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tv   NBC 10 News at 5am  NBC  May 2, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today, four members of the military are hurt after their humvee wrecked on the new jersey turnpike. what we know about the convoy crash that shut down the highway overnight. >> we are getting ready for a weekend warmup after this morning's chilly start. some neighborhoods will reach 70 degrees and things are going to be even warmer for tomorrow. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the pleasant weather on this race weekend. getting ready for the blue cross
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run. should be great tomorrow and great today. >> we're looking at temperatures pretty perfect tomorrow. today we'll be mild and in the low 70s. we are waking up cooler waking up about 6 degrees cooler in millville, 4 degrees cooler in reading. you'll feel that this morning as you walk out the door but we're going to see a big difference temperatures about 8 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. temperatures 42 in chester springs, cool to the north, 46 in allentown, 40 in oxford. as we fly to the south and east temperatures in the 40s, 38 right now in mount holly, 46 in dover. we're tracking a lot of sunshine, we'll call it a mixture of sun and cloud throughout the day and tracking
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a chance of shower in the afternoon. it will still be cool by 11:00, 62 milder and about 3:00 p.m. a chance of a few spotty showers across the area 67. even warmer on sunday and even warmer than that on monday. we'll talk more about the warm air on the way in just a few minutes. >> skyforce10 was over this late night accident involving a military humvee. this was on the new jersey turnpike. it was part of a convoy traveling from fort drum to new york. the crash involved one of their vehicles. jesse gary is on his way to the hospital where the crash victims are being treated. we'll check in with him as soon as he arrives and give you more details. >> news from overnight, a man is shot in camden. he's in critical condition. it happened around 1:00 this morning. the victim is in his late 20s.
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so far no arrests in this case. >> some breaking news that we're following. two people were killed in a car crash in philadelphia's cobbs creek neighborhood. this is a live look at the scene at 62nd and walnut streets. police tell us one car ran into the side of another vehicle. it then flipped over and caught on fire. the two people who died were in that first car. the driver of the second vehicle is being treated for a broken arm. our crew at the scene tells us a third parked car was also damaged in the crash. >> this morning a pit bull owner is expected to face charges after police say the dog mauled a teen-ager. video shows police trying to get control of the dog. you can see the medics rushing the 16-year-old to the ambulance. the dog latched on to the teen
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as face and bit his arms. they tell us they had to shoot at the dog after two tasers didn't stop it. the bullet grazed the animal. 11-year-old omar describes what he heard. >> i was sitting in the living room and we heard someone screaming. we ran to the window and all we could see was the dog attacking a kid. we told my dad and he was calling 911. >> the injured 16-year-old is in stable condition. the pit bull survived the shooting and is in the custody of the authorities. >> thousands of people will march in baltimore today in what's now being buildilled as a victory rally, following the announcement of criminal charges against the officers. six baltimore police officers'k
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turned themselves in yesterday after the city's chief prosecutor announced the charges against them. the city's attorney called gray's death a homicide adding his treatment amounted to murder and manslaughter. this morning the officers are free on bond. freddie gray's family continues to speak out on the unrest that unfolded in the city this week. >> we ask that whoever comes to our city a city that we love, a city that we live in come in peace. and if you are not coming in peace, please don't come at all. >> freddie gray's family members say they are satisfied with the charges and want city life to return to normal. >> one of the officers charged in the baltimore case has ties to south jersey. the officer seen dragging gray into a transport van 29-year-old edward nero. he grew up in gloucester county and was a firefighter there for ten years. he joined the police department in 2012. last month nero and other
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officer arrested gray for carrying a small knife. >> officer nero failed to establish probable cause for mr. gray's arrest as no crime had been committed by mr. gray. >> no officer caused injury to mr. gray and they are truly saddened by his death. those officers did nothing wrong. >> his form are fire chief in south jersey tells nbc 10 he was an outstanding and dedicated firefighter with a clean record and no problem. >> last night in philadelphia a few dozen protesters made their way through the city chanting "black lives matter." they were peaceful and there were no arrests. in seattle several police officers were injured after
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mayday protests turned violent. mayday is traditionally a time to rally for workers deaths. police say the demonstration turned into a riot and people were seen throwing bricks and carrying sticks. two officers were seriously hurt. no word on their conditions this morning. police did make several arrests. >> the man accused of shooting two pennsylvania state troops are and killing one of them wants the judge to order the prosecutor to stop using his name and picture in campaign materials. he asked that the district attorney stop using his name and photo in his reelection bid. his attorneys argue the use of the word murderer will make it difficult to select an impartial jury in this case.
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authorities captured frein after a 48-day manhunt. he has pleaded not guilty. >> this morning we are on royal baby watch. right now the duchess of cambridge is in labor. plus the aftermath of the earthquake in nepal continues to create daily struggles for the survivors. >> plus another republican is hinting at a run for the white house. we'll break down the presidential candidate pool so far coming up.
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some breaking news overseas this morning. s duchess of cambridge, kate middleton, is in the early stages of labor. kensington palace released a statement saying kate was admitted to st. mary's hospital
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in london. this is kate and prince williams' second child. they say the gender of the baby is a mystery to them. prince george was born at the same hospital in july of 2013. the new baby will also be the fifth great grandchild of queen elizabeth ii. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're looking at a weekend warmup milder today and even warmer on sunday before we hit 80s next week. taking a look outdoors we're going to look at the weekend warmup. friday high of 63 degrees today closer to 72 back to the 70s and closer to 80 on sunday. we're looking at 40s across the area. we even have a 38 degrees in mount holly, 46 in reading, 42 in lancaster 45 in wilmington
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and 44 in atlantic city. by this afternoon the temperatures climbing and we see a mixture of sun and clouds. we could see a spotty shower in spots. we'll talk more about the warm air on sunday and even warmer for your monday. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> out in the midwest, there is a state of emergency this morning because of the bird flu. humans are not at risk but millions of animals have been killed and others are sick.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> it's almost quarter after 5:00 on this saturday. here is a live look over center city, a little bit cooler this morning. guess what we're going to warm up into the low 70s. michelle grossman tells us tomorrow is going to get warmer in the upper 70s and we can look for 80s in the work week. >> one week after a deadly
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earthquake hit nepal, thousands are still waiting for aid. the quake leveled houses like this one. the ones that are still standing are damaged and unstable. >> the problem is thinking of going to do a good job but all these bureaucratic stuff and they have not been able to do anything out here at the moment. >> the earthquake left nearly 7,000 people dead and 14,000 others injured. nepal's government is appealing for international aid. if you'd like to donate to the relief effort we have a link on our web site. >> this gives enough meaning to the phrase life goes on. a young couple welcomed a baby girl into the world yesterday in the earthquake zone of pepnepal. as can you see, the mother and her baby and father are doing just fine. >> here at home a man from nepal
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who was recently robbed of his cell phone has no life line to his wife who has been missing to the disaster zone since the earthquake struck last weekend. >> this video shows a gas station being robbed not once but twice last week. the gas station attendant, a man from nepal, was there both times. >> the phone contains pictures of his wife, who is in nepal missing after the earthquake occurred and he has no way to contact her, he has no way to retrieve those pictures without the iphone. >> investigators say in at least one of the robberies, the thief left behind what they're calling key evidence they're looking into. >> in southern chile, authorities say rain could cause mudslides linked to a volcano's eruption. the calbuco volcano erupted with
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ash and smoke. 6,600 people remain ef vakvacuated. >> iowa has declared a state of emergency because of the bird flu. >> now to the jersey jam bridge scandal. governor chris christie former deputy chief of staff now indicted yesterday said she's innocent. this is after former christie allied david wildstein pleaded guilty on two counts of conspiracy. he told a federal judge that he kelly and baroni purpose lip shut down lanes on the george washington bridge to cause traffic jams. he said it was payback to an
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official who chose not to endorse chris christie for governor. >> i am here to say i will no longer allow the lies said about me in my role no longer go unchallenged. >> kelly and baroni are scheduled to be in court on monday to face the charges. governor chris christie released a statement saying the charges make clear that what i've said from day one is true i had no knowledge or involvement in the planning or execution of this act. the moment i first learned of this unacceptable behavior i took action firing staff believed to be accountable, calling for an outside investigation and agreeing to fully cooperate with all appropriate investigations which i have done. >> now to decision 2016.
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south carolina senator lindsey graham is hinting he will run for the presidential nomination. he told hundreds of republicans he would have an announcement later on this month or in early june. graham will head to new hampshire today, one of the first two states to vote in the gop's nominating process. texas senator ted cruz kentucky senator rand paul and florida senator rubio have already announced. for the democrats, former secretary of state hillary clinton is facing vermont senator bernie sanders. >> today artillery and demolition training will continue. the base will conduct exercises today and tomorrow from 7 a.m. and midnight. explosives training will happen this monday through friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. >> today in cam dem, the east coast cannabis coalition will
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hold a rally to protest the high cost of medical marijuana in new jersey. demonstrators will gather at city hall and march through the downtown area. the event will end with a smoke-out at johnson part led by current medical marijuana patients. >> if you're looking for something to do this weekend with the family, peddler's village kicks off its annual strawberry festival. it runs from 10:00 this morning until 6:00 this evening. families can even take part in a pie eating contest. by the way, admission is free. >> if you live in new jersey, it is time again to vote for your favorite beach. coastal researchers rated the contest in 2008. this year's balloting begins june 19th. if you'd like information or would like to vote, open up your nbc 10 app to find the ballot.
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>> get ready for a weekend warmup. we're looking and temperatures into the 70s today and then close to 80 on sunday before we actually hit the 80s. yesterday was cold or cool 64 degrees, we had wind in place. it felt like the 50s in a lot of spots. sunday super weather for the race on sunday temperatures into the upper 70s but starting out on the cooler side. that's going to help the runners early in the race. and feeling like summer next week. 48 in philadelphia, winds are calm. we're going to see winds calm all day long. we haven't seen this in quite a while. calm today, tonight and on sunday. not looking too bad during the work week either. temperatures are cool mainly in the 40s, 46 in reading, 48 in philadelphia, 44 in atlantic city and we do have 30s on the map this morning. we are chilly in some spots if you're heading out early this
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morning. taking a look outdoors we're dark right now but we see a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day and may see an isolated chance for a shower. i'll track that for you. most may not see showers but some may see a quick shower. 48 degrees in philadelphia. chilly to the north and west. 42 in mount pocono. it's only 38 in mount holly, feeling colder than that 45 in wilmington and temperatures in the mid to low 40s, 44 in atlantic city, 45 in wildwood. as we go throughout time here, we're going to be milder today into the low 70s, a mixture of sun and clouds a little more cloud cover in the afternoon. by 4:00 you're out and about. later on this afternoon very very spotty. they're not going to be heavy, they're going to be quick moving. but if you're unlucky enough to be under one of those showers don't be surprised by later on this afternoon. by later on tonight, mostly
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clear skies, it will be cool as we head throughout the overnight hours, dropping back to the 50s and to the 40s. if you have saturday night plans, you want to plan on a cooler night. by sunday, a really nice day. we're going to see sunshine hardly any clouds in the sky. it will be warmer, near 80 degrees. enjoy a beautiful sunday morning into a beautiful sunday afternoon. then by monday we're looking at even warmer weather. so for today temperatures in the low 70s, milder spotty p.m. shower. we're going to clear it out tonight later on tonight dropping the temperature back into the 50s, 49 north and west maybe a little chillier in spots like the poconos a little first north and west. an isolated afternoon shower today, otherwise sun and clouds. lots of sunshine on sunday 78 degrees. monday warmer 82. temperatures well above normal by monday. tuesday we're tracking the chance of a front coming through. we're going to see a mixture of sun and cloud throughout the day
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but a chance of thunderstorms and showers, especially in the afternoon, 80. same story on wednesday, temperatures still warm 78. we'll stay right through the 80s thursday and friday. a really nice day on friday to end the week 82 degrees, mostly sunny. >> it is a big day in the sports world and the headliner is a much anticipated fight between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao. we'll break down the tale of the tape and hear from money mayweather coming up. if you're looking to pick a winner in the derby, we'll have the favorites next.
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>> more than 40,000 runners will pound the pavement. i'll be one of them. we are counting down to the big race, which is now a bit more than 24 hours away. we'll have live team coverage beginning tomorrow this morning at 8:00 a.m. >> there was a lot of excitement at the blue cross health and fitness expo. for some sunday's race has special significance like bob, who is running his first race since a heart transplant 17 months ago. >> my tick areer is not an issue anymore. it really a matter of will the rest of my body make it through and i'm pretty confident about that. >> the health and fitness expo continues from 9 this morning until 6:00 this evening. >> tonight is fight night in
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vegas. manny pacquiao and mayweather weighed in. >> we love the fans that come around the world who support this event. i appreciate you guys and i'm pretty sure many appreciates you also. >> the two fighters are expected to split around $300 million. >> today is ---y day in louisville kentucky. 21 horses will compete. hall of fame trainer bob baffert has a horse in the race. our live coverage begins today here at 4:00. >> a crash on the new jersey
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turnpike involved a military convoy. four people were hurt. we'll check in with jesse gary after the break. >> we're starting out on the cool side. we're going to end it mild. looking at mostly cloudy skies. it's a cool start but we're going to warm it up later on this afternoon. mild today, even warm are on sunday. we'll talk about our weekend warmup coming up. types of channels you actually want to watch what if you could pay for what you want, and not for what you don't so you could get kids channels sports... or entertainment mix and match, or get them all. now fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv starting at $74.99 -- including internet and phone. cable just gives you channels. fios gives you choice.
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