view from the "nbc 10" studios. we'll see mostly cloudy skies. just enough sunshine peeking through to warm us up. by 1:00 61 degrees. neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. i it's a friday morning. time to get an update from jessica boyington. >> good morning, everyone. a disabled vehicle on 93 in broad street. 14 minutes still for your total drive time headed southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. we do have a road closure at radner king of prussia road. it's closed between radner chester road. you can take east lancaster
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avenue to get on by. heading out the door in cheltenham hazardous road conditions and reports of that on east township line road in walker avenue. we'll check in with area bridges. we are counting down to the blue cross broad street run where thousands of people will hit the streets on sunday morning. matt delucia is live in olney. matt, there's a lot to get done in the next couple of days? >> reporter: that's right. as you look behind me you can see that traffic is still moving on broad street. all of that will happen come sunday morning. this will be the starting line for the 10 mile journey. by 8:00 a.m. on sunday, this place will look very different and filled with thousands of runners. 40,000 runners will be out here plus families and supporters. we spoke with the blue cross broad street run race director. he said vol lun tiers have been very busy getting everything ready to go. they've been setting up the tents at the navy yard as well.
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this is the 36th year for the race. a lot of work to go done ahead of time. >> there's a lot of packing getting done. the loading of equipment. the water is being delivered to storage areas. we have runner refreshments. 80,000 pieces of fruit getting delivered today. >> so a lot of work behind the scenes that is for sure. for the rest of you, broad street, as i mentioned, will be closed sunday morning. it's a good idea to plan another way around. if you are running pick up your bib and other race-real estated gear today or tomorrow. live in olney. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." you can watch the blue cross broad street run on "nbc 10" and on our sister station telemundo 62. this sunday our coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. a show of solidarity for baltimore from the city of brotherly love. peaceful protests in philadelphia did turn a bit tense after an emotional day of
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demonstrations. a crowd of protesters tried to force their way onto the vine street expressway. "nbc 10" was there as one person was taken into custody mp you see that scuffle there. the march began at city hall where more than 600 people gathered to call attention to a racially charged debate in the wake of the death of freddie gray. >> this country likes to suppress the honesty about what's going on. >> i came out here because the tone has to change. >> now the crowd marched for miles yesterday, at times bringing entire city blocks to a stand still blocking traffic. despite a few clashes, no one was hurt. there were two arrests. meantime, there are conflicting reports about what exactly happened leading up to freddie gray's death in baltimore. a new police report contradicts another suspect's account that gray deliberately banged his body against the wall in a police van. according to the washington post
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donte allen was in the van with gray. he couldn't see him because of a solid divider. "nbc 10" reports that gray was already unresponsive by the time allen was put into the van but allen hearded banging. >> all i heard was a little banging for about four seconds, you know what i mean. i heard little banging, you know? just little -- you know what i mean? boom. boom. just little banging. >> gray's autopsy report shows no evidence that he banged his body against anything on his own. gray died from a spinal injury one week after his arrest. six officers involved in the arrest are suspended. yesterday governor christie extended the officer's deployment until tuesday at the request of maryland's governor. 150 troopers left mercer county. they've been helping enforce baltimore's curfew. pennsylvania state troopers are
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heading to baltimore. it's being called a triumph. >> happening today, camden county is celebrating two years of its restructured police force. officials say the commitment to community policing has helped reduce violent crime in camden. they'll hold a public celebration at pine point park in north camden. meantime, a new safety policy borne out of tragedy goes into affect for law enforcement in gloucester county. the prosecutor's office put a law in place for police cars going 20 miles an hour over the speed limit to use their lights and siren. the policy comes after a franklin county police car hit and killed a 10-year-old boy as he was crossing the road last december. a standoff montgomery county ended late last night. when it did, police found a suspect did and a woman wounded. the standoff played out for more than three hours at a town houn complex in north wales. s.w.a.t. swarmed the complex after they heard a burst of
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gunfire. that was around 7:00. witnesses say they saw a person running to the house. police surrounded that house and evacuated neighbors. officers went into the home later and found the suspect dead. they haven't said how he died. the woman was air lifted to the hospital but no word on her condition. all right. 6:06. time to talk eagles draft. the eagles have a new pass catcher this morning, not the pass thrower that everyone wanted them to draft. here's nfl's commissioner roger goodell announcing the birds first round choice in chicago. >> with the 20th pick in the 2015 nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select nelson aguilar, wide receiver usc. >> there he is your newest eagle. nelson aguilar, 20th overall pick. he was southern california's leading receiver last year and he can also return kicks.
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this is before the draft, eagles fans yelling do the deal to coach kelly. they wanted him to trade up to get oregon quarterback marcus mariota. chip kelly did talk with the tennessee titans who had the second pick about trading up possibly for mariota, but the price was too high. the eagles have the 20th pick in the second round of the draft tonight. "nbc 10" is your official philadelphia eagles station so you can count on us with complete draft coverage. it lasts through sunday. we'll have our post draft special. we'll hear exclusively from chip kelly and some of the eagles pick. the eagles blueprint airs sunday at 11:35 p.m. only on "nbc 10." now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> tracking a few showers this morning, but most of the area is dry. the showers are pushing to the south though there's still a chance this afternoon and a good chance that we're going to be cooler through the day. a little bit chillier this
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morning. about 10 degrees cooler. the sun will reappear in full force. sunshine breaking through. reading is at 49 degrees. 49 at philadelphia international. wilmington dry at 50 degrees. you can see the clouds over cape may. beach avenue saw some rain drops overnight. they have since tapered off but the showers are just to the south lingering there. still a possibility this afternoon. just a slight chance allentown, philadelphia wilmington will see a rain drop during the day. mostly it's just going to be cloudy skies. some thinning of clouds at times for the pocono mountains into the 60s for alan town reading, quaker town. mostly cloudy skies for trenton, doylestown norris town into the low 60s this afternoon. showers are a possibility at times for rehoboth. more likely farther to the south and the north and vineland 62 degrees this afternoon. lower 60s with just a slight chance of a sprinkle this afternoon for philadelphia drexel hill swedesboro.
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that changes this weekend. the weekend forecast is looking good. partly sunny, dry. saturday, 73 degrees. sunday, bright sunshine and we'll be up to 80 degrees but a cooler start to the morning. perfect for the broad street run. >> very nice for the run sunday morning, thanks bill. nine minutes after 6:00. let's see how the drive to work is shaping up. >> jessica boyington is looking at that. >> chris andtrish and cracy, that's what i was going to say, that's not right. oxford valley road is closed due to an officer that passed away from cancer. that's closed from 7:00 to 11 emilie road and as you get up to the schuylkill expressway around spring garden drive times are free and in the clear. eastbound lanes right in here looking just fine. from the vine into the blue
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route, still no problems in either direction. area bridges looking good. no problems for the betsy ross and walt whitman. volume westbound due to the ongoing construction where we lose the right hand lane. tracy. today people will come together to help the relieve efforts in nepal. we'll tell you how you can get involved. new developments in the quake's aftermath. how survivors are dealing with the everyday struggle in the wake of the deadly tragedy. plus from rescue to recovery. the coast guard pulls out of the search for a missing boater in alabama. what it means for crews still looking for that man.
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it's 6:13. we have new information. coast guard has suspended the
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search for a boater. local police will handle the recovery mission. they've found the bodies of five boaters who died when near hurricane force winds hit during a sailboat race on saturday. 6:14. a bucks county cultural center is holding a fund-raiser for a relief effort after saturday's earthquake in nepal. it's being held at 7:30 tonight in chalfont. crews are trying to clear out the rubble and debris. most people in kathmandu have moved outdoors.back indoors after being outdoors due to aftershocks. and a 4-month-old baby was rescued. nigeria's army says it rescued more women and children from boko haram militants yesterday.
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this morning we're getting a look at pictures of some of the nearly 300 women and girls freed this week. it's still not clear if any of them are the school girls abducted last year. boko haram has captured thousands of women and girls from their families in the last year and a half. the u.s. ebola clinic is closed in liberia. this comes after all of the troops fighting the deadly virus were withdrawn in february. they credit a number of things to it being ebola free. voters in new jersey appear to have made up their minds about senator robert menendez and their unofficial verdict, guilty as charged. a new poll finds that more than half of the people surveyed believe that menendez is guilty of corruption. 28% say it's very likely he's guilty. last month a federal grand jury indicted menendez and a friend
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on corruption charges. the democratic senator is accused of accepting nearly $1 million in bribes in exchange for political favors. now to decision 2016. this morning there are two democrats in the race officially. vermont senator bernie sanders said he'll run for president as a democrat. he joins hillary clinton in which she is the heavy favorite. sanders kicked off his campaign with a blast against the rich. >> can't continue having a nation in which we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major nation on earth at the same time we're seeing a proliferation of millionaires and billionaires. >> hillary clinton says she welcomes her first formal challenger and agrees that the focus of the race has to be on helping america's middle class. so far there are three republicans who have declared they are texas senator ted cruz kentucky senator rand paul and florida senator marco rubio. and in the race to get to work and start your weekend, let's see who's leading that.
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>> "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered on that. jessica? >> no one's really leading the race on 95. everyone is stuck in traffic right now. seeing a rush hour approaching cottman avenue. it's pretty much jammed solid. not that heavy yet. 20 minutes headed southbound from woodhaven road. you can see the northbound lanes moving along a bit better than that. new jersey on the 42 freeway, no problems there. the typical volume if you're headed northbound. it's not affecting the overall drive times. five minutes headed from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge. we are dealing with an accident scene in radner. king of prussia road is closed between matson road and radner road. i'll have more drive times on the rest of the majors coming up in ten. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting a dry start for most
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of the area after some rain showers overnight. we're seeing some breaks in the clouds. you see a little blue peaking through. we won't clear out of the clouds. we'll be in and out of them. enough sunshine to warm from the 40s into the 60s. not as warm as the 72 yesterday. east northeasterly winds at 9 miles an hour won't be terribly strong. no sign of any wet weather in the pocono mountains. this is lake wallen paupac. there's a chance we'll see an afternoon shower in the pocono mountains and other areas could see an afternoon shower. you can see a little something showing up on the radar. that's not impressive at all. dry in allentown. dry now for all of delaware. the showers have pushed to the south. the rain has ended in the last hour and a half. now streets are drying in milton and lewis this morning. clouds are staying put overhead for delaware especially southern delaware, cape may is looking at a mostly cloudy day. more likely to see some breaks
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of sunshine farther to the north in wilmington and philadelphia and into the lehigh valley. all of this though is going to be out of here for the weekend. any steady rain stays to our south today. just a chance of a sprinkle this afternoon. you can see it on the hour-by-hour forecast. by noon a few scattered showers in some of the western suburbs, alan town into chester county. cape may county with mostly cloudy skies. for most of the day, we will be dry and see the temperatures climb into the 60s. a little bit of cool for this time of year but that all changes this weekend. check out the seven day forecast. 73 degrees, partly sunny tomorrow. 51 in the morning. it will be in the 50s to start with on sunday but look at sunday afternoon near 80 degrees. looks like a perfect day for the blue cross broad street run. 84 on monday. nice and warm again on tuesday. there's a chance we'll see showers wednesday. >> so looking forward to sunday. septa police will soon have another tool that they say is
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meant to build trust. why the chief believes body cameras could help the relationship with the public especially in a time of unrest across the country and when the entire department could be equipped with the high tech upgrades. and this morning, charges are pending against a teenager in a hit and run that leaves the temple student in critical condition. how the police learned about the teen's alleged involvement and why he should not have been behind the wheel in the first place.
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6:23. the septa police is going to have the force equipped with body cameras by this summer. the septa police was wearing one yesterday during the protests at city hall. they've been testing the cameras in a pilot program. the chief says they've helped neutralize dangerous situations. >> this isn't going to solve all of the problems.
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it's a piece that moves us towards gaining trust. it's another step towards transparency. >> the battery life isn't very long so police have to activate the cameras in order for them to record. the philadelphia street department is warning drivers to expect some street closures and parking restrictions through outthe city starting today. that's because of resurfacing projects in several neighborhoods including olney, germantown university city and center city. it's going to be completed by the end of june. and good morning, everyone. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. slow going through the work zone here on the vine street expressway right around 18th street. you can see you are losing that right hand shoulder. only one lane getting by for the predominant part of the morning. now we can't recover some residual delays there as we head out to new jersey. ocean heights avenue is closed in both directions at english creek road.
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your alternate is to take the garden state parkway or the black horse pike. i wish i had good news for you. for now over to bill henley with a lot of it. >> getting some sunshine to start with jesse. live view from the link this morning. temperatures have cooled down into the 40s. 47 degrees here at "nbc 10" at 6:25. there is a chance of a rain drop or two. we have some showers overnight in delaware and south jersey. they have since pushed to the south. well tens of thousands of runners, of course and tons of fans are headed to philadelphia this weekend for the blue cross broad street run. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live with how organizers are getting ready for the big race. matt? >> reporter: chris, 1,000 of those runners will be students. one person who was a student said this run helped change his life. we'll hear about this next. plus the woman at the center of the caught on camera assault has made a plea in court. what's next for the woman who was seen beating another woman in front of the victim's
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them. ♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it. and the ones who do...
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...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪ ♪ ♪ to you they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection kills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™.
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this is "nbc 10 news." >> right now on "nbc 10 news today," ready to run. preparations well underway for the largest 10 mile race in the country. how organizers are still getting ready though for the blue cross broad street run. a key figure in the jersey jam bridge scandal is expected to plead guilty today. it will be the first time an associate of new jersey governor chris christie will admit wrongdoing in the investigation. we take a live look outside this morning. a nice sunrise on cape may. beach avenue quiet. off to a bit of a cooler start. we will see a nice warmup. for cape may, you may see showers later on this morning, too. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's check in with bill henley about the warmup and what will
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happen. >> big warmup. temperatures going the other direction. we hit 72 yesterday afternoon. lots of sunshine. a few clouds around and we're seeing clouds and sunshine this morning to start with. the sun coming up. that's a live view from the melon bank building in center city. we will be in and out of the clouds during the day today. the temperatures have come down. 43 in doylestown. 50 degrees in wilmington. dropped to 49 in south philadelphia and roxborough is 46 and 47 degrees right now. and showers have already pushed out of the area. the showers were lingering overnight into southern delaware and central delaware. even cape may county saw a few rain drops overnight. now just a few sprinkles in the area for cape may. for philadelphia clouds some sunshine 58 degrees by 11:00. then we're into the 60s this afternoon. a look at that weekend forecast when i'm back in 10. first jesse boyington in the first alert traffic center with
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the friday morning commute. good morning, jesse. >> good morning, bill. happy friday. still doing okay out in new jersey on 295 around cherry hill and route 70. no problems headed northbound. southbound drive times are up. just under 12 minutes from 38 into the black horse pike area definitely a good thing. as we take a look at the rest of our drive times, 95 is one of the biggest slowdowns that we've seen so far under 25 minutes southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine. no problems for the schuylkill or the blue route. heading out to radner we are seeing an accident still closing king of prussia between radner chester chester. take conley or east lancaster. new from overnight in atlantic county, a person died in this accident in egg harbor township. officials say the driver was killed and we're waiting to get
6:32 am
news on a second accident. firefighters got a woman out of a fire and the woman suffered smoke inhalation. >> 6:32. we're all getting ready for the big blue cross broad street run sunday morning. "nbc 10" and telemundo 62 are proud to bring it to you live. first time this has ever been done broadcasting the entire race from start to finish. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live in olney. >> reporter: 40,000 runners will be out here sunday morning. 850 will be part of a group called students run philly style. 55 different schools in the area. they'll have 200 mentors who teach them the ins and outs of running to use this ten mile run as a way of learning outside the classroom. many use this as a way of
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building confidence. nate moser is one of them. he started running when he was in high school. before he started running he was depressed and overweight. now he's much more fit. now he wants to trade in his landscaping tools and wants to be a health and phys ed teacher. >> i enjoy what i do but the satisfaction i get working with the kids through students run doesn't compare. i like doing that so much that i would rather be a teacher and get the satisfaction on a more consistent basis from working with young people. >> the first time they test their strength. running ten miles is not an easy thing. they have to come to that point where they prove themselves if they're going to keep going or they're going to stop and they struggle through that and, you know, they just put one foot in front of the other. they prove to themselves they can do anything that life throws at them. >> i've talked to several people over the past couple of years, very good group of them. they say these races are very tough. they do this.
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they do the philly marathon as well. once they cross that finish line it's very good. they get determination and confidence. they along with thousands others will be out here sunday morning at 8:00. this is where that starting line will be. you see that traffic is still open right now. come sunday morning this is all going to be shut down. you want to plan an alternate route if you're in the area if you want to be around this area. it's going to be pretty hectic out here come sunday. life live in olney, i'm matt delucia. "nbc 10 news." you can watch the blue cross broad street run live on "nbc 10" and telemundo 62 in spanish. it all happens sunday beginning at 8:00 a.m. before the race here's another way you can get ready. we have a live special called ready, set, run. the blue cross broad street run tonight at 7:00 on "nbc 10." more than 600 people marched through philadelphia as a show of solidarity for the maryland man who died from injuries he received while in baltimore
6:35 am
police custody. this is the scene last night outside the prison in oln city. they marched for miles hoping their message was heard. at times protesters brought entire city blocks to a stand still. despite a few clashes with police the rally was peaceful. two arrests and no one was hurt. there were conflicting reports about what happened leading up to freddie gray's death. another prisoner says he banged his body against the van but we have information that he was already unresponsive. we have new information about this fire at the red stone american grill in burlington county. an "nbc 10" viewer sent us this video showing flames shooting from the restaurant in the
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promenade at stage. there was a fire in the kitchen. people inside were able to make it out safely. this morning charges are still pending against a driver in a hit and run that left a temple university student who is still clicking to life. rachel hall is still in critical condition. police say the driver is 18 years old. they said he called his parents after the accident and did tell them what happened and the parents then told police where to find the car. investigators say the teen had only a learner's permit and he confessed. >> he said he struck the girl and he panicked because he had a permit and he left. >> police are still waiting for the district attorney's office to approve charges against the driver. temple tweeted this message following the crash our thoughts and prayers go out to rachel hall and her family. the temple athletics family is with you every step of the way #templestrong. a woman from salem county
6:37 am
faces up to ten years in prison after pleading guilty to assault charges after being caught in this video. this woman beat the other woman in front of her toddler. the little boy was trying to kick harris away from his mom. a judge will sentence harris in june. happening today a judge will sentence a philadelphia man for killing and dismembering another man. keith tolbert pleaded guilty to murder and other charges. police say tolbert cut up the body and put it into a trash bag and put it in the schuylkill river. this former youth football coach faces charges for child sex abuse. leon watson jr. was convicted of assaulting five of his players and a developmentally disabled adult. watson used to coach the ron
6:38 am
hurst raiders football team. they arrested him in 2013 after getting an anonymous tip that he was abusing some boys on the team. a former port authority official could plead guilty today for his role in the jersey jam bridge scandal. that's according to a report by our nbc station in new york. we're waiting to see if david wildstein makes an appearance in federal court today. he was governor christie's appointment appointment. e-mails revealed that an aide for the governor christie, ordered the closures in an apparent act of political retribution. christie denied knowing about it. a report found no evidence that governor christie was involved in the scheme. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> starting off with some clouds. gom some sunshine too. that's a live view from the melon bank building in center
6:39 am
city. it will warm things up. clouds won't leave us completely. there's a chance of an afternoon shower. it's cooler after showers pushed to the south. the temperatures have come down for most areas in the 40s. there will be clouds and sunshine through the day but only a slight chance that you'll run into a shower and that's not happening this weekend. no we've scheduled a warmup. you'll have temperatures summer like by the end of the weekend. right now allentown, 45 degrees. northeast philadelphia at the airport, got some sunshine there. millville's looking at sunshine, too. 49 degrees. you can see the clouds over lake wallenpaupac. the clouds mostly lingering in the pocono mountains could produce a shower later today. 4:00 this morning with rain falling in dover and cape may. a few sprinkles showing up on the radar for cape may. most of the area will be dry through the morning. it's this afternoon that we could see a spotty shower. pocono mountains might see a few rain drops. most of the day looking at
6:40 am
cloudy skies. 58 degrees this afternoon. 60s for reading and quaker town. clouds sunshine. doylestown mount holly up to 62, 63 for trenton and norris town. at the shore, atlantic city may stay dry for most of the day. the farther south you go the better the chance of a pop-up shower. 60s for dover and cape may. philadelphia wilmington, swedesboro, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. the warmup comes over the weekend. check it out, saturday partly sunny skies, 73. sunday we'll start in the 50s. perfect weather for the blue cross broad street run. then 80 degrees in the afternoon. got the seven day to show you how long that lasts right when we're back in ten. looking forward to our live coverage of the blue cross broad zreet run. 20 minutes before 7:00. let's get you updated on your ride to work. >> "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington will let us know if there are any problems out there. jessica. >> thanks, guys. there are problems starting to
6:41 am
pop up. rush hour beginning to get underway as we head out the door to 95. approaching gerrard avenue in the southbound lanes. you can hardly even see any road in this shot. 25 minutes is the total trip from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. give yourself extra time. out in egg harbor township in new jersey still dealing with the road closure due to a fatal accident. it's closed in both directions. at english creek road you want to take the garden state parkway or black horse pike to get on by. police say they found their suspect in a vandalism spree but they weren't prepared to learn his political connection. the mayor's son is now facing charges. next, you'll see how online bragging helped police find him.
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new this morning, millville police are warning people to be weary of scam artists that may be going door to door. police say someone approached an elderly woman in her yard wednesday morning trying to get her to buy a new fence. millville police say if someone comes to your door check for proper permits and i.d. if you see anything suspicious call police. from our jersey shore bureau police in barnegat county say they solved a case. >> the suspect is the mayor's son. we told you how vandals spray painted graffiti all over buildings and a track and bragged about it online. the mayor's son and a friend are the ones in this video seen tagging an abandoned business. we spoke to the mayor about her son's charges. >> horrified. mortified. and confused. very, very confused. did not understand how he could do those. it appears that he may have fallen into the wrong crowd. >> computer crime experts helped lead them to the suspects. the main campus of rutgers
6:46 am
university is still having problems with the internet service. service is still down. the school says it hopes to have an update today. the network crashed at rutgers on monday morning. it is the secretaryond cyber attack this month. the fbi is already investigating the first attack. jon stewart has a new gig lined up this summer. the lawrenceville native and his wife recently bought a farm in new jersey. the location hasn't been revealed yet but the couple is said to be starting a sanctuary for farm animals that are rescued from abuse and neglect. stewart is a long-time animal rights advocate. seaworld san diego faces nearly $26,000 in fines for allegedly training workers to safely interact with the killer whales. the california division of occupational safety and health cited them because they ride and swim with orcas in the medical pool even though keepers aren't allowed in the water during shows. seaworld plans to appeal.
6:47 am
in the coming months the philadelphia museum of art will bring its paintings to the people. here's a live look at the museum. this month it will launch a series of inside out exhibits that's what they're calling it. it will place reproductions in communities over the months. it includes delaware county government building and media and the police department in hadden field camden county. the exhibits will feature high quality copies of pieces by cezan, monet and picasso. speaking of art, we're getting to see what love park looks like after the new makeover. philadelphia parks and recreation officials unveiled the final designs at a public meeting last night. and, drumroll please here we go thank you, tracy, here's the new design. it includes a renovated welcome center, a fountain that will shoot water 35 feet in the area there will be three grassy areas, gardens, trees and shade. they used ideas from the public to come up with the design.
6:48 am
now from our delaware bureau. kent county will be losing jobs. dover downs says it's cutting about 2 dozen positions. the casino will also stop offering table games during the early morning hours. dover downs announced the cut backs yesterday following a drop in earnings. happening this weekend, some big sports are on tap. we have the blue cross broad street run and the maypeter pacquiao fight. >> the run for the roses. the festivities are underway in louisville. you're looking at the annual pegasus parade. 21 horses slated to run at churchill downs. it begins tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. right here on "nbc 10." and back to that pacquiao mayweather fight. the richest prize fight for all time set for tomorrow night. floi mayweather jr., manny pacquiao squaring off at the mgm
6:49 am
grand. mayweather is guaranteed $151 million maybe more than at that depending on how the fight goes. pacquiao's native land has declared a national holiday. several championship titles will also go to the winner. >> going with pac man. >> i hope i can stay up to watch it even though our normal bedtime -- >> right. let's check in with the guys in new york. >> matt lauer and tamron hall. good morning. happy friday. >> tracy and chris, good to see you both. we were talking about the same fight. we have to pick our favorites in a second. meanwhile, coming up on "today" on a friday, the difficult decision facing a woman who will decide if criminal charges are filed in the death of freddie gray. plus, the new move being taken by police in baltimore to prepare for what could be the largest protests yet. also ahead on rossen reports, would your home survive the destructive force of a
6:50 am
tornado? would you survive? we'll take you inside where twisters are created. jennifer lopez gets emotional. what she had to say about the other superstar that changed her life. >> tracy and chris, exciting sports weekend derby, boxing your rangers lost. >> thank you. my rangers lost in the last seconds last night. >> maybe matt's horse and boxer will win. >> there you go. who are you rooting for, pacquiao or mayweather? >> i have pac man. >> which horse is he? >> we'll see you guys. >> number 4 slot. >> see you guys. have a good morning. >> all right. take care. >> take care. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. clouds sunshine getting a nice start this morning. check out this view from here at the "nbc 10" studios. some scattered clouds around. no sign of any rain.
6:51 am
just a slight chance we'll see an afternoon shower today. 49 degrees. it's cooler this morning. by just 1 degree compared to yesterday. it's this afternoon that you'll notice the difference. we were in the 70s yesterday. today will be in the 60s. sunshine. you can see it on university city. view from melon bank building in center city. the clouds will be in and out during the day. most of the day, completely dry. pottstown, 46 degrees. millville and wrightstown in the 40s. blue bell down to 45. along with willow grove and lafayette hill. it is down to 43 degrees in college hill. cool start this morning and mainly dry. you can see a little activity. very little on the radar. that's in extreme northeastern pennsylvania. the rest of the area is dry even though we started with rain in dover when we went on the air at 4:00. raining in cape may. that system is to the south. there's a chance we'll see a scattered shower during the day. the clouds are in place even though the rain has ended in
6:52 am
southern delaware. farther to the north you can clearly see the breaks in the clouds that we are getting this morning. we will see that during the day today for most of the day as the steadier rain will stay to the south. any heavy downpours will be well to the south and mainly off shore. so your hour-by-hour forecast at noontime breaks of sunshine but there is a possibility of scattered showers into lancaster, chester, berks county. a sprinkle but not much more than that. cape may could see sprinkles at 1:00 in the afternoon. the clouds will be around at 4:00 in the afternoon. they'll start breaking overnight. that will clear the way for a warmup this weekend. we will warm into the low 60s this afternoon. clouds sunshine easterly winds to 15 miles an hour. tomorrow, 73 degrees. partly sunny skies and warmer for sunday. 80 degrees in the afternoon after morning temperatures near
6:53 am
60. great running weather for the blue cross broad street run. monday, good recovery weather. sunshine and 84 degrees. 85 on tuesday. then a chance we'll see showers wednesday. >> tracy's already warming up over here bill. she was stretching. >> do you call out sick on monday if you run the race? >> sure. we'll find out, i guess. >> here's jessica boyington with a look at traffic, right, jess? >> i am. thank you, guys. good morning, everybody. 4:22. right around trooper road. the schuylkill expressway a 13 minute trip there. you can see not a lot of volume that's just the total drive time heading through. heading out to the rest of the majors majors, really slow. pretty solid jam there. starting to see things a little bit slowly heading into center city off the schuylkill expressway. no problems on the blue route. an accident in radner. kick of prussia road closed between matson and chester road.
6:54 am
take county line road or east lancaster lancaster. the city of philadelphia is getting ready for the blue cross run. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live telling you what has to be done matt? >> reporter: quite a bit, chris. getting close to race day. coming up after the break, we'll let you know what you need to know before you show up here.
6:55 am
6:56 am
[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home.
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and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live at the starting line for the blue cross broad street run that will happen on sunday. the largest ten mile race in the nation. we're expecting 40,000 runners out here with friends, family
6:58 am
spectators. this is the 36th year for the race. we'll be broadcasting the race from start to finish on "nbc 10" and telemundo 62. a lot of work has been going on the past few days to get ready for the run including deliveries of food and water. if you are running, don't forget to pick up your bibs and race gear at the expo that's happening today and tomorrow at the pennsylvania convention center. we'll see you out here on sunday morning. live in olney, i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and good morning, everyone. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic this morning. we're taking a look out on 95 approaching gerrard avenue where there are some slow speeds. about 28 minutes if you're headed southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. moving forward to bristol and bristol township oxford valley road is closed between emilie county road and county road. you can take the pa turnpike or
6:59 am
edgeley road to get by. moving into new jersey we're still dealing with an incident out on egg harbor township. ocean heights road is closed at english creek road due to a fatal accident. you can take the garden state parkway or black horse pike to get on by. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. looking good outside this morning. we're enjoying some sunshine. still a few clouds in the area. it doesn't look like you're going to need your umbrella this morning. might not need it this afternoon either. the radar shows the showers we had overnight in delaware and south jersey have pushed farther to the south. it's drying out now in southern delaware. mostly cloudy there. we're getting breaks of sunshine and cooler temperatures in the morning. 40s for much of the area, pottstown pottstown, pyktrenton, wrightstown. 46 degrees. 46 in rocksboro. southeast philadelphia and northeast philadelphia airport are both at 49 degrees. sunshine and clouds. we will see the temperatures climb into the 60s this afternoon. that's when we could see a
7:00 am
sprinkle. >> got it. >> great looking weekend. thanks, bill. we'll be back in 25 minutes with a local update. >> "today" show is up next. >> you can always get updates on the "nbc 10 news" app. good morning. what happened in the van? crucial new evidence in the freddie gray case this morning. what the autopsy is revealing as police in baltimore and other cities brace for what could be the largest protest yet. scope of the tragedy. 6,200 dead in nepal. $2 billion in damage. new video capturing the moments centuries-old temples are destroyed. now the hope of finding more survivors is starting to fade. fight of the century. all eyes on las vegas and this weekend's boxing match between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao. the richest of all time. each fighter taking home at least


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